Rugrats (2021) s02e07 Episode Script


[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[cheerful music]
[playing oboe]
[birds cawing]
Feels good
to be writing songs
together again, doesn't it?
Can't hear you.
What was that
about the weather?
[cawing quiets]
- Better now?
[children laughing]
Uh--hang on.
I'll find a spot.
[mixer whirring]
Banished to the garage, eh?
Why don't you come join
me at our old campsite?
It's all still here--
the creek, the fire pit,
that log where we sat and
wrote some of our best songs.
Mosquitoes are still here, too.
You can keep the mosquitoes.
What was your chorus
idea again, though?
[doorbell dings]
[dog barks]
Ah, you know what?
Save me a seat.
Just grabbing some bug spray.
[doorbell continues]
- Hold your horses, Angelica.
I just discovered
how fun that is.
Thanks for watching Angelica.
I'll be back after
my big presentation.
I'm out of here.
Meeting Bob at
our old campsite.
I can practically smell the
serenity and the hot dogs.
See you, boys.
What's that all about?
You mean dad running
off to the woods
for some peace and quiet?
I wonder.
Knees up, babies!
[playing kazoo, instruments]
One, two, one, two!
Hey, with the new
baby coming and me,
Didi, Tommy, and
Spike living here,
maybe Pop's feeling crowded
out of his own house.
Your words,
not mine, but yeah.
And this may be an awkward
transition, but gotta jet.
Be good, Pumpkin!
You're just gonna
leave me alone to face
the biggest crisis of my life?
Look, it's not a real crisis.
You'll figure something out.
Hey, what about
my marching band?
Oh, sorry, Angelica.
We gots to fix our castle
afore the dragon comes back.
Why do I even bother to try
to bring culture to babies?
I know what I have to do.
I'll find Pop's campsite
and offer to move out
when the baby comes.
You and Charlotte have
that whole guest suite.
Maybe we can move into
your place for a while.
Move in with us?
You're right.
This is a real crisis.
I'm coming with you to talk
some sense into the old man.
New plan, Princess!
We're all going
camping with Uncle Stu.
I'm going home to pack.
- OK, Daddy.
We're going gramping!
You know what that means.
- Bug bites.
- Outside potty.
- Sleepy bags.
- No pants?
Yes, all that in the woods!
Which means aventure!
- Aventure!
- All right,
everyone's on board--
Randy and Lucy, Betty, Drew,
even Charlotte.
Waiting to hear from Chas.
It's gonna be awesome,
except for the begging Pop
to come home part.
Oh, wait.
What am I thinking?
I can't leave you here alone.
The baby's due in a week.
I'll be fine.
It's just overnight.
Besides, my big
adventure days are over
with this baby coming soon.
No more aventures
when the baby comes?
Aunt Didi said it,
so it must be true.
Hello, baby.
Goodbye, fun.
You OK, Tommy?
Sure, Susie,
'cause I can't think
of a better lastest aventure
than being
with all my friends.
We gots to do something
on this gramping trip
that we'll remember forever!
[knock at door]
Big news!
The lead oboe finally
took a personal day!
Ohh, years of practice,
and tonight,
I get my very first solo!
And, Didi, I'll be right
next door if you need me,
which you won't, of course.
That does make
me feel better.
Call me if anything happens.
I'm always prepared.
[grunts] Come on.
You should really try to pare
down to just the basics, Stu.
Isn't nature inspiring?
Just listen to
all that nothing.
It's music to my ears.
Hey, let's write our song.
Actually, this bumpy log
isn't so good on my back.
Did you bring any
folding lounge chairs?
'Course not.
We're minimalist campers, Lou.
Like in the old days.
- Yeah, well, that was before
my current day's sciatica.
No, it's--it's OK.
It's OK.
I'll stand. Yeah.
That's fine. That's fine.
I'm good.
[guitar music]
Whatcha looking for?
Shh. I'm looking for
the marshmallows.
My mommy always hides them so
my daddy doesn't eat them all.
Hmm. Now where'd she
put 'em this time?
Where are those things?
All right.
Check out these giant trees!
I got a good feeling
about the woods today.
A Bigfoot good feeling?
Ohh, yeah!
Lots of places for big,
furry creatures to hide.
After that rain?
We're sure to find some
footprints in the mud.
And if you see
piles of pebbles,
those are straight-up
Sasquatch stacks!
Maybe today's
the day Bigfoot's
gonna be camera ready.
It would be the
adventure of a lifetime!
Guys, I gots a plan.
Susie's daddy said
he's been trying
to find Bigfeet 'cause it's
the aventure of a lifetime.
So that's what
we're gonna do.
Finding Bigfeet will be our
lastest, bestest
aventure ever!
- [gasps] Look.
There's feets everywheres.
Do we just pick the biggliest?
Or the smelliest?
No, Phil and Lil.
I know lots 'bout Bigfeet.
It's a giant, hairy creature
who lives in the woods
and never comes out.
Of course it is.
Thanks for staying
back with the pups
while we find Lou's campsite.
We'll call you
when we get there.
Please, take as
long as you can.
I mean, as long as you need.
That's my team player.
I'm so lucky to be married to
someone who would do anything
to make her family happy.
I'm still not telling you
where I hid the marshmallows.
You'll have a better
chance of finding Bigfoot.
- Bye!
- Bye-bye.
Be a help, darling,
and watch the babies
while Mommy does some work.
I lost time hiding marshmallows.
Good thing your father never
thinks to look in the cooler.
Here's the deal, babies.
You sit here and don't
bother me and Cynthia.
We're going camping as soon
as the hot tub warms up.
But, Angelica, this is our
lastest chance for aventure.
We gots to go!
Eh--you could come with us.
Aw, that's so touching.
But nope.
I got what I need right here--
Cynthia, our camper, and
a bag of puffy marshmallows.
[gasps] They're not there.
Guess your daddy finally
looked in the cooler.
It's not fair, Cynthia.
Daddy and those marshmallows
are way out
in those woods by now.
Did I say sit there?
[laughs] I meant, let's
go have that adventure!
Come on!
[all laughing]
We're getting kinda
far away from the cabin.
Maybe we could stay here
and let Bigfeet find us.
So no one gets losted.
Relax, Finster.
This is official Cynthia
not getting lost equipment--
compass, rhinoculars, and map.
Take 'em, Tommy.
- [gasps]
Thanks, Angelica!
This really is going to be
the bestest aventure ever.
Sure, sure.
Long as we're all on the
lookout for marshmallows.
I bet Bigfeet took
those marshmallows out
of that cooler when
we weren't looking.
And Bigfeets are so clumsy,
they'd probably
drop a bunch along the way.
- That's right.
- Yeah, that's true.
- Probly.
- Well, if he's gonna--
I have to ask, what's
with all those tiny pockets?
Are you running a mobile
bait and tackle shop?
[laughs] Oh, Betty.
These are top of the line
wilderness pants.
And these tiny pockets,
as you call them,
they are for necessary
hiking supplies.
If you had more pockets,
you coulda
kept all those stones.
I'm actually doing
something useful--
marking our way so
we don't get lost.
Good idea. Pop and Bob could
be really far from here.
Hold up. You don't know
his campsite number?
No. Do you?
We can take all day.
I'm just happy to be
in the great outdoors.
No work, no hospital,
no patients asking me
about their ailments.
- I hear that.
By the way, could you
look at these bug bites?
Mosquitoes love you.
Have you been eating
a lot of sweets?
Uh, me?
No, no. Never mind.
Thanks anyway!
[guitar music]
The compass points this way.
Well, guess that's
where we'll go.

Bigfeet, where are you?
Are you eating all
the yummy marshmellellows?
Eh, Tommy, I think some
of us are getting tired.
Did you forget we got
short little legs?
My mouth hurts
from calling Bigfeet.
My bow keeps falling off.
Well, I have
a pebble in my shoe!
Um, why don't
we stop and rest?
- No! Keep going.
- Ahh!
We have to find Bigfeet.
And those marshmallows.
Come on, it's for Tommy!
all: For Tommy!
Aw, thanks, guys.
Let's try this way.
Uh, Tommy, I was wondering.
It's still a big aventure if
we don't find Bigfeet, right?
Oh, we can't think
like that, Chuckie.
We're gonna find it,
no matter how long it takes
or how far we walk 'cause
it's our lastest aventure.
So we're gonna make
it one we'll always
remember and never forget.
I just hope we
can amember how
to make it back to the cabin.

Now we're getting somewhere.
These are the campsites.
Pop and Bob gotta be nearby.
You said that 10 minutes ago.
Is it much farther?
[inhales sharply] Ow
Why would you wear
loafers with no socks
on a camping trip?
I have my standards.
Mm, those pants
scream otherwise.
- My brand new shoes!
Ohh. Oh.
Oh, Drew!
Have your feet ever
met a nail clipper?
These tracks look
like actual claws.
FYI. He's a little touchy
about his toenails.

Can we stop
here for a minute?
I really gotta go.
Uh, I don't mean
to scare anyone,
but there are some strange
marks over here in the mud.
Those are Bigfeet
prints for sure!
You did it, Chuckie!
You founded our first sign.
Bigfeet prints?
This I gotta see.
We are on the right path!

This is the life, Spike.
The day is ours.
First, herbal tea,
and next we--
Ooh! Ah!
I think I know what's next.
[Spike whines]
Thank you for driving me
to the hospital, Chas.
You're surprisingly calm.
Turns out everyday life
makes me so nervous,
when there's a real emergency,
I'm perfectly chill.
I'll just ping Stu,
and he'll be back
before anything happens.
[line trilling]
I hope so.
But if not, I'm so
comforted to know
you'll be right by my side
through the whole birth.
- It's Stu. Leave a message.
- [gasps]
How can you not be
answering your phone?
Your wife's having a baby,
and I'm the only one here!
[tense music]
Randy says these piles
mean Bigfoot's been here.
So Bigfoot doesn't like to
get lost in the woods, either.
Betty, Lucy, come on!
I smell hot dogs.
We must be close.

Just as I perspected, Cynthia.
My daddy was here.
He put the marshmallows
in his pockets,
all ready for me
to find and eat.
It's genius!
The tracks stop
right there, so Bigfeet
must still be around here
somewheres, or even in there.
both: Hello!
Quit fooling around.
I know which way to go.
Hurry, before he eats
all the marshmallows!
[line trilling]
- Hang in there, Didi.
You're a star!
You know, it's funny.
One minute I'm fine,
and the next I feel--
Ow! Hand!
Ah, that--that's a firm grip.
[line clicks]
[gasps] Hello?
Ranger station?
Yes, my friends are up
camping in a remote campsite,
and they have no cell service.
It's an emergency--hello?
[static crackling]
[hangs up]
- Charles, Stu can't miss
his second child's birth.
Think. Is there anyone
out there who would know
how to find Pop's campsite?
It used to be so
easy to write a song.
Do you think we've
lost the spark?
Why don't we take a break?
Made us the
songwriter special--
beans and franks.
Remind you of the old days?
- [munches]
Well, now it does. Hang on.
Didn't you spill
beans on yourself
the time I told you I was
going on my first solo tour?
Yeah, and your
tour was a smash hit,
so my clumsiness must
have been a good omen.
And here we are again,
same little moments,
new adventures.
What did you just say?
Uh, didn't you spill
beans on yourself before?
No, after that,
about the little moments?
Life is an adventure.
Oh, keep talking.
We got something.
[both playing]
Eight, nine--
OK, Lou, which one
is your campsite?
Yes, yes, number 16.
That's it, Trixie's birthday.
Time to throw this bad boy
into overdrive.
[tires screeching]
Full speed ahead!
You see that?
My daddy says Bigfeet likes
to make towers with rocks.
Angelica, are you sure
the Cynthia map is right?
Yeah, shouldn't the
rainbow unicorn fountain
be around here?
It's not Cynthia's fault
you babies
can't read a simple map.
Tommy, are we losted?
Ehh, I don't know, Chuckie.
How about I try
finding out where we are
with the rhinoculars?
Hm. That's strange.
I saw the bird,
and then it wasn't there.
There it is.
The exact same bird
everywhere I look?
You've been out in
the woods too long.
It's a thing.
[gasps] This is a toy!
Are these all toys?
I never said they were real.
I just said they
were Cynthia's.
Then that means--
We're losted.
I'm not a great aventurer.
I'm just a baby
like anyone else.
Why did you let me lead us all
the way out here, Angelica?
Because, Tommy,
you never give up.
You just have this
thing where you're
always annoyingly happy,
and somehow
it always works out.
That's exactly true.
We got to eat forest mud.
And make a new friend.
We almost found Bigfeet.
I went potty in the woods,
and I kinda liked it.
And I'd been
looking for my daddy
this whole time because
he has the marshmallows,
and he dropped some.
Wait. What?
We all have our reasons
for going into the woods.
You founded marshmallows
and didn't tell us?
You coulda shared, Angelica.
You said finding marshmallows
would lead us to Bigfeet.
But all you cared about
was finding marshmallows?
That's not right!
Hey, at least I found
what I was looking for.
Guys, that's it.
This trail of
marshmallow pockets
will take us
to Angelica's daddy
and the rest of the grown-ups.
[gasps] Ooh!
- Gimme that.
- Nope. Sorry, Angelica.
Maybe we won't find Bigfeet,
but I won't give up till I
get my friends unlosted.
[all cheering]
Now, that's my
kind of aventure.
[guitar music]
I can't keep going.
I've lost it.
OK? I've just--
I've lost it.
Whoa, Drew.
That takes so much
courage to admit.
Drew, I feel closer
to you at this moment
than I have in years.
We're both looking for
something in these woods.
I came to find Pop,
and you're clearly
searching for
the life's purpose
you lost on your
high-powered career track.
No, I--I lost my marshmallows!
They were in my pockets,
but they kept ripping off.
Now what am I supposed to do?
I just realized
how much of the time
you and I are talking about
totally different things.
[gasps] Bigfoot,
we finally meet.
Aww! It's just some old
tie-dyed shirt
laying out on a rock.
both: Lou!
Life is an adventure ♪
And adventure has a way ♪
Of molding
and unfolding us like-- ♪
What--what unfolds?
- We'll get there.
- I guess it's good
to come out to the woods
once in a while
for some peace and quiet.
- Pop!
I came to tell you we're
gonna do what you wanted.
We're moving out so you can
have your place
to yourself again.
Hey, Bob.
- Now, why would you think
I'd want you all to move out?
It's so obvious.
You came out here to
live in the wilderness
the second you got a chance.
Drew said you probably felt
crowded with the new baby
coming and all.
- I didn't say that!
You did!
Hey, Bob.
- Boys.
- Stu, Drew,
no matter how many
of us there are in the house,
there's always
room for one more.
Home is where my family is.
Oh. I guess
we were overreacting
to a simple camping trip.
Yeah, just a little.
- A little?
- Seriously?
We've been walking for hours.
Oh. Hey, Lou,
you mind?
You brought everyone?
Who's with Didi?
Is everything OK?
- Oh, sure.
Chas is there. Haven't heard
from 'em all day.
Oh, no.
I have no bars.
What if they've been
trying to reach me?
I've gotta go find reception!
Bro, wait.
- It's Bigfeet!
We founded him!
[all crashing]
- Pops!
- Princess!
- Tommy?
- Susie!
You're here, too?
Of course.
Someone had to take the
children on a nature walk
while the rest were
tracking down you
and this gentleman,
obviously more at home
in the wilds of nature.
Bob Brine.
Nice to meet you.
Lou, how'd your
whole family know
where our secret campsite was?
Number 16, Trixie's birthday.
What? I pay attention.
S'mores, anyone?
- Yes ♪
- Yes, please, Mommy!
[dramatic music]
[low rumbling]
That distinctive low roar,
those glowing red eyes.
Babe, get ready
to take a picture,
because I'm about to
come face to face with--
[engine roars]
[tires screech]
- Hah!
Graham Prescott in the woods?
Well, I had no time to put
together the proper wardrobe,
but yes, I came to tell you all
the baby is coming!
False alarm. All I heard was
a bunch of loud breathing.
The baby's coming?
- [gasps]
- Ah! It's go time, people!
Move, move, move!
[Tommy laughs]
[sighs] I'm so glad we
got here just in time.
You wouldn't believe
the adventure we had today.
Chas and I had a pretty
big adventure today, too.
Sorry you had to
miss your oboe solo.
Totally worth it.
[Tommy babbling excitedly]
Come on over here, champ.
Here we go. Ohh.
Tommy, meet your new brother,
Dylan Prescott Pickles.
all: Aww!
Thank you, Graham.
If it weren't for you,
Stu would have missed
being here for the birth.
This is such
a beautiful moment.
[crying] I know.
- [gasps]
[whispering] Randy,
can't you put that on vibrate?
It's the camera!
This is it!
Nope. Just a bear
eating marshmallows.
Finished our song.
[sighs] Just in time to
welcome my new grandson.
Hey, folks. Congratulations.
[playing guitar]
Life is an adventure ♪
And adventure has a way ♪
Of molding and unfolding us ♪
Like flowers out of clay ♪
It's a simple revelation ♪
But it's more than
meets the eye ♪
- You can roam the world ♪
- But feel at home ♪
both: With a best friend
by your side ♪
Thanks to you, I've learned
the truth, through ♪
The good times and the fuss ♪
both: I know that
life is made of ♪
Precious moments
just for us ♪
Hi, Dyl.
It's me, Tommy.
Guess what. I did find
what I was looking for.
It's you.
We're going to have lots
of aventures together,
'cause you're going to be my
brother and my friend forever.
both: For the moments ♪
Still to come ♪
Let's take it home, Bob.
both: Still to come ♪
Yeah, something like that.
[upbeat music]

Klasky Csupo.

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