Rugrats (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Escape from Preschool/Mr. Chuckie

Ginger came upon an apple
tree loaded with apples.
She sat down underneath
the tree and thought,
"How can I make these apples
fall off the branches?"
She should get a big stick
and knock 'em down.
Thank you, Josh.
Let's listen to the story
and see what happens.
Ginger decided
to concentrate to see
if she could tell her mind
to tell the tree
to tell the branches
to tell the apples to fall
- What's "concentrain"?
- And do you need a big stick?
"Concentrate" means to think
very hard about something.
After Ginger concentrated
and told her mind
to move the apples,
they started to fall
to the ground, one by one.
Gabi, can you really
move things with your mind
or is it just a story?
Some people say you can.
That's when Ginger knew that
she had a very special power.
That's the end of the chapter.
You'll have to wait until
tomorrow to see what happens.
It's so nice of your niece to
volunteer as a Reading Ranger.
It's amazing
how she holds their attention.
Wait for it
Gabi always stops right before
the ice cream truck gets here.
These kids are like
Pavlov's monkeys.
- Okay, who wants strawberry?
- I think those were dogs.
So dog monkeys.
I'm so excited to show you
my new craft project.
It's a memory quilt!
I have no idea
what that means.
I'm just stoked you do crafts
so I don't have to.
It's a win-win.
Guys, let's bury stuffs
in the sand like pirates!
Can I bury Chuckie's feet?
No, Phil.
I like being able to see
both my feet at all times.
Tommy, I'm gonna go get
your grandpa's growed-up shovel.
How do you feel
'bout your elboos?
- Whatcha doing?
- Shh!
I'm trying to concentrain.
Concentrain on what?
If you must know,
Susie Carmichael,
I'm about to move
those oranges with my mind.
Like in the story.
- I did it!
- Nuh-uh.
- See?
- That one wasn't there before.
Aw, sure it was.
Gabi's book said
it was a special power.
You have to be special
to move stuff, Angelica.
Oh, yeah? Well
if you're so special,
let's see you try!
Okay, I will.
Guess not.
'Cause you didn't do it right!
Hold your hands like this.
And make this hummy-noise
like Grandpa makes
when he's thinking.
Aw, they're meditating.
Ooh, I could use
a little Vitamin C boost.
We did it!
We moved the oranges
with our minds.
Well, probably my mind
moved most of 'em,
since I go to preschool.
- Nope.
- We moved them together.
Okay, okay,
we did it together.
Which means our special powers
only work if we stay together.
I mean, if we even want to move
something else with our minds.
It's up to you, of course.
Of course we wanna.
Okay then, let's see
what we can move next.
Nothing interesting there.
So I decided to up cycle and
preserve cherished old clothes.
Remember this pashmina?
I wore it all through college.
Oh, and my beret
You always were
fashion forward.
Let's move that junk
under Spike.
I'm going to use Stu's
worn-out T-shirts
in a starburst pattern
in the center.
Where'd I put the rest?
Sorry, Spike.
We did it again!
Susie, do you know
what this means?
Yep. We can move toys
anywhere we want
and move cupcakes
from the table to our tummies
and maybe even move ourselves
in the park
when our legs get tired.
- No!
- It means we're gonna be famous!
And not just on TV.
For real, like when Cynthia
was here in "Cynthia Live!"
We have special powers!
"Presenting Angelica
and Susie Moving Stuff!"
Or, what about,
"Presenting Susie
and Angelica Moving Stuff!"
- Nah, my name goes first.
- I'm older.
- So?
- Both our minds move stuffs.
Yeah, yeah. We can work out
the details later.
But first we gotta make sure
our powers work
in front of an audience.
Tommy, what's going on?
And why is Susie holding hands
with Angelica?
- I don't know, Chuckie.
- It reminds me of the time
my mommy put my daipie
on backwards.
Everything felt
different that day.
Listen up, babies!
Me and Susie are gonna do
a show and in the show we
Move something
with our special powers.
No hands.
- Wow!
- Is that possible?
Thank you, Susie.
You're welcome, Angelica.
- Now, pick a thing.
- Anything.
- Ooh, my belly button.
- My sandbox.
You, ordinary baby in
the audience, pick something.
It's gently used.
Never mind.
My helper, Susie,
will pick something.
My helper, Angelica, is right.
And I pick Reptar!
Excellent choice!
keep your eyes on the toy.
If that's all they're going
to do, it's okay.
Reptar loves it
when I hum to him.
- Quiet!
- We're concentraining!
Something happened to all
my Final Eclipse shirts.
Ow! They're gone!
Are you okay, Reptar?
We have to show Gabi
at Reading Rangers tomorrow.
I was thinking
the exact same thing.
Let's go talk about
what sparkly costumes
we're gonna wear in our show.
Come on, partner.
- Partner?
- Yep!
We're stuck together for life!
Like bubble gum and hair!
Angelica and Susie
are stuck-ted together?
Tommy, this is way bigger
than a backwards daipie.
Which technically
is not so bad.
- I'm sorry.
- But they were in a box.
In the closet.
For posterity, not quilting!
Don't worry, buddies.
You're safe.
Oh, no, no, no.
Hey, what are those babies
doing here?
They're not Reading Rangers.
Josh, didn't we talk about
minding our own business?
Have a nice walk,
Aunt Betty and Mrs. Pickles.
Gabi, me and Susie
have something to show you.
It's just so meditative.
Have you or your loved one
ever struggled
with a pair of scissors,
an iron,
or that pesky car cup holder
made for right-handers?
- They're avoiding eye contact.
- Cut to the chase.
Well, we are collecting
signatures to get funding
for left-handed notebooks, pens,
and baseball mitts for schools.
It's for the kids.
Oh, well, in that case
My cousin George was a lefty.
He couldn't use a can opener.
So I was stuck opening
the cranberry jelly
every Thanksgiving.
Thank you for sharing that.
I thought we were just gonna
show Gabi,
not all the Reading Rangers!
This is better.
We'll get more famous and start
doing our show right away.
But aren't we going to wait
till we're growed up to do that?
And let some other kids
get famous
for moving stuff before us?
Okay, let's move, um
Last two signatures
to fill the quota!
Charity feels good.
- Hey!
- Why's the Wavy Man going away?
- We did that, Gabi.
- We moved him.
- Wow!
- That's as good as in the story.
Speaking of, hey, Rangers,
you ready for the next chapter?
So I guess you'll be going
'round the world now, Susie.
- We're gonna miss you.
- Wait.
Who said I was going
around the world?
- Angelica.
- 'Cause you're famous.
I'm not going anywhere
for a long time.
I wanna stay home with my mommy
and daddy.
And my friends.
- Yay!
- Yeah, Susie!
This is the thanks I get
for taking you under my swing
and teaching you
everything I know?
I'll just do it without you.
You can't do it by yourself
and you know it.
We can be famous
when we're growed up.
How about we just move
one more thing, and then stop?
- I knew you couldn't quit.
- What should we move? A tree?
The whole jungle gym?
One of the babies?
I know. We'll open up
the Ice Cream Truck
so we can see
all the treats inside!
- And then we're done.
- Sure!
It's okay, don't cry.
The ice cream truck
will be back.
It wasn't time yet.
Our minds must be
more powerful than we thought.
This is too much 'sponsitility.
I'm sorry to tell you this,
but we gotta quit.
Are you sure, Angelica?
It's over.
I'm gonna go back to being me,
and you have to go back
to being a normal boring baby
with no special powers.
I guess so.
I'll just have to go back to
working on my X-ray vision.
You don't have X-ray vision.
Phil, is that a box of gummy
worms I see in your diaper?
Wow. Every time.
Hey, Susie, wait for me!
We're a team, remember!
One ice monkey lava for Pill?
It's Phil!
I come here every day
Wow, Angelica.
That is some
extra icing work there.
Betty, I can't believe
The Invisible Eater
is coming today
to review Betty's Beans.
I hear they are very hard
to pin down.
It was Gabi's idea.
A shout-out from The Invisible
Eater would be great.
I just hope they like my coffee.
Who wouldn't love your
"Late Late Latte"
or signature
"Double Triple Espresso?"
- True.
- I am at the top of my game.
What could go wrong?
Great news, Betty.
Thanks to my upgrade
to your espresso machine,
your barista problems are over.
- I have barista problems?
- Check it out.
Four robotic serving arms,
two pressurized steam spouts,
and one genius inventor.
It'll be up and running
in no time.
Oh, good.
And speaking of time, Betty,
come see what I brought.
It's called "Mister Timer"!
It trains toddlers
to play on their own.
Tommy caught on right away.
What's that thing?
That's my mommy's
favorite new toy.
She takes it everywhere we go.
How do you play with it?
Yeah, do you throw it
or kick it?
- I don't know.
- She just looks at it.
But what if I don't
wanna look at it?
It's kinda bright.
Maybe I can make it stop.
My trusty stu-diver
to the rescue!
Time to call
a grown-up helper.
My stu-driver's brokeded?
That never happened before.
I know!
I'll show it to my daddy.
He can fix anything!
Meet the "Espresso Yourself
Barista Master!"
Are we married to that name?
And what's this machine got
that my old one didn't?
First, the perfect
flavor-packed espresso scoop.
Then the perfect brew temp.
Then, the perfect pour.
What do you call that?
The perfect fail?
- Good feedback.
- Just needs some fine-tuning.
Aw, Tommy's got
his screwdriver.
He wants to help.
Aunt Didi, me and Gabi
are trying to decorate cupcakes
but Tommy is getting in our way.
Come on, sweetie.
Let's go see
what Mister Timer says.
Remember, when Mister Timer's
light is red,
you play on your own
for a little while.
When Mister Timer's light turns
green, it means time's up.
And then you can come see
mommy and daddy.
What happened, Tommy?
Did your daddy fix
your stu-driver?
No, and he's not gonna!
Not till Mister Timer
turns green.
Growed ups.
Almost done.
I just gotta adjust
something under here.
- Wow, Aunt Betty.
- That's an espresso beast!
Isn't that your
daddy's neck-tight?
Yeah, but where's
the rest of him?
Don't you butter-brains
ever hear any fairy tales?
It's in every story.
Your daddy got turned into that
expresso beast, like Gabi said.
You gotta break the spell
to get him back.
You mean that thing
is my daddy?
For now.
Better hurry up and save him
before Mister Timer's light
turns green,
or time's up.
He'll stay a beast forever.
I gots to go get
my daddy back!
- Are you with me?
- Of course, Tommy.
- Yeah!
- Yay, a beast.
- The Beast!
- Okay. We saw him.
He looks well.
Let's go back now.
We can't leave! We got to
turn him back into my daddy.
Uh, guys?
How are we supposed to get in
with these ginormous gates?
Hmmm, if that Beast
is really my daddy,
he probably forgetted
to shut the door all the way.
Phillip, think what we
could do with Extry arms.
- Yeah!
- Bring on the magic spell.
Do you want him to hear us?
We got to hurry, Tommy.
Angelica said
you gotta turn the Beast
back into your daddy
'afore this timer turns green.
Oh, Susie, how is Tommy
'opposed to do that?
That Beast is huge.
What could be scarier than that?
Oh, no.
And now, to finish
my master feast.
Angelica, help us!
We gots to turn the Beast
back into my daddy.
We all got our problems, kid.
Your daddy turned into a weird,
hairy beast,
and I got a giant cupcake
to decorate.
Pull up your diapers
and quit whining.
You gotta get the beast
to act like your daddy!
Think, Tommy.
What does your daddy do?
Uh, he sings in the shower.
He cuts his toenails.
He plays with me.
That's it.
We're cutting that thing's
Um, Beast?
You wanna play ball?
- Yee-ow!
- Everything okay, Stu?
It's going great!
Just a uh, ooh.
A little setback.
I'll need some
needle-nosed pliers.
And can you spot me
another cupcake?
Maybe your daddy forgetted
how to play ball.
But it's his favoritest game.
Tommy, the light on your
mommy's toy turned 'lellow.
What does that mean?
- We can't give up!
- That's my daddy.
Are you trying to surrender?
Well, a piggyback didn't work.
Maybe you could distract
the Beast with a tasty treat.
That always works for Phil
when he's trying
to eat my shoelaces.
- Don't even think about it.
- Please, Angelica.
My daddy loves cupcakes
the mostest!
You can have
those decorating disasters.
- Floor cupcakes.
- The bestest kind.
Tommy, the time's almost up!
If I can't get the Beast
to be like my daddy
'afore Mister Timer turns green,
then I'll just have
to stop Mister Timer.
- I forgotted.
- My stu-driver is broken.
What now?
Oh, no.
Here you go, Champ,
good as new.
Hey, wanna help Daddy
with the Beast?
Hello! I'm guessing
you're The Invisible Eater.
Nice costume by the way.
Very invisible.
Bet it's hot.
Iced tea?
I do not drink iced tea.
I'll take your famous
Molten Joltin' Java.
There we go.
We're out of that
at the moment, sorry.
Then a Boom! Roasted
it shall be.
With a twist of lemon.
Funny thing.
Our espresso machine
is under maintenance right now.
- Unfortunate.
- What do you have?
Cupcake with extra frosting?
And lots of sprinkles.
Yes, so I see.
House special to wash it down?
Mmm, I have never had
anything like this before!
What do you call
this concoction?
- Coffee.
- Regular coffee.
Sorry, Betty.
Got to take this baby back
to the workshop.
This baby, not this baby.
We're a team.
An independent coffee shop
where the only thing bigger
than the flavor is the heart.
A rare sight
in these corporate times
Hey, do I know you?
No, and in fact,
you don't even see me!
I'm invisible.
Ha-ha! Bye-bye.
But Mister Invistible,
you didn't eat this cupcake
I made special for you,
and you dropped this.
- Daxton?
- The sad delivery guy?
Just the regular delivery guy.
Yes, it's me.
But can we please
keep this between us?
Sure, I deliver packages,
but food reviewing
is my true calling.
- I get it.
- I'll delete this picture.
I don't want to ruin
what you do.
I'm secretly a blogger.
You are, Gabi? Me, too.
I guess we all have
a secret identity.
Not me.
I'm just Dad.
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