Run the World (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

A Rage in Harlem

[RENEE] Previously on Run The World
Let me just bring you up to speed.
I'm fucking a millionaire
who genuinely likes me
and can give me everything,
but for some fucked up reason,
I'm having mixed feelings about it.
I think I'm still in love with Jason.
I've definitely been hiding out
in my office since the breakup.
I have never felt more excited
than when I was on that podcast
and all those people
were hearing my voice.
I want to keep exploring that.
I'm getting married.
New Hope is getting eaten
out every night and happy.
You should put that in your vows.
- [HOPE] And who are you?
- I'm Ola's date.
- Oh!
- I hear you're moving.
I'm uh, thinking of buying actually.
Well, that that's smart.
[LISA] Six-figure salary,
two-parent household,
6% body fat that's athlete
level, you know that, right?
I could've had dozens
of matches for you,
but I don't.
You got a lot of deal breakers.
No doctors,
no kids,
no one from the outer boroughs.
Lisa, I know it seems like
I'm being picky, and I am,
- but I should be.
- [LISA] I agree.
I just need to know more
about what you do want
and less about what you don't.
Well, I hadn't thought
about it like that.
[SIGHS] I guess I want someone who's
fun, um
spontaneous, carefree.
You know, I just saw one of
my best friends marry someone
who is nothing like her,
and she couldn't be happier.
Okay. I think I might
have someone for you.
[SINGER] We runnin', we runnin' ♪
We runnin' ♪
We run the world, we run the ♪
I still can't believe I paid 5K
to get set up with
someone I already know.
Am I not worth it?
Oh, you will be once you pay for dinner.
That's not very forward thinking.
I'm just trying to recoup my losses.
I recently bought a condo.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
[PHILLIP] I hope you got a good deal.
[WHITNEY] I did. Yeah.
Put down 30%.
Locked in an interest rate at 2.99.
And this is a really lame subject.
Are you kidding? I love interest rates.
I'm a little out of practice, okay?
[PHILLIP] Yes, you are.
But you're also smart
and sexy,
and I'm really happy our
paths have crossed again.
Me too. [CHUCKLES]
Would you like to see my place?
I would.

Oh, sorry. I don't have a headboard.
It's on back-order,
but it's coming soon.
Only women complain about those things.
You have walls, that's more than enough.
[SINGER] Let it go ♪



[RENEE] Whitney, your place is gorgeous.
[CHUCKLES] I'm gonna be here,
like, every day. [CHUCKLES]
You really pulled this place together.
Yeah, yeah. It's all right.
Look at her. This bitch
is about to explode.
Okay, tell us about your date.
It was the best date of my life.
Just really expensive food and
hours of great sex.
Just really, really great sex.
Dates really don't need to
be anything more than that.
But there was a real spark too.
Oh, my God, no.
Please do not tell me
you are already trying
to lock this guy down, Whitney.
You are a homeowner now, okay?
You are a bad bitch.
You need to let this
guy sweat a little bit.
Mm, looks like they did
plenty of sweating last night.
- Your edges are puffy.
- Oh.
[RENEE LAUGHS] Look at her.
- You got that glow, girl.
Mm, it's a whole new Whitney.
Well, now, I've got two things
to show off at my housewarming.
[SONDI] You invited him already?
I think it's cute.
Let our girl be Meghan Markle
with her little prince if she wants to.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, my turn.
Preston wants to meet up.
He says he has some news for me.
News for you? What?
Don't you have some news for him?
"Hey, Preston. What's up?
I'm still in love with Jason."
[WHITNEY] You haven't
broken up with Preston yet?
I mean, he's just so nice to me
This bitch ain't said
a motherfucking word.
- Nope.
- I'm in a love triangle, y'all.
I wonder if Preston and Jason
would be down to be a throuple.
Okay, you've lost it.
I know. Okay, fine. I'll do it.
You keep workshopping
this polyamory idea.
I have to go interview
for this fellowship,
and then I have to go
study in the library.
- On a Saturday?
- Yeah.
Sucks to be you. [LAUGHTER]
I hope you both fall over
the edge of this balcony.
- Bye-bye. Love you.
- Bye.
We'll just be here.
- Chillin'.
Oh shit.
[WHITNEY] Oh, he is not
going to take this well.
No, he's not.
Well, damn.
Sorry. Come in.
I'm Sondi.
- Phillip.
- Mm. Enchanté.
Um, well, okay. But I-I'm not French.
[RENEE] Ooh.
[GIGGLING] And I'm Renee.
It's nice to meet you
- Oh my God.
- Phillip.
I see you're already gabbing
to the girls about me.
Oh, yes she was, Philli-puh.
Okay. See you later.
Oh, uh
Are you rushing us out?
- I am.
- Toodles.
Good bye, Phillip.
Get out of my house. Bye-bye.
Love you. Okay.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
I know I just showed up unannounced,
but I thought I'd be
a little spontaneous
and kidnap you.
See where the day takes us.
Oh. I love that.
Um, well, let me just get dressed.
Or undressed.
Mm. Oh.

[SINGER] Never say too much ♪
Check it out if you have a chance.

[SINGER] Father, forgive me ♪
That's a good one.
Yeah, it is.
Seriously, dude?
Sorry. I know it's an intrusion,
but I got a short documentary
screening here next week,
and going off the book you're reading,
thought you might be interested.
[SONDI] "American Mother,
an exploration of the
burden of Black motherhood."
This is, um
This is actually something
I would be interested in,
but I-I have class at 2:00.
So could you maybe just
consider sending me
the link or something?
Mm, not the link request.
What can I say? I'm busy.
Fine. Give me your number,
but you better watch it.
Okay, don't tell me what I better do.

And only text me your movie.
Just the film. I promise.

Thanks, Jasmine.
Yeah, you're welcome.
See you.

[WHITNEY] Today's been great.
[PHILLIP] Day's not over yet.
Wow. This stuff is avant-garde.
It's post abstract.
I thought it might inspire you.
Inspire me? How?
Well, your art's a little bland.
I thought you should see some real art.
With feeling.
Wow, Phillip, don't hold back.
[LAUGHS] I'm sorry.
Let me rephrase. It's safe.
Like a catalogue.
[CHUCKLES] I disagree.
But your personal style is exceptional.
And I wanted to take you out
today just to be seen with you,
and your flat is
lovely, but you could use
a bold statement piece
to pull it all together.
[PHILLIP] What do you think?
[WHITNEY] It definitely
makes a statement.
And at 5 grand, it's a steal.
[LAUGHS] $5,000?
Consider it a housewarming gift.
Oh, you already bought this.
- For me.
- You're worth it.

[MATTHEW] Sondi.
[SONDI] Hey.
This is probably gonna happen a lot.
Yeah, probably.
So, uh, we're good, right?
I got the email about
Amari's birthday party and
Oh, yeah. Yeah, she'd love to see you.
Oh, so we are good.
Yeah. Yeah, we're fine.
It is what it is, right?
Right. Um, well, again,
you know, I just want to say that
Don't say you're sorry. Not again.
So we're not good.
[CHUCKLES] Of course we're not good.
Sondi, a month ago we were a family.
I proposed to you.
Do you think I give a
fuck what anybody thinks?
I put my career on the line for us.
Matthew, so did I.
Is that supposed to be
why I stayed with you?
You're supposed to stay with me
'cause you're in love with me.
But you're not anymore,
and that happens,
but I'm still very
much in love with you.
And until I'm not, no, we are not good.
I know that you already got the evite,
but I think I'd prefer it if
you don't come to her party.
I understand.
I'll see you around.
[SINGER] Livin' ♪

Spendin' a life ♪
So let's say I buy
the whole label though.
Is that a conflict?
Oh, well, then let's do that.
Yeah, send me the paperwork.
I'll have it all done tonight.
Okay. No, that's perfectly cool.
Hey, you know what?
Let me, uh, let me hit you back, man.
My lady friend just got here.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, okay.
All right. Callin' you my lady
friend like we 80 years old.
Oh, I thought they discontinued this?
Oh, they did. I re-continued it.
It's your favorite, right?
Damn, you smell good.
The wind hitting you and shit.
You also taste good
too. Did I tell you that?
I wonder how much
- Preston, we have to
- Peep this.
I talked to Cardi B last night.
Told her about your agency.
- You did?
- Of course I did.
She has these new
popsicles calls WAPsicles
that she's trying to come out with.
I'm like, "Baby girl, do
the BOPsicles or something."
Ain't nobody want no
wet-ass pussy pops, you know?
I mean, if it's good, it's good.
Anyway, I'm gonna uh, give
you her contact right now.
Yup, that's her. And, uh
Okay, Preston, we have to break up.
I can't date you anymore.
I can't take any more favors from you.
I'm not going to get a divorce.
Is it a money thing,
Renee? I can have Jeff
You'll be divorced tonight. Trust me
I don't want to get a divorce.
I want to work things
out with my husband.
[LAUGHS] And you telling me now.
Are you okay?
I will be.
Matter of fact, fuck that. I am okay.
I mean, you got to do what's
best for you, you know?
It ain't like we was serious.
We was just kicking it, right?
I got no feelings for you, you know?
It's like really was just trying
to hook you up, you know?
Help you out. See you win.
I was just tryin' to help you shine.
But you know what, Renee?
I really hope you find
what you're looking for.
You know? 'Cause I know I will.
No, she good.
Good luck.
Can I still call Cardi?
[PRESTON] Absolutely not.

So Preston just ran out?
I never seen that man move so fast.
I felt terrible, but I love Jason.
Do you think Jason's gonna be upset
that you've been with other men?
Shit. He been out there
too, but to be safe,
I'll get a Yoni steam and
clear that whole thing out.
- No.
- Hey, grab those.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a lot of coasters, Whitney.
You gonna be on dirt patrol all night?
I'm just trying to stay ahead of it.
I want people to come, drop their gift,
be envious of my home, have
one glass of white wine,
and leave. Perfect housewarming.
Is that why you got all
these dry-ass nuts everywhere?
- They don't stain.
"Hey, Jasmine, it's Rashad.
Here's my documentary"?
Sondi, I asked you to stop doing this.
I still get hookah bar
invites from Randy in Daytona.
I know. I'm sorry.
It's just this guy in
the library invited me
to see his movie and it
sounded really interesting.
I just didn't want him in my business.
Can you send me that link though?
From professor to student? Sondi.
It's not what you think.
He is not a student there.
And even if I was
considering a date with him,
which I am not,
Matthew came along and
killed that whole vibe.
I ran into him at the library.
Sondi, you may have to transfer.
Did you two talk?
Yeah, we did,
and he uninvited me to
Amari's birthday party.
[RENEE GROANS] Sweetie, I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's his choice to make.
- What's that?
- Oh, don't touch it.
I mean, it's
it's a painting that Phillip got for me.
He thinks I don't make
bold enough choices.
Ew, he said that.
Well, now I got to see this shit.
- It
I thought British people
were supposed to have taste.
Right? But no one's perfect.
I could work on it.
Is he coming, expecting to see
this up on display somewhere?
I'm gonna just stick
this in the bedroom.
That's a great solution for that.
What the fuck was that? A hand?
[WHITNEY] Oh, thank you
so much for being here.
It was really nice to see you.
Yeah, um, feel free
to leave at any time.

- [RENEE] Ooh
- For God's sake,
if you're gonna eat a
cracker, use a plate.
Crumbs, new couch. Relax. Stop. Please.
Barb, thank you so much for coming.
Oh, thanks for having me.
I mean, at first I didn't care at all,
but then I saw the address on Zillow.
I've been tracking this place.
I I just had to come
see what you did with it.
Ha ho. Not bad.
Thank you. Thank you.
Yeah, I just love the building.
There's so much history.
[LAUGHS] I'll say.
I mean, in the '70s, it was a whorehouse
and then the '80s, it was a crack house.
In the '90s, it was a halfway house.
Lot of history.
Oh, good. You're done.
All done. Thank you so much.

[SONDI] Who are these people?
[RENEE] No idea, but Whitney told us
not to act up, so I'ma just hang back.
Do you want to go to
Red Rooster after this
- and get some real food?
- Definitely.
Well, you know a party's dead
when you'd rather watch a
documentary on your phone.
[LAUGHS] Be nice.
I'm just kind of curious.
I'm only gonna watch a few minutes.
Oh, okay.
You're really gonna watch it then.
- Hmm.
See? I told you he still loves me.
It's Jason.
I'm gonna see you a lot. Mm-mm.
I love you.
That's what I'm fucking talking about.
And this is the bedroom.
Wow. This is gorgeous, Whitney.
Thank you, and thank you for coming.
Of course. Thank you
so much for inviting me.
Ooh, what's this?
Oh, no, you don't need
to. That's that
yeah, so that is a painting
that Phillip got for me.
I just don't know where to put it.
Oh, the guy from the mixer?
- Good for you.
Uh, well, you can't be
hot and have good taste.
You don't think my
décor is bland, right?
No. It's classic
and chic.
Thank you.
But you're not gonna put
this in your house, right?
Okay. [LAUGHS]
Well, let me show you
in the bathroom, I've got
this amazing shower head.

[PHILLIP] What you doing?
Um, I was just I was storing it
until I could find the
perfect place for it.
I do think it'll look good in here.
Maybe above the bed.
Yeah, maybe. Or not.
Do you mind if I change the music?
- This music sounds kind of
- Don't you dare say bland.
I like the music.
Mellow. This party's dead.
It's a housewarming, not a rave.
Who the hell are those guys?
I invited a few of my mates.
Um, you're cool, right?
- Oh, yeah, that's cool.
- [PHILLIP] Hey.
What's going on? Thanks
for inviting us, man.
- [PHILLIP] You know how we do.
- [MAN] Yeah.
This is Whitney.
- Nice place.
- Thank you.
Can I use your bathroom?
Uh, yeah, sure. It's right there.
Come on.
I'll be right back.
Uh, you're cool, right?
Nothing good can come from
three grown men going
into a bathroom together.
You don't think that
They're going to do
drugs in there, girl.
[SIGHS] Well, don't
like Phillip anymore.
What happened?
He's a pompous asshole.
[SINGER] Feel I found a way, way ♪
I could fly this shit ♪
I lit off the bit ♪
It first day kicks ♪
A pompous asshole who
just took over my music
when I explicitly asked him not to.
[SINGER] Hey, never catch me slip ♪
Never finna getting lit ♪
Let's dance.
What? No. I don't want to.
Come on. You're too
pretty to be this uptight.
Look, Renee's dancing as well.
[SINGER] Boy, throw my ♪
That is enough.
I am not uptight.
You brought uninvited
guests, you changed my music,
you buy me some ugly-ass painting
that I did not ask for, and
you called my home bland.
I'm sorry, Phillip. This
isn't going to work out.
- [WHITNEY] Phillip?
- You all right?
- Oh, my God.
- [MAN] You okay?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Is he OD'ing?
[MAN] He's not OD'ing.
He has a nut allergy.
Then why was he eating nuts?
He wasn't. It's probably because
the particles in the air from
all the nut bowls you have around here.
Ever heard of real food?
- There are a lot of nuts.
- Damn, girl.
[MAN] Get your EpiPen
out. Thank God you got it.
Is he breathing?
[MAN] Breathe, breathe.
- He breathing, y'all.
[SINGER] Did DaVinci trip? ♪
[SONDI] Way to pull through.
[SINGER] Yes, it's on my neck ♪
Shine, ywo-tone on my wrist ♪
Thinking you can't get this drip ♪
I was born with this shit ♪
Hey, so sorry about all
the almonds and peanuts.
I just didn't want food that
would be hard to clean up.
Such a Whitney quality.
You know you could use some tact.
Good bye, Whitney.
You could've killed him.
Mm-mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm.
I got some words for that matchmaker.
[CHUCKLES] Me too. I should've just
broken up with him
after the first red flag,
but I wanted to see it through.
I thought maybe I was
rushing to judgement.
Because he was fine.
A little.
[SIGHS] But really I just
I just wanted to feel that
feeling again, you know?
I'm a relationship person.
It was doomed from the start anyway.
Two light-skinned people
should never be together.
- It's unnatural.
Want us to stay and help you clean up
all these peanut particles?
No, it's fine.
- Say less.
- Bye.

[RENEE] Love you.

Who called you? Renee or Sondi?
Neither, actually.
One of my EMT buddies tipped me off.
So, uh, you almost killed a man, huh?
[GROANS] That's not funny.
[LAUGHS] It's a little funny.
Well, he deserved it anyway.
He deserved it, really?
Well, who was the guy?
[SIGHS] This jerk from HBS.
Phillip Houston.
Wait, the the pretty boy
you kicked out of study group?
You remember him?
Yeah, he used to sell Adderall
and coke all over Cambridge.
- He did?
- Yeah. You didn't know that?
- No!
Well, that explains a lot. [LAUGHS]
- I mean, it adds up.
- [OLA] Just saying.
Wow. The place is nice.
One bedroom.
I'm proud of you for downsizing.
Well, yeah. It's just me.
Hey, uh
I got you a little housewarming gift.
[OLA] You know, for your next emergency.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
[OLA] Mm-hmm. Yeah.

[OLA] Oh, uh damn. Sorry.
I got to go start my shift.
Are you you going to be okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Thanks for checking on me.
Yeah. Of course.
[WHITNEY] Thanks.
Is everything okay?
You know, I forgot how
nice The Talented 5th is.
Do you know if they
rent it out for events?
[RENEE] I'm sure they do.
You know, I could ask. This is my spot.
No, it's all good.
Listen, I've been back
and forth with this,
but with everything you're doing
and us being cool again
I wanted to give you this.
What? Are you a spy now?
You filed.
[JASON] This is what you wanted, right?
We both deserve a fresh start.

[SINGER] I keep chasin' ♪
Do you see me at all? ♪
We keep playing the same old song ♪
On and on ♪
Keep on fighting ♪
So uninviting, oh ♪
Now, my heart is so far gone ♪
But you don't know ♪
You think you do, you don't ♪
You don't know ♪
How it feels, babe ♪
You don't know ♪
You think you do, you don't ♪
You don't know ♪
You don't ♪
Standing right here ♪
Facing my fears ♪
[WOMAN] Whoo-hoo! [GIGGLES]
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