S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e10 Episode Script

Three Guns

Previously on SWAT The principal is concerned about her conduct.
Yeah, but I'm gonna fix this, okay? Kelly, you start this fall.
- No way! - Yes, way.
Thank you.
I wanted you to meet some community activists.
You've earned their trust, and you have their ear.
I don't have the pull in the department like I used to.
Partner with some of the people you met today.
I'm sure they can make it happen.
Darryl and me, we're starting a business together.
- What's this business idea? - Auto repair shop.
I respect what you're doing, the sacrifice you're making.
Well, when you really believe in something, in someone It ain't a sacrifice.
Someone took my stuff, and you messing with me? People up there are always watching me, waiting to steal from me, signaling the others, the way you watching me now.
Not gonna ask you again.
Put the stick down and show us your hands.
What's going on, Officers? Sir, step back the way you came.
Name's Leroy.
This my auto shop right here.
Dave's a friend.
He ain't looking for no trouble.
He's a veteran, working through some things.
They think I won't notice my stuff missing! It's not right! Dave.
Talk to me, man.
My partner told you to step back.
I'm listening.
What'd you lose? It's my swivel head ratchet wrench.
Now it's gone! Ah, well, I'm sorry to hear that, man.
How about I help you look for it? Or, if you want, I got some spare wrenches in the shop.
Have your pick, all right? Sir, give me the stick.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
Hey, come on, come on.
He was doing what you asked.
Is that necessary? We've got it from here.
So, what, you're just gonna drag him downtown? For what? You want to join him? I told you to get back.
Hey, Leroy.
You out here? Sergeant Harrelson, SWAT.
All good here, Sergeant.
Just heading out.
Next time an officer tells you to do something, you listen.
Understood? You got some great damn timing.
Came by to pick up my pop's '64.
He's been nagging the hell out of me.
You want to tell me what just happened here? Same old LAPD.
Hassling a homeless man for no reason.
I told them he's not a threat, just wanted to be left alone.
It's just officers doing their job.
Maybe they can get your friend some help.
Come on, man.
Dave wouldn't walk into a police station if he got shot.
Man, they just want to drive him downtown, so some psych can diagnose him, and then turn him back out.
So, who is that helping? All right, listen, I'll tell you what, I got to head out, but let me put in a call, check on Dave's booking.
I'll see if there's anything I can do.
And did you always know you wanted to be a SWAT officer? Definitely.
Luca family's always been O.
SWAT, but it's more than that 'cause I love what I do.
I get to help people every day and keep their families and neighborhoods safe, so how was that? Great, but the interview's not over yet.
I still got more questions.
Look, this article goes to press, I'm getting first dibs on a copy, right? I don't think Luca would be more excited if Oprah was interviewing him.
Oh, Kelly's the excited one.
Her first shot at writing for the school paper.
Luca's support means everything to her.
Let's talk about when you're not at work.
What do you like to do on the weekend? I get up early, catch some waves at Redondo, then I cruise over to Katie's Grill for the number four banh mi sandwich with a Neapolitan shake.
So that's your favorite thing to do on your day off? If I wasn't a SWAT officer, that's what I would do every day.
Agent Lyons, great to finally meet.
I heard the DEA could use our help.
Really appreciate SWA stepping in on this, Commander.
No knock on our own SRT, but given your recent success against the Corrido cartel, it only makes sense.
And you've confirmed the shipment's in the cartel's pipeline? All thanks to you guys convincing Miguel Velez to cooperate.
His intel's been invaluable.
We play this right, we could put a real hurt on their smuggling operations.
My people have eyes on the route, so as soon as I get word the shipment's inbound, I'll let you know.
Ah, SWAT will be ready to roll.
It's what we do.
Talk to me.
How we looking? 26-David.
We're keeping eyes on the loading bay.
No movement yet.
No confirmed sighting of the cargo.
Looks quiet.
All right, it's got to be close.
Stay sharp, keep your eyes open.
- Still nothing? - No.
Thanks again for having our backs on this.
Count on it.
Commander says this is your white whale.
Spent the last 15 months tracking cartel smuggling routes.
This has been their major pipeline.
Well, shutting them down is gonna send a message.
When I was working vice, we'd say it only takes one domino to fall for the whole thing to collapse.
You were vice? Hollywood division, three years.
Then you must know my husband, Ralph Lyons.
Yeah, Ralph, solid guy.
Tell him he still owes me dinner and a good shirt from that one job - on Sunset.
- I'll hold him to it.
Everything okay? It's Tuana.
She wants to know if I'm down to go to Redondo this Saturday, grab some dinner at Katie's Grill after, just the two of us.
Like on a date? Oh, yeah.
She added the winky face at the end, that's a date.
You know, it's probably nothing, but those last couple interview questions Kelly asked you? That might've been Tuana trying to suss out a way to ask you out.
All right, what if I say no, and she takes it the wrong way, and it's awkward for her and Kelly to come around? No, man.
I mean, she's a grown woman, just talk to her in person.
You'll be fine.
I have visual.
Let's go.
Looks like it's going down.
They're unloading.
Counting five armed suspects.
Plus one, no visible weapon.
That's Ricardo Alvarez, smuggler for the cartel.
This is his route.
What about the cargo? - Confirmed.
- We have confirmation.
Luca, Street, approach from the north side.
Tan and I will come around from the south.
Let's move in.
22-David, we're in position.
Hondo, cargo's almost loaded.
Move in now.
Now! LAPD! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! Cover, cover, cover! Alvarez is in the truck.
- Luca, you got flashbangs? - Got it, got it, got it.
Tan, get with Street.
Don't let that truck get out of here.
Now, now.
Down on the ground! Down on the ground! On your knees, on your knees! Don't even think about it.
Down! Hands in the air.
Don't move! Get on the ground.
On your stomach, on your stomach! Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back, now.
Got it? Yeah.
Looks like Lyons gets her win today.
Luca, do the honors.
You got it, boss.
What the hell is this thing? It's a portable rocket launcher.
Not one I've ever seen before.
It ain't U.
What happened to the cartel drugs? Maybe Agent Lyons can tell us.
Who has eyes on Lyons? 25-David.
I need an R/A here, now.
Agent down! Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, stay with me.
You know Ralph will have my ass if you don't.
I'm gonna ride with.
Tell Hondo.
See you back at HQ.
Hondo, this is Agent Frank Gunther with Homeland Security.
Agent Gunther, Sergeant Harrelson.
How you doing? You got any idea what this thing is, or what it was doing at a DEA raid? Portable BGM-71D.
Anti-tank weapon.
Nothing like them on the market yet.
At least, not our market.
Well, it looks like some serious firepower.
Well, I guess it's a good thing that it's in our hands, now.
Where are the rest of them? What do you mean? We checked the entire yard.
This was the only one.
The alert we received from the Israeli government warned that three of these weapons were stolen in Haifa.
Their intel says all three were headed to Los Angeles.
So, where the hell are the other two? Weapon you recovered is advanced Israeli arms tech.
The Israelis consider it still in development, but what makes it so dangerous is the cutting-edge thermic metal technology.
It can penetrate tank armor like butter.
Ah, a weapon like this I mean, the potential targets are endless.
It could breach our most fortified buildings, not to mention what it could do to Black Betty.
Who knows how many innocent victims this weapon could be turned on.
Does this mean the cartel's getting into the arms business? That's a frightening thought.
Only ups the urgency that we find the other two launchers right away.
The smugglers we took down only had one in their cargo.
My guess is, whoever shipped them is using a redundancy plan.
Yeah, ship three guns, three different routes, to ensure that at least one of them arrives.
Which means someone really wants to get their hands on this weapon.
Why? Homeland was only notified of the theft about a week ago.
No intel yet on what the potential target might be.
What do we have on our smugglers from the container yard? Ricardo Alvarez was the man in charge.
Started as a foot soldier for the Corrido cartel, rose up, and now oversees smuggling and distribution - into the U.
- Well, if he's the top dog, he must know where the weapon was headed.
Have Street and Luca talk to him.
Agent Gunther can monitor from Observation.
Homeland appreciates your help on this one, Commander.
These weapons are in my city.
Nobody wants them found as badly as I do.
High casualty weapons.
That's new territory for you, so who were you taking it to? No idea what that is.
Never seen it before.
We caught you smuggling this into the city.
You're telling us that you never looked inside that box? I made a deal to deliver a crate.
Didn't ask what was in it.
So, this isn't cartel business.
What then? A side gig? Job's a job.
I get paid to deliver.
Maybe next time you want to get a little more info on what you're smuggling? Just considering the prison time you're looking at now.
Look, three of these weapons were stolen from an Israeli arms manufacturer and sent to Los Angeles.
Now, if any one of them falls in the wrong hands Well, you just went from being a drug smuggler to a conspirator in a terror plot.
And there's a federal agent in the hospital fighting for her life because of you.
Help us, and it might help your case.
Who were you supposed to deliver it to? I never met the buyer.
I was only paid to smuggle the cargo through my usual route.
- Where were you taking it? - I don't know.
Swear on my mother, I don't.
The buyer told me to download a coded messaging app.
Said I'd get the location of the drop when I landed.
Show us.
That's it? Just a number? That's all I've got.
I tried dialing it, but I don't think it's a valid phone number.
Well, it's too short to be a coded text.
What the hell is it? Address? Password? This sender's extra cautious.
Used a redundancy plan to make sure that at least one of the guns came through.
I don't think they'd risk all their eggs in Alvarez's basket.
If this text is a clue, it's probably only half of it.
Search the phone of the other smugglers who were with Alvarez at the container yard.
Maybe we find the other half - on one of them.
- All right.
Hey, Commander.
- Got a minute? - Yeah.
What's up? I walked into a situation this morning in front of Leroy and Darryl's auto shop involving some officers responding to an individual with mental illness.
Leroy stepped in the middle of it.
It sounded like things might've gone sideways if he hadn't.
Everyone okay? Yeah, but this whole thing put me on to something that I've been going over in my head.
Few weeks back, my girl Nichelle had me sit down with community activists about an initiative to send trained volunteers out to mental health crisis calls instead of cops.
Programs just like this have worked, sir, in Harlem, San Diego, and Oakland.
Fatal encounters between the police and the mentally ill have gone way down.
And you want to start one here? I'd like your help to trial it.
Well, funding programs like this, it means money coming from somewhere inside the LAPD budget, diverting the use of funds.
And you're already on thin ice with the brass.
I came back from Mexico willing to take whatever they want to throw at me.
If I want to see things change, I know I got to be the one out there making it happen.
I'm done waiting on the brass or the system to do it.
All right, you got my backing.
I'll run it up the chain of command.
- I'll let you know what I hear.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're just getting back from the hospital? Yeah.
I stayed until her husband got there.
We used to work together.
I wanted him to see a friendly face.
- How's Agent Lyons doing? - Still hadn't stabilized.
They were taking her in for a second surgery.
I just I keep thinking if, maybe I'd gotten to her faster You were the first one there.
Sh-She's gonna keep on fighting, okay? Yeah, but it's not just her life.
She's pregnant.
- I had no idea.
- No one did.
Ralph said she wanted to hold the news until after the raid.
She's not the type to leave a job half-finished.
I just I can't imagine, for Ralph and her family, what they must be going through.
I-I feel so helpless, like there's nothing I can do, and I just came to work to get away from feeling like that.
I don't know.
What do you mean? Did something happen at home? Bonnie had a miscarriage, Tuesday night.
Oh Tan, I'm so sorry.
How's she doing? Better, I guess.
She's taking some time off work.
I'm trying to call and check in when I can.
It happened early, though.
You know, we'd only just found out she was pregnant the week before, but, still, it's, uh it's a, it's a lot.
Of course, for both of you.
Bonnie's the one who really went through it.
I'm just I'm trying to be there for her.
I'll be fine, okay? I'm not seeing it yet.
Alvarez says he doesn't know the buyer, and this was his only clue to the delivery location.
That's only half the clue.
Hondo was right.
One of Alvarez's guys had the same messaging app on his phone.
Another number, except eight digits this time.
Code looks like something I've seen before.
I just can't figure out what.
Hold on.
Ah, GPS coordinates.
I worked a summer at the Long Beach Marina.
I spent most of my time radioing our coordinates to pleasure boats from out of town.
Looks like an industrial supply warehouse.
If that's where Alvarez was gonna deliver the weapon, it could be where the other two are being stored.
Let's go.
May not be the first ones here.
Keep your eyes open.
Street, Tan, sweep west to north.
Chris, Luca, and I will cover the southeast side.
Rocket launchers could be anywhere.
Place is crammed full.
It's a good place for storing what you don't want found.
Luca, go right.
Chris, with me.
All clear in the west aisle.
We're heading north.
- I think we got company.
- All right, someone knows we're here.
Keep moving towards the cargo bay.
Don't move.
LAPD! 25-David, we got a runner.
LAPD! Show me your hands! Cover, cover! We got one, make that two more.
Down! Hands behind your back, now! Stay down.
Don't move.
Don't move! On your knees.
Hands behind your back.
I think we found what we're looking for.
Same thing.
Launchers are gone.
Who the hell are you, and what'd you do with the weapons? Found these in their ride.
- Israeli passports.
- Yeah, check out the departure stamps.
They were issued in Haifa.
It's the same place the weapons were stolen from.
That can't be a coincidence.
Given your passports, I got a feeling that we're all looking for the same thing.
You know what these weapons are capable of, and it'll be bad news for both of our countries if they end up in the wrong hands.
We've been tracking the weapons since they were stolen from Haifa.
We were sent by the manufacturer.
Well, then you should've contacted our department or the FBI the moment you arrived.
We were hoping to keep this whole thing quiet.
Obviously, we're past that now.
How'd you know they were here? The weapons are prototypes, preproduction.
The developers placed trackers inside them as a precaution.
As soon as we landed in L.
, we were able to activate them remotely.
This is where they brought us.
Problem is, the signal died before we arrived.
We were too late.
Can you still get a read off the trackers? No.
Whoever has the weapons must have disabled them.
You got any idea who might be behind something like this? No, but what you said about the launchers is true.
They're dangerous, and even more so in the wrong hands.
The trackers were our last chance at finding them.
That about Agent Lyons? No.
Her husband texted earlier, said she's still in surgery.
That was Bonnie.
She keeps telling me she's fine, but But you're still worried.
You know, she's probably feeling the same way about you.
Maybe you should take some time off.
Deacon's on a family vacation.
You should look after your family, too.
I'm sure Hondo and the commander would I'm fine.
It's nothing I can't push through.
Anything turn up on the security footage from outside the warehouse? The Israelis told us the trackers went dark around 1330 hours, which helped me narrow down the time frame with the surveillance footage.
An SUV left the site about half-hour after the trackers died.
Couldn't grab the plates.
You see this decal on the windshield? It's a parking gate pass, about a dozen businesses use the garage.
What kind of businesses? That's what I'm looking at.
Some production companies, catering group, something here with conspicuous lack of information called the Eris Group.
Eris is a private, upstart military contractor focused on developing the latest weapons.
Think they'd actually lift foreign arms and have them smuggled here illegally? Given the circumstances, can't rule it out.
If the Israeli weapons have superior tech Steal the weapon and copy it.
A lot easier than developing one on their own.
Can DHS get us a warrant? I'll see what I can do.
So, this is how the other side lives? Thanks.
I'll take it from here.
All right.
Appreciate you coming in.
I wanted to talk to you about this morning.
About Dave? You hear anything? It's actually about what we can do for folks like Dave.
Oh, really? Is that what you thinking? 'Cause this morning, sounded like you were telling me to stay in my lane, "Let the cops do their job.
" Leroy.
I am hoping to launch a program with the LAPD.
Train volunteers to respond to nonviolent calls.
And I want you to be a part of it.
Look, man, we both know it doesn't take much for things to escalate when the cops show up, even when they're called to be there.
Just their presence can feel like a threat to someone like Dave.
- So? What do you need me for? - I've seen how you are under pressure.
You know how to defuse a situation.
You know how to keep your cool, especially when somebody's trying to get a reaction out of you.
I want you to join the program, help train, even.
What you think? Yeah, I got no damn reason to help LAPD.
Prefer they just leave me the hell alone.
Leroy, you put yourself between Dave and those cops.
Why? How's it gonna look, things go sideways in front of my shop? Was purely a business decision.
You and me may have gone down different paths, man, but we still want some of the same things.
We keep an eye out for our people, and we show up for the community because we care.
That's why you stepped in for Dave.
Look, if this program works, there could be a case for less LAPD patrols in the area.
Isn't that something you want to see? I-I ain't buying this, man.
I mean, thinking that this program's all it's gonna take for LAPD to look like they're making change in South L.
? Yeah, I hear you, and you're right.
This ain't gonna solve everything, or most stuff, but, Leroy, it's a step to some real change, and that's worth it to me.
What else am I gonna do, hmm? Just sit back and do nothing? I got to make a move.
Look, I appreciate you coming out.
I just thought this might be something was worth your while.
Just think about it, all right? I'm Byron Hughes, Eris CEO.
Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on here? Agent Gunther, Homeland Security.
I have a federal warrant to search the premises.
Just what exactly are you hoping to find? There's highly sensitive projects being developed here.
I can't have you just running roughshod wherever you please.
I'm afraid you don't have a choice, Mr.
We do a lot of work with the U.
We're not the enemy.
Maybe I can help.
I'm Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD SWAT.
We're looking into stolen Israeli weapons smuggled into L.
from Haifa.
Any of that ring a bell? I'm not sure what you've heard, Sergeant, but we build our own weapons at Eris.
I'm proud to say the products we develop here protect our country, both at home and abroad.
You ever seen this before? Could be a coincidence, but we're developing something similar.
It's nowhere near completion yet, though.
And your company would never stoop to stealing foreign arms tech to help your project move along? Look, we're in a competitive business.
Everybody borrows from somebody.
You know how often weapons tech is stolen, copied, or remade in this industry? It's the only way to keep up, keep an edge.
That's not to say I personally know anything about any theft.
I, uh, don't concern myself with the day-to-day details.
That's a convenient way to keep your hands clean.
Who does deal with the details? That'd be the lead engineer, Chip Webb.
And where do we find Mr.
Webb? I'll have him come join us.
Is there a problem? He should be in his office or the lab, but this says he logged out ten minutes ago.
Do you have cameras in the parking lot? Stop it right there.
Is that Mr.
Webb? - Luca, get a BOLO out on that truck.
- On it, boss.
Any reason you can think of that he would want this weapon? Talk to me, Street.
Nothing from the BOLO on the SUV, and patrol didn't find anything at his place.
Hondo said they recovered one of the Israeli weapons back at Eris, but this clown's still got the last one, and that's enough.
Who the hell is Chip Webb, anyway? He's nobody.
"Chip Webb" is a fake identity this guy built in order to get past Eris's flimsy background check.
His real name is Jason Wells.
Six years ago, he attended an engineering conference in Manila.
His tour bus was ambushed by a terrorist cell called Abu Sibi, and he was taken prisoner.
I've heard of Abu Sibi.
Big on for-profit kidnapping.
So how did Wells get out? Family pay the ransom? Family didn't have the means, so they appealed to the U.
government But the U.
government doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Not officially, anyway.
But, nonetheless, six months after he was taken, Jason turns up at a Red Cross outpost in Quezon City.
Told aid workers that Abu Sibi just let him walk out.
Now, take a look at his social media.
Posts are a call to arms against the greed of the Western world and the need to fight against American corruption.
- Echoing Abu Sibi's ideology.
- Look, guy has no immediate family, his mother died when he was young, no record of his birth father.
Lonely kid turned hostage? Would've made him more susceptible to Abu Sibi's teachings.
They must've recruited him.
Now he has a weapon capable of who knows what, and we have no idea how he's planning to use it.
Well, he knows we're onto him, which means he's likely to accelerate his plan.
And if he's working with Abu Sibi, whatever he does will be big.
Designed to send a message.
Street, see if Agent Gunther can give us any info on active Abu Sibi members on their watchlist.
It could help us to know if Jason's working alone, - or if he's got accomplices.
- Okay.
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, you guys can't read or what? This place is zoned as off-limits.
How'd you even get past all the A DHS analysis of Jason Wells' recent communication indicates that he's been in contact with these five Abu Sibi accomplices.
Three of them are from out of state, the other two are local.
We sent unis over to their addresses; both places were stripped.
Not so much as a calendar on the wall.
Probably on their way to link up with Jason - or with him now.
- The I.
brains at Eris Group did a search of Jason's computer.
I think they found a lead on his target.
Right before he ran out of Eris, he was working to modify the gun's tracking and targeting system.
- Modify it how? - He was programming it to lock onto the transponder frequencies used by commercial airliners.
He's gonna shoot down a plane.
How soon can DHS ground all commercial flights into and out of Southern California? I'll put out the call now.
Jason Wells barely made it out of Eris when we arrived.
He's gonna try and use that weapon now, while he still can.
Is there any way of tracking the gun itself? The manufacturer equipped it with a tracking device, but it was disabled before the guns left the warehouse.
There still might be a way.
The weapon's own targeting system emits a high-end EMF signal, but not until it's activated.
So by the time we're able to pinpoint its location It may already be too late.
ATC is working on grounding and diverting all flights, but there's an A380 inbound to LAX.
It's low on fuel and needs to land soon.
A380s are massive.
Board over 800 passengers.
- Can't they divert it? - Afraid not.
LAX is the only runway big enough to handle an A380.
Like it or not, she's coming in.
Clock's ticking.
You need to get over to LAX.
I'll see what I can do about getting air support to direct the search.
Five minutes out.
20-David to Command.
We're nearing the airport.
What do you got for us? No luck in getting air support.
Everything above LAX is still restricted airspace.
But the good news is we haven't picked up any unusual EMF in the area.
What about our inbound plane? ATC has the flight on approach to runway two-five-right.
That's gonna put it over a corridor just south of Century Boulevard, running from Westmont to the Lennox area.
Okay, there's an office park just east of Grand and Center Street.
A couple of the buildings there are scheduled for demolition.
The plane will fly right over them.
Luca, get us to Grand and Center Street.
Okay, roger that.
Street, check our man down.
No pulse.
Hondo, it looks like Jason's car.
Hondo, the gun's EMF signal just lit up right on top of you.
You're in the right place, but you've got to move.
Flight's six minutes out.
Roger that, Commander.
Making entry now.
The building has two stairwell access routes to the roof.
North and south entrances.
Building plans list a service entry from the south.
All right, Chris, Street, Luca, find the north stairs.
Tan, we'll take the service entrance.
This plane's gonna land any minute; let's get to the roof.
One suspect in custody.
Making our way up the north side stairs.
Anything? There.
Just coming into view.
26-David, ready at the north landing, Hondo.
In position at the south entry.
Prepare to breach on my call.
Three, two one, go.
No eyes on Jason yet.
Soon! Almost in range.
Tan, cover me.
Don't move.
Put it down now! Hands behind your back.
On your knees! - Thanks, Chris.
- Always got your back.
Third suspect in custody.
We got Jason and two more to go.
Anyone got eyes? - Cover! - Get down! Is everybody good? I'm good.
Southwest corner! He's gonna get the shot.
That can't happen.
Cover me.
Everything you got.
Don't move! Don't move! This is 20-David to Command.
The weapon is secure.
All suspects are down or in custody.
We're Code 4.
Hondo, flight made it in safe.
About to touch down.
Good work.
It was a pleasure working with you, Agent Gunther.
I'll talk to my people at DoD.
Get them to reconsider the defense contracts they have with Eris.
Nice job today, guys.
See you tomorrow so we can do it all over again? Hopefully not all of it.
Have a good night, guys.
Hey, good news.
I called the hospital.
Agent Lyons came through her surgery, and doctors say she's gonna be okay; the baby, too.
That's great.
I'm glad.
What about you? Are you gonna be okay? I picked this up the night Bonnie told me she was pregnant.
I knew it was too early to be buying stuff, but You were excited to be a dad.
We weren't planning to have kids yet, but the second I heard, in my head I'm thinking about names, signing up for soccer, wondering about schools.
I was so stupid, I probably jinxed myself - getting my hopes up.
- No.
You did nothing wrong.
And what happened isn't something you could have fixed or prevented.
When Erica died, I thought about a million and one reasons why I was responsible.
So how'd you get past it? Well, it wasn't just one thing.
You got me into boxing therapy.
Street urged me to go to A.
But what really got me out of it was having everyone there beside me.
The way I'm gonna be there with you through this.
And the way you're gonna be there for Bonnie.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for coming on by.
- Why don't you come on in? - Actually, your timing was great.
Kelly realized she left her notebook here this morning.
Why don't you go look for it - while I talk to your mom.
- Okay.
So, what'd you want to talk about? Well, first I want to say thank you for the invitation.
I think you are an amazing woman and incredible mom, and anyone would be lucky to be with you.
Just I'm just not looking for a romantic relationship right now.
Wait, what invitation? The text you sent me about catching waves at Redondo, and then grabbing a bite to eat at Katie's Grill after.
Just the two of us.
This one? I didn't send that text.
Wait, my entire message thread with you is gone.
It's been deleted.
I found it.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'll talk to Kelly when we get home.
- This is so embarrassing.
- No, don't even worry about it.
In fact, you know, maybe we should talk to Kelly about it together.
What's wrong? Is there something you want to tell me and your mom, um, about the text? No.
I got a text from your mom today asking me on a date.
Oh, are-are you asking if that'd be weird? Because I'd be okay with that.
I didn't send Luca that text.
We're both pretty sure you sent it.
Talk to me.
That's not like you going through your mom's phone, and lying to me.
What's going on? Okay.
I thought if you two spent time together you'd see he should be a part of our family.
You're the two best people I know.
Luca is a great friend.
He is like family.
Yeah, but what if one day you meet somebody and you start your own family? You'll just forget about me.
Hey, I worry about it, too.
Except I worry one day you're gonna outgrow me.
You won't need me anymore.
You'll have some boyfriend or some other interest, and dropping by here won't sound so appealing anymore.
Your mom and I we're not gonna date each other like that.
But I promise you I'll always be there for you and your mom.
Okay? No matter what.
'Cause that's what families do for each other.
And we're family, right? I really put myself out there with the brass to make this happen, so I hope you know what you're doing.
It's not gonna change everything, sir.
But I do believe it will change some things.
And right now, that's as good as anything.
Well, we should get started soon.
Is Leroy coming? He never promised to show.
I just extended the offer.
He's got his reasons.
There's a part of me that gets where he's coming from.
All right.
I want to thank you all for coming.
Would you mind having a seat? I'm Sergeant Daniel Harrelson.
Now, if you're here, you've probably heard about the community policing initiative that we're starting here in South L.
Or maybe you're just here to have some lukewarm coffee.
I grew up in this neighborhood.
It's my home.
So I know the history of this community and what it's gone through.
And like many of you, I've lost faith a couple of times in the empty promises for change and justice.
I thought that doing the right thing meant waiting on the system to deliver the kind of change that I want.
But if I've learned anything over the past year, it's realizing that the change that we want in our communities, in our neighborhoods is on each and every one of us.
Because it won't happen unless we make it happen.
Yeah, so-so what you're saying sort of sounds like the community would be doing what the police should be doing.
Now, maybe some of us don't want to help the LAPD do the jobs they're already being paid enough to do.
You're not here to help the police.
You're here to help the people.
So let's get started.

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