Run the World (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

No Regrets

[WHITNEY] Previously on Run the World
I still can't believe I paid 5K
to get set up with
someone I already know.
Would you like to see my place?
Oh, my God, is he OD'ing?
I should've just broken up with
him after the first red flag.
- Got you a little housewarming gift.
[WHITNEY] I'm a relationship person.
[AMARI] You can still
come to my birthday
- if you bring a gift.
- The kid's a savage.
I'm still very much in love with you,
and until I'm not, we are not good.
Seriously, dude?
I know it's an intrusion,
but I got a short documentary
screening here next week,
and I thought you might be interested.
[JASON] The band is sounding so good, B.
Hopefully the demo's mixed by tomorrow.
- How you doing?
- Honestly, great.
We just brought a new
songwriter on board.
[RENEE] This was supposed
to be a casual thing
with occasional business benefits.
It's moving too fast and
getting way too familiar.
- Preston, we have to break up.
- What?
- I want to work things out with my husband.
Oh, you filed.
We both deserve a fresh start.
[SONDI] So right now
there is a lot on my mind,
but tonight I want to talk
to you about Black motherhood.
I just watched the most
amazing short documentary.
And my consistency is
reflected in the targets I hit
with the Eco Cheese IPO,
the Isaac Realty expansion,
and the Salamander
Software product launch.
Jason, I still love you.
My ego got the best of me,
and I made a mistake
by asking for a divorce.
We are such a great team.
Listen, nigga, we ain't breaking up.

Okay, which one says that
I want to work this out
and you'd be crazy not to?
So no divorce?
I ain't signing shit.
Oh, that makes me happy.
Mm-hmm. We can tell.
My annual review's tomorrow.
The tighter my pores,
the better my poker face.
Oh, maybe I should put a mask on, too.
Girl, you don't need tight pores.
You need a tight, little dress
so you can show off that booty.
Good idea.
When I see him tomorrow, I'm
gonna tell him how I feel,
and he won't be able to say no.
You go get him, girl.
Yeah, girl, go get him. We love you.
I love you, too.

We runnin', we runnin', We runnin' ♪
We run the world ♪
We run the ♪

Hey, thanks for meeting here.
Just wrapping up some stuff
for this listening party.
So you have the papers?
About that, um, I didn't sign them yet.
Why not?
I'm not ready to.
My lawyer's still going through it.
- Who's your lawyer again?
- [RENEE SIGHS] Listen
Hey, India.
You are early.
[INDIA] I know. [LAUGHS]
Didn't want a repeat of Miami, huh?
Renee, this is India Blue,
our songwriter/producer from Atlanta.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry. We gotta figure
out this listening party.
- Do you want to talk later?
Yes. Um, but I'm sure
my expertise could help.
I can stay.
You're an event planner? Cute.
I curate experiences
that build brand awareness
through sponsorships and
social-media engagement.
Oh, you're an influencer.
How about you stop
trying to guess what I do?
How about you tell me what you do.
So this listening party
needs to get the whole
label invested in Lovestyle.
Get us a release date for this year
and the marketing dollars to go with it.
Well, that was for you, 'cause
Jason and I already talked about this.
Open bar here, uh, speakers over there.
Have Brandon and the guys
talk about what inspired them.
Simple, intimate I love it.
get some retro subway decor,
a listening bar, a photo booth,
give out swag bags,
put the band over there,
and really tell the story about
how you discovered Lovestyle.
Do we need all that flash?
If you don't get the
vision, just say that.
- I know the music industry.
- And I know marketing.
- I like this idea.
But I don't have a big budget.
I won't let the money get in the way.
Let me do what I do.
[INDIA] It'll be great.

And that's when I told him,
"You can't just touch
a Black woman's hair."
And you taught me that.
You have to ask first.
I'll never forget the day
you ripped me a new one about that.
Oh, I'm pretty sure
I didn't rip anything.
But I heard you loud and clear.
Guess who's coming to the cookout.
Ah, well, as you said before,
your numbers tell the
story of your stellar work.
Can't even tell you took a month off.
I think we're done here unless
there's anything else you want to add.
Thank you for your time, Brian.


[RASHAD] Man, I'm glad you came out.
I'm glad you enjoyed the film.
Rashad, hey.
How you doing, Sondi? Or is it Jasmine?
Sorry about that.
You were just some, like,
random dude off the street
handing out flyers, you
know what I'm saying?
Yeah, I get it. I got sisters.
Well, your documentary was amazing.
- Mm.
- I watched the link,
and then I came here
to see it again, so
Not too bad for a
brother off the streets.
Not bad at all.
I did not just come here
to sing your praises, though.
I'm actually on a mission.
I was wondering if I could
interview one of the mothers
in your documentary
for some anecdotal work
that I need to do in my dissertation.
I got a better idea.
I'm turning my short
into a feature film.
Would you consider joining the project?
I don't know anything
about making a documentary.
But you know the subject matter,
and you actually care about these women.
That is definitely true.
We do see eye to eye on
the plight of Black mothers.
Why don't we sit down, get
to know each other better,
see what else we agree on?
If it makes you feel better,
we can add food and
drinks to the equation,
now that I know your real name.
Um, I'm going to this
thing this weekend.
Maybe we can meet there
and talk some more.
Whatever it takes to get you on board,
I'm down.

[RENEE] Where the fuck y'all been?
- Y'all late.
- [WHITNEY] What?
Where you been? We haven't seen you
since you decided to help
Jason with this party.
Yeah. Weren't you supposed to
be telling him how you feel,
not doing a bunch of free labor?
I know, but [SIGHS]
I got blindsided by that
songwriting chick from Atlanta
who thinks she knows
Jason better than me.
I told y'all about her, right?
Oh, yes. We got the
many, many, many texts.
And voice memos.
Well, then you know I had to go all out.
I'ma send her ass back to
the Dirty where she belongs.
[SIGHS] I tapped all my contacts,
called in my favours.
This party and this group
is all Jason cares about.
And once he sees how
hard I went for him,
he'll be begging me
to rip up those papers.
Aren't you begging him?
Oh, I don't beg.
Mm. Oh, Renee, I love you.
But not being honest with Jason
is what got you into this mess.
So, if you're not
gonna be open with him,
all of this is a waste of time.
- I agree with you.
- Mm.
- Y'all get on my nerves.
- The truth hurts.
[SINGERS] Whoo-hoo ♪

- Whoo-hoo ♪
- [SINGER] Hey ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Hey, hey ♪

I can't believe this is the same place
that we get shots at on a Tuesday.
- If I was a music label,
I would give Lovestyle all of my money.
- [RENEE] Well, thank you.
The goal is to capture moments
that reflect who Lovestyle is.
Oh, well, it's reflecting, bitch.
- Do these things work?
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God, no way.
- No way.
- Cute.
- So cute.
Oh, my God. I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed.
Renee Ross Agency you're welcome.
- [SINGER] I said to you ♪

Oh, I forgot to tell you
that Jason invited Ola.
They're BFFs now.
Oh, that's fine. I
saw Ola after my party.
You two friends again?
[CHUCKLES] I don't know.
- Congrats, bro, like, for real.
- This is amazing.
- Thank you. Thank you.
I can only take credit for the band.
Everything else, all Renee.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, so how's that going?
It was a little sticky.
- Sticky?
- When Renee and India met.
You let them meet?
- I know.
- Nigga.
- I fucked up.
- Uh-huh.
Well, where is she, man?
I mean, I want to see
what you working with.
[OLA] Oh, okay. Okay.
Well, you sure ain't nothing
going on between you two?
- It's kind of blurry.
All right.
No, I can see clearly, and she
is not looking at me, brother.

- She's cool.
- [OLA] Mm.
Just a work thing.
All right.
No, if Renee wants
to stress about India,
- that's on her.
- [OLA] Mm.
I did everything she asked,
including filing divorce papers.
- Yeah.
- [JASON] And I didn't say
anything about whoever's flying
her around in a jet and shit.
Probably some crusty,
bald, fat-ass nigga
micro-dick, ashy knees.
All right, take it down.
Take it down. That's good.
Look, tonight is about you
and the band, all right?
Nothing else.
- You're right.
- I'm proud of you, bro. I am.
Thank you. Appreciate you.

[SONDI] Mm-mm.
- I do not remember Jason being that funny.
All that flirting is
doing nothing for Jason.
He's an ass man.
- And I'm off to work my magic.

- Mm, tonight's gonna be messy.

[SINGER] Don't make it harder ♪
- [OLA] What's up, brother?
- Oh, wow.
[OLA] How you doing? You good?
- I'm good.
- [OLA] Okay.

The messiest.
What are you gonna do?
[WOMAN] Could you move
to the side, please?
People are waiting.
- Oh. Oh.
Just a few more. This took hours.
Thank you.
[SINGER] I don't want
break down for you ♪
I said I'm begging, pleading ♪
Make up your mind ♪
Renee, hey.
This is dope.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's cute.
I love all, um, you
know, the little touches.
It's really more than I imagined.
Great, and there's more.
I'd like you to meet Iman McDaniels,
the publicist that's gonna
take Lovestyle up a level.
Iman, it is a pleasure. Jason Ross.
I know.
Renee gave me the details,
and I think I can help
her build a brand image
that will make you a label
and industry priority.
Can we afford this?
[LAUGHS] We worked out a little trade.
She'll help with my clients,
- and I'll give her Ella's address in Mexico.
I'm still waiting on that, by the way.
- [LAUGHS] I got you.
- Okay, but India Blue
I have to say, I am such
a big fan of your mixtapes.
You're working with Lovestyle?
Yes. Iman, thank you.
Um, you know, Jason took a chance
asking a woman songwriter to
work with an all-male band,
but he's not afraid to take risks.
And he just believes
that everything will always work out,
and it's one of the things
- I love most about him.
I don't think I've ever
said that to you before.
To be fair, you took a risk on me, too,
especially when I asked if you
could rework that cover for us.
But thank you for saying that.
- We make a good team.
- We do.
Oh, now, that's beautiful.
You know, I can work with
that. What do you think, Renee?
Yes. Uh, it's the story of
how they make music together
only music
of love, life, and music in New York.
- It's cool. Mm-hmm.
- [IMAN] Yeah.
Okay, so whatever
content you get tonight,
I know I can get it to the right people.
Let me make some calls.
- Thank you, girl.
- Mm-hm.
Okay. What's next for us, Renee?

I uh, I'm gonna go
find the videographer.
I'll be right back.

- You made it.
- I did.
They're really good.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Let me see.

Yeah. [LAUGHS]
- Yeah, I like them.
- Right?
Intellectual and artsy?
It's a hard find.
It's gonna be fun working with you.
I didn't say yes yet.
Why would you say no?
Well, for one thing, I'm still
working on my dissertation.
I'm TA'ing for my advisor.
Hey, if you think that I want
you in the background on this,
I don't.
If we do what we set out to do,
this'd be one for the highlight reel.

Fuck it.
- Yeah?
- [SONDI] Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's do it.
Don't make me regret this.
I will not make you regret this.

[SINGER] I'm happy I ain't talk ♪
'Cause she don't look ♪
Hey. You know, they
got free pre-rolls here.
- Oh.
I'll just take the bag.
I could use a good tote.
Wow. You are probably
the only person I know
who's more interested in the
bag than what's inside of it.
You can never have enough reusable bags.
- No, no, you can.
Uh, hey, so
You guys want to take one together?
- Oh. Sure.
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- I mean, if you want to.
- Yeah, let's let's do it.
- Okay.
- Yeah, sure. Thank you.
- [PERSON] Cool.
Just watch for the countdown.
- [OLA] Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, there it goes. Okay.
Do the little back-to-back.

Hey, so I wanted to tell you something.
You know
you know that guy Chris
that you were talking to?
He's the guy.

I-I didn't know that he
was gonna be here tonight
and didn't know that
you two knew each other.
Um, I just wanted you
to hear it from me.

- Uh
- [SINGER] You want to save me ♪
- We don't see the same thing ♪
- Okay.

[SINGER] Hey, we're running ♪
Our separate paces ♪
But it seems to change ♪
How you gonna keep up? ♪
First you want it ♪
[BARB] Well, done, Renee.
[SINGER] Gave you
what you thought ♪
Did you hear me give you a compliment?
You never know when
generosity will hit again.
Sorry, Barb.
Thanks for coming and covering
this for Hot Tea Digest.
I just came for the free shit, so

Is that your ex?
[RENEE] Mm-hmm.
Ooh, she just swooped right in.
Yeah, but this one's on me.
I'm the one that kicked him out.

Well, clearly, you are
still in love with him.
Just reverse on him
like the "Cupid Shuffle."
You may not know this about me,
but sometimes my
reactions are really big,
and it's hard to come back down.

You know what's harder?
Waking up every day
wishing you had called
Wu-Tang's tour manager summer of '97,
but, no, you just had to be so cool
on some Love Jones shit.
Like, no one gets that many chances,
and now you have to watch
Malik living his best life
on your niece's Instagram account.
Damn. That's sad.

It is.

[SINGER] I say ♪
Take it easy ♪
Boy, this ain't no race ♪
Don't give time to notice ♪
What was right in front of your face ♪
Oh. Hey.
- How you been?
You here alone?

Do all of Harlem a favour
and keep it in your pants.
Fucking you was the dumbest
thing that I have ever done.
You are overrated.
You know, and I faked my
orgasm 'cause your dick is lame.

- You'll be back.

- How y'all doing out there?
Thank you. Yes!
I'm India Blue,
and I am so excited
to introduce you all
to Lovestyle tonight.
I've had the pleasure of
working with these brothers
down in Atlanta over
the past few months,
and I can honestly say,
we've created magic.
Now, I know that I created
this arrangement for you all,
I would love to sing
it to someone special.
- [BRANDON] What?
- Is that all right?
- We love you, India!
This is for Lovestyle's
fearless manager,
Mr. Jason Ross.

I would like to get to know ♪
If I could be ♪
- The kind of girl ♪
That you could be down for ♪
'Cause when I look at you
I feel something tell me ♪
She fucking with me.
[INDIA] That you're the
kind Of guy that I should ♪
- Renee.
- [INDIA] Make a move on ♪
And if I don't let you know ♪
- Then I won't be for real ♪
- [SONDI] Yes. Get it, Renee.
[RENEE] I could be wrong ♪
But I feel like something
could be going on ♪
The more I see you ♪
The more that it becomes so true ♪
There ain't no other ♪
For me, it's only you ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
- [WHITNEY AND SONDI] I want to be down ♪
[ALL] With what you're going through ♪
I want to be down ♪
I want to be down with you ♪
No matter the time ♪
Is this Verzuz or our listening party?
- [ALL] It's true ♪
I want to be down ♪
Whoo. About yea short ♪
About yea tall, about this big ♪
About so small, about this width ♪
- About this length ♪
Hey, come on and get it ♪
- [JASON] What are you doing?
Tonight's supposed to be about the band.
I don't want a divorce.
This is when you decide to tell me?
You know it's hard for me to
open up and be soft and shit.
Then I see India winking
at you and singing to you.
Love Jones isn't real.
I still love you.
I never stopped loving you.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I-I didn't make you feel like you
could trust me with your dream.
I want to fix this.
I want to be your wife
Are you asking me to marry you?
No. I'm asking you to ask me again.
Renee Cheyenne DeAndra Nicole Ross
will you let me
love you, protect you,
and make us money for
the rest of your life?
Yes. Yes. Yes.


[WHITNEY] Whoo-hoo!
You ain't got to tell me twice.

That was beautiful, Jason. [CHUCKLES]
Love is in the air, but
Lovestyle is in the building.
- Shout-out to Ms. India Blue
for arranging this dope cover,
but now it's time for me to take it.
I want to be down ♪
With what you're going through ♪
I want to be down ♪
I want to be down with you ♪
No matter the time ♪
Of day or night, it's true ♪
I want to be down ♪
I want to be down ♪
With what you're going through ♪
I want to be down ♪
I want to be down with you ♪
No matter the time ♪
Of day or night, it's true ♪
I want to be ♪
Hey, Malik.
It's Barb.
We've been here so many times before ♪
- Renee.
- Call me Mrs. Ross.
Mm. I love how that sounds.
We still have some things to work on.
I know.
Can we agree to talk to a
professional and help us fix this?
Can we move the thermostat below 75?
- Uh-uh.
- [JASON] It was worth a shot.
[SINGER] I try escaping ♪
It just makes me ♪
Anything else?
Actually, yeah.

So, if we're gonna do this again,
I got one more question.


got world on a string ♪
Sitting on a rainbow ♪
Got the string around ♪
My finger ♪
What a world ♪
What a life I ♪
You finally called.
It was time, Malik.
You ready to run?
- Are you?
got a song that I sing ♪
- [ELLA FITZGERALD] I can make the rain go ♪
Anytime I move ♪
My finger ♪
Lucky me ♪
Can't you see I'm in love? ♪
[SONDI] I got coffee.

[WHITNEY] All right.
Cinnamon roll for you.
Thank you.
Ah, I love this view.
- Good call, Sondi.
- [SONDI] Thank you.
[SIGHS] Well
- I told Ola about Chris.
- Oh, shit.
So it's all out now.
- [RENEE] Mm.
- [SONDI] Good for you.
So I have some news, too.
I've been doing some thinking, and
I'm gonna take next semester off.
I just really want to
focus on this documentary.
It's such a great opportunity,
and I don't want to
regret not taking it.
So you and Rashad
All work, no play with that one.
- [RENEE] Hmm.
Renee, you've been
uncharacteristically quiet.
I know you and Jason
had your own little
celebration last night.
Yeah, what's it like
being a married lady again?
- [RENEE] Hmm.
Jason has changed his mind.
He wants a baby.
The spark willed us to hold on ♪
Hold on, hold on ♪
We're worth every fight ♪

The way we hold each
other is more than right ♪
I don't want to give this up ♪
Not tonight, not tonight ♪
Tonight ♪
Let's bring it back to love ♪
- Back to life ♪
- Back to life ♪
- Life ♪
- Life ♪
Ohh ♪
Back to life ♪
Ohh ♪
Back to life ♪
Ohh ♪
[WOMAN] Whoo-hoo! [GIGGLES]
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