Rugrats (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Little Daddy/The Kid

[cheerful electronic music]


[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[upbeat music]

Here's your grilled cheese,
little guy.
You're luckier than your daddy
when it comes to dairy.
- Mmm.
- Is it good, Chuckie?
It's the best, Tommy!
Frilled cheese is my
new favorite food.
Just for you, Chas, my
all-new Macadamia Milk Mocha.
Wow, thanks.
Didi, try it.
- Ugh!
I can't handle coffee smell
right now.
No offense, Betty.
It's the pregnancy talking.
- Yup, just like with Tommy.
And I know
you must be craving this.
Thank you!
The baby thanks you too--
ooh, with a little kick.
Feels like a tummy rumble.
[stomach rumbles]
My tummy always grumbles
when I eat frilled cheese.
Maybe it's asking for more.
Well, on the bright side
of pregnancy symptoms,
your hair has
never looked better.
Sorry I'm late
to get the kids, Deed.
I had to grab some stuff for my
big surprise I'm building you.
It's not another high-speed
confetti blaster, is it?
I'm still finding colored dots
from that birthday party fail.
No, and that would've worked
if people had just said
"surprise" at the same time.
Let's go, kids.
- [stomach rumbling]
[solemn music]
Why's your tummy
making noises, Chuckie?
Well, I don't wanna
scare you guys,
but Tommy's mommy said that
ever since she got a baby
in her tummy,
she's always hungry
for frilled cheese,
and she thinks
some smells are awful.
- Uh, yes.
But why would that scare us?
Because it's happening to me!
[stomach rumbles]
[all gasp]
you did say frilled cheese
was your favoritest food.
[sniffles and groans]
And I smell something
really bad.
Ack, this diapie waffle?
But you never liked the smell
of diapie waffles anyway.
That's aside the point.
I'm smelling stuffs
different now.
And the biggest proof?
My daddy said your mommy's hair
has never looked redder,
and mine is red!
So you think you got
a baby in your tummy?
I know I do, Susie.
How did it get in there?
Oh, it doesn't matter.
Chuckie is gonna be a daddy.
[all cheer]
I don't know how
to take care of a baby.
They cry and wear diapers
and drink from bottles and--
We can help.
We do all that stuffs too.
Thanks, Tommy.
Maybe I really can be a daddy.
You'll learn.
Come on.
We'll make you a practice baby.
I'm learning stuffs already.
Who knew there was such
a thing as practice babies?
[stomach rumbles]
I thought
we were making a crib.
What's all this for?
Pop, allow me to introduce
you to the Super Crib,
a whole new level in
automated parenting solutions.
Now, I know
what you're thinking--
"How can a Crib be super?"
You definitely do not
know what I'm thinking.
Or maybe, "How's my son Stu
gonna handle putting to bed
Tommy and a new baby
without a total meltdown?"
- Getting warmer.
- Not to worry.
This crib will have everything
a baby needs to get to sleep--
smart-sensing heating-cooling
pad, robo-arm-swaddler,
and if that doesn't do it--
midnight puppet show!
"Stu's super grip
does the parenting for you!"
What do you think now, Pop?
I'm starting to miss
the confetti blaster.
Okay, Chuckie,
open your eyes!
Wow, it even looks like me!
What are you gonna name it?
Okay, it's just a name
I've always loved
Hmm, Meatball Finster.
I like the sound of that.
- Yeah, sounds mushy.
- And meaty.
So what should
I practice first?
I have you all set up.
Uh, was kind of
hoping to start
at the other end, but okay.
[country music]
You got this, Chuckie.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cream.
- Yep.
- More wipes.
- Uh-huh.
- More cream.
- Right.
Now, the diaper.
Wait, wait, wait.
Slow down, guys.
Wow, I did it!
I changed Meatball's diaper.
Now I am ready for anything.
This one's easy.
I a'member when my daddy
used to feed me with a bottle.
Where did you get that cereal?
From Meatball's head.
You're eating his brains?
I might be a new daddy,
but I know you're not
opposed to do that!
I never heard that a'fore.
Every parent's
got different rules.
It's okay, Meatball.
Daddy will fix
your torn-up head.
Susie, could I have
the boo-boo blankie
you usually carry for me?
Oh, there you go.
And now, a burp.
You meant Meatball.
Heating pad secured.
Can you pass me a robo-arm?
Woof, bark, woof.
Hi-ya! High five!
Thanks, Pop.
Wait till you
see this puppet show.
I spent weeks workshopping it.
to entertain a newborn baby?
"Puppet shows
are for everyone."

I know this looks scary, Meatball.
But Daddy's here,
and nothing's gonna happen.
[gasps] I remember
my first mud puddle slide.
- Chuckie!
- Abandon ship!
I let my own son down!
Something scary did happen.
Mm, it's okay, Chuckie.
Now you can practice
bath time with Meatball.
Lillian, he's gonna wash off
all that perfectly good mud.
Nothing we can do, Phillip.
It's Chuckie's baby.
We're just the dogparents.
Just lay on your back
and float like an otter ♪
Now close your eyes,
'cause here comes the water ♪
Looks like someone needs
their diapie changed.
[quirky music]
Time to take Meatball
for a walk.
Uh, do you all think
Meatball's okay?
He looks kind of, uh
- Interesting?
- He looks nice and happy.
and Meatball never cries.
That we can hear, anyways.
That's true.
You know, I've been taking care
of Meatball all day,
and it's going great!
Sure, I'm a new daddy,
but I'm doing a pretty good job
of keeping him safe.
[energetic country music]

Oh, Meatball, I'm sorry. Meatball
[calm music]
All our parenting problems
are solved.
Stu, we're back, and--oh!
What is that?
- Surprise!
It's a fully automated
super crib.
We're gonna be so ready
for this baby.
Do you like it?
- I love it.
But where does the baby go?
inside the crib, Deed.
Right oh--
oh, no!
I know you'll work it out, honey.
I'm gonna check on the kids.
Pop, what is wrong with me?
I spent so much time filling
the Super Crib with gadgets,
that I forgot to make room
for the most important part--
the baby!
I'm the worst dad ever.
Ah, son,
in parenting and in life,
sometimes you just gotta try
to remember the basics.
And I'm always here
to give you a hand.
Guys, what's wrong with me?
I spent all day
practicing on Meatball.
But I can't even take my baby
on one little stroller ride.
I'm the worst dad ever.
So Meatball might not
look like his self anymore,
but that doesn't mean
you're not ready to be a daddy.
Yeah, you changed his diaper,
fixed his boo-boo,
showed him how
to go down a slide,
and even sang to him
while you gave him a bath.
And don't forget the part
where Meatball esploded!
[crow caws]
Chuckie, you did your best,
and that's exactly
what a good daddy would do.
You're right, Tommy.
I'll figure out this daddy
thing when it's time.
[stomach rumbles]
Which I think is now.
[stomach rumbles]
- Chuckie?
- [grunting]
Has Chuckie been eating
anything new lately?
Just grilled cheese sandwiches.
[gasps] Do you think that's
what gave him a tummy ache?
Like father, like son.
Chuckie might be
lactose intolerant.
Maybe you should slow down
on introducing so much dairy
into his diet.
- Ha!
He's a true Finster!
I just made my last
grilled cheese sandwich.
Oh, Chas, did you just say
you're making
one last grilled cheese?
Thank you, I would do it.
But a coffee smell
is making me nauseous--ugh.
Knew I should've
gone with tea.
I hope you're ready
to have your mind provo-blown!
- Where's Meatball?
- I've got bad news.
I'm definitely not a daddy.
But there's good news!
My stomach
doesn't hurt anymore.
Aw, Chuckie,
I think it just wasn't time
for you to be a daddy yet.
You're probably right, Tommy.
Maybe I'll wait
till preschool.
You know, this feels like a
good time for a diapie waffle.
First bite, Chuckie?
- Still no thank you, Phil.
Scoot yourself.
[all chewing]
[cheerful music]
[cheerful music]

I was playing with my tools
this morning,
and I must've put it down somewhere.
- How about in here?
- [grunts]
It's stuckeded.
I need my stu-driver.
Too bad that's what
we're looking for.
Wait, we're not looking
for bugs?
- You never listen, Phillip.
- Do too, Lillian!
I was looking for bugs
and stu-drivers.
So far, I've found bugs.
Thanks for watching
the kids today, Pop.
This might be our last chance
to the run those
pre-baby errands.
Didi's been a little wound up
about getting everything done
in time.
[chuckles] I'm not the one
with the color-coded list.
Good shopping starts
with good preparation.
You've got all the items
mapped out
by shelf location
in each store?
Very impressive.
And the closest bathrooms
and hospitals
and best-ranked
local universities.
The baby could come any minute.
We have to be ready.
See you later.
- Okay, see you later!
[gasps] Did you hear that?
My daddy said the new baby
could come any minute.
Yeah, but you know
how grown-ups are.
A minute can be forever.
[phone chimes]
Ooh, that must
be the new kid.
Be right back.
Or it could be really short.

you remember Celeste.
And look who she brought
for you to meet.
Her name is Clover.
I know she'd love
to play with you.
Here you go, baby.
[Clover bleats]
Hi, Clover.
Welcome to the family.
I'm Tommy.
[Clover bleats]
I'm your big brother,
and these are our friends,
Susie, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil.
She doesn't look like
such a new kid to me.
She can already walk.
Well, um, I guess that's
a'cause she gots so many legs.
She gots a lot of hair.
- And big ears.
- And a tail.
[Clover bleats]
All babies probably
start out like that.
We just don't remember
what we used to look like.
Pretty sure
I never had a tail.
Did you ever really check, though?
[Clover bleats]
[Clover bleats]
- We didn't used to do that.
Did we?
[both grunt]
- Doin' it now.
- Who can remember?

Clover, come see
where you're going to live.

Oh, here's the spot--
full of weeds.
You really think Clover
can chomp that all down?
Oh, yes.
Goats are nature's
little Weedwackers.
They love to graze.
She might even
eat that old box.
Should we move it?
- Oh, that.
I've been trying to figure out
what to do with it.
It's Trixie's old tea set.
She used to make tea
for us every afternoon.
She had beautiful taste.
Well, it's too cracked
and chipped to use anymore,
but I can't seem to put it
into the trash bin.
Maybe you don't have to.
Just wait.
I'll show you.
I love a mystery.
And this is my room.
That's my crib.
You can sleep
in that other one
if you want.
A nap sounds good right now.
I got woked up early
by a very rude bird.
Try it out, Clover.
Help me boost her up, guys.
- [laughs]
- [gasps]
[Clover bleats]

[Clover bleats]
- She jumpeded in
all by herself.
Game changer.
There you go, Clover.
Sleepy time.
That means you gotta lay down--
on your back.
Or on your knees.
I was saving this blankey
for when you got here,
which is now.
I hope you like it.
Let's go play till she's up.
[Clover bleats]
- [gasps]
- Huh?
- She's up.
And eating her blankey.
Oh, I forgot
to give her a snack.
[Clover bleating]
She must be hungry.
Or maybe blankies
are delicious!
And this is the day
we find out.
[both spit]

What does Clover
like to eat?
I don't know.
Just get her
your favoritest foods.

- [chewing]
- [grunting]

- [gasps]
- [grunting]

Thanks, guys.
Snack time, Clover!
Eh, Clover?
Where did she go?
[Clover bleating]

Well, now we know
what she likes to eat--
Reptar cereal, just like me!
And the box too?
My mommy says it's good
to explore new foods.
Who would've thought
some old cups and saucers
could make
something this magical?
I guess you did.
Thanks, Celeste.
My pleasure.
I love the way
it came together.
- It just needs one more thing.
Be right back.
- Now who's being mysterious?
Clover, wanna play?
[Clover bleats]
Guess she doesn't like bears.
What should we give her?
Can't never go wrong
with Drooly Snake.
She might be scared of snakes.
Debbie Doll?
[Clover sniffing]
- [giggles]
Chuckie, can I talk to you--
over there?
Let's cut to the pace.
What do you think of Clover?
Um, she seems nice.
Did you notice her feet
are kind of like hooves?
And they're furry.
[Clover bleats]
You get it too, right?
Tommy's little sister is a--
You guys talkin'
'bout Clober?
- You mean the goat?
- [gasps]
You knew?
- [chuckles and snorts]
Pretty sure babies
don't gots tails.
Also, I saw her
poop in the yard.
There you go.
How we gonna tell Tommy
his new baby sister is a goat?
We're not.
Tommy's always there for us.
So if his mommy and daddy
decided that a goat sister
will make him happy, then none
of us are gonna say a thing.
I'm not good with secrets.
Hey, guys, I think Clover
wants to play a game.
[Clover bleats]
Why don't we goad her--
I mean, get her outside
for some fresh air?
Yeah, it's fun to play in the
grass in bare hooves--uh, feet.
Let's play follow the leader.
I'll start.
[Clover bleating]

[both gasp]

[all cooing]
Wait for us, Clober.
Yeah, we can't run
as fast as a go--
go, Clober.

[all gasp]
[all scream]

I saw this
at a petting zoo once.
all: Phil!
I told you
I wasn't good with secrets.

Slow down, Clover.
Hmm, I think
she's digging for something.
She founded my stu-driver!
Thank you, Clover.
I must've burieded it
in the sand by accident.
You can give it back now.
[Clover bleats]
Build 'em high,
junior carpenter!
Come on, Clover.
You're not ready
for stu-driver yet.
Give it back.
[Clover bleats]
I can't stand
to watch him beg.
We have to tell Tommy
that she's a--you know.
No, that would destroy him.
Best we can do is get him back
his stu-driver.
Spike always trades socks
for a doggie treat.
What do goats eat?
- Blankies.
Cereal boxes.
No, those.
She's playing keep-away--

[Clover bleats]
Thanks, Chuckie.
I didn't know
new babies ated grass.
Tommy, there's a lot about
Clover that you might not know.
'Cause we just met, right?
She meant 'cause she's a go--
A go?
A serenity fountain.
Oh, Lou, what a lovely tribute
to your late wife.
Yeah, and a nice place for
the two of us to sit and relax.
[Clover bleats]
- Clover!
Good job with those weeds.
Looks like this little kid
has had a big day.
Hey, Pop.
Hi, Celeste.
How'd the weed clearing go?
- Great.
And that's
not all we cleared out.
We did finish
a little project.
[Clover bleats]
- Ugh, that is so beautiful!
I could sit here all day,
especially since this baby
is taking its time.
Did you hear that?
My mommy's tummy
still has a baby in it.
- So you get it now?
About Clover?
- I sure do, Chuckie!
She's someone else's
little sister.
- No, she's a g--
- A great kid.
Yeah, I just hope whoever
her big brother or sister is,
they know that she likes
to jump and climb on stuffs
and eat cereal boxes and--
Oh, it's not the worst thing
we never told Tommy.
[Clover bleating]
[cheerful acapella music]

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