S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e08 Episode Script

Safe House

1 Previously on "S.
T" Told me we were team.
When I got back from Mexico, I had a real clear idea of what I wanted.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Please You gettin' on? - Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
Miss, I don't understand you.
No hable.
We were waiting what felt like days in that ER.
All the while, I'm cradling little Winnie, poor baby, sick as a dog.
- How old was she? - She was five.
Daniel was three.
Although he was acting grown, pacing and demanding answers about the wait.
Mmm, sounds like someone I know.
So finally they call us into the exam room.
Soon as the doctor comes in, little Daniel all two feet of him Okay, I was taller than two feet, Mom.
Little Daniel yelled at that doctor, "What took you so long? You know my sister's sick.
" My son, taking care of his big sister, even as a little boy.
- Good man in the making.
- Mmm.
So, Nichelle, tell me, how is your community center? Actually, perfect.
Ever since we did the renovations, I haven't had to worry about pipes bursting or mold growing.
I've been able to focus - on what matters: the kids.
- Yeah.
Daniel's always talking about how wonderful you are with those children.
I have my moments.
That you do, baby.
Well, I don't know about you two, but I am ready to eat.
So, Nichelle, do you want to have children? Okay, Mama, I think you done drank a little too much wine.
Baby, kill that noise.
I'm just asking a question.
We're all adults here.
You know, after 35, we call it a "geriatric pregnancy.
" - I'm very aware - No, no.
This friend of mine, Mitzi, at 49, gave birth naturally.
'Course, that child doesn't have any grandparents.
They're long dead.
Okay, who's hungry? I know, it's just nothing like a newborn baby's smell.
God, I miss it.
Don't you want that for yourself? Okay, next topic, Mama.
Oh, I don't know, a new car smell is a close second.
New car smell, okay.
Well, you are gonna love this roast.
The recipe is a Harrelson family secret.
Ah, ladies.
I'm sorry.
It's work.
50-Squad's tied up with a burglary in Larchmont.
Patrol got a visual on one male shooter inside.
When they arrived on the scene, our trigger-happy suspect fired shots at the unis.
- How many hostages? - We got eyes on one.
Likely the store owner.
Suspect's got him pinned in the front interior.
Bang and breach, front entry? Bang and breach, yes, but we enter on the three side.
Tan, get a flashbang.
20-David making entry.
Looks like somebody tried to get out through that window.
Ain't nobody getting through that.
But they were desperate enough to try.
20-David, we're approaching the north side of the building.
LAPD! Come out with your hands raised! We're in position.
Put the gun down! You got no way out of this! We got you surrounded! Come out slowly! - Show us your face! - Drop your weapon! Get on the ground! Now! Going hands-on.
Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
25-David requesting emergency transport for one gunshot victim.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Sir, was there anyone else in the store when the shooter came in? Young girl, 19, maybe 20, ran in here, scared out of her mind.
They got away with her right before cops showed up.
- How many suspects total? - Four men, including that one.
And And what? It seemed like they knew her.
They were targeting her.
The question is why.
- Any idea who she is yet? - Still a Jane Doe.
No luck IDing her and no one has reported her missing.
Liquor store owner said it seemed the perps knew her, - like it was personal.
- Sex trafficking? - That's one theory.
- Well, say that is the case.
Must be one hell of an axe to grind to make this much noise.
- Pretty stupid, actually.
- Unless their marching orders were to use deadly force.
They shot up a liquor store, they nearly killed a civilian, and when unis responded They deserted one of their own to get away with our Jane Doe.
Probably means she doesn't have much time.
All right, contact Vice, see if we can get any leads on trafficking rings in or around the Gardena area.
Roger that, Commander.
- Any footage on the other suspects? - Not really.
There's only one camera inside, and the kidnappers' faces were obstructed from view.
The outside camera was grainy, but they left in a late-model black Chrysler 300.
Couldn't make out the plates, though.
Shooter in custody is Carlos Ochoa.
And he isn't saying a word.
He's staying loyal to someone.
How noble of him.
Rap sheet? Not even a traffic citation.
Any gang affiliation? Few tattoos.
No ganging.
But we were going through the booking photos and noticed this.
It's a pretty gnarly branding mark.
" - That could be gang initials.
- I mean, that's our guess, but it doesn't link to any crew we know, so Let's put a call in to Gangs and Narcotics and get someone down here.
- All right, I'm on it, boss.
- All right, you two keep combing through that security footage.
Still no ID, huh? No.
The store owner said that she only spoke Spanish.
He didn't understand her, but she kept repeating the word "escoderme"? Esconderme.
Means, uh, "hide me.
" Pretty odd thing to say instead of "call the cops.
" It is, unless she's undocumented.
With no papers, 911 is the last number you're calling, even in an emergency.
Well, if that's true, it's gonna make it harder to ID her or find her.
Thought I'd take a chance and swing by.
I got a few minutes.
Hey, and before you say anything, I know my mom was being a little Pushy? I was gonna say a little overcurious, but okay.
I swear she means well.
See, my sister Winnie swore off kids when she moved to Vegas, and my mama's spotlight has been on me ever since.
Nichelle, we don't have to have the "where do you stand on having kids" conversation.
It's too soon, and I get that.
Hondo, please, I just need to say this.
Your mom didn't make me uncomfortable.
I made me uncomfortable.
Because I haven't been completely honest with you.
Three years ago, I started thinking about adoption.
I contacted an agency, filled out a thousand forms I mean, I knew it was a long shot a single woman living on a nonprofit salary didn't exactly make me desirable to most birth mothers.
Well a week ago, the agency called.
There's a pregnant teen in Riverside who wants me to be her baby's mother.
So I mean, if this is something you really want, I I'm happy for you.
But I'm not sure what it would mean for Us.
I know.
The timing isn't perfect.
I honestly didn't expect this to ever happen.
I've kind of been in shock.
I just wanted to be honest.
Honest? You could have told me this before.
When do you have to let them know? I have to give the agency an answer by tomorrow.
Are you looking for my okay, or have you already made your decision? I've wanted this for a long time.
Before I ever met you.
But if I do this, I need to know where you stand.
Where we stand.
Why don't we talk about this when my shift is over? Sure.
Call me when you're done.
- What do we got? - Connected with Vice.
No intel linking our suspects to a trafficking ring based out of Gardena or the South Bay area.
Well, that puts us back to square one.
Did we get a hold of GND? - A detective's on his way over now.
- Good.
Let's hope we get a handle on the situation then.
Luca, come with me.
Well, I'll be damned.
Marcos? - He say why he's here? - Not a clue.
He asked for you.
Marcos, man, what's up? I ain't here to talk to you.
So you can go ahead and bounce now.
Someone with your record, sport? Until I know the nature of your business, you get two cops for the price of one.
Uh, Commander? This won't take long.
Just a few minutes, okay? Well, if that's the way you want it, Luca sure.
All right, man, so talk to me.
What's going on? That shooting at the liquor store, at Gardena Boulevard? - Yeah.
- About the missing girl.
I got something you're gonna want to hear.
What makes you think there's a girl missing? Come on, man, that's how you want to play this? I got a friend in the car willing to talk.
All right, then bring him in.
Only way she's talking is outside.
And why is that? Look, what aren't you telling me? This friend is like family to me.
She needs help, and I'm out of options.
Is this really necessary? Yeah, this is.
Your friend's so nervous about talking inside, maybe another woman will put her at ease.
Whatever you say.
Mama Pina, these here are Officers Dominique Luca and? Chris Alonso.
They're here to help, okay? Miss I mean Mama Pina I'm gonna show you a video, and can you tell me if you recognize this woman? Oh.
That's Jenni Moreno.
How do you know her? Uh, she fled Honduras some time ago, and she's been staying with me for about three weeks.
- Are you family? - No.
Not by blood, anyway.
I open my home to undocumented women escaping bad situations.
What was Jenni's situation? Back home she was kidnapped by a local gang, and they forced her to become a drug mule.
Somehow she escaped, and by the grace of God, she found her way here.
She's only 21 years old and already on her ninth life.
Did Jenni ever mention the name of the gang she fled? No.
She was afraid that it would somehow get back to them.
This is Detective Rios with Gangs and Narcotics.
- Sergeant Harrelson.
- Good to meet you, Sergeant.
Looks like your team's theory about Carlos Ochoa's branding mark holds water.
"RC" stands for Rebeldes Centrales.
- Central Rebels.
- It's a new street gang based out of San Pedro Sula in Honduras.
Popped up on GND's radar about a year ago.
Meet the ringleader, Ignacio Cuevas.
Pretty young to be a boss.
Don't let the baby face fool you.
He's just as ruthless and relentless as his elders.
When you first caught wind of the RCs last year, was Cuevas trying to establish some sort of L.
presence? Tried and failed.
ICE deported him for entering the U.
with false docs.
Drug trafficking That's his main vice? Drugs, arms and people, among other things.
It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it turns a profit and turns it fast.
Zero code of honor.
Missing victim is 21-year-old Jenni Moreno, undocumented from Honduras.
She fled a local gang that forced her into becoming a drug mule.
Detective Rios here just ID'd that gang: Rebeldes Centrales.
Initials RC.
It's a new crew headed by this guy: Ignacio Cuevas.
Ignacio went this far to track down Jenni Moreno he's probably after some twisted retribution.
For a young punk still fairly new in the game, one of his mules going AWOL ain't a good look.
Yeah, it makes him look weak.
Easy for the competition to dismiss him.
He probably wants Jenni back in Honduras to make an example of her, keeps his reputation intact and the rest of his drug mules in line.
Which means it won't be long before they move her back across the border.
As soon as I got your inquiry, I checked all the entry ports, no sign Ignacio's entered the U.
That doesn't mean he's not here.
Let's put out a BOLO.
We find Ignacio, we find Jenni.
I'm on it.
I'll talk to my CI, find out if there's any buzz on the street.
- Thanks, Detective.
- You got it.
Jenni was staying at a safe house in Gardena.
A friend of Luca's neighbor runs it at her personal home.
All right, grab Luca.
The two of you head down there, see what you can find.
Can, uh, can we come in? Look, what's the problem? Y'all look like po-po, that's the problem.
Last people these women trust are cops.
Thought you know better than to show up like that.
Well, I thought you'd assure them that we're here in good faith.
For them, cops and good faith don't go together.
Maybe we can convince them otherwise.
Ask them about any names Jenni might have mentioned.
I was the last one to see her.
What happened? We had planned to meet up to take the bus home together, but I was running late.
I know she was probably waiting for me when It's okay.
What did she say? That matches the Chrysler from the liquor store.
Look, keep that piece where it belongs.
- Put it back.
- Get everyone to hide.
Stay low and stay quiet.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
I'll cover your four side.
LAPD! Hands up! - Drop your weapon! Turn around! - On your knees! - Hands behind your back! - Turn around! Hand behind your back! Now! Do not move.
Do not move.
- Going hands-on.
- Okay, go.
Hey! Hands behind your back! Hey.
Look, I can't shake the feeling that there's something you're still not telling me.
Okay? Rebeldes Centrales trying to stake a claim in the L.
street game means competition for your crew.
What? Are you for real right now? You really think I had something to do - with these fools rolling up here? - No.
You know why? I don't think you'd be that stupid.
But right now the optics also don't look good.
Optics, huh? In a way, you're right.
Me and you working together ain't no good look.
Never will be.
The hell happened here? Sir, there was no way of us knowing Ignacio's guys would show up.
Would have been a lot worse if you hadn't been here.
Our chances of finding Jenni Moreno are getting slimmer by the hour.
The RCs already have her.
Why come here? None of the other women are associated with them.
Well, Jenni was a drug mule, so say she had their product when she escaped.
Then it makes sense why they'd show up here.
Do you think Jenn I intentionally stole her boss's drugs? I don't know about intentionally but it's a possibility.
, um It's Mama Pina.
Okay, then.
Mama Pina, do you have any reason to believe that Jenni would have something here that this gang would want? By "something," do you mean narcotics? Mm, yeah.
I don't believe so.
Is that a yes or a no, ma'am? I don't strip-search these women and conduct daily cell checks.
But it is your house.
You should know what's going on in here.
Before these women came here, no inch of their body belonged to them.
I refuse to repeat that trauma.
And so do we.
Now, if you have any idea what they want or where it might be, I promise you, whatever you tell us won't jeopardize you or the others.
Sosa, we're trying to help.
Holding back information is only gonna put Jenni in more danger.
Are you ready to help us help you? Or would you rather we just start searching your house? Deacon, back off.
None of you are really on our side.
Do what you need to do Officer.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about that.
We want to find Jenni as much as you do.
We're on the same side.
I'd really love to believe you.
I know it's really hard for you to trust someone like me, someone in uniform but please try.
Seems to me that that uniform is wearing you instead of you wearing it.
SWAT won't compromise the location of your safe house to anyone, especially ICE.
Jenni wouldn't be the first woman I've lost.
Oh I'm sorry.
Mama Pina, what you said back there about these women's bodies if we don't work together, that nightmare will be Jenni's reality again, or worse.
This is her bed.
- May I? - Yeah.
Is there a problem? Uh, she had a backpack.
It's gone.
Did she have it with her yesterday? No.
It was here.
Who does she share the room with? Vera.
They're about to bring Javier into interrogation.
I'll grab Hondo.
What's your problem? At the safe house, why'd you come at Mama Pina like that? I was questioning her.
- No, you were accusing her.
- Chris, calm down.
You stay out of this.
Listen, I'm sorry you saw it that way, but I was doing my job.
The one where we ask witnesses and potential suspects - the hard questions.
- Potential suspects? You think she's hiding something? Those are your words, not mine.
Let's just leave it at that, huh? No.
I want to hear you say it.
Say what? Come on, Chris, whether you want to admit it or not, Mrs.
Sosa is doing those women - more harm than good.
- How's that? What if you and Luca hadn't been there? Huh? Then what happens? At best, she's a vigilante.
And at worst At worst, a criminal? Do you have any clue the sacrifice that lady makes on a daily basis just so young women fleeing oppression and violence get a chance? Those young women have no legal standing living under her roof, all right? So without it, they're just sitting ducks.
They could be deported at the drop of a hat, sent back to the very danger they're fleeing.
You're right.
They should go through the proper channels, like sweating it out in detention centers where they'll probably endure the same abuses they fled! And maybe by the time they're 40, be given permission to be in this country.
Hey, I'm not saying the process isn't flawed, but it's a process.
You don't get to just choose which law you feel like breaking.
Wow, it must be so nice throwing stones perched up in your tidy corner of the world.
Hey, that's enough.
Right now I don't give a damn about either of your politics.
We got a young woman's life hanging in the balance, period.
So get your anger in check and your priorities straight.
Chris, you go check in with Luca.
Deacon, you're with me in interrogation, right now.
Hey, Chris, hold up.
Let's get some air, yeah? I don't need a lecture.
Don't plan on giving one.
Please, stay out of my way right now, okay? Got a little carried away back there.
Any hits on the BOLO we put out for Ignacio? Not yet.
I reached out to ICE again radio silence.
Sounds about right.
We know you were after the drugs that Jenni stole from your boss.
We got to them before you did.
Sitting in our evidence locker as we speak.
The same evidence the D.
will use to put you away for a long time.
Prison here? Like a vacation.
Well, that depends on the facility.
I mean, a guy like you, wherever you get assigned, that makes all the difference, for better or for worse.
Tell us where your buddies are keeping Jenni Moreno.
Well, this is usually the part where we offer you some form of immunity.
In your case, no doubt you're going to prison.
But if you cooperate and tell us where Jenni is, we'll make sure you land in one that's more to your liking.
Got nothing for you.
Detective Rios called.
According to his CI, word on the street: RCs arranged a meeting for later today, right here in L.
With who? Marcos Guzman.
How's Marcos tied up in all of this? Not sure, but I didn't like it the moment he stepped foot in here.
I already sent Luca and Tan out looking for him.
Let's hope we get to him before he gets to that meeting.
Where you headed, Marcos? Out.
What's in the duffel and the backpack? You don't got a warrant.
I don't got time for playing.
So get out of my face and move the damn cruiser.
Got a gun in plain view, Luca.
Sounds like probable cause to me.
Plus, a credible source says you're meeting with Ignacio's crew.
So who's playing now? Hey, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Hey, Luca.
You know what? I thought you were smarter than this.
Turn around.
You're under arrest.
You dumbasses are gonna get that girl killed.
I said turn around! Give me your hands.
Are you ready to tell us when and where your meeting with the RCs is happening? Sit your ass down, man.
Sit down! Look, this was never about saving that girl, was it? It was about getting your hands on her drugs.
Don't matter what I say.
You ain't gonna believe me anyway.
Optics, right? Look, we're trying to get Jenni back to Mama Pina safely.
We thought you wanted that, too.
What the hell do you think I was doing? The meeting was never about business.
Exactly what was it about, then? When things were popping off at Mama Pina's, I saw Vera take off with the backpack.
I knew something was up, so I found her and took it.
Okay, and you didn't think to call us? I did.
But I knew you'd play it straight.
So I set up the meet with Rebeldes Centrales.
Clean swap.
The coke for Jenni.
It was always about getting her back safe.
Not that this matters to either one of you, but Ignacio is somebody I would never do business with.
What he does to women, to girls He deserves a hole in the desert.
Okay, let's say I believe you.
It still wasn't your call to make.
Well, there's still time.
But you got to let me get out of here.
You know that's not happening, man.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
When and where is it going down? Look, I made a promise to Mama Pina, to bring Jenni back home to her.
If I break that promise Look there was a time in my mom's life where she hit rock bottom.
I mean, we were damn near living in our car.
Mama Pina took us in, no questions asked.
She sees the good in people.
And after all these years, after everything I've done she still sees that in me.
I can't break my promise to her.
No way in hell.
Commander, this is our best option right now.
You're asking me to let you piggyback on Marcos for the trade, the same guy who just pulled the wool over our eyes.
Do I really have to break it down for you two? Sir, with Marcos going in, there's no way Ignacio's men will ever see us coming.
We get Jenni Moreno back, and then we take them down.
Marcos'll be under our thumb the entire time.
He's a wild card.
There's too many unknown variables.
I'll be with him.
Undercover? Wouldn't be my first time.
Except in those situations we knew exactly who our allies and our enemies were.
Commander, I get your concerns.
I do.
I just can't see this going down any other way that doesn't tip off the Rebeldes Centrales.
We've taken them down twice now.
Their defenses are way up.
Marcos is our only way in, and that girl's only chance at survival.
And I'm sure his cooperation comes with a cost.
Uh, let me guess.
We drop the charges against him? Please.
I'll alert agencies to stay clear of the sting.
Thank you, Commander.
If you screw this up I So don't screw it up.
Units are on standby within a mile radius of the marina.
Now, the place is gonna be crawling with Saturday shoppers, so let's get in and out without any civilian getting hurt.
Ignacio's dudes wanted to do the exchange in public.
My guess they don't want this going sideways.
But still, the area surrounding the marina is tight and dense.
Too many exits.
Too many hiding spots.
Our eyes and ears won't leave those grounds once.
Or Alonso.
Each and every one of you better have her six at all times.
Hundred percent, sir.
And is she ready to sell it as Guzman's girlfriend? Ask her yourself.
I'm gonna go with she's ready.
Where's your service weapon, Alonso? In my Louis.
That looks like a Gucci to me.
Bonnie's got one just like it.
As long as my gun fits.
Did you search Marcos? I did a sweep of his car and patted him down twice.
He's clean.
All right, then.
Everyone go in stealth.
I'll do that, sir.
All right, Chris and Marcos ride together.
Tan and Street, you're with Luca.
Deacon, you're with me.
Let's get Jenni home safe.
- Thanks, man.
- You're welcome.
Everyone in position? 22-David ready to rock and roll.
25-David ready.
26-David in position.
Roger that.
Everyone stay loose.
Should be any minute now.
They should be here by now.
They'll be here.
I got eyes on Jenni.
Hondo, you seeing this? Guess he wasn't out of the country.
20-David to Command.
We have eyes on Ignacio Cuevas.
All right.
All right, this is Command.
Nothing changes.
Stick to the script.
Roger that, Commander.
Wasn't expecting the top dog.
I knew you would know who I am.
This is your extra muscle? Yeah, this is my girl.
She's here helping us all look chill as a cucumber.
Guess she must have a strong grip where it counts.
Hey, watch your mouth.
My mistake.
That belong to me? Jenni takes a seat next to my girl, then you get your bag.
But first, there's some business I've come a long way to discuss with you.
We're still not in the clear.
Hold your positions.
What the What the hell is this? 20-David to Command.
ICE is here.
Federal officers! Hands in the air! Move in! Move in! LAPD SWAT! Put your gun down! ¡Vamos!! Vamos! ¡Vamos! 20-David to Command.
- Shots fired.
Shots fired.
- Get down, get down.
Tan, circle north.
- I'll go around.
- Code 8.
Command to 20-David.
Sending backup.
I checked the narcotics database.
No indication ICE was actively investigating Cuevas.
Typical three-letter agency, leaving the rest of us in the dark.
Damn it! Hands behind your back! - Hands behind your back! - Behind your back, now! 22-David.
One suspect in custody.
Which way did Chris go? That way.
Drop your weapon! Gun on the ground, or she gets a bullet between the brows.
Don't move! Hands up where I can see 'em! Now! She's LAPD! Stand down.
Stand down.
Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
Hey, you all right? Where is she? Where's Jenni? At about 1300 hours, Cuevas entered the States using a false name.
Now, ICE located him, but they didn't alert anyone.
So this is their screwup, not ours.
Now, typically, I wouldn't condone it, but that was good thinking, letting Jenni run.
It would have been even a bigger mess to sort out with DHS.
How's she doing? With the exception of a hand laceration, she's okay.
Now, Cuevas and his men are looking at nice, long prison stints, thanks to all of you.
Really good work.
Now, get out of my office and go home.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
How's Mr.
Guzman? Couple stitches, but he'll be all right.
Well, tell him SWA appreciates his cooperation, even though it came after obstructing justice.
All right, you got it, boss.
My Jenni.
Thanks for, uh thanks for driving and for being so patient with me earlier.
Always there for you.
My, uh, cell phone number's on the back.
If you need any help in the future, I'm your first call.
Thank you.
Pizza and wings on me tonight - if you want to come by.
- I got to pass.
I promised Bonnie we'd hit up our favorite taco truck and just grub in front of the TV.
Ah, sounds like a solid plan.
- All right, you two lovebirds have fun.
- All right.
What else you fools need? I already gave my statement.
We're good.
Then I can go.
Yeah, hold up, hold up.
Look, despite everything you came through for that girl.
Mama Pina knows that.
She's a good lady.
Thanks for your help today, man.
Don't think I'm gonna bail your ass out every time you can't solve a case.
Don't think I won't pull you over if I see your taillight out.
Adoption? Is Nichelle going to do it? I know she really wants to.
And you, baby, what do you want her to do? It's up to her.
Nichelle doesn't need you or any man to raise a child and raise it well.
I know, I've done it myself.
Doesn't mean I liked doing it alone.
It may not be a popular thing by today's standards to say, but there's a comfort in raising a child with the man that you love.
Nichelle loves you, Daniel.
And I love her.
Very much.
I know you do.
And I also know now, forgive me for saying it you look great, but you're not getting any younger.
- Thanks for reminding me, Ma.
- No, what I mean is, I just don't want you to miss out on being a parent, if that's something you really want.
I know I'm pushy, and it's not just because I want grandbabies.
Oh, you don't.
I do, yes, I do.
But that's not why I bug you.
It's because raising you and your sister has been the most precious part of my life.
And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want that for you.
I know you do.
Daniel Daniel, look at me.
You will be a great father.
You won't make the same mistakes your daddy made.
You've long ago proved that you're your own man.
A loving man.
I don't know, sometimes I've always known.
Three-year-old Hondo in the hospital looking out for your big sister.
That night, I said to myself, "My son is a protector.
"My son is good.
" Now, come on, take this old lady to a proper dinner.
Never old.
Always beautiful.
- Hey.
- Hi, Charice.
Oh, hi, sweetheart.
Uh well, you know, I'm just gonna go, um, get a little makeup.
- Hondo - Nichelle.
Let me just say this first.
I'm sorry for not supporting you at first today.
I made it about me, and that was selfish.
This has always been your dream.
And, baby, you deserve all your dreams to come true.
I told the agency yes.
We'll figure it out together, then.
Oh What did I miss?
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