Rugrats (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

The Blob from Outer Space/The Chop

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[playful music]
Go, go, go!
Nice ride.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!
So how's the toddler and
new baby and me group going?
The babies are winning.
I just don't remember being
this wiped out with Tommy.
How did you ever manage two
infants at the same time?
Eh, you give
up a few hobbies.
Like sleeping.
It's all worth it
for this face.
Oh, who's Mommy's cutie-wootie?
- Coo, coo, coo, coo.
Why are they talking
to Dil like that?
And how come
he just lays there,
and never plays with us?
He's nothing like you, Tommy.
He never thinks of fun games,
or takes us on adventures.
Are you're sure
he's even your brother?
What else could he be?
We all met him
at the hopsicle that day.
Maybe they sent home
the wrong baby by mistake.
- Can they do that?
Oh, sure.
Once my daddy ordered
a pineapple ham pizza,
and instead, we got mushroom.
You get what I'm saying?
So Dil might be
a mushroom pizza?
Mushrooms are icky.
[phone chimes]
Oh, my mom says
they're almost here.
They drove all the way
from Florida without stopping.
Can you hang
with them during my group?
No problem.
I love your folks.
But won't they be
exhausted from the trip?
[car horn playing
"The Dreidel Song"]
Oh, I love the smell
of kreplach in the morning!
Hi, Deedelah.
Hi, Betty.
What are you doing
in a food truck?
Not just any food truck.
This is Bubbe's Blintzmobile!
Long story short, we sold
the deli to move out here,
but we missed making food.
And then Fran Furnofitz
from unit five
was selling this truck.
Turns out her cake and
seafood concept, Frosted Fish,
was a bust.
It's still a long story.
Minka, she's got
her baby group.
We'll visit later.
Look at these beauties!
Oh, look how big Tommy got.
Oh, Bubbe missed you.
And here's our sweet Dil,
just staring off into space.
Like a little alien blob
from planet Pupik.
Are you an alien blob?
Let me see.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
So there was a mix-up!
If that's an alien blob,
then where's your brother?
He must be in space.
So we're gonna fly
up to the other planet
with this alien baby
and bring back the real Dil!
Didi, don't let us
keep you from your group.
Betty, could you come take
a look at our kitchen setup?
Blintzes as street food?
And in the morning,
I found the baby tucked
into the big girl bed
with my two-year-old
and a loaf of sourdough bread
in the crib!
Parenting fail or what?
I've been trying to make
sourdough starter for years.
- Been there.
Actually, I'm a teeny
bit worried about Tommy.
He stares at his baby brother
like they're strangers.
What if they're not bonding?
Yeah, Zelda and I worried
about that with Pierce.
But once Piper got a little
past the newborn phase,
he suddenly got interested.
That's good to hear.
This toddler
and newborn thing is tricky.
Last night, I had dry cereal
and a juice box for dinner.
Honestly, I'd be happy
if I had the time
for just one home-cooked meal.
Have a blintz,
have a latke ♪
Get them while they're
nice and hot-ke ♪
this is my dad, Boris.
He and my mom just
moved from Florida.
I'll take one.
- Whoa, that is hot!
- Thank you!
I like anything
on a toothpick.
Am I right?
[both grunting]

Dil--I mean, Blobby.
They sended you
here by mistake,
but we're gonna
get you back home.
To the lunch pad!
[exciting music]
[engine roaring]
I think this is the planet
my zayde was talking about.
Now all we gots to do
is get Blobby
back to his family
and find Dil.
It's wiggly and wobbly.
Just like Blobby.
So this must be
where he comes from.
Rupert likes it.
Catch you later, pal.
Hope you find some space flies.
There's no reason to be
scared of a jiggly planet.
I got to say, Minka, you
and Boris always surprise me.
The universe works
in mysterious ways, Betty.
One week,
you're slicing pastrami,
and the next,
you're driving across country
in a blintz truck.
Such is life.
Blobby, is this
your home planet?
Blow a bubble for yes.
Or toot, if it's easier.
Guys, I think
we're in the right place.
Greetings, alien blobs.
I'm Captain Tommy.
We come in peace.
And we brought gummy worms.
Uh, nope.
Ate them all.
But we broughted back
this blobby blob for you.
And now we'd like
to have Dil back, please.
Maybe we can talk
to them in that language
your mamas were talking.
[all babbling]
We need you at all
the group meetings.
Mmm, I can never get
my matzo balls this fluffy!
Oh, Dad, this is perfect.
A bit of a surprise,
but perfect.
Boris, you can hug later.
These young people are hungry.
Another round
of matzo ball mugs coming up.
[all babbling]
They don't understand us.
Now how are we
gonna find Dil?
fellow space travelers.
What brings you to planet Blob?
Oh, hiya, Pierce.
My new baby brother got
sended here by mistake.
Have you seen him?
Well, you're in the
right place for new babies.
Of course, up here,
we call them blobs.
I'm collecting
scientific data about them.
What they do all day,
for instance.
What have you learned?
They mostly sleep and poop.
So Dil's gots
to be one of them.
You gotta find the one
that acts the most like Tommy.
Hmm, how do I act?
You know, a little laughing,
a little crying.
A little stu-driver
down the diapey.
I find it helpful
to observe them.
Good luck!
It sneezeded!
I do that too!
That's the one!
Uh, they can't both be Dil.
The space beam took one
of the blobs!
I always wanted to get
zapped by a space beam.
But it might take Dil next.
I'm starting
to think we're never gonna
find my brother in time.
Yes, we will.
You just have to think of
the thing you do the mostest.
One more thing.
You got to find your brother
before lunchtime.
That's when they all disappear.
I got an idea.
Everyone, on my signal,
take a blob and run!
How do we even pick them up?
We're on another planet.
There's less gravity here.
So just grab them?
No, just try to get
them to float over
to that funny-looking tree.
Let's move, team.
[bouncing footsteps]
[frog croaking]
- Oh, Rupert!
I got to get him, ah!
Keep going.
I'm turning back.
That might be Dil!
Oh, how am I ever gonna
figure this out?
Whoa, look.
That blob is doing
the exact same thing as Tommy.
That must be the one!
Dil, you may be
a blob right now,
but you're my blob.
And you belong back on planet
Earth with me and my friends.
Let's get you home!
[engine roaring]
[upbeat music]
That was a close crawl.
You know this one?
Yeah, it's my baby brother.
I wasn't expecting him
to be a blob.
Ah, yes.
They're all blobs at first.
But according to my research,
over time,
they do change into humans.
We worked on that.
Aw, Dilly.
I can't wait to see
what you do next.
Didi, look at your boys.
I don't think you have
to worry about them bonding.
You ready to go, buddy?
We'll see you tonight.
And we're going
to bring dinner.
Listen, darlings.
We know what it's like.
We had two little
ones ourselves.
Borry, we could park
here Monday through Friday
in this same spot, right?
You bet.
Minka, to the Blintzmobile!

[playful music]
There's been lots
of questions going around
about my hat,
so it's time for the greatest
show-and-tell story ever told.
It all started yesterday.
Yes, Kimi?
You said you would be
showing us your hair.
Is that happening today?
Ugh, yes!
After the story!
Now, as I was saying, before
I was so rudely interrupted.
It was Gabi's first
time babysitting.
Gabi, are you sure you're OK
with babysitting all of them?
I know Lou is here, but still.
It's your first time.
And it's a lot of kids.
Not to worry, Mrs. P.
I'm a certified
Babysitting Bootcamp graduate.
That's very comforting.
Just call if you need me.
I'll be leading my first coffee
and crafting workshop
at Betty's Beans.
[phone chimes]
Three signups already.
I've got to get over there and
help your Aunt Betty set up.
Gabi, you have gum!
With bubbles!
I've always wanted to chew gum.
Classic Babysitting Bootcamp
scenario number eight,
asking for gum
before you're old enough.
Mm, sorry.
It's a no-go.
That's right,
no gum for babies.
Maybe one day
when you're older.
Like, 35.
Hey, Gabi.
You got any advice
on taking a selfie?
I just need one decent picture
for my senior center profile.
They keep coming out
a little off.
How did you even--
ugh, we'll work on it.
Eh, could it be the lighting?
We could try one
out in the yard.
Go ahead, Gabi.
Me and Cynthia will
make sure the babies
don't get into any gum--
I mean, trouble.
I'll be right back.
And definitely not gum.
That can cause trouble.

Maybe for babies,
but not for big kids like us,
right, Cynthia?
'Sides, one piece can't hurt.
We'll just chew it
and put it right back.
It tastes like sprinkles
and rainbows in one chew!

[door whooshes]
Oh, Gabi!
I can explain!
Spike, quit being all sneaky.
Where'd the gum go?
Now what, Cynthia?
Who wants to play
a really fun game?
It's called, everybody put
kitchen stuff on your head.
Here, I'll get you started.
I love this game.
Smells like beans.
[all gasp]
What's that pink stuff
in your hair?
Nothing nothing?
Or gum nothing?
It's not my fault.
I was just holding
the pack of gum,
and it got opened.
And now Gabi's gonna
get in trouble.
So we have to hide my hair.
Maybe we could
help you get it out.
You can't fix big kid problems
with that toy screwdriver.
Well, when I got
Colby Clay stuck in my hair,
my mama took me
to the hair-messer to fix it.
Susie Carmichael,
this is no time
for another useless baby story.
I got real problems,
and none of you got answers.
If you don't like our ideas,
you could always
just tell Gabi.
Fine, I will.
Hey, there.
How's my little helper?
Everything's fine!
The babies didn't chew any gum,
and we're playing a fun game.
So creative.
I love it.
I'll come play in one minute.
I'm almost done
helping your grandpa.
Gabi, I'm a rabbit
with pink whiskers again.
Coming, Mr. Pickles.
We'll do your hair-messer idea.
I'll see if I have
an appointment open.
Name, please.
Just one piece
of gum did all this?
Must have been
a jumbo-size piece.
Could you just
hurry up and fix it?
Gabi's gonna be
back any second.
Tommy, I'll need a spinny chair
and all the brushes
we can find.
get this woman a drink.
Phil, Lil,
go check on the grown-ups.
- On it.
- Checking!
Here we go.
It doesn't spin, but it says
good job every time you--
A potty seat?
No way.
I got my limits.
You want the gum out or not?
Good job!
[toilet flushing]
It's cranberry.
So how you been lately?
Not so well, Chuckie.
Not so well.
Tell me all about it.
Where do I start?
Cynthia was gonna chew gum,
and all I did was unwrap it
for her.
And of course,
I get all the blame.
You know how dolls can be.
Well, I'm out of brushes.
What else we got?
What about this diapey cream?
Grown-ups use it on us
to fix everything.
I'm not sure it works on
the other end, but here goes.
Hold still.
Ah, smells good.
Is it working?
We got the grown-up report.
Ooh, now you gotted whipped
cream on your ponytail.
Nah, that's snow.
Susie, now there's
white gloop in my hair!
Well, at least you can't
see the gum as much anymore.
That's it, Chuckie!
If we can't get the gum out,
we'll make it
into a fancy hairdo.
Phil and Lil,
get some decorating stuff.
- On it.
- Stuffs coming up.
OK, ready.
what about a little desk lamp
to balance the shadows?
There's one in the living room.
- Got it.

Hey, handsome.

And now
for the finishing touch.
Bag, please.
It's beautiful.
I could cry.
Susie, it's a work of art.
It's terrible!
You all made it worse!
It might look different
when we blow it out.
Forget it.
My hair is ruined.
And without it, well,
am I even Angelica?
Um, I'm sorry
you're sad, Angelica.
But it's just hair.
Just hair?
Maybe to you baldy babies.
Susie and Chuckie,
you have hair.
You get it.
But me?
I'm the girl
with the yellow ponytails,
not the girl with gum,
and diaper cream,
and crayons, and
Reptar Puffs stuck on her head!
Some customers
are never satisfied.
Only Cynthia understands me.
The rest of you, get out!
She's still Angelica,
all right.
[knock at door]
- Angelica, are you in there?
Yes, but I'm
never coming out.
I got a problem so big,
I gotta live the rest
of my life in here alone.
Gee, that's too bad.
You might feel better
if we talk about it.
Promise you won't get mad?
I promise.
No matter what's wrong,
it's all gonna be OK
if you open the door
and let me help.
[dramatic music]
Hey, Pop!
Well, coffee and crafting
was a huge success.
Oh, that's just beautiful.
Kids all good?
How did Gabi do?
She was fantastic.
She helped me
master the selfie.
Take a look.
I'm a suave cookie chef
with an air
of mysterious tree-hugger.
[knock at door]
Hi there!
Here to collect Miss Angelica.
Ooh, look
at your cute little hat.
I'm so sorry, Mrs. P.
There was a gum incident.
- [crying]
- Oh, poor little angel.
Aunt Didi,
it's not Gabi's fault.
She's the best babysitter ever.
I couldn't stop myself!
Oh, goodness.
There is gum in your hair,
and quite a few other things.
We tried and tried,
but gum just got in deeper.
This is one of those
teaching moments in parenting
that I still need to research.
I'll go call Charlotte and
see what she wants us to do.
If I may,
working for Charlotte
for the past four years 24/7,
I know just
what she would want us to do.
Snip, snip.
[inhales sharply]
Are you sure, Jonathan?
and we've got to hurry,
before it spreads
to the other side.

You ready, sweetie?
You're very brave, Angelica.
Just remember, it's not about
how many ponytails you have.
It's about who you are inside.
And who you are is perfect.
That is not something
they teach you
at Babysitting Bootcamp.
Thank you, Gabi.
All right, Angelica.
Deep breath.
[scissors snip]
And then, snip, snip.
And it was over.
Good storytelling, Angelica.
Now do we get to see your hair?
[dramatic music]
That's right.
New hair, same me.
Can you deal with that?
It's so--so--
I know.

[upbeat music]

Klasky Csupo.
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