S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e22 Episode Script

Trigger Creep

1 - Previously on SWAT - My son Darryl been trying to keep him all the way out.
But I'm here.
I ain't there.
DAVIS: Picked up Darryl at a house party.
But he blew zero on the breathalyzer.
As a courtesy, I'm releasing him into your custody.
CHARICE: Something happened to Darryl.
The boy was shot.
They took Darryl to surgery already.
Now, reading is hard.
- Did Kelly do something wrong again? - No.
I-I think she might have dyslexia.
You still helping her with her reading, the dyslexia? LUCA: Couple times a week, yeah.
Her mom says that she's about to start a new charter school this year.
I'm in a financial hole.
- What's this? - That's the end of the story between you and Sergeant Kay.
HONDO: You're out of Deacon's life now.
STREET: That kiss.
I thought that was a mutual moment that we had.
Was I wrong? I moved in with Ty and Kira.
You and me, we're teammates.
That's all.
You've been here all night long.
- I know.
- Go home.
Get some sleep.
I'll be here to watch over him.
Visiting hours start soon.
You going to tell Leroy? Yeah.
BILLINGS: Call me as soon as the kid wakes up.
Ask for Detective Billings.
Detective? I'm Sergeant Daniel Harrelson, SWAT.
Yeah, Billings, Southwest.
Are you running point on the Darryl Henderson case? - Yep.
- Do you know what went down yet? No, I'm still trying to piece it together.
Best guess is, the kid took a job delivering snack foods, saw how much cash was involved, roped one of his friends into robbing the truck.
Probably a disagreement over the split.
Friend pulls a piece, you can fill in the rest.
Wait a minute.
You think Darryl was involved in the crime? Son of a major felon, who just got out of juvie for armed robbery, he's now involved in an armed robbery? - Come on.
- (PHONE RINGS) Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm juggling, like, a half a dozen cases.
I got to take this.
(SIGHS) - Special Agent Benson.
- Captain Cortez.
Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.
My pleasure.
What couldn't wait? Right down to business.
I love it.
For the last three months, the FBI has been tracking a ring of sex traffickers operating out of Jalisco.
They have moved hundreds of women and children over the Arizona-Mexico border, and that number is set to grow.
- How does that involve the LAPD? - Next month, the ring's leader, Rodrigo Navarro, will be setting foot on U.
soil for the first time in three years.
Now he's looking for someone to coordinate his entry stateside, and we had an agent ready to go undercover as his coordinator.
But a recent data breach in the Phoenix field office has us worried she'll be made.
You're not looking for SWAT's help are you? No.
Because of the data breach, we need someone outside of the Bureau to step in for her.
We want you.
Your work in Mexico was imprssive.
And it had to feel a little satisfying.
- How long are we talking? - Two weeks prep, two weeks undercover.
Think Commander Hicks will loan you out for a month? You haven't run this by him yet? - No point if you're not on board.
- I don't know.
Uh, Mexico City was a few days.
But a month? I have commitments to SWAT.
- To the LAPD.
- I understand that it is short notice, but you have an opportunity here to save hundreds of women and children.
I save lives here, overseeing 85 SWAT officers as they handle the biggest emergencies in the city.
And I'm not knocking that.
I'm just saying that it would be a damn shame to keep someone with your instincts stuck behind a desk.
Promise me you'll read the case file before saying no? - I'll take a look.
- That's all I ask.
Thank you.
I take it you already heard.
Heard enough but not everything.
How bad is he? He got one in the chest, one in the leg.
He was in surgery all yesterday.
Right now he's in the ICU.
Had to hear my son got shot thirdhand.
Didn't even get the courtesy of a phone call.
I felt like it was best to come tell you in person, so I got down here as soon as I could.
Know who shot him yet? No.
You? Anything on your end? Anybody who got beef with the Hammers or you? That it would've spilled over onto Darryl? You serious right now? You took my son out of juvie without telling me.
You took him in without telling me.
You really think I wouldn't find out my son was living with a cop? I wasn't trying to hide it, Leroy.
Man, you should've left him in juvie where I could - look out for him.
- He almost died in juvie! What, you think this "assert your dominance" crap - was gonna help keep him alive? - It's kept me alive.
He ain't you, Leroy, you know that! No, but he's my son.
Not yours.
Ain't nobody disputing that.
But if you want the truth, you ain't been there for him.
- I ain't had much choice.
- Oh, stop it! You had a choice.
We both did.
Oh, you come here to mix it up with me? No, I came here to keep the peace.
- How's that? - Leroy, if you ain't done it already, as soon as I walk out that door, you're gonna call O-Dog or one of your Gs you used to roll with because you want retribution for your son.
You know you do.
And I'm asking you - to stand down.
Let me handle it.
- I let this go without consequence, pretty soon I'll be staring down someone else's barrel.
Just how this life is, man.
Nah, I got to make my move.
No, you don't.
Not this time, man.
Hey, the world don't start spinning the other way around just 'cause you say so! Leroy, I'm gonna find out who did this to Darryl.
I give you my word.
I don't know what that means no more.
You do you.
I do me.
It's a conflict of interest, you being involved in the case.
Sir, the detective's already made up his mind, and thinks Darryl was involved.
Well, I'm sure the facts will shake out.
Give it a day or two.
Take the time.
Go be with the kid.
I'm not doing him any good sitting in the hospital waiting while whoever did this is getting away with it.
Darryl's father, Leroy, you know he ain't playing.
He's already got guys on the street searching for the shooter.
And they ain't waiting on warrants.
They gonna be breaking down doors and knocking heads, and when they find him, they're gonna kill him.
Along with any chance I got at clearing Darryl's name.
Hondo, we're SWAT! We don't run robbery investigations.
That's not what we do.
I'm looking into this one way or the other.
So we can either make this official, or you can wonder what I'm doing on my day off.
(EXHALES) I'll call the captain at Southwest, - give him the heads-up.
- Thank you.
You keep that case detective informed of all your movements.
I catch wind of any impropriety, I'll pull you right back.
- Clear? - Crystal.
- Have a nice day.
- Okay, good.
So you close out the order like this, and you're ready for the next customer.
Hi, how Brad, what are you doing here? Look, I told you that I would mail you your final paycheck.
You didn't have to get it dry-cleaned.
SETH: Sorry about that, folks.
We'll get that taken care of.
Jen, can you grab a broom? - Who was that? - That was Brad.
He used to work here, but we had to let him go because he verbally abused a customer.
Asked for hot coffee.
This ain't even warm.
Uh, sorry.
Let me fix that for you.
Wh-wh is Now, don't sound it out.
We've read this word before.
Just, just, take a second.
Study the letters.
(QUIETLY): Wh Is, Wh Is Whisper.
Atta girl! (CHUCKLING): Yeah! Hey, wait'll you start at the new school, Kelly.
They have a whole program just for kids with dyslexia.
Teachers with special training.
I'm expecting all As.
Maybe a few Bs.
LUCA: Just do your best, okay? Listen, why don't you pack up, and I'm gonna talk to your mom for a second.
I can't thank you enough for helping her.
I never thought I would see above a C-minus - on her report card.
- What's going on, Tuana? Everything's still good to go with the charter school, right? Last week, they asked for her discipline record, and you know the trouble she was getting into - before she was diagnosed.
- No way.
So they want to pull her spot? I thought winning the lottery guaranteed her seat in the fall.
They can't, they can't just take that away.
The school district says it's up to the principal, and the principal is concerned - about her conduct.
- Yeah, but Kelly's been working so hard.
She's so excited.
I don't know how I'm gonna tell her.
No, look, look, no, no.
No, we are not gonna take no for an answer.
Okay? Don't worry.
I got this.
- Luca, you have done more than enough.
- If Kelly stays at her current school, she's just gonna keep falling behind, no matter how many of these sessions we do each week.
She deserves better.
(PHONE BEEPING) Look, I got to run.
But I'm gonna make a few calls.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm gonna fix this, okay? Hey, you just keep working hard, all right? - Okay.
- Okay.
DEACON: Patrol sent over an ID of our shooting suspect.
Brad Thomas.
He's got one prior.
Threatened someone over a parking spot.
Social media shows that he's a champion competitive shooter.
He's got two guns registered to his name, a Glock 17 and a Remington 700.
He was fired from his job at the diner two days ago.
Whatever happened to dealing with rejection - like a normal human being? - TAN: Yeah, right? Sinking a few beers, bitching to friends, wake up next day with a hangover, hit the Help Wanted sections.
LUCA: Street, why are you so quiet? This got anything to do with you not coming home last night? TAN: Really? Somebody finally swiped right, - give you a pity date? - No, I DEACON: Listen up.
Patrol just completed a grid search the restaurant.
No sign of Brad, he's in the wind.
But his pay slips show that he's living in a boarding house in Santa Monica.
- So Luca, let's head there.
- Yep.
Treating him as an active shooter.
- Right side clear! - Left side clear! Clear.
- CHRIS: He's not here.
- DEACON: 30-David to Command.
No sign of Brad Thomas.
- Does he have a family? - A wife, Lara Thomas.
We're working on bringing her in.
And a daughter, Thea Thomas.
Three years old Oh, wait.
His daughter died.
Nine months ago.
(EXHALES) Well, that could be one trigger.
Empty ammo boxes here.
Got to be at least 200 rounds' worth.
With that much ammo, he's got to be planning something big.
Before he turns the gun on himself.
This guy laid out a funeral suit.
He's not planning to live through this.
You said Brad killed two people? Yes, he did.
We want to make sure that number doesn't get higher.
You think he might want to hurt more people? We don't know.
That's why we need to ask you some questions, Lara.
Witnesses said your husband was driving your car.
Do you have any idea where he was headed, what he was planning? No.
- No, I haven't seen him for weeks.
- Why not? I've been in rehab.
The Mercer Center? It's a 60-day program, so they made, uh, an exception for me to get out - and come here.
- They don't allow visitors? Uh mm uh, Brad and I were getting a d-divorce.
Is it because of what happened to your daughter? Yeah, that morning, she, uh, she was fine.
She, she woke up smiling, like always.
We went and played at the park and, uh by the afternoon, she was gone.
It was meningitis.
Well, we're very sorry for your loss.
Yesterday was her birthday.
She, uh, she would have been four.
Lara, did Brad hold any grudges? Was he angry with anyone specifically? I-I don't know.
Oh the world? Do you have any idea what it's, uh, like to lose a child? Well, they say most marriages don't survive it.
But, uh I don't know how most people do.
(SNIFFLES) You know, I started, uh, drinking, other stuff, too, but I'm-I'm clean.
36 36 days.
But, uh, Brad, he took so much time off of work to-to help me out, though, you know, he got, he got fired.
And he was a chef.
At a nice restaurant.
Can you just imagine going from that to a diner? And of course, without his paychecks, we couldn't keep up with the mortgage.
So the bank took the house and I didn't care, but, um but Brad did.
He said it was where all his memories were of Thea.
We're gonna, um need the name of that restaurant downtown, the bank that foreclosed on the house and the hospital where Thea was taken and any other potential targets.
(EXHALES) All right? We'll have one of our officers help you out.
So, Street, if you weren't on a date last night, where were you? - I - JESSICA: Tan.
I need you to help out the shooter's wife, Lara Thomas.
- She's in my office.
- Yeah, on it.
Actually, I, uh, been staying at my mom's apartment the last few nights, hoping she'll show up.
Nothing yet.
Good luck with that.
When are we I mean, when are we gonna talk about all this awkwardness between us? We're not.
We're just gonna do our jobs.
I already spent the entire day here yesterday.
I wasn't planning on another.
I wish you had told me this morning you had a personal stake in the case.
Is the kid friend or family? A little of both.
This is the delivery driver.
Jorge Romero.
He'll run you through what he saw.
I'm Sergeant Daniel Harrelson, LAPD SWAT.
Hondo, right? Yeah Darryl never shuts up about you.
- How's he doing? - Not great.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Look, I know you've already told Detective Billings what happened, but I'd appreciate it if you'd run through it for me.
Yeah, u-um Darryl and me had already unloaded the boxes.
I was inside working out payment with the owner, when Darryl rushed out.
30 seconds later, I hear this "pop pop.
" I came out, saw Darryl lying right there.
Did you see the shooter's face? Clothes, tats, anything? Um, by the time I got out here, guy was gone.
So was my cashbox.
I don't know.
I've hired a lot of troubled kids, you know, give them a second chance to start their life over and, uh I never saw any of them want it as bad as Darryl.
Look, if you remember anything at all, you call me directly at this number.
You already checked that camera? Yeah.
Belongs to the restaurant around the corner.
Owner's out of the country, manager says he won't show us anything without a subpoena.
- You write one up? - It's on the top of my to-do list.
I'm assuming you checked for prints, ran ballistics? Look, I know how to do my job.
No prints, submitted ballistics yesterday.
All right, I've got a buddy at FAU who owes me.
- He'll put a rush on it.
- Can't wait.
Why do I get the feeling that this case ain't too priority for you? Because it's not.
I'm working five other cases right now, three of them homicides with innocent victims.
Am I missing something here? Because Jorge didn't mention a thing that points - a finger at Darryl.
- Is that your impartial opinion? Look, no offense, but this kid of yours got picked up with a bunch of other bangers held at - the 77th a few weeks back.
- And he was released without charge.
Into your custody.
Come on, man.
You're telling me you didn't pull any strings there? Look, I get it.
You two are close.
If I'd known that this morning, I would have held my tongue.
But my theory still stands.
Kid with his past, stack of stolen cash in his pocket doesn't scream, "Innocent.
" Wait a minute, wait a minute.
The cash was in his pocket? Most of it disappeared with the cash box, but yeah, Darryl had $500 in his pocket.
- Did you ask Jorge about it? - Yeah.
He says Darryl has access to the cash he collected along the delivery route.
Looks to me he grabbed as much as he could before he got shot.
I'm not rooting for this to turn out in any particular way but sometimes the facts are just the facts.
You want to check my math? You be my guest.
And if you find something, you let me know.
(ENGINE STARTS) (MOTOR IDLING) Come on, man, let's go.
Hey! Hey! Did Leroy send you? Hey! LAPD.
You all right? - (PANTING, GRUNTS) - I got you.
- (GRUNTS) - You okay? Uh, been better.
- What happened? - Was getting ready to open, taking the trash out, when those guys come in, put a gun to my face and say to turn over the security footage from the camera outside.
Took the whole DVR and left.
Of course, not before pistol-whipping me for no good reason.
Here, let me help you.
Did you see the footage from yesterday? - Nope.
- Any chance there's a backup? Uh, might be.
Boss would know, but he decided to take his little slam piece to Punta Mita for the week.
Left me alone to deal with this crap.
Oh, come on.
Every damn day.
Homeless guy comes 'round the block every morning dumpster diving for recyclables.
Leaves a mess that I got to clean up.
Was he in the area yesterday morning? Like I said, every damn day.
- What's he look like? - Red beanie, pushes a shopping cart.
Name's Disco.
Disco? Man, Mr.
Kim don't pay me nearly enough for this.
HICKS: How are we doing with the shooter's wife? Tan's still working with Lara on a list of her husband's potential targets.
- But I was hoping you had a minute.
- What's up? Agent Benson came to see me this morning.
Says she needs me for another undercover assignment.
- How long? - One month.
Is there an LA connection? - No, not really.
- Well, let her down easy.
There's no need straining that relationship.
Well, a-actually, I'm considering it.
She's trying to poach you, Cortez.
I mean, come on.
It's not a one-month gig.
One month turns into two, just long enough for you to fall in love with the job and decide to stay on.
I know this play; hell, I've made this play myself to grab personnel from other departments.
Even if it were a play, I wouldn't let it happen.
I'm happy here.
This would only be one month.
You're on a short list for Director of Police Operations.
You want jeopardize that? No reason I can't do both.
During the Mexico City operation, being in the field again, all the responsibility on my shoulders, I-I felt useful.
It was different.
It's your career.
You really want me to sign off on this, I'll do it.
But you keep in mind: when they do interview you for Police Ops, they're gonna want someone who's happily married to the LAPD, not someone with a mistress at the FBI.
You take this gig, you can kiss Police Ops good-bye.
TAN: Just got a hit on the BOLO we put out on Lara's car.
98th and Avion, right by LAX.
Bank that foreclosed on the house is just a few blocks away.
Let's go.
You could take it from the top And I'll still make it hot That's just how I gotta do whenever it drop, yeah I'm recorded on various equipment If you going negative, then you keep your distance But if you're trying to impress, we could make A whole lotta fun chaos out of the mess (MUSIC FADES) All right, Luca, stay behind the wheel.
Shots fired.
(SCREAMING) Tan and Street, get those civilians to safety.
We'll keep Black Betty here, provide some cover.
Chris, can you get up high, get eyes on Brad? - Get in Sir! Get behind us.
- CHRIS: The parking garage.
He's still using the bolt-action.
- I can move btween shots.
- All right, go.
(SCREAMING) Move, move, move, move! Get away from the windows! Away from the windows.
Get behind me.
Get behind me.
30-David to Command, we could use some eyes in the sky.
Air support's still waiting on approval from air traffic control.
Hey, I got to get these people behind that glass! - Open that door! - Okay, over here.
DEACON: There, Chris.
He's on the roof by the swap meet.
Behind the A.
Almost there! - DEACON: Tan, how we doing in there? - Almost done! Hey! Lock that door, stay down.
On our way.
Move, move, move.
STREET: Everybody in the bank is safe.
I can't see him from up here.
(SCREAMING) Go, go, go, go! Let's go, let's go! Move it out! Move out! Tan, Luca, take the back five.
Street, you keep eyes on the crowd.
- Come on, come on! - STREET: Move it out! TAN: Let's go, let's go! - Get up! - Let's go! - DEACON: Chris, I'm going up.
- I got you.
STREET: Hey, move out! This way, this way.
Let me see your hands! Get out.
Get out, get out.
Move, move, move, move! Not here.
Tan, Luca, check the door on the north side.
Street, you keep checking the crowd.
Chris, anything? CHRIS: Nothing from up here.
Street? STREET: Nope.
HICKS: So Brad Thomas is still in the wind.
I thought we had this area locked down.
Is he that smart or just lucky? Well, it's a little bit of both.
Airships couldn't get there in time because of the proximity to the airport.
He must've slipped through our perimeter in all the chaos.
He hijacked a woman's red Honda CR-V two blocks north of the bank.
At least he ditched his rifle.
He still has his Glock, though.
Lara gave us a list of people Brad might go after.
We're covering the hospital where their daughter was taken, and the restaurant downtown where he used to work.
Even have officers watching people who left bad reviews of Brad's customer service online.
We're still analyzing Brad's social media for any clues to locations or people we might have missed.
We found this in the minivan.
It's a invoice for a towing company.
Explains why he took Lara's car.
His got towed last night.
Could be another possible target.
What about the wife? You think she could be a target because of the divorce? JESSICA: Possibly.
We wanted her to stay here, but her rehab center wanted her back.
Felt she needed supervision given what's happened.
We sent a uni with her just in case.
Six months ago, this guy had everything to live for.
JESSICA: Now he thinks he has everything to die for.
Get over to the towing company.
Take Luca and Tan.
I'm gonna send Street and Chris to go check on Brad's mother-in-law.
You Disco? You can't arrest me.
Those bins are on public property.
Relax, I ain't trying to arrest you.
I just want to ask you a few questions about the shooting that went down a few blocks over yesterday morning.
Somebody said you might've been in the area.
Did you see anything? Not sure.
Maybe you have something - that could jog my memory? - How much? 50? Deal.
As long as you give me something useful.
So, I'm on my usual route, when I see this guy sneaking into a delivery truck.
I figure he's robbing it, but not my cart, so not my problem.
- Did you get a look at the guy? - Nuh-uh.
A few seconds later, the other kid comes out, - they start arguing.
- What kid? - What'd he look like? - The other kid.
The-the one that got shot.
Anyway, they're arguing, fighting over a box of something and bam! I didn't stick around after that.
Rode my cart right out of there.
That's a pretty cold thing to be doing to someone you know.
Wait a minute.
What makes you think they knew each other? They were talking, whispering.
Must've been a minute before they started fighting.
- You're sure about that? - Yes, sir.
(PAPER CRINKLING) Yeah, Billings? I got an update.
Do you think he was playing us all along? Just saying "Yes, ma'am," "Yes, sir," all the while just pulling stuff like this? You cannot believe that he played a part in this.
I mean, maybe the Darryl that first got out of juvie, but not this Darryl.
He's only been with us a couple of months, Ma.
You really think that's enough time to offset being raised wrong? I mean, maybe he was already too far gone.
There was a time when I thought I lost you.
Sneaking out, tagging, boozing, smoking, doing God knows what.
You weren't much different from Darryl.
I've seen boys who are too far gone.
Darryl isn't one of them.
(PHONE RINGING) I got to take this.
Detective? BILLINGS: I have no idea how you did it, but that ballistic report came back in record time.
The gun used in Darryl's shooting was fired once before.
Self-defense during an apartment robbery.
And get this, it's registered to Jorge Romero.
Darryl's boss? Yep.
He's out on a delivery run right now.
I'll send you the address.
TAN: Almost there, Luca.
Take a right up here, then tow yard's the second left.
- Yo, Luca? You with us? - LUCA: Yeah, sorry, uh, I heard you, I was just thinking.
Have either of you ever written a letter of recommendation - for a school before? - DEACON: Oh, I've never written one, but I had to ask Hicks to write one for Lila to get into preschool.
(CHUCKLES) Only in L.
- Why? - I called the charter school that Kelly's trying to get into and the principal said I could write a letter of recommendation, but it needs to be in by tonight.
- How's it going? - Terrible, man.
I mean, I started a few times, but I got, like, a million things I want to say.
I don't even know where to start.
Then screw the letter.
Talk to the principal.
What do you mean, face-to-face? Yeah.
My best friend growing up, his pops sold insurance.
Used to say it's always harder for someone to say no to your face and nobody's gonna say no to you in person.
You're huge.
(CHUCKLES) (GRUNTING) I think that's Brad's car over there.
It was parked five minutes over the limit.
They towed him.
That'd sure piss me off, too.
Enough to go on a killing spree? Well, he lost his kid, his job, his home and his wife.
Didn't have anyone to throw him a lifeline, man, It's probably not just one thing.
Place is open.
Where's the owner? - Hello? - Hey, I got a body! (GUN CLICKS) Dead several hours, I'd say.
LUCA: 22-David requesting patrol supervisor at Dunham Towing on Oak.
Advise RHD and the coroner's office.
DEACON: Brad must have come here this morning before the restaurant shooting.
- This is the catalyst.
- Didn't have $384 to get his car out of the towing jail, so he kills this guy.
TAN: Went home, got his gun and made a mental list of all the people he was pissed at.
Then he takes his wife's car and he makes the rounds.
All right, so who's next? (EXHALES) Let's sweep the lot.
See what we find.
I got a dozen receipts, all from the same flower shop.
- And the address? - Yeah, 2400 block of Cheshire Way.
Wait, that's right near Highland Memorial Park.
That's where his daughter's buried.
JESSICA: We have a problem.
Brad's taken Lara.
Snatched her from rehab.
Shot a uni with his Glock to get to her.
- Is the officer okay? - JESSICA: He will be.
But the next one might not.
Any idea where he could be taking her? I got a hunch.
Jorge? Oh, hey, guys.
- What's up? - HONDO: We found your name registered to the gun used in the robbery, so no more games.
Who shot Darryl? It was my nephew, Luis.
I saw him run off with my cashbox, just when I came outside.
Didn't realize he used my gun.
Listen, I've been looking out for him ever since his dad passed a few years back, okay? The kid needed a good influence, and I tried to be that for him.
I-I even had him working with me for a while.
Did you know he was gonna rob your truck? Come on, I had no idea.
He recently started jabbing needles in his arm.
Right now he'd sell his own mother for a hit.
He knows there's cash when we make deliveries.
So, I-I don't know.
I guess he thought he could make a quick buck robbing his uncle.
Any chance Luis and Darryl planned this thing together? Oh, I doubt it.
I mean, they met once or twice before, but nothing more than "Hey, what's up?" The cash in Darryl's pocket.
Do you know anything about that? We delivered to a few stores in a row.
I told Darryl to hold onto the cash until we got back on the truck.
You failed to mention that yesterday.
Hey, I was just looking out for my nephew.
Where is Luis now? He's been living at his girlfriend's the last two months.
We're gonna need the girlfriend's name and address.
Jasmine Martinez, open up! - LAPD! - Luis Romero, if you're in there, we need you to cooperate.
You're life is in danger, man.
Your best-case scenario is to come with us.
We got a rabbit! Billings, you two cut him off that way.
You're with me, come on.
- (LUIS GRUNTS) - Where you going? Huh? Where you going? Cuff him.
Why'd you do it? Huh? Why'd you do it to him? What's up? What's up? You want to try me? I guarantee you it ain't gonna go your way.
Sergeant, we got a problem here? Nah.
Nah, we ain't got no problems.
They were just leaving.
You tell Leroy this is done.
And I kept my word.
Just tell me one thing.
What were you and Darryl talking about before you shot him? He was trying to stop me.
Said I didn't have to do it.
That he used to be like me, but he changed.
Stupid kid should've kept his mouth shut.
Well, looks like we cracked it.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Couldn't have done it without you.
- At least, not this fast.
- Right.
(PHONE RINGING) Hey, Ma, what's going on? CHARICE: Hondo, you need to get back here quick.
- What happened? - I don't know, I don't know.
His blood pressure started falling and he was shaking and now they're rushing him to surgery.
I'm on my way.
Hey, you think he's gonna off himself here? Well, he started the day planning to die, what better place to do it? Brad, please, stop.
I don't want to be here.
Just-just let me go.
I come here every day to see Thea, to be close to her.
My poor baby.
We both miss her.
But it's okay 'cause she's better off now.
Don't you see that? Okay, it's time.
- Let's go be with her.
- What? You said you didn't want to live without her.
No, no, I said I don't know how to live without her.
This is the only thing that makes sense.
This world ain't right.
Come on, take it.
You've been chasing it.
You're not gonna find the answers at the bottom of a bottle.
This is how you find your answers.
All three of us together again.
- Babe, do it.
- Mm-mm.
I don't want to.
TAN: Check it out, that's the car Brad jacked.
Over there, to the left! (SIREN WAILING) - I don't want to! No! - Yes, you do.
Okay, listen! (SIREN CHIRPS, STOPS) I got Lara.
Go! - Are you hit? - No.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Here, let me get you up.
- Okay.
- You all right? You hit anywhere? - No, I'm good.
Okay, come on, let's get you up here.
- Please don't hurt me.
- BRAD: You don't want to see this, get out of here.
Hey, Brad, put the gun down.
It's over.
Brad, don't do this, man, come on.
- You don't want to die today.
- You stay back.
All right.
Calm down.
Let's just talk.
I know how you feel.
(CHUCKLES) I doubt that.
No, no, I-I do, trust me.
I came close to losing it all, too; my wife, my job, my home.
- Close, but no cigar.
- I got lucky.
But that anger that you're feeling, I get it.
I felt it, too.
I blamed everybody.
I blamed the banks, I blamed the doctors, I blamed God.
I kept thinking the world was out to get me, that maybe my family would be better off without me.
What if I was more valuable to them gone than here? Cleaning up my gun.
That would've been easy make it look like an accident.
But you didn't have the guts to do it.
No, I-I had someone offer me a lifeline before I had to make that choice.
That is why I'm offering you a lifeline.
I don't want a lifeline.
(GRUNTS) Get down.
Hands behind your back.
(BRAD GROANING) DEACON: You didn't offer the people you murdered a choice whether they lived or died.
You don't get to choose either.
I heard what you said back there.
Basic negotiating form a connection, say whatever you need to build their trust.
That's all.
I'm good.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSIONS) Mama, he was doing right.
He was trying to stop someone from stealing.
He doesn't deserve any of this.
He's a good kid, he's a good kid.
- Things will be okay, I promise.
- How, Ma? I'm sorry, but how, how can you promise that? Because that's all I got for you right now.
Because, as your mother, it's my job to tell you that everything is gonna be fine, everything's gonna work out, even if I'm scared, even if I don't have a damn clue what's going to happen.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) DOCTOR: He's out of surgery.
He made it, but there were some complications.
Despite our best efforts, the wound in Darryl's leg became infected and posed a risk to his health.
We were able to save the leg, but had to remove a great deal of muscle tissue.
He'll be able to walk, but he'll never have full functionality.
- But he's gonna live? - Yes.
I'll give you a moment.
I'm around if you have questions.
Thank you.
Things will be okay.
(SIGHS) Wait.
Wait, wait.
Principal Roberts? Yes? I'm glad I caught you.
Your secretary said you just left.
I'm Officer Dominique Luca.
We spoke on the phone earlier about, um, Kelly Stewart.
I'm on my way home, Officer.
You should've written that letter like I mentioned on the phone earlier.
Look, I just need one minute, please? Just one minute.
All right, but make it a quick minute.
Okay, quick.
When I was growing up, I didn't think I was worth much of anything.
Okay? Teachers would call me to read in class and I would just freeze up.
Kids would start laughing at me, you know? Like, they'd make fun of me, so I start wailing on them to shut them up.
And I got suspended more times than I can even count.
I mean, my old man didn't even think I was gonna amount to anything, but when I was 14, I had a teacher, his name was Mr.
Clark, he's the first person to ever tell me that I was smart and that I just saw things a little differently.
And he took me to see a therapist who diagnosed me with dyslexia.
So they helped work me to learn how to read.
And after that, I-I stopped getting in fights and I turned my grades around.
And now I'm-I'm a SWAT officer.
You know, so I must've been worth something, and it was all because someone gave me a second chance.
I've known Kelly for a year.
And you're not gonna read it in her file, but she is kind and she's hardworking and smart.
She just needs somebody to give her a second chance.
(TALKING INDISTINCTLY) - You start this fall.
- No way! Yes way! (CHUCKLES) Yeah! Does this mean no more tutoring sessions? Not a chance, kiddo.
You can't get rid of me that easy.
- Good.
- Yeah? Good job.
Thank you.
You said one month.
This is two, - maybe three months' work.
- If I'd told you that from the get-go, you'd never have read the file.
Are you trying to poach me from SWAT? Look, Navarro's a bad guy.
All right? The priority is taking him down, but if, at the end of the operation, you felt like staying on, well, there would definitely be - a place for you.
- I have a place here on SWAT.
I can't just leave for three months.
Plus, I'm looking at a promotion.
It sounds great.
I assume it's more time behind a desk? Cortez, you are too good to be sitting on the sidelines.
You need to be out in the field.
(THUMPING NEARBY) LAPD! Hands where I can see them! Mom? Mom? - Who the hell are you? - Who the hell are you? This is my apartment you're breaking into, and that is my Blu-ray player you're trying to steal.
Bad move.
I wasn't breaking in.
I got keys.
And I wasn't stealing, neither.
This is mine.
- Where'd you get the keys? - Karen told me this was her place.
She said I could come by and take whatever I wanted.
Is she okay? Karen? How should I know? How much does she owe you? $200.
You gonna pay me? Pay you? You're-you're lucky I don't arrest you.
Let me see this.
Frezno Tina? You're the one who sold my credit card information.
She give you that, too? Where is she? Where is my mom? How much is it worth? This Blu-ray player you want so bad.
I'll tell you where she is, but I'll warn you, you might not like what you find.
): Charge nurse on duty to NICU.
Charge nurse on duty to NICU.
(GROANING SOFTLY) Darryl? Hey, Darryl.
Don't worry, D.
Things will be okay.
- I promise.
- (MUFFLED): Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.