S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e14 Episode Script


PREVIOUSLY ON SWAT - What's that? - Eduardo Ortiz.
He was arrested six years ago for murdering a woman after she denied his advances.
You guys put me in here for something I didn't do.
See, my lawyer hasn't been answering my calls.
He took a plea deal, the terms of which explicitly ruled out an appeal, and he knows that.
This CI basically gave you a free pass into SWAT.
- You look great, Ally.
- Three years.
Not one text.
Not even to ask how I'm doing.
Let me guess.
Ex-girlfriend? Actually, no.
Worked together for nine months.
Got pretty close.
We talked - about being together after.
- And you left her hanging? Seemed like it was for the best.
I'm gonna finish this case, and then I'm gonna make up, for the last three years, okay? Okay.
Sorry, Victor.
Nothing's ever gonna change.
This time, I'm ditching you.
Nice job.
You're making progress.
Well, still feels like I got a ways to go.
Look at your hits.
I've been doing this for a while, trust me.
You just got to get your reps in.
You keep putting in this practice, you're gonna blow the other recruits away.
I'm glad you came in early.
Yeah, just getting some range time - before the warrant service later.
- About that.
Part of my five-year review means I have a psych eval with Dr.
Hughes, so you're in my shoes for the time being.
I hope this isn't some backdoor way to try to get me to reconsider a leadership position - and start wearing a suit.
- It isn't.
But the training cert you got in Germany allows me to make you interim boss when needed.
- And you're needed.
- Look, all due respect, I'd rather be on the no-knock with my team, especially while we're down one with Chris doing a patrol day.
There'll be more warrants to serve.
You did Hondo's job in the field.
Now you have the chance to do mine from HQ.
And besides, if you decide to go the leadership route, be a nice feather in your cap.
Copy that.
Um, - how long's this arrangement for? - Oh, don't let the power go to your head.
The psych eval should be quick.
You may not be in charge for more than an hour.
- Yeah, but - Ah! You're welcome.
Look who's the big shot now.
Who's this, uh, Eduardo Ortiz guy? - He's nobody.
- Writes you letters.
You brought home his files.
He's just a guy I arrested a bunch of years ago.
Uh, he joined my prison ministry group.
Claims he's innocent.
So that's what's been bothering you at night.
Hey, I know when you're tossing and turning.
Do you believe him? That he's innocent, I mean? Doesn't matter what I believe.
There's nothing I can do at this point.
And he pled guilty, so he's not eligible for an appeal.
Because of a term of his deal? - Yeah.
- I left law school to raise four kids.
It doesn't mean - I forgot everything I learned.
- Thing is What if he took the plea deal because he felt like he didn't have a choice? Well, did you talk to his defense attorney? Yeah.
She's a public defender.
You know, she's well-meaning, but she's overworked.
She's probably had hundreds of cases since then.
Do you mind if I take a look at this while you go to work? - Do you have time? - Yeah.
I think I can pull myself away from diaper duty for a little while.
Besides, why let half a law school degree go to waste when I can put it to some use? Okay.
- Okay.
- See you tonight.
- All right.
Love you.
- Love you.
LAPD! Down on the ground! Do it now! On your knees! Rabbit on the two.
I got him.
Aah! No! Stay down! Stay down! I said stay down.
Luca, it's Hondo.
Looks like we got our three robbery suspects - and their getaway car.
- 30-David.
- We're moving to clear the warehouse.
- Copy that, 30-David.
We got a rabbit.
Go! Headed past the three side.
Give me your hands.
25-David to D-Team.
We hooked the rabbit.
20-David to Command.
We're Code 4.
Copy that, 20-David.
Good work.
You got to be kidding me.
- What? You know her? - Yeah.
Was my informant.
But she's been off the grid for a while.
Nice to see you, too, Victor.
When the detective gets here, you'll be booked, probably charged with aiding and abetting a robbery crew, grand theft auto and evading police.
Well, you may not have held up the bank yourself, but DA's gonna come down on you hard for working with those guys.
Tell me everything now, maybe I can put in a good word.
Am I wrong to expect a little more? For what? Burning me, then ghosting four years ago? Wow, that got under your skin.
Figured you would've moved on.
I have, trust me.
Sad thing is, seems like you haven't.
Still in the same game, stealing cars for smash-and-grabs, selling the stripped parts for cash.
What can I say? It pays well.
Oh, yeah? What happened to the 140 K you ran off with the last time I saw you? Expenses.
Cash goes quick in SoCal.
So does the novelty of being on the run.
Look, if you're feeling bummed 'cause you couldn't save me, guess what? I didn't need saving.
Still don't.
Well, looks like you do.
After everything we had been through, guess I just hoped you'd done better, gotten yourself straight.
How? With a prior record? My only other work experience being an off-the-books informant for a cop? You could've tried, Ally.
Don't take this the wrong way, but after the last case we worked, I realized that domestic life wasn't for me.
- Or for you, I guess.
- Wrong again.
I'm married now.
Good for you.
Well, it's been nice catching up.
I'll let you know when the detective gets here.
Okay, listen.
I don't want to do any prison time.
Well, I thought you didn't need saving.
You're not exactly in a great position to bargain.
I haven't told you what I know.
About a different operation and a way bigger fish you guys would kill to get your hands on.
- Okay.
Hit me with it, then.
- I'd rather just tell the detective, if it's all the same.
Thing I'm into, it's too dangerous for you.
You got the little missus to worry about now.
Your risk-taking days are over.
Yeah, I'll decide what's too risky.
What if I told you I'm looped into the biggest opioid ring in Los Angeles? I would say you're full of crap or working an angle or both.
Oh, it's true.
And I'm gonna help you take them down.
That is, if you're man enough to handle it.
Hughes? I have my performance review signed by the chief's office.
I filled out the psych eval paperwork.
Same questions as five years ago, if I recall.
So you can just sign the form, and I'll get out of your hair.
Not so fast.
You canceled your meeting with a CalPERS rep last week.
I don't need some pencil pusher from city hall telling me what my pension and health benefits look like.
It was a courtesy meeting to go over your options.
- Well, retirement isn't one.
- No one's trying to sell you on that.
Glad we got that cleared up.
You told the rep that you didn't have time for the meeting.
That could be because you're working every day, - all hours.
- I can't control when the bad guys choose to terrorize the city.
That's a funny line.
I remember thinking it was funny the last time you told that to me five years ago.
I signed off on you last time 'cause you made me a promise.
You said that you would take better care of yourself.
You haven't taken a single day off since Barb died, and that was nine years ago.
There's something deeper going on here.
Why don't we talk about it? No offense, Doc, but - this kind of thing, it isn't for me.
- Yet you recommend it - to your team members.
- Well, it's necessary for them.
They're in the field every day.
I'm just a you know, a glorified desk jockey now.
I don't I don't need a head shrink.
Well, since I have to sign off on you for you to go back to Command, why don't you let me be the judge of what you need? Hmm.
Donovan, if you have information that ties to a drug operation, then give us the whole picture.
Then maybe we can see about getting your charges reduced.
I understand.
I've been trying to get out of the stolen car hustle.
I got my own shop where I modify rides, do special body kits with false bottoms and hidden stash compartments.
So, you supply cars to help smuggle drugs? - For who, exactly? - The last year, mostly a guy named Miles and his crew.
I'm supposed to deliver an SUV to him later today.
For free this time.
Why free? What's the catch? He is gonna hook me into his operation, get me in the game working for a guy they call The King.
You know who she's talking about? Damn right, he knows.
Alias for the leader of the biggest synthetic opioid operation in SoCal.
He's responsible for the product known as Devil Dust.
That's linked to a ton of overdose deaths.
As well as countless homicides trying to get a hold of it.
The DEA and FBI have been trying to crack this guy's ground game ever since his product first hit the streets.
I'm guessing, then, no one's come close to finding a lab or IDing The King himself? No.
- Not yet.
- Oh.
I guess that's where I come in.
You're welcome, guys.
Where are you supposed to deliver the SUV today? First, I want assurances.
For this intel, I'll take whatever snitch jacket you got, but I am not doing one hour in jail.
You know, usually when we cultivate informants, - we set the terms.
- Mm.
For intel on The King, I think you'll want to make an exception.
You trust her? I trust her information.
My gut tells me it's worth chasing down.
What's the story between you two? She was my informant on Vice.
Then we worked a SWAT case, the Trocadero copycats, four years back.
And that's everything? It was complicated, but she owned good sources.
Her intel always held up.
- Hey, honey.
Everything okay? - Yeah.
I actually just met up with a friend from law school.
She knows the investigator who worked on Ortiz's defense counsel.
You find out anything interesting? Maybe.
He always claimed that he had an alibi for the night of the murder, a woman - who could place him across town.
- Right.
But the defense could never produce her.
Because, at the time, they couldn't find her.
Let me guess.
You tracked her down? Yeah.
Her name is Kim Wagner, and she works at a bakery in Mar Vista.
So, I'm gonna head over and see what her story is.
You sure? Why don't you just send me her info? I can head over after my shift.
No, I-I want to do this.
And it might shed some light on whether Ortiz is telling the truth or not.
You're really enjoying this, aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I am.
- I hope that's okay? - Yeah.
No, no, it's good.
This is worth looking into.
If you need anything, you just let me know.
- Okay.
Love you.
- Love you, too.
DA's office is authorizing us to make a deal with your informant.
If Ally can get us to The King, it represents the biggest break in the case to date.
In one hour, she's supposed to deliver a modified SUV to her buyer, Miles Bassett.
Well, the guy's got a nice jacket.
Two counts of aggravated assault and an outstanding bench warrant - for domestic battery.
- All right.
So, we work the deal.
Arrest Miles, flip him, make him work for us.
Then we're all one step closer to The King and taking his product off the streets.
By "working the deal," you mean putting your CI with us out in the field? This Miles guy's dangerous, and he could be bringing help.
And there might be other variables, too, and we don't have a lot of prep time with Ally.
Look, Ally and I worked together in the field before.
Just like the busts we used to do back in Vice.
Where's Commander Hicks? He's still in his five-year review.
- Don't know how much longer.
- No, we don't have time to wait for Hicks.
We can put a game plan in motion right now, but, Luca, you got to give us the green light.
It's your call.
All right.
Let's do it.
You reclaimed your CI status.
We got work to do.
My guys will stake out the delivery.
You'll ID Miles.
And then 20-Squad will swoop in.
Sort of like old times.
Who's working the sting for your team? - I am.
With Street.
- No, hold up.
Maybe I was egging you on before, but trust me, - you don't want any part of this.
- You think you're trying to protect me or something? I'm SWAT.
I train for this every day.
Sounds like something a practice player would say.
Street and I will be in the back of a semi at the truck stop with eyes on you the entire time.
We'll wait for your signal.
Assuming you remember the one - we used to use? - Take off my hat, - wipe my brow.
- We got bird's-eye photos of the truck stop.
I'll run you through where the rest of the team will be in case we need a Plan B.
- Your wife know about us? - No.
You and I were ancient history by the time I met her.
- What's it matter? - Well, just wondering what she thinks about you throwing yourself into dangerous situations.
She's seen up close how I handle things.
Yeah? Just want to make sure you're not getting soft in your old age.
Let's get to work, Ally.
You're forgetting something.
I'm gonna need a hat.
Are you getting enough sleep? I sleep fine at night.
How many hours are we talking? I don't need much shut-eye.
Well, if your log times are any indication and judging from your turnaround times, I would say that you are only allowing yourself five hours of sleep.
- That's a conscious decision.
- Mm.
Explain that to me.
Uh I don't know if you remember Barb all that well.
Of course I do.
She could talk your ear off.
She was a good listener, too.
Every time I'd come home after a shift at night, she could always tell when it was a rough one.
You know, see it on my face.
She'd leave me alone for a bit, and Sometimes, we ate in silence.
And later on that night, we'd go to bed.
She'd shut out the lights and get me to talk about the day.
She would hold my hand, and somehow, like magic, after getting all that off my chest, I'd drift off to sleep.
Like a baby.
And you haven't had that for nine years, so you work until you collapse.
And then the alarm goes off and I get up and do it all over again.
Well, that's not very healthy, Robert.
Duly noted.
We can agree on that.
But that's what the job entails.
Can you sign the form now? No.
Have a seat.
We're just getting started.
Uh, bathroom breaks are allowed, right? Sure.
Whatever you need.
All right.
I'll be back.
Buyer's late, it happens.
Don't get antsy.
You worked stakeouts on Vice.
Although I get it's been a minute.
Hey, I'm dialed in, all right? I'm ready to go.
Anyone else besides me know your history with her? Not that part of it, no.
I had a buddy down in Long Beach.
He helped an informant stay out of trouble, too.
She had him all twisted, though.
I'm just saying, she used his insecurities against him, pushed him to make sketchy calls I'm not helping her stay out of trouble.
- She's helping us with information.
- Okay.
25-David to D-Team.
Buyer's on site.
Roger that.
I don't have eyes into the car from here.
Yeah, the windows got a heavy tint to them.
Hey, Miles.
Sup? Didn't know you were bringing muscle this time.
25-David to D-Team.
Sounds like Miles brought an enforcer with him.
Do we need to step in here? Yeah, this is my bodyguard Jackson.
- Mm.
- Don't worry, I play nice.
- Most of the time.
- Sure you do.
So, we doing this? 25-David to D-Team, we're still good.
Ally knows when to call something off, Street and I can handle this ourselves.
Hey, Hondo, I'm switching us to two.
What's going on with Tan? He's usually the cautious one.
Yeah, he's going out of his way to put more pressure on the situation.
I think he's trying to prove something.
To us? Why? No, to himself.
Or to her.
- Hop in.
- What for? Supposed to be show-and-tell like usual, right? I trust the car is up to snuff.
But if I'm taking you to my source this time, I'm not letting you out of my sight until the meetup's done.
I'm sure you understand.
Why don't you get in the back seat? Thought you said you play nice.
Most of the time.
Not always.
Let's move.
Where you going? I said get in the car.
Police! Don't move! LAPD! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Hands on the car.
Hands behind your back.
Hands on your head! Interlace your fingers.
You're under arrest.
Turn around.
Turn around! Deac.
You are in his head.
Rent-free, I guess.
- Street, you got these guys covered? - Yeah.
Tan, with me, now.
All right, real talk.
What's the deal between you and this girl right here? We got close, back in the day.
Oh, okay, so you actually crossed the line with your CI before.
That explains why she has you wrapped around her finger right now.
No, she doesn't.
Oh, really? Because that wasn't textbook, Tan.
I'll give you that was a good collar, but protocol is about limiting risk, not taking on more of it and endangering yourself.
I got the job done, Hondo.
You want to prove to yourself or anyone else you can still improvise in high-risk situations, then you take that back to Vice.
Because you know damn well that belongs nowhere near 20-Squad.
So we're clear, is she gonna be an problem for you going forward? No.
You make sure of that.
Or I will.
Let's get them out of here.
That's the mother of all bathroom breaks.
You're really doing this? You're stalking me now? Because you're avoiding me.
For God's sakes, I need to run a SWAT operation.
Luca will have to do your job until I sign off on you.
What's it gonna take, Doc? To make decisions that have life-and-death consequences for the people in this building and the citizens of this city, I need to put in what the job requires.
It doesn't require you running yourself into the ground.
- Well - You used to take days off, and, I'm assuming, slept.
But life changes.
And we got to roll with the punches.
Now I need to get out there - and do my job.
- No.
You need to start taking time for yourself.
For what, exactly? You suffered an incredible loss when Barb passed away - back then.
- Oh I want you to stop using this job to fill that void.
I don't feel overworked, Dr.
You can speak with the chief's office.
My performance review speaks for itself.
But that's only part of the equation.
You need to learn how to disconnect from work.
It will benefit your health and your ability to do the job.
You can't continue on like this, and you know it.
Now, come back to my office and have a seat, please.
I told you, I prefer to stand.
Pretty sure you know how this goes, Miles.
We already got you on an outstanding warrant for domestic battery, and that's before we talk about the illicit drug operation you and your muscle are knee-deep in.
But let's face it, neither one of you is who we're after.
We want your source.
Ultimately, we want The King.
Be smart and work with us.
The other option is two hots and a cot.
But look, if I'm gonna help you, man, I'm not going to jail, okay? Where have I heard that before? Look, my sister needs me.
I can't do the time, man.
Then start sharing.
Every word is gonna help dig you out of the hole you're in.
All right, this is the deal.
I wasn't gonna meet up with my usual source today.
I was gonna pick up another haul, but this time, I was actually gonna get a face-to-face with The King himself.
Word on the street is he doesn't do meetups with runners or button men.
That's why he's been so elusive, and hard to ID.
I don't even know what he looks like.
It's go-betweens I've been doing business with.
But I figure I've been running his product so well these last three years, he was calling me down from Fresno to talk expansion.
Just so I've got this straight, you were set to meet up with The King himself today? That's why I brought muscle.
I was gonna bring my new business partner, too.
But I'm guessing Ally ratted me out.
That's why I'm in here with y'all, right? Damn, I shouldn't have trusted her ass.
If our guys in custody were gonna meet with The King in person, that means we got a chance to ID and take him down today.
It's an opportunity nobody's had in years, Luca, since The King's product first started hitting the streets.
Yeah, but the meetup in Pacoima's supposed to be in two hours, which doesn't leave us many options.
Just one.
Miles has never met The King in person.
It's only been phone calls and text messages.
So The King doesn't know what he looks like, either.
Or his muscle.
Modern-day barons and kingpins run their operations this way to keep from getting ID'd with surveillance.
It's usually a smart play, but it's got one obvious weakness.
One you'd like to exploit.
You want to go undercover posing as these two dudes at the meet.
With Ally.
The King's expecting a party of three.
You're in command.
I'll run the operation, but it's still your call.
And you're buying into this? Tan's right about the opportunity.
We might not get another chance to bring this guy down.
I don't know about this plan, guys.
I'm the one that's got to face up to Hicks when this is all said and done.
It's no different than being in the field, man.
We just got to trust each other.
To do things the right way.
Let's put this in motion.
All right.
Hey, Fowler, hold up, hold up.
I got two of our guys going undercover and I want you out there with them on this.
I, uh, I don't typically roll out with UCs or stings.
What's the deal? There's a lot going on, could get dangerous.
I want a TEMS officer there.
In case it goes bad.
Look, it'll be a chance for you to catch what real SWAT's like, up close, - if you're game.
- Of course.
Count me in.
Okay, check in with Hondo, he'll run you through the op.
Okay? Kim Wagner? I'm Annie Kay.
Thanks for meeting with me.
A cop's wife coming to talk to me.
Probably means I'm not in trouble, right? You're not.
I was just hoping that I could talk to you about Eduardo Ortiz? It was rough what happened to him, getting locked up like that.
We were just friends.
Hung out from time to time.
Look, I know it was six years ago but he claimed that he was with you the night of Maria Lozano's murder.
And that you could place him somewhere else that night.
Do you remember that evening, or? Like you said, six years.
That's a long time ago.
Look, I know you had you had a different life back then.
Two felonies for possession with intent to distribute.
My husband's guess is that Ortiz might have been trying to score drugs from you that night.
Well, let's say you're in the ballpark.
Then you get why I couldn't come forward six years ago.
Because going on record as Ortiz's alibi would've incriminated you.
I had to look out for me, you know? I feel bad he got locked up, but what was I gonna do? I would've just been trading places with him.
You know, the statute of limitations is up on what you might've done six years ago, so coming forward now won't get you in trouble.
Uh, what's your deal, lady? What do you want from me? If the truth really backs his alibi, then I think it's time you get on the record, make a statement.
Then what happens? I'm not a lawyer, so I can't say for certain, but I do know that you'll have done right by Ortiz.
Is that what you're here for? 'Cause you and your husband want to do right by Eddie? Seems like a pretty good reason to me.
Don't you think? Tan.
Back on Vice, were you always this eager to go undercover? I was, yeah.
Part of me still misses the work.
Coming up through the ranks, I always had to go the extra mile, prove to everyone I could handle anything.
Best way to stand out meant embracing the danger.
At a certain point, I realized I liked it and wanted more of it.
But that ain't who you are now.
SWAT trained the bad habits out of you.
I thought so, but Ally still knows how to get in my head, make me think there's more to prove.
She knows how to push the right buttons because she likes - taking risks, too.
- Probably why we made such a good team back in the day.
But who you were back then, is that the person you want to be now? No.
I want to be a good teammate, a good husband, and one day, uh, I want to be a good father.
Then you got to focus and get your head straight, permanent.
We both do.
There's a lot riding on us now, man.
30-David to Command, we got eyes on Hondo, Tan and Ally in the SUV.
They're about three minutes out from the Pacoima meetup location.
Okay, copy that, Deac.
How does that feel? Being referred to as "Command"? Yeah, well, I'm not planning on getting used to it.
You should.
It suits you.
Doesn't seem like the kind of place - I'd picture a kingpin doing a meetup.
- No, but this guy's underground so much, maybe he's cautious about where he pops up.
TEMS-36 to Command, Hondo, Tan and Ally are at the meetup location.
Parked around the corner.
Eyes on the them via mounted dashcam.
Place looks abandoned.
This is the address The King texted Miles.
You got any guesses on what this guy looks like? Maybe one of them? Hey, what's good? Which one of you is The King? Depends.
Which one of you is Miles? That'd be me.
You're not what I was expecting.
Well, the feeling's mutual.
Your muscle, your new business partner.
Think I know who's who.
That's Jackson, this is Ally.
So which one of you's in charge? Okay, hey, hey.
Take it easy.
You knew we'd come packing.
Hey, no guns, no phones on any of you - where we're going.
- Yeah? Where we headed? - Not too far.
- Why? Because neither one of these guys is The King.
30-David to Command.
Do we move in? - You, too.
- Give me a minute, Deac.
You done copping a feel? Let's go.
In the back.
My mama always told me never to accept rides from strangers.
Look, you come with us or not at all.
We've got our own ride.
Now, listen, The King's got a schedule to keep.
For that kind of money, he can give us a minute.
Let's go.
We still go without cell trackers? 20-Squad's got eyes on us.
We can confirm The King's identity, leave the site with his product and let the cavalry roll in.
The risk is there but it's worth the reward.
We're blind here now.
- We can move in, arrest these two guys.
- Mm-mm.
Look, even if we flip them, we don't ID The King.
We lose our opportunity.
30-David to Command, I'm asking again, do we move in? Negative.
Let it play out.
Hondo knows what he's doing.
I trust the team.
If things do pop off, do you know Ally's got your back? Lot of history there.
Your thing is, always trust your gut, right? So yeah, I do.
All right.
Let's do this thing.
Let's go.
30-David to Command, we pulled off the Talavera exit onto Nordhoff.
No place to go around, can't get onto the sidewalk to catch up.
Well, that's probably a blessing.
Anyone watching would see us.
We're gonna lose them.
Come on 30-David to Command, we've fallen behind, but we still got eyes on the vehicle.
Looks like Deacon and Fowler are tailing them up into the foothills.
There's nothing north of there except RV parks and the Angel City Landfill.
Gives lookouts a better view, staring down at the whole valley.
They'll see backup coming a mile off.
Means Deacon and Fowler may get spotted.
Do we send backup and the chopper in now? Intercept the camper? No.
Hold support units and the chopper on standby.
We keep the undercover op going.
I see the camper.
Nine o'clock.
There's a lookout just past the front gate under a tree.
All right.
We got to go back around.
30-David to Command, Hondo, Tan and Ally are in the Silver Springs RV park.
Let's go.
We can't drive up.
That guy will see us.
We'll go down the street, approach on foot.
What, we're not calling for backup first? No.
Can't risk blowing Hondo and Tan's cover.
We are the backup.
Y'all sit tight.
He'll be out in a minute.
You getting that rush again? You used to live for this.
This really the kind of thing you still live for? Cool it, you two.
30-David to Command.
We're approaching the camper and the meetup location on foot.
Okay, copy that.
We'll hold backup for your signal.
Chopper's in the air circling two miles from you.
We're still good.
Once the handoff goes down and Hondo and Tan leave, the cavalry can roll in.
It's tough without eyes on this or ears inside.
Honestly, I don't know how Hicks does it, either.
- Does what? - The waiting.
Look, it's not about the waiting.
It's about believing, in the team.
Long drive down from Fresno, Miles.
How about a drink? I'm good, thanks.
- Long drive back.
- Ah.
That's right, you said you had a family issue to get back to? Is that right? Yeah, that's right.
A sick parent, was it? No.
Thankfully not.
That's right, your sister.
Just making sure.
There's our camper.
11 o'clock, about a hundred feet.
Well, I figured you asked me out here to talk expansion, so let's chat.
I blame my father for getting me into this business.
How about you, Miles? Well, I guess you could say my pops tried to talk me out of it.
Well, you should've listened to him.
This can be a costly endeavor.
Especially when you realize someone's been stealing from you right under your nose.
Like who? I asked you down here today because there's more of my product on the streets in L.
and SoCal.
It's got my brand name on it, but I had it tested.
Turns out, it's not quite the same.
It's been modified.
Well, you know how the game goes.
You become the top brand, you're always gonna have imposters, slapping your good name on their inferior product.
Yeah, except my inside source says different.
It says you've been diluting my supply, cutting it with some other crap, and then trading on my good name.
You're slinging weaker product and keeping all the extra proceeds for yourself.
And who's spitting that nonsense? Well, according to his phone calls and his texts, he works as your muscle.
Here you go, Jackson.
It's on you now.
Kill Miles.
We'll make sure no one ever finds the body.
Don't exactly remember this being part of the equation.
It's simple math.
You do it or we kill you both.
What's it gonna be? Can't do it.
There's got to be another way.
Kill them both or die.
What do you say to going into business together, huh? Just the two of us, then? What do you say? Come on.
Lookout is patrolling now.
Let's move.
Drop your weapon.
Now! Do it now! Ally, come on.
- Right here.
Hey, you okay? - Yeah.
Fowler, stay here.
Deacon, you're with me.
You okay? Yeah.
All right, I got you.
Stay down! You're under arrest.
You're not Miles.
No, I'm not.
And you ain't no king.
30-David to Command.
Hondo, Tan and Ally are safe.
Show us Code 4.
Yeah! Team got it done.
Think you had a pretty big hand in this.
All right, um, so, uh, now what? You want me to do some kind of, uh, 12-step program? No, just one.
Take a vacation.
It might help you move away from this loss.
Barb passed nine years ago.
And you haven't given yourself the time to properly grieve, - have you? - I don't know.
Um Maybe I haven't.
I don't know.
You've been avoiding it.
Given how important she was to you, I can understand why.
So, I'm assuming you're not gonna sign off on me - until I return, then, huh? - That's right.
But if you like, when you get back, we can continue these sessions.
Well, we'll see.
All right.
Thank you, Doctor.
You don't have to thank me.
It's my job.
Yeah, but there's doing your job and then there's making a difference.
Hey, Hondo.
I just wanted to apologize.
I set all this in motion from the get-go, put us in a real tough spot.
No, the situation back there's on me, Tan.
I assessed the risk, didn't see how sideways it could get.
Still, you know what got to me today.
Won't let it happen again.
I know it won't.
Look, I know the past makes us who we are, but we also got to know when to close the book on it.
- Hondo.
- Commander.
Commander, you good? Yeah.
I heard what went down today.
Sounds like you made the right calls.
How'd you like running Command? Ah, not gonna lie.
It had its moments.
Thanks for doing it on short notice.
Well, thank you for the opportunity, Commander.
Hey, yo, now, there's the real big shot.
You did great out there for us.
Well, thanks for bringing me in.
It was, uh, it was nice to get a feel for it.
Yeah, well, Deac says you got what it takes to do real SWAT work.
Well, you're the one who gave me the chance, so It means a lot to me.
So now get through the rest of SWAT Academy, and make it an everyday occurrence, all right? Yes, sir.
- Our last case in the bag.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks for your help back there.
Hope that's not too bad.
Eh, nothing I can't handle.
Not sure how viable I'll be as an informant now, though.
Word's gonna get out about me.
To be honest, it's not like I got a ton of options.
Well, going straight's still on the table.
Just saying.
The DA's office unofficially says "thank you.
" And the charges against you have been dropped.
- You're free to go.
- Stay out of trouble, okay? Can you make sure she gets home safe? Of course.
I guess that's your way of saying Goodbye.
Got to get home to my wife.
Whatever you end up doing, stay safe.
Take care of yourself.
Ortiz really is innocent.
Whoa, whoa.
We don't, we don't know that for sure.
If Kim's statement places him across town from the scene - of the crime, then - Yeah, but that's just her word.
She has no way to-to prove that she and Ortiz were actually together at the time of Maria Lozano's murder.
And she said that they were friends.
I mean, she-she could be lying for him.
I thought I was the cynical one.
Look, overturning a plea deal is nearly impossible.
Nearly impossible.
We both know this has been weighing on you, and we have a real chance to do something here.
I just don't think we need to give up yet.
- Okay? - It's just Sometimes I wonder if it's truly possible to-to right a wrong.
Well, let's find out together.
All right.
I like the sound of that.
- Yeah? - Yeah.

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