S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT Hondo's a good guy, but everyone knows that his promotion was affirmative action nonsense.
Why were you recording them? They're racists, Annie.
So what are we gonna do about it? I'm not going to IA with just my word against theirs.
The Board of Rights reached a decision regarding Lee Durham's punishment.
He will not be fired from the LAPD.
Maybe we got one last card we can play.
You're talking about going to the press? Do you see any other option? What you are talking about is career suicide.
There's gonna be an article in the L.
Times coming out tomorrow.
They'll be printing my name as the source.
Mayor's gonna have your head for this.
- I know.
- I met with the chief.
You're being demoted from 20-Squad leader.
They want to force me to quit so they can keep their hands clean.
I ain't gonna lie.
I did not see that one coming.
If you want to take some time to decide what you want to do, just know two things.
One I'm on your side, and two you helped save this city.
Willie How many times do we got to go through this, Willie? I'm tired.
Aren't you tired? Stubborn, old and dumb? Damn.
- No, no.
No, no.
- Hey! Get your car off my property.
You know, I've never seen you smile.
Why so mad all the time? Especially when me and my father are offering you a very, very, very fair deal.
Take your money and shove it right Hey.
HONDO: Is there a problem here? Are you lost? No.
But I think you're on my friend's property.
I've been staying at his place.
This is not your friend's land.
Is that right? It's mine.
And my mother's.
Well, I guess it's hard to know when one ranch ends and another begins with no fences.
Now that you know, get lost.
So this is your place? Yes.
It's very beautiful.
And these two guys They're guests of yours? Trespassers.
Señor, my friend asked you to leave.
You should listen to him.
His nose doesn't look broken, but you might want to take him to get some ice.
I'll see you soon, Delfina.
My mother rejected every one of your father's offers.
You and he can both go to hell.
American? Who are you? Nobody.
I just came across people needing help.
Amigo? Gracias.
You don't ever run into me again.
Understand? All right.
Morning, Señor Harrelson.
HONDO: Buenos días, señora.
Uh ¿Cómo estás hoy? - Yeah? - Not bad.
If you like the sound - of nails on a chalkboard.
- Well, my Spanish is just about as good as your cooking, okay? Don Anthony did not hire me to boil beans and press tortillas all day.
Well, you do run a tight ship around here, Paloma.
No doubt about it.
I heard you were quite the hero this morning.
It was nothing.
Not according to Delfina Reyes.
I don't know who that is.
She and her mother own that big farm across the creek.
You met that Novak son, the gringo? His name's A.
Es un maldito.
And those poor women They've been through enough tragedy.
How's that? Their father, Don Miguel He died a few months ago.
Accident working the fields.
So sad.
The Reyes have had that farm forever.
They're good people.
All I did was change a tire.
Can I help you, Officer? I'm looking into a confrontation that happened earlier today at the Reyes farm.
Were you there? I was there after the confrontation.
- What's your name? - Harrelson.
You need to take my statement? No.
That won't be necessary.
My boss, the chief, asked me to come by and see the man who's been causing problems with our locals.
I'm afraid you have the story wrong.
I take it the Novak kid left out the part where he assaulted an old man.
Assault is a very serious charge.
How long you been staying here? Couple of months.
How long you plan on staying? Haven't decided yet.
House belongs to my friend Anthony.
He says I can stay as long as I'd like.
Look, I know you were probably just trying to help Delfina Reyes and her farmworkers.
To me, that's a decent man.
But I recommend you stay away from A.
You mess with him, you mess with his father.
You don't want to mess with his father.
We don't need any heroes around here, you understand? I came here to get away from problems, not find new ones.
Then you understand.
Enjoy your stay, Mr.
That about what happened at Los Reyes farm? [ENGINE STARTS.]
Nothing happened.
It's over now.
Well, Delfina It's not over for her.
She called again.
Her mother wants you over for lunch today.
You tell 'em I said, "No thanks.
" Here, an invitation to break bread is a high compliment.
Do you want to piss off your friend's neighbors? [DOOR CLOSES.]
You can use a hand.
I am Isabel Reyes, Delfina's mother.
Forgive me.
We are down on workers, so I had to help here - so I lost track of time.
- It's quite all right.
- I can pitch in.
- No, no.
Absolutely not.
You're our guest for lunch.
I really don't mind working for my grub.
Thank you.
Well, that's the, uh, hardest I've worked in a while.
Feels good.
You must have a job behind a desk.
I don't want to track dirt in your house.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Well, it's my first time in your home.
You can use the wash station over there.
There are towels under the sink, and I'll get a clean shirt for you.
His name is Arthur Novak.
He's some kind of European investor.
We've never met him.
His son A.
handles all negotiations.
How long have he and his son? And you saw the way A.
negotiates Like an animal, with threats and knives.
Ever since my father died, he's been driving our farm workers away, trying to force us to sell.
How about we let Daniel finish? All because why? We won't give him and his father what they want? Delfina.
Reyes, I have to say, this is the best meal I've had here so far.
Please, call me Isabel.
And I am good, but not that good.
- Top three, then.
- Hmm.
I'm very sorry to hear about your husband.
My daughter takes after him.
Very impatient, but passionate.
That's why I fell in love with him.
This land has been in our family for six generations.
Too long for us to just sell it to someone.
I'll get dessert.
So, the worker who was injured He's all right? His nose wasn't broken, like you said.
How did you know that? Didn't look broke.
Where in America are you from? Los Angeles.
I was there once, as a kid.
Too much noise.
Can't fight you on that one.
What do you do there? For work? I'm not sure.
That's why I came here To block out all the noise and figure out my next move.
It's incredible.
- Seems to go on forever.
- 120 acres.
Most family farms here are too small to succeed.
We've been lucky.
Six generations.
Got to be more than luck.
My family has survived it all.
Chaos, dictatorship, bandits, the revolution.
We've fought too hard to sell to greedy bastards.
- They offer you a fair price? - I suppose.
But we never wanted the farm to make us rich.
Just to make our lives good.
And now, with this Novak kid scaring off your workers I don't know how we take care of our crops.
Who was the guy with Arthur's son this morning? The local? Gabriel.
He used to work for us.
I got the feeling there was - more than that between you two.
- We dated.
Ended bad? My father hoped we'd get married one day, take over the farm together.
And I would have.
He betrayed you.
Broke my heart.
My mother's too proud to admit it, but she's scared.
This is our home, and now we're too afraid to even go into town to buy supplies, in case we run into any of them.
I was gonna take a drive into town today.
You can come with me, get what you need.
You would do that? [SPANISH MUSIC PLAYING.]
You aren't playing.
- Is this everything? - [LAUGHS.]
One more stop maybe.
My mother and her spices.
Only one shop will do.
The best ice cream you've ever had.
All the American ice cream combined cannot compare.
Careful now.
You get in line.
I'll get my mother's spices.
I'll be back in time to order.
I'll be right back.
Two minutes.
- Gracias.
- Mm-hmm.
You're crazy in the head.
Do you not like money, Delfina? Something about money that bothers you? Just your money.
Or should I say your father's money, pendejo? The mouth on this one A.
, stop.
Let me go now.
Money doesn't know where it came from.
It's just money.
We're offering you more than enough of it, so stop pretending you're too good to take it.
Move, please.
I have to go.
What is that scent? Is that coconut? HONDO: She said she has to go.
Step aside.
We're just having a conversation, a private one.
Conversation's over.
Our business does not concern you.
I'm not arguing that, but I'm leaving with her right now.
I thought I told you not to run into me again.
You really don't know who my father is, do you? [GRUNTING.]
Where did you learn to do that? It's not important right now.
To me, it is.
Self-defense class.
The way you fight, how you knew Willie's nose wasn't broken just by looking at it.
Who are you? You-you can help my mother and me.
No, okay? No.
I'm not your answer.
I'm sorry.
With Arthur Novak.
We'll go see him, and you'll end this thing for us.
Weare not doing anything.
Delfina, what happened back there it was a mistake.
You got it? You and your mother need to call the police and let the proper authorities handle this.
Of course.
That's what we need to do.
Go to the police.
Why didn't my mother and I think of that? Dumb, dumb women.
The Novaks hold the police in their hands.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But I didn't leave a bad situation back home to get caught up in another one here.
This isn't my job.
What happened to you in Los Angeles? You didn't seem the kind of man to turn your back on people who need you.
Now I do feel dumb.
I'll walk home.
Delfina? I'll see what I can do to help, all right? Now, will you please just get in? Please.
HONDO: What happened the day your husband died? Miguel and Gabriel went to the canyon to drill for water and set up a new well.
How did the accident happen? We don't know all the details.
Drilling a well My father had done it many times before.
It's always dangerous, and that day That day, something happened with the equipment.
Miguel was hit in the head and died.
Was there an investigation? People came.
- We were told it was an accident.
- How long after Miguel died did Arthur Novak make you an offer? One whole day.
We hadn't even buried my father before A.
came with his father's money like a vulture.
Where exactly was your father drilling? PALOMA: Leo Ramirez, probably.
He's the man around here for drilling wells.
Everyone uses him, though I don't know why.
He's a rip-off.
If Leo sneezes on the job, he'll charge you for the tissue.
Do you know anything about A.
Novak's father, Arthur? Nothing other than he's a millionaire who owns properties all over the world.
- He comes from Europe? - Maybe.
I heard Ireland because of his accent.
Then it was Hungary.
Then there were rumors about he was Russian mob.
No one really knows.
How long's he been here? A year, little more.
He's built a hotel, converted a historical building into a bar, bought up some ranches.
A lot of people like the money he brings in, but some have lost jobs, and crime has gone up.
Do you know this Leo Ramirez well enough to give him a call and have him stop by here? I'd like to ask him a couple questions, if you could translate for me.
You need me to translate? With your wonderful Spanish? - I'll call him.
- Paloma, one last thing.
What's the password for the Internet here? You made me promise to never tell you that, remember? You were getting away from the world.
¿Pero mami? Gracias.
That must be Leo.
Step outside, please.
You want to tell me why? I warned you not to be a hero.
You sent three men to the hospital, one with a broken leg.
They threatened Delfina Reyes, and then they attacked me.
We have three victims who say you were the aggressor.
I have no choice.
I have to do my job.
Is that the lie you tell yourself so you can sleep at night? [QUIETLY.]
: Vamos.
This is Chief Barrera.
When am I being released? Ustedes Americanos [CONTINUES IN SPANISH.]
The chief says he has no patience for outsiders coming to our peaceful town causing mayhem.
We believe in law and order here.
Not so hot on the truth, though.
He wants you to know that you are facing serious charges for attacking and terrorizing our citizens.
- Fortunately for you, Señor Novak is a generous man.
He might persuade his son and his associates to drop their charges He might persuade them? - [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- Novak would like to meet you.
You're to join him for lunch at his hotel.
And if I'd rather not? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
Then you will be booked and charged.
It's your choice.
You must be the man of the hour.
And you must be Arthur Novak.
The cause of all the problems around here.
In negotiations, we call that "a non-starter.
" Is that what this is? - A negotiation? - I hope so.
But first, you must be thirsty, starving.
Please, sit.
The ceviche here You won't find better anywhere.
They use this garlic chili oil.
Mister? - Harrelson.
- Well, Mr.
Harrelson, don't you know that an invitation to eat and drink is a show of affection here? I do.
That's why I'm declining.
You wanted to talk, so talk.
No foreplay? Just down and dirty.
I understand.
Shame, though.
Look, I've been sweating my ass off in jail - on trumped-up charges, so - Trumped-up? My employee won't walk for two months.
I tried to leave with Delfina peacefully.
Your employee wanted that fight, so that's what he got.
But you already know that.
I'll tell you what I don't know: Who you are.
Just a guy staying at his friend's place in Mexico enjoying the peace and quiet.
At least I was until I met your son.
My son.
Heart's in the right place, but his temper Like his no-good mother, God rest her soul.
What are you looking for from me? - Looking for? - To walk away from all this? I don't want anything from you.
But when I see someone harming an old man and threatening a young woman, I ain't about to walk away from that.
So, you're a man with a savior complex.
Must make life so stressful.
I don't blame you for running away from your home.
And you, Arthur? Who are you exactly? I'm just a man enjoying delicious food, good company - and a spectacular view.
- Yeah? Well, from what I read, your home country of Ireland doesn't want to let you back in, and Ukrainian and Slovakian authorities would love to get their hands on you.
I'm guessing that's why you ended up in Mexico.
No extradition treaty.
You've been a busy boy.
- Don't call me "boy.
" - But you're a fool to judge a man solely by his past.
Lucky for you, I don't.
Otherwise, you'd be sleeping in that jail cell.
You have a choice to make.
Why don't you just leave that family alone? That way I can go back to what I was doing nothing.
You haven't even heard my offer, and already you're countering.
Help me in the betterment of this little town.
With Delfina and Isabel Reyes? Sounds like they trust you.
If anyone can convince them to sell, it's you.
My son and his friends have tried, but so far, they've only failed.
Maybe that's because the Reyes women aren't interested in selling.
If you want the assault charges dropped, you will get them to sell.
I'll even make it easier for you.
Tell them you convinced me to raise my offer by $100,000 to end all this unpleasantness.
Think you can do that? DELFINA: $100,000 more? They can take that extra money and shove it right up their Okay, look, look, I know this isn't ideal, but with all your workers now gone So you want us to give up? Look, this is a problem I can't fix for you.
- Maybe it's your best option.
- Absolutely not.
This is our home.
Papi never would have sold.
- Daniel is right.
- No! Cheers.
Mami My body aches all the time.
My hands feel like sand because they are so cracked.
And I go to sleep only to spend most of the night awake.
I'm exhausted, mija.
I don't have anything left in me to give to this land.
We will take his offer.
I won't let you! It isn't your choice, mi amor.
The property is in my name.
Was that your idea of helping? I just spent the morning in jail because I helped.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Don't look at this as you versus them.
That's how they win.
The first day I helped my father on the farm, I only complained.
So he pulled out 300 pesos, told me he'd bury it.
If I found it by the end of the day, not only would I get to keep it, but I wouldn't have to work again.
I never found it.
But then he rubbed soil into my hands.
It felt wet, coarse.
He said, "Money is fleeting, but this land will never leave.
" Delfina, I think there's someone we should talk to about the day your dad and Gabriel were drilling.
Hey, hey, señor.
Ask him if he was at the drill site the day your father died.
Just ask him.
You tell him I want to know how Miguel's accident really happened.
I'm watching him now.
Meeting with Ramirez.
Delfina is with him, too.
Well, you can't say we didn't give them every opportunity to just leave.
You don't think my father's death was an accident, do you? Neither do I.
Would they go that far to get what they want? - To actually kill? - We don't have all the facts.
Then we need to get them.
"We"? Delfina, I'm not gonna be around much longer.
- You're leaving? Now? - No.
I don't know when I'm leaving.
But you're gonna have to find a solution that doesn't involve me.
- What's wrong? - Hold on.
Oh, my God.
Hold on to that seat belt tight! [TIRES SCREECHING.]
- You okay? Call your mother.
- Yeah.
Have her meet you at my place.
You'll both be safer there - until I get back.
- Where are you going? Thanks for meeting me.
Well, I'm off duty, but I only have a few minutes for this.
- Nobody's following you.
- How do you know? Because you're bottom of the food chain.
Too low to be considered a threat.
That's a good thing.
That spider web that you call a department? Your boss? You're not mixed up with them yet.
That's why you can help me.
I don't think Miguel Reyes's death was an accident.
I think he was killed.
Killed? By who? The Novak associate who's a former employee of the Reyes farm.
- Gabriel? - I think he cut a deal with Arthur and A.
to profit from the sale of the Reyes farm.
Now, if we took that to your chief, would he do a proper investigation? Just how corrupt is Barrera? Well, he sometimes looks the other way, but - Yeah, I know guys like that.
- No.
If we had proof, if we had physical evidence that Miguel Reyes was murdered, there's no way Chief Barrera could turn his back.
- Do you have proof? - Right now, it's just a theory.
A theor [SCOFFS.]
So your word against theirs? My word against theirs.
Where have I heard that before? This job you signed up for Working for a man who looks the other way? Forcing you to look the other way? Compromising yourself more and more every day? Does that really sit right with you? If you can get me proof, I promise to do what I can.
HONDO: Go ahead.
Try and cut into it.
I'll give you 100 large if you can.
When I found out Miguel Reyes was drilling for water and only hit stone, I wondered if it might have been something else.
Maybe something more valuable.
You knew there was silver running under that farm.
- And? - This whole time, you've been siccing your dogs on those Reyes women, trying to force them to sell for way less than its real value.
Those women being ignorant of the value of their own property is not my responsibility.
And the husband, Miguel He was quite dim.
I've always taught my son that there's nothing more useless than a stubborn, dumb old man, and that couldn't be more true of Miguel.
Tomorrow, you're gonna take a drive out to the Reyes farm, and you're gonna meet with Isabel and Delfina, and you're gonna offer them the actual fair price, the price that they deserve.
The price they deserve.
Deserve for people like Isabel and Delfina is always based on what people like me think of them.
My fair price now is one peso.
One peso? Any fair offer is based solely on what your power merits, and my power merits that "no" is never a word I have to hear.
Sadly, right now, Isabel's power? It merits one peso.
Isabel already said "no" to your previous offer.
Why in the hell would she ever consider selling to you for? Delfina.
You son of a bitch.
: This is Anthony.
Sorry I missed your call.
Please leave your name and number.
HONDO: Delfina, pick up the phone.
It's Daniel.
Delfina?! Delfina! Delfina? Delfin I was in the stables, and I heard screaming.
By the time I ran in, I heard a car drive off.
She arrived just after I did.
What are they gonna do to my girl? [GASPS.]
CHARRO: I can't believe they would take her just like that.
Are you sure? - I understand.
- Charro, this is your chance to do the job you thought you signed up for.
Now, we can't bring fists to a gunfight.
Do you know where we can weapon up? Follow me.
We don't get much shooting practice, so I had to teach myself.
And being police here, it can be a dangerous job.
I have to ask, Daniel.
Yes, we have guns.
But how can we possibly take on Arthur's private army? It's just us two against all of them.
Call me "Hondo.
" There's probably something I should tell you about myself.

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