Rugrats (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

The Werewoof Hunter

Parents, doesn't your child
deserve to be excellent?
We at the Whole Child Center
for Excellence think so.
In our program,
your tot might even reach
for the stars and beyond.
Our state-of-the-art
laboratory preschool
features excellent learning
for your child,
which naturally leads
to excellent adults.
I just hope there's
still time for Tommy.
- Hey!
- What are your mommies doing
watching a show
about my preschool?
Um, what's pee-school,
I got this one.
It's where you learn
all about pee.
My kind of place.
I get enough pee
in my regular life.
Oh, babies.
Pre-school is not about pee,
it's so much more than that.
It's the bestest place ever,
mostly because I run
the whole playground.
And you know
the bestest part of all?
You'll never get to see it
because they don't let babies
in preschool.
See ya, bottle feeders.
So here's my surprise,
Charlotte called in a favor
and got us spots
for a tour today!
I knew you wouldn't
want to miss out
on our kids'
one chance at excellence.
Eh, excellence is overrated,
but I'll come along
for moral support.
Didi Pickles,
in person at last.
I'm Ms. Marjorie, Director
of the Whole Child Center.
We are so grateful for
Councilperson Pickles' support
that we squeezed you
onto our lengthy waiting list.
And we're grateful
to be squoze squoozed
Or squeezed sorry.
Just thinking about
my Tommy becoming excellent
makes me a little giddy.
Are you writing
what I just said?
We need to make sure
the Center for Excellence
is the right fit
for your family.
So we do a thorough evaluation
of each child and parent.
I don't seem to have
your name on my list.
Oh, I'm just here for support.
You may leave your strollers
with the valets.
Can I take this with us?
This can keep my twin terrors
busy for hours.
She's kidding.
Betty's children are
just healthy explorers.
A-plus, Betty.
We encourage non-destructive
exploring in all forms.
Oh, good, 'cause
our little wanderers
just went straight out
that doggy door.
- Oh, Tommy.
- We were so close to excellence.
This rock is shaped
like Spike's head.
- It smells like Spikey, too!
- Hello, children.
I'm Mr. Garth,
your play coordinator.
Rocks are rather primitive,
aren't they?
Let's find something
a little more stimulating
to play with, shall we?
Maybe there's some
good sand around here.
Hey! What are you
tinkle heads doing here?
I told you,
this is my preschool.
And I'm in charge,
which means I don't want
you dumb babies here.
- Go back inside!
- Hi, Angelica.
Can you introduce me
to these new kids?
Never mind.
I'll do it.
Hi, I'm Kimi Watanabe.
I moved here from Paris.
That's in France.
Want me to show you around?
I know the best spot
on the story time rug.
Ooh, does anyone else
like turtles?
- Not so fast, Kimi.
- These aren't new kids.
They're nothing but babies.
Tommy is my cousin.
And Chuckie, Phil, and Lil
are his poopy friends.
They don't belong at preschool.
- So, no turtle?
- Oh, it's right inside.
- Follow me!
- Ugh, Kimi!
I already told them
they have to scram.
Right, babies?
That's not making
a very good choice, Angelica.
We're supposed to be nice
to visitors.
Wait, you don't have any
good-choice stickers today.
Do you want one of mine?
I have plenty.
Ah-ah-ah, Angelica.
Remember, we have rules here.
Now let's use
our repair words for Kimi.
- But, Mr. Garth!
- It's not fair.
Kimi started it!
Okay. I see it's time
to take a deep breath
and blow out all our mad.
And then we'll make
another visit
to the booth of poor choices.
- Wait, you got the wrong kid!
- I'm innocent!
Give it to me straight,
Mr. Garth.
How long am I in for this time?
It's quite up to you,
There are no barriers here
but your own conscience.
You can come out whenever
you're ready to behave.
A life sentence!
Guys, I'm starting to think.
Angelica's not in charge of the
whole playground like she said.
What you looking at?
Haven't you ever seen a booth
of poor choices before?
Uh, not really.
But it looks like
a fun playhouse!
- Hah, more like jailhouse.
- I'll show them.
I'm never gonna behave.
That means I'm trapped.
Babies, you gotta
get me out of here!
But Angelica,
you said that pee-school
was the bestest place ever.
You said you were in charge.
Well, let's not split chairs.
I might have forgot
to mention Mr. Garth.
Look, can you help me or not?
I could be stuck in here
sharpening crayons
for the rest of my life.
- It's not fair, guys.
- Angelica loves this pee-school.
And even if she's not having
as much fun as she said,
it's her pee-school,
and she needs to be out
of that playhouse
and back to being in charge.
Time for Operation Breakout.
Here's the playhouse
and here's the pee-school.
We'll need tools,
like my trusty Stu driver.
It's not here!
I must have left it at home
after my daipie change!
Time for Plan Z.
Anyone got any tools?
Sorry. Phillip?
Nope. Just the basics today.
Wait, I think I saw some keys
near that room
where your mommies are.
Maybe we could sneak past
the play man,
go inside, reach way
up to the hook, get the keys,
and sneak back out here
to free Angelica!
I didn't mean to say
that out loud!
Yup. We're moving.
Was that part of the plan?
We don't even know
where this cart is going!
- The keys!
- Team, get ready to jump out!
- Can't! We're turning!
- But I found my froggie.
Tommy rolled over
at two months.
He sat up at five months.
First solid food
was mashed bananas.
No! Peas!
It smudged here. I can't see.
- Thank you, Didi.
- I think I've heard enough.
- Oh, me too!
- You'd be lucky to have a kid
like Tommy Pickles
in your fancy preschool.
Hey, that room had
some good toys.
Yeah, why do we have
to go save Angelica now?
Angelica may be bossy.
She may be mean, but she's
the onliest cousin I got.
And I don't want her spending
the rest of her life
in that playhouse.
Can I get a boost?
And then Kimi said,
"Do you want one of mine?"
Like I would ever
take second-band stickers.
I'll get my own stickers
when I'm good and ready.
Come back, Bug!
I got lots more stories!
Psst! Angelica!
Babies! You brought the keys!
I thought I was gonna
have to dig a hole in that wall
to crawl through!
So long, spoon.
- It doesn't fit!
- Not even the yellow one?
- Try the green one!
- That blue one looks nice.
Or is that more
of an aquamarine?
- Just try them all!
- This is life or breath!
Hi, Kimi.
Uh, this isn't
what it looks like.
It looks like you're
helping Angelica get out.
Then it is what it looks like.
I'll do it!
Is this a trap, Kimi?
No, if these nice babies
care about you so much,
then deep down,
you must be pretty nice too.
Yeah, sure.
I mean, good choice, Kimi.
Hop on.
Free at last!
Ah, the sweet smell
of the sandbox,
the musical sound
of the tricycle brake.
I'll never take those things
for frantic again!
- Children!
- Snack time!
But, Angelica,
you're almost free.
I thought you wanted
to leave pee-school.
I just remembered.
It's Fruit Leather Friday,
but hey, thanks, Cuz!
Gotta go!
Congratulations, Didi.
Thomas has been accepted
to the Whole Child Center
for Excellence.
He can start today.
Oh, today?
But is this the right time?
It's never too early to begin
a lifetime path to excellence.
Hey, did you know
today's Fruit Leather Friday?
This school might not be so bad.
Ms. Marjorie, thank you.
But Tommy won't be attending
your school this year.
You understand you only get
one chance to apply, right?
Yes, and we'll decide
about preschool one day.
For now, Tommy's happy being a
baby playing with his friends.
And I think
that's excellent enough.
Forgot to ask, do you validate?
Did I do the right thing
for Tommy?
Definitely. Fruit leather?
Man, do I need it.
Your Aunt Linda
dropped off a birthday gift
that's a few months late,
or a few months early.
Either way,
rip it open, Chuckie!
Wow. Grown-up shoes.
Oh, it's all happening so fast.
Soon you're gonna
have kids of your own
and I'm gonna be a grandpa,
hopefully with most of my teeth
and my rusty oboe.
Oh, sweet dreams, little guy.
Don't grow up too fast.
Package for you,
Mr. Chuckie, sir.
Also, you got some toothpaste
all over your everything.
Well, have a good day!
And try not to wrestle
any more toothpaste!
Is that growed up okay?
Just need air
That growed up looks a lot
like Chuckie.
- It is Chuckie!
- I mean, it's me!
Sounds like Chuckie,
but that's not
chuckie's body, for sure.
How is this postible?
I don't know.
I woke up,
sawed I was a growed up,
and ran here really fast!
Those cool shoes must have
made you even faster!
That's it!
Aunt Linda sent me new shoes
for my birthday present
and they must have turned me
into a growed up obernight!
No way!
I put my mommy's shoes
on all the time,
and I never turned
into a growed up.
Yeah, he just falls a lot.
I heard that birthday
presents can give you
growed up powers
because they're special.
Oh! Okay!
I'll just take these off so
I can go back to being a kid.
- Oh, wait, Chuckie.
- Can we come with you
to see what it's like
being a growed up?
Yeah, I want to see
what those growed ups do
when they say they need
a little break.
- Please, Chuckie!
- We'll be your best friends!
But I don't know
how to be a growed up.
Ah, don't worry, Chuckie.
We could figure out
how to be growed ups together.
So, how do growed ups
go to town?
Enjoy the new wheels,
Mr. Chuckie!
You're too big!
- Stop, Chuckie!
- Brace for impact!
- This is how it ends!
- Oh, sorry.
I forgetted I'm supposed
to sit in a growed up seat.
I never rided a bike before,
so I'm gonna take it
nice and slow.
I guess I do know
how to ride a bike!
Just sign here and the ramp's
all yours, Graham.
I literally cannot wait
to see you test it out!
Whoa, Mr. Chuckie!
Or see Mr. Chuckie
test it out.
There's so many places
to go be growed ups.
Where do you guys
wanna go first?
How about the place
with all the balloons
we're about to crash into?
That was the sickest
thing ever.
You want balloons
and we got 'em.
Money papers, please!
Do you guys have
any money papers?
I do not even know
what that means.
- Me either.
- You know, in your pocket.
Dude, you could buy
all our balloons with those.
Do it, Chuckie!
- Money papers!
- We're rich!
I gotta say, I'm starting
to like being a growed up.
The monster in my tummy
needs food now.
We could go to that truck
with a giant ice cream cone
on top.
- But we can't have ice cream.
- We haven't had our lunch yet.
- Tommy's right.
- Our mommy makes us eat
a bunch of green stuff
a'fore we get any ice creams.
Guess we better
get started on these.
I'm the growned up here,
and I say we can get ice cream.
- Ice cream!
- We can?
My tummy monster's
gonna be so happy.
This is the best day
of my life.
Uh, Mr. Chuckie,
your bike's floating away.
Chuckie's Daddy, sir,
don't bother going
to the ice cream truck
because they don't serve
baby sizes.
It's so wrong.
Um, I'm not my daddy,
It's me, Chuckie.
How did you get to be
a growed up before me?
Well, Chuckie's Auntie Linda
gave him special shoes
Save the story,
Susie Carmichael!
The growed up working
in the truck is gonna know
he's just a dumb baby
with a bunch of other
dumb babies, so good luck!
Here you go, Jake.
Mr. Chuckie!
What can I get for you
and your adorable friends here?
- What's wrong, Chuckie?
- I don't know what to ask for.
- Wait.
- You're with a bunch of babies?
That means,
you each must want
a big ol' sundae!
Being a growed up
is officially
the greatest thing
ever happened to me.
Thank you, growed-up shoes!
- Thank you!
- Thank you, shoes!
Best thing ever!
So what do you guys
want to do now?
- Toy store!
- Hold up, Mr. Chuckie.
You need to clean up
the mess you made
because that's what grownups do.
Enjoy being
a growed up, Finster!
Uh, guys.
I don't mind carrying
all these bags much,
but I didn't get to pick a toy.
And we're all out
of money papers.
Don't worry, Mr. Chuckie,
you can play
with one of our toys.
Yeah, Mr. Chuckie,
let's go to the playground!
"Mr. Chuckie"?
Mr. Chuckie, are you okay?
Oh, no! Toy down!
- Stay with me, Ted!
- I am not okay.
Tommy, you said we were
all gonna figure out
how to be growed ups together,
but I feel like I'm doing
this all by myself.
Oh, we're sorry, Mr. Chuckie.
And another thing.
Why is everyone calling me
Mr. Chuckie all of a sudden?
- Oh, I don't know.
- It just comes out that way.
Hey, I know what will
make you feel better.
Let's play alien in-traitors!
To the repair station!
Reporting for duty,
Captain Tommy.
An alium ship's attacking us!
What do we do, Captain Tommy?
Report to your
tattle stations!
Susie, fly us out of here!
Phil and Lil,
power up your laser beams!
And Mr. Chuckie,
get ready to blast!
Laser beams are powered,
Great! Blast, Mr. Chuckie!
Oh, no. My growed-up strength
broke the button!
Without those laser beams,
we're in big trouble!
We gotta get out
of this space ship!
Quick! To the escape pod!
Guys! Help! I'm stuck!
We're trying,
but you're too big!
And we're running out of time!
- We gotsta go!
- Come on, guys!
You were stuck in that tube
like my thumb in a bowling ball!
But seriously, best stay out of
playground tubes, Mr. Chuckie.
Stucked in the playground tube
and now a firefighter
scolded me!
Could this day get any worser?
- Mr. Chuckie!
- I need new socks!
I losted one and then
I losted the other one.
Hold my toys, Mr. Chuckie!
I'm so tired!
I'm cranky
and I don't know why.
Tell me a joke, Mr. Chuckie!
Uh, before you do
that stuffs, Mr. Chuckie,
um, could you change my daipie?
- Oh, no.
- This is too much!
You guys are treating me
like a real growned up
instead of your friend.
I'm going back to being
a baby right now!
But Mr. Chuckie!
- How do you take these off?
- Are they stuck on me forever?
No, no!
I'm back!
Baby body, baby problems.
Well, good morning,
little man.
I know these sticky straps
can be a lot to handle,
but once you practice,
it's actually fun.
See, will you look at that?
At least a whole size too big.
I guess you're not wearing
these shoes today.
Come on, little guy, I'll make
your favorite pancakes
with the blueberries
made into a smiley face.
And after I clean up
the big mess,
we'll go for a nice
long bike ride in the park
until Daddy's legs get tired
and I can't feel them anymore.
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