Rugrats (2021) s01e14 Episode Script


Okay. We're breaking
every horror movie rule
by spending Halloween
on some creepy train.
So spill your beans, Stuart,
where are you taking us?
I hope you brought your most
inventive Halloween costumes
'cause we're going to
Count Mucklehoney's
legendary Halloween Ball!
- Oh, we've got the costumes.
- Count Who's A-whatsie?
Counts are still a thing?
I was told there'd be
Count Mucklehoney is
the owner of the largest
toy and game company
in the world,
and I'm gonna show him
my latest prototype.
Behold: The Snot Rocket!
Your nose stuffed
like a dirty diaper?
Say no more.
Suck your snot
into the rocket and blast off!
Why don't you save the blasting
off for Count Mucklehoney?
I didn't know we were
going to a ball, Daddy.
Do you think
I'll be the fanciest
most amazing princess there?
Of course, pumpkin.
Everyone will bow before you
as you light up the ball.
Why don't you take this candy
and share it with the babies?
And remember it's Tommy's
first Halloween.
So make it special.
So it's really
true that on Halloween
you put on funny clothes
and people give you candy?
I didn't believe it
at first either, Tommy.
It's the best day ever.
That's what I used
to think too, Susie Carmichael.
Till I learned that
on Halloween,
monsters come out
from their hiding places
and try to bite babies
and turn them into monsters.
Oh, I knew Halloween
was too good to be true.
So what do we do, Angelica?
Well, I would give
all your treats for safekeeping
to somebody who can't get bit.
Someone older.
Someone like
And the horror begins.
Let's try this. Uh!
Welcome to
Count Mucklehoney Manor.
The name's Laszlo,
and this is Rosemary.
Lovely to me you.
Is there a word for something
scarier than scary?
Welcome to my wonderful home.
I am your host,
Count Mucklehoney.
It's an honor to meet you,
your Countness, sir.
Why are you talking
to my painting?
What charming children.
When snack time comes,
Frau Klump is going
to eat them up.
Uh, who or what
is a Frau Klump?
I am.
I'm a little uncomfortable
leaving Tommy with Frau Klump
for snack time,
or really any time no offense.
You think you can offend me?
Of course, we'll leave
our kids with her.
And what a place to celebrate
Halloween, right guys?
No signal.
Drew, let's head back
to the train
while we're still alive.
- Sorry, love.
- That was the last train.
I don't know
what's more unsettling.
The talking hand
or the bad British accent.
Lazlo will carry your luggage
to your rooms so
we can get this ball started.
Why'd the growed ups leave us
with that scary lady?
- Don't worry, Chuckie.
- They'll be back.
Right, Angelica?
Uh, Angelica?
Do I have to teach you,
dumb babies, everything?
You can't even tell
the difference
between fairies and fryerflies.
Those are bugs
whose butts light up.
I'd give anything
for a light-up butt.
Then go sit on a lamp,
why don't ya?
But first, help me catch
some fryerflies
so I can put them on my costume
and light up the Halloween ball.
Children do not belong
on the moors.
There are bad things out there.
Very bad scary things.
Thanks for the heads up,
Fran Lump,
but we got things to do.
Let's move, babies.
Angelica, what'd that
witch lady
say to you back there?
- Blah, blah, bad things.
- Blah, blah, scary stuff.
Who cares?
- I cares.
- What if the bad things
are the monsters
that wanna bite us?
If we see any monsters,
Angelica can give them
all our candy.
Yeah. What baldy said.
Now, let's go catch me
some fryerflies,
but don't squish 'em.
Uh, why is Spike doing that?
He does this when he sees
a stinky black-and-white kitty.
That's not Spike's
stinky kitty growl.
I think that's
his monster growl.
- Angelica.
- Do you have the candy to
Every baby for themselves!
Hey, calm down. It's me.
Uh, that's not a monster
bite, right?
Don't be ridiculous,
it was just some dumb dog.
Now let's get out of here
before it comes back.
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but was that a wolf?
At the door?
This stuff smells like
rotten fish soaked in sulfur.
Yuck. I've changed some
pretty stinky diapers
in my time, but this stuff?
This is liquid evil.
It's liquid eel brains.
Mixed with a bit
of high-fructose corn syrup
for added viscosity.
Drink up, lovelies.
So, Count Mucklehoney
When are the other guests
There are no other guests,
Mr. Pickles.
I was just dying to meet you
and hear your big toy spiel.
Perfect. 'Cause I have
the best big toy idea.
You'll see
The children have returned!
Ah, it's time
for the ball to begin.
Lazlo, Frau Klump,
take our guests to their rooms
so they can change
into their costumes.
All right, everybody ready?
We're the coolest
inventions ever.
Not including the Snot Rocket.
- I'm Chowdah-Face.
- You know,
Chowder-Face from "The Maine
Lobster Claw Massacre"?
Yep, even got my lobster goons.
The sun never sets in space.
These were a good idea when
I forced Jonathan to make them,
but I see now
they are a bit unsettling.
She's calling in
for backup costumes
as soon as we find a phone.
Banana and mustard on the scene.
Was there a mix-up
at the food costume warehouse?
- No, Drew.
- This was a conscious choice
because bananas
are nature's hot dog.
Look at me!
The county is ready for you.
He will meet you
in the banquet hall
while your children
will follow me
to our own little party.
I understand you are needing
a telephone.
Kindly follow us.
The phone better not be
his other hand.
- I like your costume, Tommy.
- What are you?
I'm a monster hunter.
So if you see any monsters,
I'll protect you.
Quit looking at your own
dumb baby costumes and hand
over those fryerflies
so I can make my fancy
amazing princess dress
even more fancy and amazing.
Or it'll be bop with your heads.
Hey, where'd that Fran Lump go?
Uh, you don't think the
books ate her, do ya?
No! She left us 'cause
you wobble heads
were talking too much.
Now we'll never get
to the ball.
My Halloween is ruined!
Uh, we didn't mean to ruin
your night, Angelica.
If you want, we can still
give you our fryerflies.
- Forget it!
- I wanted to go to a ball
and have people bow
before me like a queen,
not get stuck
with you puny peasants.
Now leave me alone!
When the moon is full
and the wolfsbane blooms.
Take cover in the night,
for the werewolf looms.
Hey! What's the big idea?
That's my brand
new princess dress.
Why's my arm all furry?
And my teeth all pointy?
Whatever's happening
to me better
stop right now
or I'll I'll
Did Angelica just turn into a
furry monster and then run off?
That's no regular monster,
I once watcheded a movie
with my grandpa
where a man gotted
a boo-boo from a woof
and then when the moon
was round,
he turneded into a werewoof.
Come on, moon. You couldn't
a' been square just this once?
Poor Angelica.
Yep, might as well
eat her candy.
I bet if we can heal
her boo-boo, she'll turn back.
And I have just the thing
to do that.
Is that the one you usually
carry for me
or is it an extra one?
'Cause I think I'm gonna need
a few tonight.
- Spike's got an idea.
- That's Angelica's dress.
He can sniff her out.
Now, let's go get us a werewoof.
All of your costumes
are simply delicious.
I mean, nature's hot dog. Yum!
- Thank you.
- Did you hear that, Drew?
Totally worth the inability
to use my hands.
Drew. Where's Drew?
He and Charlotte
never came back.
I always knew those two
would be the first
to go in a horror movie.
For your starter,
we have a rare treat
Tarantula cocktails. Enjoy.
Just the right amount
of chewy and hairy.
What do you think, Stu?
Dipping sauce? It's made from
Don't tell me.
Here comes the mouth sweats.
Emergency bag packed. Chas!
Remember what we practiced.
Breathe in.
Another two down.
They're picking us off
like teenage prom queens.
I smell her feet.
It's getting close.
Spikey's sniffer
is going crazy.
Whoa! Wait up, Spike!
Oh. Maybe we should just
let Spike save Angelica.
He can't do it alone.
Light the way, Junior Builder.
- It's okay, they're just toys.
- See?
- Hi, I'm Mr. Friend.
- Wanna play?
I do not.
Hold on, Spike. We're coming!
Light the way,
Junior Builder.
Turn on the light!
No, Angelica, wait!
We have a way to turn you back
into a human bean.
We just need to put this
boo-boo blankie on your bite.
All right, time to take
matters into my own hooks.
Don't look now, but I think
the floor is moving.
- Spiders?
- What did we do to dessert this?
Come on!
- Let go!
- Let go for me!
H'yah, Spikey!
That's it!
Let's go be with our mommies
and daddies afore we get eated
by a woof or a zillion spiders
or creepy dolls who wanna
be your friend.
I'm with Chuckie!
I think Angelica
wants to be a werewoof.
That's what she's been
howling in doggy-talk.
"Dooon't save me."
But Angelica can't be
a monster
for the rest of her lifes.
I know this castle is scary,
but we can't let that happen.
So who's with me?
I am. But Angelica
owes us a lot of candy.
So much candy.
You can say that again.
I'm in too, but only if I can
cover my eyes most of the time.
Stu, I know you have
your heart set on this,
but something's not right.
Our friends never came back.
Betty just disappeared.
We need to find them,
get our babies, and leave.
Our friends are
They're probably just admiring
that painting of the Count.
- Right, Randy?
- Gotta disagree here, Stu.
Time to eat gross food and run.
Oh, not before a game.
As the owner of the largest toy
and game company in the world,
I love to test them
on my guests.
And I have the perfect one
for tonight.
The game is called
"Who's the Monster."
One of us will be a monster
and the others will have
to find the monster
before the time runs out.
And when time runs out,
the monster feeds.
Okay, you were right.
I'll find some
other billionaire to invest
in the Snot Rocket,
but what do we do now?
You two stall
while I go find everyone.
Uh, that game sounds like
a real brain tickler.
But I better go see
if Lucy needs help with Chas.
- Of course!
- Lazlo, please, take him.
Kindly follow us.
Angelica may be a werewoof,
but she's still Angelica
and Angelica loves candy.
When she gets here,
we'll sneak up on her
and put the sticky healer
on her boo-boo.
Uh, where'd Angelica go?
Where did we go?
I can't feel my nose.
That's 'cause you're grabbin'
my nose, Phil.
Remind me to never
eat candy again.
Time is up.
I guess the monster
gets to feed.
You're not eating anyone,
you monster.
We're gonna find our friends
and our kids and our dog,
and we are all leaving.
Just do it, Stu. Blast off!
- You lose.
- Your doors are closed.
I was so close!
- Come on!
- My hands are in a banana suit.
Like taking candy from a baby.
You're all alive.
We're better than alive.
This room Lazlo brought us
to has the best Wi-Fi ever.
Jonathan, let me show you
the mahogany paneling,
it's stunning.
Sorry, but this room
was too comfy to leave.
Look at all these pillows.
This toy is to die for.
A snot-powered rocket?
Disgustingly genius!
That's my husband.
Bet you didn't expect
this Final Girl
to come in and take you down,
Count Muckle-slasher.
Now hook over my friends or
- Oh, Betty.
- Okay, I'm done.
Huh. Maybe I do watch
too many horror movies.
Looking for this?
Come and get it!
Go, Spike. Go!
Angelica. It's me, Tommy.
We've known each other
a long time.
I know you don't
wanna be a monster.
So please, let me put this
boo-boo blankie on the bite
so you turn back
into a human bean.
Bring in the claws!
Get away from him,
you werewoof!
- The fryerflies. Phil!
- Set 'em free.
I'll miss you guys.
Got it!
Wrong arm!
I got it now!
Hey, who ripped
my princess dress?
Ew, my hair smells
like dog breath.
Why are you
yucky babies hugging me?
Get off me right now!
Bottom's up.
- Check this out.
- Ahh! Watch!
Did my little monster hunter
fall asleep on the job?
Trick or treat!
Do you have any good candy?
Can I see the bowl?
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