Rush (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

You Spin Me Round

Previously on Rush Will, you made it.
He's got to leave.
Laurel, he's my best friend.
Did you call your father? Oh, you know about that.
Alex tells me everything.
I'll call my dad if you tell Sarah.
What is this, junior high? Please tell me you're pregaming by smoking that big fatty I gave you.
Rush, it's Laurel.
Hey, girl.
Can you come over? You two are taking a break.
What? When you left, Laurel and I really got into it.
I don't think I'm going home tonight.
Sarah? Hi.
You're moving back? Well, don't worry, I doubt I'll get the job.
I'm barely qualified.
Oh, you're overqualified at everything; you're brilliant.
I dated you for four years.
I mean, how smart can I be? You're not better, Will.
I can't count on you like that.
I'll try not to bump into you.
When did you stop taking the word "emergency" seriously? Somewhere around the 19th time you used it.
Mitch, my kinky friend, we have got to stop meeting like this.
All right.
That got you going.
Take it easy.
Oh, oh.
Here you go.
Quiet time.
Shh, shh, shh.
When your pacemaker starts screaming its safe word, you really got to start listening.
All right.
I thought we'd finally determined the voltage at which that device causes problems.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Can't this guy find a less lethal way to get off? He's a very powerful man.
Takes a lot of humiliation to make him let go.
No shit.
All right.
That's five grand.
Plus two grand for the machine.
Okay, Mitch? $7,000? Well, don't ask him.
So, your rhythm's stabilized now.
But you have to go see your cardiologist ASAP.
Thank you.
You know, if you ever want to let go, Rush, I'd be happy to help.
Well, if it were that easy, Stacy Ah! Mistress Yang, I would've done it by now.
Jesus, that thing hurts! Pain is part of the process.
Mitch, you're a better man than I.
Yeah, see you.
So, it's a beautiful morning, my BP is back to languishing at 110/72, and we, my friend, need to hang.
Why haven't you called me back? I don't return your calls because I'm trying to communicate to my wife that I respect her.
But you don't respect her.
Untrue, my friend.
Who's on the phone? Uh, Stu Frankel.
Hey, Laurel, can Alex come out to play? We're trying to decide which seminars we can get out of.
Stu, tell Anita I say, "Hi.
" And keep out of trouble tonight, both of you.
Of course.
Somebody say "seminars"? Yeah.
I'm off to a conference.
Oh, poor you.
On what? Updates in Ultrasound for Rapid Diagnostics Imaging.
At least tell me it's in Vegas.
El Segundo.
At the Airport Shelton.
Wow, the perks of corporate medicine have really taken a nosedive since I was in the trenches.
Hey let's not forget, bro, I have a wife and kid.
I'll take whatever I can get.
I'm in.
Seriously? It's El Segundo.
Look at it this way: if Laurel did find out I was there, she couldn't get on your ass about two guys enjoying a beer in a purely professional capacity.
But I've already booked a room with Stu.
Two queens, one bathroom.
Well, tell him you just got upgraded.
Morning, Dr.
Oh, hey! I need you to sign me up for the Ultrasound Diagnostic Whatever conference.
I'm headed there right now.
And get me the best room the Airport Shelton has to offer.
If the Airport Shelton has a best room.
Thank you.
Good morning! You were the girl that changed my world You were the girl for me You lit my fuse, I stand accused Hey.
You dropped your keys.
Uh, yeah.
I was kind of hoping you'd catch them and park my car.
Sorry, Jorge.
Assistant Manager Jorge.
Uh, my name is Dr.
Rush, and I would deeply appreciate it Can't do it, sir.
Company policy.
Okay, then.
Would you mind I got the bags.
Then you turned me wrong You turned me Well, it's no Caesar's Palace.
That was a hell of a conference.
Yeah, right? "New Frontiers in Ostomies" and thongs.
What was her name, again? Uh, Sugar? Sugar Bush.
But it'll do.
Not the fittest specimens in the species, are they? Sad, but true.
Oh, what cruel irony.
Hey! How you doing? Doctors Rush and Burke, MDs.
Hospital affiliation? Mount Cypress.
Mount Freelance.
- Hey.
How'd you know I'd be here? Easy, conceited.
I had no idea you'd be here.
Alex He didn't.
Neither did I.
No, no, I mean we're both as shocked as you are.
Well, uh, then what are you doing here? Uh, well, I am a doctor, and I'm here to learn about, uh, "Updates on Ultrasound for Rapid Diagnostic Imagery," same as you.
Come on.
I have a hard time believing that.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's also an opportunity for us to carve out a couple nights' mayhem together There it is.
Don't tell Laurel, if you No, I'm not.
Of course not.
My girl.
You okay? You looking for something? No.
Registration's right here.
Yep, already checked in.
I got to run though, guys, so it was it was really good to see you.
Enjoy the conference.
Don't even say it.
This is my upgrade? Two queens, one bathroom? Uh that is not how it sounds, by the way.
Listen, uh, here's the deal.
We need a bottle-- something brown.
Uh, there's a minibar.
Come on, a real bottle.
I'm sorry, sir, company policy.
But enjoy your visit.
What is up with these people? Who doesn't like money? At least we have a nice pool.
Yeah? I don't think I'll be doing too much swimming.
So Oh, it says here there's a mid-morning mixer in "Juniper Event Space B" in 20 minutes.
So this is what's happening now? What? You're gonna spend the entire weekend chasing Sarah around? No, Alex.
Come on, this is our thing, okay? This is our weekend.
You're gonna leave me hanging out with guys from Riverside in short-sleeve button-down shirts talking about kidney stones.
What? There's an open bar.
All right.
Let the day-drinking begin.
Hey, how you doing? Two scotches, please.
Uh, we're not allowed to pour doubles.
Let me guess.
Company policy? That's right.
We'll take six.
You okay? Aces.
Oh, look who's here.
Are you following me? I told you, stay out of my way.
I am here to learn my ultrasounds.
Glad you guys are diving right in.
But there is actually a cool place about ten minutes from here.
It's right on the beach.
You trying to get rid of us? No, of course not.
Do they have seminars on ultrasounds at this really cool place on the beach? My guess is no.
I was just trying to help.
Okay? I know Alex doesn't get out that often.
She knows.
You look great, by the way.
Thank you.
Can I get you a drink? Uh, no.
No, I'm I'm good.
What? There's something I need to tell you.
Ah! Whoa! Now the party's started.
Excuse me one second.
No need.
No, that's okay.
I got this.
Whoa, all right.
All right.
Your drink? Sure, by all means.
Oh! All right, all right.
Sorry, sorry.
Okay, sit still.
Just a second.
Hold that.
You got a buddy who can take you to the hospital? Thanks.
There we go.
Nice job.
Thank you.
Thank you, babe.
You're the best.
Club soda with lime, please.
"Babe"? I was just about to explain.
Who's this, babe? Griffin, this is Will Rush.
Will Rush.
Griffin Wagner.
Sarah has told me so much about you.
Has she? You two here together? Yep.
Griffin's the keynote speaker.
Please, I'm local, I was available.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
Or do.
It's kind of his call.
He is, after all, the keynote speaker.
Yeah, that's funny, right? Yeah, Sarah told me you were-- what was the word? Irreplaceable? Irreverent.
Oh, yeah, that was it.
So, what, you guys been together a month, two months? Three.
Ah so you're the rebound.
Hey, Will, uh, if you don't mind, I'm gonna steal her away.
It was good to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
You okay? Aces.
Hey, what's up? I have a patient for you.
Do you not remember I'm bettering myself at the Airport Shelton? The patient is at the hotel.
He and his entourage have checked in just to see you.
He's waiting for you right now in the presidential suite.
This place has a presidential suite? Apparently so.
Well, why am I not in it? There's an answer to that.
Yeah, I'm sure there is.
Just hold on one second.
Sorry, duty calls, got to go.
You're leaving me? Mm-mm.
A patient's here at the hotel.
It shouldn't be too long.
And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Well, if I remember correctly, there's a sweet little seminar on Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access in the Cedar Room in, oh, ten short minutes.
Hey, so, listen, I need you to do me some research on a Dr.
Griffin Wagner.
What are we looking for? Oh, you know, uh, previous convictions, offensive comments on YouTube; a real reason to hate the guy.
" I'm on it.
Rush, Nate Zimmerman.
Hey, how you doing? Are you the patient? No, I'm the one who spoke to your assistant.
All right.
Uh, want to tell me what's going on? Coffee, juice, water, anything? No.
Just, uh just the reason I'm here.
Well, just follow me.
Hi, there.
Will Rush, Marlo Keating.
And Senator Roger Keating.
You follow politics.
Yeah, a little.
Three-term incumbent.
Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works.
A rare voice of reason on the Keystone Pipeline.
Oh, so you're a supporter? Uh, no, I'm not even registered to vote.
Are you the patient? I am sick.
But I'm not sure I want your help.
Roger, we talked about this.
All right, what-what's going on here? We're six weeks out of the election, Senator Keating has a debate tonight, and we're concerned about his ability to perform.
What are your symptoms? I'm tired achy.
My right leg especially.
My speech is becoming slurred, though I have managed to hide it so far.
You having trouble swallowing? Yes.
And I also imagine you're having trouble, um, writing, buttoning your shirt? I have ALS.
Well, we need to do some more tests to be sure.
No, Doctor, I know what I've got.
My Uncle Teddy had it.
He got a cramp in his arm; one year later, he was on a ventilator.
And then So, you've seen how this ends.
I have.
So what do you want from me? If the voters find out my husband has a terminal disease I will most certainly lose.
So, my trusted campaign manager here wants me to keep it a secret till after the election.
So, you want me to manage your symptoms for, what, the next six weeks? Unless postponing formal treatment would affect his long-term Well, it's a terminal disease, and the fact is, we know very little about slowing the progress, so I don't want to lie.
I'm sorry.
I don't.
Well, you heard the man.
I can't treat anybody who doesn't want to be treated.
Roger, let's talk about this.
Uh, why don't you three figure out what you want to do.
I am here all weekend in a room exactly like this one.
I would look into how much they're getting for this, by the way.
I have a very important conference to get back to.
Yeah, I'm keeping my fee.
Of course.
Just be aware.
Of what? That we called you because you have two important qualities: impeccable medical competency and a complete lack of credibility, should you ever feel tempted to talk.
Well, thank you for sharing.
Recent technical advances in CT and MR imaging have spurred renewed interest in these modalities for the diagnosis of acute and chronic PE.
In the past, our first responders and battlefield medics have had to rely on physical findings and sparse evidence My oldest daughter's riding lesson.
I had to miss it to be here, so my husband e-mailed the video.
Very cute.
Oh, um, Ellen Murphy.
Alex Burke.
I'm ER, as well.
You, uh, got here late.
Bad traffic? You know, the guy that I came to party with got called away, so I figured I might as well sit through one of these so I can have something to talk about back at work.
Well, good luck staying awake.
Thanks, I'll try.
I have a son, so I was just You want to watch? Sure.
Let's agree on the takeaway.
The takeaway? Yeah, you know, like a sound bite from that seminar, so that we have something to tell them back at work, to convince them we sat through it.
Okay, got it.
How about, um "Always use a needle with an echogenic tip"? Perfect.
Yeah, that's all I need.
So, uh, do you have to meet your friend? Uh you know, I haven't heard from him.
I'm guessing he's still working.
You want to get a drink? Did you really just check your watch, like you hadn't already totally started drinking today? You caught that? I did.
Yeah, that's what I did.
Um yeah, I'd love to hang out.
But alcohol's not really my thing.
Do you have any weed? Give me ten minutes.
Will Rush's office.
Did you get the flowers? It's J.
Hello? Yes I did.
I threw them away.
You know, I don't know what Rush says to you about me, but he doesn't know me now.
Rush? He doesn't really understand what it means to change.
To want to change, to-to want to make yourself better.
He never knew us in the beginning either, Eve.
Rush knows exactly what we had and he knows exactly who you are, and so do I.
Yeah, and I know you.
Who you really are.
I mean, do you honestly think that you are gonna find someone who accepts you like I do, once they find out the truth about who you used to be? Ah, Evie, I'm sorry, you know.
I-I shouldn't have, um Hey.
You got any weed? Do I got any weed? Of course.
What's going on? I met this really nice ER doc at the Cardiovascular Access Seminar, and, uh she wants to get high.
Oh, look at you corrupting the good ladies of El Segundo.
Choose your weapon.
No, no, it's not like that.
She's a married woman, I'm a married man.
We're just trying to enjoy this the only way Hey, buddy, I live in a huge glass house and I don't throw any stones, all right? You can come if you want to.
No, no, it's fine.
I was just, um Gonna go mess with Sarah's boyfriend? Give him my blessing.
Let it go, man.
Let it go! All right? All right.
The presidential suite looks just like my room.
And it's $340 more a night.
That's why you're not in it.
So, uh, listen, what do you got for me on this Griffin guy? Dirt, filth, anything? Nope.
He glows with greatness.
He was a military field position.
His company consults with the government on treatment protocols for mass casualties.
He's a millionaire.
I just made 20 grand.
It's not a competition.
Well, it kind of is, actually.
Give me something I can use.
Mm he was personally invited to the White House by the president on four separate occasions.
Very helpful.
Good-bye, Eve.
And I was starting to think you were never gonna call.
Hey! Scotch, please.
Coming right up.
Look who's back.
Oh! Hey! You mind if I join you? Please.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So how'd you guys meet? What's your son's name? Elliot.
Bob would have killed for a boy.
You know, Laura always wanted a girl.
Tell her she's lucky.
Raising girls is a nightmare.
The cliques form hard and fast by kindergarten.
And then it's all just an epic battle to maintain their virginity till they're 14.
Mm, wow! 14? Mm-hmm.
I'll be sure to tell her.
Now, that pool looks mighty good.
It sure does.
Thinking what I'm thinking? Yeah.
Me, too.
And you started out as a medic? Someone took a Google break.
Well, you told him about me.
Yeah, look, I tend not to bring it up because most doctors don't understand the ethics of mass-casualty triage.
What? The whole START algorithm? Black tags, red tags? You know about that? I'm irreverent, not uninformed.
Wagner? Yeah? Remember me? Yeah, Coffee Table Guy.
You get that thing sewed up? Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
Uh, hey, could I get a picture? It's for when I'm telling the story back home.
Of course.
Give me a minute? Yeah, sure.
Nice guy.
Very nice guy.
Maybe a little too nice? What's that supposed to mean? Club soda and lime? He has a speech tonight.
He never drinks before a speech.
Did you, um, end up getting a place in Silver Lake? No.
I heard your advice, and I went in the exact opposite direction.
Oh, God, no.
Really? Santa Monica? Let me guess.
On the corner of 19th and Caucasian? Really? God.
You like it there? Yes! Come on.
A little boring maybe.
No shit.
You know what? Maybe boring is exactly what I need.
I miss you.
I do.
Am I interrupting something here? No! No! No.
Just talking L.
Favorite conversation topic.
I'm Santa Monica, born and bred.
Never go east of the 405.
Isn't there a medal for that? I think there's a medal for that.
I should put you up for that.
That's funny.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, you want to go upstairs, babe? I got to look over my talk for tonight.
Of course.
It was nice to catch up, Will.
Yeah, yeah.
Nice to catch up.
Can I get another one, please? Dr.
Rush? Hmm? Hey.
If you can tear yourself away.
How long ago was it-- you guys? Six years.
And he's still calling? Oh, no.
He wasn't for a long time.
It's just, he's sober now.
So, he wants to You know what? I don't know what he wants.
I just know that I want him to leave me alone.
And how did you two meet? You know the kind of people Rush works with? The kind of clients? People like Isabel? Yes! People like Isabel.
People whose medical issues require discretion.
was one of those clients.
He had a temper.
It got worse when he drank.
But it was always a problem.
And, um He hit you? Yeah.
No one ever thinks that they're gonna be that girl.
The one that stays after something like that, but I loved him.
Or I I had a feeling that felt a lot like love.
In the name of that feeling I did a lot of things I'm not proud of.
You name the cliché, that was me.
And so how did it end? Rush got me out.
The rest doesn't matter.
It does matter.
It matters a lot.
Oh, no it doesn't.
Because I'm not that cliché anymore.
Now you know everything about me.
Do you want to get out of here? Wait here.
Nate, he would like a word with you first.
Rush, thank you so much for doing this.
My husband is a man of integrity and I respect him for it.
But I love him even more.
And the thought of him going on TV tonight and throwing away everything he's worked so hard for Dr.
Rush? He's, uh, ready to see you.
I just want to protect his legacy.
Thank you.
Your campaign manager tells me you're reconsidering treatment.
Well, he convinced me to hear you out about the details.
What exactly would perpetrating this charade entail? Well, uh, it's not gonna be easy.
That's for sure.
I can help minimize your tremors.
I can help you with your fatigue.
But you're still gonna feel like shit.
But if what you're asking me is, can I get away with it? Sure.
If that's what you want.
I don't know what I want.
You know, Nate's plan is for me to win the seat, step down, appoint Marlo in my stay.
And the assumption is that public sympathy would assure she'd win the special election.
See, all I have to do is not tell the truth that nobody asks me about.
Well, in the words of the people, Senator, "I feel you.
" Here's what I'm gonna do.
You should handle your shakes tonight if you want them handled.
Or you can flush them.
It's your call.
No one else's.
Thank you, Doctor.
You're welcome.
You take care.
All right.
Hey, can I have Dr.
Sarah Peterson's room, please? Thank you.
Oh, Keynote.
Hey, Will.
Is Sarah around? No.
She went for a walk.
Why? She went for a walk in El Segundo? Yeah, uh, we had a little whatever.
Um, what do you want? Well, actually I was wondering whether you might want to have a drink before showtime.
You know? Sure.
Why not? "Why not"-- my two favorite words.
I mean, this kid is very unpleasant.
He's very depressed and you can't blame him.
He's been sick his entire life.
She takes over the case.
A week later, they're two books into Harry Potter and he's getting better.
Well, Sarah's good.
She's the best.
She is.
So what is this? What, this? Yeah.
I don't Because I I know what it's like to meet the ex.
Fills your mind with all these questions.
Is she really over him? Will she ever be over him? You know, should I just step aside? Hmm.
Give me that thing.
Listen, I-I thought you had a rule about not drinking before public speaking.
I can drink your ass under the table.
Just give it.
Okay, then.
She does talk about you a lot though.
She does? - Oh, yeah.
One day she hates you.
One day she's merely annoyed.
One day she wishes you'd grow up.
Next day she wishes you'd never met.
You certainly made an impression.
A bad impression.
An impression.
See, I know what I am.
I'm smart, admirable, successful.
But I'm never gonna be exciting like you, Will.
You're spontaneous, a risk taker.
I'm not.
But you can't fault a guy for trying, can you? No, you can't.
How's this for spontaneous? Griff, what are you doing? Try this, Will! Okay.
That just happened.
Should've tucked your chin! Hey, Keynote! Oh, shit.
Oh, great.
Don't die.
She's gonna blame me.
There we go.
All better now.
That a boy.
Leave it right there for a minute.
Rush, Dr.
Wagner? Oh, Jorge.
How you doing? I've called the police.
Oh, God.
I-I don't suppose, uh, a small tip, say, five grand? Nope.
Company policy.
Company policy, right.
Company policy.
Jorge, break free! You have nothing to lose but your chains.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Rush, you're going to have to come with us.
Well, that's just great.
And that's when I noticed the back of her hair-- a giant swath is just completely gone.
Oh, shit.
And Yeah.
And when I confront Louise about it, she says, "Sadie's a baby.
Baby's have short hair.
" So, I I had to give her an extreme bowl cut just to get her through that year of preschool.
Well She looked like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.
Not the worst haircut.
Well, this is me.
Um, let me just Hello.
Hi, babe.
It's my husband.
Oh, listen.
I just want to say No, no.
No, no.
Stay, stay.
Yeah, it's been great actually.
Yeah, acute abdomen was super informative.
How are the girls? Okay.
Uh yeah.
I have, as a matter of fact.
He is happily married, yes.
Yeah, I think so.
Okay, great.
Yeah, that's-that's what I thought, too.
I love you, too.
Okay, bye.
Hey, thank you so much for an amazing day.
I had a great ti Do you want to come in? For, like, some more weed? No.
That was your husband on the phone, right? Just now? Mm-hmm.
He's-he's fine with it.
I just I told him I wanted to have sex with you, and he said fine.
You what?! Why would? Wait, wait.
Hang on.
We have we have an understanding.
If I meet someone nice or if he does, long as we're honest about it.
Do you not want to? Uh do I not want to? Uh Trust me.
I Listen, Ellen.
I'm married and I really love my wife.
I really love my husband.
I mean, if you're not comfortable, let's not do it.
But I am not gonna come by your house.
Or call.
It's just tonight.
Don't answer it No, no, I have to answer it.
It might be, it might be, it might be Hello? Where are you? You guys owe me two grand.
Well, I'm good for my half.
Look, it's on me.
I'm sorry you had to come down here.
Come on.
I've been friends with the guy 20 years.
I got the standard bail schedule of the State of California memorized.
I'm trouble.
What do you want me to say? Nothing.
It's a good thing you called.
Why? Shit.
You didn't.
No, I didn't.
Holy shit.
Wh-What are you guys talking about? Nothing.
Let's go.
Griffin! What the hell?! So, uh, I take it you heard.
Security just called.
I'm sorry.
I just No, no.
It was my fault.
No, no.
It wasn't.
It was all me.
Yeah, it was actually.
Look, the last thing I wanted to do was worry you.
Or miss my speech.
That was so stupid.
I know.
I'm sorry.
All right, come on.
Let's go inside.
Thank you, man.
Please welcome our keynote speaker.
He is a nice guy.
He's a nice guy.
Please summarize your stance on the environment.
Well, I'm not sure I can do that in the time allotted, but as you all know, I have worked very hard to ensure Hey.
You sure you want to go home? Manny's about to show up with an eight ball, and that bar Sarah's talking about is open till 4:00 a.
I want to get back.
Not quite as simple for you anymore, is it? Getting away for a couple nights.
Ain't that the truth.
You still follow this stuff? Yeah.
It's interesting.
Senator Keating, if you're elected to this historic fourth term, what will be your first priority? Well, Jane, my first priority if elected will be What's the matter with this guy? Wait, wait, wait.
Senator, you have 45 seconds.
Senator? Jane, my first priority will be what it has always been.
To be an example of unflinching honesty and true integrity in a cynical time.
That's always been my first priority.
Hey, here we go.
And that is why I know that the good people of California will go out to the polls on election day and make sure that the man that they see up here tonight, who has served them faithfully for 18 years, gets the chance to serve them for many more.
What were you expecting to see? I'm not sure.
What are you doing back? Is everything okay? Yeah.
Just missed you guys.
What's going on, baby? I've got something to tell you.
Uh What happened? Rush was at the conference.
I've been hanging out with him behind your back for a while and Sometimes I just need that.
Alex, it's okay.
Thank you for being honest.
So, I've given you eight weeks for good measure, okay? Any side effects, you call me right away.
You okay? Yeah? Just take your time.
Can I ask you one question, Senator? Off the record? I did it for her.
For Marlo.
She's sacrificed so much for me over the years.
It's her turn.
It's time for me to let her go.
You know, I'll be honest.
I don't enjoy arranging for a happiness that doesn't include me.
But that's politics, right? Yeah.
Thank you, Doctor.
Sarah? Sarah? Hey.
Where's your bail bondsman? Uh, can we talk for a second? No.
You're a bad influence.
Come on! I saved the guy's life.
I know.
Griffin told me.
But you know what? Here's the thing, Will.
You're like a-a vortex, a storm system; you suck people in Can I just say one thing, please? No.
Hold on.
Why do you think I'm with him and not with you? It's because he's someone that I can depend on.
Someone that I can trust.
Just one thing? What? Yeah.
What? I like him.
You don't like him.
Well, no.
Obviously I don't like him.
I-I wouldn't spend time with him, but I don't hate him is my point.
Oh, God.
Look, what I'm trying to say is if he makes you happy, then, you know go for it.
Thank you.
Just so you know, I heard you went to see your father.
For Alex.
Laurel told me.
I know how hard that was for you.