Rush (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Dirty Work

Previously on Rush You're like a vortex, a storm system.
You suck people in.
I can't count on you like that.
Sarah's been talking to Laurel about fertility treatments.
Will, I have to tell you something.
You have cancer? I'm Steffi.
Don't go in there and spill the beans to Laurel, okay? If anybody asks me, sh--, I'll lie.
Did you get the flowers? I threw them away.
She doesn't want anything to do with you, so leave her alone.
Personalized medicine, working out of the back of your car.
Where else am I supposed to treat them? I was thrown out of the hospital.
You almost lost a patient.
Take the test, Will.
If you're clean, what's the problem? Not now.
Hello? Judge Thomas? Hello? Dr.
Rush? Oh, sh--.
Rebecca? Yes.
Well, you're a long way from Bel Air.
I moved out three months ago.
I'm never going back to those assholes.
Right, well looks like you landed on your feet.
I take it your dad doesn't know about You mean, "Teen Mom"? They're thrilled.
Is it okay if I check how far you're dilated? Oh, hey! All right, this baby's coming.
What? You can see the head.
What? No, no, no, no.
No, I can't.
Yes, you can.
No, really.
It's gonna hurt too much.
Well, you can handle it.
I don't want to handle it.
Well, you're gonna have to, Rebecca, because this baby's nearly here, okay? When-when it comes out, I w-want you to take it.
Right, well, we'll see what happens when he or she enters the world, which is gonna be in about all right? So come on, push.
That's it.
There ya go, come on.
Okay, you're doing really well.
Come on.
Give me a nice big push, okay? That's it, Rebecca.
There ya go.
Sh--! That's it.
Come on.
One more push.
You're doing really well.
One more, keep pushing! Push! Sh--! There it goes.
All right! All right.
Congratulations! It's a boy.
Hey, buddy.
Come on, there you go.
What's wrong? Why isn't he crying? Isn't he supposed to be crying? Yeah that's usually how it goes.
All right, buddy, come here, come here Harold? I need you to get your ass over to Kind of a seedy 'hood for you.
Yeah, I know, but I'm here.
And I need you here, too.
Like now! I'm on my way.
What's going on? Tell me what's going on.
We're going to the hospital.
Now might be time to call your parents.
No, I called you.
This has nothing to do with them.
Oh, sh--.
What is that beeping? Hey, Harold-- you got an infant E.
tube back here? Upper-right cabinet.
What does that mean? It means he's not getting enough oxygen.
Rebecca, watch what I'm doing, okay? 'Cause I'm gonna need you to take over.
It's two breaths, then I can't do this.
Yes, you can: two then 30.
All right, here's the breaths-- One, two then one, two, three, four, five, take over at ten, to eight, nine, ten.
Go, count for me.
Oh, great.
Jesus, Harold! Come on! Take it easy! 18, 19 Where are you? Come on Got it.
Okay Keep it going, keep it going.
All right, okay, keep going, going All right, stop compressions.
Stop compressions.
Okay, buddy.
Come on.
All right.
Here we go.
All right.
Nice and slow.
Not too deep.
Please, please, don't let him die.
I'm trying not to.
All right got it Okay come on Come on, buddy, come on! Yes! We got a heartbeat! All right.
O2's going up.
He's so beautiful.
Yeah, he is.
All right.
Come on, buddy.
Hey Born at 6:08.
CPR initiated.
O2 stats dropped to 40 on the bus.
You got that? Okay, go ahead.
Take them up.
Whew! Did you intubate that baby? Yeah.
Why? That procedure was performed perfectly.
I was going to compliment you on it.
Emergency intubation? On a newborn? In the back of an ambulance, doing 70 miles an hour, yeah.
Emily Chase, Chief of Pediatrics.
Will P.
Rush, MD.
What hospital are you at? Actually, I'm a free agent.
Have a nice day.
Oh I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
The bathroom is right through there.
Bottom-right, you'll find everything you need-- tampons, blow-dryer, toothbrush, everything, the works.
Do you need me to call down to the valet for your car? You must be Eve.
I-I'm sorry.
Who are you? Sarah.
Oh, Sarah! Yeah.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you! Uh, I didn't realize that your office was, uh well, like, right here.
Oh, yes.
Rush does like to run a non-traditional workspace.
Of course.
Why wouldn't he want you within shouting range at all times? Right? Right.
Oh! Ladies, I see that you've already W-What'd I miss? Nothing.
Just enjoying putting a face to the name.
Me, too.
Well, your immediate complicity is unnerving, just so you know.
One fresh green juice, loaded with antioxidants and enzymes and all the other bullsh-- that makes you feel good about yourself.
What do you have there? It's just, uh, tomato juice.
Oh, cool.
Can I have some? Uh, no, no, no.
It's fine.
Come on, get dressed.
We're gonna be late.
Late for what? For your appointment.
It's at 10:00, right? I'm coming with you.
Uh, can we talk about that in private? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, of course.
You're early.
Okay so, this appointment I know, you're independent.
You can handle it on your own.
But you don't have to now, 'cause I'm here.
Will, I'm going to my fertility clinic.
You don't seem surprised.
Would you be surprised if I told you Alex can't keep a secret? No.
But, come on, it's me.
I would have figured it out.
Really? Yeah, I mean, flushed complexion, increased sexual appetite, slight weight gain Watch it.
Slight! No, but, seriously, you know-- you're playing a dangerous game, hyper-ovulating.
The hormone surge from those IVF meds can really fuel the cancer.
I know.
And that's why my eggs were already harvested.
So you're going for your oophorectomy today? No, the ovaries come out next week.
Today, I'm looking at sperm donors.
And how could that possibly be necessary when I'm standing right here? Wow, you're hilarious.
You can't be serious.
Yeah, this is my serious face.
Do I need to work on it? Okay, I'm gonna go get dressed.
Or were you more interested in a short and stout offspring? Sarah? What happened? Oh, I, uh tripped in the driveway coming in the other night.
Is that when you went out with Rush? How wasted did you get? More tired than anything.
It was just the garage step that I missed.
It's nothing big.
Poor baby.
Why didn't you wake me? Is that because you didn't want me to know that you got in at You guys must have had a pretty wild time.
What, listening to Rush talk about Sarah? Obsess over Sarah? Wonder about Sarah all night? Yeah, it was a hella crazy night.
I feel like having a little crazy.
Sarah, you ready to make a baby? Dr.
Rosenstein, uh, this is Dr.
Will Rush.
Hello, nice to meet you, Doctor.
Yeah, you, too.
Uh, forgive me if I've missed something, but have we changed our plan? Is this your donor? Oh, no.
Rush is here for moral support.
Yeah, go team! Oh, sorry.
Based on the preferences you've indicated, the best match for anonymous donor are on the screen.
Okay? The profile contains family medical history, Sorry.
education attainment, hobbies, current occupation This guy's a little young, don't you think? and a baby picture of the donor.
Of course.
All right.
I'll leave you to it.
Great meeting you.
Yeah, you, too.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She's nice.
She's lovely.
Here goes.
Played football at USC.
Medical history looks good.
Let's look at this photo.
Oh! God, no.
Look at the forehead.
Really? Could show a movie on that.
You're making fun of a baby? How come I've never seen any of your baby photos, huh? Uh, I was a very cute baby, I'll have you know.
People used to stop my mom in the street, so come on, next.
Independent filmmaker.
Living on his parents' couch.
Come on, that's not fair.
Sarah, it may as well say "mime.
" Come on, next.
Number 1-0-0-6-8, hedge fund manager.
Econ major at Brown.
Brown, "Ivy League lite.
" Six-two.
Likes watching raunchy comedies and surfs.
Let's look at this photo.
Oh, wow.
That is some good DNA.
He seems perfect.
Till you realize he's wearing a satin teddy under his Zegna suit.
I thought you were here to support me.
I am I am, it's just these profiles are like online dating ads for semen.
Well how are you supposed to choose? Well, it's not what they're putting in, it's what they're leaving out.
You know, nobody talks about the four years in their 20's when they were so depressed, they couldn't get out of bed.
Or their mother's crippling agoraphobia.
What? If this is too hard for you, I totally get it.
You can just take off.
It's fine, I can Uber it back.
I do not mind.
It's fine, it's fine.
I'm here to support you, okay? I'm just making a point.
It's a shame that you can't really get to know your donor.
You know what? Let's move the investment banker over to the "saved" folder.
Or the "trash" folder.
Hey, lunch is on the way up, you guys.
Sarah, I ordered you a Nicoise salad; I hope that's okay.
It's my favorite thing that they serve downstairs.
Sounds absolutely perfect.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Can I Here's a fun fact: did you know that the Nicoise olive isn't actually Sh--.
Uh, excuse me, I'm gonna have to take this call.
You two carry on your tuna talk.
Where'd you learn that? College or Okay.
What a lovely surprise.
I've been trying to reach you.
Uh This isn't an easy phone call for me to make.
I need your help.
You need my help? Interesting.
A friend has gotten himself into some trouble.
And it seems like it might be the kind of trouble that you deal with.
Well, actually, I don't think you have a clue what kind of trouble it is that I deal with.
He was drinking.
He got into a car accident.
That's all I know.
That's all I want to know.
All right.
Who's the friend? He's very influential.
He's important to the hospital.
Look, Will, I don't know how you work your procedures or how you determine your fees.
I don't usually do anything for less than five grand.
But this is a car accident, so it would require some discretion.
So let's say we'll start at ten and work from there.
And I don't take insurance.
That's a lot of money.
Well, he's free to go to the ER if he doesn't like the terms.
No, no, no, no, no.
I-I'm certain that he-he'll accept the terms.
Text me the address.
I went to look for a sperm donor.
And he just went with you? He did indeed.
I, uh I have a patient.
So Oh! This looks cozy.
Um Say nice things about me, hmm? Or at least try.
All right So he just sat by while you looked at other options? He did.
But only after very firmly tossing his own hat into the ring.
What? Have you considered door number three? Mm! Yeah, of course I thought about it, even before we were back together, or whatever this is.
But I have cancer.
He didn't tell you? No oh, I'm so I'm so sorry.
It's totally fine.
I'm dealing with it, you know? But with Rush I don't know.
There's just so much history.
I have to take things slow.
The timing just sucks you know? So, anyway, what's your next chapter look like? Um I've always wanted to finish school.
Mm! Get my degree.
Then you should.
Yeah, I think I will.
So when? Someday.
Gordon Klaus? Will Rush.
You're a lot taller than your father.
Well, the dissimilarities don't end there.
You need a doctor? Come in.
Um Follow me.
I was expecting you sooner.
This is a delicate matter.
Well, in my experience, delicate's worth waiting for, so Your father wasn't comfortable with the details, but he-he felt that you wouldn't have a problem.
Well, my only interest in problems is solving them as quickly as possible.
He did say something about a car accident, though.
Are you injured? Me? No, not me.
I think she might be hurt.
I think you might be right.
All right, well, Joanne's lucky to be alive.
She's not my wife, if you're wondering.
I wasn't, no.
We see each other sometimes, when my wife is out of town.
I told you, it's delicate.
Right, and how long has she been in here? It happened just before sunrise.
I hit a tree.
I-I was afraid to move her.
The thought of calling an ambulance never occurred to you? I called your father.
Last night, the hospital trustees named a new wing after me.
They do that when you donate eight figures.
Oh, right, and how would it look if their Man of the Year was caught in this sort of tawdry scandal? She isn't gonna die, is she? Nope, not if I can help it.
First I'm gonna have to get her out of here.
You got a hammer? Uh, hammer, hammer All right.
All right.
There she is.
Joanne? Oh Can you hear me? Yeah.
My name's Dr.
You've been involved in a serious car accident.
Okay, you have a broken arm.
And lots of cuts and bruises on your body.
Would you like to go to a hospital? No.
My husband can't find out.
Well, I'm gonna ask you some questions.
Can you tell me your full name? Joanne Martin.
Do you know where you are, Joanne? Someplace I'm not supposed to be.
Can you tell me who's president? I can tell you who should be.
She's fine.
Doc Yeah? Yeah, just-just take it easy, all right? Lay back.
Yeah? My wife is coming back tomorrow.
Well, Joanne has to rest.
We'll move her when she's ready.
I only wanted to protect the hospital's reputation.
Warren understands that.
Well, I'm glad somebody does.
Now, I want you to keep her comfortable.
If she complains of any neck or back pain, you call me right away.
You want to leave her here, with me? Are you sure that's a good idea? Well, it's that or the hospital.
You know, the one you gave eight figures to.
Oh And let's do this one with a clear head, okay? For Warren's sake.
Right, right.
You surprise me, Dr.
How so? Your father describes you as someone who, uh, likes to get their hands dirty.
I was expecting a disreputable doctor with questionable skills.
You're anything but.
Well, I have my moments.
And I only take cash.
This is for your father.
A bonus for the hospital.
A million dollars.
This is your fee.
You seem very concerned with money.
Is that because of the type of people you deal with? Well, you heard what my father thinks of me.
When you mortgage your respectability, you better get something in return.
See you later.
Burke? Yes? There's someone at the nurses' station here to see you.
Tell them to hang out in the waiting room.
I'll try to get there in the next half an hour.
I don't think it's a patient.
Come with me.
Oh, my God, you really are a doctor.
I'm really a doctor.
What are you doing here? I just wanted to see where you work.
And I thought, you know maybe we could get together again.
Get together? Yeah, like lunch or dinner or whenever you get off.
You got the wrong idea.
Wh What we did that was a one-time thing.
It doesn't have to be.
Yes, it does.
I'm married.
I got to get back to work.
I guess I made a mistake.
Yes, you did.
So please don't come back here.
You didn't have to be rude about it.
Hey! So I met your friend Gordon; quality guy.
Is everything all right? Well, I thought you didn't want to know all the sordid details; that's my area.
There's a lot at stake here, Will.
And a lot of zeroes.
What's this about? See, the, uh the thing about billionaires is they tend to be very direct.
Another check? Yeah.
Looks like I'm not just the garbageman, but the bagman, too.
Well, whatever you are-- or aren't-- this is going to help a lot of people.
Well, have your publicist call the Times.
Just don't call me again.
Can you believe she'd rather have some masturbator's child than mine? Seriously? You want to have a baby with Sarah? Yeah.
I'm ready.
No, you just can't stand the idea of some other guy having a baby with Sarah.
Oh, right.
You don't know the first thing about fatherhood, man.
Birthday parties, pony rides.
Playing catch in the backyard.
I can do all that.
No one asks to be born, Rush.
Babies come into the world naked and helpless, and you're their everything.
Oh, is that from a Hallmark card? Geez.
You have to feed them, nurture them, teach them.
And then you obsess about their well-being every minute of the day, forever.
A baby's not a prize.
It's a privilege.
All right.
Easy, daddy-o.
What's got you all riled up? My bad, man, it's just Remember that chick from the other night: Steffi? Yeah.
She showed up here today.
At the hospital? Yeah.
Wha You told her where you worked? I was drunk, bro.
I might have slipped up and said some sh-- in the heat of the moment.
Oh, geez, Alex.
What did she want? I don't know.
A date.
A date? Yeah.
Hold on.
You didn't hit that again, did you? Hell, no.
Are you crazy? Her showing up here just made me feel even more guilty.
Yeah, you are definitely not cut out for infidelity, my friend.
I just wish I could go back in time and stuff that big-ass genie back in the bottle.
Well, at least she didn't ask you for any money.
You think she's gonna ask for money? No.
No, I Well, you just said No, I know.
I-I shouldn't have said anything.
This sh-- will blow over.
You'll be fine.
Eat a taco.
Admiring your handiwork? Yeah.
Yeah, it was a good day.
You'll get no argument from him.
I've done a little research on you.
Impressive credentials.
Well, thank you very much.
I'm sensing a "but" in there, though.
You had a little trouble here.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
That was a long time ago.
You ever consider coming back to the hospital? Not once.
Too bad.
Hello, Rush.
Been a while.
The latest in a ceaseless series of embarrassments my daughter has heaped on her family.
At least it's a cute embarrassment.
And her next brilliant idea is she wants to keep the baby.
Maybe, uh, the responsibility of a baby is exactly what she needs, you know, to straighten herself out.
We're giving this baby up for adoption to a family that can properly raise it.
Raise him.
I won't let Rebecca's life be derailed before she's even earned her GED.
Thank you for what you did.
Hello? You need to come back.
Who is this? It's Joanne Martin.
There is something wrong with Gordon.
Define "wrong.
" He's dying.
Okay, what happened? I don't know.
When I woke up, I found him like this.
Oh, my God.
Is he Oh, sh--.
Dying-- It's a distinct possibility.
Looks like his chest must have struck the steering wheel in the accident.
He didn't say anything.
He was probably too drunk to realize.
What? There's fluid in his pericardial sac.
So what does that mean? It means he's bleeding in the area around his heart.
It makes it difficult for it to beat.
I'm gonna have to drain it.
Be right.
There we go.
Is it supposed to look like that? Yeah.
It's supposed to look exactly like that.
Wha Okay.
Okay, his heart sounds better.
Oh, God.
And his pulse is stronger.
But that fluid could re-accumulate.
Well, he can't go to the hospital.
He's a public figure.
Way ahead of you.
Nice crib.
Hey, this is not cool, all right? My wife could have seen you.
But that was the whole idea, right? What the hell do you want? I wanted dinner.
But since you disrespected me and kicked me to the curb, I want five grand.
Five grand? You're-you're delusional.
I had two videos booked with Boss Nova for $2,500 each.
But that's all gone now thanks to you.
Thanks to me? I didn't say anything about Boss Nova.
That's not what he thinks.
And the way I see it, a wife's got a right to know where her man's dick's been.
Why don't we go inside and tell her.
Okay, okay, okay.
Wait right here.
Over here.
Don't move.
Hi, baby.
There's a salmon salad in the fridge.
Thanks, babe.
It's all there.
We're done.
Other than this bomb sushi spot on Sawtelle, I really got no reason to come west of the 405.
Don't come back here.
You take care.
I'm looking for Will Rush.
Can I ask what it's regarding? Yes.
I'm his father.
Uh, oh, um Dr.
Rush, please, come in.
Thank you.
He will be right back.
Can I bring you anything? No, thank you.
Um Eve.
I'm Rush Dr.
Rush's assistant.
Ah, well, no, thank you, Eve.
Come on in.
Oh this is impressive.
Warren? Sarah? Oh, my God.
How long has it been, what, five years? Oh, gosh, got to be six, I think.
Are you and Will back together? Oh, well, we're taking it one day at a time.
Well, you look wonderful.
You, too.
Hey, kids, I'm home! What are you doing here? I saw a really nice bar downstairs.
Can we grab a drink? Well, I actually have several more patients to see today, so He'd love to.
One drink.
Gordon Klaus is in San Diego.
Checked in under an alias.
And apparently the facility you chose is top-notch.
And he said you cleared the call log from his cell phone.
You thought of everything, Will.
Well, I may well be disreputable and mercenary, but I'm also full-service, so I said those things.
It was unfair.
But it's what you believe.
Will, you have to admit that there's a lot of history between us that informs that belief.
All right, can I ask you a question? Why is it okay for Gordon Klaus to make a mistake, but not me? Gordon Klaus is not my son.
You are an enormously talented physician, Will, quite possibly the best I've ever seen.
And I respect your skill immensely But you don't respect me.
You came to the hospital high that night.
You almost lost a patient.
I did what I had to do.
I'm not gonna apologize for that.
You don't have to.
'Cause, um, you know what? You were right.
I've spent the last six years blaming you, but it was my fault.
And you were right.
Yeah, I-I didn't know what would happen when I came over here today, but I certainly didn't expect you to say that.
Me neither.
Baby steps, huh? I can live with baby steps.
By the way, Corrine sends her regards.
It seems you made a big impression.
Right, well, um, yeah, give her my best.
Uh, sorry, I gotta take this.
It's a patient.
How's the little guy? Dr.
Rush, I'm bleeding.
All right.
All right, well, just let your doctors know what's going on, okay? They'll take care of you at the hospital.
I'm not at the hospital.
I took my baby and left.
There's blood everywhere.
Rebecca? There's so much blood.
Yeah, I can see that.
All right.
Okay, let me just take your pulse here.
You feeling weak or dizzy? No.
Well, your pulse is nice and strong.
Let's have a look at your eyes.
Am I gonna die? No.
No, some blood is normal after birth.
If you'd stayed in the hospital, where you're meant to be, then they would've explained that to you.
I couldn't do that.
They were about to take him away.
All right.
Can I, um can I take a little look at him? Hey.
Hey, yeah, little guy.
Oh, no.
How are you doing? Okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Hey, buddy.
Yeah, you're okay.
You're okay.
All right.
Oh, yeah, that was a little cold, right? Okay Well, he's he's doing okay, but I need to get you and him back to the hospital, 'cause this little guy has had a crazy day.
Come on.
I don't normally do this, but can I give you some advice from a guy that's been known to screw up from time to time? Sure.
Your parents don't think that you're mature enough to take care of this little guy.
They're wrong.
Well, what they know is what they see, and, you know, you're not inspiring a lot of confidence right now.
I don't care about that.
Well, maybe you should.
'Cause if you want support-- and you need support right now, both of you-- then, you know, you have to show people that you're responsible, that you got a plan.
No, this here, this.
this is not a plan, Rebecca.
Then what should I do? Well, go home, go back to school.
Show your parents that you can put this little guy's interests in front of your own.
There's people who love you, and they want to believe in you.
You just got to give 'em a reason to respect you.
You don't seem like a screw-up.
No, I don't, do I? Hey.
- Hey.
Where's Sarah? She went to go get some stuff.
Do you mind if I leave a little bit early today? There's something I want to do across town, and I don't want to get caught in traffic.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
I really like her.
You really like her? What, you two bonded that much over seared fish? She's smart.
That she is.
Rush? Yeah.
You got a chance there.
A real chance.
Don't screw it up, okay? Okay.
You really put that much thought into Facebook? I'm just looking at these two donors again.
I think I'm leaning toward the hedge fund surfer.
Is that the best they can do? Who knows what lurks in his water-logged DNA.
Don't they ever update this Web site? Oh.
You're right.
Let's see this baby photo.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh.
Oh cute.
So cute.
Hold on.
Number one-seven-seven-oh-two.
He's six foot, three.
Good height.
Harvard-trained physician? Ooh Yes! "Una" Oh, carry on.
Lives large.
"Loves life, fine wine and the undeniable perfection of '80s pop music.
" Oh, well, he sounds perfect.
Yeah, and all you have to do is click "accept.
" Yeah, I don't think you really understand what this means.
It's not a contest, Will.
Yeah, I know.
A baby's not a prize, it's a it's a privilege.
Look if I wanted a baby and nothing more, then I would rather do it with a stranger.
But if it's gonna be with you, I want a life together.
I want a real life.
All right.
Well, then, we need to get a few more good days under our belts.
Huh? Yeah.
Like today? Yes, like today.
A lot more like today.
Hello? Hi, Eve.
It's J.
Why are you doing this? I want you back.
I don't want you back.
Guess where I am? I just sat down on the patio at the Little Door.
Got the table in the corner, your favorite.
I want you to sit down with me, look me in the eye, and if you don't feel what I feel for you, then I promise you, I will leave you alone.
I don't believe you.
You're not being fair.
I don't have to be fair.
I don't have to be kind.
I don't have to listen, I don't have to talk.
I don't have to go to dinner with you.
I just have to do what's right for me.
Do you understand? You don't get a say in that.
I choose what's right for me.
If that's what you want, but you broke my heart.
Get out.
I just wanted a chance.
Just give me a chance.
Give me a chance.
You're high.
Such a bitch! No! Is this the way you want it? Come on, come on, you always loved it like this, didn't you, huh? You're right.
I want it like this.
Oh, good girl.
But where is? You wear a condom.
Oh, good girl.
We have to wear a condom.
We can't do this again.
I can't lose another baby.
Oh, no no, we can't, can we? You bitch!