Russian Doll (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Exquisite Corpse

1 [classical music playing.]
[train bell dinging.]
I've been looking for you, you little cocktease.
Hello, genetics.
[soldiers speaking Hungarian.]
Grandma, pretty good.
[dog growls.]
Hot off the presses, ink's still wet.
[speaking Hungarian.]
Excuse me! I'm looking for Captain Marton Halász? Probably dead.
I happen to know that he's alive in 1944.
Help me find him, and I'll tell you the future.
Not your personal future, more geopolitical history with embarrassing holes in all the usual places.
What's your name? Vera Peschauer.
And I'm looking for Marton [woman.]
Erzebet! We're late! Sorry.
She's crazy.
She keeps looking for her dead husband.
He died at Voronezh, remember, Erzebet? Your husband died.
Let's go.
Be quiet, keep going.
[in English.]
Do we know each other? [in Hungarian.]
Hurry up.
Nazis, Hungarians, Hungarian Nazis.
I wish I were selling Venn diagrams.
I'd make a mint.
Shh! What was that about? If you're not careful, you're going to wind up on the next train.
Bossy widow, strong choice! We're not really widows, right? Don't give anyone your name.
You're not Vera anymore.
You're Erzebet.
And we're evidently hunting vampires.
Got it.
Uh, listen, I want what they took from my family.
I've got a name and a number.
Vera! Don't.
Keep your head down.
Do you want to wind up like your mother? Sorry.
What do I know? Maybe they're all fine.
Maybe you'll get a letter.
They're already gone? If you're going to crack up stay away from me! [scoffs.]
[in English.]
Welcome to fucking Budapest.
At least my Hungarian is getting better.
All right.
[orchestral music playing.]
We're home, Grandma.
[female voice.]
Cuckoo-cuckoo! - Cuckoo-cuckoo! - [Nadia.]
There a fucking rooster in here? Cuckoo? [female voice.]
Cuckoo-cuckoo! [suspenseful music playing.]
[in Hungarian.]
Hey! Do I know you? Shh! [somber music playing.]
[in English.]
Holy shit.
[in Hungarian.]
Are you just going to stand there like a princess? Come on! [Delia exhales.]
For strength.
[speaks Hungarian.]
[in English.]
You're Delia.
Fucking A.
[in Hungarian.]
You never change.
Even backwards.
[in English.]
Thanks, man.
You speak English yet? [young Delia.]
Shh, Vera! I know, I know.
Do you mind if I ask you a question? [grunts.]
Delia, do you know anything about where this, uh, gold train is? What train? It's warehouse, not train.
Everything Nazis stole is in warehouse.
I know nothing of train.
Holy shit, of course.
The Russians aren't close enough yet.
[in Hungarian.]
Sons of bitches! [in English.]
We should learn Russian next.
Eh, easy on the Russian.
I shouldn't even speak Hungarian.
Look, everything in this warehouse will be put on a train and moved west once the Russians get here.
I'm here to intercept that shit before that train arrives.
The Russians will save Budapest.
Well Uh, where exactly is this so-called warehouse? [upbeat music playing.]
[soldier shouts indistinctly.]
[in Hungarian.]
Should we go to Café Gerbeaud? Café Gerbeaud? That sounds lovely! Oh look, here comes a "widow.
" You know, they're dressing like widows now.
You can't tell who's a widow and who's a Jew rat.
[soldier whistles.]
Psst, little girl! What are you looking for? Sorry, I'm lost.
Is this Café Gerbeaud? You're wearing that to Gerbeaud? [chuckles.]
What? You're a pretty girl.
You want to wear something special? You don't have to be a widow every night, right? Jewelry.
All from the Jews.
I guess it's never too early for Christmas shopping.
[in English.]
Holy fuck.
[door closes.]
[classical music playing softly.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[woman in Hungarian.]
Get an extra place setting.
You never know.
[indistinct chatter.]
Excuse me.
[in English.]
Uh, hi.
[in Hungarian.]
Have you seen any numbers on this stuff? Sorry? There should be parcel numbers.
They told the families they'd keep all their things together.
Why does it matter to you? I just want to make sure I'm getting a full set.
[in English.]
So You're welcome.
[clock cuckoos.]
So fucked up.
Fuck my life, come on.
[groans softly.]
Numbers, numbers, numbers.
Fucking meth heads.
[classical piano music playing.]
One-four-zero-seven, baby.
Come on.
[piano intensifies.]
[objects clinking.]
Oh Jesus! [grunts.]
Got an arm like Darryl Strawberry.
[adventurous music playing.]
Motherfucking things.
X marks the spot.
[orchestral music playing.]
Stay there.
[orchestral music continues.]
Oh fuck.
[upbeat classical music playing.]
Jesus fucking Christ.
[bones crack.]
Take it easy.
[clears throat.]
How are you, sir? Uh [in Hungarian.]
Excuse me [in Latin.]
"The eagle does not catch flies.
" [in Hungarian.]
I hope we can be a comfort in your time of grief.
And when you think about it, is there any other time? Uh, so I'm looking for a Father László Kiss.
Right behind you.
[in English.]
Ah, lucky me.
[in Hungarian.]
Ah! Great.
The man of the hour, in the flesh.
So my research shows that you are a very decent person with an impressive lifeline, who has a soft spot for Jews, aka "Kugel fever.
" I'm sorry.
Who are you? Ah, I don't think you want to peel that onion.
Call me Vera.
You are welcome to pray in our house of worship.
Thanks for your time.
[in English.]
Nice guy.
Uh [in Hungarian.]
I'm "tolerated.
" [in English.]
Right? [in Hungarian.]
People say "welcome" when they mean "tolerated.
" [in English.]
Anyway, uh [in Hungarian.]
I need you to mail this map to Vera Peschauer Vulvokov in New York City.
I thought you were Vera.
After the war.
After the war? Look, I saw rocks on your grave, and anyone who's seen Schindler's List knows that means you're a mensch.
Then again, is it Spielberg's best film? No.
That's the first episode of Columbo.
Who can say? You saw my grave? Ah, yeah.
You believe me? Before you answer, remember, you believe in "transubstantiation.
" I believe you.
Do you trust me? I do.
Do you trust me? [together.]
- Hold on.
- [chair creaking.]
[priest clears throat.]
- Not here.
- [groans.]
I'll meet you at Keleti Station, under the clock at 8:00 p.
? 8:00 p.
, under the clock.
Was I old? When you died? Super old.
Oh and married.
[upbeat music playing.]
[train horn blowing.]
[train horn blows.]
[in English.]
[dog growls.]
All right, László.
Fuck this.
[brakes hissing.]
Ow! Shit.
Vera Peschauer.
Vera Peschauer! Vera Peschauer! [in Hungarian.]
Mail for Vera Peschauer! Vera! Vera Peschauer! Vera Peschauer! Mail for Vera Peschauer! Vera Peschauer! [in English.]
- Hey! - [whistle blows.]
[in Hungarian.]
Hey! Why are you running? Come back, miss! - [dog barks.]
- [whistle blows.]
Mail it after the war.
- This'll change everything for my family.
- Where are you going? [in English.]
Please! [in Hungarian.]
It's not safe.
[in English.]
Just send it! [upbeat music playing.]
[rubble falling.]
Ooh! - Vera.
- [sighs, chuckles.]
Sit down.
You are doing the right thing.
[snaps fingers.]
I'm doing the right thing.
I think I finally fucking changed what happened.
Which would change what happens to Vera, which will change what happens to Nora, which will change what happens to me.
I mean, it goes all the way down the line like turtles.
You don't have to explain yourself.
Eh, let me hold it.
Come on.
It's okay.
- Mmm.
- All right.
All right.
["I Found Out Too Late" by The Sapphires playing.]
Hold your bag tight.
[in Hungarian.]
These fucking animal muggers.
Fucking metro.
[in English.]
Yeah, fucking metro.
I know.
[in Hungarian.]
The appraisers are right by the hospital.
[Nadia in English.]
All right.
Appraisers, and then the fucking stock market grew.
This is the security for her.
Her husband died.
She's a single mother now.
[exhales sharply.]
- This is unbelievable.
- [Delia chuckles.]
Fucking really did it, huh? [stopwatch ticking.]
[Nadia sighs.]
Hey, buddy, sir? Uh, please with the yawning, all right? A little respect for the butterfly effect.
You left something in here.
[man sighs.]
[window closes.]
Bonds? Coins? Cash? Oh yeah.
- [tense music playing.]
- [stopwatch ticking.]
["I Found Out Too Late" continues.]
[tense music intensifying.]
[music fades.]
I don't want Krugerrands.
Vera, we discussed this.
It's the most stable currency.
Remember the pengo? Krugerrands.
I didn't do all this just to end up with the same fucking Krugerrands.
Is there a problem here? It's okay.
It's just, uh, this means a lot to her.
In the war, she lost everything.
One day, she got a map from a stranger, a priest, sending the mail.
Went back to Budapest.
In the wall of a sewer, was her father's watch, these earrings, the opal brooch.
Uh, how did such things happen? But what good is jewelry for us now? So we exchange for gold.
I can only hear you when you press the button.
[in Hungarian.]
Bitch-face man.
[in English.]
So 150 coins at 33.
50 an ounce comes to $5325.
Now, if those monsters ever come back, we have exit strategy.
You never know what can happen.
That's what it means, this money, a way out.
- [coins clinking.]
- [murmurs.]
That's all there is, a way out.
I found out too late, too late, too ♪ I found out just a little bit ♪ [keys jingling.]
["Bonchida A" by Trad.
& Arr.
Laszlo Borteri & Niko Radic playing.]
[coins clinking.]
["Bonchida A" continues playing.]
[coins clinking.]
Mom! I taught myself the choreography.
Uh, come over here.
- Hi.
- [exhales.]
[chuckles softly.]
Uh, so Mommy's gonna tell you a little story, and it's not gonna mean anything to you.
But hey, it's just a story, right? Turns out, I was wrong about time.
You know how that goes.
Uh See, I thought that I could change things for us, you know? If I just went back far enough.
Uh And then, turns out, I couldn't change anything at all.
So I I can only do what was always done, so Is this a riddle? Fifteen years from now, you'll get the idea to steal this gold.
I'll lose it.
In trying to right that wrong, I'll only end up bringing you back the same gold that you steal 15 years from now.
It's the dance of the tarantula.
Watch me.
[drink pours.]
Tell you this, time's got a real sick sense of humor, Nora.
[young Nora.]
We have to keep stomping our feet so the tarantula poison doesn't go to our hearts.
You can't have that.
It's too much poison.
You're such a good dancer, Mom.
Come on, Mommy.
Dance with me.
[inhales, exhales.]
[music continues.]
[baby crying.]
Momma loves her baby ♪ And daddy loves you too ♪ [woman.]
I'm gonna get some chicken.
And the sea may look warm to you, babe ♪ I'm gonna keep this.
The sky may look blue ♪ - [door slams shut.]
- [dog barks.]
- [man.]
Let's get out of this car.
- [dog barks.]
What the fuck did you say? [woman.]
Just let it go.
Ooh, baby blue ♪ - Be careful.
- You okay, Nora? [in Hungarian.]
Be careful, the baby.
[Ruth in English.]
Come sit down, take a load off.
We're almost there.
If you should go skating ♪ On the thin ice of modern life ♪ Dragging behind you The silent reproach ♪ Of a million tear-stained eyes ♪ Don't be surprised When a crack in the ice ♪ Appears under your feet ♪ You slip out of your depth And out of your mind ♪ With your fear flowing out behind you ♪ As you claw the thin ice ♪ [train horn blowing.]
[music continues.]
i just I just passed you.
- [Nora gasps.]
- [all yelling.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Yeah, okay.
Fuck! [in Hungarian.]
The baby is coming! - [in English.]
It's okay, Nora.
- Ah! Yeah! [song ends.]
[classical piano music playing.]
[music fades out.]

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