S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e15 Episode Script


- Previously on SWAT - I have a hard policy against dating cops, any cops anywhere.
Let alone on the same team.
- Who's Bonnie? - I mentioned her, she kind of stays at my place now, sort of getting serious.
So Bonnie wants to seal the deal, huh? She wants me to meet her parents.
You don't want to marry the one woman.
But you don't want to be so scared that you, you don't marry the right one, either.
Not everything came up normal in my checkup.
You're pregnant? She's pregnant.
For Javi.
Transition drill complete.
Make your weapons safe and holstered.
Damn, Deac.
I see you putting in work with that left hand.
Good job.
Somebody's got a little extra pep in their step today; I wonder why that is.
Hey, what? You didn't tell these guys yet? - Tell us what? - Yeah, what's the word, Deac? Well, because of, uh, what Annie went through last year, the doctor wants to induce labor to avoid risks.
So I'm gonna work a half day and have a baby tonight.
- Oh, whoa.
Congratulations, man.
- Wow.
Sure beats what I got going tonight.
- Oh, yeah? What's that? - I got roped into hitting a single's bar with this guy as his wingman.
What? Valentine's Day is a great time to meet girls.
Or so I'm told.
What about you, Chris? Hibachi and fondue with Ty and Kiera, but let me know when it's a goodtime to go visit my new goddaughter later.
Hibachi and fondue, huh? That sounds romantic.
Where do you, where do you go for that? Whipping it all up at home.
I've already spent too much money on the gifts.
It's Valentine's Day, not an anniversary.
It's expensive dating two people.
What about you? Word from Bonnie is, you got a big night tonight.
Yeah, I guess.
Uh, dinner at her favorite sushi place, maybe a moonlit walk on the beach.
What you got brewing tonight, Hondo? Me? I got a little something-something happening a little later tonight, but that's all you get.
I got to keep it PG right now.
Hey, kid.
Let's go, you and me.
- Head-to-head.
- What if I win? You might get a box of chocolates.
- Better be heart-shaped.
- Let's go.
Okay, whoa, whoa.
Flag's up.
Flag's up.
Officer shot.
Let's move.
Central Division's currently looking for multiple shooters.
Search starting at Lochlyn and Pacific.
That's the rec center in South L.
They know if our guy was undercover? Vice? Word I got is he was a patrol cop - on break, just parked.
- What? Shot in his cruiser? We know our guy's name yet? Not until the family's been notified.
All right, on my mark we convene at mobile command on Imperial and South Central one hour from now.
Let's do what we do best.
His family's counting on us.
Got anything, Burrows? Multiple bullet trajectories.
Three shooters on this hit.
Witnesses either too far or too scared to give us any descriptions.
We got casings going to Ballistics? Didn't find any casings, guys.
So they used revolvers.
Sounds like they had a plan.
We're gonna lead the search south of Jordan Downs.
Copy that, hop in.
You guys know who the officer was? - Pete Schwartz.
- Pete Schwartz? Yeah, uh, spent the last two years with him at Central.
Real hard charger, good dude.
Has a wife and two kids.
Paramedics say he's 50/50.
You know him? Yeah, I worked with him once.
He come to you guys from the Street Crime Unit in Glassell Park? Yeah.
All right, let's get going.
It's got to be a local set to hit a rec center at peak hours in broad daylight.
Well, this is Los Mags territory.
Only group I can think of brazen enough to do this.
Glad we have you to knock on their doors now.
We canvassing security footage? Yeah, no cameras on any houses and nearby buildings picked up anything.
Our shooters might have been casing our cop.
Knew his rounds, that he'd be here.
Officer did volunteer hours at the rec center for Operation Progress.
Whoever they are, the shooters came and left on foot.
Entry gate has a license plate scanner.
We already ran them from earlier today, all came up clean.
Then these guys are long gone by now.
And so far, no one's talking.
I know someone who will.
Little Maurice got got? When that go down, man? Last week.
Neighborhood newspaper never lies, Hondo.
Everything that happens to or by Los Mags gets written on that wall.
Don't see no cops' name, do you? You're telling me this ain't even a set of Mags coming out of Jordan Downs? Nah.
Or a rival crew in from Hacienda Village.
I'd know, Hondo.
Trust me, we'd both know by now.
All right, well, look, somebody took down a cop, Trae.
Now come on, man.
Ain't a traphouse in Watts you don't know about.
So how come this one got you stuck? Don't tell me you're losing a step, man.
Man, keep slander out your mouth.
Nobody got no beef with cops in this area, Hondo.
Wasn't no retribution.
You reached out to the Farmtown 12 in Nobu Gardens? Man, they reached out to me.
Nobody want po-po coming around shooting first, asking questions later.
Things were actually improving between us and the police.
Ain't gonna be that way no more.
Not after this.
And your boys coming at everyone hard.
Nah, nah, ain't gonna let that happen, man.
All right, I guess I'm looking for a crew that got something more than gang beef, but in the meantime, you keep your head low, you understand me? My nephew's going to Verbum Dei.
Been in Operation Progress for two years on, praise God.
- I know that's right.
- He's gonna go to college, Hondo.
That's the only game I'm running right now.
I'm proud of you, man.
The other search areas are clear, too.
No sign of our shooters.
And I just got word that Officer Schwartz passed away five minutes ago at the hospital.
Chief's with the immediate family and assistant chiefs and chaplain are taking them to MLK.
Robbery-Homicide will run point from now on out of our mobile command.
We're gonna need all hands on deck.
We're also rotating Mumford and Vandelli's teams in.
Be careful.
Just spoke with Hondo.
Until RHD comes back with intel on our shooters, I was gonna head over to MLK.
Pay my respects to the officer's family.
- You knew him? - Yeah.
I did a stint with his Street Crime Unit six years ago when I was K-9 in Glassell Park.
I heard about that team.
- Made a lot of arrests.
- Yeah, I used Champ to sniff out drug hides and stash houses.
I spent the summer with Schwartz and his team - cleaning up that part of town.
- I didn't know that.
I'm sorry this hits close for you.
Schwartz was, um, a go-getter.
I didn't know he went back to patrol.
- He was detective grade back then.
- A lot can happen in six years.
Never imagined this, though.
Got a lead on our shooters.
Hospital's gonna have to wait.
Mizael "Tuzo" Martinez.
L2D gang leader and multiple offender.
You think this guy's graduated from running drugs - to being a cop killer? - DEA reached out.
Wire taps they got from a joint task force have Martinez talking retaliation for one of his captains getting arrested a couple weeks ago.
The arresting officer? Pete Schwartz.
They could have dropped us a line if they thought - something was up, don't you think? - What's more important to them, a cop's life or building a RICO case? I get it.
I think sharing this was the DEA's version of an olive branch.
Look, the intel's promising, but if the recordings are from two weeks ago Could've taken him this long to plan it.
We definitely have to talk to him; best lead we have so far.
The word is, he stays in the Kerlon block in Nobu Gardens; that project's no joke.
That's gonna be a tough extraction.
- If he hasn't fled by now.
- One of my CIs says he hasn't moved from the area in the last 36 hours.
Maybe he's making himself visible there so he'd have an alibi.
You think he'd stick around city limits with this much heat on him? No, running would make him look guilty.
One thing he is not is impulsive.
He rarely leaves the block, which is why it's been so hard for the feds to make a case on him.
Former World War II barracks turned into a housing project.
The perfect bunker.
LAPD's never raided that compound in broad daylight before.
- Considered it too dangerous.
- Yeah.
We can't do a Contain and Callout.
His homies have shot into crowds before to get away from police.
Yeah, and put bounties on injured cops.
Zero-sum game, but it gets you a badge of honor in the pen.
We need a plan that doesn't give them time to prepare, or let lookouts warn Martinez to run.
Police presence is high in that neighborhood.
With our perimeter just up the road, we'll look like spillover from Watts.
So, we come in from above, we fast-rope down.
I'll lead Red Team's staggered entry, shallow to deep.
And we use non-lethal rounds for crowd control.
That'll help us get Martinez out.
Blue team will pick you up on the ground and bring you back here.
Let's go get him.
Air 17 to Command.
Inbound to location.
D-Team be advised, 30 seconds to target.
This is 20-David to Command.
Exfil point clear on the Kerlon block, northwest outlet.
Roger that, 20-David.
Blue Team standing by for your signal.
D-Team, go for entry.
Ropes away.
Tan and I are secure on the rooftop.
Send down the gear.
Got it.
Chopper away.
We are go for ingress.
Go, go.
Freeze! Police! Tuzo Martinez, you're under arrest! LAPD SWAT! Don't move! Turn around! Get your ass down! - Hands behind your back.
- Give me your hands! Revolver.
Same as our shooter's.
The serial number's been filed off, that's illegal.
Whose gun is this? What if I said it's mine? - Then you'd be covering for your dad.
- It ain't worth it, kid.
- Against the wall! - Is that your dad's gun? Celebrating Valentine's ain't illegal.
- Stop resisting! Hey! Stop! - Yeah.
Now show me a damn warrant.
You're wanted for questioning in the death of Officer Peter Schwartz.
This is 20-David to Command, we have confirmation on the package.
Air 17, hold your perimeter.
Blue Team, we are go for exfil.
Blue Team's 30 seconds out.
Proceed to Kerlon and Pacific.
- What do we do with his girl? - And the kid? Hondo, we got a situation.
Kerlon exit's blocked.
I count 30, 40 hostiles approaching from the north.
Looks like everyone knows we're here.
Somebody's got eyes on us.
There's a lookout in the adjacent building - with a two-way radio.
- All right, listen up.
We're here for Martinez.
Leave the woman and kid.
It's gonna be hard enough getting him out of here.
Deacon, take Chris.
Contain that lookout, pget his radio.
You're not taking me in, right? You know what? Today's your lucky day.
Why don't you work on your taste in men? My boys ain't gonna let you take me.
Why don't you just leave me here? - Call it even.
- No chance.
LAPD! Stay right there with your hands in the air.
Now! Do it now! Command to Blue Team.
Move to the southern end of Kerlon to exfil the team.
Hey, Luca, I got him.
Get us out of here.
Let's go, go.
- Street, go! Tan, move! - Go, go, go, go, go! Move.
Lookout's upstairs.
Corner unit.
I got your back.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Yeah, go.
Stop right there.
Police! Hands in the air! - All of you, back inside.
- What, pig? You gonna shoot an unarmed man? - Or all 20 of us? - Deac, fall back.
Move, move, move.
This is 20-David to Command.
Package en route.
Let's go, let's go.
Bad news at the south exit.
No better on the north.
We could use some help.
Shots fired! Shots fired! This is 20-David.
I need a visual on the shooter.
Bald head.
Northwest! D-Team, maintain non-lethal rounds.
Teenagers and women in the crowd.
Street, move, go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
I got him.
25-David to Air 17.
Got visual on a fire coming from obstructions at the southern exfil point.
Air 17, have visual on multiple barriers blocking ingress.
No ground access to your position.
Repeat, no ground access to your position.
He's stalling.
Waiting for his homies.
I'll drag him out of here if I have to.
Hondo, I'm clocked at 70-80 bangers approaching from the south.
We got hostiles on both ends now.
This is 20-David to Command.
The alley is blocked.
Roll Armored to the northwest side of Craddock Avenue.
Meet you there with the package.
On your feet.
LAPD! Get back! Don't move! On the ground! Get back! Now! Now! Against the wall.
Come here.
Against the wall, now.
Hondo, we need an exit plan, now.
Do not come closer! Get back now! Back up, back up.
Here we go.
Three, two, one Get down! Breach! Go, go, go, go, go! Move, move.
Hold it right there! Move, come on! Through the hole! Let's go, let's go.
Do not move! Do not move! Y'all treating me like the president.
Back up! We can't hold them.
There's too many.
Retreat, Deac! Fall back to exfil! Fall back! Get in here! Go, go! This is 20-David, package secure.
D-Team is clear.
Headed back to base.
Makes you think about what's really important, doesn't it? You mean, getting the guy responsible for putting one of us in the dirt? That, plus sometimes you take things for granted.
You forget it can all be gone, in one moment.
It's been, like, over a month since I spent some quality time with my pops.
You should invite him over to the house.
Think I will.
What's going on with your mom? I mean, you see her lately? We're still not talking.
Your girl blowing up your phone? Yeah, especially with her watching the news and all.
Yeah, you can't blame her for being worried.
Yeah, it's gonna be a big relief for her when I walk through that door tonight.
Hell, yeah.
Especially with you popping the question, huh? What? No.
Dude, Bonnie's been texting us on the DL.
She's reading into this big production.
She's expecting you to get on one knee tonight.
You telling me that's not happening? No.
You had her move in with you after five months, she came to Deac and Annie's vow renewals, and now you're taking her to her favorite sushi restaurant before a moonlit walk on the beach on Valentine's Day? That's leading the witness, playboy.
I mean, yeah, we're-we're headed in that direction, but I wasn't gonna propose any time soon.
Okay, what did you get her tonight? - A teddy bear.
- A teddy bear? - It's big.
- Oh, my You're just gonna wreck this whole thing.
It's all right, Street and I got a couch with your name on it when she kicks you out.
Swear to God, I'm gonna pop a cap in that pig's face so his mother can't have an open casket for his sorry ass.
That's after Officer Schwartz arrested one of your captains a couple weeks ago.
In addition to the two counts of illegal handgun possession we've got you on, that recording will play well for a jury on capital murder of a police officer.
Ese, that's just talk.
I ain't dumb enough to go after no cop.
That's a death sentence.
Where were you at 10:18 this morning, then? At home, in my living room, watching some game show.
- Got anyone to confirm that? - Nah, querida.
My son wasn't back from school.
My old lady, she hadn't come by yet.
Help yourself out.
Tell us where your two accomplices are hiding.
So you're telling me that I couldn't pull off a hit alone? If I need to handle a grudge, I roll solo, dawg.
You think this is funny, circus freak? Hey! I lost a captain to you fools, so I was mad.
Being pissed at pigs ain't a crime.
I was fronting for my jainas.
Spitting big game, you know.
Acting hard.
You just happened to catch me playing.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Your alibi is weak.
This is for Javi.
Help me! It's only a matter of time before we catch your buddies and they give you up.
Another cop just got shot now.
How's my alibi look for this one? It's the same group of shooters.
Witness saw two of them flee on foot down Rossmore.
Cop winged the third, suspect fled into an office nearby and he's hiding out inside.
The owner said the office is closed.
Should be empty, no innocents involved.
However, the business is Assault Rifle Technologies.
It's a weapons R&D site.
Shooter may have grabbed up more guns, so be ready for anything.
The best efforts to take this guy alive so he can lead us to the other shooters.
- We get an ID on the second victim yet? - Not yet, but he's Hollywood Division and we all got friends there.
- Where they transporting him to? - St.
Mary's Hospital.
Two cops in one day, same MO Who says it's gonna stop there? Guess there's no way to stop the alarm now.
It sure looks like he tried, though.
He in? - No.
- Okay.
Bathroom's clear, but our shooter's been here.
Looks like he downed the whole bottle of rubbing alcohol.
Be advised, our shooter may have some pep to him.
Four, four.
Whoa! 22-David, suspect's got an automatic weapon! Headed to the second floor! Move.
Cover, cover, cover! This is 20-David to Command, be advised, suspect is headed down the exit stairwell to the back alley.
Drop the gun! Face down on the ground, now! Get down on the ground! Do not make us shoot you! Had to put him down.
There goes our lead on the other two shooters.
Hey, honey, how are you feeling? I'm fine.
Just worried about you.
This thing is all over the news.
You know I can be right over there.
Have you found the guys responsible yet? Not all of them.
Well, then your team needs you more than I do.
Besides, the doctor hasn't even induced yet, and as we remember from the last two go-arounds, I was in 12 hours of labor each time.
My mom's on her way to keep me company, so you do what you got to do.
I'll see you when you get done.
I love you so much.
Love you, too.
I'll be there soon.
Deacon, Luca and Tan will lead this sector's search here for the other two shooters.
A security camera at an ATM on Romaine and La Brea caught two guys fitting our witness's description going behind this auto body shop.
And that's where we go blind.
No security cameras beyond that point.
Copy that, thanks.
Captain, I just heard the ID on the second cop is Marc Walters.
You knew him, too? Anything special about Walters and Schwartz? They were on the same Street Crime Unit I worked back in Glassell Park.
They were hotshots.
The commander in their division loved them, they were making arrests, so everyone was happy.
But you looked at it differently.
Cards up, uh, I was casually dating a member of the team at the time.
There would be a big takedown of a dealer, and suddenly, my boyfriend would be sitting on some cash.
He would talk about bringing me in on something, but I got a bad vibe about it all.
I broke up with him and transferred out of there.
Well, it sounds like you did the right thing.
I had a sense they were all up to something, but each of them outranked me.
I had no proof, and the commander, you know, he could've made it really hard for me if I came forward.
You were a woman trying to make your career.
And it's not like you had any intel to go to IA with.
Wasn't your job to police them.
At the time, my instinct was just to get away from it.
But I can't help feeling like I should've come forward then, 'cause maybe I could've stopped all of this.
So you think these shooters are targeting the old Street Crime Unit.
The other two guys, David Wong and Clark Thompson, I've got outdated contacts for them.
I can't raise either one, but what if one of them's next? We'll scoop them up.
David Wong, it's LAPD.
Please open the door.
Uh, be right there! Whoa, SWAT.
- Officer Wong, are you home alone? - Yeah, yeah, I'm alone.
- Thanks for coming.
- Listen, we've got reason to believe that your life is in danger.
So we're gonna escort you to Metro headquarters.
All right.
Uh, yeah, come in.
Let me get my stuff.
Luca, Tan, we're Code 4.
30-David to Command, Wong is secure.
26-David to Command, we're just rolling up on Thompson's place.
Go, go, go.
Clark Thompson? LAPD.
Are you home? This is LAPD Chris Alonso! Clark, can you hear us? 26-David to Command.
No sign of Thompson.
House looks broken into.
Phone got left behind.
We know he didn't report to his division at shift an hour ago.
So he's officially missing.
You think our killers got to him? We've got a patrol unit staked outside your place, keeping an eye on it - in case the shooters come by.
- Thank you.
- Appreciate it, guys.
- Did you know that two of your former colleagues were killed today? Heard about Schwartz earlier, then about Walters just before you guys showed up.
Have you reached out to the fourth member of your old crew, Clark Thompson? I tried to call him, but couldn't get him.
Any idea what this is about? When I was working Glassell Park with you, I got a sense that with Thompson, maybe things weren't always aboveboard.
Could something he did have triggered these attacks today? No.
No way.
We made a lot of good busts.
Not everyone might have looked at them that way.
Seems like Thompson's been living pretty well.
Especially for a guy on a detective's salary.
He runs a PI firm on the side.
Consults here and there, I heard.
I saw up-close how he ran that SCU.
Singlehandedly set a record for arrests in Glassell Park.
Do you think it's possible that he jammed up a few people - who didn't deserve it? - Come on, guys.
When you're effective, you make a bunch of dirtbags and their pals unhappy.
I'm sure someone started spreading the word that we did this or we did that, 'cause they wanted nothing more than getting us off our beat.
I mean, just look what happened to that part - of town after we left.
- You had an impressive record.
Some might say too impressive.
If I knew something that could stop people from coming to kill me, believe me, I'd tell you.
Got a possible ID on one of our shooters.
If Chris is right about Wong and Thompson, I got a bad feeling this could blow up even bigger.
After everything we've done to improve relations between the police and the community, this could set it all back.
Ran the serial number of the revolver from our dead suspect.
Came back as one of three stolen from a local fence out of a Whittier pawn shop.
Clerk cooperated, gave us a positive ID on this guy.
Hector Ledesma.
Two priors for petty theft and burglary.
Address is a house in Baldwin Hills.
All right, I want a 500-foot perimeter around that house before we breach.
I'll brief my guys.
- Give me a two, give me a two! - Two, two, two.
Give me two! Chris.
The basement.
LAPD SWAT! Come to the bottom of the stairs with your hands up! Hector Ledesma! - You're not Hector Ledesma.
- No.
Hector's my son.
Who did this to you? Officer Thompson.
Clark Thompson.
- He was here? - He threatened to kill me if I didn't let him know where Hector was hiding.
- Then he left me for dead.
- So Thompson and his men did something to your son, didn't they? Yeah, but not the son you're thinking of.
- You want Hector.
- Yeah.
But you should have brought Javi back to me.
- Who's Javi? - My other son.
He died in prison last week.
- In a riot.
- What was he doing time for? You tell me.
Thompson and his guys took him.
They used my boy.
He did nothing wrong, he was a good kid.
Then they framed him, they took his pot and sold it.
It wasn't just my son this happened to.
They jammed up a ton of kids in this neighborhood.
- When did this happen, then? - Five, six years ago.
He was innocent.
He didn't deserve to go to jail.
But you know what your other son's been up to, right? Killing two cops? I couldn't stop him or his friends.
But you could've come to the police.
You have any kids, Officer? No.
Not yet.
Then you don't know what it's like to lose one.
Look, I get your pain, I get what these guys did to your neighborhood, but this is not how you fix it.
Where is your son and his friend hiding? I don't know.
Thompson took my phone, and he made me call Hector.
That's the last thing I remember.
So he could track Hector's signal, get a bead on the location of their hideout.
Look, you should've come to us, okay? We could've helped you.
I should trust cops? Come on.
Get up.
Hondo, we're coming up! Hey, what happened to Wong? Said he was going for a smoke out in the motor pool.
- When was this? - Maybe a half hour ago? I was just in the motor pool and he wasn't there.
Nobody said I was supposed to keep an eye on him.
You weren't.
Why'd you have me meet you here? Got some intel that paid off.
The guys trying to kill us.
What are you gonna do with them? We're gonna take them to my office.
Make it look like they were coming for us, but we got the drop on them first.
Otherwise, everything's gonna come out.
With our cops looking for the shooters and the shooters looking for our cops, they're on a collision course.
Yeah, I'd hate to think what could happen in those neighborhoods if Wong and Thompson get ahold of these guys and try to cover up what they did.
Okay, the last ping from Wong's cell phone came from a freeway off-ramp in Canoga Park before the signal died.
Probably destroyed the phone before we could track him.
We've already been to Wong and Thompson's houses.
Where else would the shooters go looking? They went after the first two cops while they were on their beat.
Thompson's PI firm, which is probably a front so he can launder money and live in style.
Guy had a choice.
Went the wrong way.
Yeah, so did his buddies.
They thought they were above the law it's a good thing they never came to my neighborhood.
The address for the PI firm is six blocks south of where Wong's cell signal died: De Soto and Saticoy.
- Check it out.
- We go in stealth.
Let's go.
Get up.
Come on.
Shut up.
Dispatch, this is 20-Lincoln-30.
Went by my off-duty place of work.
There's a break-in.
15821 Saticoy.
Send backup.
Roger, 20-Lincoln-30.
1-1-4 is already on site.
Negative, Dispatch.
This is not an open call.
We're the only officers currently at location.
Standing by.
I repeat, 1-1-4 is on site.
LAPD SWAT will advise at location.
Dispatch, I didn't call it in yet.
That's 'cause I did.
Drop the gun.
Both of you! Drop your guns now! Hey.
You got it.
The gun.
We caught these guys red-handed, all right? Trying to come in here and waylay me.
Lucky my buddy Wong was here.
We took 'em down.
- Yeah, we were just calling it in.
- Nice try, guys.
Hey, Chris.
Good to see you.
Damn, you look fly in full tac.
Been a long time.
Not long enough.
I know what you did.
- What did I do? - You jammed up innocent people.
Like his brother.
His brother was a junkie, not some innocent.
He had no priors.
Just a pothead.
- Don't defend these lowlifes, Chris.
- And the legit busts? You palmed the goods and sold 'em off to, uh, float your lifestyle.
Just wait a second.
Hold on.
We're all on the same team here, right? Hell no, we're not.
His brother died in the pen because of you.
Hey, Chris, come on.
- You know me.
- Yeah, deep down I did know you.
I should have done something about it six years ago.
All clear.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
You're both under arrest for the murders of Officers Pete Schwartz and Marc Walters.
You okay? Yeah, it's just this job is hard enough as it is, and even harder when you got a few bad apples in your own ranks, you know? There's a lot more of us than there are of them.
But they were protected along the way, or turned a blind eye to, even by me.
I was in the Crime Unit six years ago when I started dating Thompson.
He was this hotshot cop, and I guess I was, um impressed.
Like everyone else, I didn't think too much about how he was getting it done.
I - I could have stopped all of this.
- No.
You're being way too tough on yourself.
He's the reason I don't date cops.
Anesthesiology to OR Three for emergency surgery.
Anesthesiology to OR Three for emergency surgery.
- This'll all be over really soon, okay? - Okay.
What's happening? She has a placental abruption.
We're prepping for an emergency C-section.
- Why didn't you call me? - 'Cause I didn't want to worry you, again.
I'm gonna be okay.
- And the baby? - We'll know soon.
How you doing? Good.
I should've texted, I know, I just I really needed to see your face after everything today.
How's Annie doing? Is she in labor yet? I think everything's on track.
You got that for the baby? Oh, no, I got him for you.
Or, um, maybe it's a her.
I don't know.
Are these things, uh, asexual? I know, teddy bear's a lousy gift, um you were probably expecting something more meaningful significant permanent.
You mean like an engagement ring? I don't know.
Maybe? Were you expecting such a thing? - Unbelievable.
- What? I think your friends are messing with us.
- Who, Luca? - And Street.
I've been getting all of these weird texts from the two of them, asking all of these theoreticals about how serious we were getting.
They've been telling me you thought I was gonna propose tonight.
Wh No.
That was totally taken out of context.
I just said that's the kind of thing a lot of people do on Valentine's Day.
I'm lucky you're not like a lot of people.
Yeah, I guess maybe Like they think We should end up together.
Eh, could be worse.
Your friends could hate me.
- Who could hate you? - Hmm.
Trust me, I've made a few enemies in my time.
Oh, yeah? Well, let's see 'em try and get through me.
My hero.
Well, thank God that's settled.
To be honest, Luca had me high-key terrified that you were gonna pop the question tonight.
Terrified? I've got my period and I'm, like, so bloated I feel completely unattractive.
Oh, please.
You look amazing.
And a woman should feel beautiful when someone proposes to her.
Uh Oh, no.
What? Annie's having some kind of complication with the birth.
Hondo's getting the team together at the hospital.
- Okay, go.
- Yeah.
- Text me what's happening.
- I will.
- Hey.
- Yeah? Leave the bear.
He's totally punk rock and he's all mine.
You know I totally want to end up with you, right? I know.
Maybe you'll even deserve me.
Waiting really isn't my strong suit.
Aw, come on, now.
Annie's tough she's gonna pull through for both of them.
Hey, you still got some time, man.
Fix that gift situation with your girl.
Uh, for your information, she loved the teddy bear and despite your best attempts to trick Bonnie and me into getting engaged, we're gonna move at our own speed.
Plus, I booked us a trip to wine country next week.
Not bad.
Way to score some points at the last minute.
You think so? I was worried it might come off as desperate.
Hitting a singles bar with a colleague on Valentine's Day is desperate.
Whatever you say, man.
What's the word? Her name is Victoria Josie Kay.
She's eight pounds four ounces, and she's fine, and Annie's fine.
- Baby girl in the building! - Yeah! - Congratulations.
- I want her to meet her new family.
Come on.
- Congratulations.
- And her new godmother.