S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e03 Episode Script

27 David

1 Previously on "S.
T" There is going to be an article in the LA Time coming out tomorrow.
The mayor gonna have your head for this.
You've been demoted from 20 squad.
There's rumors 20 squad might not be reformed.
What Hondo got to say abot this? Hondo is gone, man.
Rumors he's in Mexico.
But nobody from SWAT's heard from him.
You can help my mother and me.
(GRUNTS) (WOMAN SCREAMS) Why don't you just leave that family alone.
That way, I can go back to what I was doing: - Nothing.
- STREET: This time tomorrow, you and I could be on different teams.
And I'm done pretending that we don't have feelings, for each other.
It's probably our last ride.
STREET: Soon as we get the new assignments, - I'm asking you out.
Deal? - Deal.
You run the show until this team leader mess gets sorted out.
There's nothing to sort out.
Hicks is gonna split us up and put us on different squads.
Hondo's gone, 20-Squad's done.
What kills me, he's gonna come back, his team will be gone.
- DELFINA: You're leaving? - HONDO: I got what I needed.
- You never told me what you do back home.
- I help people.
DEACON: There's no 20-Squad without Hondo.
- It's time to get back to work.
- LUCA (CHUCKLES): Yeah, baby.
How's my team? Here you go.
Thanks, Pop.
DANIEL: So, - first day back to school.
(CHUCKLES) - All right, whatever criticism you got stuck in your throat, go ahead and spit it out already.
I just can't believe that you walking back into that same damn building, playing good little soldier after the way the LAPD disrespected you like that.
I don't disagree.
Then why you doing it, then? I had a lot of time in Mexico to try to figure that out.
Well, you want to clue me in, then? I still think I can do good, Pop.
I can still make a change.
Oh, yeah, you can make a change.
You made so much of a change that they demoted your ass for doing the right thing.
(SCOFFS) You know, if it was me, you know what I'd be saying to them bosses of yours? I got a pretty good idea, Pop.
Look I can't be late for class.
Hey, son.
They don't deserve you.
I want you to promise me one thing.
Just one thing.
What's that? If they try to take your dignity from you that you walk away.
For good.
No doubt.
I love you, Pop.
I love you, too, son.
(DOOR CLOSES) This is weird, right? Us all getting called in like this? I'm telling you, they got to be putting 20-Squad back together again.
If that's true, who's running the show? No way the suits downtown changed their minds on Hondo.
- So Deacon, then.
- Deac already turned it down.
- What are you hearing? - Officially? Nothing.
But I just finished a shift with 50-Squad.
Rocker stuck his head in the locker room, - called me a defector.
- (LAUGHS) Dude, no question.
- 20-Squad is back in the saddle.
- Know soon enough.
I just saw Hondo and Deac headed up to Hicks's office.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - 20-Squad's been reinstated.
I thought that would get more of a reaction from you two.
- That's not all, though.
- Who's team leader? SANCHEZ: You always got to watch your six, fellas.
(LAUGHS) You never know - who might be lurking in the shadows.
- Sanchez.
- How are you? - (SANCHEZ CHUCKLES) Whose idea was it to ambush us? - Who do you think? - SANCHEZ: God, you two are a sight.
Although, Deac, a little more salt, lot less pepper - last time I saw you.
- What are you even doing here? I figured you left SWAT in your rearview a long time ago.
I did.
I've been climbing my way up the department.
All the way to the mayor's detail.
Oh, I got stories for you, believe me.
None of them compare to my SWAT days.
So, when I heard there was a team leader slot open, in 20-Squad, no less, I figured you can go home again.
Sanchez comes to us with the commission's full seal of approval.
For what that's worth.
But I guess the commission's gonna shove some jackass down your throat.
- Yeah, why not this jackass? - My thoughts exactly.
HICKS: Let's get 20-Squad up and running ASAP.
Take Sanchez down, inform the rest of them.
We'll circle back if there's any other details - we need to work out.
- Appreciate it, Commander.
(DOOR OPENS) Hey, Deac, hold up a sec.
Hondo, if it's all the same, I'd like to make the intros to the young guns myself.
You're there, they're gonna be more focused on trying to read you than listening to me.
Makes sense.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
You good with this? It is what it is.
I'm just surprised you didn't take the job.
Look, I-I wanted Durham and his racist pals out of here as much as you.
It's just what you did got you demoted, and didn't feel right coming out of all that and taking your spot.
Not without talking to you.
- Means a lot, Deac.
- Course, you'd know all that if you'd answer your phone or any of the texts I sent - while you were gone.
- I know.
And I am sorry.
It's okay.
I get it.
We're good.
Rocker wasn't easy on me at first, but the team was growing on me.
- You having second thoughts? - Nah, no way.
If 20-Squad's back together, I'm all in, for sure.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Just who I was looking for.
Street, right? Not looking too bad just coming off major surgery.
And, Tan, dude, I got a buddy in Vice who raves about you.
Alonso, I hear you're the best sniper in SWAT.
I'm your new 20-David, Rodrigo Sanchez.
I'm SWAT OG from before your time, but I worked with Hondo, Deacon, Luca.
They were all my brothers.
I look forward to making you family, too.
Well, good to meet you.
- It's great to have the team back.
- Soon as you're readied up, - let's all meet outside, yeah? - Yeah.
He's 20-David now? I hadn't thought about that.
What's that make Hondo? It'd make him 27-David, I guess.
- That doesn't sound right.
- TAN: Yeah, well, sounds like we're gonna have to get used to a lot of things.
(ENGINE TURNS OFF) Everything all right? Can't be parked here.
WOMAN: Um, it's My-my stupid truck, it just It died.
I don't mean to be a hard-ass, but it has to move.
Need me to call a tow? Oh, no.
That's so sweet, but, um, I'm waiting for my boyfriend.
He has the magic touch, so he'll fix it.
All right.
I'll check back my next pass, - see how you're doing.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Step out of the car.
What about Dale? Just go! This is Riley.
We have a man with a gun at Elite Wire and Cable.
Shots have been fired.
Yeah, I guess the rumors are true.
I'm back, baby.
Don't worry, we'll catch up on the way there.
That's Hondo's seat.
This ain't kindergarten.
Don't need assigned spots.
You sure? It's all good.
Take it.
LUCA: 20-Squad on scene.
Barricade situation at Elite Wire and Cable.
(TIRES SCREECHING) SANCHEZ: All right, listen up.
Go in straight stack on me.
And they got a shooter inside, so let's be smart.
Don't need nobody trying to impress the new boss.
Let's play it straight and safe, all go home happy.
Luca, you with me? Absolutely, 100%.
Hondo, anything you want to add? - Stay liquid.
- LUCA: Hell yeah, man.
- That's it.
- Let's move.
The building's surrounded.
You're outgunned, outnumbered.
Be smart.
Put your gun down and come out with your hands in the air.
No response from the suspect.
Making an entry.
Got it.
- (METAL CLANGS) - Luca.
CHRIS: 24-David.
We got a security guard tied up.
No sign of the suspect.
Did you see which way he went? (MUFFLED): Mm-mm.
Let's get you out of here.
(RILEY GRUNTS) 24-David.
Headed out with the security guard to the exit.
South aisle is clear.
No sign of him.
DEACON: 30-David.
Same on the north.
Think we missed him? That or he was gone before patrol secured a perimeter.
Street, tac lights.
LAPD! Show me your hands! Hey! Stop! HONDO: 27-David.
Suspect is moving fast, running back to the west.
STREET: He's heading for the east exit.
I said stop! (SANCHEZ GRUNTS) Hell yeah! Like riding a bike.
(LAUGHS) Tan, do the honors.
On your stomach, hands behind your back.
Good job, Sanchez.
- (FLEX-CUFF TIGHTENS) - (SNIFFS) - Hey, Deac, wait up.
I'm joining you.
- Uh, Tan was - gonna jump in there with me.
- The owner of the factory that was hit in the heist earlier is on the way in.
I'm-a have Tan team up with Chris on that one.
And to be honest? I just wouldn't mind taking a run at this guy myself.
You catch them, you clean them, huh? - That's right.
- All right.
Let's have at him.
Tough day, Dale, huh? Not exactly how you saw it turning out, is it? - It's okay to speak, you know.
- Yeah, but I don't have to.
- And I'm not gonna give up my friends.
- (SANCHEZ SCOFFS) Well, your friends ditched you this morning.
They didn't give a damn what happened to you.
I sure hope you're not gonna try to cover for them now.
You got to be smarter than that.
DEACON: They played you, Dale.
They did.
They played you.
You're the security systems guy, and, well, once you got them past the alarm into the building You see how far that love went.
Who are they? (DALE SIGHS) - I don't really know their names.
- SANCHEZ: All right.
Then what were they after? What'd they take? I don't really know that, either.
Look, the girl came to me, just needed me to kill a security system.
No big thing.
Offered me a thousand bucks to do it.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Is there anything you can tell us about them? Dale, give us something to work with.
One of the guys, she called him the Chemist.
Oh, and the-the license plate.
- You got a plate? - Part of it.
It was "007," which I thought was kind of cool.
Maybe good luck or something.
Guess you're not as useless as we thought.
(DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) That wasn't as much fun as I remembered.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - Yeah, well, it's-it's a lot better when they put up at least a little bit of a fight.
(LAUGHS) It's good to be back, though.
So, how's the missus and, uh, Lila? Well, they're good.
Um, also, there's Matthew and Samuel and Victoria.
(CHUCKLES) Holy crap, Deac.
When are you gonna give poor Annie a break? (CHUCKLES) How about you? You, uh, you still with Brandi? Nah, Brandi was one wife - and two girlfriends ago.
- Ah.
- Sorry.
- It's for the best.
You know, what you said earlier about me leaving this place in my rearview All the other jobs since, they haven't come close.
None have ever felt like a family.
CHRIS: Her name is Annabeth Kyle.
We talked on the phone.
She says she has no idea what the thieves might have been after this morning.
- You believe her? - I don't know.
But at least she was willing to come down and talk to us.
The guards, the fencing? That's all because of trouble we had with people stealing copper.
But there really wasn't anything of value in the storeroom.
Certainly not worth stealing.
Just books, paintings, pictures.
Old memories I couldn't bear to throw away.
There must be something.
The crew specifically targeted that room, and whatever they took, they were willing to shoot a man to get it.
That's an inventory of everything that was left in the storeroom.
Notice anything missing? These are all my husband's old things.
Their value is really just sentimental.
Jerry passed away three months ago.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Must be tough.
Well, after he died, I (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I couldn't stand being at home alone, so I downsized to a smaller place.
And Jerry's caretaker at the end, Pipa, helped me move all his stuff to the warehouse, so she might know better.
Hey, wait a minute.
I don't see his grandfather's drawings.
- What kind of drawings? - Uh, Jerry's grandfather was an architect, fairly prominent back in L.
's golden age.
Howard Kyle? He designed, well, 20-some buildings downtown.
Jerry was always pretty proud of that.
But as far as value, the drawings aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
I just don't understand why someone would want them so badly.
Stealing old architectural drawings and blueprints makes me think this morning's crime's gonna lead to another.
See if we can get copies of what was stolen.
Might help us piece things together.
Already spoke to a historian at the, uh, Building Preservation Society.
Hand-drawn layouts from that far back weren't digitized, so no copies exist.
According to our guy in custody, one of the suspects from this morning's crew? He's called the Chemist.
- I hate to say it, but - Explosives? (CHUCKLES) I hate to say it, too.
Alonso, get back with your contact at the Preservation Society.
I'm sure they can give you a list of the buildings this Howard Kyle designed.
You and Street figure out how many are still standing, which ones might make good targets.
Meantime, I got Tan working on a partial plate of the suspects' pickup truck.
- "007"? - It's casting a pretty wide net, - but maybe we get lucky.
- (SCOFFS) I hate relying on luck.
You got a minute? Course, Luca.
What's up? Look.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) I'm just gonna ask it.
Why are you here, exactly? What do you mean? Why are any of us here? This is SWAT.
This is the brass ring every cop's reaching for.
Nah, you're not here for any brass ring or running and gunning with your old buds or any of that.
- Okay, what's it about, then? - Look, I know you.
Always a climber, a self-promoter.
Always looking to grab the next rung up the ladder.
Coming back here is a step down for you.
There's no way that you'd do that unless there was something in it for you.
Hell, you left the mayor's detail for this.
(SIGHS) Why does everyone think the mayor's detail is some kind of prime gig? 99% of the time, you're just waiting in hallways or restaurant lobbies.
I got bored out of my skull.
Trust me, this right here is the sweet spot.
Now, I may not have known it when I left six years ago, but I sure as hell know it now.
(PHONE CHIMING) All right, we got to jump.
Looks like Tan might have a line on our suspects.
What'd you find? Turns out there are ten white max cab Ford F-150s in L.
with "007" in the tag number.
Got a list of the R.
DEACON: Anybody stand out from the crowd? Nope.
All ten look squeaky-clean.
It's the squeaky-clean ones you got to look out for.
You're right about that.
The wounded security guard mentioned a decal on the truck's rear window in his statement.
DEACON: That's right.
Said it looked like a leprechaun's hat.
So, I did a little digging.
There's a men's service club, uses a green bowler as its trademark.
- The O'Dunes.
- Exactly.
Bill Longmire.
Applied for a special permit to pull an O'Dunes float in a parade two years ago.
Worth checking out.
Nice work, Tan.
But next time, I don't need the whole journey.
Just get me to the destination.
Yes, sir.
The truck's a match, decal and all.
SANCHEZ: All right.
This crew already proved to be violent, so let's make sure they never get another chance to hurt anyone else.
Nice speech.
What's the approach? I was just getting to that, fellow jackass.
I'll take Luca, Alonso and Tan to the one side.
Hondo, take outside in case we get a runner.
Deacon and Street to the three side.
Got something you want to add? It's just Six windows on the left side of the house.
Only two on the right.
Maybe take the right to minimize exposure? I disagree.
Why's that? Because I can.
'Cause there's a little less cover on that side, so it's a coin flip.
Look, I appreciate the input, 27-David, but as 20-David, I'll make the call.
Let's move.
One side clear for entry.
In position on three side, ready for breach.
SANCHEZ: On my count.
One, two, three.
One who follows his nature keeps his original nature in the end.
But haven't you heard ever of something better to follow? LAPD! TAN: Search warrant! Do not move! Hands! Let's see the hands! Give me two, give me two.
What's going on? What happened? Your truck was used in an armed robbery this morning.
Two, two, two.
- LONGMIRE: What are you talking about? - You got any guns on the premises? No.
And I haven't driven the truck, either.
It's become too much of a hassle getting out of this wheelchair.
Anybody else have access to your vehicle? LONGMIRE: Just the girl who comes by to take care of me.
- Pipa.
- LUCA: That's the same name as the woman who helped Mrs.
Kyle with her storage unit.
- Where is she? Where do we find Pipa? - CHRIS: Two! LONGMIRE: I don't know.
She's here somewhere.
LAPD! Don't move! We got a rabbit on the three side! - (GRUNTS) - Get off me! What's the situation in there? CHRIS: Stay down! - You're under arrest.
- SANCHEZ: Nice work, Alonso.
(GRUNTS) Look at you, showing off for the new boss.
Showed you up, anyway.
SANCHEZ: Code 4 all the way around.
Suspect in custody.
Hold your position.
Hey, Tan.
That little bit of friction between me and Hondo out in the field.
That's not gonna cause any problems, right? - With Hondo? No way.
- Not with Hondo.
Hondo's a pro.
Little beef like that, he was over with it before we hit the house.
I'm talking about with the young guns.
You, Street and Alonso.
You got a lot of loyalty to Hondo.
Hell, he's earned it.
I just want to make sure that loyalty doesn't confuse anybody where the chain of command is concerned? No confusion.
Glad to hear it.
HICKS: That female suspect you brought in.
Pipa? She's keeping her mouth shut.
She's not saying a word.
Haven't been able to work my charms on her yet.
Too late.
She lawyered up.
Public defender's already here.
I guess she'd rather go down as an accessory than face whatever her coconspirators would do to her.
Maybe it's not fear that's keeping her quiet.
Maybe it's loyalty - or some twisted version of romance.
- How do you mean? SANCHEZ: We just got a dump of her phone records, and for five months, she's been getting daily rings from an inmate up at Lancaster.
- Regular, like clockwork.
- HICKS: Well, she likes bad boys.
- So what? - Yeah.
Only three weeks ago, the phone calls stopped.
So either the lovebirds broke up or Or he got sprung in time to mastermind - this crime spree.
- HICKS: All right.
Reach out to the prison.
Tell them we're gonna need a list of every inmate kicked free three weeks ago.
Ask for Deputy Warden Cook.
Tell him it's Rodrigo Sanchez - asking.
- Got it.
I've been looking for you.
Well, you found me.
What's up? This whole thing with Sanchez.
It doesn't strike you as wrong? Luca, I knew what I was coming back to.
It's just growing pains.
We're all gonna have to adjust a little bit.
No, no, I mean just him being here.
- Don't you think he's up to something? - Who's up to what? Well, it sounds like Luca thinks that Sanchez is running some kind of game.
No, I didn't I didn't say that.
I just have a hard time believing that he came back to SWAT after all this time because he was bored in the mayor's office or whatever other story he's peddling.
So, what do you think is going on? I don't know yet, but it's got to be something.
Look, there's no way a guy like Sanchez comes back here without an agenda.
It just doesn't make sense.
Luca, when have you ever liked Sanchez? I mean, come on.
Back in the day when you guys were running 30-Squad, there was always beef between you two.
Me and Rocker had to pull you apart more than once.
You guys are oil and water.
He's arrogant, self-centered, always wants the credit, and-and you're a selfless soldier who always puts the team first.
You-you guys are destined to bang heads.
Okay, so you trust him, then? I don't distrust him.
Just give it a chance.
It's our first day back.
We're all out of our groove.
Let's just wait and see what happens.
STREET: Howard Kyle was prolific, that's for sure.
I mean, to design 22 office buildings, see them all get built? It would be pretty cool to, you know, leave a legacy like that.
Something sad about it, though.
Almost half of them have been torn down.
What kind of legacy is it if it's crumbled to the ground and built over with something else? Wow.
That's pretty dark.
(CHUCKLES) That really surprise you? Okay, of the 13 buildings still standing, only five seem like viable targets.
Three are now banks, one is in the Jewelry District, and one is a sneaker store.
They got kicks that cost more than a car.
(CHUCKLES) Hicks already alerted patrol to keep an eye on all 13, but, uh, why don't you tell them to add units around the five you're talking about.
Guess, uh, - kind of blew our chance, huh? - What do you mean? For a day and a half, we were on two different squads.
No rules against dating.
We didn't take advantage of it.
I'm glad we didn't.
I mean, can you imagine if we did, and then suddenly we're back on the same team again? What then? Yeah.
Maybe this version of 20-Squad won't last.
I mean, Sanchez can't love that we're all Hondo's teammates to the core.
- Mm.
- He'll probably try to shuffle the deck at some point, get a couple of his own guys in there.
Might be an opportunity for me to talk to him.
Talk about what? Transferring? Street, the team's fragile enough as it is.
Yeah, that's my whole point.
This could be - a temporary situation.
But it's day one.
Let's just see what happens.
What do you got for us? TAN: Prison phone records.
They log every inmate phone call.
By focusing on inmates released three weeks ago, I was able to match the times and dates of Pipa's incoming calls with the phone use of one of the inmates.
Guy named Garett Hillman.
Probably targeted Pipa for her connection to the Kyle family.
He's an ex-DEA agent.
TAN: Convicted of stealing drugs and cash from one of the agency's evidence lockers back in 2014.
Paroled three weeks ago.
I'm guessing he played Pipa all along, suckered her into helping him steal the building plans.
Are we any closer to nailing their ultimate target? Two minutes ago, I'd have said no, but you just mentioned the DEA.
Howard Kyle designed a building down on Claymore Street.
It was demolished 12 years ago.
But guess what was built on that same lot, over that same foundation? A new DEA evidence storage facility.
There's no way that's a coincidence.
Feds made a huge drug and money seizure in El Cajon two weeks ago.
The entire haul could be sitting in an evidence locker there.
If Hillman still has connections inside the DEA, he'd know about this.
That building? That's got to be our target.
Tan, get them on the line and give them a heads-up.
Make sure everyone and everything over there is accounted for! - (LINE RINGING) - This is good work, Street.
Chris had a hand in it, too.
Makes no sense.
They should be picking up at the evidence locker.
(GAS HISSING) (SIREN CHIRPING) Sergeant Harrelson! Soon as you're ready, - I'll run it down for you.
- Hit pause, Raquel.
I'm not the guy to talk to anymore.
Sanchez is our new team leader.
- You the senior on lead? - Yeah.
- What do you got for me? - Well, per your commander's orders, no one's gone in or out.
We locked the perimeter as soon as we got here, did a check so far, everything looks secure.
- All right, thanks.
- Yeah.
- Still no one in there answering.
- All right.
Deacon, take Luca, Street and Alonso.
Start on the two side, check for signs of penetration around the building.
Hondo, Tan, you're with me on a one-side breach, shallow to deep.
Everyone copy? Hey! You all got mouths, use 'em.
Speak up.
- Roger.
- Roger that.
- Roger.
- Roger that.
All right, let's roll.
She's alive.
Wait a minute.
Smoke, or some kind of gas.
Let's mask up.
Tan, mask on.
He's alive.
- Must be a sleeping agent.
- The work of "the Chemist.
" Got two more down over here.
Both still breathing.
We gotta get them out of here.
DEACON: 30-David to D-Team.
All sides of the building are clear.
- No signs of forced entry.
- Copy that, 30-David.
Keep your eyes peeled.
So, they didn't breach the building from the outside or come in from the front.
Maybe we beat them here? The smoke was put in play remotely.
They went out of their way to get the blueprints of the building that used to stand here.
- They found another way in.
- Tan, evac these people and get the paramedics to check them out.
Roger that.
Sanchez, lights.
TAN: 25-David, we have three victims, unconscious from inhaling unknown substance.
Need R/A, my location.
Sanchez, you see that? SANCHEZ: Yeah.
Air looks clear here.
Masks off.
All right.
LAPD! Show me your hands.
27-David to D-Team, we are taking fire.
Suspects are in a sub-basement tunnel below the building.
DEACON: Roger that.
All units, this is 30 David.
Suspects are armed, proceed with caution.
(GRUNTS) Sanchez, they're rabbiting.
After you.
27-David to D-Team, suspects are in the tunnel heading north.
We are in foot pursuit.
SANCHEZ: These old tunnels must date back to Howard Kyle's designs.
HONDO: Which means they know the layout better, but they got to get past the topside perimeter to make an escape.
These tunnels have switchbacks, but the decommissioned water channels run straight.
That's our play.
Come on, man! Move your ass! This cash is heavy, man! You grabbed the light bag.
Move! Deacon, we're moving northwest now, probably 200 yards from where we dropped in.
- DEACON: Roger that! - 20-David to D-Team, roll armored on that heading.
You got to stay above these guys.
We're on the move.
Keep feeding us your position.
Hey, remember how we took down the Vargas brothers? Those tunnels in Little Tokyo? Still on my "greatest hits" list.
We're closing in on you! You know that, right? It's only a matter time before we lock your asses up.
(PANTING) Come on! I'm not gonna wait for you! BROCK: Help! Brock? Brock! If you're real good, we might come back for you after.
(PANTING) Our latest greatest hit.
Won't mean a whole hell of a lot if the last one gets away.
What are we standing here for? 27-David to all D-Teams, we are moving east, best as I can tell, about 100 yards from our last position.
SANCHEZ: Deac, be advised, suspect has a good lead on us.
Roger that! We're fanned out, just south of you now, near Greeley.
LAPD! Stop right there! Deacon, our suspect is above ground.
I repeat, Garett is topside, making an escape.
Led us right to him, Hondo.
We're in pursuit.
Eyes on suspect, Eighth and Greeley.
He's headed for a car, mid-Greeley.
(ENGINE STARTS, REVS) Garett Hillman, this is LAPD! Get out of the car, put your hands in the air! CHRIS: Shut off the car, now! Get your hands where we can see them! LUCA: It's over, Garett.
Turn the engine off, hands on the wheel and do not move.
Chris, rear window.
Switching to pepper balls.
(GARETT COUGHING) Get your hands where we can see them! - All right, all right! - Get out of the car, - put your hands in the air! - All right, all right! - I'm coming out.
- Get out! On the ground right now On the ground! Hands behind your back! STREET: 26-David.
Final suspect in custody.
Show us Code 4.
Team, hold up a sec.
I want to address something.
Usually, we do the after-action debriefs - while we're still in the field.
- This ain't a debrief.
I got nothing to criticize.
That was tight work back there.
Just a victory speech, huh? No, let's call it a confession.
All right, cards on the table, I was sent here to figure out what's in the water See why this team imploded the past few months.
Officer Rogers getting killed on your watch; Deac, you recording other cops; Hondo, you leaking to the Times - You're leaving out a lot of context.
- You're right.
I see that now.
It's clear I don't need to pull you back together You're already kick-ass as a team.
I came here thinking this was gonna be a chore.
But after today, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow.
Great job, every one of you.
- We appreciate it.
- Thanks.
Listen up.
May not be what we expected, but we're gonna make it work.
He's lucky to have you, and so am I.
Just glad you're finally back.
Glad we're all back.
Sanchez ain't wrong.
It is gonna be fun, - going forward.
- (SCOFFS) Well, didn't make things sound very temporary, did it? So, I guess 20-Squad's back for good.
And so are the rules.
You know, I never thought I'd be disappointed to have to keep working with you.
What do we do now? We keep doing what we've been doing.
For how long? As long as we have to, I guess.
(SIGHS) Uh, Sergeant Harrelson.
Just wanted to let you know, I'm glad to see you're back.
Means a lot.
We met before? No, I'm Reece Tatum.
SWAT cadet.
You taking on the system, calling out those racist cops? You're the reason some of us signed up for this.
Just wanted to let you know.
(CHUCKLES) I appreciate you, my man, I do.
Good luck in the SWAT Academy.
Hey, Pop.
Hey, son.
Listen, I made some salmon if you're interested Brown rice, broccoli.
So, tell me: How was the first day back to school? It was all right.
(SIGHS) Seeing my team again felt real good.
But watching another guy lead 20-Squad, hearing him use my call sign Let me guess Flat-out sucked.
To be honest, it hurt.
You made your choice.
I did.
And I support that.
Salmon's in the fridge.
Thanks, Pop.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Hmm.
Hey, sorry to just drop by like this, but, um, can we come in? Sure.
Hondo, meet Renee.
This is Hondo.
- How you doing? - Hello.
- Is everything okay? - Not really.
Um look, I know you and Deacon think I'm off base about Sanchez.
And it's true I never vibed with the guy back in the day.
And after our talk earlier, I was pretty much ready to just roll with it for the sake of the team, but I decided to make a couple of calls first.
Renee here, she's a staffer for the police commission.
Tell him.
First, you did not hear any of this from me, okay? I mean, I wouldn't even be here except for the fact that I really respect you for what you did, going public.
- People needed to know.
- Yes, they did.
So, when I heard that my boss and the others on the commission were demoting you, I thought, "Well, that-that's not right.
" It's not.
The other day, when the bosses heard that you were returning to SWAT, they weren't happy.
So, they came up with a plan.
A plan? Rodrigo Sanchez.
They sent him to get you to quit.
It's his one and only job there.
They offered him something big - if he could do it.
- Okay, hold up.
Sanchez is in on this? RENEE: (SIGHS) I overheard him telling my boss that it wouldn't take him long to get rid of you.
Look, I am risking my job telling you this, but after talking to Luca, I just I thought you should know.

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