S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e17 Episode Script

Cry Foul

Previously on SWAT Eduardo Ortiz.
He pled guilty, so he's not eligible for an appeal.
Do you mind if I take a look at this? Why let half a law school degree go to waste when I can put it to some use? Overturning a plea deal is nearly impossible.
Nearly impossible.
We both know this has been weighing on you, and we have a real chance to do something here.
It's just Sometimes I wonder if it's truly possible to-to right a wrong.
Well, let's find out together.
This exercise will test multiple skills from your SWAT Academy training.
20 targets spread across four rooms.
Should we rely on primary or secondary, sir? First ten, use your primary, then swap.
Reload your secondary once.
- Preference on when? - When you think you need to.
Means they're gonna be all judgy about it.
That's what we're here for.
All right, who's up first? Yeah.
Officer Zoe Powell, come on down.
Okay, mind your accuracy.
Don't forget to keep moving.
Speed counts, all right? Three, two Okay, look, assess when we arrive on the scene.
Move out.
Let's go.
Hurry up, let's go.
Move out.
- What was this thing? - Oil derrick.
Must've had a systems failure or something.
Looks like the apartment building took the brunt of it.
Fowler, grab your Medi Kit.
I'll get a triage area going.
26-David at Sixth and Belden.
There's been an accident.
Oil well exploded.
- Need emergency response.
- Tatum, set up - a perimeter.
- Yes, sir.
Watch the buildings for signs of collapse! Go.
You guys got to get away.
Come on.
Stay clear.
Hey, sir.
Can you hear me? We need to get you out of here.
Got a leg injury.
Possible fracture.
Got to get him out - before the ceiling comes down.
- Help! Is someone there? - Help! - Sounds like someone's trapped.
Powell! Powell, wait! Here! I'm up here! I got you.
You okay? I'm Zoe.
I'm a police officer.
- What's your name? - Nina.
I The whole building shook.
Couldn't get away.
I got a woman with a head injury on the roof.
Stairwell's blocked.
We got to go.
If she's stable, we can request a bag for a jump.
- Should be about 20 minutes.
- No, we don't have that time.
The roof is unstable.
It's gonna collapse.
Hang tight right here.
I need ground rope support.
We're coming down now.
Focus on me.
I got you.
We're here.
We're coming down.
Let's go.
Victim's on the way! Coming down! Focus on me.
You're going down.
You're all right.
We got you.
It's all right.
- Keep her coming.
- You're okay.
You're good.
You're good.
Come on.
- You got her? - I got her.
- I got you.
I got you.
Let's go.
- All right.
Rope's free, Powell! Coming down fast.
Get clear! Nice work.
But next time, - wait for orders.
- And backup.
Thanks for the assist.
Eduardo Ortiz, this is my wife, Annie Kay.
She has pulled some of your court filings, and she's been studying your case notes with me.
You a lawyer, ma'am? Just a former law student, I'm afraid.
But she is very familiar with your case.
Couldn't get a better set of eyes on this.
I I don't understand.
You found my alibi.
- You can prove I'm innocent.
- An old drug dealer isn't the best witness.
And even if she was, the real problem is still the plea deal.
It's-it's not like a verdict.
It can't be overturned with new evidence.
We have to completely negate it.
And we start that by looking for new suspects.
I was studying the interrogation transcripts from six years ago, and I had a question - about the victim, Maria Lozano.
- I didn't know her.
I really just did some repair work around her house.
When LAPD first brought you in, you said that while you were at her house, Maria took a phone call, and she seemed agitated afterwards.
Do you remember the call - or what she said? - It-it was about her job.
Also, maybe a guy.
And she started off talking about an office transfer.
Cops shut me down when I mentioned it.
It's probably because it didn't fit their theory of the crime.
Two months before she died, Maria switched departments at work.
- She was promoted? - No.
She went from sales representative to assistant accountant.
Took a pay cut, so that's odd.
- Doesn't sound like a big deal.
- Important enough that someone made a phone call to Maria's house.
Maybe she was being harassed? Tried to get away from some jerk that wouldn't leave her alone? I mean, that could lead to motive.
Sound like a possibility to you? Colder cases have been solved by people wondering about less.
I'm on call, um, but in the meantime, Annie and I can go contact Maria's old HR department.
If someone was bothering her at work, maybe she filed a complaint, and if that's the case, we get a name.
Maybe a new suspect.
Like we said on the phone, we're curious if Maria ever had an issue with someone in her department.
I checked, and it doesn't look like she made any complaints, harassment or otherwise.
Could she have had an issue - that she didn't formally report? - Possibly, but we are strict about enforcing our policy, - and our employees know it.
- It was a smaller paycheck and a less prestigious position.
I mean, there must've been a reason that she changed jobs.
Mostly, I think she just wanted to go work for Scott Harmon.
They were friends? He let her come in late, leave early, - basically do whatever she wanted.
- Well, if Scott knew Maria well, it would be useful - to talk with him.
- Scott actually left the company last year.
I have his forwarding info in the back somewhere.
- That'd be great.
- Yeah.
Uh, could we get a copy of Maria's employee file? - I'm not really supposed to do that.
- Please? Maria doesn't have any family in L.
, and this record would be the clearest picture we have of her real life and could help bring her real killer to justice.
Just don't get me into trouble.
- No.
- Definitely won't.
Oh, it's a good thing we took two cars.
I got to go.
There's been an accident near the SWAT Academy training site.
Listen, we need to know who called Maria that day and what made her upset, so you good to wait for that file? Yeah, whatever the investigation needs.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Head contusion.
She's disoriented, possibly concussed.
So, what do you say, teach? Back to class, or can the kids play hooky? Once we officially hand the scene off, I think we should reschedule for another day.
Just say the word, Captain.
We'll get out of your hair.
I don't think it's gonna be that easy.
My team found this in the rubble.
The timer's gone, but It's an incendiary device.
This wasn't an accident.
Okay, 22-David to Command.
Remains of a bomb have been found in East L.
Well, unfortunately, it's not a surprise.
I just got word of two other oil derricks exploding this morning.
We only heard the one blast.
Well, the others were across town.
One in K-Town, the other in Compton.
So it's a coordinated attack.
Manifesto was found in Compton.
Bombers want the world to see that these oil companies are poisoning citizens in the name of profit.
The signature's just a drawn symbol.
Sounds like they don't want to be found right away.
Because they're planning to strike again.
19 injuries, three fatalities so far.
Street and Luca are headed back now.
The symbol on the bomber's manifesto doesn't match any groups in our database.
- What else we got? - Devices were homemade.
Bomb squad's running a chemical analysis.
The targets were all oil derricks, but they belonged to three separate companies in different areas of the city.
Then we'd better up patrol presence around any other derricks that might be targeted.
That might be harder than you think, boss.
These are the active drill sites in L.
Over a thousand in total.
Los Angeles is the largest active urban oil field in the country.
I knew there was oil wells near my block, but I had no idea there were so many.
And in residential neighborhoods, too.
Some of them are decorated, or disguised behind fences.
"Hidden death factories.
" That's from the manifesto.
These attacks are meant to draw attention to the dangers of oil drilling so close to where people live and work.
They call out health issues from airborne toxins, the potential of chemical spills or gas leaks.
And how majority of the drilling happens in or near low-income communities, where complaints are more likely to go unheard.
Setting off explosives is a funny way of keeping neighborhoods safe.
Even if we only looked at derricks in underprivileged areas, that's still hundreds of potential targets.
We'll never be able to narrow it down in time.
All right, we may not know where they're headed, but we know where they've been.
Let's pull security records from this morning's targets.
If there's something there we can use to ID the bombers, we might be able to stop their next attack.
So, the bomb squad tells us that the IEDs from this morning's attack used ammonium nitrate in welded steel.
Yeah, nothing fancy.
In any bomb, there are two components.
- You got fuel and trigger.
- Can you dismantle - the trigger? - If you get close enough.
But when you can't, that's where this gal comes in.
Fire it properly, it severs the trigger and interrupts the chemical reaction before it happens.
It must need to be - pretty close range.
- Nah.
Max should be about ten meters.
Detective Burrows.
You here about our bomber? Uh, no, I'll leave hunting terrorists to SWAT.
Uh, Deac, could I get a private word? - Sure.
- Catch you, bro.
RHD knows you're asking around about the Eduardo Ortiz case.
It's not a secret.
I pulled that file from your archives weeks ago.
Well, it's one thing to read a file.
It's another thing to start questioning the investigation, go putting a conviction in doubt.
So you came down here to tell me what, I'm ruffling feathers? You and your wife.
I'm trying to be the friendly face saying it here.
Saying what? That your detectives are so fragile, they can't stand to have their work double-checked? Ortiz wanted the girl, she turned him down, he went back and killed her.
RHD pursued a lead and ID'd him as a suspect.
He admitted guilt when he took the plea deal.
- We did our jobs.
- Mm-hmm.
I did my job, too.
I put the cuffs on Ortiz six years ago.
Doesn't mean we got it right.
RHD missed something back then.
The phone call the victim took the day she died.
Hey, as police officers, we hold lives in our hands, and we have to be held to a higher standard.
We should be inviting reexamination, - not fighting it.
- But if everything is always open to reinterpretation, how can a victim's family ever feel closure? How can anyone have faith in the justice system? It's a human system, and it's flawed.
Justice is seeing that and making it right.
I don't think Ortiz killed Maria Lozano.
- So, what's your theory? - I'm still working on it.
With my wife.
All right.
Hey, Ed.
I'm not asking you to redo the case.
But if we get a lead, will you act on it? If you come up with something legit, of course.
I'm just saying I think you're wasting your time.
Drill site security tapes from this morning are a no-go.
Cameras were all damaged or destroyed in the explosions.
I think I got something.
Uh, patrol officers responded to a call at the Compton site a month ago.
Picked up these guys.
Peter Watson and Cole Briggs.
They were caught sneaking around the derricks.
Could've been a scouting trip, testing security and figuring out where to place the bomb.
Arrest records say they were both wearing T-shirts advertising the Integrity Network.
It's a protest group.
Now, I don't see the manifesto symbol anywhere on their social media, but they're hard-core anti-oil.
Watson's the cofounder.
With quite the rap sheet.
Tagging oil wells with graffiti, harassing drill crews, - assaulting oil execs.
- He still has an outstanding felony warrant, and he's escalating.
Watson wants to be heard.
And a series of bombings gets the message out loud and clear.
Okay, ID as many members in the Integrity Network as you can.
We need to find them now.
I heard you the third time.
Press is hungry for the manifesto.
I'm holding them off for now.
Sir, giving these bombers attention, it's risky.
- Could make them act faster.
- Agreed.
Well - Commander Hicks.
- Councilwoman Gokey.
I wasn't aware we had a meeting today.
We don't.
But I've been told that SWAT's in charge of stopping these terrorists intent on blowing up - every oil well in Los Angeles.
- This is Sergeant Harrelson.
His team's running point.
Well, then you can tell me why no one's reached out to my district about protecting the derricks - on our streets.
- Councilwoman.
There's hundreds of potential targets.
Even if putting officers at every one of them were possible, it would spread us out so thin, we'd be useless.
And is that what you're telling everyone? Or is LAPD rustling up the manpower to defend Brentwood? Money doesn't buy special treatment with SWAT.
What block are you from? - Lincoln Heights.
- South L.
I know what it feels like watching other neighborhoods have their problems get fixed while yours just get worse.
That's why I'm here.
I'm not about to let my constituents become an afterthought.
If I have to raise hell with the mayor, I will.
And I respect that.
But the best way to prevent another attack is to find these bombers before they strike again.
Councilwoman, let us do our jobs.
We're all on the same team.
I'll trust you.
For now.
But I will be back for an update.
You back from the hospital? - How's the woman Powell saved? - Nina? CT scan revealed internal bleeding.
She's in emergency surgery.
I'd like the chance to explain.
I wasn't being reckless.
You went charging off into a collapsing building alone.
At SWAT, we don't compound one tragedy with another.
Take the critique, Officer.
And next time, look to your leaders for the plan and then execute it together.
Due respect, I saved a life.
I didn't need anyone to tell me how to do it.
- Watch yourself.
- I know what I'm capable of, and they didn't.
Do you want to be SWAT? - Yes, sir.
- Then lose the arrogance, Powell.
Before something in this job humbles you hard.
ID'd another Integrity Network member, Javier Velasco.
Our unis paid visits to Watson's home and work, but he wasn't around.
Ditto with Briggs and Velasco.
So, three Integrity Network members suddenly change their daily routines? That's not a coincidence.
They're probably together, prepping the next attack.
But they don't have a known meeting spot, and their phones are turned off.
Yeah, but they've had them on in the past.
Pull up their cell histories, see which tower their phones pinged the most in the last three months.
That's Watson.
These are the other two.
That's the one.
That signal range covers retail, apartments.
Do any of them have any property in the area? - Not that I can see.
- Look at this restaurant.
Same name.
Betting that's a family joint.
Four and a half stars.
Not a bad spot to hide out.
Have the nearest patrol car sit on it until we get there.
Let's move.
Patrol spotted Watson's car out front.
We got to be careful with these guys.
We don't know how dangerous they are.
The place has a private room.
Most likely, the Integrity Network's meeting in there.
Whoa, whoa.
They're here.
- Cops! - Huh? Hey, LAPD! - Oh, no.
- Hands! - Stop where you are! - LAPD! We got rabbits.
- Hey, no, no! - Do not move! Down! Hands behind your back! 26-David.
Two suspects in custody.
Come here! Hands! Hands! Third suspect in custody.
LAPD! They're doubling back through the restaurant.
I'm headed your way.
Everybody stay where you are.
Chris, take the kitchen! Hey.
I got the fourth one.
Get down.
Where are the explosives? - I know who did it.
- Answer the question.
None of us had anything to do with the bombings, but we know who did.
So it wasn't you, but you know who bombed the drill sites this morning, and you decided not to call the cops because? Well, I don't know their names.
This is just noise.
We showed up and he took off like a rocket.
The second I heard about the bombings, I knew the cops would think the Integrity Network was involved.
You scouting out the Compton drill site a month ago doesn't look good.
That was us filming.
We are making a documentary about the L.
We're trying to raise awareness and save people, not hurt them.
All right, talk to me about these no-name bombing suspects.
The Integrity Network does on-campus recruiting for our projects to get volunteers.
A couple weeks ago, these four guys show up.
Older and madder.
Mad at you? You're already protesting the oil companies.
Well, apparently, not enough.
After my speech, one of the guys hijacked the mic and went off about us being weak.
- He advocate for violence? - Well, he said that the wells will never be shut down voluntarily, and in order to really stop the drilling, we have to take them out.
We didn't find any explosives or planning materials on the Integrity Network members here.
Not saying that I believe Watson just yet, but we should check into these guys.
We still need a name.
You documentary guys film everything.
Did you tape the recruiting session these guys crashed? Yes.
We're gonna want a look at that footage.
Okay, so, I wasn't able to contact Maria's coworker Scott, but I think I found something in her employee file.
I'm good, thank you.
How are you? Hi.
I heard the explosion wasn't just an accident.
It's keeping us busy, that's for sure.
So, what'd you find? I definitely know that Maria and Scott weren't just friends.
Take a look at her expense reports.
Hotel rooms, dining in for two.
And he signed off on all of it.
- They were having an affair.
- Yeah, and a hot and heavy one, by the looks of it.
Scott was married at the time.
What if she threatened to tell his wife? But the police report said that she was strangled and hidden in a pantry.
That's easier than coming clean with your spouse? Scott Harmon wasn't exactly a wayward romantic, caught up in his feelings.
I ran his name, and he's got a history of violence.
There was an old domestic abuse charge that was dismissed during his college days, and then a few years after Maria's death, his wife filed for divorce.
She also filed a restraining order.
I am glad that he didn't answer the phone when I called.
Okay, so, uh, now what? Well, it's just a theory.
The LAPD's not gonna interview Scott Harmon unless we bring them something legit.
We should talk to the ex-wife.
I mean, maybe Cora remembers him - acting strange back then.
- Okay.
Yeah, we can visit her this weekend on my day off.
Annie, it's a closed case, there's no rush.
I-I know, but my parents have the kids and I'm free.
I-I just feel like we're on to something.
Maybe I should keep the momentum going.
Please? Fine.
We suspect our bombers made contact with another activist group, and we're working - to get IDs.
- And you'll get them before they can plant another bomb? Any officer who promises that isn't a good cop.
What I can say is is we're making progress.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Can I get a minute? It feels like these activists have a point.
Drilling sites near where people live.
They pollute the air 24/7, and people get sick.
Not to mention the possibility of accidents.
Los Angeles has a long history with oil.
Some of our wells were first tapped in the '40s, before anyone thought to regulate them.
But places like Beverly Hills lobbied for safety measures.
Added filtration systems, increased testing and security.
- That's true.
- You came in here wanting to know what LAPD was doing to protect your district, calling out privileged behavior.
All due respect, I have to challenge you on the same thing.
What's the city council doing to push oil companies for updates in neighborhoods like ours? That's a fair question, Sergeant.
If any good can come out of these attacks today, I hope it's that.
My constituents are riled up.
Maybe I can leverage their interest into something.
That Watson's documentary footage? Yeah, I've been going through the video.
What you're doing doesn't work.
I failed Noah for years like this.
- Who's Noah? - Not sure.
He's never mentioned again.
Stop acting like you're more than just bystanders.
He seems to be the leader, and gets up and goes off, just like Watson said.
It doesn't mean he's connected to the bombing.
They will never shut the wells down themselves.
Wait a sec.
Zoom in.
That patch matches the drawing on the manifesto.
This guy is connected to the bombing.
This view isn't strong enough to run facial recognition, but I don't see much else to ID the guy with.
Watson does have one more file from this day.
The oil companies, the mood has shifted, and the Integrity Network is gonna keep that change going.
Must be after the event.
the naysayers, because everything they say Look, in the background.
That's the same guy.
He's getting in a car.
Black Ford.
If Velasco would just move, we could see the plate.
Come on, come on.
The wells Partial.
That's all we're gonna get.
I'll run it against the database, see what pops back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Chris and Tan got a plate.
Should have an ID on a new suspect soon.
Listen, I, uh I kind of overheard Hicks talking to Powell earlier.
Let me guess, she wasn't happy about my report - from this morning.
- I take it the the whole attitude problem is a regular thing.
I'm surprised you guys haven't cut her.
Yeah, well, we may have to.
Next chopping block is coming up.
Thing is, she's good.
Solid instincts.
I can't figure out where she picked up half the skills she's got.
Yeah, but if she thinks the procedure is holding her back, she's just gonna ignore it and do what she wants.
If she keeps up this lone wolf attitude, we're gonna have to lose her.
Dude, why are you laughing? We're just trying to make her a great officer.
No, I know, I know.
It's just, this is so weird, to see from the other side.
Powell is me.
Like, the old me.
When I first joined 20-Squad.
I think Hondo gave me the whole lone wolf speech - every day for a month.
- He did.
That's right, I'd almost forgotten that.
Yeah, 'cause Street's such a model of respectability now.
Well, I like to think that I've focused my wild side.
But you know what? I think Powell can, too.
You just look at her this morning.
She's obviously passionate.
She's just a little rough around the edges.
Problem is, nothing we do gets through to her.
What finally worked on you? I'm not sure.
Bomber could strike again anytime, anywhere in the city.
Is this our guy? Jacob Lambert.
We found similar wording to the manifesto in his recent social media posts.
Lot of hate for the oil companies.
He blames them for the death of someone named Noah.
Still looking into it, but Lambert posts a lot of articles about the cancer risks of living near an oil well.
Well, which makes this a vengeance mission.
Yeah, one he's been on for a while.
Rap sheet's full of property destruction charges.
Keeps trying to sabotage oil derricks.
This guy's disillusioned, and certainly dangerous, but we're gonna need something more concrete to get a warrant.
I pulled Lambert's financials.
Two weeks ago, he made a large purchase at a hardware store.
Called them to get an itemized receipt, they just sent it over.
Some welding equipment.
And Turfstrong.
That's a high-nitrogen fertilizer.
Break down the fertilizer, and you can extract - ammonium nitrate.
- Yeah.
Bomb squad said that's the base of the explosives used on the oil derricks.
He's got a house in the Valley.
All right, I'll get the paperwork in order.
Get 20-Squad ready to roll.
Patrol's got a perimeter set up.
I don't want Lambert or any of his guys slipping us.
Let's move.
Drone's coming over.
Infrared's not picking up anyone.
Lambert and his crew aren't here.
Maybe already planting the next bomb.
Could've left planning materials, might tell us where they're headed.
Hold up.
There's a device at the front door.
I got another one on the front window.
Lambert could've booby-trapped every entrance.
Bomb squad's dealing with a situation down in Venice.
Deacon, can you disable one, get us inside? It'll take time we don't have.
I've got an idea.
You can have a seat right here.
Uh, so Cora, I just wanted to verify some things about your ex-husband, - if that's okay.
- Okay.
I haven't seen him in years.
I take it he's causing problems for someone new? Kind of.
Uh, so you were still married to Scott as of six years ago, correct? We were in our downward spiral years then.
Having terrible fights.
You filed a restraining order against him.
So Scott could be violent? He had a temper.
It wasn't pretty.
Do you think it's possible that he might have been having an affair back then? I-I know it's a really tough question.
Um I thought he could have been.
He'd come home late smelling like perfume.
Did you ever look into it? By the time I got up the courage, it seemed like it was over.
What's all this about? Uh, well, my husband and I are looking into the death of one of Scott's coworkers.
Maria Lozano.
Maria? Uh, yeah.
I had, I had met her a few times.
Wait, is that who you think Scott was sleeping with back then? Uh, we aren't a hundred percent But you're looking into her death.
It was something horrible, right? Wasn't she murdered and stuffed in a pantry? - Yes.
- You think Scott was involved in that? - Wow.
- We're not sure of anything, we're just gathering facts and examining the possibilities.
You said Maria's body was stuffed in a pantry? - What? - You just said that, but that information wasn't released to the public.
- I don't understand.
- Well, how could you know that? Unless Scott told you? - He didn't.
- Or unless you How did you know about the pantry? - Cora.
- Look, some Mexican guy confessed to killing Maria.
That's all I remember about it.
I'm not sure where I-I heard about the pantry.
I need to check on something.
Strap is set.
We're good to go.
On your count, Luca.
Three, two, one.
All right, check the house.
Watch for any nasty surprises.
Great job, Deac.
- Hey.
- It's Annie.
Something's wrong.
All right, we got this covered.
Move in.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I-I I just bolted out of there.
I wanted to drive away, but my-my hands wouldn't start the car.
It's her.
She's the killer.
What? Cora? Tell me what happened.
Okay, we were talking about Scott, their divorce, but Cora knew that he was unfaithful.
She knew that Maria's body was put in a pantry.
LAPD never released that, so how could she know that, unless she did it? - All right, s-she said that? - Yes.
Okay, okay.
All right, let's just think this through, all right? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Six years ago, RHD, they didn't know about Scott's infidelity, so they didn't have any reason to question Cora about the murder, so they didn't.
I mean, it Look, it's possible.
She stopped talking, she got flustered.
Why would she do that unless she had something to hide? All right.
So, we'll take this info to Burrows, see what he can get from it.
Okay? All right, why don't you get your stuff, I'll send someone for the car, okay? Bedrooms look like they're in use.
Lambert might have a crew of three or four guys.
Hey, Lambert's bomb-making station's in the garage.
Nitrogen distillery, wires, the works.
He had this tacked up nearby.
I'm thinking this is Noah.
I also found boxes of ammo.
They got more than explosives.
Lambert's committed to his target, whatever it is.
Who has a filing cabinet but doesn't keep anything in it? Well, someone with unconventional files.
What'd you find? That's the three companies whose derricks Lambert already hit.
Yeah, and about a half dozen others.
And look, this one's pretty thick.
Paxner Oil.
This article says that Paxner promised to reduce emissions at drill sites.
Yeah, but these are, uh, internal documents saying they never really made any substantial changes.
Too expensive.
"Eyes only, CEO Allen Finley.
" - Lambert dug into these guys.
- Hey.
Hypocrites, profit-obsessed.
Paxner Oil checks a lot of boxes from the manifesto.
They could be the next target.
Turns out Noah Bennett was Lambert's best friend.
Property records show he grew up one block over from a Paxner Oil well.
Diagnosed with leukemia five years ago, he died a couple months back.
I'm betting the other guys in Lambert's crew knew victims, too.
Explains the wide variety of companies targeted.
I just got off the phone with Paxner.
Security swept their drill sites and offices, they didn't find any explosives, but they sent a list of facilities searched.
Lambert's had plenty of time to get the bomb in place.
Why delay? Lambert wants to hold somebody accountable, for Noah's death.
And that's Paxner's CEO Allen Finley.
He's the guy who failed to put the real safety measures on the wells.
So Lambert's waiting for Finley to show up to wherever he planted his device.
Okay, so where's the boss man today? Well, memos call for a meeting of the board today.
But the person I talked to said Finley's off-site, so why meet off your own property? 'Cause it's gonna be your property soon.
There were emails that mention a new derrick acquisition.
- Uh, just no address.
- Okay, I got it.
This is an official map of Paxner wells.
But check out Lambert's map, okay? This is an extra drill site, right here in this oil field.
That's got to be Paxner's new property.
And Lambert's next target.
I'll call Paxner's office, confirm Finley's headed over there.
Have 20-Squad ready to roll.
Looks more Wild West than big city.
Paxner's new derrick is at the top of this ridge.
And if Lambert wants Finley to be here when it blows, he's got to be nearby.
He probably already planted the bomb.
When you spot it, I'll need that location immediately.
Oh, yeah.
It's an excellent portfolio addition, for the company.
- Go, go, go.
- They're here.
Post up.
- Yeah, it totally works.
- I agree.
Got something to say to you, Finley.
What? - Street, left side.
- Cops! 26-David.
One suspect down.
Okay, I got two headed west.
- 24-David.
We're on it.
- Luca, with me.
Now you're gonna hear me out.
- LAPD! - LAPD! LAPD! Drop the guns! - Don't move! - Drop the guns! Got the other oil guys.
Let's move, move, move, move.
- Go.
Go, go.
- Move in, move in.
Lambert, stop this, man! Let Finley go.
I know you got a bomb planted somewhere, - and I know about Noah.
- Then you understand! Paxner's full of money-hungry monsters, and Finley's the worst of all.
He's gonna be here when the derrick explodes.
You better get out of here or you will be, too.
Deacon, you got eyes on that device? Negative.
I need time.
I don't know how much of that we got.
It ain't got to go down this way, Lambert.
Let him go.
If you lived near one of his wells, he wouldn't think twice about you.
You could have asthma, fertility issues, cancer.
But we can't cut into the quarterly profits, right, Finley? Please, please, come on.
Hondo, is there a way you can get him to look at the bomb? It's an impressive cause, I'll give you that.
But I wonder if Noah would want you to die for it.
How much time do we have left? Enough! But only if you leave right now.
Otherwise you're gonna die just like Finley here.
Got it.
- Setting up now.
- Another explosion ain't gonna help the people you're trying to save.
And it won't bring Noah back.
Derricks break down, people get sick, but nothing changes.
So maybe if it's not an accident, something will.
You know what? You're right.
For years and years, I've seen people in power fail to do the right things over and over.
It's always "too complicated" or "not the right time.
" Really, they just don't benefit.
We got to force them to change.
This isn't about revenge, it's for the future good.
See? Initiating.
On my count.
Three, two, one.
Device has been deactivated.
It's over.
Heard that woman Powell rescued this morning made it out of surgery.
Is she okay? Hospital said it went well.
It's gonna be a rough recovery, but if SWAT hadn't gotten her out when we did, I don't think she would've made it.
You're headed over there, aren't you, to check up on her? I know you, you'll never lose that doctor-y instinct.
Not a doctor, but yes.
Want to come with? Yeah, let's do it.
Credit card receipts confirm that Scott really was out of town.
That leaves Cora.
And we believe she made the phone call that Ortiz overheard.
When Maria tried to play off the affair, Cora sought out and killed her.
Cora wanted to know what Annie's theory was, she even played into it a little bit, but she slipped up.
A jealous wife is a plausible alternate suspect, but still No, the woman knew something only LAPD and her killer could know.
The location of the body, that's huge.
Plus, we have evidence of the affair.
With a little work, the details can be figured out.
Can they? Because I've been reexamining the work from back then, and even if your theory is correct, there's really not much tying Cora to Maria's death.
All she would have to do is keep quiet, and the investigation would go nowhere.
Look, I'm sorry, but I told you this would be a high bar, and this just isn't there right now.
Inventory in the armory.
This brings back memories of my SWAT rebel days, before I wised up.
Not you, too.
All right, hear me out.
When I was a kid, my mom killed my dad in front of me.
She tried to con me into lying about it.
Really messed with my sense of trust.
So by the time I got here, Hondo would say "jump," and I'd think, "Why?" "For who?" And, "What's in it for him?" This is the weirdest motivational speech I've ever gotten.
Yeah, none of them ever really worked on me, either.
So I, uh, I broke every rule in the handbook.
Got kicked out.
Begged my way back.
And then, one day, we were in the locker room just arguing about seats in Black Betty or whatever, and it clicked.
My teammates were never against me.
They were never trying to hold me back.
All the lectures were just 'cause they wanted to save lives with me.
Is now when I'm supposed to tell you how my family messed me up? Give you my sad story? Not if you aren't ready to share.
Look, I'm just here to do what my team did for me.
Stick around long enough for you to realize that SWAT is not a list of tactics and regulations.
It's a family.
And we make each other better.
I got to get back to it.
This inventory isn't gonna take itself.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, Street? Yeah.
I don't have a lot of sniper experience.
Rifle keeps jamming up when I reload.
Well, we can hit the range.
I might be able to bribe Chris to give us both some pointers.
I've been here six years now 'cause I've got priors and whatever, and you're telling me the real killer was a housewife? I got to be straight with you.
Right now, the LAPD is not interested in even entertaining the idea that Cora is the actual murderer.
Moving forward with getting you released will be complicated.
I understand.
A few months ago, no one believed me.
You didn't believe me.
And now you both are here.
And you know I'm telling the truth.
We haven't given up.
We're gonna keep digging, try and find the proof we need to convince detectives to reopen this.
Others will be convinced in time.
God is good.
Have faith.
We do.
Ah, I was just offering my thanks to Commander Hicks.
And I spoke to city council about the safety updates - for derricks.
- Mm-hmm.
It'll be an important topic on the agenda this year.
Well, I thought you were hoping to leverage the messaging from today.
The city council's in the public sector, oil companies are private.
These things are gonna take time.
Meaning you gave this lip service, but now you're just gonna let it fade out.
I've done what I can.
I looked you up.
It turns out, Grummings Petroleum built its West Coast headquarters in your district.
And guess who was in all the ribbon cutting photos.
Now, it's expensive to make safety updates, so you pushed LAPD around today for political cover while oil drilling clears the news cycle.
You protected your company bottom line, not your people.
It's hardly a conspiracy.
Today, my constituents cared about derrick safety.
I honored that.
But most days, people care about their paychecks.
Playing nice with Big Oil means jobs for my district.
The wells are polluting the air, making folks sick.
The derricks are dangerous.
They need to be updated.
And they will be.
One day, when it makes sense for everyone.
After how many more in your district have to suffer? They may not know the source of their trouble, but you do.
Take action.
You need to let me do my job, Sergeant.
We're on the same team.
Wow, I can actually see the wheels turning in there.
I was just thinking about how to get a motion filed for Eduardo.
Even if it goes nowhere, it's a start.
You know, when you're a big-time attorney one day, I hope your future clients realize just how amazing you are.
No, this should happen now, not someday when I get time to go back to law school.
Okay, well, we'll talk to somebody about filing a motion.
But I think you should reach out to your old professors and we can see about getting you back to school next semester.
The world needs people like you fighting for it.
I don't want to stand in the way of that.
You are never in the way.
Don't you have a beautiful woman waiting for you someplace? I just didn't want to take this mood home.
Figured I'd file some paperwork until it went away.
Well, that explains why my inbox is full.
But you're still here.
Councilwoman Gokey.
She comes from a tough block.
Like me.
She pulled herself up.
Like me.
I wanted to believe that we were the same.
But we're not.
Every time I feel like I'm making a real impact in L.
, I I get hit with how much left there is to do and how few people seem to care.
You know, sometimes I think the best days on SWA are the ones where nothing happens.
We don't get enough of those.
No, we don't.
It's because we take the weight of the world on our shoulders.
Just the way we're wired.
But Hondo, it's okay to feel it.
Or even put it down from time to time.
I know, sir.
Eh, no, I'm not sure you do.
Go home, Sergeant.
New day starts tomorrow.
It always does.

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