Run the World (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


[RENEE] Previously on Run the World
Things were messy with
my ex. They still are.
I like you.
I get a little excited
when I find somebody real.
Can we just slow it down a little?
I've decided to stop playing games
and give Preston a chance.
It is time to give yourself permission
to heal and move on.
Sondi Hill, will you do me
the honor of becoming my wife?
[BREATHLESSLY] I can't breathe. [GASPS]
[RENEE] You got to listen to your heart.
If Matthew ain't the one, that's okay.
This is not
the way that I expected
things to turn out.
it's been really hard
for me, too, you know?
so hard.
You've been
a huge part of my life
for the last two years.
And I have
I've cherished every
single moment with you.
So you're not gonna
live with us anymore?
No, chicken.
I'm really gonna miss you, Sondi.
But don't worry. You'll
find someone eventually.
And you can still come to my
birthday if you bring a gift.
Daddy, can we go get ice cream?
Sure, sweetheart.
And then she told me that
everything was gonna be okay
and that I could still bring
a gift to her birthday party.
Kids are savage. That's
why I ain't having any.
Kids just process things differently.
I'm sure that Amari's
gonna miss you a lot.
Yeah, well, she took
it better than Matthew.
He didn't even help. He
just sat there and sulked.
Well, what was he supposed to do?
I don't know, but not that.
I do know I am done dating older men.
Three years ago, you said you
were done dating younger men.
- Them too.
- Wait, wait, wait.
When was the last time
we were all single?
What you mean "all single"?
- You're still married.
- And fucking a one-percenter.
Okay, first of all, we're not serious.
We have an understanding.
We're taking things slow.
Look, there ain't no ring
on this finger shut up.
Well, I am actually single, and I, uh
I joined a dating app.
Hmm. So she about to be
out here in these streets?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, yeah.
In these "highly selective,
I message them first,
no one under 5'11 streets.
- So did you find a winner?
- What?
- I can't.
- I can't. I can't.
- [SONDI] Oh!
Ooh, Sandra, we gonna
have to call you back.
I can't. No.
- God!
- No, no.
Shirtless pic, shirtless pic, shirt
Ooh, let me see! Ooh, shirtless video.
- Play.
- Hey, there.
I'm Ola.
Otherwise known as Dr. Adeyemo.
Oh, God, just swipe left.
- Oh, wow.
- [WHITNEY] No, block him.
No, throw my phone in the toilet!
- I am so embarrassed for him.
[WHITNEY] Come on, so thirsty.
[SONDI] Where's your
shirt? Did you burn it?
[WHITNEY] I didn't burn nothing.
What, Mom?
Why are you so shiny?
[WHITNEY] That is not sexy.
It's my nana.
She passed.
We runnin', we runnin', we runnin' ♪
We run the world, we run the ♪
[WHITNEY] Well, why
don't we come in with you?
- I'm okay.
- No, really. It it's no problem.
Whitney, you have to see
your parents at some point.
Do I?
You know, I'm just coming home
for the first time in years without Ola,
and it's it's just weird.
Well, at least you'll
have Sondi as backup.
I got you, girl.
Wait a minute why am I comforting you
when I'm the one with
a funeral to help plan
and a eulogy to write?
Maybe you can ask Ella for help.
No, she has enough writing to do.
I got it.
It was really nice of Preston to
send us here on his private jet.
[SONDI] And hook us up with a driver.
Are you sure it's complicated?
Can we not discuss this right now?
- I'm in mourning.
- [WHITNEY] Okay.
- I'll see you guys at the wake.
- [WHITNEY] Okay, love you.
Looking good, auntie.
You always understand the assignment.
For the last time, Kendall,
I am not your auntie.
You're my cousin.
And you're nine years younger than me.
Come here.
Oh, God.
You and your youth take my bag.
You don't think I can
make mac and cheese?
You can, but why would anyone have yours
when they can have mine?
Don't make me explain
this to you one more time.
I am your big sister, girl.
We all know Aunt Grace
wins mac and cheese.
- Oh, the diva has arrived!
And it's about time. Nay
Nay, you're late, baby.
I hope Eclipse isn't running you ragged.
Nah, that job is clearly
treating her right.
She's glowing.
They even got her a
personal car service.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Well, I hope they gave you a raise, too.
I mean, we really need you
Uh, Grace [CHUCKLES]
we'll talk about that later.
Now, how is that eulogy coming along?
I just got here, Mom. I'm working on it.
Well, don't embarrass me.
How about you not embarrass yourself
pushing that watery mac
and cheese on everybody?
See, I'm not gonna take
this from both of y'all now.
I love you, but I
will take you out, too.

- Girls, welcome!
Ah, help you with your luggage, Sondi?
- Yes. Thank you, Mr. Greene.
Hey, what about me?
I can come back for it.
My baby is home. It's
so good to see you.
- Really?
- Of course.
My therapist taught me to lead
with acceptance and gratitude.
You got a therapist?
I just needed a little help processing.
- Well, I brought bagels.
- [GWYNN] Oh.
- You brought bagels?
Girl, I was not gonna show
up to your house empty-handed.
- You know that.
- Thank you, Sondi.
[SONDI] You're welcome.
- So, Sondi, tell me
- what's happening with you.
- [SONDI] Yes, you know what?

[PERSON] And this is
our platinum package.
It includes the programs,
headstone, transportation,
and the service.
And what about the casket?
That is not included in this quote,
but you can put the casket on flex pay.
And what happens when we miss a payment?
Do you dig them up and dump them out?
[SANDRA] Renee.
Mom, this is just a lot of money.
I think we need to discuss this.
Alone, please.
Oh, yes.
What in the hell is wrong with you?
Mom, this is just getting too expensive.
Why can't we just have the
funeral at Nana's church?
Because Nana stopped paying
tithes a few years ago,
and now they'll only let me
have a service on a Wednesday.
And what's wrong with a Wednesday?
I am not burying my mama on a Wednesday.
What is going on with you?
Renee, do you not
have the money we need?
Yes, I it's just that
things are tight.
I quit Eclipse to
start my own business
the Renee Ross Agency.
So you just arrived in
a car service to flex?
No, the guy I'm seeing
The guy I'm seeing he sent it for me.
A new guy? Who is he?
And have you even
started the divorce yet?
- I mean, really
- Mom, can we just talk about this later?
Sir, we'll just take the
platinum package, whatever.
Excellent. You will not be disappointed.
Mmm. You put your foot in that.
- It's delicious.
So, Sondi, Whitney told us
about how well things are going
with your PhD and that you've built up
quite a following on social media.
Yeah, it's going really great,
and it's kind of new for me.
- I'm
Um, but enough about me.
Whitney is killing it at the firm,
and that is impressive.
It is, given the circumstances.
It's just a breakup.
[CHUCKLES] It happens.
I'm completely over it.
Isn't that Ola's favorite wine?
Did he send that to you?
Do you still talk to him?

I'm fine.

Thank you for coming all this way.
- Thank you, baby.
- [SONDI] Yeah.
[SANDRA] Gwynn, Arnold, oh.
So good to see you, even if it
is under these circumstances.
[GWYNN] We're so sorry, Sandra.
We loved Mavis.
I know. Thank you.
I feel like I'm going
to too many funerals.
I'd rather have gone to a wedding.
Or even a christening.
Ooh, I know that's right.
I would love to have
some little grand babies
running around here.
But good luck getting these
millennial career women
- to pop a kid out.
I love you, too, Mom.
- Wow, wow.
- [WHITNEY] Oh, God.
There's Ray Ray.
He's been obsessed with
me since middle school.
Hey, cousin! Ha ha!
Ray Ray and Nay Nay back together again.
How are you?
I know we not related.
You look way too good
to be a Washington.
- Stupid.
This is my friend, Sondi.
Sondi, nice to meet you. Ray Ray.
- Hi.
Hey, Ray Ray.
Whitney, what you got
allergies or something?
Got something in your throat?
The pollen count's crazy.
All right, I wish I could stay and chat,
but I got to get going.
It was nice meeting you, Sondi.
- Bye.
- [RAY RAY] Pardon me. Oh.
Oh, like I care.
Oh, you care. You definitely care.
[RENEE LAUGHS] Ray Ray don't want you.

Mom, have you seen Nana's mink stole,
the one she was gonna give me?
Oh, she say you could have that?
I'm sorry, baby.
It was probably in those boxes
that Grace and I sold a few days ago.
"Sold"? W-why would you do that?
Believe it or not, we
were trying to be less
of a burden on you and
raise some extra funds.
Good thing we did, too, 'cause
you got a whole lot going on
divorce, a new man, no real job.
Mom, having my own
business is a real job.
Nay Nay
I don't need this stress right now.
[SONDI] I don't know.
Maybe we just shouldn't go.
Oh, yes, we are going out.
I can't be around my mom right now.
- I need a break.
- [WHITNEY] Ugh, me too.
My dad's judgment is suffocating.
Well, we got to do
better than this, guys.
I'm sure there is something
cute in your closet.
What? No, that stuff's from high school.
Did no one tell you
that the 2000s are back?
Let me hook it up.
Ooh, it's a gold mine in here.
Oh, well, don't let my mom find out,
or she'll be in here
faster than the Bling Ring.
[SIGHS] I can't believe she
sold my Nana's mink stole.
I can help you track it
down, get it back if you want.
- You can?
- Period.
Just keep me in mind
when the Renee Ross Agency
is hiring an assistant.
Oh, my God, look at us. We're babies.
Aw, I wish Ella was here.
Fuck her.
She sent her condolences.
But I don't need condolences.
I need my friend and a drink.
[RAPPER] Want it all ♪
Gimme all of dat ♪
All of dat, gimme, gimme ♪
Gimme all of dat, all of dat ♪
I want it all ♪
Gimme all of dat, all of dat ♪
Gimme, gimme ♪
Gimme all of dat ♪
One, two, makin' that boom ♪
Gimme headroom ♪
Stretched out ♪
All in the back seat ♪
I need the leg room ♪
Shit, I love Chicago.
- Period!
- Fo' now!
[RAPPER] If the coin talking ♪
Ring my Motorola ♪
Or I be on DND ♪
Chillin' in my Corolla ♪
Posted up ♪
Like a piece of art ♪
Someone likes you.
Yeah, I'm not really here for that.
- Ooh, I am.
- [RENEE] Mm.
My Whitty Kitty needs some attention.
"Whitty Kitty"?
Girl, it's been months.
And now that Ola's back out there,
I need to be, like, out there-out there.
Well, Ray Ray said he
might slide through.
Girl, I'm not hooking up with Ray Ray.
Let's just see how desperate
that Whitty Kitty is at two a.m.
Okay, can we please retire
this Whitty Kitty thing?
Single Sondi used to be
so much more fun than you.
Auntie, when did you know you
wanted to move to New York?
I live in New York.
I'm visiting. I'm here from out of town.

I should probably start thinking
about finding a job, an
apartment, an internship.
My outfit's pretty crazy.
I look like Ashanti.
[SINGER] Anywhere that you want it ♪
I can freak you ♪
[SINGER 2] Hands on your
knees, hands on your knees ♪
It's wild, but we're here
to have fun and Oh, oh.

So how did you get
your first internship?
- 'Cause I'm thinking I should
- Cousin!
I'll give you a job if you just shut up.
Want a good girl ♪
That's too bad ♪
- I'm so cunty, I'm too bad ♪
- [SINGER] Say, you say ♪
Damn it! Ugh!
This guy can't meet up tonight either.
I really wanted to meet
someone while I was here.
You want to meet somebody?
Why didn't you just say so?
Ray Ray knows everybody.
Yo, Eddie!
Come here, dog!
This is my man, Eddie.
He plays for the Bears.
Tell 'em, Eddie.
- I play for the Bears.
- Hi. I'm Whitty
Whitney. You want to dance?
- Yeah.
- Ha ha.
- Okay.
- [RAY RAY] Watch your heel.
Don't step on his foot.
He needs it for the game.

Oh, they hitting it off already.
So who's that?
[SONDI] It's my ex and his daughter.
I took care of her for almost two years,
and she's already forgotten about me.
Don't say that.
I'm sure you made a
big impact, all right?
You know, in ten years, she's
gonna be sitting somewhere,
like, "My dad had a
really cool girlfriend."
Thank you, Ray Ray. I appreciate that.
You're welcome.
So, uh
what's up with us?
[INHALES SHARPLY] Yeah I got to go.
- You cool, though.
- Ah, well, thank you.
- And you're funny.
- I'll take that.

It's four a.m.
[ARNOLD] Sondi got back hours ago.
I'm not gonna feel bad
about staying out all night.
I'm an adult.
- You sure about that?
- Arnold.
Excuse me?
What's going on with you, Whit?
I have punished myself enough.
I don't need this from you two.
- What are we gonna do with her?
- [WHITNEY] Sondi!
She's so moody.
I'm coming.

[SANDRA] Nay Nay.
- Nay Nay.
Oh, what?
[SANDRA] Girl, it's time to go.
- Good morning, aunties!
- Hey, baby.
- How are you not even hungover?
- Youth.
Oh, hey.
Any luck finding the stole?
It's Sunday, auntie,
but don't worry, okay?
I'm on it.
[SANDRA] Why are you so
pressed about this fur
when there is an entire
house full of stuff?
How about that vase in the living room?
That vase is ugly as shit, Ma.
[SIGHS] Renee, I don't
have time for this.
And maybe I would have known
how much it meant to you
if you had ever bothered to
I don't know update me on your life.
And when was the last time
you even spoke to your nana?
I talked to Nana all the time, okay?
months ago maybe. I
I didn't even know she was sick.
Nay Nay, Mavis wasn't sick.
She went into cardiac arrest.
She did?
Doing what?
[WHISPERING] The neighbor.
- Are you serious?
- [SANDRA] I'm serious.
- [RENEE] You know what?
That's exactly how I should
have expected Nana to go out.
- [SANDRA] Right?
You know your grandmother
always did things
on her own terms.
And you are just like her, too.
Now let's go.
[GRACE] There is a time to tear down,
a time to weep,
a time to mourn.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh!
[SOBBING] Ooh, Lord.
Help me.
[PERSON] It's okay.
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
And now Mavis' granddaughter Renee Ross
will share a few words.

My grandmother was
See, the thing about Mavis is, uh
Mavis grew up in the South
in a different era,
but her poise and grace
- were timeless.
She believed in etiquette and manners,
and she let you know if you
needed to be reminded of yours.
She also believed that we were
grown as soon as we could walk.
She took me and my friends
to see rated-R movies
- when we were way too young.
No eight-year-old needs to see Amistad.
But the intention
was to prepare us for adulthood
and to teach us our history,
to help us grow into capable
independent women.
[CRYING] Mavis made me believe
that I could do anything,
be anything,
and have anything I wanted.
She taught me that I
was worthy and deserving.
She was proud of me.
[SIGHS] Oh, Mavis lived
by one simple mantra
"enjoy life."
And she did until the very end.

Oh, Jason.
So sweet of you to come all this way.
- You are a good man.
- You sure are.
[CHUCKLES] And if Nay
Nay don't want you
- Grace.
- Aunt Grace
keep your hands to yourself.

Well, who invited you?
Sorry for your loss.
Mavis was a class act.
Thanks for coming.
How you holding up?
I'm okay.
Except my mom had to sell
something of my Nana's
that she said she was gonna give me.
That mink stole, the one from the photo?
I can't believe you remember that.
I remember a lot of things.
Well, what about you?
How you doing?
Honestly, great.
We just brought a new
songwriter on board.
And the band just signed with a label.
That's amazing, Jason
How about you? How's your agency?
It's going really well.
I just landed another client.
Look at us.
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
Well, uh, I got to I got to take off.
Wait, you ain't coming to the repass?
Where you got to be?
I just got to take care of something.
Besides, if I go,
you know Ray Ray's gonna
try to slip me his demo.
- [LAUGHING] Yeah, you're right.
- Trash.
- Garbage fire.
- It's still trash.
Yeah, he's very bad at music.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
All right.

No, bitch.

[SINGER] As I roamed
across this land ♪
Domino, bitch!
What? Oh, come on!
Come on, stop it.
Whitney, we're at a funeral.
[SCOFFS] Why don't you go
and hang out with my parents,
since they're your best friends?
Why don't you go hang
out with your parents?
Have a conversation.
Stop avoiding shit.

- What's up with her?
She's just mad 'cause I'm
being a great houseguest.
Well, it feels like, subconsciously,
you're seeking validation
from the Greenes
'cause you feel rejected by Amari.
Damn, Ray Ray.
That was a really insightful
piece of advice again.
So I'm saying, uh
me and you could build something.
Goodbye, Ray Ray.
Okay, well, there's
always Whitney, I guess.

Lovely service, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
What's wrong, baby?
[CRYING] I know that you guys loved Ola.
[SNIFFLES] And I loved him, too.
And we tried to make
it work. We really did.
[SNIFFLES] But we just couldn't.
So I'm sorry that it didn't work out,
but I just really need
you guys to be on my side!
We are, baby.
I know I didn't handle this breakup
- in the most mature manner.
I did go to your
mother's therapist once.
She had too many crystals in her office.
You are our only daughter.
You will always come first.
- Come on, hug.
You guys want to play some dominoes?
- Not with you.
- Ah!
- I saw your outburst.
- Oh, relax, Gwynn.
She's competitive, like her father.
You know the Johnsons won't
even have us over anymore
because of his Taboo fiasco.
They knew the rules.
There's rules for a reason.
- [ARNOLD] They knew the rules!
- I know.
[PERSON] All right, take care.
[SINGER] Everywhere ♪
Here and there ♪
People stand ♪
Hey, Mom.
Hey, baby.
That was a beautiful eulogy.
- Ella wrote it.
I could tell,
but I was still proud.
Baby, I want you to know something.
Nana Mavis wasn't the
only one who was proud.
I am proud of you every single day.
And I know my baby's gonna make it.
- Thanks.
- [SANDRA] Come here.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
[SINGER] Waiting for a new day, yeah ♪
I thank you for it, baby ♪
- Come in.
What are you still doing here?
Found something you might want.
Made a few calls.
Jason, how much was it?
Don't worry about it.
I still owe you a lot more than that.
But it's a start.
allow me.


Miss Ross?
GPS said it's about 45
minutes to Chicago Executive.
Oh, that's that's private.
Business that good?
um, my flight's from a friend.
I just came by to drop that off.
Maybe I'll catch you when
the band's in New York.
You will.

[SINGER] Tell me ♪
How to hope when you're gone ♪

Stand alone ♪
Opened up the truth unfolds ♪

[SINGERS] So tell me I was wrong ♪
For believing lies ♪
For believing signs ♪

So tell me I was wrong ♪
For believing lies ♪
For believing signs ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
So tell me I was wrong, oh ♪
For believing lies, ah ♪
[WOMAN] Whoo-hoo! [GIGGLES]
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