Rugrats (2021) s02e12 Episode Script

Miss Match/Flamingo Dance

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[xylophone music]
[dog barking]
Here we go, Dil.
Fresh air.
And elevated pollen levels.
Your mommy and daddy are tired
from having so much fun
with you,
so they're taking a nap,
but don't worry.
Uncle Chas is going
to take good care of you.
[doorbell rings]
They're here!
Be right back.
[cheerful electronic music]
- [gasps]
- [whimpering]
- Hey, Dilly, it's OK.
Don't cry.
[continues crying]
Hello, Kira.
I'm "Verdi" excited
for our piano lesson.
I just hope
I can "Handel" it, Chas.
It is so nice to find someone
who appreciates the art
of the composer pun.
I mean, come in, come in.
Kimi, there's a surprise
for you today.
Angelica and all the kids
are in the yard
along with little Dil.
I love babies!
Afraid I got my days mixed up
when I told Stu and Didi
I'd watch 'em.
You know, I didn't want
to let them down,
and, uh, yet, I also didn't
want to cancel our lesson, so.
Oh, no, I wouldn't
want that either!
I mean, y--
uh, you're a good friend, Chas.
He's not going to cry
like that all day, is he?
Hi, Angelica.
Ooh, are you playing
with the new baby?
What a unsuspected surprise.
And who can play
with all that racket?
Bonjour, Dil.
That's French.
I learned it
when we lived in Paris.
So that's French.
It maded Dil happy.
Betterer than a frog.
Mr. Finster, can I watch Dil
while my mommy has
her piano lesson?
Angelica and I can be your
special babysitting helpers.
Oh, why, thank you, Kimi.
That is very considerate.
And you girls let us know
at any time if you need help.
Just like preschool.
You're always volunsteering me
for jobs I don't want to do.
Sorry, Angelica,
but what's more fun
than watching a sweet,
tiny baby?
I like how your mommy smells
like flowers.
Oh, that's only
on piano lesson days.
I like your daddy's
fancy bow tie.
That's his favoritest one.
He wears it whenever
your mommy comes over.
Too bad it's my mommy's
last lesson.
What if I get stuck with the--
- [crying]
- Non, non, petit garçon.
Wow, it's like magic!
OK, Dil's happy.
Let's get back to our game.
Kimi, Angelica,
you want to play?
- Yeah, right.
- Sure.
Psst. Susie, a word?
This is bad, Susie Carmichael.
Really bad.
If Kimi's not around
after this,
that means I'll be stuck
watching that drooly Dil,
and you'll never get to play
again without interruption.
There's not much we can do
unless Kimi's mama takes
more piano lessons.
That's it!
But forget the piano.
We just got to get Chuckie's
daddy and Kimi's mommy
to say they're in love.
Why would they say that?
Grown-ups always smell good
and wear nice clothes
when they're in love.
It's practically a law.
Wow, Angelica.
I didn't know that.
Well, now you do.
So it's up to us to get 'em
to say it to each other.
Then they'll have
more playdates,
and Kimi will be here
all the time,
and I'll be free!
And so will you!
But first,
we're going to need
So we're going to give
these flowers to Kimi's mama?
Mr. Chuckie's daddy is going
to give them to her.
- [crying]
Quel un fromage!
- [cooing]
- It means, "what a cheese."
Is Dil made of cheese?
Maybe that's why he smells
like that.
[piano playing]
Kira, I need
to tell you something.
Your chord structure
is improving!
- Really?
- Y-yeah.
It--it's not getting worse.
Hi, Mr. Chuckie's daddy
and Kimi's mommy.
Everyone's fine,
but I got to tell you
about the dream I had
last night.
OK, Angelica,
we--we're kind of
in the middle of, um--
I was on a great big boat,
and I was steering it
all by myself--this way!
No, I mean the other way.
But then a huge wave
took me over there.
And then I woke up.
The end.
I wonder if she eats
kumquats before bed.
They're supposed
to give children
rather confusing dreams.
Oh, Chas!
Those are--
- Larkspurs!
I'm aller
[blows nose]
Well, it's the thought
that counts.
I thought you knew
how this love stuff worked.
Now what are we going to do?
We just got to try
something else.
But what?
When my daddy cleans
the garage,
my mama makes him a big snack,
and he loves it.
Susie, get real.
Mr. Chuckie's daddy
is nowhere near the garage.
We could give him a snack,
and he'll think
it's from Kimi's mommy!
Gee, where'd
you get that idea?
Bon voyage!
Wow, Kimi.
Whatever you're saying
really works.
Thank you, Tommy.
Non, non, petit garçon.
- [sneezes]
- You even sneeze melodiously.
Well, I do have
perfect pitch.
You brought me tissues.
[laughing] Of course.
Chas, I've been
meaning to ask you,
could we go over the notes
again for "Itsy Bitsy Spider"?
I think I missed one--
or six.
[piano playing sourly]
What an enthusiastic
music lover.
I'll say.
But this is Kira's
lesson time, Susie.
How about we all play
when it's over?
[playing continues]
Oh, a--a snack?
Well, that's--
that's just, uh--
Like something Chuckie
or Kimi would eat?
Which is why it's
so thoughtful.
But let's, um--
let's partake after the lesson.
Who doesn't like
flowers and snacks?
Those two, I guess.
But how do we find someone
that knows what they do like?
Non, non, bibliothèque.
hey, hurry up.
It's dark in here.
OK, but you're
taking Finster.
Well, my daddy loves
his broom.
He plays with it
after every time I eat.
And his big bunch of keys.
He takes them everywhere,
just like me with Reptar.
Oh, and he always looks happy
when he stacks up
cans of tuna fish.
French food, bubble baths,
carpooling, of course,
sunglasses, raindrops,
puppies, coffee.
- [fussing]
- Merci beaucoup.
Bubbles, sunglasses, coffee.
Susie, let's go
before I forget all this junk.
Hey, babies,
let's play a new game.
It's called, "Do what I say."
[piano playing]
[all chuckling]
Chas, did you leave
your bubble machine on?
Bubbles are an eye hazard.
I would never--whoa.
[suspenseful music]

Now Chuckie's daddy
and Kimi's mommy aren't going
to have any more playdates,
and I'll be stuck
watching Dil forever!
Bubbles should have worked.
Angelica, you're back!
I think Dil missed you.
Right, Dil?
both: I know this is
- My last lesson, so--ah!
- Your last lesson, so--
both: You first.
I mean, I'll go.
oh, gosh, how do I say this?
I really
both: Like you.
I only kept coming
to these lessons to see you.
I never even practice.
I could tell
you never practiced!
And I didn't care
as long as you kept coming!
Well, I cared a little.
I me--wh--no.
[mug clatters]
You have Neurosis!
I love that game.
Well, not to brag,
but I'm kind of
the reigning champ!
No one can beat me
when it comes to Neurosis.
Toodle sweet, Dil.
Mairzy boo-boo.
How come Dil doesn't like it
when we speak French?
[dog howling]
Spikey sounds just like Kimi,
only in doggy speak.
Let me try.
Monkeys are fun!
So next week,
our regular lesson time,
you and Kimi come over,
and you and I play
a round of Neurosis?
It's a date!
I mean--
Not a date.
- You know what, Kira?
Maybe it is.
Did you hear that?
They're going to have
more playdates,
and Kimi will be here
all the time
to watch that drooly Dil,
which means--
Angelica, guess what?
My mama said we're coming back!
We'll get to see each other
and play together
and have fun
with the younger ones
and watch baby Dil!
Isn't it wonderful?
Kimi'll be here all
the time!
but that's what you wanted.
A bientôt, Angelica.
That means "See you soon."
What have I done?
[xylophone music]
[cheerful electronic music]
We get to be flamingos
in front of a whole audience!
No one flamingos
like you, Susie.
It's all in the feathers.
I can't tell you how much
Susie loves dancing, Mr. Garth.
She practically lives
in that costume.
My heart swells to hear
you say that, Dr. Carmichael.
There's nothing quite
so gratifying
as helping
young people discover
a love of movement
and tropical birds.
Bye, Susie! Have fun!
I'll wave from the audience.
Gather round,
Little Scuffers flock.
Time for our final practice.
Oh, and, Nina, will you be
setting your wrench down
while you are dancing?
- [growls]
Silly question!
Of course you'll keep it.
All right, let's begin.
And a-five, six, seven, eight.
Pull up your socks!
Ring the bell!
Spin all around!
Dribble the ball!
The floor is made of lava.
Hop, hop, hop!
We're doing
"best seats in the house"?
Ready to help!
OK, we've identified
five key criteria--
stage view, aisle access,
leg room,
least squeaks--
[radio beeps]
[over radio]
I need a second opinion
on this tush-to-cushion ratio, over.
Which way did they go?
This way?
That way?
Are those loose feathers?
costume adjustment, troop.
You'll use
these toddler-friendly
substitutes instead.
- [gasps]
- Now keep practicing
while I make a stern call
to our boa vendor.
when you hear chimes play
and see lights flash,
we'll line up
next to the curtain
and start our show.
[line trilling]
Bruce, Mr. Garth here.
Your polyester feather boas
are below industry standard.
It's just like my Wanda Wrench,
only twirly and wavy and flowy!
I'm glad you
and Wanda are happy.
But why do we even have these?
Has anyone ever seen a flamingo
with a ribbon wand?
I guess Mr. Garth has.
OK, we'll make it work.
Which way did they go?
This way?
That way?
Why'd you stop?
I--I miss my feathers.
I just don't feel
like a flamingo without them.
Susie, of course
you're a flamingo.
We all are.
We got beaks.
We got webby feet.
Yeah, but--
but we don't have feathers.
You know what?
I'm starting to think
maybe we're nothing but a bunch
of kids in pink costumes.
So what are you saying
Look, I tried.
But I just can't.
You guys go ahead.
I'll be the audience.
Uh, yeah, that's right.
Uh, Mr. Garth said to practice.
We can't do this
without you, Susie.
You got this, Chuckie.
And I'll be right over here
if you need me.
All right,
Little Shufflers flock,
the show must go on!
Everybody ready?
A-five, sticks, seven, grapes!
[whispering along]
Pull up your socks.
Ring the bell.
Spin the ball, and
dribble on the floor.
- [toots]
[whispering] No, no, no.
Dribble the ball.
The floor is made of lava.
Hop, hop, hop.
OK, everyone up.
Which way did they go?
This way?
That way?
Not going to get involved.
I'll be right back.
Keep practicing.
Hey, Chuckie.
How's it going?
Great, um,
but I was wondering, um,
do you have any advice
for when we do the real show?
Well, uh
uh, just keep waving those
wands around like you're doing.
Well, we do seem to have
the twirly part down.
But since you're asking,
if I was leading the group,
I might think a bit more
about being a flamingo!
Kind of hard not to
with this 'round my tummy.
No, I mean everyone has
to dance the same.
It's a flock thing.
Hmm, yes.
I see it.
Uh, thanks, Susie.
Don't you love our new wands?
I wish I had these wands
a long,
long time ago, like yesterday--
- Did you notice
that my hops have
the perfect amount of bounce?
I did, Pierce.
And I feel
your 'citement, Nina.
But the thing is,
we all have to dance
the same as each other.
So let's try it again.
A-five, sticks, seven, grapes.
Did you know that flamingos
and ballerinas have
lots in common?
They both have bendy legs
and grateful necks
and sparkly eyes,
and they twirl and twirl!
And I know the moves
by heart.
Pull up your socks.
Ring the bell.
Maybe it will come together
on stage.
Studious Maximus
for Chas Burger.
Your perfect seat has
been secured, over.
10-4, Studious, but, um,
I'm on another seat
at the moment,
if you know what I mean.
You're where now?
[toilet flushing]
- I'm in the bathroom!
[all gasp]
Whoa! Overshare, over.
Excuse me, sir.
We have an official policy
about saved seats.
Ah, yes, of course.
I "officially" call savesies.
And that policy is
no savesies.
Well, rules are rules.
[all gasp]
Operation blown, Chas Burger.
Better get your buns
in here fast.
Don't you dare
put me on hold!
"Define flamingo"?
That's outrageous.
I'll see you in court!
Good day, sir!
So how are you two?
Feeling relaxed?
Got your heads on straight?
Uh, i-is this better?
I meant with the dance.
- We got this.
- Oh, we're good.
OK, there's a whole lot
of peoples out there
smiling and talking
and sitting in chairs,
and pretty soon
there's going to be chimes
and flashing lights,
and the curtains will open,
and they're going to expect
to see us dance,
so we got to dance!
I may not be a flamingo,
but I'll always be a friend.
Maybe I could take over
from here.
Thank sevens!
It's yours.
Pierce, what was this?
I'm ringing the bell.
At my house,
we have a door camera,
so you just have
to look into it like this.
Forget about the doorbell.
It's not about that!
It's about moving
like a flamingo.
Oh, so I should use my wing
to ring the bell?
And Nina,
flamingos do not keep spinning.
They would get dizzy.
They move their necks like this
and wade through the water
like this.
So I'm supposed to spin
with my neck!
Whoa! Whoa!
I can't dance
when I can't see my feet.
To be perfectly honest,
I'm not even comfortable
with this beak.
But how else would
you smooth your feathers?
I thought Mr. Garth took
our feathers.
Yes, he did,
but you should still have them
in your mind!
Eh, all of you,
you need to feel
like a flamingo on the inside!
Inside this costume,
my knees are itchy.
I feel sweaty.
Do birds sweat?
I'm out of words.
[chime ringing]
It's starting!
[indistinct chatter]
[playing chime]
Barry, they're sitting down.
You can stop now.
Just in time!
We did it, y'all!
Tush cushion, leg room,
aisle access--
So, uh, what side
of the stage will
the children be entering from?
Mm, stage right.
- Like lightning, people!
- Ooh!
How did we not see that?
- Move, move, move!
And center seat for the win.
To the stage, dancers.
Tempus fugit, festina lente!
Which means, loosely,
"time to shine."
I'll be right down in front.
[dramatic music]
Go out there
and be flamingos!
You made us better!
Thanks, Susie!
Sorry you can't dance.
But we understand.
Like you said,
you may not be a flamingo,
but you're always a friend.
- Didi!
- Oh!
Oh, oh, there they are.
- Row F, seat 12!
- Over there.
- Betty! Row C,
seats 8 and 9.
- Hi.
Best seats for you.
Aren't the best seats
the ones
where we're all together?
all: No!
nice tush-to-cushion ratio.
Families, friends,
patrons of the arts,
and fellow
Caribbean ornithophiles,
the Dance of the Flamingo!
[percussive music playing]
- Whoa!
- Hey, Chuckie!
Right here!
[whispers] Where's Susie?
Let's give her a sec.
Flamingos! Flamingos!
Ribbons on the outside,
feathers on the inside.
I am a flamingo!
And that's my flock out there!
Oh, oh!
There she is!
- All right!
- Uh!
She knows how to make
an entrance!
- Ooh, yeah!
My little hatchlings!
Go, Susie!
They're really good.
[playing chime]
Thanks, guys.
That's my girl!
Oh, my goodness.
Can you sit down in front?
[cheers and applause]
Go, flamingos!
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