Rush (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Get Lucky

Previously on Rush You're Rush's girl, right? We work together.
And you are? Just a friend.
Do I look like a drug dealer? I need you to do a call for me.
Where? Chatsworth.
That's deep Valley, Rush.
Nah! Five grand.
Deep Valley, here I come.
Did you get the flowers? I threw them away.
He never knew us in the beginning, either, Eve.
Rush knows exactly what we had, and he knows exactly who you are.
The moment anything gets real, you get out.
I can't have you be that way with me.
Griffin, this is Will Rush.
You two here together? Yeah.
It's good to meet you.
All right, well, this might feel a little strange.
Or a little fantastic, depending on how you feel about catheters.
In she goes.
So, uh what is pai gow, anyway? I've probably spent a year of my life in Vegas when you add it all up, but I normally head straight for the blackjack tables.
It is a Chinese form of poker, played with dominos.
Dominos? That's right.
And what, players aren't allowed to leave the table to? Mr.
Zhang believes it's unlucky to leave the game once it begins.
He's willing to pay the price.
My kind of guy! Mr.
Zhang would like you to join us at the pai gow table.
At 8:30 in the morning? Uh, can you tell him thanks, but I don't normally bet on games involving toys.
He doesn't want you to play.
He says you're lucky today.
Me? Hmm.
Can you tell him Lady Luck and I aren't exactly on speaking terms? He says you are mistaken.
All right.
Well, what exactly would I have to do? Just be near him, to bring your luck into his field of opportunity.
Oh, right.
He'll pay you $10,000.
Well, now you're talking my language.
Wow, he's turning me into a believer.
I can see that.
Everything in the world is moved by invisible forces, Dr.
We just have to learn to see the signs.
Encountering a grasshopper: good sign.
Being given an umbrella as a gift: bad sign.
Well, at the very least, it's a bad gift.
Zhang wants to know how much to bet on the next hand.
Uh, I don't know.
How much has he won already? About $600,000.
Really? Uh, I don't know.
Five grand? He says it shouldn't be anything under $100,000.
He says trust yourself.
A quarter mil.
No, no, no.
I-I wasn't being serious.
Once the money's on the table, Dr.
Rush, it cannot be withdrawn.
All right.
It is a very good hand.
Thank God.
I'm sorry.
Sarah? Um, I-I have to take this call.
Zhang asks you please do not leave the table right now.
Can you tell Mr.
Zhang You know what? I'll tell him myself.
Zhang, this is the only person in the world I can't send straight to voice mail.
I'm sorry, I have to take this, okay? You can't leave! Sarah? Don't walk away! Hey, yeah.
Just give me a second, okay? Is that is that Chinese I'm hearing? Yeah, uh, just ordering a takeout.
Uh, hold on.
Oh, wow.
Uh hey.
How you doing? What's up? Um, just wondering if I could come by the hotel and see you today.
Why? What? You don't want to see me? Uh, n-no, no.
Of course.
I just um Is-is everything okay? Yeah.
No, everything's fine.
I just haven't seen you in a while.
I thought we could hang out.
Okay, uh Sure.
Uh, lunch? Yeah, that's perfect.
I'll see you then.
All right.
Oh, hello.
Rush! Dr.
Rush! Oh, sh--.
Good morning.
Hey, has my dry cleaning been delivered? Tomorrow.
Well, can you pick it up this morning, please? I need my blue sweater.
And, uh, can you order some hydrangeas? Pink, purple and white.
And some mineral water, still and sparkling, from housekeeping, please.
Are we entertaining? I am, yes.
And I'm gonna need you to be out of here from 12:00 on.
Who's coming over? Sarah.
Sarah? Mm-hmm.
"Love of your life" Sarah? Yeah.
Now it's all making sense.
Well, no, it's not, actually, because she is dating someone else.
So what's the occasion? I have no idea.
Which is why I'm meeting my chief romantic advisor right now in the bar.
Oh, I wish I had a romantic advisor.
You do.
Who? Me.
What's the problem? You know, it's it's fine.
Just go.
No, come on.
Tell me.
If you tell me, I'm certain I can solve it.
Your romantic advisor is waiting.
Go! You sure? Sure sure? Sure sure.
All right.
Well, don't say I didn't offer.
Oh, and don't forget my dry cleaning.
I don't know.
Do you know why she called? Maybe it was just like she said.
Maybe she just wants to hang out.
This is Sarah we're talking about, okay? What? Nothing.
No, no.
Come on.
What? You know something.
Maybe she got engaged.
To Griffin? He did jump in a pool from four stories after meeting you in an effort to seem interesting.
Maybe you're starting a trend.
No, I don't think that's it.
What do you think it is? Hold on one sec.
Pink, purple and white.
Purple and white.
Yes, I know.
They've already been delivered.
Oh, thank you.
So, uh, what's up? Boss Nova's people called.
Uh, no.
No, Boss Nova.
Not today.
Any other day, yes.
But not today, okay? Boss Nova? Yeah, he's a huge rap star.
Hello? I'm a brother.
I know who Boss Nova is.
Uh, can you tell him I'm busy.
He's a client of yours? Yeah.
How come you never told me that? Patient confidentiality.
Did he say what the problem was? No, but he never does.
All right.
Just, um, tell him We're available! Hold on one sec.
"We're available"? Yeah, we're avail "We"? Just I'll go with you, all right? I'll-I'll help out, whatever you need me to do.
Hello? I just want to meet the dude.
Sarah's coming over.
Yeah, for lunch.
This is breakfast.
That five grand from Molly really put the hook in you, right? It's not about the money.
Oh, right.
So what is it then? What? You want to be me? You want to walk a mile in my very comfortable loafers? Really? 'Cause let me tell you, my friend, that is a dangerous mile.
No, it's none of that sh--.
I just want to meet Boss No It's the Boss Nova.
I'm a fan, come on.
Can you tell him I'll be right over? Got it.
Thank you.
Hanging up now.
My brother.
Oh, my God! Yo, Boss.
Damn, Rush.
I thought white people were supposed to be punctual.
Yeah, well, I am the exception that proves the rule.
Who's this? This, uh, this is my associate.
This is Dr.
Alex Burke.
He's shadowing me today, so What's up? You know I don't like people knowing all my sh--.
Oh, it's Oh, don't worry about me, Nove.
I'm cool.
Yeah, he's cool.
Oh, you you cool? Yeah.
I'm cool.
Cool now? Boss, come on Stay out of this, Rush.
The man say he cool; I want to see how cool he is.
You scared? Boss, take it easy.
How about now? My son has one just like that.
Ha! I guess your man is cool.
Y'all have a seat, man.
That's funny.
Get me fixed up, man.
This sh-- really hurts.
All right, right away.
How'd you do that? Got into some sh-- with Pimp 6 last night.
Seems a bit fresh for last night.
Well, that's what I said, didn't I? Uh, Alex, why don't you do the secondary.
Okay, uh Yeah.
So how'd you get cut? What does it matter what I got hit with? To determine course of treatment.
You could need a tetanus shot.
It's fine, it's cool.
Well, like I said You know me, Rush.
I'm in the club, having a good time, me and the crew.
We popping bottles, and you know how I do.
We having fun.
All of a sudden, I see this fool across the way mean mugging me and talking sh--.
So I politely walked over, like, "Yo, you got a prob" Oh, hey, can you hold still? Oh, my bad.
Thank you.
I can help him solve his problem.
And of course, he like, "Nah, it's all good, man.
I don't have no problem with you.
" So I turn to walk away, and then boom! All of a sudden, one of his boys hit me in the head with a bottle, man-- caught me off guard.
So it was a bottle? All good.
It's alcohol, so it's clean.
Um, any allergies, taking any medications? It's all right.
No legal ones.
Recent surgeries? Why the hell is your man asking me all these damn questions, Rush? So I can give you these.
Got them Oxies.
That's what's up.
All right.
That should just about do it.
Yo, I'm having a listening party for my new joint tonight, man.
About 10:00 at The Stax.
You should come through.
That's very kind, but We'll be there.
She said what? Why you ain't handle that sh--? That's on you.
Yo, got some sh-- to handle, man.
Yo, this you.
You know your way out.
Yeah, sure.
What are you talking about, "we'll be there"? Yeah.
Dude, you have no idea how good you've got it.
You know, some day, you're gonna be me.
And when you do, you're gonna have a wife and kids; at home every single night of the week.
And going to a party with Boss Nova's gonna seem like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all wrapped into one.
You're breaking my heart.
Well, don't break mine.
Because I want my little chocolate Christmas turkey with all the fixings.
Look, all I'm saying is, Laurel barely approves of you hanging out with me.
She's not gonna approve this.
It's gonna be that wild? If history's any indication, yeah.
Dude, then we definitely have to go.
We got to go! Definitely! It's Boss Nova! All right, fine.
We'll go.
Yes! Well, hello.
Nice hair.
Nice sweater.
What, this old thing? Oh.
Well, uh My favorite flower.
Are they? Thank you.
So, uh, lunch is on its way, but can I get you a drink of something? I have mineral water-- still, sparkling.
Mm I'd love a Scotch.
A Scotch? You? Yeah.
Is that okay? Uh, yeah.
It's, uh It's better than okay.
It's fascinating.
One Scotch.
Thank you.
So, you want to tell me what's going on? What do you mean? Well, you're drinking in the middle of the day, you're here.
What isn't wrong with this picture? I broke up with Griffin.
What happened? I don't know.
I mean, maybe you were right.
He's a little boring.
Well, I thought boring was exactly what you needed right now.
Yeah, well maybe life's too short.
Of course.
Well, are you gonna answer the phone? No.
No, I've made that mistake before.
Whoever it is can wait.
I'm a big girl.
You can answer your phone.
All right.
Well, can you call an ambulance? All right, no, no.
I, uh Yeah, I'll be right there.
You have to go? I'm sorry.
There's an emergency downstairs.
Uh, okay, well, should I just wait here? Actually, you know what? Come with me.
It's a kid.
Excuse me, please.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Has anyone called an ambulance? You the parents? Yeah.
Yeah? All right.
Excuse me.
Hello, sweetie.
You're gonna be okay.
All right, what happened? Uh, I don't know.
We were sitting here waiting for the car, River was practicing her little song for the beauty pageant.
She's gonna be okay, right? Well, I think I need a little more information before I can ascertain that, sir.
Then what happened? Well, um, she stopped singing, uh, she said she was dizzy.
And then she started breathing like this.
Does she have asthma? No.
No? Any allergies? No.
Where are you guys from? Houston.
Could be the lantana.
Was she swimming earlier? Uh, yeah.
Um Did she stay under for an extended period of time? Yeah, she was showing us how long she could hold her breath.
She has water in her lungs.
She can't extract oxygen from the air in her lungs.
It's a dry drowning.
Get me an Ambubag.
Yeah, they should have one in first aid.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Let's get her flat.
Let's get her flat.
Oh, River Ann.
River Ann.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're getting some oxygen.
Back off, please.
Back off.
Sir, excuse me, please.
Come on.
All right.
She's apneic.
Uh Boron.
Please, please, please.
Please, please, please.
Here we go.
Oh, please, please, please.
Oh, you're back.
You're back.
All right.
There she is.
- Let's bring her up.
Up nice and slow.
You're fine, baby.
You're gonna be fine.
Here we go.
I'm just gonna pop this little mask on you, okay, sweetie? Here we go.
She gonna be okay? I think she's gonna fine.
Take her to the hospital; they'll keep on some oxygen.
She just has to recover.
So, can she still do the talent show tonight? I'm only thinking of her.
We're thinking about her, too.
Your daughter has pulmonary edema.
She just passed out and stopped breathing.
She needs to be in a hospital, not at a beauty pageant, sir.
Hey there, Rush's girl.
You're gonna have to stop calling me that.
Yeah, I would if you told me your name.
It's Eve.
That's pretty.
Like the Bible.
No, nothing like the Bible.
Crazy then, like the rapper, right? Maybe a little like the rapper.
I'm Manny.
We met at my cousin's garage.
Yeah, I know.
I remember.
You making a delivery? Uh we like to call it visiting a friend.
You're in an even worse mood than you were the first time we met.
What's the problem today? No problem.
Just trying to get some work done.
You don't know this, but a big part of my job is listening.
You know, people like to tell you all kinds of crazy sh-- when they buy drugs; it makes them feel like it isn't just a purchase.
Thank you, but no thank you.
You sure? I've got prime listening skills.
You don't want to hear this.
Yeah, I do.
I'm free.
It's okay.
Go for it.
I'm all ears, all right? Okay.
I'm stuck.
In what? In myself.
In I just I can't move forward.
You know what I like to do when I'm stuck? Let me guess.
It involves a lighter and a leafy green substance.
No, but it does involve ear muffs.
Oh, my God.
I wanted to punch that little girl's father right in the face.
Yeah, I almost did.
Yeah, but you didn't.
And you got flowers, and you got water.
What's your point? I don't know.
You seem different.
Do I? Mm-hmm.
Well, I, uh I took a little trip recently, and let's just say, it changed my perspective on a few things.
Really? Mm.
Where'd you go? Well, that's not important, but I What I'm saying is, I'm agreeing with you.
I am different.
And if I might be permitted to mention the elephant in the room? What is going on with you? Me? Yeah, you seem different, too.
What are you talking about? Save a life, smoke a joint.
It's just an average day for me, Will.
Well, then I had a very different impression of your days.
Well, you've missed a lot.
I have.
You know what? One thing I will say, seeing you down there with that little girl? You are gonna be one hell of a mom.
We'll see.
Well, why'd you say it like that? Will? Yeah.
Can I ask you to do me a favor? Of course.
Can you just stop talking? Okay.
You ready to give it a try now? I don't know.
Look, trust me, all right? The kick on this thing will shake loose all the cobwebs.
Pick it up.
Come on.
Just keep your finger straight and off the trigger.
Grip with your right hand nice and tight.
Keep the left loose.
There you go.
Fold that over.
There you go.
Arms straight, elbows down.
Deep breath.
All right? Exhale as you pull the trigger.
Did I hit it? You hit something.
No, no, wait, look, look, I hit it.
Yeah, but most dudes wouldn't have a bunch of paper around them when they're coming at you.
Man, I really thought that I was aiming at it.
I bet you did.
But here's the thing: the eyes get sh-- wrong.
Don't aim from up here, aim from here.
Not here.
There you go.
Just like I told you before, line up your rear sight to your front sight and aim from inside.
One, two Damn, shorty! Yeah.
Oh, hang on a sec.
Who's that, Rush? No, it's a client.
It doesn't say it's an emergency.
I'll get to it in a sec.
Just one more time? Yeah.
There you go.
And this guy, he's just staring at me while I'm putting this catheter in and looked really intense and is not even flinching and I'm thinking, "Am I am I doing this right?" And then his-his translator looks at me and she says, "He thinks you're lucky.
" Really? Uh-huh.
And then you called.
Well maybe you are.
Mmm, maybe I am.
I got to go.
What? Yeah.
What, you're just gonna use my body as a plaything and then split? 'Cause that's-that's my thing.
Oh, wow.
Look at him.
He's sensitive.
Toughen up, Doc.
Sarah You just got lucky.
I've got a call for you.
My afternoon just opened up.
Is that good or bad? Mm.
It's like everything today.
It's interesting.
What's the call? That's the thing.
I'm not sure.
I got this text from a Mr.
I tried calling back a couple times.
He didn't answer.
And, uh, where is it? It's in West L.
All right.
Well, that's on the way to Alex.
We've got the party at Boss Nova's tonight.
What's the address? That's not our protocol.
Oh, I know it's not our protocol, but I'm lucky today.
Let me guess.
" You never would have agreed to meet me otherwise.
Rush, you were always so stubborn.
Rush, you have to stop poisoning Eve against me.
Poisoning Eve against you? I'm sorry.
I don't actually know what the hell you're talking about.
She won't talk to me, she won't see me.
Yeah, no sh--, asshole.
What about forgiveness? Forgiveness? Did you ever consider that it might be good for Eve to forgive me? Good for her.
Look, I'm sober now.
Oh, I know.
She told me.
Don't mock what you don't have the courage to do yourself.
Oh, right.
You think it's some kind of Get Out of Jail Free card? It doesn't undo the things that you did to her.
She doesn't want anything to do with you, so leave her alone.
You get it? Tell me you get it.
I want to hear you say those words.
'Cause if you don't, I swear to God, the next call I'm gonna make is to the cops.
Do you get it? I get it.
I-I I had to give it one last try.
I'm sorry.
We're gonna tear it up tonight.
We're gonna tear sh-- up tonight, you hear me? Yeah We're gonna tear it up! I can hear you.
Everybody west of La Brea can hear you.
What the hell's the matter with you? Look, you had sex this afternoon with the girl you love and you didn't have to have a talk afterwards.
That's some bucket list sh--.
Well, that's what's troubling me.
I-I It's not like her.
Listen, you have to learn to accept the little gifts life gives you, all right? That's another thing you're gonna realize when you turn into me.
Oh, right.
Is there a syllabus that I can download that explains all the things I'm gonna learn when I turn into you? Look, all I'm saying is, don't overthink it, okay? Chill.
You had sex! I'm about to go hang out with my new homeboy, Boss Nova! And this is it.
This is the life right here.
This is it.
Come on.
Say it with me.
This is the life.
This is the life! Hey! This is the life! Hey! This is the life.
This is the life.
- Turn up! What?! What?! It's real, baby! What?! What?! This is the life.
Yo, Rush! Yo, come holla at your boy! Follow me.
All right.
Yo, this is to ballin' like an all-star.
To house calls and sh--.
And sh--.
Ooh! Another one.
Hey! Dr.
Burke is in the building! I'm just trying to keep up with you, Nove.
And that's what's up! Yo, y'all come over here, man.
I got my new joint lined up for you.
Come check it out.
Come on, come on, come on.
Yo, this that new-new right here.
Guaranteed banger.
I come looking for you with Haitians Self-esteem ain't sh-- It's a mental fabrication, put your mouth Where my money is and take a stay-cation Bitch, do what I say Do what I say, bitch Do what I say What I say Do what I say, bitch Do what I say, bitch Do what I say Do what I say Do what I say, bitch Do what I say, bitch Do what I say Do what I say Do what I say, bitch Do what I say, bitch Yeah! You got it! Oh! Nove, I love this new joint.
It's good.
Damn right it's good! Hey, you ever read Dr.
Cornel West? Yeah, of course.
My touchstone right there.
I don't know what Cornel West would think of it.
Excuse me, asshole.
Yo, boss.
Is this my ass? The hell you doing with my phone, woman? Told you to stay out of my business.
Just tell me, Jeffrey, is this my ass? Babe, I asked you not to use my government name around my friends.
No, that's not your ass.
So? No, I don't think it is either.
Baby, don't-don't come in here trippin'.
It's me and the guys.
You're the one who's trippin'.
Ouch! Hey, hey, hey! Take it Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This ain't your concern.
All right.
You got three little girls! You go messing with trash like that?! Bitch, you do what I say! You seen this sh-- before? No, man.
I told you.
It's a dangerous mile.
Is she gone yet? Yeah, she's gone.
Yeah, she's gone.
Man, get your ass off of me! Why'd you stand there?! You didn't even do nothing! Standing there like a pedestrian.
Get your ass out of here! I better not hear sh-- about this either! From nobody! I hear about some punk from TMZ come asking me strange questions about my wife, I'm gonna come find your ass.
I ain't gonna say sh--.
I got you.
It's cool.
It's cool, all right? L-Let me take a look at your shoulder, okay? Come on.
Take a seat over here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Just sit down.
All right.
Oh, sh--.
This is gonna take some work.
You need some help? No, no, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
You sure? You know what, I'll let you guys handle it.
I'll come find you, all right? He runs his mouth, it's on you.
I understand.
This is gonna sting.
Thank you.
Vodka and soda, please.
You're a doctor, right? Yeah.
Where'd you hear that? Mm, somebody said you're, like, Boss Nova's personal doctor.
Uh Yeah, I'm-I'm on his medical team.
Would you mind taking a look at something for me? Is that terrible? Are people always asking you to Uh, it's fine.
What's your problem? I'm Steffi, by the way.
Come on.
Where we going? To the bathroom.
It's personal.
So, where does it hurt? Right here.
Wait a minute.
Um, I'm married.
I know.
So how'd you find this place? It's the only place in L.
that serves line-caught fish.
I don't want to feel bad about ruining the world while I eat.
Sorry about this.
No problem.
What happened? Oh, man, nothing bad, it's just it's getting to the point where my phone needs a phone.
Either that or I need an assistant.
And that's not gonna happen, becau Because everything that you do is illegal.
Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Appreciate it.
Here's what you're gonna do.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
First, download Sketcher.
It's a scheduling app.
It looks at your e-mails and picks out the times and dates and then it reminds you when you have something that you have to do.
Second, tell me how did you become a drug dealer? Started delivering for some people.
Kept track of the names and numbers.
Made some calls.
Took some initiative.
You never wanted to do something a little more Legal? Mm-hmm.
Of course.
It just wasn't as lucrative.
So what's your exit strategy? Winning the lottery.
You know that's not actually an exit strategy, right? It's the one I got.
Doesn't have to be.
What about you? What about me? Well, I saw the way you looked at that target the second time around, with all laser focus and sh--.
Yeah? You had somebody in mind.
He the one that has you so stuck? Yeah.
I guess he is.
Look, I had a bad relationship.
Really bad.
He messed with you.
Well he did more than mess with me.
I was pregnant.
And, um he wasn't thrilled.
So he made it so I wasn't anymore.
Let me tell you, you have every right to be stuck.
But you won't be forever, okay? Hey, you seen the guy I came in with? You all right? No.
Not really.
I drank way too much.
Did something just All right, come on, let's get you out of here.
Good idea.
Don't you step to me 'cause your skinny-ass bitch whupped your ass! Who's that? It's Pimp 6.
Oh, you got some nuts now, huh? A'ight.
Oh, sh--! Rush! Rush! Where's your punk-ass associate at?! Let's go.
Ow! You ready to die, bitch? Hey, Boss Shut up, Rush! Yeah, you got a real big mouth, but it's about to get even bigger when I blow the top of your head off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Boss, Boss, Boss.
All right, just-just put the gun down, all right? This guy is my best friend.
He's a good guy, he would not sh-- you.
Well, who snitched, huh?! He's the only person that's new to the crew! I told you, I didn't do sh--.
Oh, I remember-- you cool.
All right, back off, okay? Get up, get up.
Now, we are gonna walk out of here, and nobody's gonna stop us, you understand? You understand? Nobody.
Rush, come on! How's it look? Like you got hit with a gun.
I don't know how to go in there.
I really don't.
I can tell you what I do.
Tell myself it's a complicated world and nobody's perfect.
And then have a drink.
Or a pill.
Or a line.
Or all of the above.
And move on.
I'm not you, Rush.
One day you might be me, but I'll never be you.
Just don't go in there and spill the beans to Laurel, okay? You think I'm a dumb-ass? I'm not gonna do something stupid like that.
Well, you came clean about stealing the blood.
I'm just saying, you got this honesty thing going on.
Just don't pretend that you don't, okay? Look, I'm gonna go in that house, I'm gonna shut the hell up.
If anybody asks me sh--, I'll lie.
I ain't saying sh--.
All right.
I love you, man.
What? Sarah's been talking to Laurel about fertility treatments.
They asked me not to tell you, but You know how we do it.
Talk tomorrow? Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
For a nice day of sustainable seafood and firearms.
My pleasure.
Maybe we'll do it again sometime.
Hey, I'm I'm glad you found me.
Me, too.
And I'm gonna have that sh-- scheduled from now on.
Damn right you are.
Be safe.
You, too.
Um I don't I don't know about a gun.
I mean, just in case you need to get unstuck.
Thank you.
Of course.
Later, Eve.
Later, Manny.
What are you doing here? I missed you.
Thought we could spend some more time together.
Will, I have to tell you something.
You have cancer.
How did you know? A lucky guess.
Come in.