S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

1000 Joules

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Any update you working on your day off so close - to her due date? - We could use the extra cash.
Remember that friend that you mentioned that was looking to hire someone to do security some nights? - What, do you know someone? - Yeah.
- Doesn't pay much.
- Oh, it's better than nothing.
I just dragged myself out of a messy marriage.
This was supposed to be easy.
I'm not what you signed up for.
Maybe we should Take a break.
- You're two hours late.
- MAN: Sorry.
Backed up all night.
All right.
Pull around.
(TRUCK BEEPING) Their favorite time of year Snowflakes in the air Carols everywhere (GRUNTS) Let's move.
Christmas in Vegas? That just sounds depressing.
Bottle service at Hakkasan, eight-course sushi at Nobu and two-for-one blackjack.
Think I'll be okay.
What about you? Staying home this year.
Drink some wine by my fire pit, finish that new molecular variants manual.
Okay, now that sounds depressing.
(CHUCKLES) I'll put this away and - then we'll grab coffee.
- Okay.
What are you doing? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, no.
Let's move.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - They find anyone inside yet? - Whoever did this used a chemical accelerant, making the fire burn extra hot.
My men are still inside putting out flames, - rescue - Becca! Commander, you know this woman? Rebecca Cates.
A senior lab tech and a family friend.
Please tell me she's gonna live.
She's been shot.
She's got second-degree burns.
Every second she's not in the ER, her chances are slipping.
Yeah, this is Commander Robert Hicks, LAPD SWAT.
We have one of our own on their way to Pleasant Green.
I need a full escort down Wilshire.
I repeat, full escort.
DISPATCHER: Roger that, escort en route.
The district attorney is in Denver for a conference, so she sent me in her place.
What's going on? I wouldn't have called you all out of bed in the middle of the night if this wasn't a tactical emergency.
SWAT Commander Hicks and Sergeant Harrelson will fill you in.
At approximately 12:35 this morning, a three-person robbery crew posing as medical waste disposal workers gained access into LAPD crime lab, killing a sergeant, one of our lab techs, and critically wounded another.
They stole 63 DNA evidence kits belonging to cases already on trial or waiting on indictments.
HICKS: We put out a citywide alert, but so far they're still at large.
Think of the thousands of man-hours investigating, collecting all that evidence that'll be lost if we don't get it back.
Without those DNA kits, we stand to lose 90% of the cases on our docket, and a lot of serious criminals go free.
How is any witness or victim supposed to trust the D.
's office again if we tell them we lost evidence for their case? I've ordered a media blackout for the time being.
There will be a report of a lab fire, but no mention of the stolen evidence.
WOMAN: I'll call up every detective and put them on the street immediately.
No disrespect to the detectives bureau, but running down alibis and questioning all 63 criminals with the motive to do this could take weeks, if not months.
Sir, my suggestion let SWAT off the leash.
Give Sergeant Harrelson and his team carte blanche to go find this crew.
Whatever resources you need, Sergeant, - they're yours.
- Thank you, sir.
SWAT is going to need you to prioritize Prioritize the criminals with motives to do this.
Didn't I just break up with you? I kind of thought we broke up with each other.
Either way, no reason for this to be awkward.
Roger that.
Let's go catch some bad guys.
Oh! Breakfast in bed.
I'm a lucky lady.
Yeah, a healthy mix of egg whites, ham and green olives, - and pineapple gummy bears.
- (CHUCKLES) Thank you for putting up with my crazy cravings.
What was it last time? Chocolate chip and Swiss cheese sandwiches, or - Hey, Matthew, Lila, let's go.
- Hey, uh, any word on when the check is getting here for the busted pipes? Yes, uh, the insurance adjuster said he's dropping it off today.
Good, 'cause it's starting to get really hectic with us sharing one bathroom.
I know, so when the check comes, you, uh, you call the plumber.
Right? You got him on speed dial? Hey.
Wait, Lila, you got two different shoes on.
Matthew, that's your old bag, with the holes in it.
Where's your new bag? Come on.
Let's go, fix it.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to complain.
I know how hard you're working.
She's gonna be here in a few weeks, okay? And I can't wait to meet her.
But I got to go.
Uh, Hondo says that it's a very serious tactical situation.
Uh, Ruth is on her way to take the kids to school Okay, be careful, but I need you to grab the toys first.
Did you forget you're in charge of the SWAT Toy Drive this year? (SIGHS) Do we have to get so many? Uh, you know what? No matter what our checkbook looks like, we are still very fortunate compared to other families.
That's why I love you.
All right, got to go.
- Bye-bye.
(CHUCKLES) - Bye-bye.
It's like the who's who of L.
's nastiest bad guys.
63 of the city's most heinous cases murders, rapes, robberies that'll all get tossed out of court unless we can track these DNA kits back.
So there wasn't a single bread crumb of evidence - left behind at the lab? - Nothing.
The shotgun ammo they used can't be traced.
And they sprayed the place down with accelerant, which didn't leave a single hair or print behind.
Wow, talk about starting behind the eight ball.
All right, Deac, corral the team.
Tell them to reach out to any friends in other agencies FBI, DEA, ATF.
Any connections they may have on the street.
s, snitches, any gang members who want SWAT to owe them a favor.
All right.
On it.
Buckshot missed her vital organs, but she has burns on her torso, which are life-threatening.
Well, just, um, tell me straight: what are her chances? 60/40.
Are you her husband? No.
No, no, no, I'm, uh Her husband passed away a few years ago.
I'm-I'm just, I'm a close friend.
You being here is good.
We're doing everything we can for her, but she can use positive thoughts.
HONDO: Cho, thanks for reaching out.
If my bosses find out I'm sharing intel on an open investigation, they won't be happy, but I know how important this case is to you guys.
HONDO: Corey Barker.
Bona fide maniac meth head out of Palmdale.
Corey Barker who got into a gun battle with county sheriffs when he was 16, was shot ten times? Yeah, one and the same.
He's also the brother of one of our suspects Tony Barker.
Pull up Tony Barker's file.
I'm on the team trying him for multiple first-degree murders.
CHO: We've been surveilling Corey for months, building a case on him for running cocaine from Vegas to L.
Last night we caught him on a wire saying he was about to "hardware-up with a hit crew.
" Then he dumped all his phones and disappeared.
NIA: We were about to introduce evidence showing Tony's DNA on a gun silencer linking him to four of the murders.
Baby brother makes Tony's evidence kit disappear, he gets a mistrial, and big brother hits the streets.
Sounds like a theory.
Thanks for not showing us this.
Hey, I wasn't even here.
Corey was willing to rob an LAPD crime lab for you, huh? I mean, damn, I got to say, that's one tight family you got right there.
NIA: You knew we had DNA evidence linking you to that silencer, which would've been a slam dunk for a guilty verdict.
You told Corey to steal your evidence before it was introduced to the jury.
And baby brother wasn't about to disappoint.
I called Corey yesterday, asked him to drop 100 in my account so I could stock up on Little Debbies.
If Corey did something, I know jack about it.
Two members of LAPD were murdered, and another one my boss knows personally is clinging to life.
So if you were facing decades before this, you're gonna be buried now.
Besides your evidence kit, there were 62 others that were stolen, and we want them back intact.
I can't make a deal for your brother, but if you tell us where he is, my office is willing to plea bargain with you.
My lawyer tried to make a deal with you before trial, and you shut him down.
That's when you had nothing to sell.
HONDO: I suggest you convince your baby brother to turn himself in, along with those DNA kits, because he does not want to try shooting it out with LAPD SWAT.
Our old man was some bastard.
One night he dared Corey to shoot him.
He even handed him the gun.
So Corey did.
357, right between the eyes.
I don't know nothing about no lab getting ripped.
And I ain't gonna shed any tears over a couple cops who died in it.
(WHISPERS): Especially if it means my case is about to be dismissed.
(CLICKS TONGUE) (PHONE CHIMES) (LOCK BUZZES, CLICKS) You better make those Little Debbies last.
'Cause I'm gonna make sure that you ain't getting out of here anytime soon.
(DOOR CLOSES) We got any info on the shotgun they used? Yeah, yeah.
Fostech Origin 12.
LUCA: Limited collector's edition to be sold at the Bakersfield gun show.
The ATF reported that the shipment disappeared en route last week.
TAN: I got a friend who works undercover in Vice.
She said those gauges ended up in the hands of Gilly Gembetta.
Gembetta? Rock and roll weapons dealer out of Echo Park? His place was raided last year, so now he's set up shop in Silver Lake.
LUCA: The word is he's got a shooting range in the basement where bangers test his merchandise.
- All right, gear up.
- Come on.
Hey, guys, I'm playing Santa this year, so if any of you have donations for the toy drive, I'll be collecting.
Way ahead of you, Deac.
Figured you got your hands full with Annie and the kids, so we started rounding up toys.
They're in Jessica's office.
Everyone donated.
- Yep.
- Even Street.
STREET: Yeah, if anyone knows what a disadvantaged kid wants for Christmas, it's me, right? What's that, Street - love, peace? - Uh, no, a Super Soaker.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, guys.
I feel like I dropped the ball on this, so I appreciate it.
Of course, man.
Hey, man.
You okay? You seem a little stressed out.
Well, yeah.
No, just between nonstop bills for the kids, getting the baby's room ready for the new one, busted pipes, I just feel like I'm hemorrhaging cash.
What about that security gig that Hondo scored you? It's a few bucks here and there, but it's not the same as the overtime we used to pull.
- You know, before the budget cuts? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
You're not my financial advisor.
Nah, dude, I hate hearing that you're stretched thin, especially this time of year.
It'll work out.
(SIGHS) If there's any new updates, I'm the one to be informed on that, okay? - All right.
- Dad.
Oh, hey, honey.
(SIGHS) My guys from Metro pick you up at LAX? Yeah, they found me as soon as I got off the plane - and raced me here.
- Good.
- How's Rebecca? - Oh, she's unconscious and in critical condition.
She's lucky to be alive.
I mean, this can't be happening.
I was just trading vegan recipes with her the other day on Facebook.
Was the firm okay with you leaving Pittsburgh - on short notice? - Yeah.
I, uh, I-I channeled my inner you and didn't give them a choice.
I just booked the first flight out.
- How are you holding up, Dad? - Oh You know, I mean if it wasn't for Rebecca, I would've never bounced back from your mother.
I mean, she had her she had her own grief, but she still found time to be there for us and make sure we didn't go down the tubes after the funeral.
Well, she's always been there for us.
- Now we'll be there for her.
- Yeah.
I'm glad you're home.
- I missed you.
- Missed you, too.
Is this her room? Yeah.
Draco NAK9.
Small enough to fit underneath a jacket, but it does have a 20-round clip.
You get backed up in a corner and you got to clean the streets, it's a tight little chopper right here.
- Price per unit? - Dracos retail for seven.
You buy 'em in bulk, I'll give 'em to you for six.
How's it kick? Like a newborn baby.
(CHUCKLES) Try it out.
Oh, yeah.
We'll take a case.
My number one fan - LAPD! Metro SWAT! - LAPD! Weapons down! STREET: Left side clear! - LUCA: Right side clear! - Room clear! Straight out.
Get them out of here.
I got Gembetta.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand now.
- Let's go.
- Ow.
Knock your ass out, ass out, ass out, damn You and me are gonna talk.
Corey Barker bought automatic shotguns from you.
That right? (STREET WHISTLES) Man.
More hardware than we got in our armory.
So you're looking at life, no parole, unless you want to help us out.
(SIGHS) Barker.
Wanted semi-auto gauges, lots of power, but with ammo that couldn't be traced.
Bought three for him and his boys, said they were doing a job - to save his brother, Tony.
- HONDO: Corey tell you they were hitting the LAPD crime lab? Nah.
He said they had to get rid of some lady who survived that lab thing, might've seen something.
Wait, wait, wait.
Barker said he was going after the witness? GEMBETTA: He just said if the lady gets dead, then his brother goes free.
Rebecca Cates? This is 20-David to Commander Hicks.
You got three shooters heading your way to take out Rebecca Cates.
Affirmative, Hondo.
I'm on it.
We need to move her to another room.
- No, we can't just move - Listen to me.
If we don't, she definitely won't survive.
Hold on.
All right, unlock it and let's go.
All right, swing it, swing it.
All right, let's get her in here and I'll clear the area.
All right.
All right, when I walk out, you lock the door behind me and you do not come out until I tell you it's okay.
- Dad.
What is happening? - Listen to me.
Call 911 and tell them an officer's in danger.
Room 949.
I'll watch for cops.
) Put 'em down! (GUNSHOTS) Drop it or die! - Get on your knees now! - Down! (KNOCKING) HICKS: Molly.
It's me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay, honey.
All right? Phil Bennet.
You got priors for assault, concealed weapons, but you've never dropped a body.
So why you starting your murder career now with Barker? Corey's paying 20K.
And I owe serious child support.
Father of the year.
And now you're looking at 40 years, minimum.
For what? Shooting an elevator? No.
For two homicides, theft and tampering with state's evidence.
- Plus arson of a government facility.
- Whoa, we didn't rob that crime lab.
Why you going back to the hospital to take care of Rebecca Cates, then? Unless she's about to ID you? No, man.
She was a straight hit.
Corey told me we needed to drop her in order - to help his brother beat that case.
- Wait, so you're saying you were just farmed out to kill a witness? All I know is this dude called up Corey, told him if he got rid of her, he'd give Corey the evidence box from Tony's trial in return.
As long as we used the same guns they did.
Corey Barker mention this mystery man's name? Yeah.
Said his name was Kraft.
Like the macaroni and cheese.
DEACON: Check the timestamp.
At 12:20, Corey Barker ordered a lettuce wrap.
I didn't figure him for a protein style guy.
So that clears Corey Barker from robbing the crime lab.
Well, according to Bennett, Corey Barker recruited him and the other shooter on behalf of a guy named Kraft.
Now, this Kraft guy allegedly offered Corey his brother's DNA kit in exchange for killing Rebecca.
So, Kraft rips off the lab and leverages a DNA kit to make other cons do his dirty work? Chris, run all names and aliases associated with Kraft.
On it.
But it'll be a Christmas miracle if that name actually came back to someone real.
Well, I don't know if Little Red counts as a miracle, but he says he's got intel.
Little Red? (CHUCKLES) Don't ask.
The insurance check come? Yeah.
All 13 grand of it.
Wait, did you just say 13? It was supposed to be for 30.
Well, the adjuster said that we only have partial coverage on the water damage.
David, if we wait any longer, the pipes are gonna rot out of the ceiling.
All right, uh, call the plumber and get him working on the pipes.
And I'll find the rest of the money for the repairs.
- Okay.
Are you sure? - Yes.
Not having our baby girl come home from the hospital to a house full of green mold.
Just get it done.
Ca Uh, pull the trigger.
Your insurance check come through? Yeah, but it's it's only enough for the pipes.
It's not enough to cover the repairs from the water damage.
(SCOFFS) Insurance companies, they'll find any excuse.
It's-it's all good.
I got a call in to our union rep.
He's gonna see about me getting a loan approved from the credit union, so Yeah.
("FROSTY THE SNOWMAN" PLAYING) LITTLE RED: Edwina James, man? She's this designer, man, who's blowing up.
All the ladies are thirsting after her stuff.
Look, so I'll show you a couple of pieces that I want, - and then we'll talk.
- All right.
Hold up, Red.
You got some big balls thinking we gonna buy you some Christmas gifts for your little side pieces.
Yeah, man.
Before you show us anything, you better give us some righteous intel.
All right.
You told me to be on the lookout for any activity on the street - that seemed strange, right? - That's right.
You know who Lolo the Whale is? Lolo Matani? Head of the Carson Tribe in South L.
Word is, the Whale just sold three of his booty bars for a cut-rate price to the Los Profetas for 300 large, then ghosted off the streets.
Now, tell me that doesn't sound strange to you.
For when they placed it on his head All right, Red.
I guess the LAPD is gonna spring for your stocking stuffers.
(CHUCKLES) Man, I saw this beautiful necklace for Westside Danger.
And this perfect, perfect bracelet for Trickster.
And a pair of perfect earrings for my girl Bethany.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
Bethany? Yeah.
She's from Pasadena.
Why not just get them all the same thing? Man, I got to keep my game tight.
The same gift for every girl is a rookie mistake, especially when they all friends.
You better be careful out there, Little Red.
Hey, when you dealing with Little Red, it's Christmas 365.
(CHUCKLES) You think this is our guy? It's our latest best guess.
Lolo the Whale Matani.
King of the Carson Tribe.
He owns a half a dozen strip joints in the South Bay.
All used to launder money for the Tribe's amphetamine trade.
NIA: One of the stolen DNA kits proved Matani sexually assaulted several of the young boys who attended his day care centers.
We were a week out from indicting him for sex crimes.
- Think Matani knew it was coming? - His lawyer is connected.
He could've found out we were about to file - charges against him.
- Yup.
So the Whale liquidates three of his strip clubs for cash, hires a crew to hit the crime lab.
Then destroys the evidence that could ruin his rep.
And he doesn't mind hurting some innocents on the way.
Well, he wouldn't last a day in prison if that ever got out.
Let's go whale hunting.
All right.
HONDO: Commander.
Everything all right? Well, if that DNA evidence isn't returned sealed and intact, it won't be able to be used in court, which means no justice for a lot of victims and their families.
Well, I'll make sure my team treats those evidence kits with extra care.
- All right.
- How's Rebecca doing? I know you're close to her.
Oh, well, it's (LAUGHS) I'm not sure what to do with myself.
I mean, hold her hand and be there for her in case she wakes up, or stay here and help find the bastards - who did this to her.
- No.
No, sir.
Go be with her.
We're gonna find the guys who did this to her, and we'll get those evidence kits back, intact.
I promise you that.
First rule of law enforcement: never promise results when you can't guarantee, 100%, the outcome just to make somebody feel better.
I thought I taught you better than that.
You did.
But we know how important this is to you, so we're gonna get it done.
Go be with Rebecca, sir.
Uh, all right.
Thanks, Hondo.
STREET: Man, these ladies look like linebackers.
Matanis are a very close-knit family.
The four sisters act as bodyguards.
TAN: Yeah, too bad they're criminals.
We could use 'em in the LAPD football league.
Okay, so what's the plan, Deac? We take out the four sisters with non-lethal force, hard.
And then we pray that Matani hasn't destroyed the rest of the evidence kits.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) All right, Street, you're with me on the one side for better vantage.
The three of you stay on the 1-4 corner.
- You got it.
- Let's go.
- Let's move.
- Go.
Hands down.
(WOMAN GROANING) Matani, you're under arrest! LAPD! STREET: On your stomach! WOMAN: Run, baby! Deac, the fire! Check every inch of this house.
Find every last DNA kit.
On it, man.
Let's go.
): Dr.
Kipper, you're needed in Labor and Delivery.
Kipper to Labor and Delivery.
You good, Commander? Ah.
- Here you go.
- (SIGHS) Whatever happened with you and that woman Janice you were seeing? Hmm? - She seemed nice.
- Well, Janice was okay.
She was, um Well, she-she wasn't Mom? Exactly.
None of them will ever be Mom.
But that doesn't mean that you can't find someone to have a happy life with.
Why are you so concerned with my personal life? Shouldn't it be the other way around? 'Cause you have a lot of years left, and it makes me sad thinking of you spending them alone.
You know how guilty I felt when I left to take the job in Pittsburgh? I knew once I left, you'd sit in the house, sipping coffee, listening to the records you and Mom collected.
Don't ever feel guilty for living your life.
Look, I I'm not lonely.
All right? With SWAT, I have all the excitement I can handle.
You know Mom would have wanted you to find someone.
You know, whenever I'd have a hard shift, I'd come home, I'd go straight to my den.
I'd stay in there for hours, having a couple of drinks, decompressing.
Your mother understood when to leave me alone.
We got each other.
I'm never gonna find that again.
Rebecca she told me to never say anything to you, but you need to know.
Once you got used to Mom being gone, Rebecca thought thought maybe your relationship could become more than just friends.
(CHUCKLES): Rebecca? She never said anything like that to me.
Yeah, well, you never really understood women, did you? She didn't want to risk turning your friendship into something that she could never live up to.
I mean, have you ever thought about Rebecca as someone you could love? I never thought she'd get over Rick.
That's why we got along so well, because we both lost our soul mates, you know? Yeah.
You survived by leaning on each other.
When she gets through this, you two should talk.
Come on.
LUCA: Got nothing.
We tore the whole place apart.
Where'd you dump the rest of the evidence kits? There are no others.
Just mine.
STREET: Come on, Lolo.
We know you unloaded your strip clubs to hire a hit crew to take down - the crime lab.
- What? No.
I sold the clubs 'cause I got a call from this dude.
Said he had my evidence kit.
Said he wanted 300 large ASAP or he'd drop the kit on the steps of L.
Superior Court.
So you're telling us that you paid for your kit, - you didn't steal it? - 300 large.
Didn't have a choice.
- What's this dude's name? - Called himself Kraft.
You meet this Kraft in person? I don't know it was him or one of his guys, but I met this dude with a shaved head in the parking lot of LAX.
I gave him the cash, he gave me the kit.
I didn't want to die in jail.
Our real suspect calls himself Kraft.
Now, he robbed the lab knowing what the kits are worth - to the criminals they belong to - So he reaches out to every criminal with a major crimes case and offers to sell them back their evidence? Or Kraft would send 'em back to the LAPD.
Sir, this wasn't about a suspect stealing evidence so they could destroy it.
This is the ultimate underworld blackmail scheme.
Damn, talk about next level.
- How is she? - She's awake.
Whenever you think she's good to speak to us.
I'm sure she'll want to help right away.
They were fast and knew layout.
- How to use our key cards.
- They definitely had it planned and knew how to burn their tracks.
When I hit the floor, one of their empty shells rolled towards me.
I hid it in the temperature control panel, just in case there was any evidence on it.
You were bleeding out from buckshot while they set the lab on fire, and you thought about saving evidence? The shell it should still be there.
You're a brave woman, Rebecca.
DEACON: I'm working three jobs, my ceiling's about to cave in, I got a baby girl on the way.
H-How do I make these these union dues work for me? How-How do we get these people to help me? Sergeant, I'm on your side.
And this is not exactly my area of expertise, but when I asked on your behalf, they said you're already carrying a sizable balance on your previous loan.
They're not gonna approve you for a new one right now.
We've already appealed it and there's nothing else that we can do.
Not through the department.
The holidays just keep getting happier.
- Thanks for trying.
- I'm really sorry, Sergeant.
It's hard to think anything could've survived in here.
Let's not judge any piece of evidence until we find it, okay? Yeah.
Fair enough.
Now, she said it was inside a control panel.
I don't see anything.
How far in does it go? Just like Rebecca said.
Thanks to Rebecca, we recovered the only piece of physical evidence from the lab robbery.
TAN: Forensics lifted a partial thumbprint, they completed it with digital imaging and we got a match.
HONDO: John Seeley.
41, in and out of prison since he was 18 years old - for various armed robberies.
- Now, Seeley was released from Folsom a month ago after serving six years, didn't bother reporting to his parole officer.
NIA: I got in touch with his last cellmate, who said all Seeley talked about was the LAPD crime lab.
He'd read an article about it in the Los Angeles Chronicle and became obsessed with it.
I'll be damned.
I ran his prison ID computer activity log.
He spent hours on the Chronicle's website taking virtual tours of the crime lab.
NIA: Seeley had all the information he needed online to cook up the scheme of a lifetime.
Where'd he get the name Kraft? Check out the byline.
Justin D.
Seeley took the reporter's name.
I want plainclothes detectives shadowing every one of these suspects on the evidence list.
And if we don't find Seeley, we'll follow a buyer going to him.
All right.
Hey, man, you got a sec? Yeah sure.
What's up? I can tell you going through a hard time right now and I'd like to help with some cash.
Listen, I didn't tell you about my situation looking for a handout.
No, I know, but I still want to help.
I mean, you need 16 grand to fix your pipes, right? I'll loan it to you, interest-free.
- Just pay me back at your own pace.
- How? However, man.
I mean, I know you're good for it.
Just take your time, man.
I'm in no rush.
(CLEARS THROAT) Look, uh it m-means a lot, but friendship and money th-they don't mix.
- Yeah.
But it's me, Deac.
- That's exactly why I don't want to ruin our friendship.
But, believe me, it means a lot that you offered.
What have we got? One of the suspects on the list being surveilled Nick Kerostena the detectives sitting on him just called in, and said he's on the move acting suspicious.
Kerostena runs a crew out of Montebello.
He's done time for counterfeiting, synthetic cocaine, assault with a deadly weapon.
Two months ago we found DNA evidence linking him to the murder of his mistresses' boyfriend with a hatchet.
The indictment was coming down next week.
The detectives tailed Kerostena to a bar he owns.
He came out ten minutes later with two bodyguards and a-a duffel bag they suspect was filled with cash.
He dumped his phone, he's headed downtown.
- He's got to be meeting with Seeley.
- All right, Street.
You tell the detectives sit tight, don't spook him.
Tell Hondo we're rolling.
SEELEY: Sorry for the short notice, but you get this kind of deal's got to happen fast, right? Got your end? Wasn't easy to cash out a quarter mil in one day.
(ZIPS) SEELEY: Everybody wins, amigo.
No eyes, but we got ears and the deal's going down.
STREET: Detectives, hold tight.
Don't move in, SWAT's on its way.
Roger that.
They better hurry.
Great price.
Great product, amigo.
Where is it? Look familiar? Then you have a good life, my friend.
I got other deals to get to.
They made the deal, we got to go.
SWAT, we're moving in.
LAPD! Hands where we can see 'em! - Let me see your hands! - Let me see your hands! HONDO: Detectives, take a perimeter position! Fall back.
STREET: Man down! HONDO: This 20 David to Command.
We are taking fire from suspects! Officer down.
Send an ambo! - On the ground! - Drop it right now.
Drop the weapon! - On the ground! - On the ground! I got eyes on Seeley! This is 20-David to 22-David.
I need you to intercept a van fleeing west on Second.
(SIREN WAILING) 22-David, do you read? I'm getting beat up by this van.
LUCA: Roger that.
Headed your way! Aim for the cab, Luca.
(HONKING) LUCA: Hondo, I got him.
(SHOUTING) Hands on the dash! Hands on the dash! Do not move, bitch-ass.
Don't even look at me.
Don't look at me.
HICKS: All right.
Okay, good.
Thanks to you, Seeley's in custody.
And they recovered almost all the DNA kits.
They're on their way to the L.
Sheriff's lab for proper storage.
That's why they pay me the big bucks.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, okay.
(CHUCKLES) Oh You know, when you're feeling a little better Hmm? I think you and I should have a conversation.
NIA: They started testing the recovered DNA kits.
Initial reports say only nine of them were compromised and would be inadmissible in court.
What happens to those nine cases? We start from scratch, work harder to find new evidence.
I'm sorry we couldn't save 'em all.
Don't be.
Could have been a lot worse.
Yeah, I'll always have your back.
You had mine when I was in a rough place.
That won't change.
No, it won't.
Merry Christmas.
ANNIE: Thank you for volunteering last-minute.
Oh, of course.
- This is so much fun.
- (CHUCKLES) So, are you all ready for her? (GASPS) - Yep, she's a kicker.
- (LAUGHS) Oh, we're a little stressed with bills, but I have never been so excited to have a new child.
Well, you and Deacon are the best couple I know, and you two always find a way to make things work.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I heard, uh, Chris took off to New York with Ty and Kira to see some shoegaze band.
That sounds bougie and awesome.
Still getting used to her having a girlfriend and a boyfriend.
I know.
You think we'll get to meet them? (CHUCKLES) We'll see.
What're you doing for your, uh, crazy Christmas plans? - I'm taking my mom to Hawaii.
- Really? It's been forever since we spent real time together.
Nice, man.
She's got to be excited.
She's been packing for two weeks.
- (CHUCKLES) - What about you? You know I love how everybody leaves L.
for the holidays.
Nothing better than empty freeways, so I can open up my '68 Chevy on the 170.
- And spend some time with my folks.
- Nice.
- Holiday treat, anyone? - (CHUCKLES) You bake these yourself, Street? - 99 Cents Store.
- Nice.
Hey, uh, who's that with Annie? That's Molly.
And that is a woman you definitely want to stay away from.
She's Hicks' daughter.
Oh, really? Dude.
You finally worked your way back onto SWAT.
It's not a good idea to hump and dump the boss' daughter.
What? I didn't even say anything.
Yeah, Luca, give Street some credit.
It's not like he's always thinking up new and fascinating ways to lose his job.
Ha, ha, ha.
Hey, heads up, girls.
- Excuse me.
- Be good.
Something sweet, ladies? Ooh, how about an ice cream with melted gummy bears and olives? Sorry, that's the most popular item on the menu, - and we just ran out.
- Mm.
And for the young lady? Uh.
Oh, thanks, I'm okay.
Oh, come on.
It's Christmas season.
You got to sip hot chocolate during Christmas.
It's the law.
Well, my dad's a cop, and I've never heard about that one.
Well, it just recently passed.
Don't make me take out my cuffs.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, this is good.
I'm Molly.
Jim Street.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, Commander.
Hey, uh, I never got to say, but the way you handled those gunmen, impressive shooting, sir.
You'd be amazed at what I'm capable of when it comes to protecting the ones I love.
What? Don't make me have to get involved in your love life.
Oh, give me a break.
How's Rebecca? Exhausted, but she's in good spirits.
Oh, uh, so you know, I decided to take the rest of December off for work.
Hope you don't mind me sticking around through the holidays.
It's okay.
You're welcome to stay as long as you want.
(CHUCKLES) It's an amazing turnout, huh? Ah, it's incredible.
It's almost double the fundraising from last year.
Job well done, Deac.
So, here.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, bubba.
(BABBLING) Hey Luca, come on, I can't I can't do this.
It's not me.
Yeah, well, then do it for me, okay? 'Cause I want to be happy for the holidays, and what makes me happy is when my friends don't have to worry about money.
All right? Okay.
I'm gonna pay you back, every cent.
I know you will.
Love you, bud.
I could Hey, hey, hey, little man.
You're not supposed to be doing that without adult supervision.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Officer.
I took my eyes off him for one second.
Get over here.
Donnie, apologize to the officer for touching things you're not supposed to.
Sorry, Officer.
Hey, it's all good.
I just don't want you getting hurt, that's all.
Donnie wants to be a cop when he gets older.
I guess he thought he'd just start his training early.
Is that right? You want to be a police officer one day, huh? Hell yeah.
Or, I mean, yes, Officer.
What part of the city are y'all from? Watts.
We took the bus up.
You know, you're one lucky little dude to have a mama like that.
I'm lucky to have one, too.
I hope you take good care of her.
- He does.
- What's your two jobs? Uh, do good in school, and help Mom with chores around the house.
You got yourself one great little son right here.
(CHUCKLES) You know what this thing's called? No.
What? It's called an A-Star police chopper.
We use it to save lives.
You mind if I take him off your hands for a few minutes? - Go right ahead.
- Come on, Donnie.
Hup! (GRUNTS) So, what's the best part about being a police officer? Well, I'd have to say seeing people who are hurting, and doing something to make them feel better.
When I see people do bad things, I wish I could make them stop.
You know what you're gonna need for all that whole bunch of training.
You want to learn how to fly this bad boy? - Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) All right.
Let's see what you got.
Get up there.
All right, get in there.
You're the pilot today.
Let's get you a helmet, so you can look official.
There you go.
Let's see what kind of LAPD police officer little Donnie's gonna be.
Ah, there you go.
Take us up, Donnie, take us up.