S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e13 Episode Script

Short Fuse

Previously on S.
T Want to get into her good graces? Call her Mama Pina.
I open my home to undocumented women escaping bad situations.
My, uh, cell phone number's on the back.
If you need any help in the future, - I'm your first call.
- Okay.
Three years ago, I started thinking about adoption.
I told the agency yes.
I need to know where we stand.
We'll figure it out together then.
Got an inmate here who needs help.
- What happened to him? - Seizures started a half hour ago.
We were taking him to University Hospital, but didn't think he'd make it.
You guys were the nearest ER.
Dipping in and out of consciousness? Mostly out.
Facial drooping.
Dilated pupils.
Can we lose his restraints? Uh, not a chance.
Code Blue.
Page Dr.
Escalating seizures, possible intracerebral hemorrhage.
Let's get him prepped for imaging.
Neurosurgeon's on his way.
And before you hang up, remind the caller we'll be sending a two-person team to help de-escalate.
911 dispatch will only forward non-violent calls to the hotline, but police and paramedics are standing by if it goes sideways.
You have a question, Debra? Yeah, I thought the whole point was to stop the L.
from aggravating people.
Why involve cops at all? Our program, which we're calling "C.
," works in tandem with the police, not in opposition to them.
This pilot program was actually founded by a police officer, who's right over there.
How y'all doing? My name's Hondo.
I'm a S.
officer, just like my friend Dominique Luca over here.
Hey, everyone.
Nice to meet you.
It's really important that civilians like yourselves and Nichelle are at the forefront of this program.
When someone has a mental health episode, sometimes the last person they want to talk to is a uniformed officer.
Got anything to add, Luca? Yeah, piece of advice.
When you first respond to a call, just take a step back and listen to what the person has to say.
I mean, maybe she was fired, maybe his wife walked out on him.
You're gonna meet people on the worst day of their lives, so try to imagine that you're talking to someone like your own mother, your own sibling.
Me and my sister don't get along.
Well, then maybe you should stick to the mama plan.
We just want to say thank you for giving up your time to help people.
It really can make a difference.
I know it did for me.
Okay, well, that about covers it, everyone.
Stay around to chat, just be sure to get your credentials before you leave.
Thank you.
Nichelle might be a legit saint, man, spearheading this project, adopting a baby, putting up with your ass.
It's hard to believe she'll be a mom three weeks from now.
You know, it's actually two weeks and two days, Luca.
Or at least that's the birth mother's due date.
I just spent the weekend at Nichelle's place painting the nursery, and if you think for a second there's only one shade of lilac, let me tell you, you're wrong.
You feel ready? I mean, seems like this all happened so fast.
Am I ready to date a woman with a baby? Yeah.
Of course.
As ready as I can be.
Hey, I think something's going on with Nichelle.
Thank you.
I'm on my way.
What's going on? Crystal's in labor.
Is everything okay? Is this too early? No.
Everything is fine.
It's not too early.
She's 37 weeks.
Um, I have to get to Riverside.
My rep is meeting me at the adoption agency.
Okay, baby, go.
We'll wrap things up here.
- Call as soon as you know anything.
- Okay.
It's really happening.
Not if you don't get your cute butt over there.
Now go.
Miller to surgical con B.
We need this patient prepped and ready for surgery.
Let's get him sedated.
I don't want a hematoma leaving us with a hemorrhagic stroke.
Yes, sir.
How are his vitals? Vitals are stable.
Don't say a word.
There are officers right outside.
- You walk out, they'll shoot - Shut the hell up! I kill the next person that speaks.
All of you, get in there.
Get in there.
Put this on.
Where's the rest of the stuff? Here.
Everything you asked for.
We got to move.
Hold on a second.
Something I want to do.
- What's that? - Defibrillator.
360 joules.
If we're gonna get out of here, we're gonna need some cover.
Thanks for helping.
These girls can use all the security they can get.
Yeah, of course.
It's a nice change of pace.
You know there's no paycheck, right? Uh, that's what you think.
Wait till you see the tab I run up at dinner.
I mean, come on.
You said you'd take me out for a meal if I helped you out.
I said I'd buy you a burger.
Well, I want my burger at Paul's Chophouse, and I want it tonight.
A promise is a promise.
Marta Valdez, the girl from El Salvador? Yes.
This is a notice to appear at immigration court this afternoon.
Marta's case was fast-tracked.
A few months ago, she was charged with felony possession.
A girl at her restaurant gave her a ride, and the cops found pills in the glove box.
It wasn't her fault.
Doesn't matter.
Immigration court can use the police records to deport Marta, no questions asked.
The only way they'll let her stay is if she's granted asylum.
We told her that, but she said she won't go.
Why not? The things that happened to Marta in El Salvador.
There were men that, uh, that did terrible things to her.
It's something Marta just doesn't talk about.
- Well, she has to.
Where is she now? - At her job.
- Will you go see her? - Of course.
Thank you.
I told her that we could trust you, that you would listen.
We're gonna make it.
Not if you don't ease up.
- She recognized you.
- Keep walking.
It's him! He's getting away! Stop! Down on the ground! Shots fired.
Newburn Memorial Hospital.
Surgical unit.
Two suspects armed, wearing scrubs.
You won't make it out! Put your guns down! Oh, no.
I heard your girlfriend's expecting a special delivery.
- When will you know? - Soon, I hope.
Birth mother's already been at it for three hours.
Three hours is nothing.
Took Barb 20 with Molly, 16 with JP.
You're bragging like you actually did something.
I did.
I waited.
It was stressful.
Yeah, that's what I hear.
All right, how does a prisoner trick deputies to bring him off-site? I mean, it can't be their first fake medical crisis.
Must've been a hell of a performance.
Deacon's on with the warden now.
Maybe he'll know something.
Joey Baratta.
A decade into a life sentence.
Nine murders that we know of.
Weapon of choice is the vehicle-borne IED.
And he was exclusively a car bomber? Maximum damage, minimum risk.
Boston native.
Defended Moreti family's interests on the East Coast until blessing L.
with his criminal presence in 2005.
ATF tracked him down a few years later and put him away.
Until today.
You seem to be well-acquainted with this guy already.
The ATF agent who caught him used to be a friend of mine.
Guards found a bootleg drink in Baratta's cell, triggers an allergic reaction that mimics a stroke.
Doctors wouldn't have been able to know that he faked it until they got him into surgery.
That's pretty risky.
Guy must be desperate.
Well, desperate doesn't begin to cover it.
Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with grade four brain cancer.
Just last week, they said he's got two months to live, three tops.
Warden got any idea where he might want to spend his final days? From what it sounds like, he thinks he's gonna lay low.
Said he'd bet the farm we never hear from him again.
Well, I hope you took that bet, Deac.
Look at this.
What are the odds that's not Baratta? There's no way that's a coincidence.
Rocker's squad's out that way.
I'll have them secure the blast site.
I wonder how many people are out there that Baratta would like to get even with.
We better figure out who those people are and get them under protective custody.
Maybe I'll swing by the blast site.
- See if there's anything there.
- All right.
Bring Luca.
I got a hunch this guy's just getting started.
Eyewitness saw the victim turn the ignition, then his van went up in a fireball.
One dead, six wounded.
We have no clue why he was targeted? No clear-cut link to Baratta? No.
From what I could find, he was a normal guy.
Works as a forest ranger, volunteered at his church.
What if Baratta picked his van at random? He might be going scorched earth.
One last rampage to remember him by.
Been a long time, Bob.
Maybe not long enough, huh? How you doing? Ray Kaminski.
Explosive specialist, ATF.
What's your name, kiddo? Victor Tan.
Good to meet you.
The hell are you doing here, Ray? L.
has formed an emergency joint task force.
ATF sent me as point.
Higher-ups know I have a history with Baratta.
Figured, you know, since I helped catch him before, I can do it again.
Tell them the truth.
You're just a munitions grunt who got lucky.
I'd ask you if he's always this ornery, but We were roomies back at the Academy.
Think I know the answer.
- You expected me to change? - Well It's been a while since you lost Barb.
Thought maybe by now you'd thawed out.
Deac sent crime scene photos.
That's Baratta's signature.
He gets a block of C-4, secures it to the undercarriage with these magnetic disks, ties it into the fuel line, turns the car itself into a bomb, like a mechanic from hell.
In order to get that under the van in public, he had to have had a lookout.
He's got outside help.
We know he has an accomplice.
It's how he escaped in the first place.
You got a lead on the guy's I.
? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Lucky for you Guy from the hospital.
How'd you get this? Got a contact, works for a demolition company, recognized him from the news.
Said he came in nosing around looking to buy plastic explosives last week.
Thought it was suspicious, so He pulled an image.
Tattoo on his arm, barbed wire making an "S.
" That's a prison tat.
Run it through the Department of Corrections archive, see if it hits.
I'll have Kaminski text it to you.
Kind of a funny way to have a reunion, huh? A Scout leader blew up in his church van.
Nothing about today's funny.
Haven't spoken in years, two minutes in, you're already correcting me.
Where's your armory? I'll set up shop there.
You'll find it.
How'd it go with Marta? You think she'll make it to immigration court? She ghosted me.
I went to her restaurant, but she ducked out the back.
Man, she must really be scared of whatever she thinks is coming.
I told Mama Pina I'd give Marta another chance, but she has to come to me.
You can't want something for someone - more than she wants it for herself.
- Yeah.
So We on for dinner after work? Come on.
You've been wanting to try Paul's Chophouse since it opened.
Medium rare.
Side of broccolini.
What the hell, a girl's got to eat.
Great, 'cause I already made reservations.
Say hi to Grandma.
Love you.
Twins are safe at my mom's.
Said the cops are outside now.
Do the boys know that their dad just blew up someone's vehicle? Do they even know he escaped? Not sure they'd care if they did.
Joey hasn't seen them since they were in diapers.
They're 11.
Can you confirm that you see your ex in this video? Yeah.
That's him.
Joey Baratta.
You recognize the man he's with? No.
Joey always had some sidekick around, doing whatever he said.
He's a manipulative man.
It's why I stayed with him for so long.
That and the boys.
Plus, Joey was paying the bills, so I thought I was done with this crap.
Now, I need you to tell me the truth.
Do you have any idea where he's hiding out? - What? Hell no.
- You sure about that? 'Cause I think he gave you a heads-up about his escape plans.
What are you talking about? Guards found a burner phone in his cell.
Looks like he placed a ten-minute call to your office line last week.
Do you remember that? You got to be kidding me.
He called to tell me his cancer spread, and he didn't have long.
He wanted to talk to our boys.
I said no.
Is that a crime? Depends on what else you discussed.
You have kids, Sergeant? Well I'll take that as a no.
Maybe one day, you'll know what it feels like.
Being a single parent.
There's not many things harder.
Excuse me.
Baratta's accomplice is an ex-con named Nick Russo.
Two of them met in prison a few years ago.
Only address we found for Russo is out in Barstow.
Cops are hitting it now.
Russo got any ties to L.
? Just an ex-girlfriend who moved here last year after filing a restraining order.
Think she's in danger? Have Deacon and Luca stop by her place.
See if she's willing to come in.
Katie Erdman.
Tan say why she ordered the restraining order against Russo? No, but given his choice of friends, I can only imagine.
Katie Erdman? L.
It's a welfare check.
Katie? This is L.
Anyone home? Katie? Hey.
Bedroom's clear.
Taped to her mirror.
Boyfriend of the year.
Yeah, check out the date on the bottom.
Taken ten days ago.
Katie's not much of an ex.
She's not much of a cook either.
Look at that.
Obviously trying to destroy evidence.
Ah, man, long-lens surveillance.
Photos of license plates, shots of parking lots.
Speeding ticket.
Russo was clocked doing 110 on his red Ducati 1098 couple weeks back.
Talk to me, Tan.
Russo used the apartment as a war room to plan Baratta's escape, the bombing, maybe a whole lot more.
- We put a BOLO out on the Ducati? - Yeah.
This is what we salvaged from all the burnt evidence.
He surveilled dozens of targets, but destroyed his notes.
Still, we matched a few photos to the locations they were taken.
Any of these cars owned by people linked to Baratta? Someone he'd want to kill? Bookies, loan sharks, informants? No.
No one in Baratta's orbit.
A red Ducati was just seen speeding in the Valley.
Raced out of the Phelps Law Firm's parking lot.
Defense attorneys.
Maybe one of them represented Baratta.
You think he's after his old lawyer? Any of Russo's surveillance take place anywhere near that firm? This photo looks like it was taken right in their parking lot.
1200 block of East Mason.
Well, they just planted an IED in this guy's car.
I'll call the firm to start evacuating.
Roll out! All right, Deac and Luca, cover the one side.
Keep people moving.
Be firm, but calm.
We don't want panic.
We're looking for a silver car, plate starts with "4.
" Go.
I need you to walk this way.
Head to that sidewalk, please.
Stay away from the cars, everyone.
- Away from the cars.
- Over here, over here.
This side of me.
Folks, keep moving.
Row two is clear.
Moving to row three.
Hold on.
- Think I found the car.
- Hey.
Step away from the vehicle.
Sir, we need you to get out on the street for your own safety.
- Move.
- Dealer plates.
Wrong car.
Repeat, wrong car.
Go out that way.
Head out towards the street.
Bomb! There's a bomb inside the building! Come on.
Go, go, go, go.
I found the target! Silver sedan.
It's the right plate.
Sir! Stop! Wait! Do not start that car! Sir, sir.
- Open your eyes.
Look at me.
- What? I I can't hear you.
There was an explosion.
One of your former clients escaped from prison.
Joey Baratta.
- We think he's out for revenge.
- Who? I never had a client named Baratta.
Why would he do this to me? The victim finish giving his statement? He's represented some hardcore criminals, just not Baratta.
So why'd Baratta blow up his car? It doesn't make sense.
It will.
Just keep digging.
Kaminski still chatting it up out there with the bomb techs? Of course he is.
Just thrilled to have a day off from writing fireworks citations.
What's his issue with Kaminski? Just between you and me? Kaminski dated Hicks's wife Barb during the Academy days.
It's actually how Hicks met Barb.
So, Hicks was the O.
"Steal Your Girl"? Never would've thought.
How'd it become lifelong beef? A few years before Barb got sick, she and Hicks went through a rough patch.
I'd guess Kaminski cozied back up to her, nearly wrecked Hicks's marriage, and it all blew up the night before Barb's funeral.
What happened? Kaminski showed up to her wake, and Hicks just went off.
The way I remember it, it almost ended in blows.
Gonna hitch a ride back to HQ.
Chris took the SUV.
Deacon, how's she doing? Uh, good, I think.
You know, she's - She's Chris.
- Hmm.
I know she's been spending a lot of time at that safe house helping out the girls there.
She might be juggling one ball too many.
Help me keep an eye on her, all right? Yeah.
Any word from Nichelle yet? I'm sorry.
I don't know why I asked that.
You would've said something.
You'd think I'd know that, having been through it four times.
Don't even sweat it, Deac.
Adoption reps are probably walking Nichelle through 100 things right now.
She'll call me when she can.
You feeling a little left out of the process, huh? You know, I didn't think I would, but yeah.
I know it won't be my signature on the adoption papers, but Nichelle's important to me, which means this kid will be, too.
What if Baratta's not out for revenge? Why else do you think he'd do this? I'm not sure yet.
Maybe the answer's back in that prison.
Marta, I'm glad you came.
I only have a minute, so please listen to me.
You have to show up to your asylum hearing today.
You got to tell them the truth about what you suffered in El Salvador and why you fear going back.
It's the only way they're gonna let you stay in this country.
Do you understand? Mama Pina said to give you this.
I, uh I wrote what happened to me in the city, with the men.
How they used me, how They said they will find me and cut me to pieces and feed me to the dogs.
I-I wrote it all in here.
I'm so sorry, Marta.
It's awful.
I'm glad you're writing in a journal.
Sometimes it's part of healing.
I know it was for me, too.
Is it okay I wrote it in Spanish? The journal? What do you mean? You can give the court my story.
It can't be a written statement.
You have to talk about what happened No! I won't.
It-it-it It makes me too It's the only way they're gonna give you a shot at being granted asylum.
I do not think I can do it, Chris.
What if I go with you later? When you're in front of them, and you feel like you can't speak, you can just look at me, and we'll get through it.
Deac, look what was scraped off the bottom of that oven.
It's the last six digits of a bank account.
Russo must've opened it for Baratta with a stolen I.
And check it out.
A $50,000 deposit hit the account earlier today.
It was wired from someone in the Caymans.
Oh, look at that.
Somebody just deposited another 50 Gs.
These car bombs Baratta's getting paid to execute people.
Yeah, but who's paying him? And what's a dying man need all this money for? This is Sergeant David Kay calling for the warden.
Got a question for you.
On both explosives so far, Baratta used a modified adapter hose to connect the device to the fuel line, so what I need to know is Be honest with me.
What was your endgame all those years ago? Did you really think Barb was gonna run off with you? Be honest? Crossed my mind, yes.
I've burned a few bridges in my lifetime, Bob, but Barb and I, we just Knew how to listen to one another.
What a crock.
I remember you two as a couple way back, always fighting.
One fight.
And you Dove in.
You broke up.
She came to you as a friend.
Next thing I knew, I'm third wheel between my roommate and my girlfriend.
She was the mother of my children, Ray, and you made a move.
I've apologized 100 times over.
We never once crossed a line.
Never once.
And then you show up at the wake.
Five years later.
My kids were wrecks.
It was all I could do to get dressed, and I get to the funeral home to see you.
She was my friend.
She was my wife! She only sought my company because you were too damn busy.
- Oh, please.
- That-that-that.
See? That's it.
She told you that, but you don't listen.
You don't listen to anybody, Bob.
You didn't take care of Barb the way you should have.
You weren't there when she got sick.
You have no idea what it was like.
I know she deserved better than you.
Who, Ray? A twice-divorced alcoholic who hasn't seen their only kid since the '90s? Screw you.
You're right, but screw you.
What is that? It's a tilt fuse.
You fill it with mercury.
Ignition turns, gas starts to flow.
It tilts.
Is that what you wanted to talk about? See these two fittings on the connector pieces? Well, those have been machine-crimped.
Back in the day, mechanics used this huge pneumatic machine to clamp these onto the fuel line.
What the hell am I supposed to know about that? There's only one garage in all of L.
that has an operational 1949 Press-O-Matic.
Thought you might want to take a ride.
All right.
I'll go.
But we drive separate.
I just briefed the warden on our two targets.
The forest ranger that Baratta killed in his van and the attorney he tried to kill.
What'd the warden say? Either one of these guys do any time? No, but they both know someone who did.
Do you remember Henry Lee Allen? Yeah.
The multi-millionaire serial killer.
Do you remember how he got caught? A witness saw Allen burying a body in the woods, and he called it in.
That's right.
The witness, a forest ranger.
The same man that Baratta blew up in his van.
Deacon, in the defense attorney's statement, he mentioned that Allen was one of his high-profile clients.
He's two for two.
Baratta's taking out Allen's enemies one by one.
For 50K a pop.
It's the only security he can leave his family with the little time he's got left.
All right.
We got to do a deep dive on Allen, create an enemies list.
Well, Street and Tan are already working the phones.
We'll keep at it.
All right.
Tell me you got some baby news, Nichelle.
The baby was born, but Crystal changed her mind.
What do you mean? When they put the baby in her arms, she backed out of the adoption.
What? Can she do that? It's her child.
I don't understand.
She signed the agreement.
There's a ten-day grace period in case this happens.
I just can't believe it happened to me.
My place is Full of baby clothes, her nursery.
I I can't go back there.
Okay, listen to me.
We're gonna figure this out together.
Why don't you just go to my house.
I'll come home right after my shift, okay? You're not gonna believe this.
Henry Lee Allen is facing a string of murder charges in Texas.
There's an extradition hearing tomorrow.
So, if California's about to turn him over, Allen must be desperate to get even with his enemies while he can.
Or what if Allen has Baratta and Russo aiming to stop the extradition hearing from happening? By targeting the judge.
Do we have Allen's extradition order? "Judge Mary Grant.
" She hasn't even signed off yet.
Get her into police custody, just to be safe.
I'll call the courthouse.
It's not the end of the world if you don't make singles, honey.
You and Sam will be great doubles partners.
Nice to see you, Judge.
Deac told us Nichelle's adoption fell through.
- I'm so sorry, boss.
- Me, too.
Of all the things I prayed for, smooth delivery, healthy child, birth mother keeping her word was never on my list.
And Nichelle doesn't deserve this.
She wanted this so bad, Luca, and to be honest, seeing her joy lately, I started to feel the same way.
Hey, Chris just spoke to Judge Grant's housekeeper.
She said the judge took her kid to tennis practice.
- Do we know where? - Astor Park, west side courts.
Let's move out.
You really think they assembled these explosives way out here? Well, this is the only garage with a machine that'd mark those fittings like that.
You're the specialist.
Robert Hicks, L.
This is Agent Kaminski with the ATF.
We got a couple of questions if that's okay.
This guy ever come in? Maybe pay to use an old piece of machinery? Nope.
You, uh, ever lay eyes on that man? Yeah.
Car bomb psycho.
Saw him on TV.
Why you asking? Mind if we look at your recent security footage? Got a warrant? Got a pink slip for every car on your lot? You rattled his cage.
I'm gonna step out.
Calling for backup just to be safe.
You got to turn your hips at the baseline.
Get your racquet back and follow through.
Don't start the engine! We're L.
Step out of the car, Judge.
Come with me.
- It's rigged! - Get out now! Over here! Over here! Come on! Come on! Everyone, go, go! - Go this way.
- Move back! Is that Baratta? Hondo, it's Baratta! Go! Go! Go! Baratta! L.
! Deacon, hold.
Come out of there with your hands up now! We know about your cancer diagnosis, that you don't have long.
But you still got time to set things straight if you step out with your hands up! Sure you want me to do that? Hondo.
If the mercury in that vial tilts 20-David.
I need a 50-yard perimeter around that building.
No one comes near.
- Hey, it doesn't have to end this way! - Yeah.
- It does! - Okay, wait, wait! The twins, man.
Look at me.
I can get your boys on the phone.
That's who you're doing this for, right? The money's for them.
To leave something behind before you die.
Do it then! Okay.
I'm calling 'em right now.
I just need you to keep that hand steady for me.
Luca, you got eyes? In position, Deac.
Stand by.
If I can separate the fuse from the explosive, the bomb deactivates.
You're gonna shoot the line? Might be the only way.
- They're not picking up! - They will.
Just give it a second.
He's not gonna wait much longer.
If I could just get a clean shot.
Tell my boys I did everything I could to take care of 'em! - He's gonna do it.
Luca, take the shot.
- Come on.
Suspect down.
Send in the bomb squad.
Move in! Now! - Stay down! Stay down! - Stay down! It's just a graze wound.
Nobody's dying today.
- Get your hands behind your back.
- Go! Let's go! This is 20-David.
Baratta's in custody.
We got him.
We're Code 4.
Who did you even call? Nobody, but he didn't know that.
It's over, Baratta.
It's not.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got to bail on dinner tonight.
If I don't show up to Marta's hearing, I'm not sure she'll have the guts to testify.
You know these things can last hours.
Buy me a burger some other time.
- Rain check, okay? - Okay.
Cover units requested.
Just checking on their status.
We're out in the middle of nowhere past Route 139.
Where's your friend? I thought you said he'd be right back.
Oh, he will be.
He just needed some air.
Wait a minute.
That's Russo.
Whoa, whoa.
Come here.
You're under arrest.
I didn't know he was making bombs when he first came in here, I swear.
But I heard him talking to the other one on the phone.
The psycho.
He sent him pictures of you guys coming up here before you even came in.
You should check on your friend.
What the hell are you talking about? - Said his name was Kaminski, right? - That's right.
I heard the psycho tell him to take care of that guy.
Officers are on the way, Agent.
Kaminski! Look under your car! Relax.
What are you worried about? Russo was here when we showed up.
He had Baratta on the phone.
He might be targeting you.
Check it.
All clear.
What was that? I need you to check under my seat.
There's an explosive.
Do you see a silver coil? There's four of 'em.
What are those? They're pressure sensors.
Son of a bitch.
Baratta has changed up his game again.
I activated it when I sat down.
If I get up, my car explodes.
Hell, if I even shift my weight, it may go up.
What can I do? Just step away from the car.
Backup's already on the way.
Wait a minute.
There's an egg timer on here.
How much time is left on it? Six minutes.
He's forcing me to sit here because he wants me to live in the fear.
How deranged is that? Bob, please.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Get away from the car.
- Is this your bomb kit? - Hey.
I'm gonna take that as a "yes.
" Don't even think about it.
Bob? Bob, I didn't think you were smart, but I didn't know you were stupid.
Now, you can't do this.
I know I can't do this.
That's why you're gonna walk me through it.
Damn it, Bob, just get away.
The sooner you help me disarm this thing, the sooner we get out of here.
We're both in this together now.
All right, listen to me.
You've got to calm down.
It you're gonna try to help, - calm down.
- I am calm.
You're the one sitting on a bomb, Kaminski.
No! No! Live explosives! Stay back, understand? Nobody come closer.
We got under three minutes left.
What do I do first? Somewhere you should find, like, a small circuit board, uh, size of a half dollar.
See if you can find it.
It's more like a checkbook.
This guy's a lunatic.
This is like some, just, game to him.
What's on the board? A red flashing light.
A whole mess of wires Orange, yellow, green.
Colors don't matter.
What I need you to do is tell me which one is hot to the touch.
Well, it's 90 degrees out.
How am I gonna know which one's hot? You'll know.
Orange, I think.
I don't know.
Maybe yellow.
They're both hot.
Trust your gut.
Which one? Orange.
All right.
Take the small box out of the kit and turn it on.
All right, it's on.
Attach the clamps to the orange wire two inches apart.
Okay, two inches.
Do not allow those clamps to touch any other wire.
Understand? I got this.
I got it.
My hand - My-my hands are shaking.
- You'll be fine.
Just take a deep breath.
- Close your eyes.
Think happy memories.
- All right, I got it.
Bob, think of happy thoughts.
I got it.
I got it.
All right.
Uh I've got one.
The clamps are attached.
All right, so now, just cut it in the middle, the orange wire, between the two clamps.
I got it.
I did it.
Is that it? I think I did it.
Did I do it? You did it.
See? You did it.
How's it feel? That was a bit of a rush.
Oh, yeah.
How'd it go at the courthouse? Tan filled me in on the girl you've been trying to help.
I got there just in time for Marta to speak to the immigration panel.
She did about as well as I could've hoped.
She, uh, told them the truth.
When will you know whether or not she's been granted asylum? You know how the court works.
It could be a week, could be months.
Doesn't seem fair.
The thought of her getting sent back to El Salvador, to what's waiting for her there.
Well, you've done everything you can to help this girl.
So why do I feel like I should be doing more? Because you know that there'll never be a shortage of people that need help.
You've got a very deep sense of service.
Deeper than anyone I know.
You're a good cop, Chris.
A great cop.
Just hope you can admit that to yourself sometimes.
I'm taking off.
Just wanted to say thank you for everything.
Ah, don't mention it.
You know, they picked Russo and his girlfriend up at an airport in Ventura.
Yeah, I heard.
Baratta's saying he did all this for his kids.
Said he wanted to have something to leave 'em.
A demented, blood-money nest egg.
I haven't had a day like that in a long, long time.
Hope I never have a day like that again.
Hey, um I'm sorry for what I said.
So am I.
I'll see you around.
It's been a real blast, huh? Hey, Ray? I was a good husband to her.
I know.
I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am.
This was out of your control.
You did nothing to deserve this.
I know I didn't lose a child, because I never had a child to lose.
So why does it feel like I did? - This pain.
- No.
I love children, but maybe I'm just not cut out to be a mother.
No, no, don't say that.
Why not? It's true.
Look at me.
It is not true.
No woman on this planet is more prepared to be a mother than you are.
Nichelle, you are so thoughtful, you're an amazing teacher, and you make a mean P, B and J.
I withdrew my name from consideration with the adoption agency.
I can't ever go through something like this again.
Let's have a kid together.
Don't say that just to make me feel better.
I'm not saying it to make you feel better.
And I'm sorry it took today to make me realize it.
I've been thinking a lot about us, our life together.
There's nothing I want more.
I'm not as young as most women are when they have their first child.
Okay, well, look at me.
I'm not as young as most men, but so what? So it might be a process.
You want someone to go through that process with? I want to have a family with you.
What do you want? I want the same thing.
Me and you.
We're gonna be okay.

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