Run the Burbs (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Phamily Games Night

Spring is in the air! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing.
The ants are crawling.
Can Mannix come over later? She's never seen a Bollywood movie and that obviously has to change.
Are baap re! Never seen Bollywood before?! I know! No hair blowing in the wind even though they're inside? Or dancing on mountains? Or the camera moving away right before they kiss? See, I don't like that part.
Why don't they let us see the kissing? Only in the classics.
Plus it's romantic.
Leaves you wanting more.
Oh Khia wants more kissing! - Leo! - What? What? Isn't that what couples do during movies? Not always, and we haven't even - Shut up! - You know, we both had our first kisses at the movies.
- I was 15.
- I was 14.
Ugh, stop.
- Mine was Sofia Lin.
- What? She waited until the credits so we didn't miss anything.
- It was perfect.
- You've kissed other people?! - We both have.
- Mine was with Obi Nura.
He had popcorn in his teeth.
It was less than perfect.
So can Mannix come over later or not? Of course she can.
And when the time is right, you'll know.
Dad! Who's up for some yard work, huh? Where'd they go? Ah Look at Mother Nature, pouring her affection down on us.
Yeah, it's raining.
Let's go in.
- Hey, neighbours! - Hey! You remember Zelena.
What up, Phams! Andrew, haircut's tight.
Camille, are you digging graves out here? 'Cause you are murdering it on the socials.
- Oh, stop.
- No.
- I'll take the bags.
- Okay.
Yeah, this rain came out of nowhere, huh, guys? - Isn't she great? - Uh, yeah, she is! Okay, Hudson, I know you haven't had the best of luck - Lisa broke my heart.
- I still miss Enya.
- Anya.
- I was talking about Shadee.
But don't mess this up.
Zelena is amazing.
You know, I'm thinking of giving her a key.
To your heart? Is it a key to your heart? To my house.
Do you think you're both ready for this? I'm nervous she'll say no, but if I find the right moment, I can just, like, ask her - Games nights! - Yes! Games night is where unbreakable bonds are forged in fire.
She'll definitely say yes after this.
Yeah, I liked Andrew before, but it wasn't until games night that I just knew.
- Game over.
- Aww.
Yeah, that sounds really intense.
- I love it! - Yes! Games night! Games night! One more ticket for those car club guys and I'm shutting them down.
I can't believe I resisted podcasts for this long.
They're basically like television without the visual stimuli.
You know, you would be a good podcast guest.
Not great, but good.
I know you're teasing me but I don't care.
I'm sending you this episode on bird migration.
- It is fascinating.
- How's everything? It's quite nice, thank you, Cathy.
Coffee is great, water is warm, as requested.
The cinnamon bun I didn't care for it.
I was trying a new recipe.
Swing and a miss.
It happens.
You really are a rather direct person, aren't you? I thought you liked that about me.
Oh, I do.
But, uh, I just worry that maybe you hurt Cathy's feelings.
I don't understand this obsession that everyone has with being overly nice about everything.
It's better to just be honest.
For instance, your bird podcast, I'm never going to listen to it.
It picks up in season four.
But at least you know that when I tell you that I do I care about something, I mean it.
Like? Well, you.
I care about you, Ramesh.
Uh, yes, certainly.
And of course, I too, you know, have felt, all things being equal, that, uh, you and I, um I have to go to work.
What I'm trying to say is, if you - Nope, nope, nope.
- Um, have been Going to work now.
If you could Barb?! What are you in the mood for? Well, I'm thinking something with strategy, but fun.
A little chance, but still a fair amount of skill.
- Leave it with me.
- Perfect.
I'm so happy Hudson found someone for us.
For him.
For all of us.
All that matters is that he is happy.
Now remember, stick to the veggies and dip.
- Carbs will slow us down.
- Got it.
What about this one? Hey, Couple Crunch! Your mom and I played this at our first games night together.
And we won.
Don't forget we won.
You can't play this game then! I've seen Back to the Future! If you replay the game and things don't go exactly as they did the first time, I'll disappear! Yeah That logic is sound.
But that's not how it works, little guy.
I'm gonna stay out of your way.
Just in case you're wrong.
- Game time! - Wait.
Let them wait.
Then we approach really loudly.
Then we moonwalk back.
Then we tiptoe to the window.
Then, we open the door.
Why? Mind games! Loud, okay? And remember, no carbs! Hi, sorry I'm late.
All good.
What do you want to watch? Okay, we've got Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which has dancing in the rain, or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge which has dancing in the mountains.
- Ooh! Um - Did you workout? Oh, no, this is a special moment.
Um, yeah! It's movie night! And your big intro to Bollywood! Yes! And you get to meet Penelope Von Rabbit! Rabbits can be pets? Um, yes.
Oh, yeah.
Do you want to pet her? Uh sure.
Isn't she perfect? Yeah, perfect.
Just like you! Aww.
Okay, Bollywood? - Yeah.
- All right.
This is gonna be fun.
What the bloody hell was I thinking? Hey, Rameshington Steel.
Oh, I didn't mean for you to stop.
That was more like a wave and walk.
Actually I wanted to ask you something.
99, Canadian Tire.
I got the last 12.
No, I don't care.
You and Barb dated, right? We sure did.
It was a real whirlwind love romance.
I thought it was one date.
One whirlwind date.
But alas Barb and I burned too bright.
Barb once told me that you were very expressive.
Oh yeah, that's me.
Flowers, poems, tats.
I find that a romantic partner really appreciates a A grand gesture.
Oh, tell Barb I still love her.
Once again, the question is: "Who is your partner's oldest childhood friend?" Okay, ready? - Melanie! - Wendy! Who is Melanie? I thought there was a Melanie? But I can't wait to meet Wendy.
You have, three times.
- Who is this guy? - I know, he sucks, right? And on this side, we have: Trance Tran! Ah! An imaginary friend.
We went to raves together.
Also imaginary.
We're hopeless.
That does bring the score to 15 to five, after the whole "biggest fear" debacle.
Whose biggest fear is "rejection?" " Cilantro" was a good guess! It was a great guess.
Andrew, can I ask you a technical question about the game in the kitchen? Uh, yeah, for sure.
- We'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Buddy, you're killing me! - I know, we're on fire.
How is this helping me and Zelena? It's games night, it forges unbreakable bonds by We're dying out there, man! I really like her.
- We do too! - So then What are you asking? I think you know what I'm asking! Okay, fine.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm throwing the game, right? You're throwing the game.
- Coming in hot! - That's why.
Oh, hey, Hudson, would you like some more pita? Or not.
Veggies and dip are good too.
- You good? - I'm great.
Well, um, the next question is, "What is your partner's favourite movie?" Hey, hey, how about we make this the final crunch? For all the marbles? I don't think it matters at this point, but okay.
We are getting killed! All right, and Andrew's answer obviously is Wha-bam! Ghostbusters! Oh, like, I like Ghostbusters, but Mr.
Holland's Opus? Since when? I saw it again on TV.
You got it wrong! Aww, man.
That's too bad.
How'd we do? I said Top Gun.
- Uh, nah, I said Babe.
- Damn.
- Yes! - That's a match! - What? - It's basically the same movie.
An outcast finds his true destiny.
And they both have a goose! Wow, Zelena, you really know this guy.
Did we win? We just won! Oh my God! We beat the Phams! How you like the Hud-zelena Train? - Yeah! - One stop: Win town! What's happening? Yeah, we got it! We win! We win! We win! This is embarrassing.
This is amazing.
I wish people broke out dancing in real life.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm great.
Because your face is not.
Um, I just think I might be a little bit allergic to rabbits.
What?! Why didn't you say so? Oh my God! I just felt like we were having a perfect moment.
I should get your parents.
No, I'm already better.
Look, it's my favourite part of the movie.
Uh, okay.
I'm gonna get her out of here so you don't die.
What? No! - It's almost intermission! - It's okay, I'll text you.
I don't think you're kissing right.
Ow! I re-watched Mr.
Holland's Opus last night.
It was okay.
I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- No, no, that's me.
Um, Hudson needed a win.
I like Zelena more than anyone but throwing a game? That's just not who we are! That's why Leo didn't win at Snakes and Ladders until he was eight.
- Oh, no.
- That's on me.
- Whoops.
- Whoa, yeah.
- Sorry.
- What's happening? Please tell me you won the game.
We lost for love.
No! Does that mean I go Back to the Future? Khia, can you see still me? Did somebody say something? Khia, how was your night? - Fine.
- You know, you can't rush a perfect moment.
- Stop.
- Stopping! But she's right.
I saw three movies with Sofia Lin before - Stop! - Stopping! But when it's right, it's right.
Oh yeah.
- Oh.
- Sorry, sorry.
- My left.
- Your left.
- Babe, I'm scared! - What? I think we've angered the games night gods! You know what we have to do, right? Yeah.
Okay The space time continuum.
Miguel? Daryl? Show yourselves! Oh, Barb? Is that you? Not now, Ramesh.
I'm working.
Somebody called in a complaint about that car stereo.
Sounds serious.
- Miguel.
- What now, Barb? Anything to say for yourself before I write you up? Yeah, just one thing.
Boys? Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You promised me full choreography! Amigo, you just gave us an hour to rehearse.
And Danny's got nodes.
You arranged this? Well, yes.
A grand gesture.
Who knew Barb was such a softy? So, thoughts? This is incredibly unprofessional.
And off-putting, Ramesh.
Should we keep going? Well, I paid you, didn't I? Fair enough.
Back to one.
Let's go, let's go.
Hudson! - Hi.
- We're just checking in.
- We're just checking in.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You know, after last night.
- Oh man! Zelena and I went home and immediately got busy, if you know what I mean.
- Oh, yes.
- We had sex.
Yeah, we got that.
- Hey! - Hey! The Phamborghinis.
Uh, last night was dope.
- We should do it again.
- Challenge accepted! Tonight? Or maybe next week? Ah, I don't know, next week's no good.
- I'm all booked up, - He's got a gout thing - and we've got a holiday - I've got a gout thing.
And it's, like, over there.
Okay, yeah, tonight should work.
Cool! If that's what you want! That's what you want, I would never assume to speak for a woman, but that sounds like that's what you want, - no pressure.
- A little pressure.
- Well, hey.
- None from us! Hop to it! Hit me with another egg tart, Cathy.
Maybe you should slow down.
What's the point? I've ruined everything.
Well, Barb's job is basically ruining things for people.
You could bond over that.
I was never good at expressing myself with Camille's mom, and now all these years later, I realize - nothing has changed.
- Well, you tried.
I thought maybe a big gesture would help.
Something that Sebastian or Andrew might do.
- Does Barb like big gestures? - Apparently not.
- Is she still with Sebastian? - Not that I know of.
Were things good until you messed it up? If you have something to say, Cathy, then say it.
I don't know Maybe if I Come on.
Okay, I'll just have Please sit.
Did you take some of the stuffing out of these cushions? What? You must be imagining things.
Shall we begin? - Andrew.
- Oh, okay.
well, you know, we brought Cranium.
Yeah, the putty is all dried out and I lost the notepad but we can still make it fun.
Why don't we play Couple Crunch? Again? I mean, it was okay, but Well then, it is decided, we should do Couples Crunch.
Okay, here you go.
That's for you, and that one's for you.
You take that.
First question: If your partner was an instrument, what instrument would they be? Oh, thank you, an easy one.
Is it? Time's up, write your answer.
- May I? - I dunno.
Barb, I wanted to apologize to you.
I didn't mean to undermine you at work.
I was trying to express that I feel you I care about you deeply.
And I should have just said that.
Instead of hiring this group of bloody idiots to embarrass you, and embarrass me, and the a cappella art form in general.
Anyway, I that's all I wanted to say.
The migration pattern of the Reserved Blue Wing has confounded scholars They seem to be drawn by a more innate sense of direction You need to stop whatever this is.
I do find this quite embarrassing.
Oh, I hate this.
- Okay.
We know this one.
- Okay.
What is my first ever concert? MMM-Pop, The Hanson Tribute Band.
MMM-Pop, The Hanson Tribute Band! - Yes! - I love you! - I love you so much.
- Love you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
- Hudson? - Are you ready? - Megadeth! - I thought it was Celine Dion? - Yes! - No.
Celine Dion was my first CD.
You're all over the place tonight.
Last chance, Hudson.
Last chance.
What's one thing your partner would change about you? Oh, we got this.
- My car singing.
- Your birthday.
- My birthday? - Yeah.
It's too close to Labour Day.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Dry feet! Yes! Yes! - We won! - Order is restored! Order is restored in the household! Order is restored! Order is restored in the household! Did you throw the game? How? We won? Zelena? Oh, this is classic.
They always show the flowers instead of the kiss.
Hey, are you okay? Uh, yeah.
Uh, well, apparently my dad only bought the rabbit for me because he wants to give Zelena a key to our house.
Wow, that's fast.
But I can see it from Zelena's point of view.
How do you mean? Who wouldn't want to spend more time with you? Shut up.
Do you want to get out of here? Oh.
I just need a change of scenery.
You know? Yeah, of course.
You threw the game? Then why did we throw the game last night? - I knew you were lying! - It wasn't his fault! - We did it - You did it.
To show how amazing you are together.
And that messed with the gods of games night, which messed with our jam, which is way more serious than it sounds.
Yeah, now Leo thinks he's disappearing.
It's bad.
He was not ready for Back To The Future.
Okay, look, it's just, things were moving really fast, and and You know, you didn't have to take the key.
- Well - She took it? Mannix.
Look, it It's just for emergencies, I made a bunch of keys.
- Let's go.
- Mannix! - Don't.
- Mannix! I think I should go too.
- No, don't go, we love you! - Don't! Stay! Look, this has been a lot.
And this I don't really know what this is.
I'll call you, okay? Later, Phams.
Hudson, I am so sorry.
- This is all Andrew's fault.
- What? Nah, you guys were right.
You know, game night reveals all.
Who needs love when I've got you two, right? - Yeah.
- I'm gonna head home, and wait for Mannix.
From now on, we respect the gods of games night.
We don't use it to make our friends fall in love.
Only to destroy them.
- Oh, yes! - Got it! Got it.
My mom cheated, but she's happy.
My dad, he falls in love every couple of months and he's still miserable.
I just don't know why relationships have to be so complicated.
I know what you mean.
Who cares.
Oh, uh, what were you saying to me yesterday before I left? Uh, I don't know, probably, uh, "Don't look at me, my face is swollen and I look gross.
" No, it was something about a perfect moment.
Uh, did I say "perfect moment?" Yeah, you know, I think you did.
- Coffee for my love.
- Ooh - Too bad you didn't disappear.
- I knew I wouldn't.
I just didn't like seeing Mom and Dad that way.
That is surprisingly mature.
You're surprisingly mature.
- There it is.
- So, Khia, how was your night? Anything to report? Did you kiss or not? That is none of your business.
You know what? She's right.
Kinda wish I disappeared.

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