S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e15 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT Who's this Eduardo Ortiz guy? He's just a guy that I arrested a bunch of years back.
Claims he's innocent.
We both know this has been weighing on you, and we have a real chance to do something.
Sometimes I wonder if it's-it's truly possible to right a wrong.
Well, let's find out together.
17-year-old young man Raymont Harris was accidentally shot and seriously injured.
You were the one that saved me.
You're the type of kid that I promised myself I would always try to protect.
Ah, there he is, my future Bruin.
Ah, UCLA, baby.
Hank St.
- I go by Saint.
- Saint and I were in the Panthers together back in the day.
You may have them fooled, but not me.
It's only gonna take one mistake for the LAPD to come knocking on your door.
And I'll be watching you.
Take care, Sergeant.
Yo, quit slacking.
We got to get it all out by 8:00.
We can't take five minutes anymore? We've been pulling an all-nighter.
You want to tell the boss why his package is late? How many more bottles we got to fill? Another 50 or so.
Least they could do is send us some more help.
Yeah, well, we here now.
LAPD! Stay on the ground! LAPD! Don't move! Get on the ground! Hands! I got a rabbit headed to the three side! - Luca, Code 4? - Yeah, Code 4! On the ground! Hands where we can see them! Now that you're on the ground, stay there.
Maybe this will jog your memory.
When was the last time you saw Saint? There's at least 500 grand worth of drugs in that stash house.
That's a minimum of five years, plus fines.
You willing to take the fall for Saint on that? Lawyer.
Stevens, get this punk out of here.
What's up? Stash house buddies aren't talking.
I hope you found something useful.
My guys are still going through the evidence, but it looks like mostly illegal prescription pills.
Small amounts of fentanyl and heroin, too.
Just like the two stash houses last week, but nothing to tie 'em to Saint.
Look, GND's happy to play along it's always good to get drugs off the streets But if you're right about this Saint guy being behind all this I am.
If you're right, we haven't found any evidence to confirm it.
Call me if you get any new leads.
Let's go! Here we go! Cabrera! Come on, Tatum, let's go! Oh! It's the Red Team by a nose! That is our best cadet relay time to date.
Nicely done.
Way to dig deep at the end, Cabrera! Yeah.
All right, bring it in! - Yeah, guys! - Nice job.
But not out of the woods yet.
Now, as you know, we've made some changes to the SWAT Academy training regimen.
Having said that, we've decided to bring back one of the toughest SWAT challenges there is.
The SWAT Recruit Talent Show.
Oh, don't look so relieved.
You have until tonight to pick a talent and then perform it in front of your SWAT peers.
Singing, dancing, juggling, sword swallowing, impressions It's all fair game.
Look, even if it's a terrible, terrible talent, we just want to see commitment to the performance, yeah? All right.
Great idea bringing back the talent show, Deac.
Yeah, I thought it might be good for team building and morale.
I still remember that kick-ass Frisbee routine you did with Champ.
And you crushed that air guitar solo a few years back, and you weren't even supposed to perform.
I can't keep that kind of talent in a cage.
- You just got to let it fly.
- You know, I think we can all agree that no one will top Rocker's rendition of "My Heart Will Go On.
" Unfortunately, - it still haunts my dreams.
- Hey, I'll catch up with you guys in a bit, okay? Hey, awesome job on the relay.
Bring that kind of intensity to the talent show, you're gonna kill it.
So what talent are you thinking of showcasing? I got it.
I b Uh I bet you're a beat boxer.
Come on, I won't spoil the surprise.
I was, uh, thinking of skipping the talent show, actually.
Why, man? They're always a blast.
I don't really like performing in front of people.
It's more like performing in front of family, if that helps.
That actually makes it worse.
When I was a kid, my mom signed me up for all kinds of plays, dance shows, singing competitions She really wanted to be a stage mom.
Only problem was, I despised being in the spotlight.
What, you got stage fright? I got so nervous and embarrassed I'd freeze up.
- It was painful.
- Mm.
No offense, but I don't really feel like putting myself through that hell for a silly talent show.
Hold up, hold up.
There are gonna be moments in your SWAT career that feel terrifying.
But you got to learn to push through that fear to get the job done and trust that your teammates will have your back as you do it.
That's really what this talent show is about.
Just think it over.
How about, uh, as far away, yeah, as possible? Oh, right ahead.
I just heard that Felicia won her school spelling bee.
Oh, that's wonderful.
It sounds like your niece is turning into quite the scholar these days, Chaplain.
Oh, well, luckily, she inherited my sister's brains.
I can't even remember to grab ketchup for my fries.
I was gonna grab napkins anyway.
Be right back.
Aimee, we need to get inside now.
Early reports indicate a single shooter opened fire on this hospital employee café before being chased off by security guards.
Shooter's currently in the wind.
Casualties? Two dead.
Hospital administrator and a surgeon.
Two more seriously wounded, including the hospital chaplain.
What, Chaplain Adams? How bad is he? He took two shots to the upper torso.
He's in surgery now.
- You know the chaplain? - Yeah.
He's one of the nicest people I ever met.
Who shoots a priest? Well, I'm hoping St.
Augustine's Chief of Medicine can shed some light on it.
Commander Robert Hicks, LAPD SWAT.
- This is Sergeant Harrelson.
- Doctor.
Is there anyone that you can think of that would have a grudge against this hospital or its employees? We're used to dealing with angry patients and their families, but Fred Hill stood out.
He's made nonstop threats.
He's had to be removed from the premises a couple of times.
I believe he's your shooter.
What's Mr.
Hill's issue? Hill's son, Isaac, suffered from a rare kidney disease ARPKD.
Due to the severity of Isaac's case, the hospital transplant board couldn't sign off on a kidney transplant, and Isaac died about a month ago.
It appears that Mr.
Hill took his revenge on some of those board members today.
The shooting victims were on the hospital transplant board? Three of the four, including the hospital chaplain.
If Hill blames the transplant board for his son's death, he could go after the other members as well.
We're gonna need the names and addresses of those board members ASAP.
I'm gonna put unis on the board members and put out a BOLO for Fred Hill.
All right, we'll go to Hill's last known address, see what we can find.
All right.
Hondo and Street found no sign of Hill at his home, but they found a bunch of empty gun cases and ammo boxes.
Now, that kind of firepower, there's no chance the hospital was his only target.
Well, we have police on all the remaining hospital board members and an open BOLO out, so when Hill resurfaces, we'll be there to say hello.
What else were you able to dig up on him? Hill is a mechanical engineer with no notable priors, but his wife Linda died two years ago from the same kidney disease - that took their son Isaac's life.
- Mm.
Hill's social media took a pretty dark turn after Isaac's death More than the added grief.
They get angrier, more erratic.
Well, losing your whole family like that, I mean, must've pushed him over the edge.
Okay, I'm gonna check in with RHD to see if I can I.
any more of Hill's targets.
- I'll let you know what I hear.
- All right.
This is David Kay.
Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Commander, I got to step away for a couple hours.
- What's up? - That was Lila's school.
No one came to pick her up, and they can't get in touch with Annie.
And keep me updated.
How long ago was that? - All right, I'll- - I'll check back in with you later.
Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
- Thank you.
- You okay? That was the, uh, ICU nurse from St.
Chaplain Adams is out of surgery, but, uh he's still in critical condition.
I'm sorry.
How did you know him? We got kind of close after my liver donation surgery.
I didn't think you were religious.
When I was laid up, that man spent hours by my bedside.
I think he knew I was feeling lonely and scared.
We'd just talk about all kinds of things Family, baseball, the best dive bars.
For a priest, he'd kind of been around the block, you know? Religious or not, I think right now you got to believe Chaplain Adams will pull through.
Have a little faith? You sound like him right now.
I'll take that as a compliment.
- You wanted to see me, Commander? - Yeah, I just got off the phone with Detective Rios.
His guys went over every inch of that stash house you hit this morning.
They didn't find anything to link it to Saint.
Yeah, well, it's just a matter of time.
We're putting a financial hurt on him, and he's got to be feeling the pressure.
Sooner or later, every ship springs a leak.
Well, I don't disagree with that, but then, uh, how do you explain this? Saint's investing in Raymont Harris? Well, you obviously haven't heard.
I kept in touch with him after he got shot by Buck, but It's only been a few months, but the last I checked, he was studying at UCLA.
An aspiring businessman now Well, so it seems.
Saint doesn't invest in anything unless there's an angle in it for him.
In a mobile grocery business? Well, maybe drug distribution, or another way to launder money, I don't know.
The name Raymont Harris, it still stirs up bad feelings about the LAPD.
Now, if you do anything to nix this kid's business, I worry it'll only bring more blow back on the department.
Raymont's walking into a minefield, - and he doesn't even know it.
- Look.
Do us all a favor, tread lightly.
I am so, so sorry.
I, uh My car charger stopped working, and then my phone died, and I forgot Lila had a half day.
I Thank you so much for picking her up.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, she's, uh She's upstairs doing her homework.
She's good.
What's all that? Uh photocopies.
You remember those? I went down to the Superior Court Archives this morning, and I think I found something that might help prove Ortiz's innocence.
So, the prosecution's case hinges on their star witness, Jorge Espinoza.
But here's the thing, the statement the prosecution used to secure the plea deal, it doesn't line up with what Espinoza told the detectives when they first interviewed him.
But I think that he changed his story to align with the prosecution's theory.
So you pair that with Kim Wagner's corroborating Ortiz's alibi, and the case against Ortiz starts to look very suspect.
I mean, here, take a look for yourself.
You know, Annie, I can appreciate that you're taking all this interest in the Ortiz case, but, um, I thought we were gonna do this together.
Yeah, me, too, but you've-you've been busy at work.
And to that point, I had to leave that job in the middle of an active SWAT case to go pick Lila up.
And I apologized.
It was an atypical school day.
- It threw my mental schedule off.
- No one could reach you.
- What if this had been an emergency? - Okay, David, when have I ever missed a school pickup? Or forgot to pack the kids' lunch? Or was late for a doctor's appointment? I You know, I keep things running pretty smoothly around here, and when things get crazy for you at work, I-I sit there and I pivot, and I support you the best way that I can.
I really wish you would do the same.
Raymont Harris.
Okay, okay, look at you.
Suited and booted.
You look good, youngster.
So did I hear right? You up and graduated from UCLA early? Finished a semester early, got my degree in business economics.
I ain't mad at you.
Now you're out in the world doing big things.
Hell yeah.
- I'm really proud of you, kid.
- Thanks.
Listen, I've only got a couple minutes.
- You know, meetings and stuff.
- All right, all right.
Look, I appreciate you coming by.
I just wanted to ask you about your new business venture with Hank St.
Starting my first business.
I'm calling it "Freshness on Wheels.
" It's a mobile farmers market that'll bring locally grown, healthy foods to under served parts of South L.
Oh, Raymont, that sounds great, really great.
Be the change, right? Yeah, that's right.
That's right.
Can I ask you what Saint's ties are to this business? Oh, man, I'm lucky I met him.
Saint agreed to kick in the seed funding we need in exchange for a 30% ownership share.
You might want to reconsider doing business with Saint.
He's got his hands in some pretty shady things.
What kind of shady things? - I can't say that just yet.
- I did my homework.
Lot of people in South L.
swear by him.
The guy sponsors food drives, does a lot of charity work.
He was also a militant Black Panther back in the day, Raymont.
He's got some ties to some pretty violent guys.
That makes him a criminal for life? I'm asking you to trust me on this.
You're asking me to throw away my business.
Is this deal with Saint official? Is the paperwork all signed off on? Supposed to sign the final deal contracts later tonight.
What if I was able to find you an investor to replace Saint? An alternate source of funding? You got a hundred grand just lying around? No, hell no.
You know I don't, but I might know somebody who does.
Would you just give me a couple hours? I need to know soon.
All right.
You got something on our hospital shooter, Luca? Yeah, I've been monitoring Fred Hill's social media, and he just posted a long rant threatening OJN Insurance.
What's his beef with the insurance company? Well, we found some emails back and forth between Hill and Paula Edmonds, one of the company's adjusters.
I guess Hill was pissed off about some medical bills.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Red light camera just spotted Hill's car near Warner Center Park.
Okay, that's less than a mile from OJN headquarters.
Go get him.
- Street, you're with me.
- Roger.
You got your employees all taking cover? We did exactly like you said Locked the doors and barricaded the staff in the break room.
Any sign of Fred Hill? No, none.
Are you sure? Cover! Cover! Shots fired! Shots fired! Come with me! Move! Move! Get down! Get down! - You okay, Ms.
Edmonds? - Yeah.
I need you to stay here, get low and don't move.
Street, go, go! Anybody got eyes on Hill? 22- David.
Hill is in an office in the east wing of the complex.
I can't see what floor.
30- David.
Hill's on the seventh floor, opening two from right to left.
We'll cover you, Deac.
Street, wait till he reloads.
I'm taking heavy fire, Hondo.
Now! Move, move, move.
Go, go, go.
This is 20- David.
I need a perimeter around the 5000 block of Avon Street.
The shooter's barricaded himself in the east wing of the complex.
30-David, making entry on the seventh floor.
22- David.
West side clear.
Entering the side offices.
- Locked.
- Locked.
- Locked.
- Locked.
30- David.
Entering office of possible shooter.
Door's broken.
30- David.
Hill's on the move.
Cover all the exits to the building.
Edmonds, we know Fred Hill sent you and other OJN employees threatening messages and emails.
Any idea why? He was angry that OJN wouldn't cover his son's kidney transplant.
What transplant? I thought St.
Augustine refused to approve the procedure.
They did, but Hill found a way to make it happen anyway On the black market.
I know you're not talking about waking up in a bathtub full of ice with an organ missing.
That's an urban myth.
Doesn't happen that way exactly, but it's very real.
Over ten percent of organ donations happen via the black market.
There simply aren't enough viable organs to meet demand, so organ traffickers go out and recruit donors from all over the globe.
Okay, so Hill was uh, shopping the black market for a kidney.
Where does OJN Insurance fit in? Organ traffickers are very smart.
They fabricate cover stories to classify organs as goodwill donations so the transplants can take place in real hospitals with legitimate doctors.
But in this case, we caught wind that the donation wasn't legit, so we refused to cover the procedure.
Without insurance, the surgery is - Insanely expensive.
- But you think Hill already had a black market organ lined up? It certainly seemed like it.
We need to take a closer look at Hill's financials.
Thanks for your help.
Deac, hold up a sec.
Come here.
You were pretty on edge earlier.
Everything okay with the kids at home? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was just a miscommunication with Annie and me.
Well, miscommunications happen in marriages.
- Yeah.
- You and Annie okay? Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Full disclosure.
We're, uh we're working this old RHD case where I was arresting officer.
The suspect He took a plea deal.
Well, now he claims he's innocent.
Annie's convinced that he's telling the truth, and she's trying to move heaven and earth to prove it.
- Think she's on to something? - I don't know, but I do know that I haven't seen her this excited about something Anything in a long time.
- Happy wife, happy life, no? - Yeah.
Thing is, our entire marriage, I've been the breadwinner.
And Annie's always had my back when it came to the home front.
And I guess I-I just want to reciprocate that support.
- You know? - Mm-hmm.
I just with everything I have going on, I don't know how to work that out.
Look, take it from someone who realized it too late.
Enjoy your time with your wife and kids, Deac, while you can.
It's over before you know it.
What do you got, Street? I've been going through Fred Hill's financial records.
Not much out of the ordinary except A lump sum payment of 75 grand? Going rate for a black market kidney.
- Thought he was struggling financially.
- He cashed out his 401k, then borrowed the rest against his house.
Looks like the payment went to an Archangel Medical Supply? It's a medical device sales company in the Valley.
But Archangel only has one employee, so it's probably a front.
Who's the perennial Employee of the Month? Arjun Kahn.
Misdemeanors for bribery and embezzlement.
He's also a registered Overseas Citizen of India.
Traveled there six times this last year.
To recruit organ donors.
Over 2,000 Indians sell a kidney every year, so Find his ass.
Would any of your business partners be interested in investing in the kid's business venture? It shows a lot of promise.
I Okay.
I understand, Ms.
Thank you for your time.
And I'll tell Nichelle that you said hi.
Hey, is everything okay, boss? I am trying to help Raymont Harris get out of a jam.
- Is he in trouble? - He will be soon enough.
Saint is investing in his first business.
Mm? And I am trying like hell to find him a different backer before he gets in too deep, but I am running low - on time and options.
- Well, how much does he need? - I got a couple grand I can kick in.
- Luca, kid needs a hundred.
I just tried asking Othella Baker to invest, but she doesn't want to step on Saint's turf.
So this Saint dude's got her fooled, too.
Her and everyone else.
That dude has to have a weak spot somewhere.
Talk to me, Street.
Hey, patrol didn't find any sign of Arjun Kahn at his home or the Archangel office, but they did uncover this.
Hill inside the Archangel offices.
Happened about an hour before Hill shot up St.
Lucky for Kahn, he was gone when Hill came looking.
Any intel on Kahn's current whereabouts? Yeah, I got something that'll help with that.
Found a house in San Fernando registered to Archangel Medical Supply, rented two weeks ago.
Go see who's home.
Street, take the four side.
26- David.
We got a rabbit.
Suspect headed for the three side.
That's about as far as you go.
I don't know where Hill is, he doesn't know where I am, and I would like to keep it that way.
It has nothing to do with you trafficking organs? Not sure what you're talking about.
Really? We know about the frequent trips to India and the five-figure payments that show up in your company's bank accounts.
- Medical device sales.
- Oh, that's a pretty broad definition of "medical device" if you ask me.
Oh, look, I get it.
I mean, if I sold someone a bad kidney that killed their son, I'd want to disappear, too.
It wasn't a bad kidney! I take my work seriously.
What I do gives thousands of people a second chance at life.
I help save people.
I don't kill them.
By harvesting their organs for a profit? I was trying to help Isaac Hill.
The kidney was a perfect match, but Isaac's body rejected it.
He died a few days later.
So the surgery did happen? Isaac did receive a kidney before he died? Who performed the operation? Fred Hill wants to kill anyone he thinks is responsible for his son's death, okay? If he's after you, he's gonna go after the surgeon, too.
You say you're in the business of saving lives.
Zachary Floyd.
Floyd has to be Hill's next target.
Talk to me.
Floyd has got medical offices in Encino and Burbank, plus a home in Valley Village.
There's no answer at any of them so far.
I got unis rolling to each location as we speak.
Yeah, well, let's hope Hill didn't already get to Floyd.
Hill just posted a video to his Facebook account.
Zach Floyd said he'd save Isaac.
He said the garbage kidney he sewed into my kid would keep him alive.
But Floyd lied.
And his lie killed my son.
It's time for him to pay.
So, to all the cops and reporters listening, you better get to Encino.
And don't be late, or you'll miss the fireworks.
- When was this posted? - Eight minutes ago.
He also tagged the LAPD and two local news stations.
He's taunting us.
Get to Floyd's office in Encino.
Shelby, is my 4:00 here yet? Shelby? Dr.
Let's take a walk.
Okay, two minutes out! Anything more from Hill on his socials? All quiet since the last video.
Something feels off about this.
Seems like he's trying to send a message.
- Question is, what message? - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I think we're about to find out.
in Encino, where a dangerous situation - appears to be unfolding.
- This is live.
I'm glad you could join us! Say hi to the people, Doc.
- Luca, step on it.
- Got it.
Oh, now everybody want to listen? Where were you all when Isaac needed help? Huh?! Where were you all?! LAPD! Get the media out of here! - Move! Move back! - Move! Move! Move! Move! - Now! Move! - Get back, everyone! Chris, get to the rooftop.
Line up a shot.
Go! Mr.
Hill, put the gun down.
I can't do that.
Nobody needs to get hurt here today, Fred.
Let's just take a breath and talk this through.
Why don't you just shoot me?! That's what y'all guys like to do anyway, right? Your son was sick, Fred.
There was nothing Dr.
Floyd or anyone else could've done.
Stop lying! Nobody wanted to help Isaac.
They chose to not give him a kidney.
They chose to kill him! Floyd didn't care about killing my son.
Why should I care if I kill him? Take it easy, Fred.
Take it easy.
24- David.
I'm set.
Listen to me, man.
This is your last chance.
Put that gun down! Why don't you pull the trigger? In fact, I dare you.
- Don't do it, please! - Shut up! Shut up! I got a clean shot, Hondo.
What are you waiting for, huh? If you want to shoot me, shoot me! Do it! Shoot me! Hold your fire! I repeat, hold your fire! Do not shoot! Hondo, what are you doing? There's a wire running from Hill's shotgun trigger finger to Floyd.
It's wrapped around Floyd's neck, under his shirt collar.
I see it.
Dead man's switch.
If we shoot Hill, that shotgun goes off, and Floyd dies, too.
You're not gonna pull the trigger? Then we'll be on our way.
Move! All 20- Squad, back off.
Everyone, back away.
Let him pass.
- Deacon.
- Got it.
Let him pass.
Let him pass! All right, for your own safety, back up.
Officers, get the press out of here now! Hey, folks, do me a favor.
Clear this area, okay? All right, the rest of 20- Squad on me.
Back to the Gurkha.
Deacon, I need you to engage with Hill, keep him moving.
Roger that.
500 yards until Hill is out of my range.
Stay on him as long as you can, Chris.
- If this goes sideways, you take it.
- Roger.
All right, listen up.
Pincer maneuver's our best shot.
That's gonna be tough out in the open.
If we can lure Hill into a trap zone, we can wrestle that gun away.
There's only a couple inches of clearance between that gun and Floyd.
If it goes off as we try to grab it I know.
That's why we got to execute this thing perfectly.
Let's move.
20-David to Command.
What do you need, Hondo? Some tactical GPS.
Listen to the officers.
Just give us some room! Step back.
Put those cameras down.
Give us some space, okay? It's all right.
They're here for you.
They're here for me.
They got to be here.
Don't worry about it.
Where you going, Fred? To see my son.
The world needs to see where this bastard put Isaac.
You're going to visit Isaac's grave? Don't say his name.
You don't get to say his name! All right.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Isaac's grave.
That's my fault.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Fred.
My name's David.
I just want to see my son.
I know.
I just want to see my son.
All right, let's Let's-let's go.
Isaac's buried at Monarch Cemetery, less than a mile to the northwest.
So, uh, you're headed to Monarch, right? He's buried at Monarch? Hondo, there's a stretch at Catalina Avenue that could work.
Two blocks ahead.
Sending it now.
No, no.
That's all right.
That's all right.
They're leaving.
They're leaving, see? Let's go.
All right, that's our trap zone right there.
This is 20- David.
I need all available patrol units to create a barricade on westbound Catalina at Olive.
Deac, when you get in that intersection, have him head north.
If he turns off this road, I'll lose sight of him.
We got no choice.
It's our best and only option.
- Get us there, Luca.
- Got it.
Hey, it's all right, Fred.
Look at me.
They're here because that's a school right there.
You don't want kids to see this, all right? Let's-let's let's keep walking.
Move! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Tell 'em back off! All right, I will.
Tell 'em! Tell 'em! - Tell 'em! - Back off! That's it.
I told 'em.
This is 20-David.
We're in position.
Listen to me, Fred.
I got rid of them.
Why don't you let Dr.
Floyd go? You know what? I'm getting really sick of listening to you, man.
We wouldn't want it to end like this.
Neither would Isaac.
Go, go, go, go! - Luca! You got it? - Got it.
Got it.
Give me your hands.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Get up! I'm sorry you lost your family.
I really am.
This is over now.
Come on.
We're code 4.
You all right? No, no.
Oh, man, you sure? I mean, these things are always a blast.
I know.
I know.
I, uh I got to take care of something at home.
And that has to come before everything, even SWAT.
All right.
Fair enough.
Knock 'em dead.
All right, let's get this thing rolling, ladies and gentlemen! I'm gonna be your host in the SWAT Academy Talent Show! Boo! We want Stevens! - Right, thanks, Street.
All right! - Stevens! Remember, this is all in good fun.
Right? Yeah.
Up first, we have Oh, this should be good Officer Tatum with a hula-hooping routine! Yeah, let's go, bro.
Ready, set, go, we don't stop until we're done Go for it, yeah, yeah, yeah.
From your feet to your head Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
What, what? Yeah.
My ladies, gentlemen Nice one, nice one.
Nice one.
Pick yourself up, drop it Hey.
Thought you had that talent show thing.
I did, but, uh, I got Luca to cover it.
I owe you an apology for earlier.
I was frustrated, but I-I never meant to imply that you don't do your part around here.
I couldn't ask for a better partner.
I couldn't ask for a better mother for our kids.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I was frustrated with myself, too, and I probably took some of that out on you.
Eh, it happens.
Annie, I know how much working on this case means to you, and I want to support that.
And I know that working SWA and private security is a lot.
So I'm gonna cut back on my overtime hours.
Yeah, I mean, it's time for me to start doing my part around here.
Do some errands, take the kids wherever it is you take them.
Do the laundry.
Even the whites? As long as you're okay with them turning into pinks.
You don't have to do all that.
No, I know.
I want to.
Well, the daily chores are all done.
But I could use your eyes on some inconsistencies - with these case files.
- Okay.
- Game? - Lay it on me.
All right, what do you got? This is what I wanted you to look at.
Oh, hey.
- Jim? - Yeah.
What are you doing here? Well, uh, I made the nurses promise to call me the moment you woke up.
You know visiting hours are over for the night, right? Well, this is official police business.
And I don't remember it stopping you when our roles were reversed.
Hey, um, I was gonna bring you a burrito from Norm's, but the nurses, they they nixed that idea.
- Oh - Liquids only.
Beer's a liquid.
Why didn't I think of that? Hey, don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh.
Are you feeling okay? Yeah, yeah.
That routine's gonna be tough to follow, but I think our next performer's up to it.
Let's hear it for Officer Cabrera! Here you go.
When I wake up Well, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man Who wakes up next to you Louder, for us old guys in back.
When I go out Yeah, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man Who goes along with you And when I get drunk Well, you know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man Who gets drunk next to you And when I haver Yeah, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man Who's havering to you And I would walk 500 miles And I would walk 500 more Just to be the man who walks A thousand miles to fall down at your door Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, da.
- Officer Cabrera! - Thank you.
Oh, you weren't in the mood for terrible karaoke, either, huh? No, I get enough of that whenever Rocker sings in the locker room shower.
I talked to Raymont Harris today.
- Do I want to know? - I tried to convince him to pull out of that business deal, but Saint already had his hooks in the kid.
Well, Saint's got to need legitimate businesses to cover for his crimes.
You know, maybe Raymont's will be one of them.
It's wishful thinking.
And I don't want to count on it.
Well, you could keep insisting that he's dirty, but it doesn't mean anything until we have proof.
In the meantime, you go messing with Raymont, the media will have a field day.
"It wasn't enough SWAT shot the kid? They had to go after his business, too?" Look, I know you want to bring this guy down.
But until we get something concrete, maybe you should let this one go.
You think I was able to put cuffs on every jackass that deserved them? You think Buck or Mumford did? Good guys don't always get the "W" in the end.
And when I get the proof we need? Then come talk to me.

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