S.W.A.T. (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Fire in the Sky

1 Previously on "SWAT" I was always closer to my pop than I was my mom.
But when he left and disappeared on my mom - just with no warning, I - Your doctors say you can't live alone, and your family's not here; we're in L.
Pack your things, 'cause we are leaving here as a family.
LUCA: I got this new house in East Hollywood.
I'm still fixing it up.
We gonna bunk together again or what, man? This is part of the city program for cops.
I figure we start right here and get this ready for the flat-screen TV.
- I'm Molly.
- Jim Street.
Don't make me have to get involved in your love life.
You have way too much fun at these things.
Maybe I enjoy having my daughter here.
Are you trying to poach me from SWAT? BENSON: You need to be out in the field.
I'm gonna take the FBI up on their offer and do the five weeks.
- Just five weeks, huh? - Well Leroy, I know he's your son, and I am not his father.
But me and my moms are gonna be looking after him now, full time.
CHARICE: Something happened to Darryl.
The boy was shot.
DOCTOR: He'll be able to walk, but he'll never have full functionality.
LEROY: Show him what's possible.
Show him what he ain't seen.
I thought maybe you and I could do some traveling this summer.
- Where do you want to go? - I mean, I never seen a kangaroo before.
Me neither.
NVGs down.
Yeah! - 17.
Hell yes! - Yeah! That's a second faster than 50 Squad.
- That's a new LAPD record.
- Good job, guys.
You're gonna make Hondo jealous, Deac, setting a new mark on the day he gets back.
I'm sure he'll be more proud than jealous.
We'll find out soon enough.
The plane landed an hour ago.
All right, that gives us time to set it up, run it back a few more times.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
I don't know about you, kid, but I'm about to start scouring this city for a good flat white coffee.
Nah, man, it's all about those meat pies.
Ooh, they were good, I'll give you that.
Hey, D, wait, wai-wai-wait.
Door's already unlocked.
Get down, get down, right there.
Under the window.
Don't move.
This is LAPD.
Identify yourself! This is Sergeant Daniel Harrelson.
I am armed, and you are on my property.
DANIEL: Yeah, well, it was my property way back before it was yours.
Pop, why didn't you answer me, man? I was napping.
Welcome home, son.
Darryl, come on, kid, it's cool.
Come on.
You remember my pops, Daniel Senior.
Nice to see you again, sir.
It's good to see you, too.
How was Australia? Oh, it was pretty great.
It was like pressing the reset button, Pops.
Coming home chill as a fridge.
Now talk to me.
Why are you napping here? Ah, your sister Brianna.
Got this new man staying there all the time.
Pawing and laughing like they invented romance.
My sister's a grown woman, Pop.
She's allowed to have a boyfriend at the house.
That don't mean I need courtside seats.
- How long you been staying here? - About three weeks.
Hoping to stay a little bit longer, you know, just till I get my own place.
Okay, you know what, that's a whole nother conversation, and we're gonna have it when I get home.
Of course.
I'm sure the young man and I can get by without you.
Pop, don't go filling the kid's head with a bunch of your crazy stories while I'm gone.
Yeah, you.
And you, don't believe a word he says.
I'm telling you guys, every single dating app gone no más.
Bumble? Hinge? That one was a gold mine for you.
The kid ain't lying, man, I watched him do it.
No, no, I'm looking for something more.
I'm not gonna find it swiping right, that's for sure.
I thought that's the only way your generation meets people these days.
I figure I focus on me a little, the job.
I got my eye on a new Cadre Certification.
If the right woman's out there, it'll happen, right? Hasn't happened for Hondo or Luca yet.
- Hey, whoa, whoa.
- Foul on the play, Chris.
- Damn.
- I'm just biding my time.
In other news, the Eagle has landed.
The boss is back.
- Oh, man, I miss that guy.
- TAN: Nice.
: Now listen up, people.
Just 'cause I've been on vacation don't mean I went soft.
That's all right, it's a little Hondo, a little Elvis.
Yeah, yeah, hey.
You forgot the football grab on the vest.
- And the gloves.
- Oh, yeah.
Lot that makes Hondo the man he is.
Hey, I got an idea.
Let's make this interesting.
Everybody pick their favorite Hondo thing, and if he says it or does it, you're safe.
Anyone left standing has to buy the food and drink for Luca's house tonight.
- I'll take, uh, "Now, listen up, people.
" - Football grab.
- Whoa, that was mine, man.
- We weren't playing yet.
I'll take, uh, "stay liquid.
" You can't take "stay liquid.
" That's 20 Squad tradition.
- He still says it.
- I got fist bump.
I miss that.
Y'all took the good ones.
All right, all right.
You better pick something.
He's gonna get here real quick.
No, I just did.
"All right, all right.
" - Does he say that? - Sometimes.
- You stole my football grab.
- You snooze, you lose.
All right, all right.
- Ah! - 20 David back in the building! - Yeah, boss, we missed you.
- What's up, Luca? Hey, come here, Chris.
Big Tan.
Street! Yo, yo, yo! - Yeah.
- Welcome back.
Deacon, give me some.
Give me some.
I know you been holding it down, right, Deac? Now wait a minute.
Did y'all really beat the dark room target record this morning? - By one second.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, Luca, I heard about your fall.
How you feeling? Rehab's rolling along.
I'll be all right.
We got our guy, though.
Yeah, and he would've done it without busting a hip if that balcony had been up to code.
I still get to roll with y'all, I just have to hang back when you guys breach, - until they clear me for full duty.
- That's cool.
All right, well, listen.
I got a call from Captain Cortez.
Sounds like she's gonna stick with that Fed gig.
CHRIS: I knew she'd love undercover.
Just always thought she'd be back.
HONDO: Well, let's see what happens.
But in the meantime, I hear we got a bad man - to bring in this morning, huh? - LUCA: Yeah, we sure do.
His name's Wade Coleson, he's a burglar to the stars.
Dude stole, like, $8 million in jewelry from celebrity mansions this year alone.
He collects semi-automatics on the side.
Robbery-homicide asked us to take lead.
Roger that.
Let's go get him.
Tac up! 20-David! [WHOOPS.]
MOLLY: It's a simple favor, Dad.
Listen, as much as I'd love to, I can't just loan out Metro officers to help my daughter on her job.
Well, they wouldn't be helping me, they'd be helping the victim of a crime.
What you're doing for the women's shelter, I think it's great.
I'm proud of you.
But I can't supply manpower.
I get it.
I'm sorry.
We're still on for dinner, right? Of course.
I'll drop by after work.
- Hey, top of the morning, Ms.
- Hey, Jim.
Everything okay? Uh not your problem.
And you look like you have some doors to kick in.
Not for a few minutes.
Hey, would you mind taking that to the motor pool? - Yeah.
- Thanks, man.
What's up? [SIGHS.]
Well, I moved back here to work at this law firm that does pro bono work at a battered women's shelter.
- That sounds pretty intense.
- Yeah.
There are some pretty messed-up men out there, as I'm sure you know.
- Yeah, I've seen a few in my day.
- Anyway, a woman came in today, finally worked up the courage to leave the creep who's been beating her for years.
She's ready to move out for good, but she's too scared to go back and get her things.
The shelter doesn't provide officers to escort her? They do, but patrol is swamped, and the shelter can't provide someone until next week.
And I'm worried she'll lose her nerve by then.
So you came here hoping your dad could get you someone to help out? Yeah, but he's a stickler for protocol, so Well, just because the boss can't assign someone doesn't mean an officer can't volunteer.
I got to go and serve this warrant, but I can make some time this afternoon.
- You sure? - Yeah.
It's for a good cause, right? It is.
In position covering topside egress.
HONDO: Roger that.
Entry team in position.
Ready to breach.
Luca, are we clear? - Front side secure.
- Roger that.
Breach on my count, in three, two TAN: Hold.
Incoming surveillance drone.
Guy might have eyes in the sky.
All clear.
False alarm.
If you're feelin' how I'm feelin', then put your twos up If you feel Yeah How I feel Yeah If you feel What How I feel Uh-huh If you feel how I feel Put your twos up I wanna kick it now, so let me bring it down I hate those things.
And we can fizzle out And we're jumpin' in the sea Honey, this thing's [SCREAMING.]
Hold the breach.
Hey, guys, something just happened.
Some kind of explosion on the beach.
HONDO: Pull out.
Everyone pull out.
DISPATCHER: All units be advised, explosion north of the marina.
Multiple casualties.
Cause unknown.
LUCA: Keep it moving, come on! - Let's go, move, move, move! - Let's go! Keep your eyes peeled for any further threats.
Let's go! - I got you.
- Keep moving! Come on! [PANICKED CHATTER, YELLING.]
Come on, come on, keep moving! Let's go, move! This way, this way, this way.
Hurry up! Oh, my God! [PANICKED CHATTER.]
MAN: Was just another drone on the beach.
Figured it was some perv trying to get bikini shots.
All right, we appreciate your time.
EMTs will get to you soon.
- I need the ranking officer.
- I'm Sergeant Harrelson.
Lieutenant Detective Piper Lynch, Hollywood Division.
You're a little far west, aren't you? Yeah, a lot of agencies gonna be sticking their fingers in this FBI, FAA, Homeland.
The mayor has asked me to personally run point between the departments and make sure that we don't cross streams with the Feds.
So what do we know? Some sort of drone strapped with explosives.
Six dead, a dozen more wounded.
Still IDing the victims.
- Anything left of the aircraft? - Just melted fragments.
- Nothing traceable.
- TAN: Lieutenant Lynch? - Long time.
- Victor Tan.
Look at you, all gussied up in SWAT gear.
Fits you well.
Lynch is a legend in Hollywood Division.
Her deep cover op set the bar back when I was on Vice.
Yeah, let's save the flattery.
Any witnesses get a look at the drone? Actually, I think I did.
I was covering a roof egress a mile east when I clocked one heading this way maybe a minute before the explosion.
Had something strapped to it.
I figured it was a camera, but could've been explosives.
Maybe I should've sensed something.
No, it would've been too late anyhow.
Based on the aircraft's flight path and projected range, we have patrol canvassing the area we suspect the pilot was working from.
He may have left something behind.
Be nice to know more about the drone itself.
You mind if I send these two to talk to someone who might help? Need all the intel we can get.
You Walter? Yeah.
What can I do for you? What, are you building the next Terminator? Nah, Rocco's a lover, not a fighter.
One of you guys got - a look at the drone? Yeah, think so.
I was on the rooftop - of a high-rise.
- Yeah, yeah.
Lynch told me.
Anyhow, I pulled up views of a dozen drone models with the range and payload needed to pull something like this off.
Hopefully, one of them looks familiar.
So how do you and Lieutenant Lynch know each other? I'm good at what I do.
She collects people like me.
TAN: This one, for sure.
Ah, figures.
There were about three million drones purchased in the U.
last year, and that was a top seller.
Cheap, reliable, got a range of two miles, can carry three to four pounds.
Could go further and carry more weight if modified.
So whoever's operating it would have to have been near us.
- Yep.
- TAN: I'm guessing there's quite a few places in the city that sell 'em? I'd love to tell you this guy was using some cutting-edge tech, but he didn't, which is terrifying.
I hope to God you catch him, but unless you get a serial number, the drone he used ain't gonna help you do it.
I'm sorry.
You guys need a lift back to the station? [ENGINE STARTS.]
You drive a Porsche with your iPad? Can rig it to anything.
Just waiting on the go-ahead from Uber so I can get rich from my couch.
Ah, I think we'll keep it old-school.
Thanks, though.
HICKS: Lieutenant Lynch.
I hear good things.
Likewise, Commander.
So, where are we at? The victims include a schoolteacher, an engineer and her husband, two fast-food workers, and a nurse.
LYNCH: FBI's running backgrounds, but so far nothing links them.
Homeland pick up any Web chatter? - Not a peep.
- No, and it's the type of thing that a terrorist cell would brag about.
So, what do we know about the explosives? It's homemade C-4, about three pounds.
HICKS: That means the weapons are untraceable, we have no idea who made 'em, how many they have, or what their motive is.
There's a temporary ban on all drones and the FAA's got all available eyes scanning the sky.
Those things are two feet wide and fly under the radar.
You can stare at their screen all day, it does not guarantee success.
FBI, Homeland, NSA, every agency's all in on this.
They'll find something.
And the second they do, the mayor needs SWAT ready to pounce.
What's with the uniform, kid? Well, since we're holding till the Feds get a lead we can run with, I figure I'd pop out, help Molly Hicks with something at her job.
You're kissing up to the boss's daughter now, Street? - Come on, man.
- No, it's nothing like that.
It's a domestic victim in need of support.
Just keep your phone close, playboy.
I'll be ready to roll.
- Sis.
What's up? Hey, you.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Oh.
No way I'd miss your face for this conversation.
So Pops tells me you have a new little boyfriend at the house, huh? That all he said? [CHUCKLES.]
He didn't tell you how he won't leave my poor man alone, grilling him like he's my prom date or some madness.
Ah, I can only imagine.
Did you talk to him? Try to get him to back off a little bit? Was fixing to, and then he just up and relocated to your place.
- Sounds like a win-win all around.
- No, no, no, hold on.
Hold on.
Will you at least tell him that he's still welcome? Look, Cal and I are getting serious.
Now, if Dad is uncomfortable with that, that's on him.
I have been looking after him for over a year now, by the way.
I know, and I appreciate it, but come on, Brie.
Your moms is over 300 miles away and she doesn't want his head on a plate.
My mom lives here, and trust me, she does.
Charice is still that sour on him? She's in Palm Springs until Sunday, but if my pops is still at the house when she gets back, it ain't gonna be pretty.
At least you have some peace untilSunday.
- But then I got Darryl.
- Wait, what about Darryl? He afraid of old men? We just got back from clearing our heads, Brie.
I want to start fresh.
I want to create a stable environment, but, come on, you know Pops.
He's not exactly reliable.
Last I checked, that house had three bedrooms.
Not like they'll be bunking together.
Now, I know your hands are full with Darryl, but maybe it'll be easier with two people.
- You know, like-like pets.
You just call Daddy a pet? You know what I mean.
I can see this being a good thing.
GREG: She the one who put you up to this? - Like she knows what's best for you? - Pretend he's not here.
I mean, if you were better at making decisions, we wouldn't be in this mess, now, would we? STREET: Hey, buddy.
Why don't we just let her pack her things in peace, okay? My pleasure.
It'd be a relief not having her crap - clutter up the place.
- Hey.
What'd I just say? It's called teasing.
No, it's called shaming.
And now you're minimizing to cover it up.
I'm what? It's not my fault she can't take a joke.
STREET: And that's blaming the victim.
You want to keep going? Maybe rationalize your behavior, play the guilt game? If you weren't wearing a badge I'd still kick your ass, so shut it down, big man.
How about we all just take it easy, okay? Iris, go ahead and pack your things.
No, the stallion is mine.
- You gave it to me.
- No.
When I bought it, - I said that - That's far enough.
You're in my house.
I'm talking to my girlfriend.
I'm gonna need you to back it up.
Keep your mouth shut.
This ends here.
One more word, I book you for assaulting an officer.
Understand? Iris, take your time.
Don't hurt him, okay? Why don't you go get your things from the bedroom? It's okay.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
My dad always said this was the most frustrating part of the job.
Get called to the same house over and over.
Most times the woman stays.
Yeah, it's harder to leave than you'd think.
Well, you know a thing or two about it? Eh, my dad was a piece of work.
Then how'd you turn out so good? [CHUCKLES.]
: Me? I don't know.
Did I? I'm a work in progress.
IRIS: That's everything.
Okay, let's get going, then.
Come around this way.
You can get up in a minute.
There's been another bombing.
- How bad is it? - This one hit Downtown.
Five dead, eight wounded.
The Feds found a drone fragment with partial serial number.
They're running it through their crime lab now.
- Is this a victim or suspect? - Survivor.
Caught the blast on camera.
: What up, peeps? This is your boy Chico V.
I'm here in Downtown in the City of Angels, and zayum, this spot is lit.
We getting ready to drop some stacks.
- I'm talking - [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Homeland still hasn't linked the attacks to any terrorist cell, so at this point we have to assume they're gonna keep coming until we stop 'em.
LYNCH: Good news.
Feds got a hit on the serial number.
The aircraft used was purchased along with three others at Eli's Electronics in Simi Valley three weeks ago.
They pulled an image of the buyer off the store security cam.
Put it up.
LUCA: With security cameras, you think he'd try to hide his face.
DEACON: Maybe that's not our guy.
What if our perp paid a homeless guy to make the purchase? Keeps his face off-camera.
I spent a year undercover on the Skid Row task force.
If our man in the photo is part of L.
's homeless, I have a guy over in Central Division who will know him.
How? There's over 30,000 homeless in this city.
And the average human can only put 150 names to faces, but I pride myself on knowing exceptional people and using their talents whenever possible.
Mick? It's Piper.
I'm gonna text you a photo.
Really? [SIGHS.]
: Hey, pal.
How are you? It has been way too long.
Listen, I need a favor.
: Better? Great.
Texting the photo.
Check your phone.
Are you sure? Good.
Drone buyer goes by Brewster.
Now, my guy hasn't seen him in the last few weeks, but he says damn it, I forgot to say goodbye.
Anyway, he says Brewster usually holes up in an alley off of Crocker Street downtown.
All right.
I'll run it down myself.
I almost had Hondo with a fist bump.
- He didn't bite.
- And he would've said "stay liquid" back at the raid this morning if we hadn't gotten pulled.
On the upside, we're looking at a four-way split for burgers and beers.
Brewster? BREWSTER: Who's asking? - LAPD.
You mind stepping out for a sec? Nah, I'm good.
I'm just eating my lunch.
You're not in trouble, Brewster, though, technically, you're not allowed to camp in an active alley.
But if you give us a sec, we won't bounce you.
I'm coming out.
Fortune's been smiling down on you, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
: Why I got the feeling that's about to change? We just want to know who was it that paid you to buy those drones up in Simi Valley.
I knew this was gonna come back to bite me in the ass.
I got no idea who that guy was.
CHRIS: Physical description? Car he drove? Uh, he was a white guy.
20s or 30s, kind of average, uh, wore sunglasses and a ball cap.
He drove a Camry or a Corolla or something.
And, uh, he didn't talk much, except to say that if we spent less money overseas killing people, we might be able to afford to house the ones on the streets back here at home.
Kind of see his point on that.
- This thing sounds political.
- Why? What'd he do? He killed 11 people, and without your help, he might kill a lot more.
This guy's got the whole city terrified.
Damn, now, I-I don't know what to say.
He gave me five bills to make the buy.
- Did you go anywhere else? - No, I just drove out to Simi, got the drones, and then came back here.
You didn't stop for food, gas, anything? - Nope.
- All right.
We're gonna have to take you down to the station, work with a sketch artist.
You know what, actually we did stop.
Starbucks drive-through.
I needed coffee.
Got one of them fancy drinks.
HICKS: Car was rented for cash, but the driver had to use a credit card for a security deposit.
LYNCH: Nate Westerly.
26-year-old L.
native and army vet with a dishonorable discharge.
HICKS: Renting a half an acre in Conejo Valley.
Private, secluded.
Pushing the warrant through now.
All right, great.
Send me the intel.
I'll round up my team.
: In position.
Two side, set.
Roger that.
Four side, set.
Luca, do you have a visual? LUCA: Tactical robot sweeping.
No sign of threats.
Clear to breach.
DEACON: Left side clear.
- Right side clear.
- TAN: All clear.
He bought four drones, but he's only used two.
And looking at this setup, he's sitting on a lot more C-4.
Looks like he bought extra battery power and signal boosters, too.
He's trying to extend the flying time and range.
That's not good.
He could still be on the property sweeping the area now.
No explosives.
It's just a lookout.
But now he knows we're on to him.
Feds sent over their file on Westerly.
The more we learn about this guy, the more he scares me.
Four years in the army and two tours in Yemen before he starts getting written up for insubordination.
Army finally gives him the boot, he starts taking classes at community college.
Guess what he studied.
Arabic and modern Islam.
So he got radicalized? Any ties to known cells? Not in the file, but he's been active protesting U.
drone strikes, and we finally got backgrounds on all the victims.
Tim Miller, died in the second bombing.
He used to pilot unmanned aircraft over Yemen.
LYNCH: And the engineer killed on the beach designed the model the pilot flew.
So these attacks, they're assassinations? Yeah, but just like military drone strikes, they come with collateral damage.
This guy's trying to send a message.
Yeah, about civilian casualties.
We found his letters to Congress asking why American lives are worth more than foreign ones.
DEACON: American lives aren't worth more, they're just the ones that the military is sworn to protect.
This guy's off his nut.
Westerly's I.
history had a blueprint of the factory that builds military UAVs, including this model, designed by the engineer and flown by the pilot killed in the attacks.
That's the Lockman Aeronautics plant.
That's out in Palmdale.
And if Westerly's upgraded his range and payload for his next drone, this could be the deadliest attack yet.
FBI and Homeland are securing the site to see that doesn't happen, but there's something else.
Westerly had three years worth of e-mails with an L.
-based immigration lawyer.
What, you think he brought over accomplices? Well, if he did, we need to know about it.
I knew he was angry, but I never imagined he'd do something like this.
You never found it suspicious that an army vet was helping people immigrate from behind enemy lines? Just because people live under a cloud of terrorism doesn't make them terrorists.
And it wasn't people, it was just one: Kalila, the woman he wanted to marry.
He was in love with a Yemeni girl? Met her on his first tour, got serious on the second.
Nate spent two years trying to bring her over.
By the time he had the paperwork and financials squared away, she died.
Let me guess, a U.
-led drone strike? We didn't know what happened at first.
She just went radio silent.
Nate flew over there to look for her, and that's when he found out the truth.
Are you sure she's not connected to the target of the strike? Playing Westerly for intel.
Kalila worked in a market next to a building that was hit.
Our government claims there were no civilian casualties, but local residents say otherwise.
The army he served killed the woman he loved.
Now he's out for revenge.
Nate petitioned Congress.
Begged me to sue.
He even found leaked footage of the strike, wanted me to use it as evidence.
When I finally convinced him there was no prosecutable case, his phone calls and e-mails just stopped.
- Do you have that footage? - I have it on a flash drive.
Yeah, see, see, you're playing a young man's game.
You're too aggressive.
I'm just trying to win.
Good luck against this hustler.
What brings you guys in? It's a little crazy around here.
It's not really the best time.
Yeah, well, when is it not crazy around here? Listen, the fridge is bare and school's not back in for a week, so I thought I'd take Darryl out for lunch and a movie, and we need you to bankroll us.
HONDO: You came over here to get some money? Pops, you turned on the TV? The city's under attack, man.
Yeah, well, they can't fly a drone into the movie theater.
I'm just trying to keep the boy safe.
Hey, Darryl, do me a solid, grab yourself something out of the kitchen.
Just don't touch anything that says "Hicks.
" That's my boss, and he don't play.
All right.
All right, Pops, real talk.
What's going on with you? Oh, there's gonna be "real talk," then you gonna have to ask a more specific question.
All right, how about this? Me and Moms have been trying real hard to create a stable environment for Darryl, and we've been doing a pretty good job.
I'm not trying to step on that, and I'm not gonna add stress to your life, promise.
All due respect, but you've been known to bounce pretty unpredictably, not to mention you ain't said but two words to Mom over the years.
Now, once she gets back from Palm Springs, she's gonna be coming back around the house.
I can't have you there for that.
Why does this sound more like a speech than a question, son? I'm getting to that.
You cannot inject yourself into the boy's life unless you intend to stay in it.
Still not a question.
Do you know what kind of damage you can do to Darryl? I'm sorry to hear that my presence around him makes you so uncomfortable.
Pops, I didn't, I didn't say that.
That's exactly what you said.
I know the damage that I did to you, and I can't go back and change that.
I just thought that I would try a little bit harder this time.
Hicks is ready for us.
Yeah, I'm coming.
I got to go, Pop.
PILOT: This is Beacon One.
Weapons hot.
Right select single fire.
Coded and ready.
This is Delta Fox.
We have target confirmation.
Let's light these bastards up.
PILOT: Copy, Delta Fox.
Hellfire away.
Impact in four, three, two BROWNING: Boom! No way the hajis survived that hit.
PILOT: Debris field looks larger than predicted.
BROWNING: Downside of dirt houses, Beacon One.
Locals will sweep it up.
Nice work.
The man barking the orders didn't sound too concerned about the people in that market.
Yeah, and imagine if your girlfriend was one of 'em there.
Well, if Westerly already took out the drone's engineer and pilot, commanding officer sure seems like a likely target.
Okay, we need an ID and location on this Delta Fox.
Colonel Ben Browning, stationed in Idaho but just flew in this morning.
To Los Angeles? He's speaking at a military academy near Downtown.
Surrounded by dozens of school kids.
Future soldiers.
He ain't going after the drone plant.
He's trying to teach our military about collateral damage.
Weapons ready and hot.
The school's been notified, but they got 600 students in the bleachers of an outdoor stadium.
Assuming Westerly has eyes on the target, he could launch and then attack as soon as they try to evacuate.
We've dispatched snipers to take out any incoming aircraft.
Yeah, but if you damage your drone without blowing that C-4, it could fall on the crowd, Westerly could still detonate it.
Which is why we can't evacuate, and snipers are our last resort.
We got patrol canvassing a five-mile radius looking for Westerly.
FAA's got every bird in the sky scanning for drones.
Look, once we get eyes on it, we can track it, right? The model he's using transmits a pretty narrow frequency band.
We should be able to isolate it.
That's the goal, but it's gonna take some time, and we don't expect the drone to go airborne until just before the colonel's scheduled to speak.
So somehow we need to lure the weapon away from the students, keep it airborne long enough to hone in on Westerly's position.
How? What, make him chase us? Except we can't put Colonel Browning or any of you in risk of getting blown up.
Think I have an idea.
BROWNING: Every strike I've ever led has been clean.
Now, can I say with absolute certainty that no civilian has ever perished as a result of one of our missions? No.
But I can say with certainty that countless young men and women serving in the American Armed Forces have been kept from harm's way thanks to our ability to terminate high-value targets without putting soldiers in hot zones.
I'm a vet myself, Colonel, I know the drill.
Well, we like to think all lives are equal until someone we love is in harm's way, and suddenly they matter more.
My job is to love every single soldier who serves under me.
I imagine you feel the same about the people of Los Angeles.
So what now? Once we get eyes on the weapon, we roll out and we lure it away from those kids out there.
If it moves towards the stadium, we'll shoot it down.
Then you won't be able to track the pilot.
- Exactly.
: I got it.
Half mile off.
Approaching from the west.
Roger that.
Let's move.
Let's move.
WOMAN: these three words into every aspect of his life.
A man who has dedicated over 30 years to serving and protecting this country.
As a decorated officer of the United States Air Force, Colonel Benjamin Browning Keep your head down, don't look up.
commanded over 30 air strikes upon enemy targets.
There you are.
Where you going, Delta Fox? You can't run from fire in the sky.
Traveling with the colonel.
You got eyes on the drone? Several of them.
Tech is scanning for radio signals to get a 20 on the remote.
It's gonna take a minute.
- Roger that.
Did he take the bait? - HICKS: Affirmative.
Armed drone passed the school.
He's on your tail.
Approaching the overpass now.
- Think he went for the switch? - We'll see.
We got to keep him airborne long enough to track the remote signal and get that drone away from any civilians.
My pleasure, Officer.
He's coming in for the kill shot.
You're gonna need to shake him.
Make a hard right ahead.
There's an empty lot, no civilians, - where you can dance with him.
- Roger that.
HICKS: No lock on the drone pilot yet.
Keep him in the air.
- Commander, we got kids back here.
- Get away from 'em.
Got a lock on the remote signal.
Tracking the location.
We just need one more minute.
Keep stalling.
Got it.
We have the suspect's Code 6 location.
Airship is responding to put eyes on him.
We're good, Hondo.
Pick a spot and end it.
Roger that.
Head for that barrier.
- Nice driving.
- Thanks.
May need you to get me out of a few tickets.
I think we can arrange that.
Suspect on the move in a black two-door jeep.
Let's roll.
All right, Luca.
You got the colonel and Walter - until we nail this guy.
- LUCA: All right.
Go get him, boss.
Go, go, go, go.
PILOT: Suspect turning northeast onto Palm.
Vehicle coming to a stop.
Suspect exiting the vehicle.
Entering a structure on the north side.
Limited penetration, eyes and ears open.
Listen for the suspect.
Stay liquid.
- Cover, cover, cover! - [GUNFIRE.]
- WESTERLY: Stay back! I got more C-4! No one else needs to die, Nate! WESTERLY: Been saying that for years.
How come our lives are more important than the people our government slaughters? They're not, man! But this is not how you're gonna get people to listen.
: Deac, you got a visual? DEACON: Negative.
Give us a minute.
Roger that.
Look for a clear shot, but keep your distance.
We don't know how much C-4 he's got or how he's got it rigged.
You know what it's like to love someone who means nothing to the country you were ready to die for? Nate, I know about Kalila, and how much that's got to hurt.
CHRIS: No shot.
Need him to inch out a bit.
HONDO: Roger that.
Best person I ever met.
Deacon, can you get an angle? DEACON: Negative.
But I got an idea.
Our country won't even admit she existed.
Or that they killed her.
- Don't move.
It's over.
- Hands behind your back! [GRUNTS.]
Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
Nicely played with the kitty-cat.
And, hey, you, uh, heard Hondo say "Stay liquid," right? DEACON: Yeah, but that still leaves three of us who have to split the bill for the barbecue.
Make that two.
Is there something going on I should know about? No.
Why? Deacon.
You want to tell me what the hell y'all are up to? I don't know what you're talking about.
Get out of here with that.
Y'all have been watching my every move like you got some inside joke running.
- Now what's up? - CHRIS: No, we're just trying to figure out who's buying the food for tonight's barbecue.
That's all.
Listen up, people, I ain't [LAUGHS.]
: Yes! "Listen up" Sorry.
I just, um [CLEARS THROAT.]
Deac's buying the burgers and beer.
What is wrong with you? Y'all are gonna make the man with four kids and a mortgage - foot the bill? - All right, hey, with overtime back, I'm doing okay.
Besides, since, uh, Hondo Bingo was my idea, it's only right I lose.
- Hondo Bingo? - Yeah.
CHRIS: Let's just say we all really missed you, boss.
HONDO: Okay.
All right.
I can play this game, too.
Burger time? Come on.
Right now we still got one more move to make.
Some unfinished business from this morning.
Let's roll.
DEACON: In position.
- LAPD SWAT! Show me your hands! - Give me two, give me two, give me two! Now, on the ground! Kitchen clear! Dining room clear! Hands behind your back! 30-David to Command.
We're Code 4.
HONDO: Roger that, Deac.
Nice work.
Now we can go home.
Come on and put your hands up Surrender to the music DEACON: Luca Lounge finally in full swing.
Yeah, man.
Hey, it's a thing of beauty, ain't it? - It is.
- You like it? Surrender to the music Hey, thanks, Deac.
Appreciate it.
Oh, now that's happening? Oh, okay, okay, so that was your thing.
The fist bump.
Well, my bad for leaving you hanging.
That's all right.
Glad to have you back.
It's good to be back.
Come on and put your hands up - Hey, Pop.
- Hmm? Thanks for bringing Darryl.
I just think it's important for him to feel welcome - around my SWAT family.
- Hey, no worries.
And listen, I've been thinking about what you said down at the station.
Okay, look, about that.
I think I might've come off a little too harsh.
I never pulled any punches with you, and I don't expect nothing less in return.
Truth is, you weren't wrong.
I ain't looking for an apology.
Well, that's good, 'cause that's not what this is.
I'm trying to tell you that I understand why you said the things that you did, but I need you to understand that time and regrets, they can change a man, son.
Surrender to the music, put your hands up LYNCH: Mayor's a fan of this department for a reason.
It was a pleasure working with the best cops in the city.
HICKS: Well, thanks, Lieutenant.
And if the mayor is such a fan, maybe you can get her to free up a little money, approve one of the candidates I submitted to replace Captain Cortez.
- I'll talk to her.
- Come in.
- Am I interrupting? Nope.
On my way out.
Well, I'm guessing you had quite the day around here.
You have no idea.
Nothing a little steak and whiskey won't fix, I hope.
Well, actually, I was thinking I'd help you out with your work thing if it's not too late to arrange it.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Jim took care of it with me earlier.
Jim Street? He volunteered.
Did he, now? Is that a problem? Of course not.
Why would it be a problem? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Guess your mother came back early.
DARRYL: Ooh, it smells delicious in here.
There's my boys! You know I had to come to make sure you both got back in one piece.
- How was Australia? - It was awesome.
: Oh! - Hey, Mama.
- Hey.
It's so good to be home.
- Mama, listen, uh we didn't realize that you were gonna be home so soon, and, um My daddy is here with us.
Your father's here? Now? Yes.
Hey, stranger.
How you been? Hello, Daniel.
You look alive.
And you haven't aged a day.
Still a beauty.
I'm afraid I didn't cook enough for four.
DARRYL: Oh, no, it's okay.
We ate at the barbecue.
Uh, I mean, but I'm still hungry.
Yeah, it's good to be young, huh? [COUGHS.]
You know, um, at my age, I eat half as much and pee twice as often.
So, if you'll excuse me, um, nature calls.
I'm sorry.
We'll make it work.
Damn it.
HONDO: You all right, Pop? Hmm? - That cough sounds a little nasty.
- Oh, it ain't nothing.
Just getting over a little something, that's all.
Ain't nothing your mama's cooking won't fix.
All right, then.
Now let me get in here.
Feel better.