S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e17 Episode Script


1 Previously on "S.
" I'm a cop.
Now, you can watch me die, or you can help me get us out of here.
- Okay.
- STREET: He's just a scared kid.
He had nothing to do with any of this.
I owe you one, buddy.
I saw another approval form for a moonlighting gig on my desk.
Yeah, I'm just trying to bank some extra cash before the baby comes.
There's "I'm about to have a kid" moonlighting, and then there's "I'm about to lose the house" moonlighting.
Which is it? I need a loan, right now, off the books.
- I just told you I'm above board now.
- $11,000 is all I need.
I'll be back on my feet in a month, and you'll have it all back with interest.
(siren wailing) STREET: You okay? - You okay? - I can't move.
I talked to my son.
He ain't going to college.
Hell, he ain't gonna finish high school.
I'm gonna keep checking in on you, but this ain't got to be your life.
Don't it? Help! - Hold still! - (screaming) - (alarm sounding) - Let's go, let's go, let's go! (groaning, crying) DOCTOR: Some of these wounds went pretty deep.
Came close to lacerating a kidney, but Darryl got lucky.
MAN (over P.
): Officer Greer to infirmary.
Officer Greer to the infirmary.
I've been keeping tabs on him, - and I know he got attacked once before.
- Not as bad as this.
DOCTOR: I don't like the direction things are headed.
Thank you.
What happened? Not as tough as you thought you were, huh? Or are the cats here in juvie just a little tougher? How does it feel to almost die today, big man? You tell your pops about this? He called me last week from lockup.
He said I need to man up, assert my dominance.
That's one choice, Darryl.
What do you want? I-I knew it wasn't gonna be easy in here, but I didn't know it's gonna be like this.
Boy, look at me.
Look at me.
If you are really ready to make a change, if you are truly ready to put in some work, I might be able to help you.
How? You getting attacked like this, I might be able to help you get approved for an early release, but I'd have to pull custodial papers and get ahold of your mom.
Sh-She won't go for it.
You don't know that.
- You don't know my mom.
- I'll get to know her, Darryl.
But before I do anything, you got a choice to make.
If I get you out, you got to commit to living right.
That means no more gangs, Darryl.
No more drinking, no more drugs, and you ain't gonna surround yourself with nobody trying to break the law.
Do you understand me? What's it gonna be, man? Are you ready to turn your back on all this noise and go down a different road than your daddy? STREET: Yeah, I know, that's the one that I beat.
- (laughs): No, you didn't.
- Hey, you're here early.
I didn't think desk jockeys started for a few hours.
(chuckles) Hey, get this: you know how the doctor said it would take ten weeks for my back to heal enough to get to 90% mobility? Yeah.
You swore you'd hit it in six, right? Did it in three.
Therapist ran a battery of tests, I scored at or above all the requirements.
- Wow.
Congrats, man.
- Nice, bro.
You know, the way you saved those people, rumor is you're being considered for the Police Star.
Yeah, well, rumors are just that.
Hey, why not just play it safe, man? Spend time with Annie and the kids.
You know, enjoy being a nine-to-fiver while you can.
At least for another month.
You can't collect O until they put you back out in the field.
That's why you're trying to push yourself, to pay me back? No, no.
I'm-I'm doing what I can to help my team, help the city.
- Trust me, I'm fine.
- Okay.
All right? I'm gonna go spread the good news.
I'm ready to get back out there.
Full recovery takes ten weeks.
Well, the therapist sees no issue with me returning to the field, and department standards say that eligibility requires 90% mobility.
I'm there.
90 isn't 100, and SWAT isn't just a job in any department.
She can offer her recommendation, but this is my call.
If it takes ten weeks to recover, then that's what's required and that's what I want for you.
How can I prove I'm ready? You can take seven more weeks of desk duty.
I'm sorry, Deac, but that's the only way we can be sure.
SHARON: Honey, he says he can't wait to see you.
Your father's new car was dropped off this morning.
I am sure the other girls are gonna spend spring break with their parents.
Uh Gary, who's behind us? Probably just got the wrong house.
Sir? This is private property.
- You need to go back - Down on the ground.
- Down on the ground right now.
- Okay, okay, I'm doing it.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Okay.
Sharon! Men with guns are here.
Call for help.
- Get off the phone.
Get out of the car.
- Okay.
I'm getting out I'm getting out, I'm getting out.
- I'm getting out.
- Yeah, get out, over here, over here.
Get on the ground.
Get down, Mom, right on the ground, - next to him.
Come on.
- Okay.
Wallet's in my back pocket.
Please don't hurt us.
Shut up.
I'm telling you, shut up.
Finished? JACE: Almost.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Location services disabled.
All right, we're good.
Let's go! Let's move.
- (tires screeching) - Get up! No! Sharon! - Stay down.
- Drop the weapon! (Sharon screams) (gunshots, ricochets) (tires screeching) Luca said you wanted to see me? Carjacking spree going down as we speak.
Four separate incidents.
Six injured, security guard in a coma.
Two-man team behind it, armed and at large.
Latest target, Aston Martin, Hidden Hills.
Owner just took delivery this morning.
You worked that undercover street racing gig, got to know all the big boys in black market auto.
You ever run across a player - this aggressive? - No.
I've never heard of four violent carjackings in this short a time.
Another car was reported stolen at gunpoint from a garage.
Everyone knows Kathleen Schumacher from Auto Theft Task Force? Detective.
Your team suspects this is the work of the same two-man crew? Too early to tell.
We usually investigate bump-and-robs, - bust chop shops, but this is different.
- How's that? A McLaren 650 carjacked from a Calabasas intersection, driver shot.
Maserati stolen from a Westwood gym, driver hospitalized.
An Audi R8 lifted from Beverly Hills, a Porsche wrestled from a Santa Monica valet, the Aston Martin in Hidden Hills.
This is all in the past four hours.
We can't say these guys aren't picky.
Those are all sick rides.
Yeah, and brand spankin' new.
My team is scrambling.
Carjackings are normally crimes of opportunity.
No way this isn't coordinated, but what's their plan? Hijack a fleet of luxury vehicles and sell 'em for parts? That's the operating theory.
- It's a lot of risk for limited reward.
- HONDO: Street, you got any idea who could be trading black market parts - for cars like this? - No clue, but they'd have to be a crew that knows their way around some top-of-the-line technology.
Elderly woman was just pistol-whipped out of her brand-new Mercedes S-Class in Bel Air.
Two attackers, same M.
as the rest.
I got the car's GPS signature from the manufacturer before the carjackers took it off-line.
So the satellite tracks the cars for about a half a mile, and then the GPS goes dark, just like the others.
There's no way to track them.
They could be anywhere by now.
No, hold up, hold up.
You see the trajectory of these three cars before the signal drops? - They're all headed due east.
- Yeah, but these three are moving the opposite direction, right to the 10 freeway.
These vehicles are headed for East L.
That's a huge area to cover.
That's a good place to start.
Detective, can your team work backward, - track each car's point of origin? - Of course.
All right, what's the word on Highway Patrol? BOLOs on every vehicle.
We got three birds in the sky.
All right, we got to get out there.
Now, they work quick, so it's not gonna be easy to get ahead of 'em.
We stay near freeway entrances, every major intersection, - be ready to pounce.
Let's move.
- Yeah.
Street, there is no way this outfit isn't tapped into the auto world somehow.
Is there anyone you can talk to? Anyone that might know something? - STREET: What's up, Whip? - What's up, Street? - How you doing? - Good.
Wow, love this bike.
Oh, yeah.
She's gonna be a beaut when she's finished.
Hey, thanks for hooking me up with the Parking Division.
- I really appreciate that.
- Yeah, man.
- How'd the interview go? - Oh, you know, haven't heard back yet.
Well, maybe you should try taking the year you spent in prison off your résumé.
Oh! Yeah, I hadn't really thought about that.
It's kind of been my icebreaker, so I might keep it.
I got pretty pent up after three months on house arrest.
Other than you and my brother, no one really stopped by to see me.
But I got the monitor off my ankle, so things are looking up.
You know, a better hacker would have had that thing disabled in no time.
Oh, come on, man.
You know I could hack that thing in my sleep, but, you know - So, are you on duty or what? - Yeah, come here.
- Seen the news yet? - Oh - WHIP: These are the cars getting lifted? - Yeah.
(exhales, laughs) Oh, man.
The McLaren and the Maserati alone will net you a few hundred Gs, but six cars like that? That haul is gonna be over two mil.
- Any thoughts on who's responsible? - Nope.
I'm about as far out of the loop as you can get now.
Let me see that.
They know which cars they want.
- They're targeting specific models? - Uh-uh.
Specific vehicles.
See, cars like these are installed with the most secure GPS systems on the market.
It's, like, totally unique anti-theft codes to override.
So, to get them off-line that fast, you'd need someone inside the car jamming the GPS at the same time as the car's signal drops from the satellite.
- They have someone hacking satellites? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, who's capable of even pulling that off? You mean besides me? Um Eric Ross in Torrance.
Uh A guy named Diesel at that, uh, auto body shop on Franklin, and, uh, Gus Novak, but I have no idea where he landed after prison.
All right, all right, thank I'll let you know - how it shakes out.
- Hey, uh, Street, hold up.
Listen, I I know you think that you owe me one, but you really don't.
Okay? I was in a tough spot, too.
You helped me just as much as I helped you, so we're good.
(chuckles) I know.
That's why we're friends.
You must be Darryl's mom.
You're Hondo.
Used to hear about you from my ex.
You still check in on Leroy? I drop in during visiting hours now and again.
You said, uh, Darryl needed something? Listen, I didn't want to alarm you over the phone, but Darryl got stabbed - in juvenile detention earlier today.
- My son got hurt? He's expected to recover just fine.
Do you think that we could speak in private? This way.
JUSTINE: Maybe I wasn't the best mom, but you try raising a child with someone like Leroy as an example.
And last I heard, Darryl wasn't getting out of juvie till he was 17.
The judge I spoke to is willing to release him early into your custody.
Well I don't think that'd be a good idea, for either of us.
Me chirping in Darryl's ear only sets him off, sends him out searching for trouble, and I don't want that in my home no more.
Got too much Leroy in him.
Darryl doesn't have to end up like his father.
Deep down, there's still a good kid in there.
He was so sweet when he was small.
- Scared of his own shadow.
- (chuckles) But but between Leroy and the all-stars I was bringing around, Darryl saw lots of men acting up.
Started acting up himself.
And once that started, I couldn't control it.
See, Darryl's never really saw what it means to be a man, not a real man.
And I-I partly blame myself for that.
But now Darryl is grown.
He made his own choices, same as his father.
If you had seen him today, you'd recognize that he's still just a scared little boy.
Darryl wants to change.
He just needs you to take a chance on him.
You're still his mother.
Why are you spending time on this? Because I want to see Darryl make it.
And, what, the court just gonna let me take him back? Just like that? Those are custodial papers.
All you have to do is sign.
The court needs to know you'll take him in.
Just take some time and think about it.
And then you let me know what you decide.
Well, you seem fine to me.
You're not so injured you can't pay back the money you borrowed from me.
No, my boss is just being overly cautious.
Once I get back in the field, I can, I can collect overtime.
My paychecks will be bigger, I can get an advance on the first few, and cover what I owe you, every cent.
The deadline was the end of the month.
That came and went.
I've been more than patient.
And I'm grateful.
I-I just I wasn't expecting ten weeks of base salary with no OT.
So you're not here to pay me back? To pay off anything? I didn't even want to lend you that money, but you insisted.
What was I gonna do, say "Screw you" to a cop? So you could come in here with your pals and jam me on some BS parole violation? You made me give you that cash, and now you're not gonna pay it back? How is that any different than robbing me? No, I'm not I I just I'm asking for more time, an extension.
An extension? Does this look like a private equity firm? Do you know how people who don't pay their debts in my world are usually treated? The position that you're putting me in is gonna cause problems with my backers.
You're not the only one with a boss.
And as soon as I get the cash, it's yours, I promise.
(sighs) Well if I went to your employer and explained, maybe I could, uh, get the money from them? Yeah, if they knew that you shook me down, threatened me, forced me to loan you this money Hey, come on, that's not what happened.
Isn't it? Are you sure that's not how it's gonna look to them? You think you have problems now, wait till you're suspended without pay.
And these investigations, you know, they-they could go on for months.
Longer when the lawyers get into it.
What do you want from me? You want an extension, well, then we need to work something out, and if it's not cash, then a favor.
What kind of favor? It's for my mother.
She lives on Holland Avenue, the, uh, 600 block.
There's some losers in the house on the corner, they're running an illegal poker game.
People are going in and out all hours of the night.
And I-I think it could be more than cards.
Drugs, girls, who knows? But these guys, they're-they're taking down the whole neighborhood.
My mom, she's lived there for 30 years.
Now she's scared to go out and get her mail.
So, you're gonna get some of your cop pals to go down there and check it out, and we'll call that this week's juice payment.
If these guys are breaking the law, they'll be taken care of.
But let me be clear, this is the one and only time that I act on an anonymous tip from you.
You understand? You the only one here? Mechanics are all at lunch.
Anyone by the name of Diesel work here? No.
Not since I started here a couple years ago.
TAN: Think we could get a list of all your full- and part-time employees? Assistant manager should be out back having a smoke.
Rabbit! Tan! - LAPD! Stop! - (screams) (grunts) - On your stomach.
- (groaning) Get your ass up.
Diesel Hayes.
You've been helping hack into these stolen vehicles? CHRIS: Where are the carjackers? Who's telling you which rides to track? Screw you guys.
I want my lawyer.
- (smart watch chimes) - (groans) "19th hole, WHCC"? Woodland Hills Country Club.
Mumford, Rocker, take the A-side.
We got no idea which car they're after, so we check every one.
As soon as these guys pop up, we hit 'em.
LUCA: They won't go easy, so we got to strike fast, man.
- Right there, right there.
- Yup.
Same description as the other getaway car they were using.
Hood's still warm.
- They got to be here somewhere.
- (engine starts) Eyes! - Gun! Gun! - Gun! Officer down! Mumford, you all right? I'm okay.
I think they got my helmet.
Luca, move.
Hey, how many? Get out of here with that.
STREET: Shots fired.
20-David in pursuit.
(tires screeching) (groans) Damn, these guys are moving.
Well, they got the faster car, - but we got the better driver.
- All right, prove it, big dawg.
- Gun! - (gunshots) - All right, now? - Now.
Three feet.
One foot.
Go, go, go.
Go-go right there, go.
- LAPD! Stop! - Go.
- Get the hell out of the car! - Get out now! - Go, go, go! - Drop the gun! Hey, drop the weapon now! All right, all right, all right.
Get down! Down! You're done! - Luca, you good? - Yeah, got him.
What the hell is that? Boss, take a look.
Hey, I talked to Detective Schumacher.
Lamborghini arrived from Panama last week, same as all the other stolen cars.
Heroin must've been loaded in down there, hidden in the vehicles.
STREET: Man, all these cars came in on the same container ship, delivered straight to their buyers.
What kind of geniuses pack heroin inside cars that are about as discreet as Kardashians? - STREET: I don't know.
- Something feels off.
I guess, if every car has a haul like this, they not only make millions off the drugs, but they can unload the parts for tens of thousands on the black market.
So this crew gets paid twice.
Everything goes as planned, they're having their cake, eating it, then selling the plate it was served on.
These carjackers aren't done yet.
One of my detectives talked to the supervisor who checked in that shipment of vehicles.
He's positive there were eight cars on that boat, not seven.
Wait, so there's another car packed with heroin still out there? - What kind of vehicle? - He couldn't tell.
It was midnight and the cars were covered, but he swears up and down he counted eight.
Well, before these cars even come off the ship, they're each assigned a customs import marker.
Those markers only record a car's make and model, not its VIN number.
Yeah, but the make and model is something to go on.
I mean, cars this nice, they're rare enough, even in L.
DEACON: Hey, Hondo.
Some woman left this for you at the front.
She wanted you to know it's been signed.
Appreciate it.
You know, could use your instincts out there today.
It's gonna take more than luck to get ahead of these guys.
Trust me, I'm itching to get back.
Street seemed to rise to the occasion, though.
Come on, man, you know Street.
Nothing lights his eyes up more than fast cars.
(chuckles) Well, then today's his day, then.
Hey, how'd Mumford seem when he got back? Uh, he seemed fine.
Filed an incident report, went back out.
His team found what looks like the drop site for the rest of the stolen vehicles.
It's a rail yard east of downtown.
There were six sets of tire tracks, but no rides, no bad guys.
LUCA: Hey, you get anything useful from the boys in the Lamborghini? One's in surgery.
The other one's being booked, but he's not talking.
Same as the guy who was hacking the GPS satellites.
He's already lawyered up.
The D.
couldn't cut a deal to find out which drug ring these guys worked for? No, and the chem test they did on the heroin doesn't match anything in the DEA's database, neither does the label.
I mean, they think whoever's importing it is new to the scene.
Well, whoever they are, they got resources, and they're making noise.
Get Narcotics in, find out what they heard on the street.
Galvin, great to see you.
Belated congrats on the promotion.
Thanks, Deac.
How you been? How's Annie and the kid? Kids, with an "S.
" Four, actually.
- Four? - Yeah.
Better man than me.
Said you had a question you wanted to ask me in person? Yeah, I want to show you something.
You ever hear of the cartels pushing their heroin using imported cars? Can't say I have, but I can run it by my team.
Have 'em take a look at this, too.
The drugs we picked up, they all have the logo of a mountain on them.
That's a volcano.
An old mobster, Albert Tosca, my sources said he talked about pushing this new stuff he called "volcano.
" So he's got to be the one behind this.
Not likely.
Found him executed Mafia-style last week in San Pedro.
Albert Tosca used to be part of Lorenzo Bettiga's crime syndicate.
The Bettigas terrorized Southwest L.
for years.
Fled back to Sicily two decades ago.
LUCA: Galvin said Tosca planned to push a new batch - he was calling "volcano.
" - He also said that Tosca stole his heroin down in Panama, repackaged it, and then diverted it to L.
using luxury cars.
Guessing that didn't go over too well with his boss.
Probably thought Bettiga couldn't track him to the States.
Yeah, well, he thought wrong, okay? These guys don't just cut their losses.
No, they also cut up the guys who screwed 'em.
See that? "Traditore" scrawled in blood.
Means traitor.
Worst thing you can be to the mob, - other than a cop.
- By the time they figured out what Tosca had done with the heroin, the cars had already been delivered to their owners.
So they hired car thieves and a hacker - to steal back their product.
- Who's the pretty boy? DEACON: That's Il Monaco, The Monk.
It's Bettiga's hit man.
Interpol suspects he's killed 30 people since 2001.
Notify border patrol and airports - in case they try to flee.
- I got a feeling they're not ready to leave the country just yet.
Not until they get what they want.
- (phone rings) - Chris, you at the import lot? Just left.
We got the make and model of the final car off the shipment, a silver Ferrari 458.
We'll start pulling GPS signals for every matching car in L.
TAN: We can't.
Manufacturer said their satellite was just breached by someone fishing for the same intel.
Said it's gonna take a while to get the signals back online.
How'd the mob hack a satellite when we have their hacker in custody? Wait, what about Street's friend? Whip, you here, man? It's Street.
Whip? Whip? LAPD.
Anyone here? Whip? 26-David to Command.
I need a unit and a supervisor to respond to 1017 Lewis Avenue.
Probable abduction.
Should've been there.
I should've known that Whip would be on the radar of whoever was after cars like this.
The Italians need Whip to track that Ferrari.
They're not gonna hurt him.
Not yet.
As soon as they get their hands on that last car, they'll get rid of him.
Then we're gonna do whatever we can to keep that from happening.
None of this is your fault, kid.
You know, I never figured the two of you for friends.
You know, when I was younger, most of my friends were losers.
Not a lot of brain power in that crowd.
You know what I mean? Then Buck gave me some advice, he said that if you If you feel like the smartest person in the room, then you're in the wrong room.
He told me that, too.
And ever since then, I try to hang with people who make me up my game, and that's Whip, man.
He just (sighs) He functions on a higher bandwidth than the rest of us, and once you get to know him, he's a good guy, and he went to the mat for me when he didn't have to.
- He saved my life.
- All right, well, let's just hope he uses whatever tools he's got at his disposal to reach us.
And what's plan B? We find someone else to track this car.
Look, I've seen enough Scorsese films to know not to get between Sicilians and money.
- This is your last chance to talk.
- Got nothing else to say.
- Give us something we can go - I've got nothing else to say.
TAN: Our techs are digging through the equipment you used to track these cars, everything in that garage.
As soon as we find what we're after, you'll have zero leverage with the D.
I bet you're after the Ferrari 458.
Listen, I'm a decent hacker, but only a genius can track a car without a GPS transponder inside.
Someone who can afford a ride like that doesn't want the ability to locate it? Makes no sense.
Makes no sense? (sighs) Whoever customized the car paid to import it illegally, wants it off the grid.
Probably some ex-con out on parole hiding his assets.
A better hacker can find a way to locate it, but I can't.
Go figure, right? A car loaded with heroin winds up being driven by a criminal who has no clue what he's sitting on.
What kind of bad guy's even rich enough to buy wheels like that in the first place, huh? You're joking, right? This is L.
Every ex-con in the city living at a million dollar-plus residence.
Of those homes, here are the ones with one or more registered vehicles costing over a hundred grand.
- JESSICA: Should help us narrow it down.
- What's going on there? LUCA: It's just a home detention monitor got tripped.
Cops'll go by and check it out.
What, you think it means something? Home detention, like, uh, house arrest? Yeah.
Whip knows how to hack into those systems.
Whoever lives in that house, Whip is using their detention monitor to signal us.
- Are you sure? - No, but what if he is? Get down there.
(sirens wailing) HONDO: All right, 27502 Chestnut Ridge.
Residence of Puck Marlow and six associates who have healthy rap sheets of their own.
Puck Marlow, rapper-slash-mogul? Slash convicted felon, yeah.
He's gonna have his entire posse there.
- Fully loaded probably, too.
- Who's he roll with? 20th Street Hammers.
Marlow's crew might be the one group crazy enough to shoot it out with the mob.
Yeah, and they'll have the firepower to do it.
Italians have no clue what they're walking into.
So that's why no one makes a move until we're sure the mob's made theirs.
Now, reports show that Marlow spent the past few years turning this place into a fortified playpen.
Things could heat up fast.
And Whip's right in the middle of it.
We'll get to him in time.
BETTIGA: You sure the Ferrari's here? Yeah, yeah.
I mean, uh, the emergency tracker built into it says that it's somewhere on the property.
- How much longer till you get us in? - Um Hang on.
I am fusing the local connection to the security systems I don't care what you're doing, just do it faster.
(beeps, rings) Yo, I'm about to do some work, so don't bother me.
HAMMER: I got you, boss.
Everything's locked up tight here.
(sighs) He all about the chases, it's only right we excha WHIP: And we're in.
Get your lazy ass up, man, make me something to drink.
Boss says he's busy.
MUMFORD: Check this out.
Looks like somebody left in a hurry.
That jacket, that's Whip's.
If they broke in the house, they probably took Whip.
- We got to get to him.
- Come on.
(gunfire) Mumford, line us up.
26-David, I got visual on Whip in the upstairs room.
- Is anyone with him? - Two of 'em.
I think one of them's Bettiga.
All right, see if you guys can get to him from the A-side with Mumford's team.
We'll head upstairs around back.
(man grunts) SICILIAN: Where are the keys to the Ferrari?! HAMMER: I don't know, man! Damn, she's a beauty.
Stay down.
(grunting) LAPD! Drop your weapon! (glass shattering) Stevens! Cover me! (both grunting) (both panting) (both grunting) (both panting) (yells) (both panting) (both grunting) (both grunting) Now, count to ten, and then start screaming.
You alone, so I move, now you cryin' there with me - Police! - Hands where we can see 'em! - On the ground! Get on the ground now! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Get on the ground! - Get on the floor! - Get on the floor! - Look, man Hands behind your back! WHIP: Help! Help! - You good? - Yeah.
WHIP: I'm in the bedroom! Please, please help! LAPD! SWAT! Whip, you're okay.
You're okay, we got you.
Bathroom's clear.
We have Whip.
He's safe.
Bettiga where'd he go? To get the Ferrari.
LAPD! End of the line, Bettiga.
(gunshot) (stifled groan) STREET: We'll keep a couple officers stationed outside for tonight.
Oh, and your brother's on his way over.
- How you feeling? - Been better.
But, uh, could've been a lot worse.
- How you feeling? - Same.
- Right.
- Thanks.
(groans) Oh, man.
Who would've thought knowing how to break out of a court-issued ankle monitor - could save your life, huh? - (laughs) This is, like, what you do every day? 'Cause that's crazy.
Only when I'm lucky.
(both chuckle) Listen, I, uh, I don't want to keep you if you've got s-stuff to take care of.
No, man, it's cool.
All right.
Happy to hang out.
Did you see some of the cars that guy had in his garage? Oh, my God.
Dude, don't even get me started.
Good to see you today.
Give my best to Annie and the brood.
I will.
You say hi to Liz.
Hey, Galvin.
I, uh I had a tip come in from an old CI.
He thinks there's a drug distro house in his elderly mom's neighborhood.
Really? Where? Uh, Holland Avenue.
Ramona Gardens.
The 600 block, right on the corner.
I know that area well.
Thanks, Deac.
We'll check it out.
- (knock on door) - Come in.
Hell of a day, Jack.
Hell of a night.
- (chuckles) Can I have a word? - Sure.
What's on your mind? I'm done.
I can't do this anymore.
You can't do what? You mean SWAT? Yeah.
You've had close calls before.
- Yeah, you'll shake it off, Jack.
- No, this is different.
Take some time off.
- Think about it.
- Yeah, it's a big decision to make.
Come on, especially after a day like today.
I'm turning in my 30-day notice, so pick another team leader, whether it's Deacon or Rocker whoever.
Are you really sure? Truth is I can't keep up with these guys.
I work my ass off trying, but sooner or later, something's gonna happen.
We all know how it ended up with Buck.
Oh, come on.
I'd rather leave a day too early than a day too late.
You told Nikki yet? No, but she'll be relieved.
It won't be the same without you.
We can't talk you out of it? No.
End of an era, Jack.
We'll miss you, Sergeant.
I don't know, I haven't seen her in, like, a year.
Trust me, Darryl, she's still gonna recognize you.
She's gonna be nervous, too.
You hear me? Yeah.
It's gonna take some getting used to.
There he is.
My Darryl.
He gonna try to sell us a Bible? I'm sorry, sir.
You are? Uh, Ronald.
And you are? My name's Hondo.
You live here, too? He's been staying lately.
Uh, hi, sir.
My name's Darryl.
Nice to meet you.
Darryl here is a new man.
He's gonna get a fresh start, ain't that right? Well well, come on inside.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's get some things in order first.
- How long you plan to stay? - Ronald, don't.
I-I don't know yet, sir.
He's gonna finish up school next year.
What? You said a month or two.
You didn't speak no nonsense about him staying a year.
I said we'd figure it out.
Nothing's final.
I-I already raised my kids, and no one is paying me to raise another man's.
HONDO: It's okay.
You know what? Listen, I think we're gonna come back later.
Darryl, let's go.
Wait-wait a minute.
Justine it's okay.
We'll call you later.
Come on.
CHARICE: Look at him go.
Yeah, it's been a minute since the kid's had a decent meal.
You ate just like that when you were his age.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
(laughs) What you trying to do with that boy? I don't know, Ma.
Start with Social Services, try to find him a good foster situation.
But you know that could take a couple of days.
- It might even take a week or so.
- Yeah.
You think you could help me look after him until then? You know I will.
- (chuckles) That's my mama.
- Mm-hmm.
- (chuckles) - (sighs) Boy, you better inhale some oxygen along with that food.
Come on now, slow down.
This is great, Mrs.
There's plenty more where that come from, Darryl, always more.
There's something I wanted to ask you.
What's up? I know you and my pops grew up the same.
No money, no hookups.
I know he was smart, too, even if he didn't always show it.
D, your pops was smart as hell.
He still is.
Then how come you made something of yourself and he didn't? You're looking at her.
(chuckles) Hey, Mama, you gonna spoil me, too, or I got to make my own plate? Oh, I'll make it for you.
You know that - Oh, see, see, oh - Okay oh