S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e12 Episode Script


Previously on SWAT What're you doing in Vegas? I can't just come visit my big sister? If this is about Dad, I don't want to hear it.
Pops has cancer.
I got to go to work tomorrow.
The casino'd shut down if you called in sick? - How you doing? - Thinks I'm on my death bed.
That's not why she's here, Pop.
Then why then, son? Because he made me come.
Well, ain't nobody making you stay.
- How can you forgive him so easy? - He is so scared that we're never gonna find a way to forgive him.
I'm not sure I ever will.
We're all here for you, Pop.
Thank you for coming back.
Always thought that these were lost to the '70s.
You sure they're real? Oh, the gloves have been authenticated, along with everything else up for auction tonight from the Feiner Collection.
These bad boys right here are expected to put Restoration Auction House on the map.
What's the going rate for the ruling class' "woke trophies" these days? I think whoever buys them will be quick to sign a museum lease.
This is a significant sale.
Significant? Carlos and Smith raised their fists in a mute plea for human rights, so they made sure that we were seen on the Olympic stage, and now you're telling me that our relics have been stashed in some guy's attic? They wouldn't be here if Mr.
Feiner hadn't seen the historical value.
No one man should own our history.
You know what? Your mom's back on Sunday, - I'll see you then.
- Okay, w-wait, um Dad, I was gonna show you the place.
You know, introduce you to some colleagues.
I thought this would be nice for you, uh, your own personal viewing.
I mean, look, it's a step up from Casino Services, huh? You're still just serving booze to rich folks.
You know, a wealthy casino client created this position just for me when he learned I wanted to move closer to my folks.
That's how good I am at my job.
Then I'll let you get back to it.
Uh, yes, Julia, what is it? Otto needs you in the East Gallery.
But we don't have guests arriving for hours.
Can he wait? No, sorry, he wants you now.
Uh, Dad, my intern, Julia Okay, uh, please tell Otto I'm on my way.
Have a good one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, guys, deliveries - go in the back.
- No, there was no one out back.
Okay Wait, I have no deliveries for today.
Yeah, we're here for pickup.
Nice and calm.
Hope you don't mind if I borrow this.
Tie him up.
Round up any others.
These are the pieces named in the cease and desist letter.
I've asked the prep crew to pull all three of Toshiko's paintings before tonight'sauction, but we'll need to inform management before making any program changes.
Problem is, we're not expecting full staff till 9:00.
- Okay, what can I do to help? - Please call Jeremiah for me.
You're the VIP whisperer.
Who's more VIP than the boss? He'll quiz me, and I don't have the answers to questions like If there's a debate over provenance, how the hell did they get hung up? Hey, what are you doing? Stay quiet.
Follow me, follow me.
Signal box.
Go, go, go, go, go the other way.
Go the other way.
Hands up against the wall! Against the wall now! Let's go, people.
Move it.
Everybody, hand over your cell phones now.
Run, rabbit, run.
Pick up.
Pick up, Hondo.
What's the drill, Commander? As we speak, downtown units are responding to an armed robbery and a possible hostage situation at Restoration Restoration Auction House.
That's Winnie's new gig.
My pops went there this morning to see her.
She tried to call while we were boxing.
You don't think I don't know.
Hey, this is Winnie.
Leave a message.
She's not answering.
She left a voice mail.
Hondo, they're inside the building.
People with guns.
I I can hear them coming.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Okay, okay.
Listen, we're-we're trapped.
Uh, the windows and doors are barricaded, and I got I-I-I'm trying to find a place to hide right now, but you need to get here, like, now.
Hondo, we-we need you Hon I can send in 50-Squad if this hits too close to home.
No, I'm good.
Let's roll.
Go, go.
Jeremiah Ward, I'm the owner.
I just can't believe this is happening.
Sergeant David Kay.
What can you tell us? I'm just getting here.
I was in traffic, got an SOS text from a guard, uh, 20-ish minutes ago.
It's been radio silence since.
All right, how many people inside? We open to the public at noon, auction days start late, - so, ten, maybe 12 employees.
- Our call out said armed robbery.
Any idea of their target? Everything, from the looks of it.
I mean, we've got anti-theft alerts ringing in every single gallery.
It's got to be a diversion to keep us from knowing exactly where they are or what they're after.
Which means they're smart.
We got eyes inside? This place has to be loaded with cameras.
It is, but they've cut off access from the feed.
We've got nothing out here.
It's locked up like a fortress.
Oh, it's state of the art.
We got reinforced barriers on every single window and door.
The system is designed to trap would-be thieves between the grab and go.
Oh, so save the art and screw whoever might be stuck inside, is that it? Hondo, the guy didn't design the system.
- Look, how do we get inside? - There's a keypad at the entrance.
I've got a system override code.
- Show us.
Come on.
- Yeah, yeah.
Deacon, how many robberies gone wrong have we seen where it's the hostages who pay the price? Hey.
We'll get 'em out.
Lobby's beyond this point, galleries and auction room down the hall.
One heat signature, seated, unmoving.
Nothing else in range.
We don't know who they are or where they are or how heavily they're armed.
We're going in blind.
Got the code, Luca? 9614.
Should open any locked door inside.
- Luca.
- It's not working.
They must've disabled door controls.
No way in, no way out.
Damn it! - They're trapped inside.
- No.
They got us locked outside.
I need you to get those doors open now.
Look, the barriers are controlled by the security office inside the building.
I have no way to override them.
Whoa, whoa, sir, sir, you can't come through here.
- Hondo! - Whoa, whoa Hey, man, what're you doing, man? - Hey, take your hands off me, man.
- Hey! Hey! Hey, Officer, Officer.
He's with me.
He's all right.
- All right.
- Pop, you're okay.
Never mind about me.
Where's your sister? - Where's Winnie? - I thought you were with her.
- You didn't answer my calls.
- Listen, I was driving, I see these cop cars whizzing by, one after the next, one after the next, and then I hear on the radio that something's going down, so I turned the car around and came back.
Hondo, we got to get Winnie out.
Hey, this is what I do, Pop.
I should be in there with her.
No, no, I'm just glad you're here.
I think I seen the bad guys going inside.
- They were wearing medical masks.
- How many? Don't know, think it was four.
She-she wanted me to take this tour with her, right, and I just left, man, I just left her there.
I walked out.
Winnie's gonna be all right.
You hear me? I got this.
Can't be easy for Hondo.
Well, I mean, his sister's in danger.
His dad's scared.
Hell, I'll bet he's wrestling back his own fears right now.
We're gonna get her out.
No, you wouldn't promise that to some other hostage's family.
Hicks and mobile command are a couple blocks out.
- How's Hondo? - Chris, you get us into that building.
I don't care how you do it, but you figure it out fast.
We've already given them way too much time inside - with the captives.
- We got this place surrounded.
There's no way they're getting out of there.
These guys are armed, they came here with some kind of plan.
Now, we got no way of knowing what they got cooking, but I'm starting to think they're buying time inside.
For what? - Hey, back against the wall.
- He's bleeding out.
Someone needs to put pressure on that wound or he's gonna die.
Do you want to do it? Otto, hand me that tarp.
I don't think he'll like that.
I can't do this alone.
All right.
Julia, you all right? Come here.
Come here.
Look at me.
What's wrong? I feel like I can't breathe.
Uh, give me your hand, give me your hand, come on.
He needs your help.
All right? Hold this.
Hold it right there.
Okay, let's both, let's both take a big breath, okay? Take a big breath.
I can't be here.
I have an anxiety thing, and And I this is-this is a lot.
My brother my brother, he's a SWAT officer.
Okay? He's the best of the best.
I bet he's outside right now, trying to get in.
We just got to figure a way to keep each other safe.
All right? Maybe I can help.
It's my phone.
I slipped it in my boot before he noticed.
I've called every line inside.
- Seems they don't want to talk.
- Keep it ringing.
We got low-res security footage from the hotel up the street.
We got four people, large crate, plates are fake, but we got the van in the back alley.
- Any IDs? - No.
No faces or identifying marks visible, - but we're working the van.
- Commander Hicks? That's right.
This is Sergeant Kay.
Detective Olivia Barlow, Art Theft.
I'd like to offer my services.
Art theft is a niche world.
I can help you navigate.
Well, we'll take whatever you have.
I got a current layout and the original building plans, too.
All right, put up the current layout.
What are your initial thoughts, Detective? If I'm purely greed motivated, I'm targeting the Centennial Diamonds in the Jewel Gallery.
Or, in the West Gallery, a duo of multi-million dollar oil paintings.
Our thieves might be buying time.
Does that narrow the target? It tells me they know this auction house.
All the casings inside are reinforced glass.
They'd need time to retrieve whatever they're after.
Any insight on the suspects? Not yet.
Art theft is often a crime of passion.
If we ID the target, maybe I can find a connection.
Found a way to get us inside, but it's gonna be a loud entry.
That'll give away any tactical advantage we might have.
The more we know before we go in, the better.
I assume whatever we're planning doesn't include explosives? There is priceless artwork inside.
Any attempt to blow things up or shoot things down could damage precious cultural treasures.
There are people inside, lives at risk.
That's our mission.
Yeah, this is Hondo.
Please, you have to listen to - Back up.
You back away from me.
- Winnie.
- Commander.
- Yup? It's my sister.
She's on an open line.
You don't understand the guard needs medical attention.
He's still bleeding badly from his leg wound.
That's on you.
You asked to help.
If he stays here in the East Gallery with us, he's going to die.
She told us where they are.
Chris, tell Tan to call the East Gallery.
Come on, you know we're not a threat to you.
The four of you have assault rifles.
The nine of us just want to get out of here alive.
Nine hostages.
And with the heat signature in the lobby, potentially ten.
What is going on here? Why is she talking? Do they know we're in here? Won't matter, just work the plan.
By the time they get here, we'll be gone.
If everyone plays along, no one's gonna get hurt.
Is that understood? All right, everyone on your feet.
Move them to the exit.
Leave that guard.
He's only gonna slow us down.
- Let's move! Move! - Go, go! Let's go! Where do they think they're going? There are no exits.
Hold up.
I found an archival blueprint of the original 1920s building from before the auction house security renovations.
It marks tunnels running underneath that extend past the property line.
Part of an underground network that runs for miles under the city, used by bootleggers during prohibition.
That leads to dozens of entrances and exits all throughout downtown.
- If they slip into those tunnels - They're in the wind.
That tunnel entrance is below the Auction Room.
We need to intercept.
They're inside the building.
- Let's go! Let's go! - Go, go! Go! - Let's go, come on, faster! - Move! He's got a pulse.
Get him out to safety.
Make sure to check the East Gallery for the wounded guard they left.
No sign of them.
They're too far ahead.
We can't - let them get to those tunnels.
- We got 'em.
Just keep going.
Go, go.
Stay here.
Wait for my signal.
Come on.
The door to the tunnels is down here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's locked.
What do you mean it's locked? You don't have a key? A code? This padlock is not supposed to be here.
It's the same lock my old man uses on his storage unit.
Bullet's not gonna do it.
We're screwed.
We've got incoming.
I got eyes.
- LAPD! - Any closer and I'll shoot.
- Let her go! - Do not want to push me.
I drop this one, I got plenty more shields.
All right.
I'm gonna give you your space.
All right, 20-Squad, back out slowly.
So, our escape route's blocked.
What's the plan say now? You want to ask me that again? There is no plan anymore.
It's all shot to hell.
Security guards Ford and Clark are stable, en route to the hospital now.
What's the update from inside? All right, well, the gray areas, we've cleared them, but the suspects have taken control of the Auction Room, effectively barring us from the rest of the building.
Remaining eight hostages are being held by four gunmen, led by an unidentified white male in his mid-40s.
I just got some intel that might help.
Suspects' van was cleared of prints, but the body damage and make and model match a vehicle used recently in a home robbery.
Only identifying suspect - Noah Erickson.
- That's him.
That's their leader.
He was threatening to kill hostages if we approached.
He held a gun to Winnie's head.
Has extensive list of priors, no pattern to them, no connection to the art world.
Probably just a hired hand.
He was-he was yelling about a padlock on the tunnel door, but Ward, the owner of the auction house, says it's not theirs.
He has no idea where it came from.
You think someone screwed up the plan? I don't know.
It's hard to say.
But if they feel trapped, maybe this guy Noah will want to talk now.
Well, emergency negotiation team is tied up assisting LASO.
Let's keep ringing the auction room landline, see if he takes the bait.
If he does, we can pin his location.
- You keep him talking, we'll move in.
- All right.
Commander, Deacon.
A word? I'm passing command over to you, Deacon.
Hey, Hondo, I would've done the same thing, pulling the team out like that.
Engaging them any further would have put all the hostages at risk.
I know that.
And I'm not questioning it, but she was she was right there, and he was a flinch away from She is my blood, she's my responsibility.
She's our responsibility.
But I'm the one she calls, and I need to be here if she tries to again.
We respect your decision, Sergeant.
Suspects cut three holes in the East Gallery wall, then they removed the paintings from behind.
You're sure about this spot? Yeah, I just saw the holes on my way out just now.
Strange that they'd target these three paintings.
They're painted by a virtually unknown artist.
Far from the most valuable pieces in the collection.
If you're right, this isn't about money.
The motive must be emotional.
Well, people grow attached to things.
Value doesn't always matter.
You a collector? Nah, nah, not me.
But I am the owner of a Guatemalan food truck that means more to me than it makes for me, so Who doesn't appreciate the craft of a good empanada? Yeah.
Look I-I didn't mean to imply earlier that the people were a lesser priority than the art.
This is a more high-stakes day at work than I've had in a while, and I overstepped.
I apologize.
I may have overreacted.
20-Squad has family inside today.
You protect the people, I'll protect the art, even from friendly fire.
All right.
Deacon needs us inside.
Hondo? Pop, you got to let me work.
I saw the guards.
You got 'em out.
Where's Winnie? She's still inside.
And what are you doing outside? I'm needed in command.
Deacon's gonna lead the team - in the building.
- Hey, look, if they're trying to shove you out, you need to shove right back.
Pop, it was my decision.
Well, it's the wrong decision.
I trusted you to get Winnie out.
How are you going to do that from here? I get that you're worried, but I don't need you telling me how to do my job, you understand? I'm gonna get Winnie out my way.
- Everything all right? - Everything's fine.
- My pop just had some questions.
- Trust your instincts.
Focus on the job at hand.
You treat your father like any other scared, uninformed parent.
You got that? It won't be a problem, sir.
Deacon and the team are set.
I can't take this.
It just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing.
Oh, God, I can't breathe.
She's freaking me out.
Have some sympathy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, you focus on me.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Why are you working here? Uh, I'm studying art, trying to become a curator.
Needed work experience.
Why here? Why-why not at a museum? Auction houses are where works of art test their value.
The people who select what's up for sale decide what's seen and prized, and I want to be one of them, mix it up.
This sort of passion It sounds personal.
My grandmother was an artist.
- Mm.
- Brilliant, but, um, never sold her work.
The market didn't see her value.
I'm sure you'll change that someday.
You should know, you're only pissing me off here.
Not a good idea.
This is Sergeant Daniel Harrelson.
Am I speaking with Noah Erickson? All right, get me the hell out of here or we're gonna start shooting.
My team is outside your door.
Command to 30-David.
Erickson's on the line.
Start your approach, signal when in position.
Doesn't look to me like you're set up to be making threats.
Let's work this out You and me.
So you can talk me into a prison cell? No, thank you, Sergeant.
Tell me how this ends, Noah.
We walk free, Harrelson.
Is that your brother? Feels to me like I'm the only one providing solutions here.
Why would I do that? No.
I'm not releasing anyone.
No one in or out until my people and I are clear.
If I'm not getting out of here, I don't know why anybody else should.
Killing hostages isn't part of the plan, man.
I know things went sideways.
Did you do this? Padlock the exit? Not me, but someone screwed you.
So, look, this isn't all on you, Noah.
Talk to me.
And if I got information? Share it.
See what it buys you.
Tell me who's really behind all of this.
All right.
He contacted me over a week ago.
Never met, just texted.
He laid out a perfect plan, mailed supplies.
The guns, the uniforms, the tools? That's all him.
I just had to gather a crew, saw a couple holes, drop off the goods, collect my fee.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
The guards gave me no choice.
Don't make the same mistake now.
You don't want to see what I'm capable of when my back's against the wall.
Let me go, or we shoot our way out.
Noah, no payday is worth dying for, man.
Let the hostages walk free.
Put your weapons down, my team will meet you inside, and we'll talk.
See, that's all you want to do.
How about some promises here? Guarantees? I got no guarantees until I get answers, man.
Who hired you? What did he want you to steal? That's all I get for my stories just more questions? I-I told you everything that I know here, unless unless you don't want me to get out of here.
You just want to keep me talking, keep me distracted.
We are done, Sergeant.
All right, they're coming in.
We need to move! - Everyone on your feet! - You heard him.
Go! - Out the door! Go! Go! - No! Please! - Get up! - She's having a panic attack.
If you move her, she's just gonna pass out.
She's gonna - slow you down.
- Get on your feet! She's not moving.
And I'm not leaving her.
They are coming, Noah.
Maybe their rescue'll buy a little more time.
Let's move! Move! Deacon, Noah cut the call.
It didn't go well.
They know you're about to breach the room.
Roger that.
We need to move to plan B.
Sounds like they're heading backstage, - out of the auction room.
- I'm on my way.
Stay out of sight.
Last thing we want is to escalate.
All right, listen up.
We're moving to plan B.
Prepare your NVGs.
I'll coordinate with LADWP.
Sergeant, take a beat.
Big breath, Julia.
Big breath.
It's okay.
It's safe.
It's safe now.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm gonna die here.
He'll be back.
You heard him.
You heard him.
SWAT is in the building.
All right? He'll be here soon.
Then we'll get caught in the crossfire or mistaken for them.
There's nowhere to hide.
- Nowhere safe.
- Listen to me.
There's a secure room.
All right, I'm the only person in the building who has the code.
All right? Come with me.
Okay? All three paintings these guys targeted are by artist Amari Toshiko.
All three were also just reported stolen.
They haven't left the building yet.
The auction house received a cease and desist letter this morning.
According to the artist's family, Toshiko painted the landscapes while she was held prisoner at the Manzanar internment camp during World War II.
The letter claims her work was stolen by a guard and later sold to the Feiner Collection.
The timing between letter and theft is too close - to be a coincidence.
- Noah's phone records.
Past ten days, he's had heavy contact with a prepaid, out-of-state number.
The guy who hired him? Maybe the one behind all of this.
Same number just texted him.
I pinged the phone's location.
Text came from inside the building.
So we got another player in the game.
Barlow thinks that the artist's family might be involved.
I found arrest records.
That's Julia! Pop, what the hell are you doing in here? I said stay back behind.
Oh, Hondo, hold on.
Harrelson, how'd you know her name? I met her this morning.
That's definitely her The one on the left.
She's an intern.
She was with Winnie.
Please hurry.
What are you doing? Sorry, Winnie.
Get in there! A hostage known as Julia Soto is a suspect.
Sending her photo now.
Roger that, Hondo.
- No! Let me go! - SWAT.
You're under arrest.
I got you.
You're safe.
One hostage recovered, one suspect in custody.
In pursuit of another.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm gonna give you this so you can see us.
- Can you see me? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, we're gonna get you guys out.
Four more hostages recovered.
Drop it! Gun on the ground now! On your knees, hands behind your head! 24-David.
Second suspect in custody.
Come on! LAPD! Drop your weapon.
Put your hands in the air.
You okay? On your knees.
You still okay? - Yeah.
- Good.
Three suspects contained, six hostages secured.
No sign of Noah, Julia or Winnie.
Anybody got eyes on Winnie? - Nothing.
- Hondo.
Winnie and I didn't finish our conversation this morning.
I got angry and and lashed out.
Son, I need you to bring your sister home for dinner.
You got me? Take this in case Winnie calls.
I'm going back in.
Well done, Mr.
How do you know my name? I hired you.
I shipped you half a heist in a box, joined in the fun, then texted you to come meet me here.
Wait, so the paintings aren't the target? I wish, but sadly, those paintings aren't valued high enough to be worth all the trouble.
They'll be a notable distraction, though.
Winnie, can you tell Noah how much the Centennial Diamonds are worth? Each stone is 100 grand.
There are a hundred diamonds.
He can count.
Ten million.
That's our target.
Why not just tell me from the start? Because I needed you to believe the plan had failed.
Your desperation added real panic to the mix, forcing the cops to cut the power, disabling the cameras.
When they run this day back, our heist and your escape won't be recorded.
You take the padlock key.
Exit out the tunnels with the diamonds.
I get rescued, we meet up.
50/50 split, partner? Open the case.
I-I mean, I don't I don't know the code.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Julia? I had to kill him, right? I mean, he killed you.
Was about to kill me.
We've cleared backstage, maintenance area and the galleries.
No sign.
- Detective Barlow, are you there? - Yes.
Julia's missing, but we got the paintings.
Narrow the target to the Admin Wing.
- What would she steal? - The Centennial Diamonds.
Monetary value aside, the necklace is a family heirloom, the pride of the Feiner Collection.
Its theft would be an emotional hit.
It's retribution for Feiner owning her grandmother's paintings.
Come on.
- Open the case.
- If you're just gonna shoot me anyway, why would I do that? I don't have to kill you with the first shot or even the second.
Just open the case, Winnie.
Ma'am, I'm not trying to mess this up.
Mess this up.
You made this possible.
I didn't have anything to do with this.
There was no plan until I met you.
Your access, your easily manipulated kindness.
I figured you might even understand, after hearing you with your father earlier.
No one man should own a family's history.
This is personal.
This is about Toshiko.
The cease and desist.
Toshiko is your grandmother.
She never saw a penny for her work, and now some man who doesn't even know her story is about to make money off of her art.
Why shouldn't I take some of the millions that she's owed? Julia Soto will give her statement today and disappear before anybody realizes the jewels are gone.
Quit stalling.
Open the case! Thanks, Winnie.
Are you kidding me? Over there shot fired! Deacon, move, move! Winnie? Hondo.
Winnie?! Deacon? No! Winnie! Aah! Damn thing's sealed.
We need a code! 30-David to Command.
We need the code to the jewel room.
Aah! Winnie! Wait a minute.
I remember, Luca said it earlier.
Ward's override code.
Uh Nine, six 9614 opens every door.
- Stay down! Stay down.
- I got him.
Winnie? - Oh, Hondo.
- Winnie, I got you.
I got you, Winnie.
Winnie, I got you.
I got you.
Oh, thank God.
Please! You have to help me.
You have to help Winnie! Miss, are you okay? - You're bleeding.
- No, no, no, it-it's not my blood.
Let's get you to the EMTs.
- Don't move! - 25 David to Command.
We have Julia Soto in custody.
Hands behind your back now! Thank you.
I'll get these in the right hands.
You weren't tempted to pocket those? No.
Bonnie will wish I had.
I know Soto went about it all wrong, but I get the fight for her legacy.
She was willing to kill for a payout.
I won't paint her as some noble thief worthy of admiration.
You all right? Everything hurts.
Welcome to my world.
You know, if this is your day-to-day, should I be more worried about you? I am exhausted, and I might never trust again.
Your job ain't normal, Hondo.
I can't believe he's still here after the way he left things this morning.
He told me things didn't go very well.
You gonna let him apologize? When I was held captive in there, I kept asking myself, "What would Hondo do?" Or even, "What would Dad do?" Now we're all back here, and I know it should be easy for us, but I keep finding myself wondering what he thinks of me.
- Or craving his approval.
- Hey.
What you did on the inside was all you.
Could've done without the heroics, but I'm proud of you.
And I bet he is, too.
Just come to dinner tonight.
While this is all still fresh.
Winnie, just talk to him.
Now, that is my final act of bravery today.
The Harrelson hero streak runs deep.
Thank you.
I always got your back, sis.
Some good kids you got there.
You can blame their mother for that.
You know, I saw 'em The robbers.
I didn't know.
I would've stopped, but I was caught up in my own stuff.
I literally walked past my daughter's captors.
I left my baby unprotected.
Well, she looked to me like she held her own.
Hey, some, uh some unsought advice from one stubborn old dog to the next? Your kids are worthy of your pride and praise.
They're more than capable of taking care of business.
- You don't think I know that? - Of course you do.
But I had to learn the hard way.
You know, sometimes even grown kids need to hear their father's proud of 'em.
You know I don't love you being right.
You'll get over it.
I think you should return these paintings to Detective Barlow.
Nah, thanks, we made our apologies.
Trust me.
I think she's gonna want to say goodbye.
Did you not see the way she was eyeing you? Look, I'm not about to date where I work.
That's never a smart move.
You expect to work another art crime anytime soon? Why not grab a drink, - maybe flirt a little? - Huh.
Where is this coming from? It's just been a minute since I've seen you happy.
I know you spend your nights watching House Huntersand Okay, I guess it couldn't hurt to say goodbye.
Hey, yo, Detective, you have a minute? So, she realizes she's screwed, and she empties her clip, and sprints out the door, probably hoping a stray bullet would hit me, or-or she'd get away before I was found.
I really can't believe there was no plan B.
I don't if she expected anyone to be onto her.
Don't tell Brie I said this, but something about that girl reminded me so much of her.
The passion and the planning, the chaos.
Uh Maybe that's why I was such an easy mark.
Your kindness isn't your weakness.
Thanks, Dad.
There's something I probably should have said to you earlier today.
I'm proud of your hustle.
And I am grateful that you moved your life around so you could come home.
And if I ever do anything that makes you doubt that, I want you to call me on it, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
Now, how much did Hondo have to pay you to say that? I didn't say anything, Winnie.
No, no, no, no.
No, you need to hear this.
And you, too, Hondo.
It's a pain in the ass getting old, being forced to stand on the sidelines instead of being in the middle of the action.
And I don't I don't take naturally to it.
But today, I stood and I watched.
I watched you two take care of business.
It made me so damn proud.
And I appreciate you bringing this family back together.
We love you, too, Pop.
But it might be our last attempt at Bring Pops to Work Day, because all hell'll be breaking lose.
Oh, you're just worried that I might come and save the day again.
- Oh, here we go.
- All right, now listen.
Here's what I want you two to do.
I want you to empty your pockets, pull 'em out and give me all your money.
I'm starting a collection to liberate them damn gloves from the hellhole that you call a workplace.
All right, let's eat.
Let's eat.

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