S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e23 Episode Script


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I'm not gonna let them put you in a group home.
We both want you to stay here.
Hondo, the boy was shot while making deliveries on his job.
LEROY: Should've left him in juvie where I could look out for him.
He's my son, not yours.
HONDO: He was trying to stop someone from stealing.
DOCTOR: He'll be able to walk, but he'll never have full functionality.
But he's gonna live.
The FBI has been tracking a ring of sex traffickers operating out of Jalisco.
We want you.
She's trying to poach you, Cortez.
Even if we intercept, how are we supposed to stop a truck going that fast? - Only one way.
- (PEOPLE SCREAMING) - STREET: You okay? - I can't move.
You know, the way you saved those people rumor is you're being considered for the Police Star.
STREET: It's my mom again.
She hasn't checked with in her PO and if she misses one more meeting They'll put out a warrant and revoke her.
Well, I got a fraud alert for a credit card I never signed up for, and it's got to be her.
You're the one who sold my credit card information? - Where is my mom? - You might not like what you find.
The Emancipators want $540 million to be distributed to various charities.
(DISTORTED): We took five employees from five of the largest corporations in Los Angeles.
CINQUE: Sergeant Daniel Harrelson, I bet you joined the LAPD thinking you'd change the system from within.
- (LAUGHING) - Let's see how cocky you are when you ain't got a mask or a camera to hide behind.
Hello? CINQUE: Surely you didn't think this was over.
You just gave me five megaphones to spread my message to the world.
Thank you.
Come on.
Come with me.
Hey, hey, hey, watch, watch, watch.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? - No, no, no, no.
- (LAUGHS) Shh.
- What's going on? - Who the hell are you? - Bryce.
So, you leave the apartment and disappear for weeks without a word and start using again 'cause you chose this guy? (LAUGHS) - Name ain't "this guy.
" It's Bryce, and you need to go.
Listen (GROANING) - Okay.
Hey, stop it.
(GRUNTING) - Stop it, stop it.
- Eddie, baby, please.
- Yeah.
Who the hell is Eddie? (GROANING) Eddie was my father.
You know, I I love the way you fight for me, Eddie.
(LAUGHS) I'm not Eddie.
I'm Jim.
I'm your son.
What? I'm your son.
I Oh, Jimmy.
I'm gonna straighten things up.
Um What's she on? We took a mix a little of a lot of things.
KAREN: Are you hungry? I can make you some waffles.
I don't want any waffles, Ma.
KAREN: Well, uh, might have to go (LAUGHING): to the store, though.
(SNIFFLES) What's - Come here.
- Uh-oh.
Hey, come here.
- I'm taking her home.
- Oh.
HONDO: How's the physical therapy coming? Well, he's starting to get strength back in his leg.
It's not bad for two weeks after getting shot, but Could be better.
He's just really bummed.
I'm trying to get him to stand up and take steps on his own, but Darryl has to want to do it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You ready to get up out of here? Doctor says you can go home tomorrow.
- It's cool.
- What you watching? Um, some video about some strange-looking animals.
- Oh, yeah? What country are they in? - I don't know.
Another place I've never been to.
Darryl, the doctor says you requested no visitors.
I can't even walk straight.
(SCOFFS) Don't know if I ever will.
I can't have people see me like this.
I was named after my dad's friend, right? Yeah.
He got shot, too.
Maybe this is like some type of curse or something.
Come on, Darryl.
You can't think like that.
And how am I supposed to think? It's gonna take a minute.
And it's literally gonna be one step at a time.
Easy for you to say.
Dad, I wanted to catch you before your shift started.
Molly, perfect timing.
You still haven't told me what brings you to town.
Can't a loving daughter just surprise - her father for a visit? - Okay.
I stopped by the dry cleaners like you asked.
Here are your dress blues, starched and creased.
I'm gonna need these for the Police Star ceremony.
Speaking of which, Deacon, congrats.
Congrats on what? Brass decided to award me the Police Star.
Seriously? What, for saving lives at the Love All parade? Deac! Dude, I knew you were in the running.
I had no idea that you got it.
Why didn't you say anything, man? I'm just not sure how I feel about it.
Dude, the Police Star's one of the highest honors in the LAPD, man.
No one in my family's ever won it.
I'm humbled by it, I am.
But after the year I put everyone through, not sure I deserve it.
Hey, if you need help with that speech, I got you.
Good to see you again.
You, too, Abby.
It took us two tries to catch these Emancipators.
No way I was gonna miss a pre-trial of the year.
I hear City Hall might be eyeing you for a promotion.
Any comment? Why don't you stick to the story Harold sent you to cover? (CHUCKLES) What can I say? I'm greedy.
BOTH: People of Los Angeles.
We will not be silenced by corporations any longer.
(GAVEL BANGS) - SHELTON: Order! That's the same stuff they've been saying since we arrested them.
- Cinque said they would be megaphones - (EMANCIPATORS CONTINUING) to spread his message.
It's time to rise up and rebel against it.
- (GAVEL BANGS) - Settle down! Order! So, this is normal for them? The time to be good to each other has passed.
Order! Deputies.
The system will be burned to ashes, - starting with this courthouse.
That's new.
- MAN: Oh, my God! - (GALLERY MURMURING) WOMAN: Oh, no! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) CINQUE (ON TV): Ladies and gentlemen of Los Angeles, the intermission is over.
Is everyone ready for the final act? Cinque.
They must have hacked the feed.
There's a saying.
"Poverty is genocide in slow motion.
" We have come to stop the genocide.
People suffer from lies, an us-versus-them narrative that is sold to divide good people and never help them in any meaningful way.
And do you know who benefits from these lies? I'll give you a hint.
It isn't the poor or the hungry or the meek.
It's the oppressors.
The Los Angeles superior courthouse is a symbol of oppression.
That's City Councilman Strub and Councilman Washington.
And City Controller Gwen Miller.
These institutions cannot be trusted, so we are convening our own court.
A court for the people.
That's the 4th Street bridge.
Get some unis down there now.
OFFICER: Right away.
No, no, this is a mistake.
There's been no mistake.
You are Tony Strub, councilman for the 13th District of Los Angeles? The same councilman who voted no on the affordable housing bill? - This is illegal.
- Your guilt has already been determined.
This is merely a sentencing hearing.
Give this man proper judgment.
(GRUNTING) We gave you two chances to change your ways, but corruption and greed still rule.
So this time we don't want money and we don't want to bargain.
We're going to burn the system down and rebuild on its ashes.
- (PEOPLE SCREAMING) As I told LAPD Sergeant Daniel Harrelson the last time, it's time to put faces to our beliefs.
You know how optics work.
The system we have is hopeless.
That the average citizen is just fed lip service and lies.
So, first, we came for the ruling class, then the corporations.
This time it's the politicians.
Every hour, we will sentence another politician on air.
You know they say that, uh, sequels are usually worse than the originals.
They're correct.
This will be much much worse.
Field Marshal Cinque out.
Spoke to captain Cortez.
Fortunately, no casualties at the courthouse, but unis found Councilman Strub's body hanging from the 4th Street Bridge.
Similar to, uh, an immigrant hanging from 100 years ago.
These guys are history buffs.
That's why they reenacted the whole Patty Hearst thing before.
It wouldn't surprise me if they were planning this stunt all along.
Patrol tried pressing the Emancipators on trial, but to quote them, "We'd rather die than speak against Field Marshal Cinque.
" Cinque's a man of his word.
That means we're 30 minutes from the top of the hour, and then he publicly executes Councilman Washington or Gwen Miller.
Chief ordered a protection detail on the mayor and every city council member and their immediate families.
All are potential targets.
I want us ready to move as soon as we identify this guy.
Is there any particular reason why he mentioned your name? You think you're a target, too? I doubt it.
Cinque's just playing games like last time.
Well, he called your cell phone before.
Street, I want us ready to trace any new phone calls - or streaming signals these guys make.
- Roger that.
We have the serial numbers of the bank cash these guys stole.
I can double check with other divisions, - track money on the street.
- Do it.
Commander, I get your concern for my safety, but I'm an asset.
Cinque showed his face, knowing that we would identify him.
That makes him more dangerous than ever.
He's got an endgame in mind, and we still don't know what it is yet.
I can help stop it.
The FBI got a bunch of calls about Cinque.
A lot of them say they recognize him as Devin Carlisle.
History major with radical leanings.
HONDO: Last known address? CHRIS: This house in the Valley.
Things are never what it seem with these guys - Tricks, traps - And bombs.
We got to be careful.
Two times, they wanted us to storm the wrong place and make us look bad.
LAPD SWAT! Kids, stay put.
DEACON: Bedroom clear! - HONDO: Closet only.
- Kitchen clear! Cleared the house, nothing here.
Hey, guys.
We're the police.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Are you okay? We're looking for a man by the name of Cinque.
Do you know who I'm talking about? He told us to give you this.
"I was hoping you'd identify me "and find your way here.
"These are all homeless kids "we found sleeping on the street, "hungry and abandoned.
"I gave them my house as a place to stay "after our so-called leaders did nothing to help them.
This is why politicians must pay.
" Signed "Cinque.
" PATROL OFFICER: Commander, this is Stacey, City Controller Gwen Miller's daughter.
I know who she is.
Thank you.
The police picked me up, said I need to come here for protection.
Those people have my mom.
We're working very hard to help your mother.
The last time my mother and I were here, it was after you saved me.
I remember.
She was very worried about you after that earthquake hit.
My dad passed away a few years ago.
His death kind of wrecked my mom.
I can understand that.
Since then, it's just me and her.
When was the last time you spoke to your mom? This morning.
She was headed to brunch with those city councilmen.
- Councilmen Strub and Washington? - I-I think so.
Do you know where they were having brunch? Uh, the Pacific Dining Car near downtown.
Listen, we're gonna do everything we can to help your mother.
But I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know - about that brunch.
- Commander, Cinque's streaming his next video.
I need you to stay with her.
CINQUE (ON VIDEO): Right over here, Councilman.
(COUNCILMAN GRUNTING) CINQUE: Court's back in session.
And on the docket: Councilman Sumner Washington.
Please, let me go.
I'm innocent.
CINQUE: Do you know why you were elected to be in charge of the 8th District of Los Angeles? That's South L.
Has a large ethnic minority population.
Yet you were elected because of your hardline stance as a judge.
You perpetuated three-strike loopholes, putting away hundreds based on unequal sentencing laws.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Your guilt has already been determined.
This is merely a sentencing hearing.
And your sentence throw him to the dogs.
Don't do this! Tell us you tracked that.
STREET: Working on it.
Throw him to the dogs.
What does that mean? Earlier, I looked up Councilman Washington's track record as a judge.
He put away a lot of people.
Specifically, he nearly decimated Calle Doce Perros.
12th Street Dogs.
East Hollywood gang.
Me and Luca's neighbor, uh, Marcos he belongs to a rival set.
So when Cinque says he's throwing the councilman to the dogs, it means he's tossing him to bangers that have revenge on their minds.
Maybe Luca can talk to Marcos, try to locate where they are.
- Think your neighbor would help us? - We got to try.
Luca's earned some trust with him lately.
I got a location on Cinque's streaming feed.
600 Normandie.
All right.
Take Luca to talk to Marcos, hopefully we can still save Councilman Washington.
Get the rest of your team and go grab Cinque.
No windows.
Matches the space from Cinque's feed.
No heat signatures.
Either no one's inside or Cinque reinforced the walls.
There's an external power source.
Could be for automated machine guns, like last time, Hondo.
HONDO (OVER COMMS): All right, stay sharp.
Bomb squad's on standby.
Any signs of explosives, you back out.
Roger that.
Two, two, two, two, two.
Cinque's not here.
This is a server farm.
He must be piggybacking the IP address from another location.
All I want for my birthday Is a big booty ho All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho HONDO (OVER COMMS): Luca, we got another dead end.
I could really use something from you.
Roger that, Hondo.
We're on it.
You sure the civvies will make a difference? Look, we want info from Marcos, I got to lower his defenses.
He's not gonna want to be seen with two guys in SWAT gear in broad daylight.
Hey, Marcos.
I got something I need to discuss with you.
You and me in the alley.
Is a big booty ho She got a big booty So I call her Big Booty.
Don't know about no councilman.
But that Cinque dude? He makes a lot of sense, you ask me.
Look, he's killing innocent people.
Nobody in my family.
You got nothing to lose telling me where the 12th Street Dogs are crewing up.
They're a rival set.
Yeah, but I ain't no punk-ass snitch either.
I'm not coming at you as the cop.
I'm coming at you as the guy who lives up the street.
Look, I got respect for your abuela.
She takes flowers to your grandpa's grave every morning.
- You watch my family? - No, I watch the block.
The same as you.
And I heard your little brother, Shorty, got popped with a grand theft.
You help me find Councilman Washington, I get it reduced to a misdemeanor, take it off Shorty's record.
Maybe he avoids the path that you took, makes your abuela proud.
And don't ever talk about my family.
That's how you catch smoke.
Oh, whatever, man.
Come on, Deac.
Do me a favor, toss a mean look back at them.
Marcos gave me where the councilman's probably at.
- Yeah? - Yeah, just got to send an anonymous text to Metro, give Patrol credit for locating him.
That way Marcos doesn't look like a rat to his boys.
22 David.
We got a location on the councilman.
Inglewood Oil Fields.
(ENGINE REVVING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS IN SPANISH) (ENGINES REVVING) (SIRENS WAILING) (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) LAPD! On the ground! Now, drop that weapon! - Get out of the car! - STREET: Drop it! Down! Get down! Drop that weapon! Out of the car! - Hands where I can see them now! - LUCA: Drop to the ground! STREET: On the ground! OFFICER: On the ground! (EXHALES) Hold on, we got you.
(GRUNTS) - LUCA: You're okay now.
leaders continues to terrorize the city and surrounding areas.
How's Councilman Washington? Doc says he'll be fine, but he had traces of tranquilizer in his system.
Cinque must've drugged him so he wouldn't remember details.
There anything that might get us a location on the Emancipators? No.
They could be anywhere five miles away or 50.
Cinque thinks what he's doing is the only way to change things.
- Make people question if what we do really matters.
I've heard that before.
You can't let him get under your skin.
- He isn't.
- Well, someone is.
It ain't Cinque, trust me.
(EXHALES) It's Darryl.
This rehab thing's been a grind and it's been real tough getting him out of his funk.
Last time we spoke about this, you said you were in a funk of your own.
You were gonna figure things out.
Have you? I'm here if you want to talk.
You know that.
I do.
But I also heard a rumor that you've been offered a chance to work with the feds.
It's another undercover assignment.
I'd be gone five or six weeks.
What about that promotion here with LAPD? Well, the FBI's offer is a chance to do something different.
It's hard watching others do all the work.
I miss being out in the middle of it all.
- So I'm still considering it.
- I get it.
If you do decide to take the job would you tell me first? Of course.
(PHONES BEEPING) Another stream's up.
(GWEN GRUNTING) Court is back in session.
- Any bead on the signal? - I'm getting hits from all over.
They must be using relay stations to mask the location.
You are Gwen Miller? City controller of Los Angeles? Yes, I am.
CINQUE: The same Gwen Miller who slashed city budgets by 15%? The Gwen Miller who laid off city workers, closed homeless shelters, and killed after-school programs for the children of Los Angeles? And you did this why to save pennies for your corporate masters? I was doing my job.
The city can't pay for everything.
You think that's a defense? Please I have a daughter.
CINQUE: Now's not the time for pleading.
This is merely a sentencing hearing.
This court has found you guilty of being a politician who puts citizens last.
Your sentence: - death by firing squad.
- (WHIMPERING) Like Councilmen Strub and Washington, - you will be made an example.
- (GWEN CRYING) Are we any closer to finding them? We will be.
You guys heard what Cinque said.
He thinks Councilman Washington is dead.
He doesn't know that we saved him.
What do you suggest we do with that information? We keep him in the dark.
Hold off on telling the media anyone that we brought him back alive.
The mayor's gonna need full disclosure, and so's the councilman's family.
If Cinque finds out that we saved Councilman Washington and screwed up his plans, he might just kill Gwen Miller out of spite.
Sir, this could be the best chance we have of getting Gwen back to her daughter.
That gives us 58 minutes, we're gonna need every second.
I'll hold off the press.
Find this clown and do it fast.
TAN: Hondo, we got something.
I tracked the FBI's list of serial numbers from bank cash the Emancipators stole.
Olympic Division got a hit.
They arrested a car thief three days ago who had a stack of flagged $20 bills on him.
Thief claimed he received them from a guy who fits Cinque's description.
In exchange for a stolen moving truck.
And now get this we went through security camera footage around the Pacific Dining Car, where Gwen Miller and the councilmen had brunch this morning.
We thought it was a dead end before we knew what to look for.
That truck in the parking lot.
The Emancipators probably used it to abduct the councilmen and Gwen Miller.
Not only that, but the space inside that truck is pretty big.
Yeah, it's big enough to hold a kangaroo court.
Cinque's location is mobile.
Which would explain why they're piggybacking different IP addresses.
Get a BOLO out on that truck.
I want us tac'd up and ready to roll.
DISPATCH: 20-David Squad, suspect's truck has been spotted exiting the 5 Freeway to Castaic Dam.
(SIRENS WAILING) (SHOUTING) Hands in the air! Turn around! Turn around! Hands! Now! (TAN GRUNTS) TAN: The automatic guns are about to go off.
Take out the generator! (CRYING) - (GRUNTS) Street! Hey, hey.
It's okay.
Hey, Gwen, I'm Officer Tan.
You're gonna be okay.
Cover! (GRUNTING) Cinque! They're coming for you from over here! Street, box him in.
Hands! Show us your hands! Now! It's over, Cinque! Drop the gun! Put your hands in the air! Don't do it, man.
Don't do what? He's unarmed! (CINQUE GROANS) Hondo, he ditched his gun before.
Unarmed black man shot by the LAPD.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks for helping the cause.
(GRUNTS) You ain't about to be a martyr on my watch.
(GROANS) This is 20-David to Command.
I need an R/A to location.
Suspect down.
Gunshot wound to his abdomen.
Doctor says gonna have to clear out.
Why don't I get a hospital room? You're too dangerous to be around civilians.
But feel free to enjoy your stay with SWAT.
I did what I set out to do.
Did you? We saved Gwen Miller and Councilman Washington.
We got to him before the Dogs did.
We did what we set out to do.
We got Cinque chained to a bed in there.
Why don't you look happy? Every Emancipator's been accounted for except one, sir.
Rest of his cronies are in custody.
That puts a serious crimp in their plans.
Cinque is smart.
This ain't his endgame.
He's got to have something else cooking.
Well, I hope to God you're wrong.
I got to report to the mayor, so keep digging.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I looked over everything we have on these guys.
I don't see anything new.
Everything these guys do is high-profile, for an audience.
Crime as performance art.
What, do you think something's going down at City Hall? This press conference is a live broadcast.
Who's attending it? Police brass, politicians, city benefactors.
Pillars of industry.
Emancipator targets.
Cinque's been planning all of this for a while.
Was there anything going on at City Hall - in the last year? - Let me see.
Here's something.
They installed new security cameras four months ago, and the installation crew had to scan IDs to gain access to the building.
That work crew sure looks like our Emancipators on trial.
They used the installation job to plant explosives inside City Hall.
Cinque likes an audience.
Now he's got one on live TV.
City Councilman Sumner Washington is in serious but stable condition at Inglewood Hospital, while City Controller Gwen Miller standing with us has been reunited with her family and is doing well.
(PHONE BUZZES) We have full confidence that the group known as the Emancipators - Hondo? - Captain, the Emancipators plan on blowing up City Hall on air.
We need everybody out of there now.
Roger that.
And that means you, too.
has been detained and is currently in police custody at the LAPD's Metropolitan Division.
- Excuse me, Chief.
- One moment, please.
There's been a change of plans.
We took out the cell towers, but they might have planned for that this time.
- Could be using infrared detonation.
- That gives him the option of being close enough to confirm success.
Yeah, that means he'll need line of sight.
Dispatch got a call from a security guard at Vyrillian Dynamics.
Suspicious activity on the top floor.
That building's one block south of City Hall.
The whole floor's being renovated.
Nothing but rebar and Visqueen.
Empty floor with no obstructions.
Best line of sight he'll get.
Evac starts on the ground floor, shallow to deep.
Deacon, Luca, Chris, go find that bomber.
Cortez is inside clearing civilians! Street, take the two-side.
Tan, take the four.
Go! Come on! Come on.
20-David to Cortez, do you read me? (GRUNTS) DEACON: LAPD! - Show me your hands! - Hey! DEACON: Go.
Two o'clock! West stairwell! In pursuit! Captain! Captain! Captain.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) I got him! (GRUNTING) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) Chris, you good? Better than good.
22-David, Chris got the bomber.
DEACON: 30-David to D-Team.
26-David, clear.
25-David, clear.
Hondo? HONDO: 20-David, all clear.
Vital signs are normal.
I think she's got a concussion.
We got her.
I guess the show wasn't over, was it? I can see you're disappointed.
You know, you're not the only one who likes to deliver surprises.
You did a lot of damage to a building.
City Hall.
And there was no loss of life.
We figured out what you were up to.
Game recognizes game.
Doesn't matter.
My group will inspire others.
No, we'll be right here to stop them every time.
You think the status quo will work? That small changes matter? What's changed since the last time you and me talked? We're done talking.
I see the anger in you, brother.
Yeah, I had anger, but I didn't let it drive me to do wrong.
I know change is possible, because you're looking at it brother.
How was work? It was good.
How you feeling, Mom? My headache's cleared away, so Thank you so much for coming and getting me.
You okay? (BREATH TREMBLES) Um I'm so sorry Jimmy, that you had to see me like that.
Sometimes your mom's just pretty sick.
Street, I have to remand you back into state custody for parole violations.
You missed several check-in appointments and were found under the influence - of narcotics.
- You reported me? So that you can get treatment, get better.
I can't go back to jail.
Oh, my God, Jimmy, I can't go back to prison.
Jimmy, I can't go back.
I can't.
After all I've been through and all I've done for you, you're sending me back? We've got no alternative now.
They'll reinstate you for one year, then the parole board will reevaluate.
What kind of son would do this to his mother? The kind that doesn't want you to die.
(SOBBING) (LOCK BUZZES) Darryl's being released from the hospital.
He's gonna walk with a limp, but he's gonna be okay.
Leroy, I know he's your son, and I am not his father, but me and my moms are gonna be looking after him now full-time.
I got nothing but love for your moms, Hondo, but Darryl needs more than just looking after.
I know that.
Do you? 'Cause you're always trying to save people.
How'd that work with me? I know you, dawg.
Ever since Big Darryl got killed and I went away, you've been trying to make things right for everybody in the world.
When I lost you and Big Darryl, I lost every friend I ever trusted, and that left me to fight alone.
Truth is, I've been fighting and failing.
And maybe that's just the way it's gonna be.
Coming up the way we did, you want to make things better.
Don't mean you got to be everybody's savior.
I just want to do right by Darryl.
And you want my blessing.
You're good for my son.
Maybe he's even better for you.
Show him what he ain't seen.
Show him what's possible.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) You need to wipe that smile off your face.
You have way too much fun at these things.
Maybe I enjoy having my daughter here.
You ever think of that? So, you want to know the real reason I'm in L.
? - I interviewed for a job.
- What? I found out this morning that I got it.
Well, why didn't you tell me? I didn't want to jinx it.
Or get your hopes up that I'd be moving back to L.
until it was certain.
(CHUCKLES) That smile's stuck on you now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Long time, no see.
- Yeah, yeah, how you been? - Good.
- Yeah? And now it is with great pleasure that I award the final honor of the Police Star to 20 Squad member Sergeant David Kay.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Deac! Congratulations, Sergeant.
Thank you.
Deacon! Yeah! (WHOOPS) Uh, thank you, Chief Rivera.
I'd also like to thank my wife Annie and my kids, who were gonna be here today, until one of them got strep throat and gave it to another one, and now Annie's at the pediatrician with all three of them four of them.
(LAUGHTER) So who's the real hero in my family? And to 20 Squad for always having my back.
It's an honor to receive the Police Star.
It's an honor to wear the badge.
All I had to do to earn this award was sacrifice my third lumbar.
(LAUGHTER) The-the truth is, um I don't deserve this award.
My team does.
They do extraordinary things every single day.
Like Chris Alonzo Yeah.
risking her life to take down a suspect to save others.
Jim Street volunteered to go into a booby-trapped space.
Victor Tan he would have gone first if he hadn't lost at rock, paper, scissors.
And Dominique Luca, he's got a gift of human connection that's it's amazing to see.
And Daniel Harrelson, Hondo, with your leadership we're more than a team.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
This award, it's-it's not mine.
It's for all you who have blessed me.
Thank you, and God bless.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - Thank you, sir.
- Congratulations.
You must be pretty good, too.
Well, you know, we're SWAT.
- I meant at rock, paper, scissors.
- Yes.
I am excellent at rock, paper, scissors, actually.
And tic-tac-toe.
Deac, I'm so happy for you, man.
Actually, I got a present for you.
First installment of the loan payment.
It helped more than you know.
Thanks, man.
- Thank you again, Chief.
- Yeah.
So, how'd it feel to be in the middle of it all? - (CHUCKLES) It's never dull.
- Hmm.
You wanted me to tell you first.
I'm gonna take the FBI up on their offer and do the five weeks.
Just five weeks, huh? Well, you know me.
We'll see.
Just do me a favor.
Take care of yourself out there.
(SIGHS) (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) I've never been to the beach before.
It took me a few years, too, Darryl.
Even though I grew up only 15 minutes away.
It looks like a painting.
So, how long can we stay here? As long as you want.
I cashed in 64 days of vacation time that I put together over the years.
I thought maybe you and I could do some traveling this summer.
You took off work? I did.
I'll never be able to repay my mother for what she is for me, but maybe I can pay it forward with you.
Thank you.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I got you.
So, where are we going? Where do you want to go? I mean, I never seen a kangaroo before.
Me neither.