Run with the Wind (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Ogre's Arrival

1 I'm going to run in the Hakone Ekiden.
Starting today, I'm going to win over all the guys.
That includes you, Sendai Josei High School graduate, Kurahara Kakeru.
Just who are you? There, there.
You must be hungry.
Let's head back.
Time for breakfast.
Run with the Wind We can't.
Not Hakone.
There's no way.
No one knows that for sure.
I know.
The top track and field teams train every day for years, but only a handful of them even qualify.
That's the kind of race it is.
You know a lot about Hakone Ekiden? Don't worry.
Dreams do come true if you try.
Nico-chan Senpai has track and field experience.
What? Yuki made it to a prefectural kendo tournament with his team.
The twins and King played soccer for three years in high school.
Shindo used to walk ten kilometers through the mountains to get to school and back everyday.
That's not a sport.
And Musa has a hidden talent.
It's prejudiced to think black people are fast runners.
I confirmed in the bath that you've got good muscles.
That's why you're always staring at me? Then there's Kurahara.
I want you guys to see how he runs.
Excuse me, but I wasn't included just now.
In other words, I don't have to run— We finally have ten.
Apparently, you're included.
I'm not going to run with you guys.
The Ogre's Arrival Kurahara, there's an open seat there.
Huh? Latecomers sit over there.
Have as many helpings as you'd like.
Thanks for the food.
You're welcome.
That chair's mine.
Chikusei-so Cleaning Duty Schedule I'm going to clean the toilets.
I'm going to feed Nira.
No one's going along with Haiji's plan, right? That thing he mentioned yesterday? Yeah, right.
There's no way.
Absolutely not.
Oh, really? Good.
I was going to run away if you guys said you'd do it.
It's too sudden.
It's a scam.
What did Musa say? Between school and work, he's too busy.
So everyone's against it.
Got it, newbie? But I doubt he'd just back down.
These are the most luxurious dishes we've been served all month.
He's domesticated us, hasn't he? I know, Kakeru.
We're going to school today.
Wanna join us? Huh? We thought we'd check things out before the entrance ceremony.
Kansei University Joji, they've got a soccer club.
Yeah, there's about five.
I don't know which to join.
You're going to keep playing soccer? Huh? Well, you heard what Haiji said.
That makes it harder to play.
Who cares if you want to play soccer? It's not that we want to play soccer.
The problem is the girls.
What? Who doesn't love a cute manager? Hey, the futsal team is co-ed! Seriously? Let's go! Manga Club We are the manga club.
We hope you'll consider joining us.
We're accepting new members.
Want to join the club? In that case, write your name— You seem energetic.
Could you not stand there? It won't be easy for you to pack, so I thought I'd tell you first.
Pack? Apparently, you can't stay at Aotake if you're not on the track and field team.
In other words, if you refuse to be on the team, you have to move— You're kicking me out? No, no.
Careful how you phrase it.
I'm just saying you can't live there if you don't ru— You're kicking me out! I guess you could say that.
It'll cost a fortune to move all that stuff.
But you don't have to leave if you join the team.
Placement Office Take a Job Fitness Exam Eligible subjects University students Details Use your computer to: 1) Receive an evaluation 3) Find the right job 2) Search for job information 4) Plan your career You'll get to experience all four steps in choosing a job.
Looking for a job, huh? What kind of a job do you want? Why should I tell you? Mass media, right? You already know.
I bet you could talk about the Ekiden at interviews.
It's not something everyone gets to experience.
It'll help.
There wasn't a Mountain God this year.
University Ekiden Final Summary Well, they can't name one every year.
It'd reduce its value.
Um, Haiji.
This is the library.
Keep it down.
Shindo, how about where you're from? Your hometown.
It's pretty mountainous, right? What's more treacherous? That or Hakone? I've never compared them You haven't been home recently, right? You ever call home? Haiji, keep it down.
I'm sure your family would be delighted if they saw the son they rarely see energetically running on TV.
It's time.
I gotta go.
Excuse me.
Chikusei-so Nico-chan Senpai.
You robbing me? No Your cigarettes.
Huh? I couldn't smell them.
Oh, that's because I was out.
Going to the club again? Lawyers sure have got it easy.
You should hurry up and graduate.
No way.
You should definitely join us.
Soccer Club Sounds really fun.
Right? Maybe I'll join.
Seriously? Well? Think you'll enjoy your student life? If you're looking for a special-event club, I can introduce you to one.
It's an option if you're looking to experience college life.
You sure? You could run.
No one will criticize you.
If I want to run, I'll run alone.
Chikusei-so What?! I'm sorry! Why are you running? I went to work early after dropping in on the new student symposium Kobori Butcher Shop Thanks for buying so much.
No, thank you for accommodating me.
Oh, it's no problem.
Musa always works so hard.
And you're a regular.
We really appreciate you.
I'm not that special.
Anyway, I'm glad I introduced him to you.
He's such a hard worker.
Heard that? Way to go, Musa.
She's complimenting you.
Th-Thank you You've got a great friend.
You should be grateful you met him.
That's a friend for life.
Hear that, Musa? We're friends for life.
Musa Musa He asked me what my plans were for tomorrow morning, and I responded that I wasn't busy He knew you couldn't say no.
He's going after our weaknesses.
What are your excuses? He said it would help me find a job It's good for my health like weight loss? What's it really? What deals did you make with him? I didn't make a deal! I really have been gaining weight lately.
Damn! I shouldn't have let you go off on your own.
Well, at least you're better than these two.
It's not fair.
Right, Jota? Yeah.
We thought everyone had promised to run in the Ekiden.
Did you listen until Haiji was finished talking? He said everyone was running.
So we said we would, too.
You're getting mites everywhere! But we thought we'd give it a shot, right? Yeah! Did you guys know? Girls love guys who run in the Ekiden! That's only true of a handful of top finishers! There's no way we'll even qualify! Huh? What does that mean? You mean we can't just sign up for it? I don't even feel like explaining it.
No way! He said girls would love us! The girls! No one told me that! Are the others okay? Who's not here? Nico-chan, Prince, and the newbie.
Kakeru, are you in there? Kakeru.
Maybe he's not back yet.
I can't believe it broke now.
It's a miracle my heart didn't stop Sorry, but you can't use our bathroom until it's fixed.
There's the Tsuru-no-yu Bathhouse.
You'll have to go there for a while.
This way.
You sure? You could run.
No one will criticize you.
It's just for a change of pace.
Don't tell the guys at Aotake.
Doesn't look like you're going back, though.
Do you actually want to run? You idiot! I said it's for a change of pace.
They're pitch black.
There's no way.
Besides, I'm not cut out for it.
You know a lot about running, right? You ever seen a runner as rough around the edges as me? Hey, it's them.
Hey! The bath's broken! Come with us.
I'll take you someplace fun before you leave.
Tsuru-no-yu I can't do it! That feels great.
It's so cool.
Hell on earth.
That's what we call this place.
You don't often hang out with the newbie.
Jota, let's go! Cut that out! Oh You're all here.
An ogre has arrived in hell! What? The landlord's bath broke? Surely Haiji didn't Don't say it.
I don't want to think about it.
Well, Kurahara? Nice bathhouse, right? Everyone else thinks it's too hot, though.
So do you.
You're never in for more than a minute.
You're here.
Oh, excuse me.
Haiji, are these guys Yes.
They're the residents of Aotake.
I see.
So you've finally got ten.
I'm not a resident.
I met him after I left yesterday.
He's new, huh? I said I'm not— Let's have a contest.
What? To see who can stay in the bath longer.
What? The loser does whatever the winner says.
You don't have to accept his challenge, Kurahara.
If you refuse, I'll assume you're running away.
If you want to run, then run.
I won't keep chasing you.
After all, you're fast when you're running away.
It's been three minutes.
Hey, don't push yourselves too hard.
You heard him.
Feel free to get out first.
Haiji's tenacity is amazing.
He's a fourth-year.
It's his last year.
Why are you getting so sentimental? You're not going to run with him, are you? Four minutes.
Yuki, why don't we have our own contest? Huh? We'll bet on who wins.
If you win, I'll do whatever you want.
What? That's not fair.
Hurry up.
The newbie, then.
Are you even trying to win? Water! Water, water! Hang in there, guys! Why'd you have to be so stubborn? Not bad, newbie.
What do we do in the case of a tie? That was disgraceful.
He's been waiting a long time to get all ten guys.
I think he's reckless, but I've been watching him for four years.
He always follows through when he says he'd do something.
In that case, can I make him give up? Can I make him give up? I don't know what happened, but go ahead.
It'll make things easier for me.
Wait! I've still got time, right? Sure, but it's better to start packing early.
Right? Someone help! It's an ogre! Next time: "A Single Flower.
" Next Time: A Single Flower