S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e16 Episode Script


1 MAN (OVER RADIO): Well, loyal listeners, we've been talking about it for weeks, and now it's one day away, the so-called Love All L.
Well, we gave 'em Pride Day.
They demanded a Pride Month.
They got West Hollywood, Now they want all of L.
Why do they feel the need to-to force their differences on the rest of us? Oh, and do you know how much the city is, uh, spending so these dandies can run around with their shirts off? $1.
1 million.
That's taxpayer money.
Now that makes me complicit.
And now I have a problem.
That's why I've been calling out to all of you Storm Chasers.
Come to L.
We need to stand up for our values.
Otherwise, before long, there will be LGBXYZ Festival in your town, paid for with money taken from your pocket.
Someone has to stop this sickness before it spreads.
(TIRES SCREECH) (PANTING) (ENGINE REVS) - Thanks for coming.
- HONDO: I picked Chris up on the way.
The rest of the team's at HQ, but we're ready wherever you need us.
- How are the victims? - One woke up an hour ago.
Condition's stable.
The other one is still in a coma.
HICKS: After last night's attack, SWAT's been put in charge of security of today's Love All Festival.
JESSICA: The parade's not scheduled until this afternoon, but the streets are closed and the bars are open early.
Expecting at least 100,000 people.
That's one hell of a party.
What do you got for us, Detective? No witnesses to the actual crime, but, the cameras up on the bar, they got a shot of the vehicle.
It's already been abandoned a few miles from here, the VIN number and plates removed.
And those prints we pulled, no hits yet.
Back of the truck's covered in Storm Forecast stickers.
It's a live-streamed radio show, podcast thing from this guy named Mark Storm.
Calls himself a truth-telling patriot.
Storm's been on our radar.
He's using the cost of the festival to rile up his listeners.
JESSICA: He hasn't encouraged anyone to do anything violent, but Someone ends up doing it anyway.
The crowd's only gonna get bigger on both sides.
I'll be the bad guy.
Captain, work with Detective Godfrey.
Get RHD whatever they need.
Let's get this guy before it escalates.
I'm sorry, but we have to keep this area clear.
- It's a crime scene.
- It's okay, guys.
Let's just move to the other side of the street.
Thank you! You look good.
I'm alive.
Are you in charge of something here? Oh, no.
Just, uh, just volunteering.
Be careful anyway.
Oh, sure.
See you then.
Uh thanks.
For the concern.
W-Was that John Paul.
Who's John Paul? JP Hicks.
Commander's son.
Another blonde beauty.
When are we gonna get one of these that has my hair color? Oh, you mean gray? (CHUCKLES) Excuse me, Mr.
and Mrs.
I'm afraid we can't release Victoria just yet.
- Why? What's the problem? - She has a condition called patent ductus arteriosus.
A small hole in her heart.
Most infants are born with some form of it, but it usually closes on its own in a few days.
In Victoria's case, it hasn't.
Okay, well, what does that mean? We can observe her for a few weeks and see if it improves.
Or - Surgery? - It's a fairly simple procedure.
If surgery sounds scary, I've seen dozens of cases where children have healed on their own.
But Victoria is still developing.
The longer her heart takes to close, the more prone she may be to long-term issues.
(QUIETLY): What do we do? We do whatever it takes to make sure our daughter's okay.
I want officers at each vulnerable point of entry and snipers covering the roofs of the most trafficked parts of the parade route.
But, sir, that'll take most of Metro.
Then that's what it'll take.
JP looked good.
He did.
Let's hope it's the real deal this time.
How long has he been clean? Couldn't tell you.
The last time I saw him was at Barb's service.
I didn't know he moved back to L.
About a year ago.
JP and I haven't spoken since the funeral either.
His sister lets me know he's okay.
He and I live separate lives, so, you know (CHUCKLES) it is what it is.
Sir, if I crossed a line No, no.
You didn't.
You were taken by surprise.
So was I.
I'm glad he's healthy and close by if he ever needs his father.
Just the man I came to see.
You need a hand with that? Parole Officer Jankins, hi.
Nah, I'm good.
We're handing out water at Love All.
That's one way to keep people alive.
Mom? Okay, what's she done now? It's more like what she hasn't done: her last two required check-ins with me.
Well, I'm sorry, I haven't spoken to her in months.
Check-ins are black and white.
If she misses her next one, I'm gonna have to issue a warrant.
And when they find her, she's going back to prison.
Like it or not, Jim, you signed up for this.
You tell her to find me.
How is heart surgery elective? My daughter has a hole in her heart, and she needs it closed now.
And the hospital won't schedule an uninsured surgery without proof of payment first.
And I don't have $11,000 lying around.
All right, fine.
You know what, I'll just talk to somebody else.
(SIGHS) Insurance won't cover it.
They say that we need to wait two weeks to see if Victoria's condition improves and if we want the surgery today, - we got to pay for it ourselves.
- The doctor said lots of babies wait and everything turns out okay.
I want her better as bad as you do, but we don't have any other options.
The city unfreezes overtime next week.
So if I can get the surgery money today, if we just hold off until the O.
kicks in, then-then I'll be able to pay everything back.
Bank loans? Second mortgages? The money we owe Luca? I don't want you to worry about this.
Come here.
(SIGHS) I'll handle it.
Hey, Street.
We're rolling out in ten.
Boots on the ground all day at the festival.
I got to talk to you about something first.
Last time this happened, I screwed up real bad.
And you know I'm-I'm so grateful to be back on the team again.
I would just never want to compromise that or throw that away - for anything - Street, spit it out.
It's my mom again.
- What happened this time? - I'm not sure.
Closest we ever come to crossing anymore is when I slip rent money under the door.
But she's AWOL.
She hasn't checked in with her P.
And if she misses one more meeting They'll put out a warrant and revoke her.
What do you think's going on? Last time we were together, I found drugs.
You think she's out there using? Maybe.
Or maybe she's-she's just trying to guilt-trip me for cutting her out of my life.
But I am not taking off - to find out.
- Being committed to SWA does not mean that you need to stop caring about your mom.
But you were right to come to me.
We are a team.
So let us look into it for you.
We'll make some calls, see if we can locate her.
But in the meantime, you focus on your work.
All right.
STORM: It's a sad morning, loyal listeners.
Last night, there was an accident.
Wildly different accounts are being reported, but, uh, some sources say that two residents tried to coerce a peaceful protester into an altercation.
The harassment continued, even as the man attempted to leave in his truck, causing a-a horrible collision.
We're not even allowed to watch respectfully - from the sidelines.
- Hey.
This is private property.
(GRUNTING) And now this driver's being tried and convicted in the media before all the facts are available.
Hey, how many people are working today? We all know how intolerant the other side is.
Love All? Yeah, right.
Love only those who think exactly like them.
Why don't we break for commercial? (TAPPING) Time to pay for your crimes.
JESSICA: You have to see this.
My name is Micah Sherlock.
Last night, an act of violence was committed against my community.
Two innocent people were attacked just because of who they loved.
And this hate-monger has you convinced that we're the problem.
We're not.
But you brought the fight to us.
If I receive word of any acts of hate being committed today at our parade, I will start killing hostages.
Members of my community, be vigilant, call in.
To the authorities, I dare you to disconnect this transmission.
As long as we all play nice, no one will get hurt.
We're done being bullied and pushed around.
Mission's changed.
on our gunman.
Micah Sherlock.
29-year-old financial advisor.
No prior history of violent behavior.
Photos of him at just about every rally of last year.
Hold on, this guy's an LGBTQ Straight Shooter.
- Straight Shooter? - Yeah, it's a West Hollywood gun rights group.
They get together and shoot once a week, run drills.
They're pretty badass.
So, he's got an agenda and he's trained? All right, so we know he's dangerous.
We'll take our cues from him on how this goes.
Let's get over to Mobile Command.
(ANGRY SHOUTING) Trista, I haven't seen you since WeHo Dodgeball.
- What are you doing here? - I know him.
Micah, I mean.
We're in the same shooting club.
- You're a Straight Shooter, too? - I want to help.
Let me talk to him.
Micah's an angry guy, but he's not bad.
He can be talked down.
Don't let him die for this.
We'll do our best, but ultimately, it's up to him.
(PHONE RINGING) (SCOFFS) You hear that? That's my loyal patriots, circling the studio, waging war to reclaim their country.
Oh! (EXHALES SHARPLY) They would stop calling in a second if you asked them to.
They'd do anything for you.
Yet you choose to spread hate.
You don't even believe any of this crap.
No, I believe everything I say.
'Cause it's all the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.
So you believe that couple should have been run over? Your followers are just looking for someone to hate other than themselves, and you're pointing the biggest finger in our direction.
Well, you're the one pointing a gun.
Those doors are locked with an encrypted key.
There's no way we're getting inside without breaking in.
Storm is one paranoid piece of work.
The windows are a special tinted material, too.
Bulletproof and impossible to see inside.
Doesn't surprise me, a guy who wants to put a target on half the country's afraid to have one put on him.
His fear of getting killed is making it impossible for us to save his ass.
Cortez is back at HQ working on a direct connection inside.
CHRIS: Commander, I think I can help.
Let me be the one to negotiate with him.
You don't have the experience of others here.
This isn't a situation to cut your teeth on.
He's confused and angry about what happened last night.
He just needs to talk to somebody he can connect with, understand his fears.
We've got a hostage situation broadcast live.
The whole world will hear everything you say, and pounce on any mistakes you make.
I get the situation, but I also get him.
Sir, she is our best shot.
And I'll be right here to have her back.
All right, let's get to it then.
I want the rest of your team ready in case this thing goes sideways.
All right, Luca, Street, get into position to blow the door.
Have Deacon on standby to cut the power.
- Got it, man.
- Tan? Prep the drone.
Studio blueprint's coming into Command now, sir.
Drone signal's strong.
Tan, keep it steady.
All right, we got a line.
Alonzo, you ready? CHRIS: Micah, my name is Christina Alonzo with LAPD SWAT.
I said callers reporting crimes only.
- On-Only crimes! - CHRIS: Micah, please.
We're trying to end this before anybody gets hurt.
If you leave us alone, no one will.
We both know that's not true.
Some Storm Chaser fan could retaliate for this, which means more of us could be hurt or killed.
Us? I'm a part of the LGBTQ community, too.
I understand why you're angry.
I really do.
Micah, I need to know how many people you're holding in there.
Six if you include the devil himself.
Now I'm the devil? You assault my whole team, you threaten me on a live broadcast.
The police aren't here to rescue you.
Shut up! He's right.
You're here to protect him.
You're not one of us! - (PHONE CHIMES) - Sir, I got a visual.
- There's seven inside.
- I just got word from Deac.
Water and Power standing by for a complete shutdown of the facility.
HONDO: Tan, prep the door for a breach.
We cut the power, we go in hard, and we isolate Micah - before he even knows we're there.
- I can talk him down.
We're not gonna make a move unless we have to.
You're doing great, Chris.
Keep going.
Micah, trust me, I want to punish that man who ran over those people.
Storm is just as responsible.
The driver is probably long gone, but Storm is still here spewing out hate.
CHRIS: They insult us.
They attack us in our neighborhood, protest our events.
But when we band together, when we stand together, they call us the problem.
They call us the instigators.
Can't you see you're giving him what he wants right now? You're proving his point.
There's another call someone claiming to be the driver from last night.
- You don't want to answer that.
- Hondo, your team ready? MAN: I want to make something clear.
I hit those perverts last night.
My actions were my own.
Of course you would blame Mark Storm.
He's one of the only people brave enough to speak the truth and call you out for your hypocrisy.
You people are so desperate to be oppressed because it's the only way you can get attention.
I'm not the one running away.
I'm not the one hiding from anyone.
MAN: Good.
They'll know who to blame when I take out the next one.
In fact, I'm looking at some of you freaks right now.
Remember, you put this into motion when you assaulted an innocent man.
- (WHIMPERS) - Cut the power.
- (DOOR SLAMS OPEN) - HONDO: LAPD SWAT! Show me your hands! Down on the ground, now! LAPD SWAT! On the ground! Two.
- Okay.
You're okay.
- (MICAH GRUNTS) - HONDO: Everybody good? - LUCA: Good.
HONDO: This is 20-David to Command.
Turn the power back on.
(PANTING) HONDO: Hostages are secure.
Suspect in custody.
(CROWD SHOUTING ANGRILY) MAN: Get him out of here! - Get him out of here! - That's right.
All right, Storm Chasers! - All right, Storm! Storm! - Thank you.
Thank you for your support, Storm Chasers! Yeah! Yeah, Storm.
Go, buddy.
- Fight the good fight! - Yeah! Hey! Hey! Hey! You're that SWAT lesbian who was on the phone.
Look what he did to Storm! - Why didn't you stop him sooner? - TRISTA: Watch it, moron! She will kick your ass and send you back to Kansas! - (CROWD SHOUTING) - (GUNFIRE) All right, go, go, go! (PEOPLE SHOUTING, SCREAMING) Those shots came from a parking garage about 100 yards away.
Studio's been secured.
RHD swept the sniper's nest.
Guy was in and out.
They managed to pull a single print from the ledge he was perched.
Matches the one pulled from the hit-and-run truck this morning.
So the sniper and the hit-and-run driver are the same person.
At least that's one less person we need to be looking for.
Yeah, but he's still out there, and now he's killed someone.
The Love All Festival's been put on hold while the city determines how to handle the situation.
They can't do that.
That means he wins.
HICKS: We got a killer on the loose.
Frankly, we should cancel the whole thing.
HONDO: If this guy's a loyal Storm Chaser, maybe today wasn't the first time he called into the show.
JESSICA: We're keeping Storm here while things cool off.
It's worth asking.
- Hondo, I want Storm.
- Chris, no.
I want you to reach out to your friend and find out what's going with those Straight Shooters.
We're already hearing they're looking to retaliate for Micah's death, and we have to keep the peace.
Just because we tell people to stay away from Love All doesn't mean they're gonna listen.
If they do restart the festival, I want us ready.
Let's get everyone else back to the parade route, secure the streets.
- Hey, Tan.
- Yo.
On your way, I want you to stop by Street's old place and check on his mom.
Her P.
hasn't seen her and he's worried.
- This is the spare key.
- Damn.
He hasn't mentioned her for a while.
Was hoping that meant everything was okay.
All right, I'll stop by, find out what's up.
- Appreciate it.
- DEACON: My house is worth way more than that.
All I'm asking for is $11,000.
How can you say no to that? What? No, I don't have any other properties to put up as well.
Is that a joke? Yeah, you know what? Never mind.
Hey, Captain wants us down at the parade.
Everything all right with the baby? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, you know, paperwork and But she's great.
- We're all great.
- Look, If you need more cash, Street wants a hot tub, but I'd rather put it to better use, man.
You've done more than enough and we're eternally grateful.
And-and, in fact, I'm gonna be able to start paying you back soon with OT coming back.
I meant it when I said no rush.
I mean, babies bring bills, right? (EXHALES) Y-Your cash, it it got us back on track, and I thank you.
But a man's got to carry his family on his own two feet.
Otherwise he's not a man.
- I don't know, I-I might - You know what? I told Chris that I'd back her with her Straight Shooter friends, so, uh we'll meet you there.
All right.
Sorry to leave you in here like this, but, as you can imagine, we got a lot going on today.
Not at all.
Like to see that crowd try to come at me in here.
People try to kill you a lot? - Price of speaking the truth.
- Hmm.
Well, maybe you wouldn't mind sharing some more of that truth then.
Help us out.
That wacko's dead.
What is there to figure out? Unless you think I know who shot him.
(SCOFFS) The man who saved my life? We actually saved your life.
(SCOFFS) I have a lot of friends like you.
Cops, I mean.
They call into the show all the time.
Must be tough being police in the People's Republic of Los Angeles.
These people they, they ask the-the law for protection, and then they turn around and call the cops killers.
As if this job wasn't hard enough for you know, a guy with your roots.
Well, then why don't you do me a solid who is the shooter? Do you recognize that voice? I get a lot of calls.
I got nothing that can help you.
CHRIS: Thanks for coming.
We can talk in here away from the crowd.
- Why'd you call me in, Chris? - We got a report that you were handing out ammo to members of the gun club.
Tell me that's not true.
We're going to protect the parade.
There's nothing illegal about giving away ammo.
It's not your job to protect the city.
It's ours.
Whatever training you and your friends have, you're still amateurs.
Just let SWAT What did SWAT do for Micah? He was in police custody and he still got shot.
Or how about those two people who were run over? You promised me you would do your best, Chris.
Is that what this is? My friend is gone.
I'm sick of waiting for everyone to finally give us some respect.
Aren't you? Place is pretty amazing.
It's changed a lot in four years.
Looks like it's been 40.
It's very, um Minority Report.
What are you doing here? Honestly, Dad, really didn't want to come down here.
But my friends that are putting on Love All, they know that you have the city's ear and they were hoping I could get you to convince them to reopen it.
Well, maybe it should stay closed.
A lot of people are in danger.
Dad, that's why we have events like these.
For Pride.
You know, stand up to hate.
Well, you could get hurt.
Come on, don't hide behind that.
We both know you don't care about what happens to me.
Oh, don't be dramatic.
Oh, no, your gay son is being so dramatic.
- I'm so sorry, Dad! - Enough.
You know it's never been about that.
Things were rough way before you came out.
And even that I had to hear from your mother.
It's not like you were exactly easy to communicate with.
I was a tough dad.
So what? You did drugs in my house when our family was falling apart.
I was falling apart.
Mom was the only thing holding me together.
She meant everything to me.
And she didn't to me? Did I fall apart? Love of my life dead.
My daughter on the other side of the country.
My son, high as a But I kept it together.
That's the man I was trying to raise you as.
We both know that I'm not the man you tried to raise me to be.
(SIGHS) But this community, this event that you're trying to shut down is what I needed to get myself clean.
To get my life back.
That's who I'm proud to be.
Whatever you'll do, you'll do.
We need to shut down your friend's operation - before this turns violent.
- I told the captain, but they're not actually breaking any laws.
Why don't we just head over to the festival and see what else we can do to help.
This is not the time for politics.
Don't you at least see where they're coming from? You heard those protesters outside of the studio.
There's a lot of hate out there.
I get it.
But taking Storm hostage, that didn't solve anything, and neither will shooting up the streets.
Your friends need to sit their asses down - and let us handle this.
- You've never felt unprotected by the police before.
What if some nutjob threatened to blow up your church? How would you feel then? - Hey.
Don't bring my faith into this.
- Why not? What makes you so special? Why don't we matter, too? My faith teaches that we all deserve love.
And Storm will face reckoning for his hate.
But more lives, any lives, they don't have to end because of this.
Chris, you're fed up.
I get it.
But don't give in to it.
The stronger side will prevail.
All right, listen, I'll-I'll meet you down there.
I got a couple of business owners I want to meet along the parade route.
You sure you don't need backup for that? No.
No, I know a couple of these guys from back in the day.
It's probably best if I go alone.
(DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) (MUSIC PLAYS LOW OVER SPEAKERS) (CHUCKLES) They told me there'd be random check-ins.
Wasn't expecting the guy who arrested me, though.
Officer Kay.
Yeah, just checking the neighborhood since the attack this morning.
Asking if anyone saw anything suspicious, handing out cards.
Canvassing a little deep.
The hit-and-run was half a mile from here.
And I don't want your card.
So, uh, gold and fast loans, huh? That's basically what you were doing before.
Only legal now.
That's actually why I'm here.
I need a loan.
Right now.
Off the books.
I just told you, I'm aboveboard now.
I don't want dirty money.
Just a straight-up loan.
Have a good day, Officer Kay.
Hey, look.
No wire.
This isn't a setup.
Not interested.
- If you need cash, go to a bank.
- I tried.
Now I can't get a bank to touch me.
And my baby girl doesn't have time for me to wait for weeks for my credit union to come through.
$11,000 is all I need.
I'll be back on my feet in a month, and you'll have it all back with interest.
There's got to be somebody else you can ask.
- There isn't.
- Not a single person? Another cop? Uh, some second cousin? Already dipped into that well.
That's the problem.
No, the problem is, is you don't want anybody to know you're having money trouble; I see it all the time.
- You don't know what I'm going through.
- It's the same story.
You're too embarrassed to admit that you need help, to tell your pals or your wife that you couldn't solve everything on your own.
But coming to me is gonna make it worse.
There's a reason God made pride a deadly sin.
I don't need a lecture, I need cash.
$11,000 wired into this bank account.
I will pay you back and I accept all the consequences that come if I don't.
(BELL JINGLES) BARRETT: I know how hard you worked setting this all up, but we need to shut it down.
Mayor, that's not gonna make the thousands of LGBTQ people who've come from all across the country go away.
It's not gonna make the protestors go away either.
But I don't want to give everyone an excuse to concentrate on the same street with a sniper out there.
- What is SWAT's take on this? - We're close to identifying the shooter; we got every unit working on it.
Whether the festival is on or not, no one's safe - until we bring him in.
- Cancelling Love All is clearly what this nut wants.
Do we really want to give him that? People don't come to these events for the party.
They come to feel supported, maybe for the first time in their lives, meet someone else just like them.
You know you don't cancel the Super Bowl because of a bomb threat; you stop the threat.
We'll do whatever we have to.
(BARRETT SIGHS) Okay, we'll reopen it.
But I don't want one casualty.
SWAT's not in the business of letting this city down.
Then don't.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) I'm helping tech listen to Storm's show.
- Guy's on, like, six hours a day.
- Hmm.
You got a sec? It's about your mom.
Chris checked with your mom's job.
She hasn't been seen in over two weeks.
Tan went to her place, now we don't know what to make of it, but there was spoiled food that hadn't been cleared yet.
There was no forced entry or any sign of violence.
But Tan did find some pills next to her bed.
Heart meds.
She takes heart meds daily, she wouldn't have skipped town without 'em.
I checked with some cop buddies of mine and local morgues.
Nobody's turned up matching your mother's description.
So we don't know what's wrong, just that something's not right.
Street, have you ever considered filing a missing person's report? Have people on the ground looking for her.
- Take it off your plate.
- And then if it turns out she really is violating her parole? I'll have basically sent her back to prison myself.
Even though we may have butted heads for how you handled it before, I always respected you for doing right by your mom.
Don't ever lose that.
Oh, does this mean it's finally safe for me to go out into the real world? There's a lot of people out there still looking to hurt you.
Always will be when you're not afraid to speak the truth.
MAN (OVER TABLET): They celebrate bakers who refuse to make a Swastika cake.
They are a threat to free speech itself.
STORM: That was another Dennis Deep State Dive.
Thank you as always, Dennis.
I thought you never heard that voice before.
All right.
Dennis calls into the show once a week.
He's popular.
So what? - I didn't tell him to do what he did.
- No, of course not.
You never tell anyone to do anything, not directly.
You know exactly where the line is and how to fire up your listeners without crossing it.
But don't you stand here and try to pretend like you don't know - what your actions inspire.
- I'm passionate all right, but I'm not violent.
Words have meaning.
And you knew exactly what you were doing when you picked yours and now someone is dead.
Do you want to be responsible for more? All right, look.
(EXHALES) Off the record, all right? Dennis is not my buddy.
I've never even met him in person.
I can get you some screen names and access to private online groups, that might help you.
Last week, he called me and told me he was coming to town and invited me to speak at a rally of visiting Storm Chasers, - which I turned down of course - Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You're telling me that he's not alone? He's got help with whatever he's planning next? (SCOFFS) What next? No, no, no.
No, he-he got what he wanted.
Love All L.
is cancelled.
It just reopened 15 minutes ago.
People are showing up in full force.
Well, the second we announced that Love All Festival was reopened, they flooded the streets.
They want to march with a shooter on the loose, a little rain's not gonna stop 'em now.
HQ is tracking the screen names Storm gave up.
If Dennis is planning something, we'll find out.
We've got airships in the sky, eyes on every roof, plain clothes in the crowds.
He's not gonna get past us.
Call JP.
- Tell him to stay home.
- (LAUGHS) At least you'll know he's safe.
He's never listened to me.
He's probably at the volunteer tent anyway.
It's off the parade route, it's okay.
I'm not worried about JP, I'm worried about you.
You need to be focused on this, - not your son's safety.
- I'm all over it.
JP and I have never seen eye-to-eye, as far back as I can remember.
I just, um I never figured out how to get through to him.
The harder I pushed, the the more he gravitated towards Barb.
You didn't push him into drugs.
And I'm sure you did everything you could to help him after.
Did I? When Barb got close to the end, JP's addiction got worse.
So I cut him off.
He lashed out.
He said horrible things.
The last night he was with his mom, the night before she, uh before she passed, he went into her room, he stole all her jewelry, and he took off.
I'm so sorry.
I was tough, because my father was tough on me.
And I was glad for it, you know, because it taught me hard work and integrity.
(INHALES DEEPLY) (CHUCKLES) The things I tried to teach you.
I'll always be grateful for the captain you helped me become.
Aw, come on.
I needed you as my commander.
But maybe JP needs something different.
Man, most of these posts are just keyboard tough guy fantasies on ways to attack Love All.
Gas leaks, pipe bombs, sniper nests.
Some fantasies.
They're using real street maps and blueprints.
And there's no way to pick out which plan is real.
It could be any of 'em.
That address Dennis tried to get Storm to speak at, it's a residence.
Owner is a Dave Jansen.
Lives alone, works construction here in L.
I spoke to his supervisor.
Three dump trucks were just hijacked from the site that they're working on.
STREET: Whoa, look at this post from Dennis, ten minutes after Love All announced back open.
LUCA: "If they still want to have their fun, then maybe we can still have ours.
Who's with me?" This all started with a hit-and-run.
They're gonna drive those trucks straight into the crowd.
Jansen's company has all its trucks fitted with GPS.
I'm sending you the locations now.
Airships are up and have eyes on them.
They're spread out and waiting to ram the barricades in unison.
It'll spread our resources and create chaos.
HONDO: Well, that's not gonna happen.
Everybody take a truck.
Luca, Tan, you got truck number one on Highland.
Chris, Street, you got truck number two on Franklin.
Deacon, I'll meet you at truck number three.
Now, the roads are slick, y'all.
Stay alert.
Tan, get ready, just in case.
(SIREN WAILING) Coming up on truck one! You need to go now.
They know.
We need to all go at once.
I won't get through on my own.
No, it's too late.
Move to Plan B.
I'll hold 'em off.
Go! He's gonna try it.
(PEOPLE SCREAMING, SHOUTING) - Don't move! - Show me your hands! - Get out of the car! Go.
- Hands! Now! Hands! Get out.
Down! Down! Hands behind your back! Hold.
CHRIS (OVER COMMS): We're coming up on truck two.
(SIREN WAILS) LAPD! Everyone drop your weapons! Now! CHRIS: Trista! Put down your guns! We got this.
How'd you even find the truck? Police Scanner App.
- Trista, we got him.
- And he just goes to jail? What justice is that? Micah was executed.
No one deserves this.
Not Micah, not him.
- So you've picked their side? - Stop thinking in sides.
Micah didn't deserve to die, but what he did was wrong.
What this man was about to do is wrong, and he will pay for his crime.
I know it doesn't seem fair, but if we want real change, we've got to be better.
- Go.
- Drop it.
Everyone drop your weapons! Now! Drop it! Out of the truck.
Up against the wall.
Give me your hand! Last truck is on the move.
He's headed away from the parade.
He's not gonna break through the barricades on his own.
He missed his chance on hitting the crowds.
He can't be running now, after all of this.
HICKS: Unless he has a backup target.
Something not on the parade route.
AVALLON: Parade's in the final stretch.
Let's get those tarps over to the stage for the benefit concert.
Rain or shine, people.
Rain or shine.
(SIREN WAILING) Even if we intercept, how are we supposed to sto a truck going that fast? Only one way.
- Need anything else? - Nah, I think we're good.
(GASPING) (SCREAMING) HONDO: Chris, Street, check on Deac! - Deac! Deacon! - Deacon! - We're here! - Deac! - You okay? - You okay? I can't move.
(SCREAMING) Oh, my God, you're hurt.
Let me help.
Dennis, don't move! Dennis, it's over, man.
We stopped the trucks.
Come on, you're in bad shape.
It's done.
The only thing you're gonna do by not giving up is hurt one more person, and it can't be worth it just for that.
- Don't even think about it.
- HONDO: Let her go! See if she's okay.
Come here.
Come here, it's okay.
It's okay.
I got you.
You're safe.
(HANDCUFFS CLICKING) (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) I heard what you did with your friend back there.
I'm sure that was hard.
Where do you think this comes from? All this hate? I don't know, Chris.
For some people it's just the easiest way to feel, and it's infectious.
All right, listen up.
I just heard from the paramedics.
Deac just got to the hospital and they're prepping him for surgery.
Now they couldn't say much, but he was moving his toes by the time they loaded him in.
We'll know more in the next few hours.
All right, no matter what, Deac's gonna need us to help him pull through this.
You know, with the baby and all.
We'll be there for them.
All we can do now is wait.
HONDO: In the meantime, Love All is scheduled to resume for the rest of the night, so we got a long shift ahead of us.
(EXHALES) I, uh, I couldn't find you over at the, uh, volunteer tent after the crash.
I I didn't know if you were there.
Oh, uh, thank you for checking in on me.
Yeah, I mean, you know, your sister She's always let me know how you've been doing.
I mean, I never reached out, but I always knew you were okay.
I didn't mean what I said earlier.
You know, about you not caring.
- That's, uh - I'm sorry.
Let's-let's not start in on the apologies.
That's-that's too deep of a well.
All right? We've already, we've already lost enough time.
Mom was the only thing holding me together, you know that? - I know.
- And when she got sick, when I knew that we were gonna lose her, I spiraled.
I know, I know it.
Because, to me, that it felt like I'd have no one.
Yeah, but you-you didn't have to leave.
You could've let me try.
You did try, my whole life.
And I tried, too.
And for whatever reason, we just, we didn't connect.
- Just - But maybe now that we It just kills me.
It just, it just, it kills me that you thought that she was the only one who loved you.
Listen, the truth is, she just was the only one that could show it, you know? I really miss her.
I know.
Me, too.
Every day.
) (MONITOR BEEPING) (GROANS SOFTLY) No, no, no, no, no, no.
So a few vertebrae in your spine were compressed in the accident.
We rushed you into surgery to relieve the pressure.
You're gonna be fine, Mr.
You're gonna be fine, and so is Victoria.
They put a shunt in as soon as you deposited the money in the account, so we're gonna get to take her home tomorrow.
Will I be out of here by then? We'll have you in the chair in time to take your daughter home.
- The chair? - Sorry, that sounded worse than it is.
It's while you heal from the surgery.
You'll be back on your feet in a couple days, and in two to three months, you should be at 100%, - ready to get back in the field.
- 100%, babe.
But, wait, I can't work for two to three months? You might be able to cut that time down if you work hard at your physical therapy.
It's gonna be a long road to full recovery, but there's nothing stopping you from normal, low-stress office duties.
No field work? No OT? Don't sweat the money right now.
Okay? You, uh, you just stopped an attack, survived something horrible.
Figured out a way to fix our daughter's heart.
Today is a blessing.
Hey, everything's gonna be okay from here on out.
Okay? I promise.