S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e02 Episode Script


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T You're being demoted from 20-Squad leader.
They want to force me to quit so they can keep their hands clean.
If you want to take some time to decide what you want to do, just know you helped save this city.
This land has been in our family for six generations.
Too long for us to just sell it to someone.
Why so mad all the time? Especially when me and my father are offering you a very, very, very fair deal.
Is there a problem here? - Where in America are you from? - Los Angeles.
- What do you do there? - I'm not sure.
That's why I came here.
To figure out my next move.
I know you were just trying to help Delfina Reyes and her farm workers, but I recommend you stay away from A.
You mess with him, you mess with his father.
You must be the man of the hour.
And you must be Arthur Novak.
What happened the day your husband died? We were told it was an accident.
I don't think Miguel Reyes's death was an accident.
I think he was killed.
Isabel already said no to your previous offer.
Why in the hell would she ever consider selling to you for Delfina.
Delfina, pick up the phone.
It's Daniel.
I can't believe they would take her just like that.
Charro, this is your chance to do the job you thought you signed up for.
It's just us two against all of them.
There's probably something I should tell you about myself.
I'm going to postpone leaving for TLI.
You worked for months to earn that ticket to Germany.
You cannot blow that off now.
Even for something as great as me.
Guten Morgen, SWAT! Who missed us? - Luca! - How do you have so much energy? The flight from Germany was 11 hours and you were awake the whole time.
We haven't seen the squad in three months.
With our crazy TLI schedule, the time difference it feels like I completely lost touch with everyone.
Come on.
Don't tell me you're not pumped to catch up with the rest of the team.
All I'm saying is, we could have dropped our bags off at home first.
Chris, we are home.
Luca! Hey, man.
I didn't know you were getting in today! We wanted to surprise everyone.
We? Hold up, is Chris with you? Hey, Street.
- Hey, Chris.
- You look great, man.
- You're hitting the weights already.
- Yeah.
I guess the liver donation surgery wasn't so bad after all.
Man, it kicked my ass.
I couldn't get out of bed for the first month after.
How nasty is that scar, dude? - It's-it's pretty nasty.
- Bet the ladies love it though, huh? How's your mom doing? Good.
Uh, the transplant took.
She looks healthier than she has in years.
- Okay.
- She's out of prison, too, living at the halfway house.
I visited once.
Taking it slow.
- Thanks for asking.
- I'm glad everything worked out.
Oh, they need me for this last med checkup.
- I pass this, I'm cleared for duty.
- Nice.
Listen, I want to hear about Germany, okay? All right.
Catch up later? - Oh! Victor Tan! 25-David! - Hey! Man, am I happy to see some friendly faces.
And it's 58-David, if you can believe it.
They still got you rolling with 50-Squad? How's Rocker treating you? Uh, like it's my first week on the job.
I spent the last month counting ammo, lugging gear, washing Rocker's Charger.
All the times we've embarrassed 50-Squad, you can't blame him for piling it on a little.
And now that we're back, 20-Squad will be rolling in no time.
I'm not so sure about that.
Been rumors 20-Squad might not be reforming.
What's that supposed to mean? What's Hondo got to say about this? Hondo's gone, man.
He's still not back from his personal time off.
- Where is he? - No one's sure exactly.
He ghosted.
Rumor is he's in Mexico, but nobody from SWAT's heard from him.
So he's been gone this whole time? With no word? I checked with his dad.
He's spoken to him a few times.
Nichelle, too, I think.
But other than that, crickets.
A smooth trigger pull creates accuracy.
That beats speed every time.
In a gunfight, you can't miss fast enough.
People are running their mouths about 20-Squad shutting down, and you wait for us to get back to find out? The hell's going on around here? Hey, these last few months, with the two of you in Germany and Street laid up from surgery, Tan on an extended honeymoon and Hondo who knows where there weren't enough bodies to field 20-Squad.
So I stepped back to focus on the new crop of SWAT Academy recruits.
After what happened with Durham last spring, that's where I wanted to put my energy.
Okay, but we're almost all here now, enough for a squad at least.
Look, I know Hondo got railroaded, but he'll be back at some point, and you've filled in before.
Okay, you run the show until this team leader - mess gets sorted out.
- There's nothing to sort out.
The brass demoted Hondo.
That's final.
Besides, Hicks already offered me the slot.
You've wanted a leadership position for a long time.
Yeah, not like this.
The way they forced Hondo out for doing the right thing? Not without at least talking to him.
I owe him that.
So what happens to us now? Well, without a sergeant in charge of the team, Hicks is gonna split us up and put us on different squads.
Just chopped up and sold for parts? And what happens when Hondo gets back? Where does he go? After the way the department treated him? You think Hondo's ever coming back? Slow down.
So you're a police officer? You're SWAT? There's no time to slow down.
Novak and his son have Delfina, and they're done pretending that they play fair.
- Can you get her back? - I'm gonna try.
But I need your help.
I'm not trained like you.
I can't train you to be a SWAT officer in a day, but I can teach you a few rules that my squad lives by.
And if you stick to those, we got a chance at saving this girl's life.
I'm in.
Rule number one: Never be in a hurry to die.
Weapons are nice, but we need intel.
We don't know where Delfina is or how many people are holding her.
It won't be easy.
Señor Novak has friends everywhere.
I got an idea of where we can start.
Follow me.
Oh, keep screaming, chica.
No one can hear you up here.
, don't be so rough.
That's no way to treat our guest.
Besides, there's nowhere for her to run.
I know about the silver.
What our land is really worth.
My mother will never sell.
We'll see how many pieces of you it takes to change her mind.
You and your psycho son will get nothing from my family.
I doubt that, dear.
What the hell is going on? You kidnapped her? Calma, man.
It's just business.
Please, let me talk to her mother.
I-I can get her to sign.
We've wasted enough time on your local approach.
The adults are in charge now.
- This ends today.
- If you hurt her I'd advise you not to finish that sentence.
Go home, Gabriel.
Get yourself in order.
I'm sorry, Delfina.
I know what you did.
Tough girl.
For now.
- Put her back in.
- No! No, no, no! You sure this guy's really our best way to Novak? My team and I have taken down a lot of big players up in L.
Trust me, it's always easier to work your way up the ladder than down.
Here he comes.
I don't think so.
You know who I work for? Yeah.
We do.
You can't touch me.
Señor Novak is off-limits to police in this town.
You're not Señor Novak.
I don't think my boss cares that much about you.
Especially when he finds out that you killed Miguel Reyes.
That's not true.
Stop lying You killed Miguel so your boss could force the Reyes women into selling their land.
And now he's kidnapped Delfina.
Whatever happens to her next, that's on you.
Unless you help us.
Where's he holding her? Novak has Delfina locked in a room on the south side of his villa.
She's unreachable.
Guards patrol day and night, and his son, A.
J He hardly takes his eyes off her.
Likes watching her suffer.
I only wanted a better life for me and Delfina.
- I still love her! - You killed her father, man.
You really think she's ever gonna speak to you again? I didn't kill Miguel.
After Miguel and I realized there was silver on his land, we argued, yes.
Miguel didn't care about getting rich, even though it would've changed our lives.
So I called A.
to see if he could talk sense into him.
said his father would buy the land, which only angered Miguel more.
They fought and A.
struck Miguel in the back of the head with a pick-hammer.
I don't buy it.
You're just looking to get yourself off the hook for all the pain you've caused this family.
I-I-I can prove it.
The hammer that A.
, he-he buried it up in the hill.
I know where he hid it.
It-It'll have his fingerprints.
Arthur's security is strong.
It will take more than me and you to get Delfina back.
It's time to show us that hammer.
Tell him you need a warrant for the Novak villa.
- He says - I get the idea.
Been looking for you! The armored vehicle needs another wipe-down.
Are you serious? Rocker, I just scrubbed that thing.
Nah, I'm just playing.
But that's no way to talk to your team leader.
I can't wait till you finally have to stop saying that.
Gonna be waiting a while then.
Just spoke with Hicks.
You're moving to 50-Squad full-time.
- What about the rest of 20-Squad? - No clue.
He's posting the rest of the assignments tomorrow.
I know people get moved around all the time, teams come and go.
But 20-Squad I can't believe it's ending.
Hey, I made you haul crap the last month, but you know it's 'cause I respect the hell out of you, right? Our teams have had a rivalry going back to Mumford and Buck, but you guys came out on top more often than not.
We resented 20-Squad.
But we admired you.
Appreciate it, Rocker.
I know it's hard to stand out on a team that's so stacked, but you're a great officer, Tan.
You don't have to do any more of the grunt work.
You're going to be rocking with the 50-fam for real.
Luca, welcome home.
Received nothing but sterling reports from Berlin.
How's it feel to be back? All looks the same, but it sure feels different.
I'm sorry about the team, but there's something I want to talk to you about.
The city found some extra cash squirrelled away in a sock drawer.
Now they finally approved re-staffing Cortez's position, directly under me, overseeing all of SWAT, and I couldn't think of a more qualified candidate for the role than you especially with the way I heard you crushed the leadership drills down in Germany.
That would take me out of the field for good, sir.
Yeah, but you'd have a say in all operations.
Put you on a fast track for advancement across LAPD.
- Just think about it, okay? - Yeah, you know what? All due respect, I don't need to the answer's no.
I waited too long to get back into the action.
You could be running all of SWAT one day.
You need to take this seriously.
All I want to do is get back behind the wheel of Black Betty.
With 20-Squad behind me.
I understand what you're chasing.
Hondo's gone.
20-Squad's done.
It's time to decide what's next.
Offer's not gonna be on the table forever.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Finally got you alone.
How was your, uh checkup? Fit for duty.
Kind of blows.
I mean as soon as I'm cleared for the field, our team gets torn apart.
I'm sorry, by the way.
I stopped texting the last month of your trip.
It's not that I didn't want to I mean, I-I loved that we were talking all the time, but, uh, surgery it kind of did a number on my body, so as soon as I started focusing on coming back, it just kind of took over.
It's okay, really.
You weren't under any obligation to text me.
Well we did kiss.
And it was an amazing kiss.
Those usually require follow-up.
We never actually talked about it.
We talked about almost everything but that kiss.
I mean, there's no one here.
We could talk about it now.
Look, I still feel the same way I did when you left.
I want to give us a real shot.
But nothing's changed.
We didn't figure anything out like we said we would, and we still have the same problems in our way.
Well, not the biggest one.
This time tomorrow, you and I can be on different teams.
That happens, we wouldn't have to hide a relationship.
I spent this summer in the worst pain of my life.
You helped me through that.
But it killed me, being so far away from you.
And I'm done pretending that we don't have - feelings for each other.
- Separate teams or not, I'd still be the one judged for dating a colleague, while you get high fives from the guys in the locker room.
I just, I just need some time to get my head around that, and-and figure out how we can do this right.
Be patient, okay? I really believed Chief Barrera would help.
I thought, if we just opened his eyes I know guys like Barrera.
Being a cop is a paycheck.
Not a duty.
I've been fooling myself, putting this on every morning.
I've felt that same anger.
It's part of why I left L.
- SWAT was like this? - No.
Not exactly.
My squad was the best anyone could ever ask for.
And my commander, he knew what was what.
But eventually, somewhere up the chain, a Barrera comes along and sends all the dominoes tumbling down.
And I just got tired of picking them all back up.
You can only fight the system for so long.
But Delfina is still in danger.
We can't wait for help - that isn't coming.
- We're just two men.
I saw you at that precinct today.
You're worth more than all those officers put together.
So how do we get in? I got to get a look at the Novak compound with my own eyes.
That's another SWAT rule.
You only know what you know.
You got anything in that trunk of yours that we can use? That's got to be where they're holding Delfina.
It's the only room on the property with two guards out front.
I see four more men on patrol with rifles.
And they probably all have sidearms of some kind, too.
Even if we take them out quietly, it won't be long before the guards notice.
There's not enough time to get to Delfina's room and back.
They patrol in a very specific pattern.
If we time it, we could be in and out before the next guard returns.
Might make a SWAT officer out of you yet.
All right, we'll wait another hour.
Make sure they stick to the pattern.
Wait a minute.
It's Gabriel what the hell's he doing here? Hey.
They're making a run for it.
I'll cover Delfina.
Keep eyes on A.
Lost sight of A.
They almost made it.
You want to defy me?! No! Maybe you need a permanent reminder who's in charge here.
We got to go.
Let's get her.
Hondo! - Where is Delfina now? - As far as we know, still at the Novak compound.
All this for some rocks in the ground? He can have it, all of them.
I don't care.
I just want Delfina back home.
We can't trust Señor Novak.
Once he gets what he wants, he'll still hurt Delfina.
He has my daughter, Officer.
I have to do something.
Some kind of concession.
She's right, Charro, the only thing keeping Delfina alive is the deed to this property.
I'll make the call to Novak and set it up.
I saw what A.
was about to do to Delfina.
You had to kill him.
We both know this is more than just about land now.
Even with a signed deed, Novak will come looking for you.
I am not worried about me.
Isabel and Delfina will never be safe so long as he still controls this town.
You have to do something.
Maybe if I had my team and my badge, things would be different, but I don't.
So right now we play the only card that we have.
We give Novak what he wants.
I'll do it.
I'll arrange to get him the deed and make sure Delfina is safe.
- This isn't your mess to clean up.
- It's not yours, either.
You should get out of Mexico now.
While you still can.
We all know what's coming tomorrow.
Didn't feel right to end the shift without getting together as a team - to say goodbye.
- Almost the whole team.
Hondo's always a part of us.
Kills me, he's gonna come back, his team'll be gone.
I hate to be that guy, but he's not coming back.
Otherwise, he would've already.
He tried to hold LAPD accountable and they threw him under the bus.
I wouldn't come back, either.
Hondo's been on the force almost his whole life.
What's he gonna do if he's not a cop anymore? I know what he'd want us to do now.
Finish the shift like it's any other day.
Which means it has to be perfect.
Guess 50-Squad won't be so bad.
Feel sorry for the team that gets stuck - with Street though.
- Oh, please.
Any squad that gets me is automatically better - than yours.
- What about you? You looking forward to what's next? Yeah.
Maybe it's time for a change.
You guys are seeing this, too? Why we all getting the same SWAT alert? - What's going on? - Suit up.
Our squad's rolling to a bank robbery in South L.
Why did 20-Squad get an alert? Second call just came in.
Officers under fire on the west side.
50-Squad's the only team on duty and they can't be in two places at once.
I hate to ask it, but 20-Squad is present and accounted for, sir.
- We'll take the call.
- Never doubted it.
We can roll a man down, Tan.
Finish it out with 20-Squad.
They need you.
Officers responded to a trespassing call.
Some locals thought they saw some teens hanging around a mall.
It's been closed for years.
Instead of kids, officers found an amateur meth operation.
Apparently, some aspiring cooks have been using the mall rent-free.
How'd they respond to their private kitchen being discovered? With bullets.
Thankfully, the unis made it out safe.
The shooters are pinned down in a department store.
All right, let's set up a perimeter and see if we can end this as clean as possible.
It's probably our last ride.
Let's fill the gaps.
Stay liquid.
Let's make Hondo proud.
- Everyone okay? Anyone hurt? - Just a little winded.
Got out as fast as we could.
Lost track of the kids, though.
Hold on, what kids? The ones we found using the fountain as a skate park.
They ran, so we chased them inside.
That's when we found the lab.
All of a sudden, we were under fire.
Three shooters, messed up on something.
So there's still kids inside? Look, this barricade could pop off into a hostage situation.
We can't just sweat these shooters out.
All right, when patrol gets here, set up a perimeter.
Cover all the exits.
No one gets out of this mall without a cop being there.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's find those kids.
Gun, two o'clock! Hey, cover me.
- We'll take care of this one! - Hands! Chris, Street.
You're with me! Lights.
I think the shooters are living here.
Gun! Right! Take the stairs to the second floor.
Get those kids out of here.
I'll distract this one.
We can see you in there.
Gonna need you to come out with your hands in the air.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
We're sorry.
- We're sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's okay.
Is it just you two? Okay, we found two teens, but there's still a skater buddy out there.
Second suspect in custody.
30-David, last shooter heading up the central escalator.
I've got you! Give me your hands! Hell of a last shift.
Thank you for getting here so quickly.
How many men on your team? Six plus me.
They'll arrive by nightfall.
Whatever you need done, we'll do it.
There's a man whom I wish to inflict immense pain.
I want him to regret ever setting foot in my town.
You have a phone call, sir.
Yes? Mr.
Novak, we have business to discuss.
Nice of you to stay in town.
Now I don't have to travel far looking for you.
I'm not going anywhere until you and me settle things.
Something we can agree on.
Isabel is willing to give you the deed to her land.
Full transfer, no sale necessary.
All she wants is her daughter back.
The love a parent has for their child is a powerful thing, isn't it? Do we have a deal? The deed for Delfina? Yes, we have a deal.
But I make the terms of the trade.
There's an abandoned sugar mill just outside town.
Neutral territory.
Meet me there tomorrow morning.
I'll be there.
I want her there, too, the mother.
To watch her hand her husband's land over to me.
That's not happening.
Then the deal is off.
We'll both be there.
Look forward to seeing you again.
You know this is a trap.
I do.
So what do we do? I walk into it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, um I just needed to talk to someone about today.
Want to come in? Yeah.
I've got a lot going on.
I feel like I'm trapped in my head.
Well, as you know, my best assets are my listening skills.
Lay it on me.
I'm gonna miss being your teammate, Street.
You always kept things interesting.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm sorry I haven't given you an answer.
- About us.
- I-I don't want you to feel pressured.
Everyone on the team is is-is looking ahead right now.
And today it hit me, I've I've never really done that.
I'm used to fighting so hard just to hold on to whatever scraps I have.
I don't know how to think about what I might want next.
Or who you might want? When I was in Germany, I, um, I didn't stay in touch with most people from home.
You were the only one I wanted to talk to if I had a bad day or if I was feeling down.
Or if Luca did something hysterical.
I didn't need 20-Squad to get me through my time away.
But I did need you.
You're kind of the one thing I'm-I'm starting to feel more sure of.
You know, um we've never even been on a real date.
We could be a terrible couple.
Really terrible.
I guess we'll we'll have to go on one of those dates - to find out.
- How about tomorrow night? Slow your roll.
We still don't know if we're gonna be on different teams yet.
I told you, I'm not breaking any rules.
You got to be good with that.
I've waited a long time for this.
I can wait one more day.
But as soon as we get the new assignments, - I'm asking you out deal? - Deal.
Arthur's got some new muscle.
Looks like private paramilitary.
We weren't expecting that.
They're not expecting you, Charro.
The most important thing about any mission is you stick to the plan.
Remember the SWAT rules.
Only move as fast as you can shoot and never lose your cool.
You're putting your life in danger for two people you only met a few days ago.
I usually do it for complete strangers.
And so do you.
You don't have to be here.
This town is my home.
I should have been protecting it better before.
Besides I can't let you do it alone.
What's that other SWAT rule? Always have a two.
You're damn right.
- You ready? - Simón.
Let's do this.
You're late.
And alone.
I didn't bring the deed, either.
Thought my terms were clear.
I needed to know Delfina was still alive.
You mind loosening your grip on her? Until I have the deed, the girl is mine to do with as I please.
Isabel is waiting in my car.
She's got your damn deed.
- Bring them to me.
- I'm not taking my eyes off of Delfina.
Glad you came.
Looks like you're getting everything you wanted.
I've already lost everything.
You took my son.
And you'll pay greatly for it.
Who really are you, Daniel? An outsider doesn't end up in this corner of the world by accident.
I didn't.
You want to know who I am? Run! Find cover! He's going nowhere without the girl.
Find him before he finds us.
You counting? One left, plus Arthur.
You go up, I'll stay down.
Charro? You got this.
- Yeah.
- Move.
Come on.
Too many people have died, Novak! You don't want to be a part of that body count.
Who are you to lecture me, playing judge, jury and executioner? My son should still be alive.
murdered Miguel Reyes in cold blood.
Don't you dare say his name! Please don't kill me.
If I was aiming to kill you, you'd already be dead.
Hondo! He's all yours, Officer.
Arthur Novak, you are under arrest.
Por favor.
Well, suddenly, your boss is Employee of the Month.
These people have been afraid of Novak for so long.
Seeing him brought in like this, Barrera had no other choice without losing the support of the entire town.
The world's full of men like him.
Happy to do the right thing as long as it's convenient.
If we wait for our leaders to show us honor we will be waiting too long.
We need to make them follow us.
This town is lucky to have you, Charro.
Thank you.
What will you do next? Right now, the only thing I need to do is get that girl home to her mother.
You keep this place safe.
The workers came back.
Looks like I won't need to be getting my hands dirty any time soon.
With A.
dead, his father in jail, they have nothing to be afraid of.
And Charro promised to keep an extra eye on things, - just in case.
- Oh, did he now? - What? - I saw you two chatting.
I don't think the farm's the only thing Charro's got his eyes on.
Takes a whole family to run this place.
And my mother deserves to relax.
Well, you can always sell for the real value.
You know about the silver now.
And it is life-changing money.
I know, but my father died to keep this land in our family.
I want to honor that.
The day may come when we need to reconsider, but on that day, it'll be our family's decision alone.
No one else's.
When I come back around, I'm gonna cook a meal - for you and your mom.
- You're leaving? I got what I needed.
Thank you.
For everything.
Hey! You never told me what you do back home.
I help people.
New team assignments.
I need your final approval.
It's a damn fine showing by 20-Squad yesterday.
You made the right call sending in the team.
Yeah, with those kids inside, wasn't much of a choice.
Well, still.
Lot of ways that could have gone sideways.
You led them well.
Commander, it's not a question of if I can do the job.
I know I can.
But in the last four years, I have learned that there's other ways to lead.
I spent the entire summer training and vetting these cadets to make sure that the next batch of officers doesn't have a single bad apple in it.
That's where I'm needed right now.
I can't do that and lead a team at the same time.
Message received, Sergeant.
There is no 20-Squad without Hondo.
You want to thank somebody for yesterday's mission? - You can thank him.
- Well, I'd love to.
But he's not returning my calls.
Who do you think pushed him to that point? I did everything I could to protect Hondo's job.
He went to the press behind all our backs.
The brass demanded blood.
- End of story.
- Yeah.
But there was a time when the brass wanted your head.
After Erika's death.
And Hondo told them if they fired you, they'd have to fire him, too.
There's always another move to make.
I'll tell 20-Squad their new assignments.
You think you'll be the driver - on your new team, Luca? - Sure.
I'll just go to whoever their old driver is and say, "Let's arm wrestle for it.
" Black Betty doesn't like other guys putting their hands on her.
Whoa, hold up, why do you get Betty? I thought we'd all, like, share custody or something.
- Mm-mm.
- Hey, uh, you guys think I should go by Jim on my new squad? This could be my big chance to reinvent myself.
I hate to break it to you, Street.
No one's ever gonna call you Jim.
Got your new assignments.
Listen, wherever you all end up, just remember what Hondo would always say.
Never be in a hurry to die? You only know what you know? Never lose your cool? No.
His golden rule.
Treat 'em like family.
It's time to get back to work.
Yeah, baby! You're back! Welcome back, Hondo.
Yeah! Hell yeah! Oh, I missed you, brother.
How's my team, hmm? Good now, buddy! Good.
Welcome back.

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