S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e11 Episode Script


1 If I have to fill out another college app, I'm gonna scream.
You know how many I did? 13, and I'm still not done yet.
What do you have left? Just Northwestern, which I'm so not getting into.
My mom is making me apply.
Thinks that just because my aunt went there, I can get in with a 3.
3 GPA.
(BOTH LAUGH) - (SING-SONGY): Ooh, ooh-ooh.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- (LAUGHS) Girls, inappropriate.
There's no shame.
Camp's a total silver fox.
You hear that, honey? You're married to a total silver fox.
- (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) - All right.
Get to class.
Volta said his parents don't care if anyone drinks at his house this weekend.
You want to go? No.
Why would I want to go? You know he's crushing on you and wants to have, like, 10,000 of your babies some day.
- (LAUGHS) Ew! - You know, I'm just gonna (GUNSHOTS, INDISTINCT CHATTER) GIRL: Somebody help him! (GUNSHOTS, GIRLS SCREAMING) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) (GUNSHOT) HONDO: LAPD SWAT! - Right side clear! - Left side clear! (CLICKS) Bang.
All right.
Scenario over.
That's better.
It's not perfect.
Deac, you want to be team leader one day, right? You got to keep your boys in sync, every step, you own the entry.
Luca, I had a clear shot at you.
You got to toss that banger in at an angle.
- All right, you got it, boss.
- Hondo, you weren't expecting someone to be here? Why did you look surprised when you entered the room? Just wasn't expecting to see your beautiful face, Buck.
(LAUGHTER) This house we're hitting tomorrow is heavily guarded, so we rehearse until we get this entry right.
So, let's try this again, gentlemen.
- Sir.
- You thought the entry was that bad? Not at all, but, uh, we can't let the hotshots get too cocky, can we? Yeah.
Doc says Annie's gonna pop any day.
Damn, Deac.
I can't find a girl I want to take on a second date, and here you are having another kid.
Ha! And it's a girl.
You ready, Deac? I got nieces and nephews.
I can tell you one thing.
Raising a girl's way different, man.
Oh, yeah.
All the scrapes I got in growing up, my mother said I was still nothing compared to dealing with my sister.
(LAUGHTER) Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Remind me again why I'm taking parenting advice from you two? (PHONE ALARMS CHIMING) All right, let's move.
WOMAN (OVER RADIO): Multiple reports of an active shooter at River Hill High.
We're patching through live 911 calls.
GIRL: Please help! There's someone shooting up our school! GIRL 2: Amanda's shot! She's bleeding! Help! Less than a minute out! 20-David to Command.
Can we confirm any additional units at the school? COMMAND (OVER RADIO): Negative.
Closest squad car is five to seven minutes out.
That means we'll be the first on scene.
It could be all over before the secondaries arrive.
(GUNSHOTS, SCREAMING OVER RADIO) This is who we are, gentlemen.
Remember your training.
We're sheep dogs.
Confront the wolf, protect the flock.
- Move, move, move, move.
Come on.
- (SCREAMING, GUNFIRE) - BUCK: 20-David, we've got shots fired from inside River Hill High School.
- Go, go! Keep moving.
- Back behind the truck! Get behind! Go! Go! Go! Go, go, go! Whoa, whoa! Stop! What do you know? I'm a resource officer.
There's two shooters on the first floor.
- Two shooters? What are they wearing? - Don't know.
- Didn't get a good look.
- Which way? Through here, or you can go around there - to the big double doors.
- Deac, Luca, front side.
Garcia, Stevens, one, four corner.
Hondo, you're with me.
Let's move, everybody! Go! (SIRENS BLARING, GUNSHOTS) (SCREAMING) Okay.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
let's move, let's move, let's move.
Go, get out of here.
Go, go, go! Get out of here! Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go.
(GUNSHOT, MAN GROANS) BUCK: All right, go, go.
Keep moving, keep moving.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING, SCREAMING CONTINUES) Keep going, keep going! Get away from the door! (SCREAMING) (GUNSHOTS) Shooter in the south hallway.
We have one student down.
- Cover me.
- I got you.
My Carmelita, she-she just couldn't stop crying.
He said he saw the kids, the blood, everything.
Just glad he's safe.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Principal O'Neil, are they over here? Yeah.
Any parents not reunited with their kids should be there.
All right.
Thank you.
- MAN: Sir? - WOMAN: What's happening?! (INDISTINCT, OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Yeah, there was an active shooter situation, and there were casualties.
Now, we'll get you all the information as soon as we can.
What does that mean? Where's my son? Right now, I'm looking for a Luke or an Ainsley Mogavero.
Could you come here, please? (PANTING) Is he dead? Mrs.
Mogavero, there were two shooters.
One was captured alive, and the other one was killed.
Did they hurt my Jeff? Ma'am, Jeff was one of the shooters.
One of the sh-shooters? No, no.
There's a mistake.
I need to see him.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Why not? Jeff was the shooter that was killed, ma'am.
I'm sorry, but we we're gonna need his computer, cell phone, anything.
Personal journals (CRYING): Oh, no! (HYPERVENTILATING) (ECHOING): I'm sorry.
I'm sorry Not a day goes by that I don't think about changing my last name.
When people hear Mogavero, I can see them thinking: "Why does that name sound so familiar?" All I can do is hope that they don't remember.
I need to ask you something I know you've thought a lot about over the past six years.
Could you have stopped what happened at River Hill High? People want to think that this couldn't happen to them, that they're better parents.
The last time I saw my son was that morning before school.
When he said good-bye to me, there was genuine sadness in his voice, and that will haunt me for the rest of my life, because my son was experiencing real mental distress, and I didn't know the warning signs.
I thought I was involved in his life, but the reality is, I wasn't digging deep enough.
Because if I had been, I would've gotten him the help that he needed.
And yes, I could've stopped River Hill.
Is there anything you want to say to the victims' families? (EXHALES) If I could give my life to save just one of the lives my son took that day, I would.
What he did that day made him a monster, but it didn't stop him from being my son.
He will always be my son.
I'm so sorry for what he did.
All right, one more, Deac.
One more, one more.
Yeah Eh, you're dragging a bit today, big man.
What's going on? You still moonlighting with my boy Dee Fletch? He giving you hell or something? Yeah, him and Annie both.
I shouldn't say that, actually.
She, she knows we need the extra money, and she's been pretty understanding about me, uh, not being around as much, but I-I can tell it bothers her.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, my boy Dee loves you, man.
He says security at his place has never been tighter.
Don't be afraid to ask that cat for a raise.
(CHUCKLES) You got to love it when one boss tells you to ask - the other boss for a raise.
- (LAUGHS) Hondo.
You see this? Is that who I think it is? What's she doing here? - Who is she? - No idea.
I opened it this morning and came straight here.
No name, no address? "They all say I'm crazy, "but they'll learn how smart I am.
"They'll be sorry for the way they treated me.
" Why does this sound so familiar? It's from my son Jeff's manifesto.
I wish it had been burned and never leaked.
"Your son blazed a path for the rest of us.
"By the time you read this today, "you'll see on TV how I've honored Jeff "by amassing a higher body count with the same gun.
" - Six kids were killed that day.
- HONDO: Seven.
When you include the shooter.
The letter says, "By the time you read this.
" Uh, my mail's delivered at the beginning of the day, not the end.
So he wasn't expecting you to get this until this afternoon.
So whoever it is is planning that attack for today.
Does it say which school? Anything to narrow it down? No, nothing.
Just a lot of anger.
Postmark shows it was sent from here in L.
, so we have to assume the target's an L.
County school.
Doc, how credible do you think this threat is? Very.
This letter is essentially a mini-manifesto.
Too detailed and specific to be a prank.
The way he says, "you'll see me on TV," he's not just looking for revenge, he's after notoriety.
By killing more classmates than the River Hill shooters? That can't happen.
Is it too late to shut down the schools? A mid-day evacuation of over 2,700 schools? Even if I can convince the Mayor, the suspect just waits for them to open again to attack.
It could also cause mass panic.
That's exactly what he's after.
If this were about jocks bullying him, he would have written about taking out the bleachers at a football game.
If he wanted revenge on the popular kids, he would've targeted prom night.
This isn't about classmates fearing a specific event.
No, he wants them to fear their daily lives.
What he's attacking is a symbol of his oppression, his school.
Cortez, notify school PD that we have an immediate tactical alert.
We need all off-duty resource officers to provide backup at their posts.
I'll coordinate with the chief to assign cars outside campuses.
Let's see if we can identify this suspect before he strikes.
Sir, do you remember six years ago? We were minutes away when that first shot was fired, and a lot of kids still lost their lives.
By the time some call comes in, it's gonna be too late.
Well, what do you suggest? Every year the school board sends the LAPD a student list of the ones that are most likely to be threats we start there.
We need to be proactive, but that's a needle in a haystack.
Wendy, what else does this letter tell you? Mostly that he worships these two River Hill High shooters.
He looks up to them the way some kids look up to athletes or pop stars.
Everything's in motion.
What else should we be doing? We took one of the River Hill shooters alive.
Maybe whoever wrote this letter tried to contact him in prison.
Guards vet those letters as they come in.
- He would have been flagged.
- Not if it didn't hint at an attack.
Well, it's worth checking out.
But leave some of your team behind so they can help go through the school board's threat list.
And, Hondo You're right.
We can't let River Hill happen again.
TERRENCE: These boxes are full of everything, from marriage proposals to requests for old Patrick here to go to hell.
Going back at least a few years.
HONDO: Do you know why we're here? Anyone contact you recently about plans to copy your attack? Not in those boxes.
We'd have caught that.
Sometimes admirers write to me.
Admirers? I always write back saying I wish I'd never done it, that I never should have let Jeff talk me into any of it.
Which of these letters are from your admirers? I know you.
You're damn right you know me.
- You think we forgot what you did? - No.
I swear, the first thing I do every day is say the names of those six victims, remembering who they were.
I know that Steve wanted to join the Navy, and Melanie Stop talking, okay? You do not get to say their names.
HONDO: Patrick, there's a lot of letters here, man.
Any mention specifics about what you did? Or anything on the same gun you and Jeff used? Look through here, maybe.
Officer, have you ever been at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? - Yeah.
- Did you know that jumping doesn't always kill you, and that almost all the survivors say that the second they stepped off, they felt instant regret? And that's what you felt? Instant regret? In that moment, they realized that everything they thought couldn't be fixed in their life was fixable.
Except for having just jumped.
Some things you can't ever take back.
Check it out.
It's a TEC-9.
That's the same type of gun that you used, isn't it? This is postmarked a month ago.
Has this person written to you before? I don't think so.
I got the serial number.
We can run it through NECS.
All right.
Find out where it was sold and who bought it.
Pack this up.
Send Captain Cortez the number.
Officer, before you go, I wanted to say thank you - for - For what? Not killing you that day? No.
For stopping me before more of them died.
Green one.
Deac, move.
- (GUNSHOTS) - (SCREAMING) Hands! Hands! Hands! Hey.
Where are the shooters? Upstairs.
Jeff Mogavero and Patrick Demers.
They just came in and started shooting.
Okay, go, go.
Go, go.
Out of the building.
Get out! DEACON: Now.
LUCA: Clear.
- LUCA: Whoa! Down hands! - Don't shoot! (WHIMPERS) It's okay, it's okay.
Have you seen the shooters, - Jeff and Patrick? - One of them is on this floor.
What do you mean? They separated? (GUNSHOTS RESUME) All right, this way.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Go, go, go.
Get behind me.
30-David, the shooters have separated, I repeat, the shooters have separated.
One is on the second floor, the other one's on the first floor.
I have students here in the southside stairwell.
HICKS: Copy.
Send them down to the south exit then go after the shooter on the second floor.
I need you to go to the bottom of the stairs quietly.
Deacon, I got a student, Lila, on the line with intel on the whereabouts of the shooter closest to you.
- I'm patching her through.
- DEACON: Roger.
Lila? If you can hear me, this is Sergeant Kay.
- Where are you? - (SNIFFLING) (HUSHED): We're hiding in the closet please send help.
Okay, all right.
Listen, don't panic.
I need you to stay calm.
What room number are you in? - Um r-room number - 208.
- (STAMMERING): 208, 208.
- It's 208.
It's 208.
- DEACON: Okay, Lila.
Listen to me.
- (DOOR OPENS) You hang in there and we will find you.
- (LILA SNIFFLES) - DEACON: Lila? (GASPS) Oh, my God, he's here.
All right.
Stay as quiet as you can.
We're coming.
(GIRLS SNIFFLING, PANTING) Okay, lights off.
He must've set off some smoke bombs.
(GUNFIRE) 30-David, we're taking fire on the second floor.
Luca, do you see him? No.
Cover me here.
Kid, you all right? Hey.
We got a victim down.
(ECHOING): Second floor, room 2-0-2.
STREET: Guy seems to feel genuine remorse - about what he did.
- Look, I don't care how bad he feels; he could be a living saint right now, - wouldn't matter to me.
- No, I get it.
I'm just saying, at least he's trying to help us now.
Look, you weren't there six years ago.
- How can you get it? - I mean I might not have been there, but I've seen my share of messed-up stuff, dude.
- I saw my mom shoot my dad.
- Okay, so how can you defend this guy, then? I saw innocent kids bleeding out on the floor because of him.
And he's in prison for the rest of his life.
The rest of his life.
He's living, okay? Those kids he murdered? They're never gonna get that same chance.
He should have died just like his buddy.
Anything? There's enough names in the threat list, - they could have their own school.
- Seems like all you got to do to get written up is wear black and - look at someone the wrong way.
- How could she not know what was happening in her own house? CHRIS: My cousin had clinical depression and we didn't find out for the longest time.
Yeah, but you did find out.
Yeah, well, that mom carries it.
And now she's trying to do good to make up for all the bad her son did.
Like giving speeches? Making money off it, getting famous? We can use that.
You have over 200,000 Twitter followers, right? Yes.
Wendy, you said the kid who wrote the letter - idolizes her son.
- Mm-hmm.
What if we use her to contact him? You think he follows me on Twitter? He might.
And if he responds, we can keep him busy.
Which might buy us enough time to find him.
What if Ainsley tweets out "I got your letter today, "I'd like to discuss it with you.
- Please DM me?" - JESSICA: Do it.
Talk her through what - to say if he responds.
- Got it.
We got a hit on the TEC-9 from the photo Street sent us.
Ran its serial numbers through NECS.
Traced to this buyer.
Kurt Wilson.
He's our guy? There was a Kurt Wilson on the school's threat list.
Expelled two years ago and last known address on the Eastside.
Check DMV, see if there's any vehicles registered to that address.
Uh, the only vehicle registered to that address is a '97 pickup.
Get your team over there.
I'm gonna secure a search warrant for evidence and issue a BOLO on that truck.
DISPATCH (OVER RADIO): Dispatch to 20-David.
Adam-23 has eyes on the '97 pickup truck at the 2100 block.
Central Ave, East L.
Requesting immediate backup.
Suspect is believed to be armed.
Advise Adam-23 we are 30 seconds out.
Pin the vehicle, set up and cover.
We got to figure out a way to take this guy alive.
Either confirm he's our shooter or find out who has his gun.
Yeah, we're en route, Deac.
We'll meet you there.
Show me your hands, now! Do not think, just do it.
Both hands, now! Chris, Tan.
Sage and Hopper guns.
- HONDO: Go.
- He's reaching! Depositing pepper balls.
(BOTH COUGHING) LUCA: Cover, cover.
Cover me.
Get up, get to the car.
Give me your hands.
(KURT HACKING) Where's the gun? In the front seat.
It's clear, boss.
The TEC-9.
- What are you talking about? - The TEC-9 that you purchased in Reseda last week.
Where is it? I want a lawyer.
It's not worth whatever you're gonna do to your school.
School? What school? I-I'm not saying anything without a lawyer.
You really have no idea what we're talking about, do you? What are you doing up? A few hours ago you were too sick to go to school, now you're fine? Vince.
(DOOR SLAMS, LOCKS) You know how I feel about locked doors in my house.
I want this lock taken off by the end of this week.
If you're suddenly feeling better, you can go to school.
Look, we don't know who this is, but we do know he's holding your gun.
Which you didn't report stolen.
Look, man, we don't want to charge you, we just need to find this kid before he uses it.
Just-just trade us the name, you can walk out of here.
On your good word? You see that serial number? We traced it; you bought that thing a week ago.
All I see is a guy who's not my client holding a gun.
DEACON: If that kid is underage, it's a felony to sell him that gun.
Okay, look, fellas.
My client doesn't have to say anything and you know it.
If you want any cooperation from us, there's no way around it.
We need a guarantee.
Immunity in writing that promises he'll be cleared.
- We don't have time for that.
- DEACON: Listen, that kid made a direct threat to shoot up a school today.
With a gun that was sold to him by your client.
HONDO: Six years ago, I responded to a school shooting and I had to step over children's bodies.
All because someone like your client provided guns to those killers.
You want a promise? Say nothing.
And then when this kid goes out and kills his classmates with your gun in the next hour or so, we ain't gonna be coming after you for felony gun charges, we are gonna charge you as an accessory to a mass murder.
So you go ahead and sit in that chair and shut your mouth.
But that is my promise to you.
Just hang on.
I don't want any kids hurt.
Kurt gave us the name Vince.
And a phone number, but it's a burner.
- The suspect's name is Vince? - Yeah.
One of the Twitter messages I got back was by a username with "Vince" in it.
Show us.
We need confirmation it's the same Vince.
Ask, "In his letter you mentioned a gun, what type?" That's him.
Keep him talking.
How fast can we get Twitter to release this person's info? We've worked with them before, but there's a process.
They'll prioritize once they hear what it's about.
I'll get Judge Whitt to expedite a subpoena.
The longer you can keep Vince chatting, the better chance we have of stopping him.
Respond by saying you want to tell him about your son, things no one knows besides you.
It's to prevent an attack on a school.
We need the info right away.
Yeah, I'll be sending the warrant any minute.
- Hold on.
- Judge signed the warrant.
I'm sending you the paperwork right now.
Cortez confirmed that our suspect, Vince Franz, is a 17-year-old senior at Hammond Ridge High.
Vandelli's team and school PD have an additional 25 units at Vince's school.
- Wasn't he already in school? - No.
They couldn't find him, so there's a good chance he's at his house.
We know he's serious enough to buy an illegal extended magazine.
This kid is ready and willing to raise hell.
So let's take care of business, and confront the wolf.
What's that? Something Buck used to say.
Move, move, move.
Get out of here.
BUCK: Okay.
Let's go.
Everybody move.
I want everybody out.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Let's go.
Move, move.
- Let's go.
Ladies, go.
- Hondo.
- Here.
Is everyone okay? No.
My friend Christopher is hurt really bad, right there.
And I think there's a hurt teacher right there.
You okay? - I'm okay.
Put your hand here.
Keep the pressure.
Help my wife and the kids in the cafeteria, out that way.
- Where's the shooter? - He's in there, too.
- Just went in, wearing a black cap.
- (GUNSHOTS, SCREAMING) - We got multiple shots in the cafeteria.
- Everyone stay down! Shooter last seen wearing a black baseball cap.
20-David in pursuit.
Everybody, stay down! Stay down! LAPD! Oh, my God! - It's okay.
- Where's the shooter? - In the kitchen.
- Move.
20-David has eyes on the shooter.
He's carrying a semi-auto hand gun.
We're moving in to engage.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) LAPD! There's no movement inside.
We ready to make entry? "I wish I could've done River Hill with them.
"They were so wise.
"I thought talking to you "would be the next closest thing to talking to your son.
" TELL HIM: "My son was wrong.
You don't need to make his mistakes.
" (WHISPERS): Set.
Move, move, move, move, move.
Breach in three, two Two, two, two, two.
Two, two! Give me two, give me two! "The only thing he was wrong about was that he should've killed you first.
" (AINSLEY GASPS) We got somebody.
No Vince Franz, no TEC-9, and he left his cell phone here.
So we won't be able to track him.
Any sign of him at his school? Vandelli's team is at Hammond Ridge now.
Vince never showed for class.
Hey, I need to get through.
That's my house.
Captain, hold on a second.
Can I go through, please? Hey, let her through.
It's my house.
What's going on? - What's your name? - Whitney Franz.
Vince Franz is your brother? - Where is he? - I don't know.
School? What's going on? We need to locate your brother.
Did he tell you about any problems at Hammond Ridge High? No.
He's only been there, like, two weeks; he's been doing fine.
STREET: Two weeks? Where'd he go before that? Leighton.
Leighton High? Wait, Vince had problems there? Not at Hammond Ridge? Yeah, he was expelled.
Now, will you please tell me what's going on? - Where's my mom? - Chris.
Captain, we got a problem.
I think we've been guarding the wrong school.
Principal Cullen, we believe one of your former students has plans to attack your school.
His name is Vince Franz.
So we're the target.
What should we do? How many armed guards are there? Two of our resource officers are here now.
That's not enough to protect 1,600 students.
Should we evacuate? HICKS: No, he could show up any minute, that could put you right in the line of fire.
What if she moves all the stdents to one large area and has the officers guard the doors? The gym.
CULLEN: Only two entrances, locks from the inside, no exposed windows.
HICKS: Move your students and faculty there as fast as you can.
Get them safe.
We're on our way.
Yes, ma'am.
Principal Cullen wants everyone to the gym.
Let's go.
Leave your bags.
- Get to the gym.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
(SIREN WAILING) Before some of you were SWAT, Buck talked about how most of the world is made up of peaceful folks who avoid violence at all cost.
He called them the flock.
He would also say you have wolves; people who use violence to attack that flock.
And there's one remaining group.
Those who live to protect that flock and confront those wolves.
That group's the sheepdogs, and that is who we are.
That is why we are SWAT.
I know today's brought back some bad memories for those of us who were there six years ago.
Well, let's make sure this time's different.
You were there? Protect the flock.
- Elijah, keep them going that way.
- Got it.
Captain Ruane is here to take point.
You the K9 unit? Officer Alonso, sir.
Champ and I are ready to go in when needed.
You know active-shooter protocol? You're my backup, then.
We're heading to the second floor, room 208.
Let's go.
(CHAMP GROWLS) Somebody's in there.
What is it, Champ? (SCREAMING) It's okay.
It's okay.
We're cops.
- Come on.
- Downstairs, straight out the door.
HONDO: Suspect One is down.
Roger that, Hondo.
We're heading south down the hall in the B building looking for shooter number two.
- Cross fire! - Cross fire! Lila, I need you stay real quiet and get as low as you can, okay? - (GUNSHOT) - (GRUNTS) - (SHOUTS COMMAND) - (CHAMP GROWLING) JESSICA (OVER COMM): Students are making their way to the gym on the south end of campus.
Head there as soon as you get in.
(SIREN WAILING) The Civic parked illegally.
- That's Vince's car.
- Let's clear it.
It's clear.
HONDO: He's already on campus.
Let's move.
Move, move, move.
- Stay low.
Stay low.
- CULLEN: It's gonna be okay.
Sit down when you get in there.
Sit down.
- Stay low.
Let's go.
- Sit down when you get in there.
Let's go, come on.
Todd, stay with the group.
I got the front door.
Luca, right side.
Oh! Don't move! Drop your weapon! I got visual.
He's armed.
Come out, show us your hands! - Get down! - (PANICKED SCREAMING) Street, you good? Yeah.
He's on the move! Deacon.
I'm gonna draw his attention.
Flank him from the other side.
Roger that.
- Let's go.
- Move.
Shh, everybody.
LUCA: He's in front of the gym.
HONDO: Vince! We're here to help you, kid! Drop your gun! You don't want to die here today! Think about your sister! She's alone now, man! - I'm-a try to draw him away.
Cover me.
- LUCA: Okay.
Roger that.
(GRUNTS) Put down the weapon, Vince! - Tan, get ready! - Chris, cover! Deacon, go! Ah! (GRUNTS) Stop moving! - Got a gun! - Hold him! Go hands-on! - VINCE: Get off me! - LUCA: Hey, stop resisting! (VINCE SCREAMING) LUCA: Give me your other hand! Don't move! (DOG BARKING) Shooter number two is in custody! Someone's in there.
Get up.
On your ass.
Go! Hey.
Open the door.
It's LAPD.
You're safe.
It's over.
KENZIE: How do we know you're the police? Lila, it's me.
It's me, you can trust me.
It's Officer Kay.
Open the door.
KENZIE: You could be lying.
Here, I'm gonna slide my badge under the door, okay? That way, you know it's me.
No, I'm-I'm Kenzie.
That's Lila.
S-She needs help.
Sh S-She stood in front of the door to stop him from getting in, but he shot through it.
I need a medic! I got you.
Such a tragedy.
But your team held strong, Buck.
They're well trained.
Thank you, sir.
Finished our second sweep, sir.
Some smoke bomb residue, but no signs of explosives or bomb-making material anywhere.
Officer Alonso.
You showed a lot of courage going in there the way you did.
This is Sergeant Buck Spivey.
It's nice to meet you.
Sorry it's under these circumstances.
Likewise, sir.
Um, just out of curiosity, there aren't any women on SWAT, are there? No.
There's no rule against it, it just hasn't happened yet.
Good to know.
Nice meeting you.
So how many dead? Six.
How old were they? Youngest was 14.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) If not for the grace of God.
Today could've been really bad.
Even worse than six years ago.
STREET: I just wanted to say, I get that seeing that guy in the prison today would've been so rough for you.
And I get that you wish he'd just died before.
But if he had, and if you hadn't taken him alive, we might not have stopped today's attack.
(PANTING) Do you mind? I used to have one before we retired him.
Course, go ahead.
(SPEAKS GERMAN) (WHINES, BARKS) (CHUCKLES) You're Chris Alonso, right? We know each other? No, but I know who you are.
We all do, ma'am.
I'm Commander Robert Hicks with the LAPD.
Today, we responded to a threat at the school, which we've addressed and were able to prevent.
- When can we see our kids? - So someone had a gun? The armed suspect has been taken into custody with no student or faculty casualties on site.
Now, we're directing all family members to stay in this area.
We'll be bringing your kids over to you in groups after we finish talking with them.
So just hold tight, and thank you for your patience.
Wait, so-so no one was hurt? No.
No one.
Everyone's safe.
Thank you.
Did Vince kill his mom because of me? Because of what we wrote? Absolutely not.
I know you've been through hell and back, and a lot of parents in your position, they would've hidden from the world.
I mean, I know I might've.
But because you brought us that letter, it saved lives.
A lot of lives.
Thank you.
You said you wanted to talk to him.
Now's your chance.
All right.
Sergeant Harrelson? For two years after River Hill, I researched everything I could to try and understand why my son did what he did.
I went through all the public records, the court filings, and that's where I came across the name Sergeant Daniel Harrelson.
Mogavero No.
I know you were the one who killed my son.
At first, I harbored a lot of resentment, but over the years, I've come to terms with it, that you did what was necessary.
I really wish it would have all happened very differently.
You're the reason why there weren't more than seven victims.
(CRYING) Anybody home? In here, Daddy.
Wha? I could've sworn I heard somebody in here.
Has anybody seen Lila? - (GIGGLES) - Huh.
Oh, well.
I guess I'm gonna have to go say good night to Matthew instead.
- No, Daddy, I'm right here.
- (GASPS) What? You were there the whole time? (GRUNTS) All right.
You ready for bed? Yeah? Did you brush your face and wash your teeth? (GIGGLES) Okay.
There you go.
So what book are we reading? - Tell me a story.
- A bedtime story? Okay.
(EXHALES) Did I ever told the story of where you got your name? Well, I once knew a little girl named Lila, and just like you, she loved science, school.
She had lots of friends.
And one day, she helped Daddy save a whole lot of people's lives right before you were born.
Can I meet her? No.
No, she's she's in heaven.
With Aunt Cathleen and baby Jesus? That's right.
Doesn't that make her parents sad? I'm sure it does.
Really, really sad.
Maybe I should draw them a picture to help them feel better.
I think they'd love that.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Every child has the right to feel safe.
It's up to all of us to help end school violence.
In 80% of school shootings, at least one other person knew about the attacker's plan in advance.
And 93% of the time, school shooters will engage in troubling behavior long before they attack.
If you're a parent, stay involved in your children's lives, seek early help from school administrators, or if necessary, from local law enforcement.
F you're a student, show your classmates kindness whenever you can.
Oftentimes, the kids least likely to ask for help are the ones who need it the most.
And don't be afraid to go to an adult if you suspect something.
You can be the generation that ends school violence.
For more information and tools to keep our schools safe, use your phone to scan the barcode below.
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