Rugrats (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Tommy the Giant/Nanny Pip

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[bird chirping]
And just as our brave hero
finally reached
the castle door,
out burst a mighty--
- Frog?
- Troll?
- Beast?
Yep, frog-troll-beast.
Why is it never
somebody's nice grandma?
Did you have a question,
No, just a better story
about a beautiful princess
who lived in the biggest,
tallest castle
for smiles around.
Meh, I heard that one a'fore.
What else you got?
And she had a scary dragon
just like
this one.
- Aah!
- [gasps]
Angelica, bring Reptar back!
Get him yourself!
Too bad
you're not big enough to reach!
We are gonna save him.
Right, Tommy?
- A'course!
Eh, she really put him up high
this time, huh?
Didi, great haul
at the farmer's market today.
Check this out.
- Hi, honey.
Is that all you bought?
One carrot?
- You betcha!
It's all about
single-ingredient cooking.
This'll feed us for days,
maybe even a week!
What's that for? A giant?
Guys, that's it!
Alls I have to do
is eat some of that carrot.
And then I'll be big enough
to reach Reptar!
Stay here and keep an eye
on Angelica while I go get it.
Oh, why was I
worried about Reptar?
Tommy'll take care of it.
He always does.
There's my big boy!
Smells like someone
needs a diaper change.
You know, I bet I could
make a dozen jars of baby food
with that carrot.
Or one humungous jar!
Gotta think big, Deed!
Something's wrong.
Where's Tommy?
He must have changed his mind
about helping me.
How long does it take
to get one giant carrot?
Tommy will be back, Chuckie.
He knows you need him.
Hey, how about I read
a new story while we wait?
A long time ago,
there lived a
a kinda nervous peddler
who traveled the kingdom
with his pet dragon.
But one day, he was busy
getting some water.
And when he looked back
- [gasps]
Hey, where did my dragon go?
Heard the news!
I baked a humongogiant waffle.
One whiff of this,
and he'll come flying back.
Dragons don't eat waffles, Phillip.
I'm makin' him shoes.
Dragons eat shoes?
[gentle strumming]
Guys, this story isn't
about shoes or waffles.
It's about
Evil Princess Angelica!
She took the peddler's dragon
and locked him away
in her castle tower!
But why would she
do such a thing?
'Cause her name's
Evil Princess Angelica.
So obvious.
So that's a no on the shoes?
The only one
who might be able to help us
get that dragon back is
[gentle strumming]
Tommy the Giant!
You think he would help a
kinda nervous peddler like me?
Only one way to find out.
Grab your cart.
Let's go ask.
I'll be back for you later.
[frog ribbits]
- Oh!
I wanna hold it!
He looked at me first,
Nuh-uh, Lillian!
It looked at both of us
at the same time,
which means
it must be a magic frog!
Come on.
We got a giant to find.
[clucking and bleating]
Meanwhile across the kingdom
At last,
my very own dragon
to protect me
from pesky baby intruders!
Show me your scariest stuff!
Breathe fire! Go!
[tea kettle hissing]
Medieval Princess Cynthia,
this is gonna be harder
than I thought.
Back to the travelers
looking for the giant.
This was a bad idea.
First, I think
we've passed this tree before.
And B, giants are awfully busy.
Maybe they don't care
about littler folks
with littler problems.
[bird screeches]
[both grunting]
There you go, birdie.
all: Whoa!
Uh, Tommy the Giant, sir,
uh, we were wondering
if you could help us
rescue my dragon
from the evil princess.
But if you're too busy doing
other stuff, it's no biggie.
[bellows with laughter]
It would be my giant pleasure.
Aw, good!
Also, we seem
to be a little lost.
[birds squawking]
- No problem.
I can see her castle from here.
When you're right,
you're right!
He's really nice.
- Aah!
Can't go without my carrot.
I gots to eat it
to stay this size.
And he brings his own snacks.
Uh, we'll carry that for you!
Gee, thanks!
Here you go.
Phillip, what if we fed the
frog a little of this carrot?
Oh, I see where you're
going with this, Lillian.
And I like it!
[frog ribbits]
I can't believe
what I'm seeing
with my own evil eyes.
I should have known
they would get help
from the goody-no-shoes
Tommy the Giant.
You're sounding scarier
by the second.
Let's see
that fierce dragon strength.
Break those chains.
- Ugh!
Wrong again.
Dragons make messes.
They don't clean 'em up.
I'll take care of this myself.
Let's see them get past these.
[croc-a-gators snapping]
A moat
filled with croc-a-gators.
And she still needs a dragon?
Where's the giant?
I knew he was too big to care.
Our problems don't add up
to a hill of jellybeans
for a giant baby like him.
Trust me, he's gone.
Hey, guys,
I was just checking
to see if the moat went
all the way around the castle.
Oh, I knew you'd come back!
Well, I hoped,
on the inside.
Hear that?
I turned your dragon
mean and scary,
so don't even think about
coming up here to save him,
even if you could
get past my croc-a-gator moat!
[evil laughter]
We'll find you
a new dragon, Chuckie.
And I'll make him some shoes.
- Waffles, Lillian!
- Shoes, Phillip!
I don't want a new dragon
or waffle-shoes.
I only want Reptar.
Oh, Tommy the Giant,
where are you?
[gentle strumming]
This might be
the end of the story.
Just saying.
this happens all the time.
I just need to eat
some more of my carrot,
and I'll be a giant again.
So I'm not good
with delivering bad news.
We fed the carrot
to the frog,
and it's all gone!
You what?
Tommy, can you believe--
Why does he keep disappearing?
- Found a piece!
Wait, I better
save some for later.
[munches loudly]
[all cheering]
[croc-a-gators snapping]
Go right ahead.
I'll wait till you're across.
[croc-a-gator snapping]
[frog ribbits]
- Oh!
[tree straining]
[all screaming]
[all grunt]
I guess I could've
just carried you across.
Giant goof.
Forget it, babies!
I'll never give up my dragon,
no matter
how many giants you bring!
Now, attack!
- Aah!
- [roaring]
[all screaming]
Whoa! Ugh!
Tommy, in your diaper!
Dad, you didn't happen
to take my carrot, did you?
Me? What am I gonna do
with a giant carrot?
Come to think of it,
what are you gonna do with it?
[chuckles] Oh, Pop.
I'm an innovator.
The question
you should be asking is,
what can't I do with it?
[munches loudly]
- [roaring]
- Whoa!
[grunts] Aw
I can't watch.
I missed you! Aw!
- Yay!
- Hooray!
[gentle strumming]
As it turned out,
Tommy the Giant got
the peddler's dragon back
with his biggest power--
The end.
Oh, thanks, Tommy.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
I should have known deep down
you're just a regular-sized
baby with a giant heart.
I will always be there
for my bestest friend.
And since my carrot
is all gone,
it looks like I'm gonna
be a baby from now on.
You know, I think our town
could use someone like you
to keep the village safe
from evil princesses.
Hmm! Some castle guard!
Whoa! Ooh!
[all gasp]
[frog croaks]
- It worked!
Carrot power!
Uh-oh. Uh, Mr. Frog,
maybe we can be friends.
[frog croaks]
- Aah! New story!
Everybody, run!
[all screaming]
Oh, I like your pony, Angelica.
Shows what you know.
Sparklehorse isn't a pony.
She's a galloping hero.
Just listen.
[Sparklehorse whinnies]
- Whoa!
- Look at it!
- Can we pet her?
- Nope.
Go away.
Your hands are slimy.
Can I have one quick ride, please?
Aw, since you asked
so nicely, no.
It's not fair.
You take our stuff,
but you never let us play
with your toys.
That's how it works
around here, Susie Carmichael.
Don't share, don't care.
She even gots the cat in
on it.
Jonathan, let's do that over.
It's not every day
we get the mayor over
for a meet and greet event.
Can't wait to display
your painting up there.
I've been trying
to find time to finish,
but between this little guy
and the others,
I'm up to my elbows
in diapers and sippy cups.
Well, good news.
You can leave all the children
here with me while you paint.
Oh, Charlotte,
I don't know.
Oh, not me personally.
Angelica's new nanny
will be here soon.
She can watch them.
Can you believe it?
I'm getting a new nanny!
Who is it gonna be this time?
Remember the one who hided
in the clotheses hamper
all afternoon?
And the one who climbeded on
the roof and didn't come down?
There's no nanny in the world
who can handle Angelica.
You got that right, Finster.
I'm in charge here.
Nannies just get in the way.
Didn't your last nanny
leave quite suddenly?
Ugh, yes,
she had a "pigtail allergy,"
which I've since found out
is not a thing.
But this one is going
to be different.
Trust me.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, she's at the door now!
Express delivery
for Councilperson Pickles!
You didn't mention
Nanny Pip was a robot.
An AI childminder, actually.
She uses algorithms to
custom-motivate good behavior.
Imagine: she'll learn
exactly how Angelica thinks.
Isn't that what scared
our other nannies away?
Ah, she feels so real!
[sniffs] And she smells
like fruit gummies!
Thank you.
Pleasure to meet you, Didi.
And Drew.
Wow. Nice, firm grip.
Oh, um, that's okay.
Dil can be really fussy
with new childminders.
Oh, Didi,
Nanny Pip comes programmed
for infant swaddling
and baby soothing.
Such perfect form.
There's nothing
these artificial intelligence
machines can't do.
Off I go
to meet the little ones.
Pip pip!
- Brilliant!
Charlotte, only you would
find an automated worker
that could completely
replace human employees.
Did I say "replace"?
I meant assist.
[chuckles nervously]
Hello, Angelica.
I'm Nanny Pip.
And hello to Tommy, Susie,
Phil, Lil, and Chuckie.
Let's play
the Unicorn Star Game.
When you earn stars,
you'll uncover
a magical unicorn.
You can even dress it up
with accessories
by earning more stars.
Ooh, how do I get stars?
Simple, really.
Be good.
Keep it up.
And there are plenty more
stars where those came from.
Just good?
I'm the greatest!
This'll be a piece of cake.
And this is
Cynthia's Perfect Penthouse.
And this is Cyrus.
Isn't it good that I'm letting
the babies be in my room?
Yes, and look, you've
uncovered the unicorn eyes.
Ooh, I just need
to finish that row of stars.
How else can I be good?
- Ooh.
- Hands off!
- Huh?
- That's Cynthia's space scope.
Brattiness detected.
I'm afraid
we're losing the muzzle.
I didn't mean it.
Nanny Pip, how do I show
I'm good so it comes back?
Why don't you find a toy
you don't mind sharing
with your little friends?
"Friends" is a stretch,
but okay
if it gets me that unicorn.
Here you go.
Stars, please.
What are we supposed
to do with a toy comb
for a toy horse
that we don't even have?
Come on, guys.
Let's go outside and
find something to play with.
Go ahead.
I'm gonna stay here
with Nanny Pip
and share with her.
You know
she's not real, right?
A'course, I just got
to get her all programmed
to listen to me, and then
it's gonna be me and my robot.
[tuning note]
It's fun
to clean our room ♪
It's fun to clean our room ♪
Clean, clean, clean, clean ♪
It's fun to clean our room ♪
Take anything you want.
Just don't make me clean.
There's gotta be an easier way.
Not if you want your unicorn
to have hind legs.
It's fun to clean our room ♪
Clean, clean, clean ♪
[bright tone]
[bright tone]
[unicorn whinnies]
I want to see
the unicorn wear that hat!
Just two more stars.
And here, Mayor Brooks,
is the work
of local artist Didi Pickles.
I discovered her personally,
and by coincidence,
she's my sister-in-law.
I was working off a photo,
but I think it came out great.
it really captures
my inner spirit.
And my chin dimple.
Thank you, Didi.
This is Lucy.
She's an orthopedic surgeon
in town.
And Randy's our
science teacher extraordinaire.
And, of course, Betty's Beans
has the best coffee.
Thank you.
You said you'd find me
a creative thinker
for my citywide task force.
Well, we still have more
meeting and greeting to do,
but first, have you ever
seen a balloon arch
with this many
violent tones in it?
Actually, I have.
I never saw this many colors
of purple a'fore.
Angelica's coming.
Stop touching the balloons.
Who wants a cookie?
Snickerdoodles, sprinkles,
and chocolate chip.
Take your pick.
- No, Phillip.
She's being too nice.
It's a trap.
Go ahead, Phil.
All of you.
Did I get another star?
My unicorn needs sunglasses.
[bright tone]
[unicorn whinnies]
Be good, get stars.
More good, more stars.
Take a cookie.
But it's the last one.
What about you, Angelica?
It's yours.
[bright tone]
[unicorn whinnies]
Looks like
we need more cookies.
Pip pip!
Guys, I think Nanny Pip
took over Angelica's brain!
We gots to help her
get back to her real self.
But, Tommy,
she's being so nice.
I know my cousin,
and she's not choosing
to be nice.
All she can think about
is those stars.
They're controlling her mind.
You mean we gotta
let her choose how to behave
even if she chooses
to be the old Angelica?
I don't like that deal.
Let her keep getting stars.
No, Tommy's right.
What if we're next?
Nanny Pip could
take over all our brains.
[all gasp]
We gots to get her mad
so she forgets
all about being good.
Everyone, get on Sparklehorse.
That'll make her madder
than anything.
That doesn't make me
wanna get on, Tommy.
[both grunting]
Hey, Angelica.
Look at us riding Sparklehorse.
Are you mad?
No, it's nice to share.
[unicorn whinnies]
Oh, my unicorn got a necklace.
It didn't work, Tommy.
What are we gonna do now?
If we can't get Angelica
to snap out of it,
we'll just have
to turn off Nanny Pip.
Do it, Tommy.
I don't like
how she's looking at my head.
I can't find the button.
Then we'll have to get
a grown-up to turn her off.
Why would they?
She got Angelica acting good.
Maybe she can
handle one Angelica,
but what if
we're all Angelicas?
sometimes you make no sense.
And this is spry
and forward-thinking gentleman
at our local senior center--
Who is that
with your daughter?
Oh, that's Nanny Pip,
the first AI virtual
childminder in town.
Nanny Pip, please begin your
presentation for the mayor.
Children, pip pip!
[tuning note]
[gentle bell music]

She's fantastic!
She's got babies ringing bells.
How did you know
this is exactly
the kind of new idea
I was looking for?
Well, if you're looking
for cutting-edge solutions,
I'm your--aah!
Councilperson Pickles,
if you can't keep a simple
meet and greet in order,
how can you be the innovator
at my side?
I have it all under control.
Back to the bells.
Pip pip!
Better listen to her a'fore
she comes for our brains.
Nanny Pip saved the day.
With a robot like this,
I could replace many,
many human employees.
[button clicks]
- Farewell. Toodle-oo.
Sleeping on the job, Nanny Pip.
Guess she still has
a few bugs to work out.
generate a return order.
Tour of the house
starts in one minute.
Pip pip!
Where's Nanny Pip?
My unicorn was about to get
a tutu and ballet slippers.
She's gone, Angelica.
We freed your brain!
There's no more stars!
Then why am I being good?
Gimme that cookie!
Hey, there's a bite missing!
[all screaming]
- Run!
[upbeat music]

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