S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e18 Episode Script

Cash Flow

I can't do this anymore.
I'm turning in my 30-day notice.
Pick another team leader.
Deacon or Rocker.
- You the K9 unit? - Officer Alonso, sir.
Champ and I are ready to go in when needed.
Hey If we start a relationship with you, you will be an equal part in that new relationship.
They both want to date you? What are the rules? DEACON: My daughter has a hole in her heart and she needs it closed now.
And I don't have $11,000 lying around.
A man's got to carry his family on his own two feet.
Otherwise he's not a man.
I need a loan.
Wait, I can't work for two to three months? You made me give you that cash, and now you're not gonna pay it back? How's that any different than robbing me? I just need more time.
Well, then, we need to work something out.
If it's not cash, then a favor.
What kind of favor? Sit down, already! Move.
Maddox, take a seat.
Better view over here anyway.
All right.
That's it for today.
We're good to roll.
Rubina, I didn't realize you were allowed out of the tech lab.
I just came from the vet.
I've got some bad news, Chris.
Champ's gotten worse, hasn't he? The cancer's aggressive, and he's not exactly a young dog.
I'll pay for whatever treatment.
You know that.
He was my partner.
I'm afraid we're past that point.
The vet says we need to put him down soon.
The kids are heartbroken.
You guys gave him the best retirement a K9 could ever ask for.
We're not gonna do anything until you get a chance to say good-bye.
But don't put it off.
I won't.
I'll make it happen today.
If only Mumford could've held off retiring for just another month.
It doesn't matter.
Deacon is the man for the job.
Back injury or not.
I mean, if not him, who? I don't know, Rocker, he's completed his Sergeant-Two requirements, you know, that puts him in the running.
Hondo, who's your bet to take over Mumford's team now that he's on his way out? It's got to be Deacon, right? Well, they couldn't do better.
It's about time he got his own squad.
Yeah, but he's not back to full beast mode yet.
You think that could tip the scales against him? He's been working his ass off to get there.
Where is he, anyway? We seen him? Oh, he called.
He said he had physical therapy.
Hasn't given up on coming back to work early.
This week's payment.
- In full? - I'm a little short, but you'll have the rest next time, no problem.
Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah coming out of your mouth the last time you were here.
I haven't been cleared yet for full duty.
Once that happens Maybe there's another way.
I talked to my bosses.
They're willing to forego the loan for a few favors.
Need you to run a license plate.
No way.
Last week's tip was too close to the line.
I This is not what I signed up for.
No, you signed up to pay back your debts, but you're not doing that.
I'm not doing this.
(SIGHS) You're not leaving me a lot of options.
Obviously, I'm not in a position to muscle you.
So the only choice I have left is to, uh, go to your bosses.
That's not gonna be good for either of us, maybe.
But it's definitely worse for you.
I'm telling you I just need a little more time.
Make it easy for both of us.
Okay? This isn't a big deal.
No one's gonna get killed or hurt.
Just run the damn plate.
Any minute now.
Right on time.
(SIREN WAILING) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) I don't know if he's stupid, crazy or what, but as soon as we approached, someone inside started taking potshots at us.
Prisoner must've gotten a hold of a guard's gun.
- Anybody get hit? - Not yet, but one of my guys is inside.
- He's in the bus right now? - Yeah.
He was first on the scene.
Managed to climb in, and that's when the shooting started.
He radioed that he was okay, but one of the guards - is seriously injured.
- JESSICA: Hondo, we don't have time to wait around, hoping this guy runs out of ammo.
We got to get on that bus now.
Load up.
Luca, Tan, Chris, get to the front, see if you can get a visual.
Street, you're with me.
- Luca - Yep.
Looks like the driver's dead.
Didn't stand a chance.
I've got eyes on the EMT and the guard.
The EMT's okay, but the guard looks like he's in bad shape.
We got to do this now.
HONDO: This is the LAPD! Drop the gun! Stay away from me! - What's your name, man? - MAN: Uh It's, uh, Tito.
He sounds like he's possibly concussed.
Tito! I need you to drop that gun for me, all right? We got to get you some help.
TAN (OVER RADIO): Windows are all barred.
Doorway's blocked.
No access from here.
HONDO: All right, that leaves me and Street, then.
I need you to create a distraction.
Draw his attention to the front.
Roger that.
On your count.
All right, here we go.
Three, two, one, now.
(GRUNTS) (GROANING) Tito? Take it easy, man.
It's over.
You hear me? It's over.
This is 20-David to Command.
Target secure.
First responders are free to approach.
Check it out.
According to the Department of Corrections, - the missing prisoner is Eric Maddox.
- Yeah.
The guy is a serious repeat offender, almost all violent robberies.
Last one was a smash-and-grab at an Indian casino.
Left three bystanders dead, a dozen more injured.
LAPD scooped up Maddox's crew when they busted him six months ago.
So who'd he convince to spring him? They sure as hell weren't amateurs.
Found this tossed in the bushes.
It's an M72 light anti-tank weapon.
- Got to be military, yeah? - JESSICA: Serious firepower - just to free one man.
- LUCA: Yeah.
With Maddox's record, there's no way he's just looking - to ride off into the sunset.
- HONDO: No.
He's got new friends and big guns.
We're gonna see him again.
Hey, Hondo.
I spoke to the warden up at CSP.
He's gonna send us all of Maddox's prison records.
All right.
Well, if Maddox was involved in planning this breakout, maybe we can figure out who he was communicating with.
How'd physical therapy go this morning? Oh, it was, uh, you know, fine.
I just got to keep at it.
Not sure how else to convince the captain - I'm ready for full duty.
- LUCA: I hope it's soon.
We miss you, man.
And with Mumford's 50-David spot opening up, we need you at full strength, bro.
No, Deac's got nothing to worry about there.
Gentlemen, I want you to meet Hondo.
- You two go back? - Yeah.
Yeah, we served together in Somalia.
Same unit.
Master Sergeant Ruiz has been sent up from Camp Pendleton.
The serial number on the rocket launcher from this morning traced back to their armory.
Master Sergeant, huh? - That's no small deal.
- What about you? LAPD now, huh? A SWAT officer, no less.
When did that happen? Been a minute.
Hondo's been 20-David team leader for over a year now.
HONDO: So, you got any idea how an anti-tank weapon could've slipped off the base? I'm just beginning my investigation.
We're doing a full inventory, see if anything else is missing.
We can't rule out that there might be a Marine - on Maddox's crew.
- True.
But the weapon could have also been stolen off a supply caravan, black-marketed somehow.
We'll be investigating all options in conjunction with the Marines.
Looking forward to working with you, Hondo.
I mean, I knew Champ was sick, I just, I didn't realize it was this bad.
Been so busy the last month, I didn't even visit.
I just kept thinking things would turn around.
(CHAMP WHIMPERS QUIETLY) We'll leave you two alone, okay? Come on, girls.
Wait, no.
It's okay.
It's crazy, he used to be just pure muscle.
(EXHALES) Once, we were on this narcotics sweep, and the suspect was hiding under the floor, high on something.
Champ sniffed him out.
We got back to the car, he showed me his leg was all cut up.
He waited until the job was done so I wouldn't fuss.
Sounds like a real hero.
I wouldn't have even been considered for SWA if it weren't for you.
You always made me look so good.
But it was all your doing, wasn't it? (SNIFFLES) Without you, I was just faking it.
We've been going over Maddox's prison records.
Turns out, he had a recent visitor.
A woman.
She showed up to see him five times in the last four weeks, probably planning his breakout.
Prison visitors have to sign in.
- We have a name? - DEACON: Yes, Lea Walker.
- Hmm, doesn't ring any bells.
- Not clear how she ties to Maddox; she has no criminal record.
DEACON: Might only be because she's never been caught.
If she's got a legit reason for spending so much time with Maddox, I want to hear it from her.
LEA (OVER INTERCOM): This is ridiculous.
You can't just haul me in here and hold me against my will.
This one's a real peach.
I want to talk to whoever's in charge, now.
Lucky for you, I'm right here.
And I'll get straight to the point.
Where's Maddox? - Where's who? - LUCA: You know exactly who.
Your prison boyfriend, Eric Maddox.
I swear, I have no idea what you're talking about.
- You're Lea Walker, correct? - Yeah, but I've never heard of anyone named Maddox.
This isn't the woman who visited Maddox in prison.
It looks like her, but it's not her.
Walker, did you lend anyone your I.
? - A girlfriend, maybe? - What? No, of course not.
'Cause somebody used it to visit a man in prison.
Do you have any idea how that might have happened? Probably that bitch who stole my purse.
She got everything, including my driver's license.
- Okay, when was that? - Couple months ago.
You said it was a woman who stole it.
- Did you see her? - Not when it happened, no.
But the restaurant let me watch their security tapes.
You could see her, plain as day, grab my bag and waltz out the door.
I filed a police report, but I guess a stolen purse isn't exactly high priority.
- Well, it's high priority now.
- Let's pull the report.
If this purse snatcher is the link to Maddox, - we need to find her.
- Right.
Exactly what you asked for.
The latest issue, full auto.
- And the tear gas? - Next crate.
Of course, none of it means anything without the real prize.
JONAH: Packed more of a punch than we thought.
Glad you only got scraped up.
Must be pretty badass to fire one of these.
When we do the job, it'll be all you.
Looks like we're about ready now.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) There she is, right over there.
(EXHALES) Thanks.
What are you doing here? Is everything okay with Kira? Yeah, Kira's fine.
- W-What about you? - What? Why? You didn't show up to lunch, you haven't picked up your phone since.
- I've been calling.
- CHRIS: Things have just been busy.
For after work, too? Kira said you bailed on tonight in a text.
- It's not like you, Chris.
- Is everything okay here? Yeah, everything's fine.
This is, uh, Ty.
Ty, this is Jim Street.
- Ty.
Sorry, man.
- Jim.
I guess I'm just a little overprotective, - with everything going on.
- What do you mean? What's going on? Nothing.
Just, with Chris's dog dying and everything.
(MOUTHING) Your dog is dying? We we didn't even know you had a dog.
He's my former K9 partner.
I'll tell you and Kira about it later, okay? What are we looking at? We got ahold of the restaurant security video showing Lea Walker's purse being stolen.
Shows the theft, but there's really not much else to go on.
But this just came in it's from the market next door.
They share the same parking lot as the restaurant.
DEACON: There.
Isn't that her? This is definitely the same woman we saw visiting Maddox in prison.
I'll run the plate.
Name is Grace Fetter.
Got an address in North Hollywood.
Base armory just completed their inventory.
They're missing three more M72s along with a half dozen M4A1 carbines and a tear gas crowd suppression kit.
You still want to tell me it was an outsider - who took all of that? - You're right.
It's got to be a Marine that armed this crew, which is why I alerted our Criminal Investigative Division.
They're on their way up to take over the case.
The hell they are.
This started with SWAT; SWAT's gonna finish it.
Since when are you a guy that sees the mission through? We've got a possible location for Maddox right now.
CID will never get a unit here in time.
I'll go along, as CID's representative.
- We don't need you.
- I hear your team's down a man.
Very least, I'm an extra pair of hands.
He's right, Hondo.
And it'll save me the politics with Marine CID.
You know, Somalia was 20 years ago.
At some point, you got to let it go.
Your brothers needed you.
You walked out without a second thought.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
We rollin' or what? (SIREN WAILING) JESSICA (OVER RADIO): Command to 20-David.
Hondo, looks like we got some bad intel.
Drone did a fly over the target.
It looks like there are several structures behind the house that weren't on the blueprints we pulled.
JESSICA: Must be un-permitted construction the city didn't know about.
So we'll improvise on the fly like we're trained to do.
Fill the gaps! OTHERS: Stay liquid! It's open.
HONDO: Give me two.
Give me two.
Left side clear.
Hey, Maddox's jumpsuit.
We're in the right place.
HONDO: House is clear.
Let's sweep the back.
Tough watching from the sidelines.
Welcome to my world.
I don't know how you do it.
I put my trust in the team.
Don't worry, you'll be back in the field soon enough.
Looks like a garage or a workshop.
Luca, Chris, left side.
Tan and Street with me.
Move, move.
Left side clear.
Workshop's clear.
No sign of Maddox or Grace Fetter.
HONDO: Code 4.
Look around and see what they might have left behind.
Master Sergeant.
CHRIS: Hondo, something I need you to see.
Can't be.
You know him? Yeah.
Scott Nestor.
HONDO: I guess we found the Marine who was arming them.
Ah, I appreciate it.
Thank you so much.
Hey, according to the detective, Grace Fetter lives here with her longtime boyfriend, Jonah Holt.
Matches the description of our other prison bus attacker.
- Yeah.
- Looks like they had two more people bunked in their back room.
They're probably building a crew for whatever heist they're planning.
There's nothing in here that indicates - what their next target is? - Nah.
As far as that goes, they cleaned up like they knew we were coming.
They left nothing to tip their hand.
The only thing we know for sure is that they're loaded for bear.
CHRIS: Is it weird he didn't do more to try and hide the soldier's body? No, it just confirms what we already know.
These guys don't give a damn about the wreckage they leave in their wake.
My guess is, whatever the target, they plan on making a score and disappearing.
Still can't figure how Corporal Nestor was involved in all this.
I knew the kid he was as squared away as they come.
Decorated after two tours in Afghanistan - and about to ship out on his third.
- Everybody's got a weak spot.
They must have found his somehow.
Hondo, might have an answer.
RUIZ: That's Nestor's family.
The tech found e-mails.
Looks like they, uh, threatened to kill his kids if he didn't deliver on the weapons.
HONDO: We'll get these guys, Ruiz.
We'll see.
I might be SWAT now, but semper fi still runs through my veins.
I don't take the murder of a young Marine - any lighter than you do.
- Yeah? Prove it, then.
Go find these bastards.
Come on.
You can't really be mad at me.
I didn't need you to go messing in my personal life.
I didn't mean to.
I just figured - that Ty already knew about Champ.
- Well, he didn't.
And now I have to explain the whole thing to him and Kira, which is something I was hoping to avoid.
Why? Isn't that what a relationship is? Isn't-isn't that why you're with the two of 'em? You know what, forget it.
You just don't get it.
I'm just saying, you're going through something rough, and you're not wanting to share it with them.
That-that doesn't raise a red flag for you? Oh, so now you're the relationship expert? You're right.
Okay, I'm alone.
And I'm-I'm a mess when it comes to my personal life.
But if I ever did find someone, let alone two someones, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be keeping something like this from them.
I just don't get why you wouldn't tell them this.
Well, maybe that's just who I am, okay? Or maybe you're just not in the right relationship.
So, these are the two who ambushed the prison bus.
Grace Fetter and Jonah Holt.
Turns out Maddox and Holt are cousins.
Explains how they tie together.
Holt here has got a rap sheet of his own burglary, GTA but this is definitely a step up for him.
Yeah, blackmailing and murdering a Marine.
Does his family know yet? Ruiz is with the body, arranging notification for the wife.
The way you and Ruiz butt heads, I can't imagine how you served four years together.
Actually, back then, we were tight.
Whole unit was.
So what happened? When my enlistment ended, I didn't re-up.
I was one-and-done, and that didn't sit well with a career guy like Ruiz.
You ever explain to him why you didn't reenlist? I didn't think I owed him an explanation.
That's so Hondo.
You know that.
Found something interesting.
As far as we can tell, Grace and Jonah have been together since high school.
Which makes me wonder why she recently created an online dating profile and, over the last month, went on four dates with this guy, - Lloyd Williams.
- Okay, I don't mean to throw shade, but old SquarePants here doesn't really look like Grace's type.
JESSICA: Makes me think she wanted something from him.
- Who is he? - His dating profile's limited.
Best I can tell, he's an office drone at some home mortgage company.
All right, take Luca.
Go check him out.
Look at this.
- One of your favorites? - I don't know.
It's probably the only food truck in L.
I haven't tried yet.
TAN: Maybe after.
Maybe now.
Isn't that our guy in line right there? Lloyd Williams! TAN: LAPD! Stop right there, Lloyd! (PANTING) Really? Okay.
Excuse me.
Hey, come on.
Okay, look, look, I didn't know what she wanted.
I swear.
Didn't know what who wanted? You talking about Grace? LUCA: Why don't you take it easy, tell us the whole story, okay? I met her on this dating app, and she was hot.
So we-we went on a few dates.
And she was really interested in my job, which was nice, because no one's ever interested in my job.
But then I realized that was the only thing she was interested in.
So I told her I was done.
And that's when she said she would pay me for the info.
- What kind of info? - Anything I had.
Blueprints, details on security systems, guard rotations.
So they plan on robbing a mortgage company? Oh, God, no.
I just started working there.
I-I had another job before.
But after I told her everything, I figured I should put in my notice.
What are you talking about, Lloyd? What job? Huh? Where did you work? The cash processing center for the Federal Reserve.
Next time, Lloyd, maybe start with that.
The L.
Federal Reserve branch is the second largest cash reserve in the country.
They won't officially say, but they got to have at least $100-$150 million in there.
Talked to the Federal Reserve security chief.
He didn't want to disclose anything about their schedules or security measures.
Yeah, but then you told him about the M72 rockets.
Yeah, and, suddenly, he opened up.
They have a new cash shipment arriving by armored car in less than an hour.
I'll notify Ruiz.
Luca and Tan are already en route.
All right, we'll meet 'em there.
Hey, Deac, you good to be our wheelman? Fine, but that's all.
Don't push it.
Let's roll.
- 25-David to 20-David.
- HONDO: This is 20-David, go.
I'm looking at the info Lloyd handed over to Maddox's crew.
There's nothing in here to suggest they're going after armored cars.
Seems like they got their eyes on the bigger prize.
- The Federal Reserve itself.
- Well, that'd be nuts.
The Federal Reserve is a fortress.
No way they're getting in there, even with those weapons.
Doesn't mean they won't try.
(PHONE BUZZES) (SIREN WAILING) HONDO: Chris? Chris, what's going on? It's Champ.
He's gone.
Just caught me by surprise, boss.
It won't affect my game.
I'm fine.
We're on scene at the Federal Reserve.
No sign of Maddox yet.
Luca, Street, scout the two-side, see where these guys might be vulnerable.
Chris, you and Tan do the same thing on the four.
Hey, appreciate you guys feeling like we need a hand, but it looks like a false alarm.
Trust me, be happy if it is, but I don't think so.
The new currency all got here without incident.
And once the doors shut, there's just no way in, even if these guys had a tank.
CHRIS: 24-David, the four-side looks secure.
26-David, same on the two-side.
No sign of Maddox.
Something's not right.
Like I said, false alarm.
The unfit currency made its transport as well, arrived at the shredding facility without a problem.
Wait a minute.
Unfit currency.
What are we talking about? Economics 101.
All right, Professor, why don't you fill us in? For every new dollar we put into circulation, a worn-out dollar has to come out.
If we didn't do that, we'd be flooding the country with cash, devaluing the currency.
Worn-out bills.
Impossible to trace.
So, these unfit bills get destroyed, how? - Where? - In a shredder.
Here, usually.
But our machines were 30 years old.
They're being replaced.
So, for the last five weeks, we've been doing all the shredding off-site.
How much was in today's shipment? I'm really not supposed to say.
How much? Give or take, $35 million.
But I told you, it got there just fine.
Deacon, round 'em up.
This is 20-David to Command.
- Go ahead, Hondo.
- Captain, I don't think he's targeting the Federal Reserve.
He's going after an off-site shredding facility where they destroy old bills.
- We're rolling now.
- Ruiz.
These guys killed one of my men.
I just had to inform the family.
I'm not gonna stand around and do nothing.
Wasn't asking you to.
Gooch, you know the plan.
You guys keep us covered.
Let's go.
(PEOPLE COUGHING) (PANICKED SHOUTING) On the ground! Everybody down! GRACE: These are fives and tens! Where are the hundreds?! Over here! (SIREN WAILING) All right, we got two shooters, one in the three-opening, one in the four.
Everybody stay close for cover.
- Be better with a full team.
- Deac, you're right, but not this time.
You know the orders.
Keep it locked down here.
Get up there.
Street, Chris, you're with me.
We work the left flank.
Tan, Luca, - keep 'em busy.
- Move, move.
Go, go, go, go.
Cover fire! Drop your weapons and come out! (GRUNTS) 26-David, one suspect down! Cops are here.
We got to move.
Don't just stand there.
You've got guns.
Use 'em! HONDO: Two more! - Same opening! - Hondo, Tan and me are going left! - Tan! - On your two.
Let's do it.
Get in the car, Gooch! (CRIES OUT) LUCA: Suspect two down! It's no good, man.
He's hit.
(SHOUTS, GROANING) - Grace! - (YELLING) Get up, now! - No, no, no.
- Shut up.
(GASPING) JONAH: What are you doing? - Time to go, cut our losses.
- (WHIMPERS) - What about Grace? - MADDOX: What about her? Jonah, I'm not waiting.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Hondo, I can't get a clear shot! STREET: Mine's no good either! (SCREAMS) - Deac! You gotta pin him in! - DEACON (OVER RADIO): Roger that.
Sorry, Luca.
This might not be pretty.
(TIRES SCREECH) (SIREN WAILING, TIRES SCREECHING) We can't let this guy get anywhere near a populated area.
I'm trying this thing was built for strength, not speed.
This is 20-David, in pursuit.
Westbound on Norwich approaching Glazer.
- Any units in the area? - RUIZ (OVER RADIO): Hondo, it's Ruiz.
I'm just south of you.
If you force him my way, - maybe I can lay a strip.
- HONDO (OVER RADIO): Roger that.
What do you say, Deac? Do what I can.
(SIREN WAILING) (SIRENS APPROACHING) (SIREN WAILING) Deacon, these rockets, if they burn up, they're gonna blow.
Ruiz, let's go, let's go.
HONDO: Cover! Gun! Move, move, move! Remember your old training? Oorah.
Move, move.
(MUTTERS, GRUNTS) You're outta road, Maddox.
It's time to give yourself up.
Don't do it.
You're not gonna make it, man.
You don't think I'm fast enough? As much as we'd both like to see you try HONDO: It's over, Maddox.
Let me see your hands.
(MADDOX GRUNTS) This is 20-David to Command.
Final suspect in custody.
We're Code 4.
Move it.
How many millions you think that is? Doesn't matter.
It was all meant to be destroyed anyway.
Well, on behalf of the U.
Marines, thank you.
You run a pretty impressive operation here.
Clearly, you know how to command.
Well, we both know where I got my start.
Listen, Ruiz.
Now, maybe 20 years is too long, but we never talked about my decision to not reenlist.
I saw your commitment to your team.
Had to wonder why it wasn't that way with us.
Look, it didn't have nothing to do with you or the other guys.
Do you remember that night raid in Merca? When we took out that rebel nest that was sniping those Army guys from the 23rd? - Above the street market.
- That's right.
We battered the hell out of them with the 50s.
When I went in on clean-up, I saw one of them A dead kid.
He couldn't have been more than 15.
That kid was firing on our troops.
But, Ruiz, when I saw him it took me back home to the kids from the streets of South L.
Just another dead black teen with a gun, man.
And that's when I realized, if I really want to make a change in this world, I gotta start in my own neighborhood, not some dirt street in Africa.
That's what I did.
Guess I can respect that.
You shouldn't have had to wait 20 years for an explanation, and that's on me.
Some of the guys from the old unit we still get together.
Maybe next time I'll hook you in.
I'd like that.
It'd be nice to see some of the old faces again.
Deac, man, what the hell? Captain just told us that you pulled yourself from the running to be the new 50-David.
That's right, I did.
Injuries heal, man.
It has nothing to do with my injuries.
LUCA: Well, what? Is it Annie and the kids? I mean, not being there for them enough? TAN: You'd probably have more time.
With the pay bump, you wouldn't need to moonlight anymore.
Look, fellas.
I all ready spoke to the captain.
It's a done deal; let's just leave it at that.
Yeah, but I don't get it, man.
This is what you always wanted, to finally have your own team.
HONDO: Hey, guys.
Give me a minute alone with Deac, all right? - Of course.
- Yeah.
(LOCKER DOOR OPENING) I stole some money today.
It was only for a minute, but It was in my pocket.
It was in my pocket before I threw it back and watched it burn.
(SIGHS) But for a moment, I became someone I-I didn't know.
Someone not worthy of leading a SWAT team.
That doesn't sound like the Deac I know.
I don't know who I am right now.
Why, man? What's going on with you? I'm in a financial hole.
I thought you and Luca already took care of that? We did.
But that was before the baby needed surgery.
I know, I should have reached out.
I-I was stupid ashamed.
And I wanted to do it myself.
Bottom line, I got involved with a loan shark.
Before I knew it, he had his hooks into me - for way more than money.
- (SIGHS) You got to tell all this to Cortez and Hicks, I understand.
Deacon I'm not about to get you fired.
I'm gonna get you some help.
You're not gonna face this alone.
Team is family.
No man left behind.
Thank you.
But I don't know what to do.
You're gonna tell me his name and exactly where I can find him.
How you doing? You know.
It hurts.
Hold up.
There's a reason I didn't tell Ty and Kira about Champ.
It's just As cops, there are things that happen on the job, you know? And as much as I want to share, you just want to tell someone who'll get it.
That's why I shared it with you.
And listen, um I'm sorry about all the stuff that I said.
Don't be sorry.
Maybe you're right.
(BELL JINGLES) MICKEY: Help you guys? You Mickey? Yeah, that's right.
What's this? That's the end of the story between you and Sergeant Kay.
And that plate you wanted to run? You can guess what you can do with that.
I didn't ask for any of this.
Y-You know that, right? - He came to me.
- And then you took advantage.
You're out of Deacon's life now, Mickey, you got me? And you better make sure that we don't come back into yours.
OFFICER: Parade, rest! Attention! ("TAPS" PLAYS) Good boy.