S-CRY-Ed (2001) s01e02 Episode Script


- They're even patrolling here? - Just because they're HOLD This place is designated a restricted area.
Inners should leave at once.
That high-handed attitude really irritates me.
I repeat.
Inners should leave at once.
I'm telling you Why don't you kill yourself! An Alter! HOLY troops! The Alter hunters? It's not hunting.
Just preserving.
You're such idiots.
Uncontrolled power is only violence.
Native Alters should understand that.
Don't make me laugh, you mainland pets! I'm taking the Alter holder into custody.
Everyone else should follow the law, too.
What was that, bastard? - I won't get caught easy! - You think you're so smart! Poisonous insects.
A bit much.
As I thought, no indication in the records at that time.
It was such a tremendous ground uprising phenomenon in a place once called Kanagawa.
Why Why can't anybody explain how this happened? It's been 22 years since the event Even the smart lady who skipped 7 years into graduate school can't solve the Lost Ground's mystery? If it's about the Nobel Prize, I'm not interested.
Then how about a suggestion to go outside to refresh ourselves? It's such a roundabout way to ask me out.
Then I'll make it simple.
Want to go for tea? Sure, love to.
Field research there? Yes.
Are you serious? It's not like sightseeing.
A smart person like you should know why Muraji Economic District is being called the Lost Ground.
Because Alters are there.
They're lawless, disturbing monsters.
Common sense doesn't mean a thing to them.
Are you being fooled by such rumors too, Mr.
Kurusu? Alters decompose and reconstruct materials using spiritual power.
Alter users are closer to true human nature.
I believe that defines their existences.
Thank you for taking care of a young, immature girl like myself until now.
I'll inform my father that I was well taken care of.
Goodbye, then.
She sees through everything.
You should be a little more off-guard if you're a woman.
I came back Ryuho.
7 years ago Mimori, come here.
Yes, Father.
Colonel Carlnen from the ex-Yokosuka district.
My daughter, Mimori.
Good evening, young lady.
What are your first thoughts of the Lost Ground? It's an interesting place.
Will you explain Alter power to me later? I'd love to.
Ryu Dairen.
A big figure in this recovering area.
The one next to him is his son, perhaps.
Go greet them.
Don't forget to show them respect.
I understand.
The Kiryus are quite scary.
I'm not thinking that far.
Wasn't this economic district with restricted currency your doing? No way.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Mimori, the daughter of Tadanori Kiryu.
It's so nice of you.
I'm Ryu Dairen.
This is my son My name is Ryuho.
Pleased to meet you.
Um, I couldn't find anyone my age here.
Would you accompany me a while? Sure, if you'd like.
Wow! The stars seem so close! The elevation is high, so it's natural.
It's a lovely place.
Not really.
Beyond the wall my mother said there are many people struggling for their lives.
If it didn't happen But without the Great Uprising, humans wouldn't have Alters.
The Alter The special ability that 1 % of Lost Ground people are born with.
It's great! Please stop! Alter power I'm sorry.
I couldn't hold it.
I'm always causing trouble for people around me.
- So - I'm sorry.
I thought Alter users were the chosen.
It keeps you from a normal life.
If you're invited to my home, please decline.
I might hurt you.
The sky This place is so close to the stars What a cold night.
Zetsuei! Good boy! Good! Oh, you must be a guest.
I was invited today.
My name is Mimori Kiryu.
I'm Keika.
Oh, you're the friend Ryuho met at the party.
Please be a good friend to Ryuho.
He's afraid of his special power.
He's not special.
He's as human as I am.
Just normal.
But too sensitive Please call him "gentle.
" Mother! Why did you come? I received an invitation.
And your mother just told me.
We're friends already, right? The ends justify the means.
Then let's turn that lie into reality.
Are you sure? Will you give this crystal to me as a gift? Yes, please take it if you'd like.
Thank you.
Ryuho and I became friends.
We spent time together for 6 months then I returned to the mainland when my father retired.
And 7 years have passed.
I'm here now.
Kiryu? Yes.
Straight Cougar of HOLD.
Thank you for your time.
You're the daughter of HOLD's investor.
Any rudeness to you can't be tolerated.
Pardon me for saying so, but you're quite young.
Every member of HOLY is about the same age.
HOLY? Then you're Yes, I'm an Alter user.
My Alter's name is Radical Good Speed! Let's go! I can make anything run faster! Don't you think this world's truth lies in speed? Finish things quickly, and you can use time efficiently.
Anyone can do it slowly.
Even a fool can write a best-selling novel in 20 years.
The weekly cartoon artist is smarter than the monthly one.
The daily more than the weekly! So the cultural law of nature shows that speed means talent! And that's my philosophy! 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
I shorten the world by 2 seconds W-What? Hey, I eliminated wasteful time with just one car.
Again? E-Excuse me Pleased to meet you.
I'm Mimori Kiryu, and I'm assigned to HOLY as of today.
Oh, I'm Scheris Adjani of HOLY.
Sorry to greet you from up here.
I'm Ryuho of HOLY.
I hope your abilities will be a great addition to HOLD's mission.
The meeting with the commander is in 30 minutes.
I'll see you then.
You know her? No.
By the way, this morning's incident I'll look at the scene, but it's likely a Native Alter.
I see.
I welcome your arrival.
I'm the commander of HOLY, Martin Zigmarl.
I'm Mimori Kiryu.
As of today, I'll be researching at HOLY's Strategic Information Technology and Alter Research Departments.
This placement is an exceptional case.
I'm confident I'll be a great addition to HOLY.
I understand.
But let me tell you one thing.
Most of the Alter users are originally born in the Lost Ground.
Therefore, our members' average ages are awfully young.
It's still too early to establish the organization's foundations.
They're unstable.
What are you trying to say? Prejudice towards Alter users is high.
They're so-called objects of hatred.
HOLY's investor's daughter was transferred in the midst of this.
Do you understand? You're saying I should behave myself? HOLY can be HOLY if we all do our best for good results.
The administration will do the rest.
You can tour HQ and ask questions regarding life here.
Um Excuse me, I have duties.
Why Hey, Scheris.
Taking a break? Can't you see? So you want one? It's ripe.
You'll get mad if I eat it.
Of course! Finally, you got it! May I sit next to you? S-Sure.
Um, that person is also Yeah, you can tell by the uniform.
Many Alter users are eccentric but you'll get used to it.
Is that so? That's a nice necklace.
Oh, thank you.
How many Alter users are in HOLY? All I know is about 20 people including Ryuho.
That's quite vague.
You need a wild card, just in case.
Commander's policy.
May I ask you a personal question? If I have a right not to answer.
Why did you join HOLY? That's easy.
To make a living.
Although each have different abilities and strengths AIter users are different from normal people.
To live together, we must control with our power or be persecuted by normal people.
You can buy people with money, too! Well, we at HOLY are almost the same since we're getting paid.
Getting paid for your talents is nothing unusual.
It's a little different.
Alter ability is something you're born with not something you can learn and get.
Whether you like it or not, only an Alter user can be an Alter user.
Scheris, a response.
Be right there.
Report to Ryuho.
Work? Sorry, dinner next time maybe.
Don't worry about it.
You You and Ryuho are similar in class but your existences are completely different.
Remember that.
See ya! Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment Oh man, a typical feint ball by Scheris, Ms.
Oh man, a typical feint ball by Scheris, Ms.
It's Mimori.
Oops, sorry.
I'm not good with names.
Don't you need to go, too? I'll just leave it to Ryuho and Scheris.
Sending those two is plenty.
Is there anything I can do? Stay here and keep quiet.
Commander Zigmarl's orders? Ms.
Minori! L-It's Mimori.
To tell the truth, I love doing things differently from others.
Do you want to go? You're interested, right? A fight between Alter users Is it okay? Of course.
It'll be a wonderful drive.
You're driving? You want to stay? N-No, I'm happy to go Warning This is the so-called Japan wilderness.
Bravo! Um, the speed Ms.
Minori, these are my thoughts.
Travel is a wonderful thing.
A product for each place.
Contact with people there.
New experiences become life experience which becomes hard-to-get knowledge.
But time spent traveling is troublesome.
I can cut that time amazingly, almost destructively! Hyou Shopping Street I can cut that time amazingly, almost destructively! Hyou Shopping Street Hyou Shopping Street That's why I love traveling! That's why I love traveling! Are you listening, Ms.
Minori? Ms.
Minori? 1 hour, 50 minutes, 38 seconds.
Again, I shorten the world Were you not feeling well, Ms.
Minori? L-It's Mimori! Sorry.
This is the place? It seems nobody's here You couldn't have If that's so what will you do? I'm HOLY's HOLY's? HOLY's What is it Ms.
Minori? It's a joke! Yes.
You look more attractive not keeping up appearances.
What does that have to do with this place? We have to stay back.
It's dangerous.
Inners don't have family registers or proper culture so they tend to mess things up a little.
Well, as you already know the police only have privileges inside the wall.
To cope with that, HOLD was created and HOLY was formed to fight Alter users, but Oh, watch your step.
Scheris and Ryuho's duty is to deal with Alter users inside Inner.
We call them Native Alters.
We take them into custody Watch it.
Damn it! HOLY was there, so whose fault is this? I I was kidnapped! We alone are to be blamed for this.
You know if something happened to me, the Chief of HOLD the funding from the mainland will stop coming! I do understand that completely.
However wasn't it careless of you to go outside by yourself? Look at that wall.
You may not know since you've transferred here recently but safety is only guaranteed within the city.
Beyond the wall is a world of theft, abduction, and assault.
Please understand.
Development hasn't started yet.
So complicated But we must do it.
To establish a safe and stable social system I believe reinforcement of Alter fighting unit HOLY is necessary.
I know.
I'll think about it.
As you think fit.
That's Ryuho's Alter Finished version.
Oh, you see it? Do you get it? The ultimate difference between you mainland people and Lost Ground Alter users? I won't say anything bad.
You should go back to the mainland tomorrow.
Ryuho, what changed you? The Alter power? The Lost Ground? Or Or A young lady like you can't live in this place with sentimentalism.
That's this place.
The sky seems so close.
Kazu-kun? Kazu-kun, where are you? Cell 14 is ready for the full cycle.
28 has returned to main location.
Cell 32 is going into rapid rotation now.
After all, you're worthless to society.
I'm going to crush you No matter what! Are you afraid of getting hurt? Is it fun to live skillfully and cunningly? Why are you trying to be cool on this limited journey? Rather than inculcated ideals I'll choose overflowing emotions.
Matching the schedule? It makes me yawn.
Pretending to have agony thinking, "Nobody would know.
" If you're going to give me a cold look I can't forgive - Reflection.
Reckless fire! Burn to ashes if you've got a halfway pride.
There are no miracles.
Hypocrisy's sweet traps might seduce you.
What you should believe is yourself.
Grasping the precious belief which can't be given away.
I want to throw away myself who's wearing the false mask.
The shining moon and the darkness cross in the spiral sky.
The tangled and uncertain relation.
Sometimes even bonds will tie your heart.
You can't move? Or you won't move? Turn loneliness into strength! Drastic my soul! Lead my heart the way it is.
Drastic myself! Reach beyond the wish and to the new self.
Drastic my soul! I want to make sure the meaning to live here and now.
Drastic myself! Thrust through the further and deeper darkness.
I believe in drastic my soul! Kizutsuku no ga kowai no ka? Umaku zuruku ikite tanoshii no ka? Hate aru tabiji nani o kakko tsukeru? Oshiekomareta risou yori afuredasu kanjou o erabunosa.
Yotei chouwa? Akubi ga detekuru.
"Dare ni mo wakaru wake nai" to kunou o kidori.
Sameta me de kocchi o miru nara yurusenai - Reflection.
Reckless fire! Li kagen na puraido nara hai ni nare.
Kiseki nante nai sa.
Chikayoru no wa gizensha no amai wana.
Shinjiru beki mono sore wa jibun jishin.
Yuzurenai taisetsu na mono nigirishimete.
Ima sugu sutetai itsuwari no kamen tsuketa kono jibun o.
Gira tsuita tsuki to yami ga kousa suru spiral sky.
Karamiau futashika na relation.
Toki ni kizuna sae kokoro o shibaru.
Ugokenai? Sore tomo ugokanai? Kodoku o tsuyosa ni kaete! Drastic my soul! Arugamama kono kokoro o michibiite.
Drastic myself! Negaikoete atarashii jibun e to.
Drastic my soul! Tashikametai ima koko ni ikiru imi o.
Drastic myself! Motto tooku fukai yami tsukinukete.
I believe in drastic my soul!