Rugrats (2021) s02e13 Episode Script

Baby Talk/Tossed and Found

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[bright music]

What are we building again?
Looks like a car washer.
It's the path
to the Magic Forest.
Me and my cousin Edwin
played it
last time he was here,
so we gotta get it ready.
Oh, Chuckie, those go there.
They're gonna be the chairs
for the table.
Look what I founded
in your bag, Susie: a piggy!
Oh, that's Edwin's,
and it's not just a piggy.
It's a magical warthog beast.
Oh, I musta had it
down-side up.
[humming, gasps]
Oh, this was Tommy's,
and Dil's already
popping out of it.
I'm trying to add some fabric
to make it longer.
- He's really growing fast.
- [giggles]
So is Cynthia.
Aunt Didi, can you sew her a
bigger space ballerina outfit?
She's gonna lead
the first dance class on Mars.
Anything for science.
[sewing machine whirring]
Look who's here!
Buster! Edwin!
Great to see you again.
Come on in.
Aunt Lucy!
I haven't seen you two
for a whole year.
Bring it in.
I'm almost as tall as you.
- Yes, you are.
- Lookit,
I'm almost as tall as Buster.
Not even on your tiptoes, bro.
Yeah, well,
when I'm your age,
I'm gonna be taller than you
and older than you.
[both laugh]
- Ready to break open
that Click N'Pops kit?
Buster here is a build master,
and Edwin's getting
into it too.
Wait, is that the Lord Crater
Sinister Star Smasher?
You know it!
I introduced the boys to all
the "Final Eclipse" movies,
except number five, of course.
Well, of course.
[both shudder]
Before you get to building,
I'm sure you boys wanna say hi
to Susie.
- Sure, Aunt Lucy.
- Yeah!
Let's go!
No, no, no, no, no.
More that way.
It hasta be 'zackly
in the middle,
just like Edwin does it.
- Hey, Susie-Q!
- [laughing]
How you doin', baby cuz?
You're here. You're here!
This is Tommy, Chuckie,
Phil, and Lil.
I told them all about you.
C'mon, Edwin.
We got it all set up,
but you're the only one
who knows
how to do the magic part.
What's she saying?
I'm right here.'
Why you askin' him?
No idea,
but she sure is cute.
See ya later, baby cuz.
I'm gonna go build my model.
And I'm gonna help.
Edwin! Where you going?
Come back!
Why didn't he talk to me?
It's called
the "flax of life."
What's that?
Stuff you don't know
'cause you're still
a buncha soft-headed babies.
Ya got scrambled eggs where
your brain is supposed to be.
Lucky for you,
I'm about to tell you.
When kids get older,
some of 'em forget how
to unnerstand babies.
[all gasp]
Not me, of course,
but basically everybody else.
Sorry to be the beard
of bad news, Susie,
but you can't talk
to your cousins anymore.
Well, I never talked
to Buster,
but the last time I saw Edwin,
we never stopped talking.
Lemme explain it another way.
Tommy, can you understand Dil?
Um, Dil talks?
Guess you'll never know.
You always say stuff like
this to trick us, Angelica.
I don't believe you.
Hope you like this, sweetie.
I had to work fast.
Your daddy just got here
to pick you up for ballet.
Thanks, Aunt Didi.
You sit here and believe what
you want, Susie Carmichael.
I got places to be.
What if Angelica's right
and Edwin doesn't unnerstand me
She can't be.
Edwin's your cousin,
and you played together afore.
Yeah, why don't you try
talking to him again?
Can I build the wing part?
Box says ages eight and up.
Aw, snap. You're only five.
It's okay, buddy.
Remember, you got these cool
Junior Click N'Pops!
Hey, why don't you make
a launch pad
for the Star Smasher?
Over there,
where you'll have more room?
[downcast music]
[sighs] I always gotta
make the launch pad.
Hey, Edwin.
Juice box?
[straw sucking]
So the forest is all set up,
same as last time.
Ready to go? We just need you.
Oh, did you want
some Click N'Pops like me?
Here you go.
And then he just put these
in my hand
and went right on building.
- Whoa.
- So wrong.
So Edwin's not gonna
come see the Magic Forest?
Not even the secret pathway,
and the table,
and this cute little piggy?
- Warthog beast.
- I am just not seein' it.
That's it.
We gotta make Edwin see,
then he'll a'member everything.
We'll start with the feast.
[upbeat music]
Which Magic Forest leaf
will Edwin like better?
Put 'em both in.
We gotta fill up
the whole bucket.
Look for anything.
[lizard murmurs]
- [growls]
- Not a lizard.
Shouldn't say "anything"
unless you mean it.
See ya, Junior.
[vocalizing animatedly]
Special delivery
from the Magic Forest.
You're giving me leaves
and rocks?
Also known as Magic Forest
bizghetti and meatballs.
'Member the delicious feast,
I think he remembers
a little.
One whiff is all I ever need
to a'member
how good mud tastes.
We need something else
to help him a'member,
like, uh, our magic wands!
start looking for sticks!
We're gonna need two
the 'zact same size.
Lord Crater's Sinister
Star Smasher is done!
Almost! [laughs]
Time for the official
Star Smasher decals.
[laughs] Yeah.
Then how 'bout we reenact
Lord Crater's epic battle
to win control of Planet Utera?
- Okay.
Have fun with your space
battles and stickers.
I'm gonna go play soccer.
- They're decals, not stickers.
- [chuckles]
- Beep, beep, beep.
Brought you a magic wand.
Um, thanks for the stick?
[sadly] Oh.
Psst, Susie.
Here's your magic wand.
Show him.
You want me to play drums.
[sad music]
Your turn!
Beep, beep, beep, beep.
We set up
this whole Magic Forest,
but without Edwin,
it's just rocks and toys.
Edwin's the one
who makes it magic,
but I guess he really did
forget about it.
And this piggy.
I mean, uh,
what did you call it again?
Doesn't matter anymore.
It's over.
Edwin's never gonna remember.
[grunts confusedly]
[hopeful music]
Or is he?
Spike, I got a job for ya.
Run to Edwin!
- [barks]
Run like
you never runned a'fore.
[barks gently]
Oh, hey.
There's that toy piggy
you left behind last summer.
It's not a piggy.
It's a magical warthog beast.
A magical whatta-what?
You got some big imagination, bro.
[soft music]

[magical twinkling]

It's the Magic Forest!
There's a secret doorway,
and the tree where we climbed
to see the Faraway Kingdom,
and the table
for the Magic Feast,
where you can have any food
you want in the world!
- [snorts]
- [gasps]
The warthog beast.
[laughs] He always does that.
[laughs] Every time.
You're back.
How come I ever left?
Well, I heard
that when you get big, you--
who cares?
You're here now.
Let's have our feast
and then we can climb the tree
and then ride the warthog beast
and my friends wanna come
see it too--
[both gasp]
Where'd that come from?
I don't know!
This never happened before!
It's coming right at us!
Don't worry, cuz!
I got this!
[rumbling intensifies]
Edwin, toss it here!
Come on!
Let's play some soccer.
[gasps] Buster wants
to play with me,
but we just started talking again.
It's okay.
I just wanted to visit
the Magic Forest with you
one last time.
But I know you gots
other places to be.
But what if we don't hang out
together out there?
We will, someday.
Go on.

- Here.
This is yours now.
[serene music]
[snorts approvingly]
[dreamlike whooshing]
See ya, Susie-Q.
I got the ball,
so I kick first!
- You okay, Susie?
- Yeah.
Me and Edwin had fun,
but it was time for him to go.
Aww, too bad he can't take us
to the Magic Forest.
He can't,
but I can!
- I got it! I got it!
- Nice kick, baby bro!
- Take that, Lord Crater!
- Look at you!
[upbeat music]
Try an unusual
ice cream flavor?
Perform a new dance move?
Switch shoes with a stranger?
Toenail fungi is on the rise!
I'm putting my foot down
on this one.
Pun intended.
Nothing serious, team,
just a fun scavenger hunt
in the park with friends.
Not to worry.
My latest invention
is guaranteed
to make us find everything.
It's an all-in-one binoculars,
compass, digital camera,
and collapsible spork.
Is it too late
to switch teams?
Uh, you're askin'
the wrong person.
[gasps] Did you hear that?
Our mommies and daddies
are gonna look
for stuffs in the park!
I wonder why they don't just
look for stuffs at home,
like we do.
- Yeah.
Founded these jelly beans
under the couch.
Smooshed for extra flabor.
[door chimes]
- Choo choo choo.
Now boarding all babies.
Thanks for watching the kids.
Hope they don't
wear you all out.
Ah, it'll be a walk
in the park,
and I mean that
quite literally.
That's how we're getting home.
- [laughs]
As long
as you get there by 2:00
for the new naptime routine.
These instructions will whisk
you right through it.
There's a place on the back
for you to write up
a full report.
Have fun!
- Okay, sure.
If they look tired,
we'll settle them down
around 2:00.
No, you can't wait
for that, Pop.
Once that nap window closes,
it won't open again.
Everyone will be a mess,
and we won't sleep a wink
all night.
[cheerful music]

You heard my mommy.
My grandpa and his friends
need to go straight home
and take a nap.
What if they don't wanna?
They don't look tired.
They say
that's how you can tell.
- [wailing]
- Aww.
Poor thing.
His blanket's gone.
Must have fallen out.
Didi's instructions say
Dil won't go to sleep
without his special blankie.
Graham, vámonos!
Oh, oh.
It's gotta be here somewhere,
Oh, dear.
Oh, I don't know, Lou.
It's a big park.
Here it is.
Got stuck under the wheel.
Wait, does this go in the
[dramatically] Report?
both: Grandparents' code.
If they don't see it,
we don't say it.
Oh, this is bad.
What if the nap window
closes shut?
We just gotta get 'em
to keep playing,
and then they'll be tired.
Uh, guys, uh,
know any old peoples games?
They liked looking
for Dil's blankie.
Let's hide something else.
- [laughs]
- Aah! [crying]
What's wrong, cariño?
Two words. Movie title.
[gasps] Ooh, there!
She dropped her bracelet.
[crow cawing]
After that crow!
Sorry, Charles,
but scavenger hunt rules say,
"Everyone has to try
the unusual ice cream flavor
unless you have
a medical excuse."
I'm lactose intolerant.
Oh, I guess I won't ever know
what oyster ice cream
tastes like.
Way ahead of you,
Mr. Finster.
This is dairy-free
oyster sorbet.
[crow caws]
- Aah!
- Hmm.
Susie has a bracelet
just like this.
What a funny coincidence.
Can we get back
to the miracle of the moment?
A bird's beak has touched this.
Task canceled.
[sneaky music]
Young lady, I am interested
in that pearlescent
ice cream cone.
I've got exact change.
Are those, like,
vintage game pieces?
Close. They're nickels.
The cone, please?

[crow caws]
That was great, team!
Hey, Grandpa and his friends
don't look tired at all.
And they thought
we couldn't take care
of five little babies--
I mean six.
Got you covered, Tommy.
[mischievous music]
[babbling happily]
Next up is a picture
of a bird,
so whatever you found,
it better have feathers.
[laughs] Try scales.
I'm lookin' at a red-tailed
boa constrictor.
A crow! Someone snap a pic.
which button is the camera?
- Oh.
At least the compass
still works.
[grunting] Wait, no. What?
what's goin' on down there?
I got you! I got you!
They already founded
Drooly Snake.
Uh, we gotsta hide something
really good
so they get more tireder.
Phillip, if you please.
- No, Phil!
- Not there.
First place they'll look.
[bell dings]
[upbeat music]

[feigns crying]
[wailing unintelligibly]
[bell dings]
Lou, you won't believe it.
Now Lil's lost her bow.
- [crying]
I think it's on that child.
[tires screech]
- Get your boot on the scoot!
[adventurous music]

Aah! Aah, aah, aah!
Keep going!
We'll catch up!
The Invisible Eater here,
bringing you
the culinary treasures
of the park!
I began
with Jerry's Jerky Hut,
where this reviewer
is disappointed
to report that Jerry's Jerky
is dry, rubbery, and, frankly,
uh, doesn't taste like jerky
at all!
[clears throat]
- Aah!
- Heads up! Heads up!
- Aah!
[motor roaring]
[bell dings]
Uh, I mean, sorry, kid.
Didn't, uh,
didn't see you there.
On to the newest
food truck sensation,
Bubbe's Blintzmobile!
- Ooh.
- [gasps]
[mellow music]

- Boris, does he speak?
- Of course.
He's the Invisible Eater,
not the Silent Eater.
Coulda fooled me.
They're so much better
than my bubbe's blintzes.
Blueberry bliss!
Ah, as I was saying,
perhaps just another round
of bites to be objective.
Lou? Celeste?
Oh, Minka!
Lou brought our grandsons
to see us. Oh!
Hello, Tommy.
Um, sorry, can't stay.
Hey, Daxton.
Good, huh?
Uh, what Lou means is
we told Didi
we'd do
her new naptime routine,
but we can't seem
to get out of the park.
The babies keep losing things.
We won't say a word.
Grandparents' code.
- [laughs]
- You know it.
put 'em in a group,
and you never know
what's gonna happen.
We're counting on you, Chuckie.
You gotsta hide something
really important
so they can't stop looking
for it
till they're all worned-out
and sleepy.
My shoes? Okay.
But if I'm gonna be
in sock feet,
let's at least ride instead
of walk.

Uh, excuse me, folks.
Aren't those yours?
- [laughs]
[all exclaiming frantically]
- Take over for us, please!
- Aah!
And push the knishes.
Made fresh daily!
[all yelling]
[all grunt]
- You're all fine.
- Everyone okay?
- Tommelah.
How many fingers
am I holding?
Leave it to me.
Hello, Joshua.
Good to see you.
May I have Chuckie's shoe back, please?
Aw, wish I could, Mr. Boris,
but it's the law
of the sandbox.
I'm not familiar
with that law.
Finders keepers, losers--
Do I hafta spell it out?
But I might trade ya.
What'll you give me for it?
Nice pitch.
A natural-born businessman.
Well, I'm a businessman too,
so nothing.
- The nap window's closing.
- Just do it.
- Boris!
- Fine.
Name your terms.
- Hmm.
Uh, tell me a joke
and you can have the shoe back.
But only if I laugh.
Is that all, Mr. Tough Guy?
All right.
How do you catch a rabbit?
You hide in a bush,
you sound like a carrot.
[laughing] He said "carrot."
That's my favorite vegetable!
- What can I say?
His sense of humor
is his superpower.
- [laughs] He said "carrot."
- Parents closing in, 6:00!
That's my favorite vegetable!
That guy said "carrot!"
Oh, love you,
love you, love you.
[upbeat music]
Man, what a ride. [laughs]
I feel 58 again.
My grandpa and his friends
still aren't tired.
[gasps] Tommy,
not your studriver!
Here goes.
[dog barks]
[tense music]
[all gasp]
[grunts, laughs] Guess
we wore these poor tykes out.
It's okay, scout. Almost home.

[all sobbing]
Aww, baby.
Goodbye, studriver.
I'll miss you forever.
Losing team makes dinner.
Sorry, team.
Really thought my invention
would get us the win.
[all snoring]
Well [laughs]
I see my new naptime routine
was the real win.
Sorry, honey.
Don't mean to rub it in.
At least we saw this
at that toy store.
Can't hurt to have a backup.
[softly] Here you go, champ.
Sweet dreams.
What an awesome day
we've had, Junior Carpenter.
[upbeat music]

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