S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT CHRIS: Missing victim is 21-year-old Jenni Moreno, undocumented from Honduras.
She fled a local gang that forced her into becoming a drug mule.
Jenni was staying at a safe house in Gardena.
A friend of Luca's neighbor runs it at her personal home.
Sosa, we're trying to help.
Are you ready to help? Or would you rather we just start searching your house? Deacon, back off.
Do you have any clue the sacrifice that lady makes on a daily basis just so young women fleeing oppression and violence get a chance? Those young women have no legal standing living under her roof.
They could be deported at the drop of a hat, sent back to the very danger they're fleeing.
It must be so nice throwing stones perched up in your tidy corner of the world.
Wow, these relays keep getting closer and closer.
Looks like we found our even pairings.
Still always comes down to sergeant versus sergeant.
CHRIS: Sounded like time's even.
Think Hondo wins this for us on accuracy.
TAN: Let's see.
Looks like we have our first tie.
HONDO: I don't know.
Did I see your toe over the starting line, Deac? False start is a two-second penalty.
Hey, you guys want to go again, I'm standing right here.
No need.
I'm all for sharing this win with the team.
- Attaboy.
- Nice work.
(SIGHS) Hey.
So, what are you up to for your weekend off? - Family outing? - No, no.
I got a private security gig tomorrow.
- Ah, no rest for the weary.
Not when there's potentially four college tuitions to pay for.
Well, look, short notice I'm firing up the grill this Sunday.
Everyone's invited.
- Is everyone coming? - Yeah.
It'd be good to see Annie and the kids.
Count us in.
All right, cool.
Good stuff out there.
Hey, guys, last minute, I know, but I got a VIP detail tomorrow.
I could use an extra body.
- Anybody interested? - Sorry, man.
I'm running errands all day tomorrow.
Yeah, I already made plans with Bonnie tomorrow, - otherwise I would.
- Okay.
CHRIS: I'm in.
What's the gig? Just driving a client to Vegas.
It's not that entitled heiress you drove that time with Rocker, is it? Heard you wanted to throw her out of the car ten minutes in.
Thank God, no.
No, this is something Owen set up.
Wealthy businessman, super low-key.
- Sounds like a good time.
- Sounds like a payday.
- Have fun, you guys.
- All right.
- Win me some money.
- Hey, thanks for the ask.
You'll text me the details? Yeah, yeah, of course.
Um, Chris, got to admit, I was a little surprised that you volunteered.
I get the sense that you're, uh, still upset with me.
We may not see eye to eye on the safe house, or what Mama Pina does, but I can put that aside while we're on the clock.
I appreciate you coming along for the ride.
Hey, Vegas is a long drive.
Maybe I can change your mind by the time we get back.
DEACON: Would you like me to put on some music, Mr.
Velez? No, thank you.
I enjoy the quiet.
This countryside reminds me of old Western movies.
That's all that was on TV where I grew up.
You make this trip a lot? No, no, um, occasionally for work, but I've got a wife and four kids.
Sin City isn't really the preferred destination.
(LAUGHS) What about you, Ms.
Alonso? Do you like to, uh, gamble? No.
I get enough risk in my day job.
- This isn't what you normally do? - DEACON: No, this is a part-time thing, actually.
We're both full-time LAPD officers.
Police? Uh, so, you're both police? SWAT, actually.
Oh, they didn't mention that when I called.
Only that you were the best security that money can buy.
We aim to please.
You come to the States a lot? Yes, yes.
For work.
If you don't mind my asking, Mr.
Velez, what do you do? I help run a business in Mexico.
Started small and grew big over time.
You're smiling.
Why? Sorry, it's just, you remind me of my Uncle Sarzo.
He also started small.
Made a life for himself and, uh, my aunt Helena, for me, too.
Your tío sounds like a great man.
He really is.
Oh, can we stop at Lankford, please? There's nothing there.
It's just an abandoned ghost town.
Yes, but I heard they shot old movies there, like the kind I watched when I was a kid.
I want to take some pictures.
All right, well, if you don't mind getting to Vegas a little later than scheduled, with Chris and I still on the clock It's worth it.
All right, well, you're the client.
(LAUGHS) (PHONE BEEPS) Hey, Owen, it's Deacon.
Making a short sightseeing detour.
Gonna push back our ETA to Vegas by one hour.
I'll keep you updated.
Looks like we're not the only tourists.
Are you concerned? Don't have any reason to be.
There's a lot of off-road sites all up around here.
I'm sure that's where they're headed.
What are you thinking? It's just with this hill up here, I I can't see what's ahead of us.
Get down! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) CHRIS: (COUGHS) We got to unclip and get out now.
They're probably coming for us.
(GRUNTS) Are you good? CHRIS: (COUGHS) Yeah.
You? I think my left shoulder's dislocated.
Miguel? I-I hit my head.
I'm okay.
(DEACON AND CHRIS GRUNT) All right, we can't get out this side.
- They'll pick us off.
- No.
We got to get out this way.
- (GRUNTS) Okay.
- Okay? Okay.
(GROANS) Chris, i-it's gonna take me a while with this shoulder.
(STRAINING): Come on.
Stay down, stay down.
I smell gas.
- All right, we need to move.
- I'm trying.
Chris, you got a visual? Contact one o'clock! Our car's on fire! I need my rifle.
(GRUNTING SOFTLY) We can't let 'em flank us! Get that open.
(GRUNTS) (GUNSHOTS) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) What are we gonna do? Up there.
We're gonna keep you behind us.
We're gonna use the smoke as cover.
All right.
On my count! One - two three! - Go! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) DEACON: Chris! CHRIS: Deac! (PANTING) (PANTING) No bars.
I can't call out.
(DEACON GROANS) My phone's down at the SUV.
There's no way for us to reach Hondo or HQ.
- We're on our own.
- (GUNSHOT) FONTES: You don't have to die out here! We just want Miguel.
(ALL PANTING) - Who are those guys? - I don't know.
Well, they know you.
What's really going on? Kidnappers, maybe.
I've been threatened before but never like this.
Hand him over! You both can go! They might try to flank us, draw us out in the open.
We go on offense.
But we're safe here.
They can't get to us.
They're not going to stop trying.
FONTES: This is your last chance! Give us Miguel or die with him! (GRUNTING) Deac, your shoulder's bad.
I need to pop it back in, but that means we both have to lose our guns for a minute.
All right? We-we don't have time for that.
I see movement.
We got to pin 'em down.
Keep 'em at the truck.
Roger that.
(GRUNTS) All right.
Let's move.
CHRIS: I'm dry.
(GUN CLICKS) Stay here.
LAPD! Drop your weapon.
(GRUNTS) Clear.
These guys weren't trained by just anyone, Chris.
They're with the Corrido drug cartel.
They're narco-terrorists.
Heavy hitters coming for Miguel on American soil.
Happens for a reason.
You think our client might know what that is? Miguel! Come on out! (PANTING) Deac, I got to fix that.
(GROANING) Sorry in advance.
(GROANING) (YELLS) Oh! Oh, good grief.
Not even that makes you curse? (SIGHS) No, no.
Matthew's been swearing a lot lately.
Apparently he's getting it from me, so I'm trying to get in the habit of not swearing.
Well, it works.
Just to say it, I think you and Owen are gonna owe me a little, uh, hazard pay for this one.
I'll talk to him, I'll talk to him.
Right now we got to talk to Miguel.
Hey, Tan.
You heard from Deacon and Chris? No.
Why, what's up? I just got a call from Deacon's business partner Owen.
He said he and Chris missed a check-in and now they're MIA.
And I'm guessing you haven't been able to reach 'em? No.
Owen said they picked up the client at the Brixton Hotel at 10:00 a.
Then Deacon shot a message talking about some type of detour, and that was it.
No way Deac would miss a check-in unless something happened.
- And Chris either.
- All right, uh, let me cancel my plans with Bonnie.
I'll see you at HQ.
All right.
Street's gonna meet us there.
All right.
DEACON: Corrido cartel sicarios coming after you here in the States, hitting us this hard.
You got to be more than some kidnapping target.
Who are you really? What do you have to do with the cartel? It's complicated.
Then give us the simple version.
MAN (OVER WALKIE-TALKIE): Fontes? Torre? Fontes, Torre? Looks like our shooters have some concerned friends.
We answer it.
Maybe we can find out who these people are.
Who's this? Who is this? Where are my men? They're dead.
We killed them both.
Can you get another frequency on there? I think it's just the one channel.
Give me Miguel.
He's who we want.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Give me Miguel, and I will spare you two.
If not, you both die.
Well, that's funny.
That's what the last guy said.
Identify yourself.
Who am I speaking to? My name is Rafa.
Okay, Rafa.
Well, we're not gonna give you Miguel, but I am gonna give you a warning.
It's only a matter of time before the proper authorities find you.
You sound like a police officer.
And you sound like someone who knows when it's time to run.
(LAUGHING) I've killed many police officers before.
Not like us.
Maybe not yet but the day is young.
We got backup on the way.
I don't think you want to show your face around here.
See you soon.
All right, last time, who are you? We're trying to help you.
Who are you to the Corrido cartel? I was their accountant.
(SIGHS) Great.
So when you said you helped grow a small business, that was in what, cocaine? Heroin? I am a good man.
I was forced into a bad situation.
Oh, come on, man.
Oh, so you were forced to manage the cartel's books, what, at gunpoint? Like I said, it's complicated.
All right.
Well, we don't have much time.
We got more sicarios on the way.
How far, you think? (SIGHS) Well, this doesn't have much range.
Ten to 15 miles.
Rafa's gonna bring more men.
And better ones than these.
We can't stay here.
That smoke will give away our location.
That abandoned town will give us cover.
Better than being exposed out here.
Looks like you'll be getting your wish after all, Miguel.
We got anything yet? Yeah, you said Chris and Deacon picked up their client at the Brixton Hotel, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Two men threatened a maid and some front desk staff there looking for a guest, guy named Miguel Velez.
Velez? That's Deacon and Chris's client.
Patrol units got called to the hotel roughly 20 minutes after Deac and Chris would've left.
If those men were only 20 minutes behind, they could've caught up with Deacon and Chris in the desert.
That's what we're afraid of.
All right, we got to put a call out to CHP and local sheriffs to look out for Deacon's ride on main and secondary routes to Vegas.
And let's do a deep dive on this Miguel Velez and find out exactly who wants him and why.
CHRIS: Still no signal.
I think our best bet is to find good cover, stay out of sight.
You want us to hide? DEACON: That smoke is either a blessing, or a curse.
Might bring help, could attract the cartel, too.
My business partner knows we missed a check-in.
We got to buy some time until help comes.
You want us to hide here? From the cartel? I'm open to ideas.
Look, we were prepared to guard a businessman, not protect the money guy for the cartel.
But you'll still protect me, right? Even though you think I'm some kind of criminal? Are you trying to prove that you're some sort of innocent? They didn't give me a choice.
I had to work for them.
Or else they would've killed me years ago.
And sometimes you have to do what's necessary in order to survive.
Well, our job is to protect you.
We don't have to see eye to eye to do that.
Everything is different where I come from.
Politicians make money off cartels.
Cartels buy off politicians.
We know how deep the corruption lies, Miguel.
Yet your people are responsible for it.
Demand for drugs, flow of guns, contras.
There are problems on my side of the border, yes, but the source of those problems always seems to come from your side.
All right, I'm not a big fan of holier-than-thou speeches, but I can see you're a man of faith.
Me, too.
Saint Benedict, right? Wasn't he asked if it was possible to keep his hands clean while everyone else's were dirty? When the day comes, I'm prepared to be judged by God.
He knows what I've done and who I am.
We've shown you who we are, too.
When this is all over, will I be taken away in handcuffs? Miguel, we don't enforce the law in Mexico.
There's gonna be some people that want to ask you some questions.
If you're a good man like you say, you got nothing to worry about.
Might have to lay some improvised traps close to our position.
I need to use the restroom.
Don't go too far.
You think he might try to run? Well, it's 100 degrees, he's got no water, closest town is 50 miles from here.
Yeah, he might just be stupid enough to try.
We got to keep eyes on the road.
That place looks good.
You were pretty eager to come along on this.
In spite of my company.
Trying to save up.
Could really use the cash.
Oh, yeah? Something special? Maybe a new ride? Desert getaway? CHRIS: You see anything? (SIGHS) You're changing the subject.
I'm saving up to help Mama Pina and the women at the safe house.
Now you get why I changed the subject? I know you don't agree with me, but I can't just turn my back on these women.
Hey, there are churches all over that offer help to undocumented people at no cost.
There are other ways.
They need someone who knows their situation, lived through it.
That safe house is their best option.
All right.
Well, it's your money, I'm not gonna tell you how to spend it.
But if it's bothering you this much, something tells me there's more to the story.
These women are going through the same thing my Aunt Helena went through.
Some people just want a chance at a better life, and they need all the help they can get.
I didn't know your aunt's story.
But you know mine.
It was rough.
And without her, I wouldn't be where I am today.
I'm just trying to pay it forward.
Hey, why don't you go check on Miguel? (GRUNTS, PANTS) Taking a leak, huh? Stumbled upon a buried bag full of cash.
(SIGHS) What are the odds? This belongs to me.
I'm the one who buried it here.
It's my money.
That you stole from the cartel.
I earned it, all of it.
I'm really trying to trust you here, but it's one lie after the other.
About who you are, why you wanted to come to this town.
This wasn't about sightseeing or some love of movies.
This was about picking up cash.
Let's go.
The real reason for this visit.
Buried treasure.
Nice find, Miguel.
I didn't steal from the cartel.
Then why are they trying to kill you? Because I was trying to escape.
I told them I went to L.
for business, and when I didn't return home as planned, I'm sure they realized I was running.
The cartel does not let you leave alive.
So, we were your safe passage to Vegas.
What's there for you? Hopefully the first stop in a new life.
One without violence and bloodshed.
That's your escape plan? What else is in there? My insurance policy.
Information on the cartel's business.
- Everything is on there.
- CHRIS: After you escaped, you were trying to use this as leverage? Threaten to release this information - if the cartel ever came after you? - Yes.
You should've told us from the beginning.
Back home a lot of the police work for the cartel.
CHRIS: I'm sure you're more afraid of them than the narcos.
If we were in Mexico, you would just take the money and hand me over to the cartel.
Well, we're not, Miguel.
You need to trust us.
But it's got to work both ways.
You're right.
- What? They're coming.
STREET: Last place Deacon's SUV hit traffic cams was in Barstow two hours ago.
They should have hit Baker 65 miles later, but they never showed.
Means they fell off the radar somewhere between Barstow and Baker.
That's a hell of a lot of sand.
What's going on with the other agencies looking for 'em? So far, nothing.
CHP and the local sheriff only have so many units assigned to the area.
The deep dive came back on Deacon's client Miguel Velez, a Mexican national, suspected accountant for the Corrido drug cartel going back ten years.
A lot of the Corrido's gunmen were in the Mexican Special Forces.
If that's who's going after Deacon and Chris, they may be up against some of the best-trained sicarios - in the game.
- We could take a chopper out there, do our own grid search, but this is too much ground to cover.
We need a better idea of where they are first.
Owen said that Deacon mentioned a sightseeing detour.
We got to look at alternate routes Byways, fire roads and UCRs.
They might not be some place other agencies are gonna look.
It's on us.
(MEN SPEAKING SPANISH) (KNOCKING) MIGUEL: Can I ask you something? What do you think about in situations like this? Do you think about your family? Uh, your tío Sarzo and your tía Helena? Yes.
Do you think what would happen if this doesn't work? If staying hidden and the traps don't do the trick, there's always other actions we can take.
Failure is not an option.
You think about your family and what they would do without you? Can't think about that.
Worst case scenario doesn't work for me.
RAFA (OVER WALKIE-TALKIE): Where are you, Officer? Where are you keeping Miguel? Where are you hiding, dead man? (SPEAKS SPANISH) (ENGINE STARTS) Do you have enough ammunition? Depends on how much firepower the other guys bring.
Look, I'm sorry that I got you two involved in all of this.
Maybe you really were just trying - to do the right thing.
- Hey.
We've got company, total of six men.
We have five minutes, tops.
You good? Yeah, it's just, private security was supposed to be the safer job.
It's just You're thinking about Annie and the kids.
Knowing how much pain they'd be in if I was gone.
- You can't think about it.
- Can't help it.
I mean, it's times like this, I wish You're lucky.
You-You're-you're not you're not attached.
I don't know about that.
I'd rather leave behind a legacy, like you.
All right.
Let's do this.
Come on.
Officer, are you there? Are you hiding, or did you run? Are you a brave man? Many brave men have begged me for their lives.
Women, too.
How will you both beg? We covered our tracks pretty well.
Maybe we should wait 'em out.
(WHISPERING): Rafa and his men are good, thorough.
They'll take their time searching.
They won't miss anything.
If it comes to it, we have a plan B.
We take the fight to them.
Someone's coming from the north.
That's CHP.
If he'd come from the other direction, he would've seen the bodies and the SUV, called for backup.
But he didn't.
He has no idea he's rolling into an ambush.
You stay here.
Chris, let's move.
All right, when you reveal yourselves, then what? They have six men.
You are only two.
Thanks for the math lesson.
I'm an accountant.
What the hell? (GRUNTING) (GROANS) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) - (GUNSHOTS) - (SPEAKING SPANISH) LAPD! (GASPS) Hold your fire! We're here to help! Stay down! (SIGHS) DEACON: You hit? My arm! It's bad.
(PANTING) (GRUNTS) Were you able to call for backup? I couldn't, radio's shot.
(SIGHS) That's two down! Your legs still good? Yeah.
- CHRIS: Deac! Come on.
(GROANING) CHRIS: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! - (GROANING) - (MAN SHOUTS IN SPANISH) - Radios are out! No dice! - Get him out of here! Let's go, let's go.
Come on.
Go in, go in, right there, right there.
Anyone comes through that door, - you shoot 'em.
- (GROANS) What the hell is going on here? No time, ask me later.
No luck narrowing down Deac and Chris's location, but we eliminated washed-out roads and trails with active motion sensors, so at least we're looking at a smaller area.
Well, chopper's on a standby, ready to go.
Still, it's just way too much ground for us to cover.
Mojave dispatch might have something.
They sent a CHP unit to check on a report of smoke near an abandoned town called Lankford.
Now they can't raise him, radio beacon's gone dead.
TAN: Deac, Chris, now a chippy, all missing in the same section of the desert? The town would be a smart place to hole up and take cover if they were in trouble.
What are we waiting for? Let's move.
What's going on? They know where Miguel is.
Two of them went around back, one of them's Rafa.
You keep them occupied? Go! (GROANS) (PANTING) (CLATTERING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) Miguel.
Miguel! They know where you are.
I need you to climb down.
(SCREAMS) Miguel, climb down now.
(GROANING) All right.
Go, go, go, go.
(GUN CLICKING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANING) - (CHOKING) - (GRUNTING) - (GRUNTS) - (YELLS) RAFA: Deacon! Can you hear me? Deacon! How does he know your name? Chris.
RAFA: You and I should talk! Show yourself, Deacon! I have something of yours! RAFA: Give Miguel, Deacon! And these two both live.
The three of you will all live, huh? I'm not negotiating.
And Chris? What about her? If the situation was reversed, I know she'd do the same thing.
You are good people.
These are passports for my wife and son.
They're hiding in Las Vegas, waiting for me to get them out of the country.
That's a way to contact them inside.
Everything I did with the cartel, I only did for them, I swear.
Why are you giving me those? Because you cannot negotiate for Chris, but I can.
And if you and Chris survive then you can make sure my wife and son are safe.
You can't do this, Miguel.
It's a trap.
They're probably gonna kill all of us anyway.
And if I don't do this, we will all definitely die.
Including them.
- Rafa! - (WHISPERS): No, Miguel.
Let them go, Rafa.
The exchange is me for them.
Give me the hard drives first, then she goes free.
And him? RAFA: Yes, him, too.
What are you doing, Miguel? What I have to.
You have me, now let her go, let them all go.
RAFA: You stole information from me.
Tell me where it is.
It's somewhere safe.
But if anything happens to me, that information will be sent to the American authorities.
You lie.
Give it to me.
I don't have anything to give.
The deal is me for them.
Then I'm changing the deal.
- (GRUNTS) - (CRIES, GROANS) Give it to me, or she dies.
Got here as fast as we could.
Come here.
Are you all right, Miguel? - I am now, thank you.
- (PATS ARM) Come on, I got you.
(GROANS) DEACON: Nice shot! Now, where have I seen that move before? Oh, yeah, you.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
I hope it wasn't too much a bother.
Come on, it's no bother, man.
You know that.
It's a family thing.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) You work with federal authorities, they'll work with you.
Maybe with the information you have, you'll be able to bust the cartel for good, save more lives.
And then the authorities become your insurance policy, keeping you and your family safe wherever you choose to go.
It's a good deal.
Thank you.
I'll have the, uh, Las Vegas PD pick up your wife and son.
Bring 'em back to our headquarters.
God bless you.
May He bless us both.
And you, Chris thank you.
DEACON: I'll make sure Owen knows that you earned your O and hazard pay today.
Appreciate that.
Hopefully it helps.
A worthwhile contribution - to the safe house.
- You think it's worthwhile? I do if you do.
I know that some people can't control their circumstances.
We all do what we have to do to survive.
I'm glad you feel that way.
One other thing.
You are going to leave behind one hell of a legacy, already.
Really, second to none.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You handled your business out here.
I'm proud of you two.
Y'all got a seat on the chopper going home.
Three of us will catch a ride back to L.
Sounds good.
Come on.
Oh, hey, fellas? Do yourselves a favor, stay on the main road.
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