Rugrats (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

Sir Spike/Rattled

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[collar rattling]
[Spike sniffing]
- Come on, guys.
We're playing keep away
from Spikey.
Hooray! Go, Spike!
- Oh, Spikey!
[doorbell rings]
- Coming!
Deed, I've lost
another "Final Eclipse" sock.
Hey, guys.
Come here, buddy.
Who wants puppy kisses?
- Aw, Stu.
We're not doing that anymore.
Foster is now a graduate
of OUT--
Obedience Under Training.
It's an exclusive
canine academy.
Mastering the sit-stay
is the cornerstone
of all good behavior.
I've always--
- Sit-stay.
Watch this.
[Spike growling]
He did not just retrieve
the Doorstop controller!
[video game chimes]
[Spike barking]
And the academy taught them
all these hand commands--
I'm talking about Randy--
and how to behave--
talking about Foster.
You should send Spike.
Oh, I think Spike has
outgrown all his bad habits.
But still, I've always felt
that he has so many more layers
than he's able to share,
like a shy onion.
[Spike barks]
- [gasps]
Oh, Spike.
Spike will go away for a week
and come home a whole new dog.
[Spike growls]
- Ugh, the chips too?
Here, they gave us
a referral coupon.
His nose holes
aren't even moving!
[sniffs, munches loudly]
Can't let a treat go to waste.
a really good doggy now.
Ever since he got back
from obeadiness school,
he doesn't beg for food
or pee on the rug.
Oh, I'm just glad
Spikey doesn't need school
because he already knows
how to be a good doggy.
Right, Spikey?
Good news, kids!
Spike is going to doggy school!
[Spike whimpers]
Well, must be
that time already.
Happy birthday, Lillian!
Right back at ya, Phillip!
Don't you babies
know the difference
between a birthday party
and a dog party?
All this stuff is for Spike.
He's coming home today.
Babies, I feel it's my beauty
to warn you:
Spike's not gonna be
the same smelly dog
you remember from a'fore
he went to doggy school.
Aw, that's okay, Angelica.
We don't mind
if Spikey has a bath.
I do, a little.
No, I mean he's not gonna
want to play with you anymore.
Foster does
act different now,
but he still plays with me.
That's 'cause
he's just a puppy.
Spike's a growed-up dog.
He's got 'sponsibilities now.
But he's already 'sponsible
for chasing squirrels.
Does he really have time
for anything else?
Finster, who around here
goes to preschool?
The truth is,
you learn new stuffs in school,
whether you want to or not,
and you forget old stuffs.
Spike will never forget.
[door opens]
Deed, Pop,
our boy is home!
[Spike barks]
And here's
his official new name:
Sir Spikington!
You teach the dog
a few tricks,
and suddenly, he has to dress
like a circus clown?
They're not tricks, Pop.
They're commands.
Perhaps you'd be interested
in this hand signal
for finding
and retrieving eyeglasses
or this one
for sniffing out lost slippers.
Spike can open the fridge
and get the pepperjack?
What else
can this fancy pooch do?
I hope you went with royal
icing on his welcome home cake.
You know
it's made of dog food, right?
Uh, why is Spike acting weird
and not licking our faces?
He still has doggy breath.
Wait, no, that's Phillip.
'Cause no one asked him
to play yet.
Here, Spikey! Catch!
[all gasp]
both: What?
I tried to warn you, Tommy.
I used to be young
and carefree too,
before preschool.
But then, I had to learn
how to dress myself
and put my toys away.
Now, sometimes,
I even pour my own cereal!
But I don't wanna
pour my own cereal.
Hey, what can we do
to stop this
from happening to us, Angelica?
If you care
about your friend,
maybe, just maybe, you can
lead them far away from here.
Crawl if you have to,
but don't look back!
Find the place where
you can live free and wild
and never,
ever have to go to school,
like me and poor Spike.
I think
I know just the place.
[birds squawking]
Welcome to our new home,
Babies Forever Island!
A place
where we can be wild and free
and never have
to learn anything!
- Yeah!
- Let's go!
Cynthia, today you are
a witness to history.
A once lowly animal is now
a guest at our tea party.
I present
Sir Spike of Dogtown!
[babies talking indistinctly]
Pay no attention
to those babies, Sir Spike.
They aren't schooled like us.
Now, do you like
cookies or cakes?
Both? Me too!
Greetings, free babies!
Hey, Tommy!
Like our swing?
Is it a wet diapie talking,
or do things feel different
on this island?
Lil and I have
completely stopped arguing.
- No, we haven't!
- Yes, we have!
See what I mean?
I never wanna leave!
And we never will!
check out Carmichael Tower!
Have you ever seen so many
seashells in your lifes?
Oh, no!
What a mess!
Don't worry, Susie.
Who's gonna make you
clean it up?
You're right.
I can make a little mess,
and nobody will try to stop me!
That's a Babies
Forever Island baby talking!
So many magenta!
There's one, five,
eleventy, uh
Oh, hi, Tommy.
Um, what comes after eleventy?
No more counting!
We're living in nature now!
Try to be like those birdies.
Find your wild side.
Caw caw!
[bird squawking]
[twig snaps]
Time to go home.
I just saw a big, scary bird.
And it was wiping a log's face
with a napkin.
Uh, Chuckie, have you
been in the sun too long?
You prolly
just need a snack.
- Oh, I packed light.
Just a gummy worm.
Oh, no, that's Todd.
Time to set you free, buddy.
I'm kinda hungry myself.
Isn't it getting close
to snack time?
We choose our own snack time
on Babies Forever Island, Susie.
And we can have
as many as we want!
[sprinklers splashing]
[thunder rumbling]
- Tommy, I'm getting all wet.
Quick! Under there!
[thunder rumbling]
Ah, isn't this nice?
We don't need the regular house
with dust and rules
and pointy furniture.
- Watch it, Phillip.
You pushed my elbow
into the rain.
Excuse me, Lillian.
You're taking up
two whole leafs.
Guys, don't fight.
- We're not fighting!
- We're not fighting!
The rain's stopping.
Let's go shopping
for something to eat!
[distant growling]
That's the sound
of a wild piggy!
I saw one
on Grandpa's nature show.
If we stay real quiet,
we can get close to him.
And then
what are we gonna do?
Oh, I thought
we'd follow it to the cave
and see
if it had any extra snacks.
[all sigh]
- Whew.
There's something to eat!
What do you nosy babies
think you're doing?
[bird squawking]
Alls we have to do
is climb up that tree
and get that coconut!
I can't look!
Don't do it, Tommy!
We can eat our wormy!
Or find that pig!
[Spike whimpers]
[Spike barking]
- Aah!
My tea!
[Spike barking]
- Attaboy, Spike!
Oh, yay, Spike!
Thanks a lot,
Sir Spike-You're-Not!
After I let you wear
my best sunglasses,
you leave my party in ruins?
No matter what, you'll always
be just a big, drooly dog!
[Spike growls]
Did you hear that?
Spikey's still Spikey!
That means
even when we go to school,
we won't forget
how to be babies,
so maybe we won't have to live
on Babies Forever Island
after all!
Stu! Didi!
You might want
to come see
what your highly-trained dog
is doing.
[Spike barking]
He found my sock?
Our dog is a genius!
I don't even remember
burying it out there!
[Spike growling]
Who's a good dog?
Yeah, Spikey! Aw!
And then, when Spikey
finally catches his tail,
he doesn't even know it's his!
You tell
the funniest stories, Tommy!
Well, how come
Dil doesn't laugh?
It's not like
he hearded that one already.
Babies probably think
different things are funny,
like how the growed-ups love
dancing cats on their phones.
Maybe there's something
in here.
Try this.
Everybody thinks
clowns are funny--
oh, 'cept Chuckie.
Thank you for 'membering,
Good idea.
"Here I come
with my big clown nose."
Hi! I'm Mr. Friend!
Wanna play?
Feel free to laugh.
[Mr. Friend squeaks]
- Hello? Where are you?
How about this?
[kazoo toots]
- [babbles]
- Wow.
I thought
everyone loves a kazoo.
This game will work,
for sure.
You just gotta
make it a surprise.
- Dil, look!
Does my grandson
need a bottle?
Nah, it's probably
a diaper change.
I'll take him.
I have a special
tuck-and-fold method
that's worked
for two generations.
Who tucks and folds?
Everyone knows
it's twist and tape!
Guys, what if
Dil's not laughing 'cause
he doesn't like me?
That can't be it.
Everyone likes you!
You're Tommy Pickles!
Uh, thank you, Susie,
but maybe that's not enough.
Huh, I forgotted
all about this toy.
[rattle rattles]
- That's all it does?
- Disappointing.
[babbling happily]
Oh, look at that.
I gave that to Tommy
right after he was born.
Cute. As I recall, he
outgrew it in about two weeks.
And yet, here he is playing
with it at this very moment.
- Well, if you'll excuse me,
I'm making dinner
for Didi and Stu.
They're gonna be exhausted
when they get back
from the inventors' convention.
You're kidding?
I was about to make dinner
for Didi and Stu.
Guess we'll be having
a friendly little cook-off.
The more chefs, the merrier.
Looks like
Spike could use a meal.
Maybe you could
practice on him.
[bag rattles]
[Spike barking]
He never gets tired
of that sound.
I'm sorry, Dil.
I guess
there's nothing I can do
to make you laugh.
[rattle rattles]
- What was that?
- Dil giggled.
Of course.
He just now got
the peek-a-boo game.
Sometimes humor
has to sink in a bit.
In that case,
listen up, Dil!
[kazoo toots]
Let's give Mr. Clown
another walk around the block.
- [laughing maniacally]
- [sobbing]
Well, we knows for sure
it's not this old toy.
Or maybe it is!
Uh, excuse me.
Just prepping.
No, excuse me.
Just organizing.
One, two, three
- Ah. Ah, here it is!
Gotta have rigatoni
to make Stu's favorite:
mushroom rigatoni.
What are you making?
Oh, Didi's favorite: my
famous lemon chicken and rice.
Wait a minute.
Was I at two cups or three?
Did you just put your rice
in my rigatoni?
Did you put your rigatoni
in my rice?
You made Dil laugh, Tommy!
and alls I had to do was this!
[rattle rattling]
- [giggling]
[rattling stops]
[rattle rattling]
[laughter continues]
Well, Dil's happy as a ham.
Let's play.
Here, Dil.
Have fun with
your new favoritestest toy!
Just hold it
like this!
I guess
he wants you to shake it.
[rattle rattling]
[Spike growls]
[panting, sniffing]
No, Spikey!
[munches loudly]
[Spike growling]
Watch out, Tommy.
He's gonna blow.
[food processor whirring]
Ooh, that food processor
makes such a racket!
How am I supposed
to find my focus?
Wait a minute, the kitchen
is supposed to be loud.
This is cooking,
not meditation!
On the contrary, done right,
they're one and the same!
That's pretty deep, Lou.
Deeply ridiculous!
Put away the cookbook!
Just go with the flow!
Listen to the food!
I'm listening,
and these onions are saying,
"Mince me,"
but sure,
I'll put away the book.
I can improvise
with the best of them.
We gots to find something
else that makes a shaky sound.
[can rattles wetly]
[snow globe rattles heavily]
[flashlight rattles thinly]
- [giggling]
- [whimpering]
[banana splats]
Come on, Dil.
What's it gonna take?
There's just nothing else
around here that goes
"chick-a, chick-a,
chick-a, chick-koo."
- [giggling]
- Chick-a, chick-a, chick-koo.
Tommy, you're the new rattle!
Huh, I guess I am.
Thank you, Susie.
It's an honor.
Problem solved.
Now we can go play.
all: Yay!
You're it, Phillip.
I did not see that coming.
That's a'cause
it's backwards tag!
- Tag, I'm it!
Uh, I was just thinking
I might play with my friends
for a little, uh
- Chick-a, chick-a, chick-a.
- [giggling]
[babbling happily]
Or I could do this forever.
[babbling evilly]
[groaning, rattling]
[evil laughter]
You okay over there, Tommy?
I don't think I could be a
rattle for the rest of my life,
but Dil
doesn't want me to stop.
You're gonna have
to take a break sometime
to eat and nap.
Here, we'll take turns.
I'll go first.
Whack-a, whack-a,
whack-a, whack-a, whack-a.
Whack-a, whack-a, whack-a,
whack-a, whack-a.
Um, that's nice,
but it's more
of a "chick-a, chick-a"
than a "whack-a, whack-a."
Like this?
Chuck-a, chuck-a!
Why isn't he laughing?
It has to come
from down in your tummy.
Chick-a, chick-a, chick-a.
- [babbling happily]
Like that.
[both hissing]
[blender whirring]
You're putting one
of your green smoothies
in the rigatoni?
No, this is just
a personal snack.
Oh, so for that,
the blender noise is just fine?
[gasps] My pasta!
Chick-a, chick-a,
chick-a, chick-a.
Hang in there, Tommy!
We made a plan!
Everybody, get the stuffs
and meet me back here.
Something is burning.
Did you light a chicken candle?
Now why would I--
it's your chicken!
I set the temperature too high!
This is why I never improvise!
Well, if it's any consolation,
my rigatoni is mush now.
- [giggling]
- Chick-a, chick-a, chick-a.
Chick-a, chick-a, chick-a.
Chick-koo, chick-koo.
Oh, come on, Dil.
Lots of other things
are funny too,
not just rattles.
That's it, Phil, Lil.
Nice and tight.
Don't worry, it's
the extra squishy toilet paper.
Yeah, you can unwind
a whole roll into one potty.
Or so I'm told.
Time for liftoff!
Babies, we have a rattle!
Refeet: we have a rattle!
- Whoo-hoo! Yay!
- [whimpering]
Look, Lou, I'm really sorry
about your pasta.
For whatever it's worth,
it smelled really good
before it turned to mush.
Well, thanks, Boris.
So did your chicken
before it burned to a crisp.
[garbage disposal whirring]
[makeshift rattle rattling]
[both grunt]
[Spike barking]
The rattle just e'sploded!
- [giggling]
- Tommy, he's laughing!
Because you were laughing!
Looks like you don't
even need a rattle anymore.
Dil just likes
to hear you laugh.
I still can't believe
nothing exploded.
Last year's Invent-a-con
was way cooler.
What happened here?
Stu, Dil's laughing
for the first time!
- We got dinner for you!
- Something you both love!
- Lemon chicken?
- Mushroom rigatoni?
Even better!
Can you guys do that again?
- Are you kidding me?
- I was almost crushed!
Well, sorry, Dil.
Guess it was just
a one-time thing.
I'll tell you about it later.
It's okay.
I think he a'members.
[upbeat music]

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