S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e11 Episode Script

Old School Cool

Seizure warrant come in yet? Not yet, but the raid's still on today.
Montrose Mercs aren't gonna know what hit 'em.
Heard we're expecting to confiscate some legit weaponry.
Mercs have been stockpiling arms, gearing up to expand their territory.
I'd prefer to stop that plan before it starts.
This isn't one of their usual hangouts.
It's a storage spot? The Mercs are keeping it on the DL.
Intel says we're looking at two, maybe three guys on guard.
So when the warrant lands, we'll make our move.
Zero tolerance for hazing means zero tolerance.
So why did you two decide to ignore your commanders? And don't think that it escaped my notice that it was only female recruits that were targeted.
Gentlemen, that was not a rhetorical question.
It was just a joke, sir.
Alexis I mean, Officer Cabrera said it didn't bother her.
It really doesn't, Sergeant.
I'm sure the other women don't care, either.
Well, I appreciate that, Cabrera, but seeing any cadet harassed, that bothers me.
I've spoken to your team leaders.
You're both riding the bench for a month.
You're dismissed.
I got to get going, but I just want to apologize.
That kind of behavior, that is not S.
It's not how we do things here.
Thank you, sir.
Cabrera? I'm fine.
I mean Free tampons, right? Hey, I heard you saw Deac laying down the law for the rookies caught stuffing tampons in recruit lockers? Female recruit lockers.
Everyone knows hazing won't fly anymore.
What were they thinking? That they weren't actually hazing anyone.
Anything less than forcing people to run until they puke is considered A joke or a bonding experience.
Yeah, I never understood how leaving potstickers in my seat made me more of a cop.
For me, it was stealing my clothes while I was showering.
And asking me to make 'em sandwiches.
It wasn't easy to think of these people as, uh, fellow officers, trusting them to have your back.
- How'd the recruits take it? - Most of 'em weren't in yet.
Alexis Cabrera played it cool.
But I'm gonna check in with her later.
Don't want a good cadet rethinking S.
'cause of some stupid prank.
Whitlock, I appreciate you coming over to take a look at this for us.
Yeah, it's not a problem, Commander.
Uh, the IT request said that you had some data disappear? Yeah, the armory rotation for the next month.
It was there last night, but now the computer's erased it.
Okay, and you are confident that the officer put the data into the spreadsheet properly? Because, as it turns out, most computer errors are, shockingly, human errors.
Yeah, I put it in.
Well, he's more of a field warrior than a keyboard one, so feel free to check his work.
All right.
At least this'll be more challenging for you than our usual password reset requests.
Well, I like to help out where I can.
I'll let you know if I can recover your data.
All right.
Keep me updated.
This part of Revelations starts like God is always spying.
But He knows "that you are doing more than you did at first.
" - And that's nice.
- Yeah.
He sees the progress we each make every day.
No matter how small it may be.
All right, fellas, let's wrap this up.
I'll, uh, keep it brief.
The Lakers lost, the Kings lost, Clippers didn't play.
So let us pray that by this time next week, things have improved.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Thanks, guys.
See you.
Thank you.
Hey, Eduardo.
Glad you joined us and feel free to come back anytime.
All right, it's good to hear it.
Hey, in the meantime, I was hoping you could do me a solid.
See, my lawyer hasn't been answering my calls.
Oh, I-I can't.
Look, I just want to get a message through to her.
Well, I'm sorry, but, you know, I'm not supposed to know anything about your situation, and it goes both ways.
It's for everyone's protection.
Yeah, it's a little too late for that.
I already know you're a cop.
That's an interesting theory.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, look.
I just want to get this letter delivered to her.
And I thought maybe you'd recognize me, too.
But I guess S.
puts bracelets on a lot of guys, huh? I was your arresting officer? The one and only.
Guess I wasn't that memorable.
So you think that I'm the best person to ask for this favor? Sure.
You owe me.
- How's that? - I'm innocent.
Been behind bars for six years now.
And you guys put me in here for something I didn't do.
I-I can't.
Where are the weapons? This is supposed to be a huge stash.
We've got movement on the right flank.
There's more Mercs than we thought.
Sergeant, something's not right.
Parker's hit! Get him out! You see them? Where are they? We've been waiting for you to show! Was worried you might not come.
It's a trap, go! Go! Shots fired, shots fired! Officer down! We need S.
now! Tan, stick 'em.
Two Gang and Narcotics officers managed to evacuate.
We got two more inside.
Maybe five or six Mercs.
All right, Deac, we're set on the two side.
We're set.
Infrared drone incoming.
Keep eyes on the infrared to track the officers inside.
Deacon, you got the north end, we got the south.
Find those officers.
Get 'em out.
We'll deal with the Mercs later.
On my count.
Ready? Three, two One, go! Cluster in the three-four stairwell.
Our guy's heading west.
Drone's got a bad connection.
Well, this isn't good.
Lost signal? Hold, hold.
This is 20-David to Command.
Infrared on our end is gone.
We need your guidance.
- Commander? - You're breaking up, Hondo! What the hell's happening? - Did you do something? - No.
Deacon, if you can hear me, we are on our own.
- L.
- We're here to get you out.
Who are we talking to, Officer? Detective Howard.
All right.
Come on, we got you.
Hondo, we've got Officer Howard.
Advancing towards the exit.
Tan, double back around.
Street, move.
Second officer and Mercs headed your way, Tan.
Don't move! I've got Anders secure.
Stay down! This is 20-David, final officer recovered.
Tan, get him out of here! Good? Yeah, I'm good.
Sweep is complete.
Total of six Mercs in custody.
That was triple the guard Gang and Narcotics expected to see when they went in.
And the weapons cache they came to seize isn't here.
Seems like the Mercs knew a raid was coming.
- Could GND have a leak? - I don't know.
I don't know what happened to the drone or the radio.
Commander? I was inside the system when the glitches started.
So what's going on? There is a virus overloading everything.
Someone has invaded the system.
A cyberattack? L.
's been hacked.
- Cybercrime confirmed the hack? - Yeah.
But since Whitlock was already here for IT, I asked him to walk us through the particulars.
Uh, two days ago, a virus appeared in L.
's internal network, and as that virus spread, it overloaded databases, causing these glitches.
Your lost data situation? You have this hacker to thank for that.
Cybercrime said he left a signature, calls himself "Shadowboxx".
Two X's.
Or calls herself or calls themself.
It is statistically himself, but I never want to underestimate anyone.
Well, whoever this Shadowboxx is, I'm thinking he did more than wreak havoc on our computers.
The Mercs knew about that GND raid in advance.
Now we learn that L.
's system's been compromised for 48 hours? It all feels connected.
Shadowboxx was able to download L.
They had access to operation details, officer assignments, schematics The hacker's the leak.
Handed over the where, when and how of the Gang and Narcotics operation to the Mercs.
How much info did this hacker take from our system? I can't say for sure, but I know that it's not limited to one division.
The entire system is an open book.
This ain't over.
He's a middleman, selling stolen police intel to criminals.
GND walked right into an ambush.
Next time, Shadowboxx could publish a detective's home address, making it open season on all cops, on duty or off.
Cybercrime is working to re-secure the network and identify Shadowboxx.
It's gonna take them a little bit of time, but they're gonna get him.
They can't just make us stand by.
This hacker's putting every cop in the city at risk.
I don't like it any more than you do, but Shadowboxx could be on the other side of the world.
Our focus needs to be here.
is halting new operations.
We need to comb through ongoing missions.
Find those under the greatest threat and secure them.
Officers who won't be easy to pull from the field.
They may not even know - their covers are blown.
- I know.
Uh, there's one more thing! Shadowboxx is still active inside the database.
This hacker can see everything you access.
See who S.
's looking into, what we're planning? Which means he can sell it.
Make criminals disappear before we can even catch 'em.
We don't give him anything to see.
As of this moment, S.
is going off-line.
Sergeant Hearns was successfully pulled from her undercover op.
What about Mark O'Dell? He's embedded with the One-Niners.
Let's see, O'Dell.
Confirmed he's in a secure location.
There's a team en route to pick him up.
You know, I'm struggling to remember why Annie and I make such an effort to limit the kids' screen time.
Computers are great.
Got an officer in trouble.
Officer Paulo Baptista.
Working undercover inside a drug trafficking ring led by Pedro Suarez.
Yeah, deep cover assignment.
Handler hasn't been able to make contact, so Vice did a soft physical check-in.
Baptista's door was kicked in, his place tossed.
Neighbor reported seeing an altercation and Baptista getting forced into a car.
Shadowboxx must've blown Baptista's cover.
Baptista has nothing to bargain with.
He's alive to be Suarez's plaything.
Well, then, we got to get to Suarez before he gets bored.
Any idea where they might be holding him? Nah, Suarez's guys backed out of all their usual spots, vacated their home addresses.
They must know everything that L.
has on them.
What about the car, did the neighbors give any details? Black SUV, partial plate.
Doesn't match any known vehicles in Suarez's ring.
It was probably stolen.
Right now that car is our only lead to find Officer Baptista.
But we can't run the plate on our computers.
If Shadowboxx sees, he's gonna inform Suarez.
Which is not good for Baptista.
Guys, L.
isn't the only organization with makes and models on file.
Call the DMV.
Back when I was a rookie, that was practically the first assignment.
Cultivate an inside man.
I'm on it.
Nicely done.
We'll see if I can keep the accuracy up after a speed reload.
Isn't 20-Squad busy with fallout from the hack? We are, but I wanted to check in with you after the crap those rookies pulled in the locker room.
Meant what I said.
I'm fine.
If you need someone to talk to, I'm here.
Or Deacon or Dr.
They stuffed my locker as a stupid joke.
It wasn't a big deal until Sergeant came, made it one, and now you're here making it worse.
All I want to do is help.
I didn't ask for that.
Other officers are watching.
Please, just back off.
Hey, Deac? We any closer to finding Officer Baptista? Uh, Street's still combing through DMV records, working a partial plate, it just takes more time than using our system.
All thanks to this Shadowboxx, messing with the L.
from the safety of God-knows-where, and we can't even go after him.
What's that? Oh, it's an old S.
You ever think back on a mission and realize that you don't remember the name of a suspect you collared? We've made a lot of arrests, Deac.
Who's this one about? Eduardo Ortiz.
He was arrested six years ago for murdering a woman after she denied his advances.
Well, it doesn't surprise me he didn't stick in your brain.
He's not someone we chased after on a mission.
No, he's just one of a half-dozen high-risk warrants we served that day.
It says he's still inside.
Why's Ortiz coming up for you now? Well, he just got transferred to the prison where I'm doing ministry outreach.
- Mm-hmm.
- And he recognized me, came asking for help.
Says he's innocent.
Oh, right, he's one of the innocent ones.
No, I know, I know, but it's I changed his whole life and I didn't remember him at all.
All right, hold up.
's just the tip of the spear.
Not judge and jury.
Yeah, maybe that's the job.
But I don't know.
This guy, Ortiz, he's got me wondering.
Is-is that where our responsibility ends? I'm not gonna talk you out of digging into this.
I don't even want to try.
- But be careful, Deac.
- Yeah.
Ortiz sought you out for a reason, and he used an argument that's tailor-made to mess with your head.
DMV records paid off.
Found the black SUV Suarez used to abduct Baptista.
Okay, William Marleza, the car's actual owner? Yeah, he's a low-level drug dealer, buys from Suarez.
So we ID'd the car.
That still doesn't tell us where Suarez took Baptista.
Well, it helps more than you'd think.
Marleza is also a property manager.
He handles commercial real estate across the city.
These are his current buildings.
That's a lot of places to choose from, though.
Yeah, now these four currently have tenants.
So probably not where they're holding Baptista.
And this one's at a busy intersection.
Way too conspicuous, too many eyes.
That leaves three possibilities.
He could've taken Baptista to any one of them, and we're running out of time.
Yeah, with the system down, we have no drones, no traffic cams.
Patrol's hands are full 'cause of the hack.
Okay, so we divide up the list.
You guys get Chris, I'll grab Hondo and Deac.
- 20-Squad's hitting the streets.
- All right.
Let's go.
Luca said they came up empty at Marleza's east side property.
Next building on our list is this way, empty retail storefront, should be an easy stroll-by to see if Suarez is around.
You okay? You've been quiet.
Well, you know you guys were talking about getting hazed? You said, uh, someone stole your clothes when you were showering.
I did the same thing once.
To who? It was a recruit.
Officer named, uh, Amanda Ross.
This was years ago.
In Long Beach.
Back then, I just saw it as a joke.
Making one of the few women in the building walk back to her locker naked.
Honestly, I'd forgotten about it until you said what happened to you.
It was incredibly stupid.
Look, it wasn't okay, but you'd never do anything like that now.
But he did it then.
Have you even apologized to this officer? Hey, that's the SUV Suarez used to abduct Baptista.
They're here.
All right, gear up.
How you feel about me and my boys now? Rat! L.
! Drop the weapon! L.
! Don't move! Don't move! Baptista, you okay? Back off! Chris, back room.
I'll cover them, go.
Just take it easy, man.
I said back off! Take it easy! Go, go! Code 4.
Three suspects in custody, recovered Baptista.
Semi-conscious, send an R/A.
- Close call.
- Too close.
And Shadowboxx is still out there spilling intel.
I just got off the phone with the hospital.
Baptista's gonna be all right.
I just hate the feeling this hacker's got us playing defense.
Well, Cybercrime tells me they stopped the virus from spreading, which I assume is a good thing.
Specifically, they've disrupted the malware's self-replicating Yes, they did.
It's a good thing.
Uh, it's a great first step towards getting Shadowboxx out of L.
's system.
You got anything else? Okay, I know this is Cybercrime's investigation, and I completely respect that, but I did some digging.
And you found something? Yeah, hackers are constantly trying to breach the L.
security firewall, and the system logs every attempt.
So I searched through those records.
There is no unusual network activity that could explain the current breach.
Then how did Shadowboxx get inside if he never attacked the system? I think he uploaded the virus from a terminal that was already attached to the network.
If Shadowboxx physically accessed one of L.
's computers Then he's somewhere here in L.
Not some server farm in Crimea.
Can you ID the terminal he used? I'm just a tech, man.
I gave all this stuff to Cybercrime.
They have it.
There's hundreds of L.
-networked computers.
We need every pair of eyes looking.
And you were smart enough to see this.
Follow it through.
Unless I'm reading you wrong? No, I'll give it a shot.
Make it your best shot.
We locate Shadowboxx, S.
could stop all of this at the source.
Get Suarez in the box.
Let's see what he knows about our hacker.
Felony assault on a cop.
Drug trafficking.
With your priors, that's life.
Good news is, if you're a cat, you still got eight more.
Nice try.
Nine to 12 years.
Except Officer Baptista was embedded as part of a DEA joint task force, so there's federal charges in the mix.
You spent good money buying up everything L.
had on you, and you didn't read it carefully? Maybe we can get the feds to call you a first-timer.
If you tell us something useful about Shadowboxx.
I don't even know the guy.
You must've exchanged a few words to set the price for the stolen intel.
I got an email.
Said I had a mole problem.
Came with a single page of L.
's file on me and a promise he had more if I could pay.
Proof of concept.
That email's probably a throwaway account.
How'd you pay? - Over an app, by wire? - No.
He said he wanted cash.
And he gave me a flash drive.
Said electronic transfers are too traceable.
You met Shadowboxx, in person? Barely.
He picked a crowded outdoor cafe.
Dude in a black hoodie showed up.
Did the swap and disappeared.
I never saw his face.
That's all I got.
Counselor, thank you for stopping by.
Like I said on the phone, I just want to ask a couple questions about one of your former clients, Eduardo Ortiz.
Don't tell me he's got cops delivering his messages now.
So you know he's been trying to contact you? He says he hasn't got a reply.
I'm a public defender with obligations to dozens of current clients.
And his letters are the same, over and over.
He claims he's innocent and then he demands I file an appeal.
And you refuse because Because it's not an option.
He took a plea deal.
The terms of which explicitly ruled out an appeal, and he knows that.
You know that a lot of defendants feel cornered into taking a plea.
I mean, they get convinced that that's their only option.
Ortiz was in and out of prison for violent felonies, he worked for the victim, and his alibi was shaky at best.
Uh, frankly, getting his charge down to murder two and keeping a life sentence off the table was a big win.
Okay, just last question.
Do you think what he says is true? That he's innocent? You know, Ortiz always seemed to me like a clever guy.
Super personable.
But I can't compromise a client's defense wondering about guilt or innocence.
Right, that's not your job.
Thank you.
Hey, so I called L.
to get in touch with Officer Ross, apologize for what I did back in Long Beach.
- How'd it go? - It didn't.
My old partner told me she left the force.
Opened a surf shop.
I just I should've reached out a long time ago.
I can't help but wonder.
If you were part of the reason she left? I guess there's only one way to find out.
Whitlock found the terminal that Shadowboxx used to get into L.
's network.
It was a mobile unit in a patrol car, 11th division.
I checked into systems traffic.
And a couple of days ago, the computer in that patrol car uploaded a large file.
And I take it that's unusual? I called the officers involved.
Said when they went back to their unit, they found some guy messing with their radio, or so they thought.
- Shadowboxx? - Installing a virus.
When they checked the radio and found no outgoing calls, they let him walk with a warning.
And by that time, Shadowboxx's virus was already loose in L.
's main system.
And, unfortunately, he was able to erase the patrol car's cameras.
Well, he may have erased himself digitally, but he had to touch the car.
Lean on the window or tap the keyboard a few times.
So if he was interrupted, he wouldn't have been able to wipe everything down.
So maybe we pull a print.
The tricky thing is gonna be running that against the database while Shadowboxx is watching.
Well, he only knows what L.
is doing.
San Francisco, Anaheim, Irvine, they all have access to the same print library.
I say we do what we used to do when the L.
forensics lab got backed up Phone a friend.
Kept good whiskey in my desk just to sweeten those deals.
Go find a print.
I'll see who's around to take my call and what bottles are in my office.
Oh, Whitlock? Nice job.
Officer Alonso, I wanted to apologize.
I was out of line, the way I spoke to you.
But I know why you did it.
You don't want people thinking you're weak.
I want S.
More than anything.
Those guys can do what they want.
But if my skills speak for me, no one can say it was favoritism.
I used to think that way, too.
When I was starting out and the jokes kept happening, I'd stay quiet and Set a new course record.
When other female recruits showed up, I wouldn't talk to them so no one could say "girls' club.
" We both know women have to be more aware of how stuff looks.
That's just how it is.
But I don't think that's how it should be.
Suffering in silence, that's not progress.
That's why I'm doing things differently lately.
Pointing out real problems.
Real issues.
Sounds less lonely.
And I'm not gonna lie.
It's very cool to have the Chris Alonso offering me her knowledge.
"The Chris Alonso"? Come on.
You know you're legendary around here.
Well, I don't know about legendary.
Surf shop.
Hi, uh Uh I'm, uh, looking for, uh, Amanda Ross? That's me.
How can I help you? Hi, it's Jim Street.
From L.
Sure, I remember you.
Um, I was hoping we might be able to talk? Not a great time.
Uh, peak hours.
Uh, maybe I could stop by later? We close at 9:00.
Cop buddy in San Diego ran the print we found, got a hit.
Shadowboxx is really Blake Spencer.
That's fax machine quality, but you get the idea.
Unis went by his apartment, but he wasn't around.
They'll grab him if he returns.
And if he doesn't? I think I found something in Shadowboxx's file.
I noticed he has all the classic hacker low-level priors.
Yeah, fraud and identity theft.
Exactly, so I had your San Diego buddy run some financials.
Guy opened a credit card in the name of every family member he's got.
Yeah, but look.
His cousin Jeremy? He started racking up charges two days ago.
Same day as the hack, all for a company called Bolter.
Electric scooter rental.
Kids leave 'em all over our block.
Yeah, but Jeremy, his cousin, lives in Vermont.
Bolter scooters is west coast only.
I think Shadowboxx is stealing his cousin's identity again.
Suarez said Shadowboxx insisted they meet outdoors and then disappeared.
Scooter gets him in and out quickly, in case the deal goes south.
Well, the last charge is from less than an hour ago.
Those scooters have a GPS chip that tracks their location.
If he's still got the scooter, the company can tell us where he is.
Call them.
Get 20-Squad ready.
We're getting Shadowboxx off the street before he puts another officer's life in danger.
Scooter Shadowboxx rented is active.
It's parked right in front of the cafe.
26-David, we got eyes.
He's at the meet.
There's a copy of the intel.
First one should've worked.
Relax, man, it did.
Then why am I here? My boss was impressed.
He's got another job for you.
That's That's not the way I work.
Cops are already sniffing around.
You tell your boss I'm not interested.
Thing about that job? The boss wasn't really asking.
Situation's changed.
The guys he was meeting, they're not happy.
All right, move in, let's go.
Cops! Go! Go! They're grabbing him up.
Stay on Shadowboxx.
We lost visual.
They got him.
! Get down! L.
! Come on! Got one coming your way, Hondo! Drop the gun, now.
Hands behind your back! Stay down.
Here we go, here we go! Give me two, give me two! Go, go on, two, go! S.
! Stop! I need a black and white ASAP! Vehicle headed towards Ventura.
Silver van, partial plate California, zero-one-baker.
Driver's armed.
Units responding, ETA three minutes.
That's three minutes too many.
They're in the wind with the hacker.
Who are those guys? Whoever they are, they left their flash drive behind.
They didn't want the intel.
They wanted Shadowboxx.
Deac, the guys who grabbed up Shadowboxx? They're all part of Donnie Culatto's crew.
Donnie Culatto, the crime boss? About to stand trial for murder.
And the prosecution's key witness is Janet Flynn, a rookie beat cop.
Now Shadowboxx accessed Flynn's personnel file.
It's full of info Culatto could use to threaten Flynn.
Stuff on her family, her home address Yeah, but Culatto's crew left the flash drive behind.
They didn't want any of the info Shadowboxx was selling.
Or maybe they already had it.
A few weeks ago, Officer Flynn and her wife were moved to an L.
Now the safehouse info and schematics were compromised in the hack.
Including a full list of state-of-the-art defense protections.
Okay, so Culatto buys the safehouse plans, intending to get in and kill Flynn.
But when he looks at the plans, he sees the camera network, geofence, the panic room.
He realizes he needs a hacker to get inside.
And based on his reputation, Shadowboxx is the guy.
'Cause Culatto knows that he already beat L.
security once.
As soon as Shadowboxx unlocks the safehouse, Culatto's gonna sweep in and take Flynn out.
And we need to be there now.
Were you able to warn Flynn that trouble's heading her way? Nah, Shadowboxx must already be working with Culatto.
Communications into the safehouse are being blocked.
It's only a matter of time before the security cracks completely.
We'll call you as soon as we got him secured.
Nah, I'm coming with you.
I'm not gonna rely on glitchy comms.
I'll set up a field outpost, run the mission from there.
You're not the only one itching to be there when Shadowboxx is taken down.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
What are you thinking for dinner tonight? I don't know.
Flynn's probably living it up.
Of course, not for long.
Type faster.
Not how it works.
I'm in.
Shutting down security.
Panic room's on the third floor.
By the time Flynn realizes it's dead, we cornered her.
Let's go.
Shut the door.
Culatto's headed inside.
Hacker's not with them.
Geofence alarm never sounded.
Shadowboxx successfully disabled the security.
But he couldn't have gotten far.
Hey, got company.
Take care of them, then find us a new exit plan! Get to the panic room.
Got eyes on the stolen van.
It's about 30 yards east of the safehouse.
- One suspect down! - Move in! Move in! 30-David, heading your way.
Street, take the alley! Chris, you got the two side! Nothing's working.
We have to get out of here.
Coming for you, Flynn! Luca, cover the front! Tan, you're with me! You got it! I'm on your six.
If Shadowboxx erases his laptop, we'll have no idea what L.
intel he sold.
We need it to know what's compromised.
Hit 'em hard and fast, then.
No! They're getting away! Block the hallway! Police! Stay there! 20-David, we got a rabbit! Second suspect down! - Hands! - Hands! Ah, hands! Don't even think about it.
's been looking for you.
No! - Don't move! - Stay behind! 24-David, I've got the wife.
But Culatto grabbed Flynn.
He's headed for a boat.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Culatto's got Flynn, escaping over the water.
Once he gets to shore, he doesn't need a hostage.
Hondo, got a ride for us.
I don't have a clean shot.
I can't risk hitting Flynn.
Maybe I can get a better angle.
Street, now, move in! Get me closer! Come on! Flynn, stay there! It's over! - Officer Flynn, you good? - I am now.
My wife, is she okay? We got her.
She's safe.
This is 20-David, officer recovered.
Final suspect in custody.
We're Code 4.
Sir, heard you recovered Shadowboxx's laptop before he could activate his kill switch.
Now L.
can track down every piece of intel he sold.
Keep our own safe.
Commander? Cybercrime is wiping Shadowboxx's virus from L.
's network, and as a thank you to you guys, for everything you did today, they started with S.
Your computers are clean.
Ah, so we can turn the screens back on? You can.
I barely remember where the power buttons are.
I don't know who we're gonna call when you move over to Cybercrime.
I'm still just IT, sir.
You can do more for L.
I pushed you today.
You rose to the occasion.
When you push yourself, the sky's the limit.
Yeah, the city asks a lot of S.
, but we can't do it alone.
We need guys like you backing us up.
Look, I'm not gonna lie.
It was really cool helping to catch a bad guy today.
When you're ready, I'm happy to call in a recommendation.
How about right now? Okay.
Just I need to do one thing first.
There we go.
Yeah, there we go! All right! Load up.
Yeah, baby! Good job, Whitlock.
Thank you, sir.
In that situation, I'd use a tactical reload.
Heard about the recruits acting foolish.
Cabrera and them all right? Deacon handled it super well.
Academy is lucky to have him.
Yes, they are.
But I know you still checked in.
I got eyes, Chris.
You're anxious about the new recruits, but especially the female ones.
Cabrera says I'm, uh, legendary, like me being here means something extra.
I know she meant well, but, you know That can be a burden, too.
I get it.
Sometimes it's like I'm the only thing standing between some idiot and the belief that women can't be S.
Well, I think you're gonna have some more ammo against that tired argument very soon.
Sure hope so.
Looks like you got a pretty cool setup here.
You didn't drive out all this way to compliment my shop, Street.
No, you're right, I I didn't, um I came here to apologize, for what happened back in L.
I was an idiot.
And I should've been mature enough not to be.
And, uh I behaved badly.
Stealing your clothes.
Messing with your stuff.
That was wrong.
I was wrong.
I'm sure it doesn't mean anything really, but, um I've been doing some growing up over the past few years, and I just, I realized I needed to tell you just how sorry I am.
Thank you for saying that.
But I can't honestly say that you're forgiven.
No, I-I don't expect you to.
I'm glad you're becoming a better person.
I-I hope it's making you an amazing officer.
But I'll never know what kind of officer I could've become.
When I looked you up, heard you left, I wondered Well, I worried, really, that what I did might've played a part in that.
A couple catcalls and stupid jokes didn't run me off.
It was all of it.
Happening all the time.
What you did Don't flatter yourself.
You were just one of the boys going along with it.
That's how I remember you.
Saw in the visitor's log Ortiz's lawyer stopped by.
You find anything out? Yeah, he wants her to file an appeal, but that can't happen because six years ago, he pled down his sentence.
He already said he was guilty.
Yeah, it's got to be hard to be partway through your time knowing you've got years to go, guilty or not.
You know, this whole thing could be some kind of sideshow designed to drum up doubt where there isn't any.
I don't know why I keep thinking about it.
RHD zeroed in on a suspect.
executed a warrant.
A lawyer negotiated a deal.
Judge signed off on it.
Everybody did their job.
You and I know better than most how complicated the justice system can be.
But still, Deac, it all comes down to whether or not you believe him.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, I, uh, I went down to Long Beach last night.
I guessed as much.
Part of me was hoping that, uh I don't know, that everything turned out the way it was meant to for her, that-that she found some better calling beyond L.
Maybe she did, but the point is that she didn't get to fully choose it.
What makes it worse is I wasn't just cruel back then.
I was oblivious.
I didn't think about how anything we did made her feel.
I just I mean, I-I just assumed everything was fine because I wanted it to be fine.
How-how the hell do you fix that? The past? You can't.
I've had to learn that.
But you faced a mistake, honestly and completely.
Now you be better.
Eduardo, your lawyer's not exaggerating when she says that your plea is a big obstacle.
There's-there's not much she can do.
But you believe me? I believe you were in a tough spot.
I also believe that you manipulated me.
When you realized that I lead this Bible group, you picked a moment to approach me, play on our history together.
You wanted me to go look at your old case file.
Well, I wanted to see what kind of man you are.
- Now I know.
- What kind of man am I? A moral one.
You could have let the sleeping dogs lie.
But you didn't.
I'm not sure I could really help you, either.
And I'm not convinced you're telling the truth.
Right now, what I can offer you is the chance to pray together.
Yeah, I'd like that.
May I? Of course.
Dear Lord, I pray for your forgiveness.
I pray for the safety and protection of my family.
I pray for Sergeant Kay's family.
And Sergeant Kay, in his wisdom, I pray that he comes to know that I am here because of an injustice.
And that he, a just man, will be moved to do something about it.

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