S-CRY-Ed (2001) s01e01 Episode Script


I was dreaming.
A very intense, rough, and brave dream.
Yes, I kept dreaming.
The plane will be arriving in the Lost Ground shortly.
This is the first independent dominion in Japanese territory.
It is also known for Alter user inhabitants Inhabitants It's been 7 years since I was in the Lost Ground An Alter? Keep an eye out! Shut up! We are! He's coming from above! What? He's crazy! Get away! Get away! You'll be killed! The job was easy but this guy's way too heavy.
Snatch it! Everything! Ubae! Subete! With these hands! Kono te de! Even if I ended up Tatoe kokoro hurting your heart kizutsuketeta to shite mo the awoken power mezameta chikara is running through my body.
karada o kakemeguru.
Meaning of words will be altered.
Kotoba wa imi o kaete.
Yesterday's truth Kinou no shinjitsu will become today's lie.
wa kyou no uso ni naru.
Everyone will just wander Dare mo ga samayoi and be washed away.
Yume ya ai nante are just convenient illusions.
tsugou no ii gensou.
Step on the reality and endlessly Riaru o fumishime hateshinai reach out for tomorrow.
asu e to te o nobasu.
Reckless fire! Reckless fire! Yes, fearlessly set the soul on fire.
Sou daitan ni tamashii ni hi o tsukero.
There's no place to run.
Nigeba nante nai sa.
With the strength to swallow Uso mo mujun mo the lies and contradictions.
nomihosu tsuyosa to tomo ni.
I won't ask for Ima wa motomenai dwelling sympathy between us.
tagai ni yadoru sympathy.
Until I grab something Watasenai nani ka which can't be given away.
o tsukamitoru made wa.
Be advised that the suspect is an Alter user and is dangerous.
What the hell happened? An Alter user showed up.
You study on the mainland? But Alter crime investigation is Just get used to it.
Besides, we police are just here as assistance.
But So how's the chief? He appears to be uninjured.
Rescuing higher-ups and eliminating unrest Well, let's go.
Leave the rest to the professionals.
Professionals? I don't care about the unrest.
What about witness statements of the Alter user? Yes.
According to the report, the suspect was unarmed.
Unarmed? Y-Yes.
The suspect used Narita Special Flight 47, jumped from there crashed into a building without a parachute This guy's really simple for an Alter user! Like our Tatsunami! - Right? - Y-You think so? Good work.
If there's more information, send it to HOLY.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't be so serious.
Yes - See, you're so serious.
- Hey, rookie! Y-Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
Who's that? She's not old enough She's an Alter user.
Don't judge kids here by their looks.
Just assume they can all be dangerous Alter users.
Only Alter users can deal with Alter users.
Don't forget.
This isn't the mainland.
The Great Uprising 22 years ago caused something to snap here.
This is the Lost Ground.
Hurry, hurry! More to the right.
The right! Easy, easy.
It was extremely easy work.
Looks like I won't go hungry for a while.
Hey, Kazuma, a fight again? It's work.
Stop joking.
More than usual.
A reward for helping out.
You're not doing something illegal, are you? You alone? Where's your dad? He got hurt at the site, so he's sleeping at home.
I see.
Is your dad cool? Yeah.
You like your dad? Yeah.
That's good.
See ya! Work hard, kid! You're one to talk.
Come on.
Um, how much is it More than 3 in cash.
No rain checks.
I'll be happier if you can pay more.
I see.
So a Native Alter rescued the chief.
It was just one, from Scheris's report.
It was unnecessary.
Well, that's fine.
Inform Elian.
We can't let a Native Alter stay loose.
Yes, sir! The sky.
The blue sky.
Almost reachable He hasn't returned yet? Yes, it's the third day.
I wonder if he's working hard That's 50-50.
You want to come by? I'll make some tea.
Then I'll do it.
Kazu-kun! Stop calling me that! What? Why? Just because! Hey! Don't leave home too long.
We have to eat, you know.
Grandpa, we'll have tea next time.
Let's go, Kazu-kun! Stop calling me that! How was work? Just this? Well, uh, actually You don't have to say.
Hey, let me tell the story! Well, it went well halfway through, but when I looked away a bit I made a huge mistake.
It won't last long.
You're right.
You're worthless and good for nothing.
Yeah, you can add scummy and stupid to the list.
There's not much rice or vegetables left.
What do we do? Whatever we have to.
Like what? Well Even I'm seriously worried how we'll make it! So what do we do? Oh, it's you.
Hey, how's things? What are you here for? Go home.
Hey, no "hello"? Please make yourself at home.
I'm coming in! Don't come in there! I'll bring a drink - He doesn't need one! - Thank you! So why are you here? Yeah Kazuma, do you know the team called Lardus? They rule the subway ruins.
Hideki's team, right? With just kids Another team is trying to take their turf.
The other team's leader is an Alter user.
I see.
I'm the help.
If the other guy's an Alter user I can't guarantee what happens.
All right, got it! It's not like Hideki's a stranger.
2,000 is good.
Hey, the difference in price is too big! You're asking too much! I'm broke! Why is that? This morning's job was good pay! What I don't have, I don't have.
It can't be You did it again, Kazuma? You're an idiot! Leave me alone! Want dinner, Mr.
Kimishima? I'd love some! Why you! You leech! That's you! 2,000! 30! Sensory report from Elian at Zebra 4-3.
A Native Alter Is it okay to leave her alone? She's more mature than she looks.
You're not related, right? Come on, let's kick some butt.
It gets really chilly at night.
Did you know there's a mainland place that's always like summer? Seriously? I wonder why we weren't born in such a place.
I wouldn't like it.
Why not? It's unbelievably peaceful there, isn't it? I'd die from boredom.
You're such an uncivilized guy.
What did You still want to fight? Biff is amazing! Listen! The antiques around here are all ours! You're gonna leave here right away and die.
Understand? Who Big Brother! You moron! Who's this brat? Stop.
Hey, do you like your brother? You love him? Masaki I'll tell you again! The antiques here Cut it out! With junk like this Unexpected accident You trying to wear me out before the job? - Hey, you! - If we left it there - Hey! it'd be stolen.
First of all, you Shut up! K-Kazuma! Hey, Hideki.
Sorry for being late.
So? Where is the rumored Alter user? 2,000.
It's 30.
Then 2,200.
Why is it going up? For your dinner! You ate so much that you should pay for it! You got me.
It was a nice surprise.
Biff is laughing Stay back You don't need to laugh! You'd better bring out your Alter quickly.
You'll regret losing like this.
You little! Watch your mouth! You're done for! Okay, everyone, don't move.
A classic standoff.
Kazuma, take care of them so they can't get revenge.
I know! You told me to bring my Alter out.
Bring my Alter out! Hey, hurry up.
Holy crap Biffs bringing out his Alter! Fine! I'm gonna smash you! M-My car Masaki.
Get everyone out! Take care of the rest! You'll regret it.
This is my Alter! Hammer! Shoot, we'll get involved! N-No way! Run! Now it's your turn! You've got an Alter, right? It's been awhile since my last Alter fight.
I feel pumped.
I was born with this strange power but it's not bad if I can feel like this.
Alter power isn't too bad.
Don't you think so, too? What's with that tiny, pathetic Alter? Just come and get me, you bonehead.
Bone I'm gonna smash you! You bonehead! What, let me have more fun.
I'm getting bored, you know.
Don't be so cocky! Crush! Damn it! Where are you? Where'd you go? Kazuma, finish it up already.
Okay! Watch carefully.
This is a real Alter user.
Found you! Shocking First Bullet! Ready? Hammer! W-What? My Alter! A-Amazing Biff! How dare you do this to Biff! Wanna fight? If you wish, we'll be your opponents Mr.
Native Alter.
Suspect surrounded.
We're in position.
Not good, Kazuma! It's HOLD! 4,000! I'll buy time for 4,000! All right! Hurry up, you losers! I don't care if it's HOLD or whatever! Shoot.
You bastards! Harmonizing type I see.
This morning's simple idiot! I'm going to buy a little more time.
You're the head? Oh, wanna fight? What is this? All my pores are wide open.
What is this feeling? One thing I'm sure about is that I'm in an extremely bad situation.
But Annihilating Second Bullet! An Alter? D-Damn it He avoided it so easily.
So easily Do you think he's okay? It's his first time against HOLD, but don't worry.
He's the best.
There are those who say they've never lost till they met us.
You think you're that cool? Are you going to call me a coward? No.
But I saw your limit.
After all, you're worthless to society.
Exterminating Last Bullet! I was dreaming.
In my dream I became a person who's fighting to change the inevitable.
That person's pain was very intense.
That person's spirit was very intense.
I screamed.
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Yes, I kept strongly wishing that.
I want to throw away myself Ima sugu sutetai itsuwari no who's wearing the false mask.
kamen tsuketa kono jibun o.
The shining moon Gira tsuita and the darkness tsuki to yami ga cross in the spiral sky.
kousa suru spiral sky.
The tangled and uncertain relation.
Karamiau futashika na relation.
Sometimes even bonds Toki ni kizuna sae will tie your heart.
kokoro o shibaru.
You can't move? Ugokenai? Or you won't move? Sore tomo ugokanai? Turn loneliness into strength! Kodoku o tsuyosa ni kaete! Drastic my soul! Drastic my soul! Lead my heart Arugamama the way it is.
kono kokoro o michibiite.
Drastic myself! Drastic myself! Reach beyond the wish Negaikoete and to the new self.
atarashii jibun e to.
Drastic my soul! Drastic my soul! I want to make sure Tashikametai the meaning to live here and now.
ima koko ni ikiru imi o.
Drastic myself! Drastic myself! Thrust through Motto tooku the further and deeper darkness.
fukai yami tsukinukete.
I believe in drastic my soul! I believe in drastic my soul!