Rush (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Because I Got High

Previously on Rush Personalized medicine, working out of the back of your car? Where else am I supposed to treat them? I mean I was thrown out of the hospital.
I did what I had to do.
I was the best doctor on the floor that night, and you know it.
After six years, you still can't own up to your mistakes.
You two are taking a break.
What?! Not forever, just for a little while, until my husband gets his priorities straight.
Why do you think I'm with him and not with you? It's because he's someone that I can depend on.
If he makes you happy then, you know go for it.
Hey, someone's at the door.
Oh, yeah Arturo! What can I do for you? Another party, Dr.
Rush? No, no.
It's the same party.
Just, you know, sometimes an event takes a few nights just to really hit its stride.
You want to join us? I work three jobs, Dr.
I never get a day off.
Well, we should do something about that.
What's going on? Ah, the-the manager told me to get you.
Um, uh, there's a guest in 405-- he won't wake up.
Well, here's an idea: let him sleep.
But the ladies in the room with him said that his heart stopped.
So, he's dead.
'Cause if he's dead, you really don't need me.
No, no, no.
It stopped, then start again.
Stop! Start.
Stop! They said he's very famous.
Um, Tyler, uh, "Doo-gone"? Tyler Dougan, the singer? Si, Tyler "Doo-gone.
" I'll get my bag.
"How the Mighty Have Fallen.
" No.
I don't know any of these songs, Dr.
Summer of '94, I smoked my first joint to "Porcelain Gods.
" In Jonas Morris's brother's room, up above his parents' garage.
And I had my first threesome with Jenny Rubin and Kimby Carter, listening to "White Rabbit Radio.
" "No Looking Back"? No.
No? Wow.
Can't this thing go any faster? Oh, hey.
How you doing? Where is he? Oh, wow.
Tyler Dougan.
How the mighty have fallen.
What happened here? Nothing illegal.
He was telling us a story about partying in the rainforest, and he just passed out.
Weak pulse.
Pinpoint pupils.
Blue fingertips.
I'd say opiates.
A little Narcan should do it.
Can I have some room, please? Shit, what are you on, Big Dog? No tracking.
All right, let's take a look at this.
Oh, bingo! Fentanyl patches.
Well, Narcan is not gonna work if you got opiates in overdrive.
All right, let's give it another go.
Oh, come on Oh, there we go! Arturo, give me a hand, please.
Get him on the bed.
All right.
Up we get.
What happened? "Too Much of a Good Thing.
" I wrote that song.
Oh, I know.
Rock on.
Rock on.
Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, now that those patches are off him.
Just needs to sleep it off.
As for me, I think I'll take this for my troubles, get back to my party.
Can we come, too? That's possible.
Arturo! Care to join? Um I-I do have a 20-minute break.
Well, it's no day off, but it's something.
Rock on.
Shall we? Where are you, toner? I guess you'll have to do.
Now my jacket? Great.
Just got the estimate from the gutter guy.
Yeah? Take a guess.
Thirty-two Mm-hmm.
I could get a boob job for that.
On one side, anyway.
Not that you need one.
Well, I guess there goes our trip to Cabo.
Unless I get my dad to pitch in? No.
Don't even.
Laurel, please.
Alex, it's been six months.
Elliot needs to see his nana and papa.
Look, it's either gutters or margaritas.
Take a pick.
Can't you just fix the gutters? Me? Just make them last another year.
You know, do some of your Alex Burke magic.
Screw 'em in.
You you You're good.
That did it.
I already work might as well be a frickin' contractor, too.
What was that, baby? I said, I love you! I love you.
Going to Cabo.
What are you doing? The maid can clean that stuff up.
The maid complained.
And, frankly, I don't blame her.
Animal House 2 in here lately.
That sequel never happened.
It's happening right now.
Oh! God, what the hell's the matter with you? What is the matter with you? Ever since you came back from that ultrasound conference, you've been messy.
Oh, what? So you're punishing me with noise? No, I am rousing you, so the maid can come in here and do what she thinks is the full extent of her job.
I, on the other hand, am going downtown to have your medical license renewed.
So get up! No.
Just wake me up when you get back.
The maid can wait.
No, you have Molly Wilcox at noon.
What? Since when? You never told me about that.
Yes, I did.
I told you last week.
And I told you yesterday.
Well, reschedule her.
You know she can't reschedule.
What I know is: it would've been nice to have been told.
Rush, I told you.
No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.
No, you didn't! Rush, just once, admit you're wrong.
I will when it happens.
What? Nothing.
No, what'd you say? Nothing.
No, n-no! Come on, come on, come on! You got something to say, let's say it.
You know that expression "No man is an island"? Yeah.
You are that island.
And you always will be until you admit you're wrong.
Well, who doesn't like islands? Yes! Oh! Hi, sorry.
Uh, yeah.
Sure, that'd be I'll be right down.
Who's that? Oh, you know.
Just someone else I'm sure you'd have a lot of very helpful opinions about.
I just meant No, no, no, I know what you meant.
What are we gonna do about Molly Wilcox? Well, I'll figure it out.
Like always.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Ah! Champagne! Whoa! Yeah, please! Tough morning doctoring? No.
Doctoring I can handle.
Armchair psychology? Not so much.
I hear you saved my life.
Well, uh, I could say the same, Big Dog.
Big Dog? You're a fan? Every track.
Even the last record? "White Rabbit Radio Redux"? Yeah, a lot of people thought that was a load of crap, right? Like the same record all over again.
No, no, no.
I loved it.
Rock on, man.
Sit down! You're making me nervous.
Sit down.
Yeah? Yeah, take a load off.
Yeah, I would take it easy, mixing the alcohol with patches and the you know.
Just take it from a guy who knows.
I take it you've, uh treated a lot of guys in that predicament.
Oh, no.
I have been the guy in your predicament.
A fellow sailor on the canal of controlled substances.
That's me.
What's your excuse? Demons.
Mine, too.
Look at us, huh? Two peas in a pod.
Listen, I-I got to ask you one question while I'm here.
Winona Ryder.
No, that's not my question.
That's everybody's question.
No, no, n-no.
God, no.
No, um On-on "No Looking Back," are you using lap steel picks? You got a good ear, son.
Yeah? You play? Oh You play.
Ah, well, not-not in a long while, but yeah.
I mean, when I was in high school, God, I used to spend hours just sitting in my room, playing along to your records.
You know, hours, man.
Dude, you were my hero.
I wanted to be just like you.
I-I wanted to be a rock star.
You want to write a song? D-Don't you have somewhere to be? Probably.
Go on Go on.
Really? Yeah.
Get a feel for that, huh? First thing we need is a title, right? Uh, something from the heart, you know? Wow, this is this is crazy.
"Never Been Wrong.
" You just make that up? Yeah.
That's fantastic! Really? Yeah! "Never Been Wrong.
" Let's do this, man! All right.
Start with a B.
Give me a B? Start with a B? Ready? Uh Nice, huh? That's good.
If you took it, just tell me.
Why would I take your toner? I'm also missing two tops, a jacket, my iPod and who knows what else.
It it feels like everything's been messed with.
How do you know exactly how many tops are missing? Because I have enough tops to wear a different one every day for a month.
They're on a rotation.
That's crazy.
I know.
So, where are they? No.
I mean having a rotation like that for tops is crazy.
It's not crazy.
It works.
Well, I was obviously just about to say it's also completely adorable.
Didn't say it fast enough.
Look, Eve, I'm sure it will all turn up right when you least expect it.
Want to bet? Sure.
If you find the stuff-- any of it-- I get a weekend in Palm Springs.
And what do you want? Two tops, a new iPod and my special Swedish toner? Bye.
Never been good and never been right I never felt as good as I'm feeling tonight I knew you were the one all along I never been wrong Yeah! I never been wrong Never been Never been I've never been wrong.
Not bad, Doc! Not bad at all! Hey, you want to take it to the next level? Rock opera? No.
There you are.
What is that? Is that? Is that shit? No.
That ain't shit.
That is the shit.
You ever tried it? I don't normally say this, but no, I have not tried this drug.
Oh, brother, trust me, that is a life-changing experience that will open doors of perception.
I mean, really allow you to look within.
No, not interested.
Some doors are better left closed.
Trust me.
What are you afraid of? All right, you may consider yourself a connoisseur of eclectic chemicals, but this is the most powerful shit I have ever done.
Let's do it.
What? Right now? Right now.
No, no.
I-I have to work.
No, you don't have to work, you have to play, man! It's powerful as in fun though, right? It's not just life-changing? Totally.
'Cause I like my life.
Come on, what do you say? Just come on.
Oh Ah all right, all right, I'll, uh I'll make myself free.
You bet you're gonna make yourself free! Fantastic! All right, let's go! Where we going? Your place.
Yeah, we-we can't do it here, man; I mean, people are bugging me all the time, right? Rock star shit.
Oh! Yeah, yeah.
Rock star shit.
Uh, can I bring the guitar? That is yours, baby, to keep! Come on! Oh, this is amazing.
Why? Why, Lord? Why did I ever buy a house? Hey.
Guess where I am right now.
I need you to do a call for me.
I'm on top of a ladder.
Fixing my rancid, rotten-ass rain gutters.
Still don't care.
Can you do it? What would I have to do exactly? I mean, I just got clean with Laurel about hanging out with you on the sly.
Can you do it, Alex? Where? Chatsworth.
That's deep Valley, Rush.
No! Five grand.
Deep Valley, here I come.
Great, I'll, uh I'll text you the address.
All right, cool.
Not today.
Nice place you got here, Doc.
Yeah, yeah.
It's, uh it's not bad.
I mean, I'm no rock star, but the view's okay.
So Where'd you get this stuff anyway? I got a guy in the Amazon-- Chad.
He, uh, brews it up for me.
All proprietary and shit.
All right.
No looking back.
Mmm! Mmm.
I've never been good Never been right I never felt as good as I'm feeling tonight I knew you were the one all along Feel anything yet? Give it a minute there, hombre.
Knew you were the one all along Yeah! I've never been wrong.
So, uh, is the dosage on this stuff standardized? 'Cause I'm not Chad says it is, so, uh Yeah, I mean, I never had a dud jar yet.
You know, there's always a first time I guess.
But, uh Just got to wait it out, right? There you go.
Tyler! You were supposed to be at that signing an hour ago.
Damn it! He found me.
Who? Captain Bringdown.
You're going to be late! My, uh, my Hang on a second! My manager.
Listen, man.
I got to go.
What? I got to go.
Trouble awaits.
All right, no, no, no.
That's-that's cool.
No, no.
Trust me.
It's all gonna happen.
I want to hear all about it.
You enjoy the ride.
All right.
All right.
All right? Let's go! I'm coming! No looking back.
Thanks for nothing.
Oh Oh, shit.
Ah! This is what I'm talking about.
What?! Women.
Drug that actually works.
Give me that.
Oh, God.
It's good shit! I told you, dude, I'm your guy.
Yeah! Right.
Hello? Mm.
This is he.
What? Uh What? About what? You sure he asked for me? 'Cause, uh, I Me? All right.
All right, tell him I'll be right here.
Got to go.
Who was that? Hospital.
Yo! You going to a hospital right now? Yeah.
As, like, the patient? No! As a doctor.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Yeah, I know.
Got to go.
I'm out.
Call me anytime, bro.
Anytime! I know! Right there.
Over there.
Number 36.
Now calling number 36.
Excuse me.
They start over after a hundred? Mm-hmm.
Come in! Hi.
Alex Burke.
Sorry for the delay.
Got the wrong address.
Have a seat.
It's actually good you're running late.
Gave me a chance to go over these new script pages, which are terrible.
These writers have no idea about human motivation.
What do you do here? I'm a producer.
Always wondered what they did.
You sound like a writer.
The business is not a world I'm in much.
Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that wasn't animated.
I'm envious.
Rush didn't tell me what we were doing today, so, uh I came prepared.
Sounds like Rush.
My husband and I are doing IVF, but I don't have time to drive to our doctor in Venice every week, and I don't care what he says.
I can't stand needles.
It's so lame, right? No.
We all have things that freak us out.
Mine is cereal milk.
Cereal milk? Yeah.
You know, the milk that's left behind in the bowl? Some people actually drink that stuff.
I can't.
It freaks me out, every time.
I no longer feel so stupid.
Good job! Thank you.
Your supplies? Oh.
Uh, in there.
You mind? Knock yourself out.
So how do you know Rush? Uh, Rush dated an actress that was in my last film.
Sounds about right.
Uh, I tried to put him in that movie, but he said it wasn't for him.
That's surprising.
All done.
Rush usually sings to me.
Sings? Yeah.
When he does it, he sings.
Sings what? I don't know, just sing the last thing that you heard or I'll faint.
The itsy-bitsy spider Went up the waterspout Down came the rain And washed the spider out Out came the sun And dried up all the rain And the itsy-bitsy spider Climbed up the spout again.
All done.
Rush usually goes with "This Is How We Do It.
" Oh, sorry about that.
Uh, it's the last thing I heard at home.
You know, my son loves that song.
It was nice.
Will! Help me! Help me! Help me! Thanks for coming in.
All hands on deck, right? Yeah, unfortunately.
It's like Northridge all over again.
Have to say, I-I was surprised when you asked for me to Thank you, Dad.
It means a lot.
We called every surgeon within 30 miles.
Are you okay? Completely.
Yeah, it's just it's all a little intense, that's all.
Because we need you tonight, son.
They need you.
- Dr.
Rush! Yeah.
Talk to me.
Uh, 60 years old, male.
X-rays are showing free air in the abdomen.
Let's, uh let's-let's take a look.
Same record all over again.
Rush! The patient's waiting.
Right, let's do this.
Is this your third surgery tonight? Fifth.
Got to tell you, I assist a lot of surgeons, Dr.
You are a rock star.
Thank you.
Right What just happened? Uh, gauze.
I think I just cut into I - Pressure's dropping.
I think, uh What? I, uh There-there must've been a-a wound in-into the liver that triage didn't pick up.
Don't worry, I'll-I'll fix it.
Same record all over again.
What? It's all gonna happen.
Doctor, are you all right? Yeah.
BP crashing, Doctor.
Sats, too.
All right.
I'll fix it.
Could I have some more suction, please? Here.
More gauze.
I got this! More suction, please! I'm gonna fix this! Now serving 14.
Small business registration.
You? License renewal.
Number 15.
I don't know why we have to come here to do this.
You can do everything else on the phone or online.
Buy a sofa.
Bet on a horse.
Apply to adopt a kid.
Have sex.
But we got to come here to sign things.
It's nuts.
Can I ask you a crime question? Shoot.
If I think that somebody's been stealing stuff from my apartment, what do I do? Change your locks.
But I'm the only one with a key, so Were you ever in a relationship while living in this same place? Yeah, I guess I was.
So, he could've had a duplicate key made without telling you.
Yeah, I-I guess he could have.
Now serving 17.
Any reason to believe that person may still have an interest in you? Oh, that's me! Change your locks.
And this is him at the firehouse.
Little dude loves fire trucks.
I've actually done a lot of movies about firemen.
Yeah? Did you produce Backdraft? No.
Did Rush not tell you? Tell me Ooh, we got a problem.
You're the doctor, right? Yeah.
Why? Come with me.
Just give me a second, I'll be there in about What happened? Um, no details.
They just said somebody dropped during a gang scene.
A gang scene? Yeah.
Uh, right over there.
This kind of gang scene.
Okay, everybody clear! Wait, wait, wait! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
We-we have to restart her heart.
Step aside, Doc.
She has a pulse.
All you were gonna do is break her ribs.
What's her name? Carey.
Hang in there, Carey.
Her airway is blocked.
She choked on something.
Get a towel.
Roll it into a burrito.
Go, go, go! Put it underneath her head.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.
Did she have anything else in her mouth? Is that gum? Oh! Of course.
We tuck it under our tongues for scenes.
For the taste.
It's sitting right on her vocal cords.
Oh, my God.
Forceps, forceps.
I need forceps.
Shit! Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
What are you doing? Improvising.
Come on, breathe.
Breathe, Carey! Carey! That's it, that's it, that's it.
Come on, sit up.
What happened? You choked on gum.
Do we have a scene together? No.
I'm a real doctor.
Too bad.
Alex, you were amazing.
Yeah, Alex! Good job, Alex! Come on, yeah! There we go.
All better.
You are a rock star.
All right.
Thank you.
Getting out of here, right Where you going, Big Dog? Hey.
Can you come over, please? Now would be great.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Yeah, you're the man, Alex.
All right, ladies, let's clear out.
Bye, Alex.
Here you go.
Lucky for Carey you were here.
You saved her life.
Does money freak you out, too? No.
It's just You know, this is just What? It's kind of different.
And awesome.
Thank you.
See you around.
All right, this this is a trip, right? Oh, yeah.
I got to get out of here.
No, no, no, no, no.
What's the rush there, Rush? This is the night that I lost everything.
This is the night.
"White Rabbit Radio Redux.
" Yeah, the same record all over again.
- Dr.
Rush? No, I-I can't do this again.
Face the music, Big Dog.
What? Dr.
Rush, before you leave Yeah? would you mind providing us with a urine sample? I would actually.
I'm tired, I want to get to bed.
And that's what happens when you save people's lives.
There's a concern that you just worked under the influence.
Is there? Will! Dad.
You requested this.
Yes, I did.
Why? You almost lost a patient.
I saved a patient.
A patient you almost killed.
Take the test, Will.
If you're clean, what's the problem? Why are you doing this to me? You've done this to yourself.
It was wrong to come in tonight.
It was wrong to lie to me.
So you're trying to punish me? No, Will.
I'm trying to save you.
Take the test.
This is bullshit.
This is bullshit.
This is bullshit! Not gonna do it and they can't make me.
Just got to get out of here.
Out of here Oh, come on.
Oh! Yeah, of course.
I need to Come on! I won't do it.
I won't do it! Come on! I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna do it! I won't do it! Come on! I won't do it! What? No! I won't! Your dad was right.
You were wrong.
What's it gonna take for you to admit that? You were wrong.
You're not even real.
"Not even real.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm realer than you are, brother.
See, I'm that little voice inside your head.
The one you never listen to! The one you take every drug and drink every drink just to try Shut up! You almost killed somebody, Will.
Doesn't that mean anything to you? "No man is an island.
" I'm gonna kill you.
How you gonna kill me, Big Dog? I can't I'm you.
Say you were wrong! Aah! No! Just say it, Big Dog.
Say it.
No way.
Just say it.
Leave me alone! Say it.
Say it! Say it! Say it! I was wrong.
I was wrong.
What happened? What's wrong? I don't know.
Uh I was gonna go in.
And then something just felt off.
Like, maybe whoever's been taking my stuff was in there.
I don't know.
I'm probably being crazy.
Eve Yeah? Um I took your stuff.
Wait, you lied to me? I wanted to surprise you.
I had plans to take you to Palm Springs this weekend.
I-I packed you a bag so I could just You totally freaked me out.
And I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Don't touch me.
I just want some space.
I really don't like being lied to.
Don't worry, no surprises.
It's your things.
Where are you going? I'm going home.
You were right the first time we went out, Eve.
You're not ready.
Baby, do you know anything about these men standing in our driveway? Yup.
They're here to put up the new gutters.
So we're not going to Cabo? We're going to Cabo, too, baby.
With what money? Uh, well, I figured it out.
Yeah Oh? Moved some funds around.
Did my Alex Burke magic.
Are you sure? Because we don't have Babe.
I got it all covered.
Yeah? Yeah.
All right.
If you say so.
I say so.
Okay! Yay! Oh, good.
Oh, uh, by the way, the garbage disposal, it's Needs fixing.
It could use some of that Alex Burke magic.
I love you, too.
This place looks oddly neat.
Yeah, well, I let the maid have her way with me for a change.
I have this.
Uh, the State of California has once again renewed its faith that you are fit to practice medicine.
Thank you for doing that.
I am gonna head downstairs, get myself some real breakfast.
Rush? Yeah? I'm sorry about yesterday.
What I said.
You don't have to apologize.
Yes I do.
I am not in any position to judge anyone else's life.
Certainly not when it comes to relationships.
I'm sorry.
No harm, no foul.
Uh, one more thing? Super hungry.
I may have been wrong about telling you about Molly Wilcox.
No, you were right.
Excuse me? You told me twice.
I forgot.
Did you just admit you were wrong? No.
You kind of did.
I said you were right.
That's completely different.
It's kind of the same thing.
Eve? Just upside down and backwards.
One thing implies the other Eve? What?! Phone? Oh.
Rush's office.
Let me just I'll see if he's available.
This woman, um, wants you to come out to Bel-Air to remove a tick from her eight-year-old son.
Uh, can you tell her I'll be an hour or so? Give the little creature a chance to get his fix.
I feel his pain.
Rush can be there in an hour.
Just make sure this stuff gets there before I do.
We land at PDX at 2:00.
I know, just as long as it gets there before I do.
That gives you three hours before dinner! Hey, Doc! Doc! Listen, the woman The guy's wife Give me a sec.
So how was it, man? Life-changing experience.
Yeah, yeah.
Life-changing experience.
How was your trip? My trip? Oh, no, no, man.
The minute I left you, I-I went back to my room.
Oh! Right.
Threw it up.
You can't go out into the world messed up like that.
Shit goes wrong.
Ain't that the truth.
Hey, wait.
I'm-I'm I'm sensing a little hesitation from you.
Yeah? Yeah, I mean, come on, man! What'd you really think of it? Be-be, be honest.
Oh, you-you want me to be honest? All right.
Your last album sucked.