Rugrats (2021) s02e11 Episode Script

Reptar Day!/Mission to the Little

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

Reptar is hard at work
in his secret greenhouse
on the moon.
He's nearly installed the last
Cretaceous Crystal
in his frosty spaceship.
[loud explosion]
Eliminate Reptar.
all: Arachno!
Reptar's confronted by
the evil spider-bot Arachno.
all: Get him, Reptar.
[babbles indistinctly]
Thank sevens.
Arachno is defleated.
- Tricky beast.
- I spoked too soon.
- Get up.
- Poor Reptar.
Oh, no.
Will Reptar recover in time
to save his beloved
home planet?
Or will Arachno succeed in
destroying the Earth at last?
Find out on
the next episode of
"Reptar in Space."
Don't forget, viewers,
tomorrow is Reptar Day
when we celebrate
our scaly hero
with a 24-hour
"Reptar" marathon.
You're in for a treat.
Did you hear that?
Tomorrow's Reptar Day!
You can't make it?
I'm running an Earth Day
festival here, Jonathan.
You're not just
letting me down,
you're letting down
the entire planet.
No, I haven't forgotten
you were hit by a bus.
I'll tell you what.
I'm in a generous mood.
You can wait until
all the casts are off.
what is Earth Day anyway?
It's all about
saving the Earth, darling,
going green, recycling,
and cleaning up the planet.
Hello, all.
What do you think?
It's Earth Day founder
Gaylord Nelson
constructed entirely from
recycled aluminum cans.
Simply stunning, Didi,
the perfect backdrop
for my speech.
That reminds me.
We were supposed to have
a papier-mâché Earth
on display over there.
Could you track it down for me, please?
Well, pumpkin, time for
a little father-daughter
Grandpa and the babies!
Can I go play with them,
Or you could do that.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hello, sunshine.
Oh, man, this takes me back
to my peace and love days.
Oh, are they giving away
aloe vera plants?
Hi, Angelica. Isn't it great?
Everybody's celebrating
Reptar Day.
Huh? Reptar Day?
This is Earth Day.
Seriously, you bottle brains
never heard of Earth Day?
Today's all about being green.
Like Reptar,
'cause it's Reptar Day.
No. Not like Reptar.
It's about saving the Earth.
Like Reptar
fighting the evil Arachno.
No, it's Earth's birthday.
Like Rep--oh.
How old is Earth turning?
103, if you must know.
I think Angelica's
trying to fool us
with this Earth Day stuff.
Oh, yeah.
Nature's beauty cream.
Well, come on, sprouts.
Let's check out the fair.
Lucy, did that man
at the recycling center
seem a little
down in the dumps?
He did, Randy.
He told me it was
'cause he spent all day
crushing soft drink cans
and that's soda-pressing.
[all groaning]
So inconclusion,
don't forget to reduce,
reuse, and recycle.
Who would expect
free cookies to beat out
carefully rehearsed puns?
D-d-did you say free cookies?
Be right back.
Free cookies.
That proves it's Reptar Day.
Those cookies have nothing
to do with Reptar Day,
'cause it doesn't exist.
Poor Angelica.
Guess she didn't grow up
with Reptar Day.
Because you just made it up.
If it's not Reptar Day,
then why does that sign say,
"Reptar, Reptar, Reptar?"
Susie Carmichael,
you can't even read.
That sign says, "Blah, blah,
blah, re-bicycling."
What's that?
You throw all your bottles
into that machine over there,
and it turns them
into bicycles.
Nah, those are
curvaceous crystals.
They power Reptar's ship. See?
That's all it does?
Huh. Some hero.
It can fly too
when the time is right.
Aunt Betty, we're almost out.
My bestie texted.
Word is, your cookies
are the yummiest treat
at the whole festival.
Not surprised.
You hold down the fort,
I'll go restock from the car.
Hello. Why walk when you can
zip through the crowd
on a fabulous electric scooter?
And on account
of it's Earth Day,
they're eco-friendly and free.
- Sold.
Of course,
tips are appreciated.
Got to work on our timing.
One little bean plant
produces so much oxygen
and beans.
- [gasps]
It's just like Reptar's secret
greenhouse on the moon.
Look around, Tommy.
Do you see any
signs of Reptar at all?
If this is Reptar Day,
then where is he?
You're missing
the true meaning
behind Reptar Day, Angelica.
It's not about seeing Reptar,
it's about everything
he stands for,
like being green
and always doing good.
And when evil robots
start making trouble,
he doesn't back down.
That's why on Reptar Day,
we celebrate how Reptar
always beats the bad guys
and saves the Earths.
Wow, you babies really
believe all this junk,
don't you?
And the bestest part is,
everyone gets treats.
Oh, really?
Then why aren't there cookies
in my tummy right now?
Cookies are for believers, Angelica.
Don't you want to believe in
Reptar's grape-ness with us?
There he is.
- Thank you, Jake, Daxton.
Please be careful
with our hero.
That looks nothing
like Reptar.
Ah, sure it does
if you squint upside down.
Of course I want a treat, Cynthia.
Who wouldn't?
But surely that doesn't mean
I have to believe in Reptar.
- Nice work, Drew.
- Go get them, honey.
I'm all set here.
Uh-uh-uh ahh!
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to our annual
Earth Day celebration.
Before we bring on
our entertainment,
I am proud to introduce
my brother-in-law
and local inventor,
Stu Pickles,
with his
as in New Ingenious Total Waste
Interception Technology,
because what says Earth Day
more than cleaning up?
With its patented
mega-suck technology
and robotic
trash-seeking pinchers,
NITWIT will leave the outdoors
cleaner than you found it.
In fact, if we set enough
NITWITs free
on the face of this planet, we
can clean up the whole world.
NITWIT eliminate rubbish.
[all screaming]
- Shut it down. Shut it down!
- I can't.
The brilliance of NITWI
is that it's solar-powered.
It only turns off
when the sun goes down.
Aunt Betty,
this crowd's getting hangry.
What's your ETA?
On my way back, Gabi.
Can't this thing go any faster?
Okay, just explain to me
one thing.
Why would Reptar come here
to celebrate with you?
Shouldn't he be out
somewhere saving the world?
Reptar, Reptar,
where are you?
We need you.
- Now's the time, Chuckie.
Power up the spaceship.
[spaceship whirring]
- Ooh!
- [laughs]
NITWIT eliminate rubbish.
You're right, Cynthia.
It's been almost
a jillion minutes
and no sign of Reptar anywhere.
I can't believe those dumb
babies almost had me believing.
[all screaming]
NITWIT cleaning up
the planet.
NITWIT eliminate rubbish.
Let Cynthia go,
you monster!
Reptar, if you are real
and can hear me,
please, please save Cynthia,
and I promise I'll believe
in you every day
for the rest of my life.
- [gasps]
- Earth's in danger.
Chuckie, you gots to make
the spaceship fly.
It's the only way.
- [gulps]
Whoa! My cookies!
- Reptar?
- [growls]
I never thought I'd say this,
but maybe you babies
were right.
Maybe Reptar is real.
Here comes NITWIT.
[all screaming]
NITWIT's stuck.
Please move NITWIT.
[all gasp]
See, Angelica?
Reptar always shows up
to save the day.
Now do you believe?
Eh, I believe in candy.
So like I said,
Didi's the best,
but her hosting game
gets a little over the top
when she's meeting new people.
First week of college,
she crocheted matching coasters
for our whole dorm.
Watch this.
Mommy's gonna come play
the nakey foot game with me.
Wait, you have seen
"Mission to the Middle," right?
Yeah, when it came out.
What? Ten years ago?
14, and we watch it
together every year.
It's a fun/weird tradition.
You'll see.
Just do what I do.
Since when is talking
to the Trish
more fun than nakey foot?
- I don't know.
Does my bow look crooked,
or is it my head?
Hold this a sec, B.
Someone's got bare toesies.
Whoa, takes me a full minute
to get wiggly boy's
sock back on.
So great to finally meet you.
Come in.
Sit down.
That chair is comfy,
but the couch has more room.
Oh, where are my manners?
Throw pillow?
Spinach balls?
Ah, come here, you.
Secret family recipe.
I've tried to get it
out of her, but no dice.
They look delicious.
Thank you.
Hello, Trish.
I'm Charles Finster.
Call me Chas.
Oh, interesting.
We've never had spherical
snacks at our screenings.
Hi, Trish. I'm Lucy.
This is Randy.
- And this is your popcorn.
- Hi. Yum.
both: It's for the cave scene.
A few kernels now won't hurt.
- You do you, though.
Hi, Phil. Hi, Lil.
Who's that with your mommy?
Oh, that's the Trish.
She comes over a lot to help
Mommy make a big mess
in the kitchen,
and then she reads us a story.
She's nice.
Depends what you mean
by nice.
What Lil said
sounds pretty nice.
Not to change the subject,
but is anyone else worried
that the insides of Tommy's
house are on the outsides?
Ladies and gentlemen,
grab your popcorn
and take your seats.
Duffy, please activate
the Sonic Screen System 7000.
It would be my pleasure,
Mr. P.
- And now,
Duffy, the moment
we've all been waiting for.
Project that beloved classic,
"Mission to the Middle."
Commencing film,
though I must remind you,
to be truly considered
a classic
all: Quiet, Duffy.
- Ha!
[dramatic music]
Tommy, if they're watching
their favoritest
stucked-ed in the earth movie
out here,
you must live
in the backyard now.
Growed ups. Just when
you're getting used to life,
they're moving stuffs around
or forgetting about
the nakey foot game.
Don't worry.
We got food, blankies,
and even fluffy pillows
out here.
Yeah, they broughted
all the important stuffs.
Wait. Where's Dil?
[loud explosion]
Amanda, you can't just call
a last-minute, secret,
underground mission.
I had plans tonight, you know?
Sorry, Bradley, but
sometimes you've got to go
to the middle of the Earth
to protect what's important.
It's up to us
to save the president.
Oh, fine.
Took me months to score those
Y2K concert tickets,
and they're not refundable,
but fine.
[all booing]
The growed-ups must've
forgotted Dil,
and now he's stucked-ed
in the middle of the house.
It's up to us to save
my little brother.
We've reached 59 degrees
inverse latitude.
Command Center, do you copy?
- Copy that, Amanda.
- Stay alert, you two.
There's unstable ground ahead.
Thanks for keeping us safe.
Over and out.
Stick close, Bradley.
I have a feeling we're
one step away from
all: Quicksand!
Just watering my outfit.
Don't struggle.
You'll sink deeper.
We get a bit passionate
about this movie.
- Ready, team?
- I can't see.
Are my hands still here?
- Yup.
Mmm, they taste like the
pancakes the Trish made us.
She called them flapjacks.
I'm not even sure what we ate.
Team, are you inside
of the Earth? Over.
All good, Demand Center.
We've made it inside.
Stay alert, you three.
There's unstable ground ahead.
both: Quicksand.
Wah! Ah!
Don't wiggle, Tommy.
You'll get more stucked. Over.
[both grunting]
Thanks, team.
We're coming, Dil.
We didn't forget you.
Yeah, 'cause being forgetted
is no fun.
I should know.
Hey, wait for me.
I'm serious.
I'm starving. You?
- Snack time.
- Eat up, Bradley.
- Here. Take that.
- This is it?
Please tell me that was
your stomach and not
Your butt.
[together] A rock slide!
That was my next guess.
- Whoa.
- [grunts]
- Ah.
- [gasps]
These rocks must mean
we're almost to the middle.
I bet Dil is in there.
Whoa. Cave people food.
Wait for me.
I got snacks.
- Philip.
- [screams]
Come in, Demand Center.
We floated down the river
and now our boat is stucked-ed.
My first day on the job,
and it has to be stuck boats.
Tommy, you got to use some
kind of stick thing
to make boats go. Over.
It's working, Demand Center.
And, Phil,
we're on our way back.
Phil's off the grid.
You don't think he made it
to the middle of the Earth
all by himself, do you?
But the middle
is unsmarted territory
where no 'splorer
has gone before.
- Phil, come in please.
- Come in, Phil.
Lil? Tommy?
I guess I'm on my own now.
Just like at home.
Might as well wander
into this cave.
Ready, set
all: There's gravel in my hair.
Are you kitten me?
Mommy lets the Trish
throw snacks.
No fair.
Whoa. What are you?
Glarfblatt gleeble flog ?
Oh, you're friendly.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to bust in on your cave.
Ah, bloofloogen.
Oh, sure.
I'll keep you company.
You do look a little lonely.
I know the feeling, pal.
In my house, it's all about
the Trish now.
No time for nakey foot games.
Yup, my life was going along
just fine until the Trish came.
Now everything's differenter.
Even my socks.
Everyone knows you got
to scrunch them
before you wiggle them on.
- Floogen!
Oh, sure.
I can talk all night.
You know what else
the Trish does?
She brings me and Lil books
I never seed afore.
And sing songs we never
heard of afore.
Ooh! Floogen greeple!
Okay, but just this one time.
[clears throat]
There's my Philip
punkinhead? ♪
Let's get this punkin'
tucked right in bed ♪
Firstest, where did she even
learn a song about me?
Nextest, why'd she have to
teach it to Mommy?
Now Mommy sings it
sometimes too.
Ooh! Floogen greeple!
You're right.
I do kind of like knowing that
song about my punkinhead.
Reminds me of punkin' pie.
I'm glad the Trish
taughted it to me.
Maybe it's not so bad having
the Trish around,
so we learn new stuffs.
Hey, I know stuffs too.
Maybe I could teach her
how to do this.
[blows raspberries]
- [laughs]
Demand Center,
we founded Dil.
I re-feet, we founded Dil.
Great work, Phil.
- Uh, thanks.
Yup, here's
your little brother.
Mommy and Daddy
are going to be so excited
to see you at
our outside house, Dil.
Mission accomplished.
Oh, you're not out
of the woods yet, Bradley.
Haven't you ever heard of
all: Tunnel rats!
Team, you're gonna want to
get out of there very soon.
Like now!
[loud rumbling]
Whoa. Into the cart.
all: Whoa!
all: [screams]
Thanks for keeping us safe,
Demand Center.
Now, let's get out of here.
- D-Dil?
- [coos]
- [gurgles]
- [gasps]
My goodness, Trish.
The twins sure have
taken to you.
It's been a bit of a journey.
That's my punkinhead.
You know, we could start
a tradition where we eat
a spinach ball every time
someone in the movie
high fives.
Can you bring these again
next year, Trish?
Next year.
[both panting]
Philip, what happened
back in that cave?
I can't quite
'splain it, Lil.
I met someone
who changed my life.
It happens.
I got you this.
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