Rugrats (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Snake in the Grass/Ancient Treasure

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[upbeat music]
And now to pop in
this very last piece.
Gather round, ye knights
of the kiddie table.
Prepare to mount your royal
climbing castle playset.
Have fun.
Safety first and all that.
You're not trying to climb
on this climbing castle,
are you?
Uh, yeah.
That's what it's for.
- Uh-huh.
[sighs] Once again, you
foolish babies rush in
where Angelicas fear to tread.
Uncle Stu said it's
not safe for any of you
until I test it out.
That's not true, Angelica.
He just said safety first.
Exactly. That means first
me and Cyrus and Cynthia
gotta do a safety check.
Then you play.
Oh, don't worry.
We'll be playing in no time.
Right, Angelica?
Just as soon as I'm done.
Which will be never.
Bad news.
We got what we
safety expectors like to call
a super sticky
slide situation.
Uh, isn't sticky
a good thing?
Always, Philip.
Let's play!
Wish you could.
But our safety team
found more problems.
Um, like what?
More sticky stuffs?
This here, a wiggly wall.
That sounds serious.
Oh, it is.
Now we gotta do the
super long safety check.
Hope you brought snacks.
[both groan]
[munching happily]
Hi, Angelica!
Hey, Stu.
You remember Kira.
She's here for a piano lesson.
- Nice to see you again, Stu.
- Mm-hmm.
Didi said it would
be all right if Kimi
played here with the kids.
Angelica and I are very
good friends from preschool.
May I go now, Mama?
- Hai. Have fun.
- I guess it's Bach
to the house to begin.
- [groans]
Composer pun.
I'll put that one at
the top of my Liszt.
Get it? Liszt?
- [swallowing]
- Oh, I got it.
Nice talking to you.
Kimi, what an
unrespected surprise.
- Hi, Kimi.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
- Hi, everyone.
Oh, a climbing castle playset?
They're so fun.
We can't climb yet.
But Angelica's playing on it.
Oh, she's just testing it
to make sure it's safe for us.
The climbing castle
looks just fine.
Are you fibbing again?
Fib, me?
When have I ever fibbed?
Remember what Mr. Garth says?
No matter how
easy a fib may be,
the truth will
always set you free.
But that's at school.
A little fib on my
own time can't hurt.
If Angelica's
going to fib to us,
then we don't have to believe
anything she says ever again.
I've wasted all this
time being afraid
of unicorns for no reason?
And baby birds,
and stripes, and cupcakes?
Not anymore.
Oh, we won't
get fooled again.
Let's not get carried away.
If it makes you
babies feel better,
from now on,
I'll only tell the truth.
Happy now?
It's a start.
Go on.
The truth is, I wanted
the playset to myself.
So I might have made
up that safety stuff.
So go ahead and play.
But wait.
I think I saw something
moving in the grass.
Is that another fib,
No! It's the truth.
Then you better
tell a grown up.
Excuse me, Tommy's mommy!
- Ah!
Angelica needs to
tell you something.
But--oh, hi, Kimi.
What is it, sweetie?
- Uh--
Nothing important, Aunt Didi.
I thought I saw
something swishing around
in the grass over there.
Are you saying you saw a snake?
Like Phil and Lil's toy?
You mean drooly snake?
Yeah. Could be.
It was moving kind of fast.
Well, that is so interesting.
Isn't nature wonderful?
Hey, kids, how about we all
go inside for a nice snack?
Spike, you too!
Oh, there.
Isn't this cozy?
Stay right here.
I'll go see if
Tommy's daddy wants
to help us with our snake--
Stu, kitchen!
We just had Reptar Puffs.
I want to play on the castle.
Me too.
I didn't even get to smell it.
I caught a little whiff.
No, wait.
That was Philip.
Ha, I smell like castle.
Angelica, can you
open this door please
so we can go back outside?
My pleasure.
I don't think
we're supposed to.
You know what, Tommy?
Kimi's right.
I can open the door,
but will I?
Not supposed to.
But you always
do stuff like that.
That was the old Angelica.
Rule breaker.
Door opener.
Say hello to the new Angelica.
I'm staying where
I'm supposed to be.
I'm so proud of
your good choices.
Like Mr. Garth says, no
matter how easy a fib may be,
the truth will
always set you free.
But the truth isn't
setting us free.
It's keeping us
trapped in the house.
Anyone else
feeling kinda hot?
- We wanna play.
- Uh! Let us out!
Ah, you're all getting
worked up for nothing.
The grown-ups are going
to forget this whole thing
in two seconds.
Operation Reptile
Relocation is commenced.
That's what it looked like?
That's no regular garden snake.
It's more like a python,
or an anaconda.
[dramatic sting]
The door is open a crack.
You don't think anything
could have gotten through?
Just how big are anacondas?
[phone buzzes]
Oh, wow.
Here's what it is.
The Friends, Neighbors,
Countrymen App
says a red-tailed boa escaped
from someone's house yesterday.
- Oh, no!
- Oh, yes.
Check this out.
10 feet.
Help me move them
to higher ground.
[dramatic music]

[radio chirps]
- Field inspector
to base camp commander.
Serpentine subject not spotted. Over.
Have you searched
underneath the she shed?
Snakes like cool, dark places.
- Copy that. I'm on it.
Over and out.
Hey, Betty, how quick
can you be here?
We got a giant snake--
Um, when are we gonna
get to play outside?
Your mommy and daddy have
to make sure the yard is safe,
just like Angelica pretended
she was doing
on the climbing castle playset.
For once you
make sense, Kimi.
We just have to
show Aunt Didi
the yard's safe for us
to play in.
Safety Guard Cyrus,
you're going on a mission.

[sniffing, screeches]
I came as soon as I could
get away from the shop
and rent a hazmat suit.
Only one?
Stuart, you wound me.
Oh, yeah!

Tommy, we need more ties.
That's all my daddy gots.
Come on, Cyrus.
A safety guard never quits.
Well, we're stuck
in this room forever.
All thanks to the truth.
It's OK. Telling the truth
is always the right thing.
Really, Kimi?
Is it right that all
these young people
can never see the sun again?
Sadly, you're
indoor babies now.
We'll never climb
on another playset.
Or feel a wet earthworm
scoot across our bellies
after it rains.
Or taste the sandy goodness
of a beach icy pop.
[all crying]
Don't you see?
I fib not for myself,
but to protect them.
So by doing the wrong thing,
you were trying to do
the right thing?
You finally understand.
Babies can't handle the truth.
Guys, I get it now.
Angelica tolded us a fib
because she cares about us.
She knows what's best for us.
I've never felt so loved.
Me either.
You can fix this, Angelica.
Tell a fib.
Well, I'm not
sure I remember how.
But I'll try my best
for you babies.
Aunt Didi,
I just saw the snake!
It went slithering under the
fence and out of the yard.
Thank you, sweetie!
Stu, Betty, did you hear?
[upbeat music]
I wanna do that again!
- And again!
- And forever again!
I still smell like castle.
Or the castle
smells like you.
We'll never know
which came first.
Go ahead, Kimi.
I can wait.
I've got all the time
in the world.
Angelica, sweetie,
pack up your toys.
Your daddy will be
here in five minutes.
Hey, if I would have just told
the truth in the first place,
I could have played
this whole time.
Good learning, Angelica.
[playing piano]
- Ah. Chopin himself
couldn't have played
"Hot Cross Buns" any better.
- Huh?
That's a strange sound.
Let me see what's going on.
What is that?
Huh. It looks like a--
A snake! Ahh!
[upbeat music]

- [grunting]
- [rings doorbell]
Hi, Grandpa.
We brought lots of old
stuff for your fundraiser.
And also Begley.
- Hello, Begley.
- [sighs]
- Need a hand?
- Thank you.
I do indeed.
I was not properly warmed up
for heavy lifting.
Thanks to my lovely
I'm gonna look like a hero at
the Senior Center Fundraiser.
Oh, I'm glad, Pop.
And it's always good to clear
out things we don't use.
Ooh, nice bag!
Thank you. It's--
Lou, isn't this the sweater
Drew gave you
for your birthday?
Is it?
How'd that get in there?
I'll go put it
back in my closet.
Look at that
cute little lock.
Oh, that's ancient.
I used it when
Angelica was a baby.
Perfect size for my laptop
and even a few diapers.
I couldn't find the key, but
I'm sure some clever person
can get inside.
Who knows what treasures
they'll find? [laughs]
[gasps] Did you hear that?
Whoever opens this bag
will find treasure.
Let's go!
- I'm in.
- Just sitting here in a hat.
Okey dokey.
Guys, if that was Angelica's
diapie bag,
then that means
Angelica was once a baby.
- Whoa. Gimme a minute.
- Angelica?
A baby like us?
What a joke.
What's next?
Everyone in the world
was once a baby?
So can we splore
inside the bag?
Have at it.
Means nothing to me.
I must say,
it is brave of you
to let Tommy loose in
your old diaper bag.
Who knows what they could find?
They might never do your
bidding again if they knew
you were once one of them.
They're never gonna
get in the bag anyway.
It's locked tight.
- This will fix that right up.
[lock clicking]
[adventurous music]

A wheel!
Dig, Lil!
We just found proof
they had cars.
Save your digging arm, Phil.
We seen old cars afore.
I'm after the
secret treasure
that belonged
to the ancient baby.
What is it?
Allow me, Tommy.
The treasure of the
very first ancient baby
is humored to tell the story
of how the ancient baby lived--
what foods they ate,
what made them cry,
what made them laugh,
and everything else
we don't yet know.
The greatest artsyfact
of our lifetimes.
[animals chittering]
[all exclaim]
Cave aminals.
I've seen them in other places.
They won't hurt us.
Chuckie, what's this
rock thing doing here?
That's not just a rock.
It's a map stone.
You push on it and it
tells you which way to go.
[both grunting]
And Cynthia's fifth edition
blue ribbon filly wins again!
Aren't they determined?
I was like them at that age.
I once searched the attic
to find my birthday gift--
Cynthia's younger sister.
Basically a starter doll
to prepare you
for the glory that is Cynthia.
- I know who Juniper is.
Focus, Begley.
They're in the bag!
I thought you didn't care.
I don't! It's just, there
might be something in there,
maybe, that I forgot I had.
That's all.
[gasps] Your old Juniper?
I wish I'd kept mine.
Did you have
generation one or two?
Gen one had--
- I don't remember.
But if we find her,
she's yours.
Come on!
Back when I searched
the Cribstone Caves,
another treasure hunter
gotted there afore me.
They used plants and
blocks to hide stuffs.
Maybe that happened here.
Leave it to
the processionals.
[both grunting]
[gasps] A pasta-fier.
The babies of the golden times
would use these before bed
to bring good dreams.
Looks like whoever
this belonged to
only had two teeth.
Sharp ones.
- Ah.
But is it the first
ancient baby's?
We gots to keep looking.

Melty fruit leather.
Best kind.
[both munching]

[gasps] You can still see a
sticky handprint right there.
And is that preserved milk
from the distant past?
- Yum.
- Yuck.
It's a matter of taste, Lillian.
Could this bottle be
the secret treasure?
- Don't think so, Chuckie.
It's been my life's work
to find it,
and I'll never give up.
[all screaming]
I shoulda known
Tommy wouldn't stop
until he uncovered the
ancient baby cymbalization.
We have got to find Juniper
before the babies do.
There is no way they
have museum quality gloves
to handle her properly.
He just couldn't leave
the past in the bag.
The fingerprints alone--
- What?
both: You first!
[sighs] The truth is,
I loved my Juniper.
She's the only doll
I ever unboxed.
Oh, those early days.
But one day, I stopped
playing with her.
And I carelessly
cast her aside.
Why? Why?
Because Juniper's for babies,
and we're not babies.
[gasps] This way!
Another cave animal?
Sounds like the treasure
hunter I tolded you about.
Light at the other end.
Always the way.
Oh, an ancient pacifier.
And it looks like it's
been used quite a bit,
like they couldn't stop.
It looks brand new to me,
whosever it is.
We're wasting precious time.
Teething ring ruins.
If you step on the wrong one,
something bad happens.
How do we know
which is the right one
and which is the wrong one?
Oh, it's easy to know,
after you step on
the wrong one.
Guys, I figureded it out.
Only step on the ones
with the writing.
[all grunting]
Ah! Ahh!
[bats screeching]
They found this, too?
Is there no privacy
left in this world?
Is that the smell of
soft nylon doll hair?
That's been left out
in the rain?
I've missed you!
The chipper smile.
The classic boardshorts.
She's everything I remember.
Maybe even more.
Who cares?
We have to catch up to Tommy.
You can't deprive me
of my reunion with my babyhood
just because you deny your own.
[grunting] If Tommy thinks
he can dig up my secrets,
he can think again.
Baby stuff is gone
and forgotten.
Right, Begley?
Go. Go on without me.
I'll never leave
you behind again.
You hear me, Miss Juniper?
Leave her.
I need you to drop that doll
and help me because--
because--never mind.
Are you coming?
Bats! Bats!
I'm being consumed!
The Circle of Shapes.
Something tells me the
treasure is right inside.

[bright tone]
The secret treasure.
It's ancient, all right.
It even smells old.
Tastes old, too.
Tommy, do you realize this is
unreliable proof
that the very first
ancient baby existed?
Yes. From this, we can
re-imagine the entire baby.
Everything about them is
in this one important b--
I'll take that!
[all gasp]
Ah! Oh!
Give it back, Angelica.
I founded it first.
It's only fair.
Begley, catch!
I can't.
I've got to put Juniper back.
She won't make it
in my world
of mint condition
Cynthia collections.
This moldy, forgotten chamber
is her true home.
Goodbye, long lost friend.
A blankie.
Angelica really
was a baby like us.
We know the truth now.
This is big.
Life seems different.
I knew it all along.
Fine. I, too,
Angelica Pickles, was a baby.
Tell anyone
and you'll be sorry.
You can keep the blankie, Tommy.
I mean, since
you're the youngest.
I don't mind seeing it
around once in a while.
And did I smell ham gravy
baby food on that thing?
Oh, what's this old blanket?
You know, Didi, we don't
have to donate everything.
I'll go put this
back in Lou's closet.
He'll thank me one day.
This is still in good shape.
Wanna hang on to it?
Just in case?
Oh, Charlotte.
[upbeat music]

Klasky Csupo.

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