Run the World (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

A New Hope

[RENEE] Previously on Run the World
I'm Ola, otherwise known as Dr. Adeyemo.
Oh, God, just swipe left.
[JASON] Hey, I'm, uh,
going to Atlanta next week.
How long you gonna be gone?
- Few months maybe.
- What?
- You gonna miss me?
- [RENEE] Negro, please.
Don't let me keep you.
You free to run off to Hotlanta.
I'm just here trying
to network, not date.
I am the network.
Besides, I think we could do both.
So you're not gonna
live with us anymore?
- No, chicken.
- Wait a minute.
Why am I comforting
you, when I'm the one
with the funeral to help
plan and a eulogy to write?
[SNIFFLES] I know that
you guys loved Ola.
I'm sorry that it didn't work out,
but I just really need
you guys to be on my side.
How you holding up?
My mom had to sell
something of my nana's
that she said she was gonna give me.
[JASON] That mink stole from the photo.
[RENEE] I can't believe
you remember that.
[JASON] I remember a lot of things.

[WHITNEY] I can't believe Hope
flew all the way to New York
to tell us big news.
I can. She lives in Sacramento.
I'd come to New York every chance I got.
Maybe that's the news. Maybe
she's moving to New York.
No, that would never happen.
It-it would be months
and months of planning.
- Ooh, ooh!
- Oh.
- [HOPE] Hi!
- [WHITNEY] Look at you.
[SONDI] Okay, gloves
[WHITNEY] Hey, what
is the scoop? Tell us.
I know it's a lot, but
I'm getting married.
Wha Married? [LAUGHS]
To yourself?
Girl, no!
- His name is
- [BOTH] Francisco!
- They met in Tulum.
- [BOTH] Oh.
- Can I tell the story?
- Yes. My bad.
[SONDI] Uh, Tulum,
as in the "trip we just
took four months ago" Tulum?
Yes. He's an artist.
A sculptor, actually.
I'm sorry. I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet.
So you're marrying someone
you've known for four months?
I know. It's crazy.
But I feel like I've
known him my entire life.
Mm-hmm. They're soul mates.
[SONDI] So tell us the story.
[HOPE] So do you all remember that day
I went souvenir shopping on my own
because you all thought it was lame
and, "Who even buys souvenirs anymore?"
- Yes.
- Yeah, it's instant garbage.
Well, I was shopping for
T-shirts for my parents
when I stumbled on an amazing
sculpture in one of the shops.
And I asked the shopkeeper about it,
but she said it wasn't for sale.
But I was very persistent,
as you know I can be.
- Oh, we know.
- [RENEE] Oh, yes.
So, finally, the shop owner tells me
she knows the artist,
who's in town visiting
and that I'd have to
convince him to sell it to me.
So I told her, "Get him on the phone."
So she calls him up,
and I give him all the reasons
he should sell it to me.
And then he says,
"I need to meet the woman who
wants this piece so badly."
And then he tells me
not to leave the shop.
Well, he walked in, and
we looked at each other,
and that was it.
- T-that was it?
- [HOPE] Yeah.
- [SONDI] Oh.
- I knew he was the one.
- [SONDI] Well
- And, Renee, you knew all this?
[RENEE] Well, I didn't know all of that,
but I knew as soon as she
came stumbling into that hotel
with that goofy little grin
like she just had the
best dick of her life,
I knew something went down.
So you hooked up in Tulum?
Several times, yes, and
here in New York, too.
Oh, so you've been you've
been coming into the city
without saying anything to anyone?
- Yes. [LAUGHS]
- Oh.
- And you knew this?
- I mean, I ain't know that.
- You sneaky bitch.
I'm so proud of you.
Wait. So were you seeing him
when you came here to check on me?
Okay, less questions and
more "Hope, this is amazing.
I can't wait to meet him."
Hope, this is this
is amazing. [CHUCKLES]
But, you know, as your best friend,
I have to ask these questions.
So are you are you sure about this?
Surer than sure.
The wedding is Sunday in Brooklyn.
- Sunday?
- [WHITNEY] Brooklyn?
I thought you wanted to get married
in Martha's Vineyard.
No, that's what my parents wanted.
Now they're just excited
for the possibility of grandchildren,
and they couldn't be happier for me.
- [RENEE] Aw.
- Oh.
That is beautiful.
Can I wear a dress with a
really high slit up the leg?
Renee, you can wear whatever you want.
You can even bring Preston.
Oh. [SCOFFS] He's in Ghana
right now on business.
But thank you, girl.
Francisco sounds hot.
I know!
It's out of the blue and
out of character for me,
but love will make you
do some crazy things.
But you're all happy for me, right?
- [SONDI] Yes.
- [WHITNEY] Of course.
- [RENEE] Yes.
- [HOPE] Okay, good.
I have to go find a dress,
but I would love for you all
to come to Francisco's
studio tomorrow and meet him,
if you have the time.
- Oh, we will make the time.
- Yay!
- Okay.
- [HOPE] Mm!
Okay, I'm off. Mwah, mwah, mwah.
I'll see you tomorrow?
I'm not happy about this.
Like it or not, it's happening.

We runnin', we runnin', we runnin' ♪
We run the world, we run the ♪
You don't think this is some
sort of reaction to me, right?
What do you mean?
Like, she's so disillusioned
by my breakup with Ola
that she's being impulsive?
- Egotistical much?
- [WHITNEY] Shut up.
I just always thought
that Hope would marry
- An accountant?
- A white dude named Brad
who works in insurance
and drives a Volvo?
A guy more in her success lane.
Look, I don't blame Hope
for wanting to marry a guy
that can give her multiple Os.
Shit, that's how Jason trapped my ass.
Oh, Hope just sent me a pic.
This looks just like my wedding dress.
Your wedding dress didn't
look anything like that.
Your wedding dress looked like
a Pussycat Doll got married.
- Y'all some haters.
[WHITNEY] Okay, what
the hell is going on?
Why is Hope not reaching
out to me for my input?
- I'm her best friend.
- Mm, somebody's jealous.
Oh, please. I'm just concerned.
Are you concerned about
the marriage itself,
or are you concerned about
her off-the-rack wedding dress?
Can't it be both?
Look, I ain't trying
to steal Hope from you.
I actually think Hope is trying
to spare your little feelings.
But I'm fine.
[SCOFFS] Just because things
didn't work out with Ola
doesn't mean that I'm so fragile
that I can't be there for my
friend when she falls in love
with a man she barely knows.
That came this close to
actually sounding supportive.
Oh, come on, if you
had said yes to Matthew,
I would've said something.
And, Renee, if you
were marrying Preston,
I would say something crazy is crazy.
You know, Whitney, just
because you like to be perfect
and plan every detail
doesn't mean that that's
everyone's journey.
And by the way, if Preston asked,
I'd say, "Yes."
- No, you wouldn't.
- [RENEE] I would. You know what?
Something hit me on the
PJ after Nana's funeral
between the third and fourth course
that I could be Mrs. Prestify.
He provides a good
life, he makes me laugh,
and he's got a big dick.
And if that's not love, what is?
Grab the keys and
let's go for a ride ♪
Something I can help
you find in particular?
Uh, I don't know.
I'm just looking for something
for my first day of work.
Let me guess
- supermodel.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, my God.
All right, that was bad on purpose.
Let me guess again.
Lucky second guess.
Aren't you gonna guess what I do?
- Oh, it isn't this?
- No.
I'm actually getting my
master's in finance right now.
This is just to put food on the table,
but I have a serious five-year plan.
Good for you.
So what's your plan?
Be rich in five years.
You cocky as hell.
"No doubt. Life is
good in Harlem, baby."
Oh, my God, Paid in Full.
That's that's my favorite movie.
Mine too.

[WHITNEY] Renee, Renee?
- Renee?
- Huh? Sorry. [CHUCKLES]
Like I was saying,
this is good for Hope.
If she's as happy as I am with Preston,
we shouldn't get in the way of that,
even if she's buying
a dress off the rack
two days before her wedding.
- I agree with Renee.
- [RENEE] Mm-hmm.
It's her life.
Anyways, I got to get going right now.
I have office hours in 30 minutes.
Oh, how are things on campus going?
I've definitely been hiding out
in my office since the breakup.
I just can't take all of
the judgment right now.
It's like I have 100 little
Whitneys just staring at me.
- Okay, not funny.
The next time the two
of you are on the verge
of making a huge mistake,
I'll keep my mouth shut.
Good. Bye.

That's the smartest
thing you've said all day.

Your thoughts are strong,
but I need more evidence
to support your statements.
This is a research paper, not an essay.
Uh, can I rewrite it?
You can, but then I would
have to consider it late,
and that would be a
full letter grade off.
So the best you could do would be a B.
Um a C is fine.
[SONDI] W Do you want your paper?
Nah, I'm good.
Oh, Lord.
- Ah, hey.
- Hello.
Professor, how are you?
I just came to chop it up,
- as the young folks say.
- Oh.
[BAPTISTE] I thought I would see you
at the departmental mixer last week.
Yeah, well, Matthew was there,
so I figured I would
just, you know, skip it.
[SIGHS] Yeah, that
What are people saying about me?
You received death threats
in the comments section
of that podcast just a few weeks ago,
and that didn't faze you.
But now you care about
a little campus gossip?
Okay, well, when you say it like that,
I guess it does sound
a little bit ridiculous.
Good. Then my point has been made.
But I didn't come here to
talk about your personal life,
which I somehow keep
getting pulled into.
I came in here because
I have some good news.
Let it be a raise, Jesus ♪
Jesus said no,
but the Langley Dissertation Fellowship
is opening up applications
to third-year students.
- Oh, they are?
- Mm-hmm.
Just a small group of fellows.
But I already spoke to
the selection committee,
and you're on their radar.
All you need to do is
write a stellar essay,
which is no problem
for you, and you're in.
- Great.
Um, thank you for for telling me.
I'll I'll I'll look into it.
Why is it every time I bring
a great opportunity to you,
the first words out of
your mouth are never,
"Yes, Professor Baptiste,
thank you, Professor Baptiste"?
I did just say "thank you."
[BAPTISTE] I really
like this for you, Sondi.
It's prestigious,
and they would provide a stipend for you
and pay for your research expenses.
You'd be getting paid to
write your dissertation.
When's the deadline?
You have plenty of time.
Two weeks.
Stay focused.
Uh, no, don't talk to me. Talk to my TA.
Hi. Sorry. Sit.
Giving out Cs.


Isn't it weird I can't find a
single picture of him online?
His entire Instagram is just art.
No, I've seen way worse on men's IGs.
Will you stop trying to be a private eye
and just meet the man?
Well, says the one person
who's actually seen his face.
[SCOFFS] I never said I saw his face.
- I said I've seen pictures.
- What does that even mean?
Oh, my God.
Did you see a dick pic?
- Okay, that's another strike.
Men who send dick pics
are not marriage material.
Well, I guess no man is
marriage material. [SCOFFS]
Ola never sent you a
little something, something
for the spank bank?
- I want to change the subject.
- [SONDI] Mm-hmm.
Well, would you look at that?
[SINGER] Within, within ♪
Within ♪
- Oh, my God.
- This is not what I expected.
[SINGER] Within, within ♪
Good for you, Hope.
Sondi, Whitney, and Renee?
I'm Francisco. [SMOOCHES]
- [RENEE] Mm.
- But you can call me Frank.
It's my great pleasure
to meet all of you,
especially you, Sondi.
I've been following you on
social media for a few weeks,
and you're really smart and insightful.
Ah, well, you have won me over.
- Welcome to the family.
- Okay, relax.
[CHUCKLES] We still have
some questions, right?
- We really don't.
- None that I can think of.
[CHUCKLES] You must be
Whitney, the tough cookie.
The skeptical best friend, yeah.
Oh, you made it.
This is Francisco.
Hope has told me all about you three,
and she was right you all
are visions, just like my Hope.
you live here in Brooklyn?
I live all over the place, but, yes.
Mm, and you know that
Hope has a great job
and life in Sacramento.
I don't think anyone's put
the word "great" and Sacramento
- in the same sentence.
[HOPE] Yeah, that part.
I mean, we're still figuring
everything out, but don't worry.
I'll still have a great
job wherever I land
- as long as it's with him.
- Baby.
And, uh, is that you?
It is.
- [SONDI] And, Francisco, you
- [HOPE] Ooh, he did.
[SONDI] Okay.
[HOPE] It's not for sale.
[FRANCISCO] Did Hope tell you we're
gonna be in Argentina for a month
starting Monday?
The honeymoon's going to be beautiful.
- [HOPE] Mm-hmm.
- [WHITNEY] Argentina?
What happened to the
catacombs in Palermo?
Francisco happened.
[RENEE CHUCKLES] I know that's right.

[RENEE] Ooh.

[RENEE] Okay.
6 foot 5 ♪
I can fly ♪
To Hope and Francisco,
who we will not name again
until we're home from the club.
- [WHITNEY] Hey.
- [HOPE] Hey!
Drink up, bitches.
- Ahh.
I cannot believe we are
having another bachelorette.
Mm, well, hopefully the
outcome of this one will be better.
Damn, Renee, I'm right here.
Well, that's why I'm hosting, too,
because we all know
that Sondi's apartment
has a relationship curse.
Well, you're not wrong.
Okay, did you two ever think
that maybe it was the
relationships that were cursed?
No more talk of cursed relationships.
- Oh, having second thoughts?
- Yes, but not about Francisco.
Okay, I'm done. I've said my piece.
Good, 'cause I've got a surprise.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Bring it in.
[HOPE GASPS] Oh, my God!
This one kind of looks like Francisco's.
Mm, good, my photographic
memory coming in handy.
Did you describe his dick,
like some kind of erotic
police sketch artist?
I may have.
Okay. Renee
which one of these looks like Preston's?
- Don't be crass, Sondi.
Though I did make a
mold of Jason's once.
- [HOPE] You did?
- [WHITNEY] What?
Mm-hmm, I was working for this campaign
for this company Design a Dick.
Okay, it's ready.
So I'm just supposed
to stick it in this
What is this?
Well, the directions says it's
an algae-based molding powder,
but you can't just stick it in.
It's got to be hard first.
You better get this account.
Mm, that's why I love you so much,
'cause you support me no matter what.
Yeah. He had a rash for a few days,
but he was a good sport about it.
I did not need to know any of that.
- [SONDI] Mm-mm.
- Oh, no.
- Is everything okay?
My dress isn't gonna be
ready in time for the wedding.
- [ALL] What?
- [WHITNEY] Why?
Uh, the tailor's carpal
tunnel is acting up,
and it's it's too late
to book a replacement.
Oh, well
I'll just get something
at Kohl's tomorrow.
Girl, no.
Why are you so calm?
I'd have to slap the
shit out of somebody.
You know, I don't sweat the small stuff.
[SONDI] Mm, okay.
Aren't you the same woman
who ran out of a restaurant
because they served the
entrees before the appetizers?
Mm, tut-tut.
That was the old Hope.
Ladies, I know when you look at me,
all you see is a flawless goddess,
but here's the tea.
Old Hope was miserable.
I was always working
or planning or saving
but never living.
Old Hope was eating out
every night and depressed.
New Hope is getting eaten
out every night and happy.
Now, be a dear, pass me that ass.
[ALL CHANTING] Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass.
[SONDI] Hey!
Should I bite it?
That's what she said.
[SINGER] Give me that
fucked-up price tag ♪

[WHITNEY] It has been a while
since I've come to Brooklyn.
[RENEE] I know, but I
done ran through Harlem.
But besides, this might
be Hope's new hood.
- Don't get your hopes up.
Frank and I are still figuring that out.
[RENEE] Oh, God.
Not you again.
Let me guess. You don't remember us.
Yeah, I remember you.
You're the older ladies
from the other club.
What's the password?
"Emotional trauma"
that you've caused us.
Let us in.
I'm sorry. That's not it.
Just let us in!
[HOPE] Oh, just
Let me just text
Francisco. Maybe he knows.
Oh, shit, you Francisco's lady?
- Shit, come on in.
- [HOPE] Oh.
Little bitch.
We are not old.
Thank you.

[HOPE] Babe!
Well, that would explain why
he would know the password.
- [RENEE] Uh, Hope?
- Mm.
- Why is your man here?
- Oh.
I invited him! [GIGGLES]
Okay, your girl is gone,
like full-on "Megan Thee Stallion
hugging her man around the
waist on the Internet" gone.
- Well, if it's up
- Then it's stuck.
- Y'all are a mess.
[SINGER] Ready to go ♪
I hop in my car ♪
I ride in the dark ♪
You know, under the bell ♪
Touchin' myself, see,
I'm up by your flogs ♪
Watch you excited open the door ♪
Wait, stop can you hear me moaning? ♪
Venti White Chocolate?
Excuse me?
Your drink order at Starbucks.
- Oh! Oh, you're my
- [BOTH] Barista!
I'm Carissa. Left the name tag at work.
- You're Whitney.
I know because I'm
always writing your name,
correctly, I might add.
Uh, yeah, which I
appreciate, by the way.
Oh, it's so funny to run
into you way out here.
Yeah, my date brought me out here.
Aww, that's nice.
- [PERSON] Hey.
- Oh, here he is.
- Hey.
- Hey. Whitney.
Oh, my God. You two know each other?
Yeah, yeah, we do.
We-we used to be engaged.
Go to college
Oh, shit.
- Awkward.
- No, it's fine.
Yeah, it is.
So what what are you what
are you doing here, Whitney?
I'm getting married.
- Oh, what?
- Yeah, tomorrow.
Sorry I can't invite you,
but Whitney's my best
friend on the planet,
and that would've been awkward as hell.
Yeah, that that seems
to be a recurring theme.
Um, so w-who's who's the lucky guy?
Oh, he over there.
Wow. Nice.
- And who are you?
I'm Ola's date.
- Girl, they playing our song.
- Yeah.
[SINGER] We don't give a ♪
Way too drunk ♪
We don't give a ♪
We gonna leave it up ♪
We don't give a ♪
Yo, we don't give a ♪
Too much money ♪
We don't give a ♪
- Way too drunk ♪
- Ooh, it's weird seeing Ola
- with someone else.
Even if it is just
some little Tinder date.
You two should be together.
It's okay. I'm better now.
And you don't have
to avoid talking to me
about Francisco or your life.
I can handle it.
I know.
If I'm being real, I just didn't
want you to try and talk me out of it.
- Oh.
- You can be very convincing.
Well, now that I've had
a little time with him,
- emphasis on the "little"
I can see how happy you are,
and I don't think there's
anything I could have said
- that would stop this.
- You got that right!
[RENEE] Ahh.
So, Frankie, you're gonna
do right by our girl, right?
By my Hope and by all of you.
Your best friends are
now my best friends.
[ALL] Aww.
But don't you even think about
moving out of the country.
We already lost one friend.
Oh, I'll be wherever
Hope wants me to be.
- [RENEE] That's a good answer.
- It's the right answer.
Are you crying?
- No.
- You know she is. Ooh, I love you all.
[ALL] Oh!
[RENEE] Let's sing the
theme song from Golden Girls.
- Yeah!
- No, Living Single.
Y'all might be living single,
but I'm getting married tomorrow.

[SINGER] Unless you ♪
On the wave of my ocean ♪
Oh, unless you got
my face on the socials ♪
It's emotional ♪
Rosé, keep it old-school ♪
Then I'm back up in the
club with the frozen ♪

- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, so where's your date? [CHUCKLES]
- Uh, bathroom.
- Hmm.
So how did you two meet?
You don't drink coffee, so [CHUCKLES]
Uh, an app, actually.
I saw you on there.
I saw you, too.
My leg was in one of your profile pics.
Mm, yeah. My arm was in one of yours.
[OLA] Hope looks really happy.
- Like, she's cloud nine.
[OLA] How long have
they known each other?
Four months.
Wow. Four
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- God damn.
- Yeah.
You can come to the wedding if you want.
She's your friend, too.
Nah, it's all good. Enjoy it.
I'm all
wedding'd out. [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY]

So I-I hear you're moving.
Where'd you hear that?
The apartment broker
called me to ask me out.
My These women are ruthless.
You said no, right?
So you find a new place or or no?
I'm, uh, thinking of buying, actually.
Oh, really?
That that's smart.

Yeah, yeah, we probably should
have bought something years ago.
That that's my fault.
Ah, you wanted to get
married before we owned.
It's it's normal. [CHUCKLES]
A little patriarchal.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, that's a
very nice way of putting it.

It's really nice to see you.
You too.


[PERSON] Will you please stand?


Have I been sleeping on Kohl's?
Girl, that dress ain't from Kohl's.
- I do. I do.
- I do!
Well, damn. they ain't waste no time.
I think legally the officiant
still has to say something.
- Oh, no, here she comes.

I'm still in love with Jason.

Watching the stars again ♪

Wondering where
they end and we begin ♪

Under the sleepless night ♪
Feel the warmth of
a memory by my side ♪

Can we relive a dream? ♪
It's never what it seems ♪
Maybe better ♪
Just when you think you
know where you're headed ♪

[WOMAN] Whoo-hoo![GIGGLES]
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