S-CRY-Ed (2001) s01e03 Episode Script


Report to the damaged area.
Wait for HQ's order.
Vehicles urged to head to location.
Damage to area is unimaginable.
Use caution on the way to the scene.
M-Mother Mother.
An Alter user Z-Zetsuei! Mother Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! He He killed Mother! Why are things like this? HOLY only deals with Alter user criminals.
We can't have combat inside HQ.
The mainland gave me the privilege to research Alter users.
Feel free to later.
Cell 32 is at the time limit.
Ceasing function.
Roger, moving 32 to the side.
Members of section 4 unit 7, report to the waiting area.
Wake up.
You You! Please continue with one more run.
We'll interrogate after that.
Roger that.
Cell 32, N P3228 retake.
Cell 32, side to main.
Um, something happened? No, I found a great job, so I came to discuss it He's got bad timing, huh? As always.
Well, I'll come again.
Kazu-kun Kazuma Maybe HOLD captured him If so No, that can't be.
You don't like the taste of it? Hello, Ms.
It's Mimori.
By the way, what happened? Your cheek A bit of an exchange.
With Commander Zigmarl.
I'm so sorry.
It was because of me I invited you.
Anyway, let's enjoy the food.
Food fulfills the human heart and creates tomorrow's energy and vitality.
Speed isn't necessary.
Enjoy the taste, chew thoroughly, swallow and stomach it, then Excuse me, I'm not feeling well.
Enjoy the taste, chew thoroughly, swallow and stomach it, then Enjoy the taste, chew thoroughly, swallow and stomach it, then So Enjoy the taste, chew thoroughly, swallow and stomach it, then I see.
I've heard of days when human beings can't act without reason Oh, what a mystery Watch very carefully.
Every Native Alter will go through this.
N P3228.
Your destructive ability has killed or injured 7 people.
It has caused massive damage, too.
We also have a report linking you to the kidnapping of HOLD's chief.
You may receive capital punishment.
But there is one way to save yourself.
If you register as a regular citizen receive proper education, and join HOLY.
I lost I was beaten so easily.
Just like that All right, let's change the subject.
We didn't find a registration number matching your DNA.
I can't let it go Answer already! I can't let it go.
I'm asking if you object or not, N P3228! Thank you.
Let me handle the rest.
Will you leave us alone, too? I'm glad.
Glad? As if you were waiting quietly in the cell just to see me.
Right, exactly.
Owing somebody is not my thing.
That being said, let's continue where we left off.
A C-minus level Alter user fight me? Don't label people without asking! Not bad with your bare hands N P3228, I don't care what kind of life you live or what you'll do with it.
What? But I want to ask you just one thing.
Can you hear? No, the level's so low Do you know the Native Alter with thunder? What? Have you seen the Alter user whose right arm is black and left arm is white? What are you talking about Answer me! Could you mean him? You know him? Not at all.
You can't beat me.
Finally in the mood? N P3228, because of those like you AIter users are persecuted! I'm not N P-whatever! Alter users must blend in with society.
HOLY is the only place Alter users can live.
I got it, so let's pick up where we left off Oh, here he comes! The suspect is a 2nd degree offender.
3 restraint cycles.
I'll leave the rest to you.
Got it.
Completely ignored my offer Charging 500 for this stupid card That old bastard It's such a different place behind the wall.
Wow It's so nice here.
Why wasn't I born here or rather why didn't my mom give birth here? But come to think of it, how do I rescue him? They're HOLY.
I'm a regular guy.
What do I do? This is getting depressing.
Hey, what are you doing there? Uh, I lost my wallet somewhere so I thought, "Hey, I should file a report" Then it's a different building.
It's that one! Y-Yes, thanks.
Nobody's ever escaped HOLY's captivity.
But I'm hoping something I know because I've met a lot of people.
You'll definitely I'll carve him Oh, such beautiful weather! Yes, a perfect day for washing clothes.
Here we go! Your guy hasn't returned yet? I'm used to it.
They won't listen unless you teach them a lesson.
But if I lecture him, he'll just cave in.
What a pathetic guy! Labor for life? Just from that examination? Wait! Wait a minute! I said wait! I'm on duty now.
If it's private, maybe later.
That's not it! This is about N P3228 yesterday.
Life labor only for him That's too much, don't you think? Alter users are a dangerous existence.
This is necessary if they're not suited for society.
We have a duty to protect citizens from abnormal threats.
I'm saying the way you treat him is cruel! Then what about the victims' rights? Are you saying you can ignore the victims' pain and suffering? N-No Softness and kindness are not required.
What HOLY requires is complete action and solid beliefs.
Now, I have duties.
About 7 years ago Still I'm not interested in the past.
Well What should I do now? 2nd degree criminal N P3228, who just received judgement will be transferred tomorrow at 1300.
I'm thinking of Urizane and Elian for escort.
I'll grant that.
But being held for that long and still not saying a word He's a tough one.
Do you think he's keeping an important secret? Well, I'm not sure.
I think he's just stubborn.
Women's intuition, huh? I just feel it.
Infrared Security System Active Kanami? I'm a worker here.
Who are you? HOLY has decided your fate.
It's dangerous.
Your life depends on it.
Oh, that's not good.
I made them really mad I'd better go home Wait! Damn, I'm so ragged But What is this? Excuse me.
This area is for HOLY members only.
Did you hear? You can't be Shocking First Bullet! He's on the move! Missed a little Thanks.
It's my duty.
Do you think you can get away with what you did? I don't care about that.
That's how Native Alters think? That's my way of thinking.
I'll chop you up.
You can bark really loud, huh? There are still idiots who pull stunts like this around? You've thrown dirt on our faces.
You hit me without warning I can't forgive you.
Commander, is that okay? It's fine.
If you're doing it, then do it completely.
Make him think twice about causing trouble here.
Mimori! You! What's your name? My name is Not you! That idiot trying to be cool! What will you do with it, N P3228? Hurry up and tell me! My name is Ryuho.
Ryuho Okay, I've inscribed it.
Now you inscribe my name into your head.
The name Kazuma.
Kazuma That's right! See ya! Is he stupid? It's okay.
It's okay.
Attention, all personnel.
There has been a breakout.
Can you drive? What? Where are you running to? I'm going back outside the wall.
That one.
They must be in that car.
Damn it, that idiot! No, the hostage! I don't care! She's a princess! That's trouble.
I'll leave it to others.
This is the harmonizing type.
They're not that tough, after all.
You're going to regret this.
No time for that.
That car You've done quite a selfish thing.
And you're trying to go faster than me.
The latter reason bothers me more! Go! HOLY Alter user You! Kazuya? Kazuma! Kazuma! Yoo-hoo! Sorry for getting you into this mess.
It's a little dangerous, but that HOLY guy'll do something.
That guy is crazy! You okay, Ms.
Minori? It's Mimori! Sorry.
Ahead! You made me stop! HQ to mobile units.
Target approaching the exit on Route 6.
Please close Gate 3 on Route 6.
Not good! Gate 3 is closing.
Vehicles on the bridge are advised to turn around.
Speed up and crash it! N-No way! Trust me! Annihilating Second Bullet! All right, one more! No! Exterminating Last Bullet! Stop it! Mr.
Cougar, do you know that Alter user? No, I thought he looked like someone I know but it wasn't.
Is that so No good, he ran away.
This'll be a joint authority.
Kiryu, you Ryuho! I'm all right.
You almost avoided it, though It seems he doesn't swing his fists around at random.
He aims and takes out the target.
It's different from before.
I guess I must inscribe his name.
Kazuma Man, I can't stand it.
Fake ID and car rental How much do you think I spent on you? There's money from helping Hideki and his guys, right? That small amount won't help at all.
Then how's this? Just a little from HOLY's locker room.
It's compensation.
I was dreaming.
In the dream, I'm laughing very happily.
But in my heart, the anger was burning like a blazing fire.
And at the same time, there was a little worry and sorrow.
Yes, in the dream, I That strong person can laugh and forget anger and sadness.
I thought strongly that I wanted to live like that, too.
I strongly wished it.
Yo! Grab it! Everything! To your heart! Even if you were knocked down by hopelessness and disappointment.
You will stand up at the end and become glorious yourself.
Unavoidable battlefield If you are going to leave footprints toward the next place keep going forward even if you have to turn the white map red.
The risk and minus can be the priming powder.
Shoot into the future the seething arrow of "confidence.
" Reckless fire! Yes, fearlessly improve the means of life.
This world is a survival.
The only way you're heading is into either black or white.
This bonfire inside my heart can't be put out.
Always have a steady instinct and will.
I want to throw away myself who's wearing the false mask.
The shining moon and the darkness cross in the spiral sky.
The tangled and uncertain relation.
Sometimes even bonds will tie your heart.
You can't move? Or you won't move? Turn loneliness into strength! Drastic my soul! Lead my heart the way it is.
Drastic myself! Reach beyond the wish and to the new self.
Drastic my soul! I want to make sure the meaning to live here and now.
Drastic myself! Thrust through the further and deeper darkness.
I believe in drastic my soul! Tsukame! Subete! Kokoro ni! Zetsubou shitsubou ni uchinomesarete mo.
Saigo wa tachiagari hitori no glorious.
Saketeyukenu battlefield Tsugi no basho e ashiato tsukerunara shiroi chizu o akaku sometemo susume.
Risuku ya mainasu naraba kibakuzai sa.
Wakitatsu "kakushin" no ya o asu e to tokihanatsu.
Reckless fire! Sou daitan ni inochi no sube o migake.
Kono yo wa sabaibaru.
Shiro ka kuro ka yuku michi wa hitotsu dake.
Tayasu wake ga nai kono mune no kagaribi wa.
Yuruginai chikara to ishi tsuranuku you ni.
Ima sugu sutetai itsuwari no kamen tsuketa kono jibun o.
Gira tsuita tsuki to yami ga kousa suru spiral sky.
Karamiau futashika na relation.
Toki ni kizuna sae kokoro o shibaru.
Ugokenai? Sore tomo ugokanai? Kodoku o tsuyosa ni kaete! Drastic my soul! Arugamama kono kokoro o michibiite.
Drastic myself! Negaikoete atarashii jibun e to.
Drastic my soul! Tashikametai ima koko ni ikiru imi o.
Drastic myself! Motto tooku fukai yami tsukinukete.
I believe in drastic my soul!