Russian Doll (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Schrödinger's Ruth

1 Okay, that's two minutes.
Tell me when you feel the next push.
- She's about to have baby! - Get me out of here.
This is the northbound 6 train.
Stand clear of the closing doors.
Was that another contraction? I don't know, Ruthie.
Me neither.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm looking at a watch.
Oh, I can't do this.
You gotta get me outta here.
We were so close to the hospital, Noraleh.
Please, Ruthie, you gotta get me back on that train.
This is just fear.
Push through.
You are a survivor.
Is anybody here a doctor? You are a doctor, no? No, I'm studying for my PhD in clinical psychology.
I can't deliver a baby.
Not a fucking real doctor.
Useless! Useless! Maybe I can deliver a baby 'cause it's just coming right now.
- I handle.
- Look at me.
I'm here with you.
What's the situation? Someone in trouble? Oh, hey, I know this lady.
- Oh, this fucking guy.
- Can you help us or not? I'm prepared to get involved.
Here, take that.
This baby is coming now.
Yeah, no shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
You ever find that guy? Look, man, I don't wanna do this.
I did not sign up for this.
Everything will be okay when the baby comes.
I am the baby.
I need you to push.
Bear down with me.
Now! Push, Nora.
Use those sit-up muscles.
Sit-up muscles? Really? Okay, so rectus and transverse abdominals.
Push, Nora! Push! - Push! - Push! - Nora.
- Push.
- Knife! Knife! - I got you.
Uh, can anybody spare a towel? - Can anybody spare a towel? - A towel, please! Hello.
There she is.
Remember to hold the head.
I I did.
It's a real subway baby.
Born on the 6 train platform.
Give this kid a key to the city.
Hi, Nadia.
Happy birthday, kiddo.
Sweet birthday baby! Runnin' with the devil ♪ Runnin' with the devil ♪ What you know about it? ♪ I found the simple life It's so simple ♪ Hey.
Congratulations, baby.
It's a girl.
Huh? Mmm! Just what you wanted, huh, babe? Huh, babe? Huh? What are you doing? I just came to say congrats.
Heard it on the radio.
You're famous now.
You know, you should think about suing the MTA.
Get some money out of this thing.
I don't know.
Sounds shady, Chez.
Are you kidding me, babe? City's got real money.
This could be big for us.
They owe you.
Well, I'm not sure that's exactly true.
It is.
They owe you.
Are you fucking shameless? All right.
Uh, okay.
I'll talk to you later.
And, uh, yeah, hope they sew that up nice and tight, you know? Zip.
Yeah, well, they better.
I hope so too, because Okay, get out.
Get out.
This shit-face man.
Okay, lady, you got me wrong.
It's not even my kid, all right? She is a rock star, and I just came to say congratulations, or get well soon, or whatever it is that you you say.
How dare you come here? This kind of men you keep in your life, and you think you are ready to up bring a child? This shit face? This bum? This thief? - A bug! A thief! - What are you doing? Oh, what? You gonna - Get out of here! - Call me when you're, uh, zipped up.
Nice and tight.
Listen to me, the baby comes home with us.
We are making preparations since she got pregnant.
What? What do you mean? What about Nora? Nora cannot raise a child.
We cannot control her.
She needs to go back to asylum.
Please don't call it that.
It's just another kind of hospital.
Changing what I call it does not change the thing itself.
Please, Vera.
For Nadia.
Give Nora a chance.
You are not family.
Give Nora a chance.
She should be allowed to try.
This woman is not family.
God, they're tough.
I'll be back.
Catch you on the flip side, Ruthie.
I had it made before you lost the rest.
Nora, you bring me trouble, and now happiness.
A baby.
You may wear it now, but when Nadia is old enough, this is for her.
How are you feeling? Uh Thirsty.
I'll bring you soda.
Ugh! Jesus.
Come on.
The least you can do is help your family.
If I could've just changed shit for Vera, it would've changed shit for Nora.
Ipso facto, better shit for us.
I mean, trickle-down genomics.
But no.
Nothing you do makes a difference 'cause the whole game is rigged, right? So I'm just gonna go ahead and beat time at its own game.
And we're finally gonna get the mother we should've had.
All right.
Fuck that guy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
This is real Thelma & Thelma, huh? Swear to God, this fucking re-parenting shit is gonna give me an aneurysm.
That means you're gonna get a baby aneurysm.
This is good.
I know what you're thinking, "another big crazy idea.
" Oh, you think it's a bad idea? All right.
Well, hey.
High risk, high reward, right, little kiddo? My little baby.
Yeah, you're a fucking winner, kid.
Come on.
This is the northbound 6 train.
Stand clear of the closing doors.
Papers, please? That's, um, that's all I have.
What is your destination? Um, West Berlin, I think.
Station? Potsdam Platz.
You're not authorized.
A ghost station.
What what are you doing? You'll be contacted.
You're a student? Country of origin? What? No, no, no, you don't need to write that down.
I'm I'm just I'm looking for a friend.
I I wanna make sure he's all right.
I I won't stay long.
His sister lives in, uh, Prinzenstraße.
That's all I remember, but, um I'm not sure I remember that correctly, I I think.
I'm I'm sorry, I'm lost.
The only train you should be taking is a train home, fräulein.
You want a little 666 tattoo on your little baby forehead? Little pentagram baby? Talkie-talkie-talkie.
Oh! What a cute baby.
Happy to remain a missed connection, okay? There you go.
Eat those little hairs up.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
- Hello? Nemo? - Yo, Maxine, can you hear me? Oh my God, it's her.
Jesus, why haven't you been picking up your phone? What? I'm on the train.
Can you can you hear me? Listen, Ruth has a pulmonary embolism.
She's in the hospital, okay? Wait, what? Pulmonary embolism.
Is that what it is? - It's a blood clot.
- Yeah, a blood clot in her lung.
Nadia, listen, listen.
They don't know if she's gonna make it.
Hello? Yeah, look, I'm on the 6 train, and, uh - Is that a baby? - I'm on my way there.
Hello This is northbound 6 train.
Next stop, 77th Street, Lenox Hill.
There she is.
Where's Ruth? Nadia, it doesn't look so good.
What's the over-under on Nadia showing up at all? I know, it's 2022.
No one turns their phones off anymore.
- I know.
You have to charge it.
- Wait, Max? Lizzy? Oh good.
Nadia, you're here.
You owe me a light box.
Uh, what the hell is happening? Someone trusted you with a baby? Okay, well, Ruth's fine.
She's just changing.
- Ruth's fine? - Yeah.
It's just a fender bender.
That was almost two weeks ago.
Can I hold her? Yeah.
Yeah, smart.
Uh, she doesn't need to see this shit.
- Newborns are blind.
- No, actually newborn puppies are blind.
And love, love is blind.
All right, now listen to me.
These are the two safest women I know.
And granted, that's not saying much, but as Rummy says, we go to war with the army we have.
So just stay here, and I'll be back.
You're okay, all right? You're safe.
All right.
How's it going? Me again.
Uh, I'm looking for a patient, Ruth Brenner.
You family? Yes.
Maybe it's a drug baby.
Check its diaper.
- Exam room three.
- Terrific.
Oh good, you're finally here.
I couldn't reach you so I called Maxine.
But listen, we've got to stop at the pharmacy.
I have to pick up my Valium.
You you already got your Valium, Ruthie.
So either you're trying to become some kind of a benzo Scarface, or I'm missing something here.
Maxine said you were dying.
Maxine is such a drama queen.
It was just a fender bender.
What day do you think it is? Oh, I know.
You're trying to remind me of your birthday.
I have an entire week to plan your gift, so just don't rush an old lady.
Okay, Ruthie.
Hi, uh, I'm looking for a patient, uh, Ruth Brenner.
She came back in, probably today, in an ambulance maybe.
Something wrong with her lungs.
- Brenner, you said? - Yeah.
Exam bay seven.
Seven? Seven.
Fucking time bomb.
Nadia, I thought you'd gone.
Now, listen.
They wanna keep me overnight.
Yeah, they always wanna run more tests.
Nothing too thrilling.
But, oh, what they're billing me for that room I'm expecting five-star treatment.
Are you okay? I am the hot new thing around here.
Everybody wants to take pictures of my insides.
Now, listen, I know.
I know I'm a few days early, but happy birthday, baby.
Mwah! My birthday is today, Ruthie.
She's a good eater.
- Hold on.
I'm busy.
- Look at her stretching.
Aw! Wow, Lizzy, you're really good with babies.
I take Louis to the park on Sundays.
- Nemo.
- Code blue! - Nadia! - I need two epis! Ruth! Ruth! No, wait! Let's push.
Two liters, normal saline, wide open.
Ma'am, you can't be here.
I can't get a pulse.
How we doing? - Keep it going.
- Give me the paddles now! Okay.
Ma'am, are you okay? - Where is she? She was just here.
- Who? Ruth Brenner.
I'm sorry.
I don't have a Ruth Brenner on my chart.
I need you to calm down.
Hey, what day is it for you? - March 22nd.
- No, you see, it's March 30th.
I'm telling you as a medical professional, it's March 22nd.
Okay, listen to me, there are Ruths all over this hospital, and I just need to find the right Ruth.
Okay, ma'am, have a seat.
You are having a panic attack.
Deep breaths.
I'm gonna get you a doctor.
Thirty-six and gets hit by a taxi.
What a waste.
- They're bums.
- They don't look when they cross.
Fucking addicted.
It's the blue light.
It goes right into their fucking brains.
- Exactly.
- They're looking down.
- It's like fucking porn.
- Yup.
Dude, I haven't watched porn in like a week.
It's been a week.
- Easy.
Easy! - Watch it.
Watch it! Come on.
That's not You didn't text my sister.
- Yeah, I'll text her back.
- She's hot.
- I know.
I'll text her back.
- She's hot, she's smart, funny - She just likes you.
- More than like.
- Oh, hey.
- Oh, necrophiliac.
Heading in there and fuck some bodies.
Good luck.
Hey, the zombies.
- Go easy on 'em.
- Coroner, yeah.
I guess she likes 'em stiff.
Stiff as a pig.
Let's get a drink.
Spooky action at a distance.
- Fuck you say about my mother? - What? No, what the fuck did you say about my mother? Come down the stairs, let me hear you say it to my face.
Nah, come here, let me hear you say what you said.
Stand clear of the closing doors.
You ain't so tough right now, huh? I saw you drop that trash back there.
This ain't your house.
You don't litter in here.
Fucking animals.
- No, no, no.
- You know what? Hold my shit.
- Fuck, I'm - Get the fuck out of his way.
- Fuck.
- Come and talk that shit again.
Take your ass back to the zoo.
- We're sorry.
You have-- - Motherfucking fuck, come on.
- Fuck.
- We're sorry.
- You have reached a number that has been - Dude.
Fucking pick up your phone, man.
Listen, young man.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm looking for my friend Nadia.
I've been at this address longer than you've been alive Yeah.
Uh, I understand you've had this number Yes, ma'am, I agree that Mayor Dinkins is ruining this city.
It's never been Mateo, I told you, it's supposed to be imperfect.
I need more bubbles.
Yes, I am listening.
I got you some stuff.
I know you're just babysitting.
Oh, she's been a perfect angel.
- Okay.
- Where you going? Nothing I say is gonna make a difference, 'cause time is collapsing.
You're stuck in your moment.
I'm stuck in mine.
Nadia, you sound so sad.
I just need to get to my emergency contact.
Nadia? Uh Nadia.
Nadia? Oh.
Oatmeal? Ooh No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Why? What did you do, Nadia? Oh, something's not right.
Something is not right, no.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm not a thief.
- You're Alan's friend? - Yeah.
He asked me to feed Boba Fett, but I either overfed or underfed him.
The fish flakes are so small, but the fish is also small.
Can you tell him I'm sorry? I just killed Alan's fish.
Fucking LSD parade.
Hey, Ferran, have you seen Nadia? Hey, man.
Holy shit, this is awesome.
Dad, this is my best friend, Alan.
What? Your dad died three years ago.
Don't be crazy.
He's standing right here.
Hey, check it out.
Guess what I found in a trash can in Seward Park.
Hey, Oatmeal, meet Alan.
Hey, Oatmeal, meet Alan.
Hey, Oatmeal, meet Alan.
That's Nice to meet you, Oatmeal.
Looks pretty alive to me.
It's okay.
Come on.
Alan, are you here, man? Repeat after me Fuck.
Ah! - He has wonderful eyes.
- Nein, Alexa! Now playing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.
I know.
I know.
Stephen Hawking.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Come on.
You can't keep doing this.
Come on.
We'll go to Odessa.
Get you some food.
All right? Everything's gonna be good.
We'll get you some mozzarella sticks.
You love them.
- Is that what you want? - No.
No housing, no peace, no yuppies! No housing, no peace, yuppie.
- No housing, no peace, no yuppies! - Fuck.
Gotta get up, gotta get out Gotta get home before the mornin' comes ♪ What if I'm late, gotta big date Gotta get home before the sun comes up ♪ Hi.
Gotta get home, pick up the phone ♪ I gotta let the people know I'm gonna be late ♪ There was a time when we could dance Until a quarter to ten ♪ We never thought it would end then ♪ We never thought it would end ♪ We used to carry on and drink And do the rock and roll ♪ We never thought we'd get older ♪ We never thought it'd grow cold But now ♪ Gotta get up, gotta get out Gotta get home before the mornin' comes ♪ What if I'm late, gotta big date Gotta get home before the sun comes up ♪ Up and away, got a big day ♪
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