Rugrats (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Bottles Away/Extra Pickles

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[soft upbeat music]


[both giggle]
The squishiest squish yet!
[both yelp]
- The food!
- The tide!
The babies!
Keep your seat, Deed.
We're on it!
Get over here, iced tea.
[twins giggling]
Does anyone have eyes
on my pretzel rods?
Who packed mustard
without a lid?
All good, Deed.
Babies are safe, food's safe,
kites are safe.
all: The kites!
[dramatic music]

Um, uh--
Oh, no!
That was Tommy's last bottle.
I've thought of
weaning him off bottles
before the baby comes,
but I can't seem to do it.
How do I know
it's the right time?
I always carry a pair
and a spare.
Let 'em have a go with this,
see what happens.
Look, Tommy,
a sippy cup just for you.
Hmm, my mommy
musta forgotted.
I don't drink from a tippy cup.
I drink from a bottle.
Always have, always will.
That's just the way I likes it.
But you can't drink
from your bottle, Tommy.
It's way out in the ocean.
Great idea, Chuckie!
We gots to go save it!
- Huh?
- All hams on deck!
[wind whistling]
[energetic bagpipe music]
There was a bottle
on the sea ♪
And hidey-ho,
it belonged to me ♪
Ahoy, me swashbuckling babies!
There's a bottle out there
and we won't nap
till we find it!
both: Aye-aye, Cap'n Tommy!
I see water
and water.
nah, that's water.
[yelping fretfully]
The bottle finder says--
[ship creaking]
Batten down the scratches!
Here comes a big one!
[all scream]
[all babbling]
Airborne 47 seconds, Chas.
[laughs] I beat my old record
by two seconds!
Not my record,
but hey, two seconds.
Great job, Chas.
Thanks, but all credit
goes to the classic:
diamond kite, homemade tail.
I'm sorry
to disagree with you, Chas,
but the Wright Brothers
flew a box kite for a reason.
Now, there's a tale
of a sippy cup ♪
And hidey-ho,
I wouldn't pick it up ♪
It'll be a bottle for me ♪
As long as we sail the deep,
blue sea ♪
It's a bottle
of milk for me ♪
Phillip, isn't it
a prettiful poop deck?
And just think, Lillian--
without us,
it'd just be a deck.
Thar the flows!
No, no, no!
It's getting away!
I didn't think
we'd have to do this,
but we gotta have
the bottle talk with Tommy.
- Oh, so soon?
- You think he's ready?
But he's so young!
Tommy, there comes a time
in every baby's life
when they gotta
give up their bottle.
For good.
We've all been there.
But it's okay,
a'cause there's another baby
waiting for it.
That's probably
where yours is going right now.
that's fine for you all,
but me and my bottle have
been together since forever,
so I'm gonna get it back!
Back to your stations
and Steve ho!
[wood creaks]
[Chuckie helps]
Come on, sweetie.
It's just a little lotion.
You know, babe, you could
have just shielded your face.
A true kitesman
never lets go of his spool.
Airborne 31 seconds, Randy.
Looks my competition hasn't
given me much competition.
Don't count your kite line
before it's unspun.
What happened to the wind?
It's gone!
I didn't have my chance!
Come on, Randy!
Stu needs wind!
[seagulls cawing]
[panting] Without wind,
we gots to make our own
so we can get to my bottle.
Maybe you think
we're not ready, Tommy.
[gasps] What ifs we tell you
about our last bottles?
I knew I was ready when I
founded the most amazing thing.
[soft upbeat music]

And I never
missed my bottle since!
Funny enough,
mine was the same day.


[frustrated grunting]

Hey, that reminds me.
Still crispy.
Uh, that's nice for you guys,
but I don't need a tippy cup
or a cookie
as long as I have my bot--
[wind whistling]
[dramatic music]
Oh, the wind is back!
We gots a bottle to rescue!

Get your sips here, pups.
He's not even
trying the sippy cup.
Maybe I'm rushing him
into this weaning thing.
Felt the same way with Susie.
I think it's harder on us moms.
Give it till the end
of the day.
Maybe you'll get a sign.
I think we might as well
[wind whistling]
Prepare for the most epic
kite-flying ever!
Release the Octo-Pickles!
[all gasp]
[ominous music]

Ahoy, matey Chuckie!
Bring me my bottle finder!
Uh, I mighta
losted it overblored.
That's okay.
We'll use the stars
to tell us which way to go.
Which one?
You know, Tommy,
I remember my last bottle
like it was yesterday.
[soft upbeat music]

My story's a little scarier,
but I'll tell it for Tommy.


[dog barks]

How can I give up my bottle?
It's been with me
through everything!
Been with me longer'n
any of you guys.
Even longer than you, Chuckie!
[Chuckie gasps]
How do you just
give up something like that?
I know it seems hard, Tommy,
but it's just
all part of growing up.
And there's a baby out there
waiting for yours.
I need to think
about all this.
Chuckie, take the wheel.
[dramatic music]
Ah, what to do?
I listened to their stories,
fair and share.
So what ifs they all
gave up their bottles?
Doesn't mean I have to.
[soft dramatic music]
Hey, guys! I founded my--
[dramatic music]
[sea monster roaring]

[Tommy yelping]
[all shouting]

[Tommy shouting]
[all shouting]

[Tommy panting]
Tommy, look out!
You can't have my bottle,
sea monster!
It's still mine!


[Tommy laughs]
Surrender, sea monster!
Or I'll swab the deck with ye!
[sea monster growls]
You did it!
Tommy, look.
[bell rings]
My kite betrayed me.
Airborne 17 seconds.
Hey, that's a new record
for you.
A new record low!
So the winner is Chas!
It's not about the win.
Actually, it is.
[upbeat music]
- Oh!
Look what the tide brought in!
There's your sign, Deed.
Wean home some other day.
Here you go, sweetie.
What are you waiting for,
Yeah, you got it back,
so drink up.
Uh, I thought I wasn't ready.
I always had this bottle.
I didn't know lifes
any other way.
But today,
I sailded in a storm
and fought a sea monster
all without it.
I'm ready to say goodbye.
It is my last bottle,
'cause I know exactly
what baby to pass it on to.
to the tippy cup life.
[upbeat music]
[seagulls cawing]
[upbeat music]
Tommy, what are those peoples
doing up there on the table?
Yeah, the ones with
the sweaters and no faces?
Uh, they must be
my mommy and daddy's friends.
[toy meows]
- This is gonna be some party.
Okay, all right.
Are we almost there?
Welcome to your baby shower!
Can you guess the theme?
- Ski patrol?
- Mannequin party?
I have so many questions.
Yes, Chas, like
what party planner told you
that maroon and black are
a pleasing color combination?
That should be your first clue!
Colors of the
College of the Northwest,
sweater weather,
a picnic on the soccer field?
Get it now?
both: Our first date!
all: Oh.
That whole day was perfect.
The crisp autumn breeze,
Didi's beautiful smile,
the amazing gourmet food!
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I need to check
on something.
- Angelica.
- Huh?
You get to be
the big girl gift helper.
Can you handle that?
I was born for this job!
What do I do,
Dr. Susie's Mommy?
You'll help
organize the gifts.
That table is
for the new baby gifts.
And that one
is for Tommy's gifts.
Tommy gets presents too?
Of course!
He's going to be a big brother.
Here, you start with this.
Tommy gets presents
for doing nothing
and I gotta stack them up
instead of opening them
for myself?
It's not fair!
You're right, Cynthia.
I gotta make it fair.
Everyone enjoying
Tommy's going away party?
I'm not going anywhere.
Well, you can't stay here.
Your mommy and daddy
are getting a new baby,
which means you're leaving!
[babies gasp]
I never heard of that!
I don't make the rules,
Susie Carmichael.
It's just the way things work.
You get something new,
you get rid of the old.
Come on, I'll prove it!
"Perfect picnic menu."
Ooh, Duffy,
you're gonna save the day.
[electronic chime]
- How may I assist you?
Not you, Duffy.
I was talking to my Duffy app.
[electronic chime]
- Oh, I see.
By all means, don't let me
come between you and your--
Here I am!
And how may I save your day?
Duffy app,
I need food that says,
"couple's first date
in college."
Can you deliver that
in minutes?
Picnic option selected.
Okay, the growed-ups
love this thing, right?
My mama and daddy both
want to be the first
to use it in the morning.
if they both like it so much,
they probably
want more of them.
maybe one in every room!
And yet,
there's only this one.
And why would that be?
I always wondered about that.
[gasps] Angelica
asks the deep questions.
[toilet flushes]
Remember when
your mommy and daddy
got a new washing machine?
Where did the old one go?
I, uh,
never thoughted about it.
They took it away, Tommy.
Took. It. Away.
[water sloshes]
Anyone know
what's up there in the attic?
- Spiders?
- Ghosts?
Did you have to tell me?
And anyone know
what those spider-ghosts
are crawling around on?
Extra stuff.
Stuff peoples
don't need anymore.
Now do you get it?
I gotta go live in the attic
with the extra stuff?
It's not so bad.
You might even learn
to speak squirrel.
Bye-bye, "Extra Pickles."
Well, we'll miss you, Tommy.
Can I have your clown dolly?
Hey, why don't
you come live with me?
You can be a regular Finster
instead of a extra Pickles.
It's just me and my daddy.
We got room!
Hold on, Chuckie.
I'm not seeing how Tommy can
just decide to be a Finster.
I mean, you've spent
your whole life doing it.
I'll teach 'em!
It'll be easy!
Welcome to the Finster home!
Uh, wait here.
Finsters never walk around
with no shoes.
You can use these.
Until you get your own, I mean.
[shoes squeaking]

I'm starting to feel
like a Finster already.
Here you go, Tommy.
Your first snack as a Finster.
Pick a cereal, any cereal.
[babbles excitedly]
I like this one.
And this is yummy!
Ooh, this, too!
Whoa! Stop, Tommy!
[Chuckie gasps]
You're not thinking
like a Finster.
Thank you.
You put
all these cereals together?
- Oh, okay!
Let's put the cereals
in different piles.
[doorbell chimes]
From our grocery floor
to your party door in minutes!
Where should I set down this
veggie basket, Mr. Finster?
I got this, Daxton.
Thank you!
Well, have a good--
[engine roars]
Wait, veggie basket?
No! Come here!
I ordered the picnic basket!
What kind of party
am I supposed to throw
with lettuce and broccoli?
Broccoli is
an excellent source of calcium.
Or you could try our one-touch
catering setup service!
Just hit the button on the app
- No, Daxton!
Take your time, Tommy.
You're a Finster now.
What would a Finster play with?
Welp, you almost missed out
on the bestest toy
in the place.
You're wrong, Phillip.
It's not a toy, it's a hat.
Angelica said.
Let's play
with this Colby Clay!
On the rug?
We don't have
growed up supervision!
Or even smocks!
Finsters like blocks.
My new favoritest toy!
[soft upbeat music]
Oops, sorry!
Let me fix that.
Uh, Tommy,
there's something else
about Finsters
you probably should know.
We don't really fix stuff.
You're in a pickle now!
Thanks, Tommy.
I know this is hard.
You did it, Tommy!
Now we gotta go test you out
and see if it worked!
- Babe, watch how it's done.
- What? Stu loves his hair!
Now, can you
mold that egg salad
into the shape
of Didi and Stu's heads?
Like this?
Not a traditional
sculpting medium,
but sure, I'll try.
Hey, Chas,
I noticed you got egg salad.
How 'bout I make us
some sandwiches?
But what about
the sculpture?
You're right. I know.
No one wants to see
a shapeless mound of egg salad.
Even if it is brilliantly
on theme.
Ah, well,
friends don't let friends
not have sandwiches.
Back in five.

Aw, is that
your little one there?
Good ear, Daxton.
No mistaking
the Finster sneeze.
[both chuckle]
We fooleded your daddy
and the delivery man!
[all cheer]
The Stu and Didi
first date picnic is served.
allow me to introduce
Mr. Tommy Finster!
Nice to meet you!
So you're a Finster,
not a Pickles, huh?
- That's right.
I even gots the shoes
to proofs it.
Well, then,
I guess all these Timmy Pickles
presents aren't for you.
Don't worry,
I'm sure we can find
some other little kid
who wants them.
Now get lost!
[soft tense music]

What are these things?
Toys for babies?
I'm wasting my time!
[button clicks]
- "Moo," says the cow.
"Baa," says the sheep.
- It can't be this basic!
There must be
something good inside!
[cow moos]
["Old MacDonald Had A Farm"
Stop playing the dumb song!
Tommy, get your screwdriver
and help me get this toy
offa my hands!
You must be thinking
of Tommy Pickles.
Tommy Finster doesn't carry
Charles, how did you remember
we had pumpernickel rye
on our first date?
I didn't.
That was Betty.
Let's get our little gift
helper over here, shall we?
Bring the first present!
I can't let the growed-ups
see this toy on my hands.
They'll know
I was opening presents!
Guess you shoulda
thought of that
before you told Tommy
he was a "extra."
[cow moos]
Before we open the gifts,
we want to thank you all
for coming
and thank you,
Chas and Betty
For throwing us
this wonderful
and unique--[chuckles]
Baby shower.
I see now what the theme is.
"Love grows."
Because this new baby
is going to have
so many people love them.
Just like Tommy does.
More of a good thing
is always better.
- Aw, Deed.
That's right.
["Old MacDonald Had A Farm"
Okay, just this once,
I mighta been
a teeny bit wrong.
Turns out your parents
can love you and the new baby.
Now get this box off my hands!
Aw, sorry, Angelica.
Maybe when the new baby figures
out how to use a stu-driver,
they'll be able to do it.
I don't ever beg,
but please, please, please!
I can't walk around
with this toy on my hands
for the rest of my life.
You can
call yourself a Finster,
but I know underneath
those weird Reptar shoes,
you're still Tommy Pickles.
I really do want to help.
I kept it in case of 'mergency.
[music stops]
Job well done,
junior builder!
She coulda said thank you.
Then she wouldn't
be Angelica.
Would that be so bad?
You know,
that song is kind of annoying.
Tell me about it.
I like it.
Must be a Pickles thing.
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