S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e18 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT This is my brother Terry.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Well, he said that he quit 'cause he couldn't keep up anymore.
You don't believe him? Terry's never stuck with a job in his life.
He does what he loves till he doesn't anymore.
Then it's on to the next thing, like a new toy.
I told you, I'll find a new thing.
- You just got to let me be, bro.
- Just looking out for you.
It's what a big brother's supposed to do.
- Morning, baby.
- Sergeant Harrelson.
This'll be six nights in a row I've slept over.
We're trying to make a baby, remember? I love you.
I love you.
Spring cleaning, huh? Hey, Pop, just, uh, sorting your stuff from mine.
There's a hell of a lot of history here to go through - if you're gonna be moving out.
- Mm.
Oh, wow.
I remember you made me read this back in the day.
Oh, yeah, Baldwin.
He knew how to tell it like it is.
Living in this country as a Black man.
I must've been about 14 or 15.
That book had an impact on me.
I was probably too pissed at you to tell you back then, - but it really did.
- Hmm.
So, talk to me.
What'd you think about the spot on Sycamore? - Sycamore? - Yeah, the apartment with the pool and the hot tub.
Oh, yeah, I don't know.
I'm not much of a swimmer.
What about the place on 53rd? That's an easy walk from there to here.
Neighborhood would still feel familiar.
Listen, I meant what I said about getting out of your hair.
But don't rush the old man, okay? Okay, Pop, my bad.
I'll put the Baldwin in your box.
You keep it.
- Yo.
- Hey.
- What's up, bro? - What's up? How were the waves this morning? Oh, gnarly, dude.
Yeah, best they've been all month.
- Storm must be coming.
- Oh, yeah? So when are we getting you out there, man? I got a board with your name written all over it.
Soon as the sharks migrate south.
Man, you've been watching too much Shark Week.
Or you've been watching too little.
The stuff we face on a daily basis, the thing you're worried about is the water and a little sharky? I'm good with risks I can control.
Creatures with sharp teeth that swim faster than you - and consider you a nice snack - Hello? No, thank you.
O-Okay, well, what happened? W-What did he do? Oh, no, okay, I'll come down right now.
Thanks, man.
- Yo, what's up? - A buddy of mine down at Central.
Terry, my brother, he's been arrested.
- What for? - I don't know, but I got to head down, figure out what he did this time.
All right.
We'll tell Hondo.
Thanks! Ah, man.
Commander Hicks.
Been a minute.
What brings you to my side of town? What do you think? Your coffee.
And a couple of meetings.
- Americano? - You got it.
- Got you.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Robert! - Look at this.
The Honorable Martin Walker.
- How you doing? - Good.
You've gained weight.
You lost hair.
Hey, Anthony, let me guess.
Triple Americano? Nah, Judge.
What? Cutting back these days.
Oh, good for you.
- I quit smoking.
Almost a year now.
- Get out of here.
- Maggie's influence, I'm betting.
- Yeah.
Gave me an ultimatum.
Her or the cigarettes.
And, you know, cigarettes can't cook lasagna.
That's for sure.
It's been a long time.
- Yeah, it has.
- Yeah.
- Hey, you still got your clubs? - Yeah.
They're just - collecting dust in my office.
- Bust them out.
We can hit the links this weekend, catch up.
- Sunday works for me.
- Perfect.
Hey, look, I-I got to run.
I'm meeting Maggie for an early lunch.
- Oh, good.
Well, give her my best.
- Will do.
- All right, man.
- Yeah.
- It's great seeing you, buddy.
- Good to see you, too, man.
- Yeah.
- Anthony, you take care.
- You, too, Judge.
- We'll see you Sunday, buddy.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.
That'll be $3.
Keep it.
- How's your daughter doing, by the way? - She's great.
Singing all the time.
My daughter, Molly, was the same way.
We got her into musical theater to give her an outlet - and us a break.
- Did it work? No.
And I'd be okay if I never heard anything from Catsagain.
- Yo, was that? - Stay here.
LAPD! Commander Hicks.
I counted three gunshots from the parking garage.
Martin! Martin.
You stay you stay with me, Marty.
We're gonna get you help.
Deputy! I need an R/A here now.
- Stay with him! - Yes, sir! Aah.
Yeah, this is Commander Hicks.
I got a shooting at the county courthouse.
Possible suspect vehicle is a rust-colored Mustang heading north on Sepulveda.
RHD's taking over - the scene? - Afraid so.
Judge Walker didn't make it.
It's officially a homicide.
The mayor and the chief want answers yesterday.
Martin was a big deal.
Almost 30 years on the bench.
Word is that you talked to him shortly before the shooting.
Did he say anything to indicate he might be, uh, targeted? Mention any threats? No, nothing.
We were just, you know, shooting the breeze, catching up.
We made plans to golf this weekend.
You radioed a vehicle description.
- Rust-colored Mustang.
What year? - I don't know.
It was older.
Early '90s, maybe.
- Plates? - Partial.
Three, Peter, Charlie.
What about the shooter? You see him? Yeah.
He was wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap.
Black, white, brown? I'm sorry, Detective.
I couldn't see him.
I couldn't stop him.
I was a second late every step of the way.
Came as soon as we heard.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just, um Judge was a friend.
Barb and his wife, Maggie, were always tight.
Four of us used to spend a lot of time together back then.
- I'm very sorry.
- Thanks.
Thing is is after Barb died, Martin and I just somehow let our friendship slip away.
It's a shame.
- He was a good guy.
- Is there anything we can do? No.
I got to talk to his wife.
She's gonna be devastated.
I'm afraid you can't do that, Commander.
Not until she talks to RHD.
Oh, right.
I'm a witness.
- For whatever that's worth.
- Listen, I'm gonna head back to the station, get started on this.
If you think of anything else Yeah, I know.
I know the drill.
Hey, Burrows.
Listen, if it's okay with you, let SWAT lend a hand on this.
More eyes couldn't hurt.
- Just run things past me? - Of course.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for bailing me out.
I'm good for it.
I just got to liquidate a few things.
Breaking and entering? It's a misunderstanding.
- I got it handled.
- You're looking at three to five years, Terry.
I was helping somebody out.
- Who? - This girl that I'm seeing.
Her ex is a piece of work.
He was, like, abusive.
She's scared to see him since they broke up, - and - And? And she asked me to go by his place and pick up some of her stuff.
- Okay, so you did break and enter.
- No, dude.
It was her stuff.
She gave me a list.
She was living there.
It was just some clothes and some little figurine that her grandma gave her before she died.
Geez, you really know how to pick them, man.
- Here we go.
- What? You.
You! And all the judgment.
You know, everybody thinks you're this, like, chill, laid-back kind of guy.
They don't see how you treat me.
- It's a double standard, bro.
- Okay, then where's April right now? What, she too busy to pick you up? - That's not the point! - Bail you out? What is, then, Terry? You owe me the benefit of the doubt.
That you think, oh, I don't know, "Maybe he's doing the right thing for once.
" Even if it is, whatever, a little legally fuzzy.
"Legally fuzzy"? That's not even a thing at my job.
'Cause this is about you? - Oh, right.
- It's always about you.
Okay, you know what? Next time, you can sit in that cell, make some new friends.
How's that? This is exactly why I didn't call you.
What do we got? Got the parking garage surveillance footage from Burrows.
You can see, uh, Walker heading to his car.
Then he spins around, like someone calls his name.
But check this out.
He says something to Walker, and Walker responds.
They have a short back-and-forth.
- Not your average hit.
- Yeah.
Lot of people unhappy with Walker over a recent ruling.
He declared a mistrial in a big class action suit over a town's water supply.
Bennington? The town whose groundwater is loaded with pesticides? He oversaw that? Yeah.
The whole town was rocked.
Cancer clusters, birth defects.
Oh, great.
So, basically, anyone from that community has a motive.
There's been a second shooting tied to a rust-colored Mustang.
- Where? - Culver City.
But the victim, man named Brian Young, he survived.
- Been taken to Newburn Memorial.
- Well, it could be connected to the Bennington case.
Just might be the beginning.
Deac, head over.
I'll call Burrows - and tell him you're coming.
- Roger that.
Is the victim stabile yet? Yeah.
Took some arm-twisting, but we're cleared to talk to him.
Brian Young? I'm Detective Burrows.
This is Sergeant Kay.
We'd like to ask you some questions.
- Mm.
- The man who shot you It wasn't a man.
- It was a woman.
- A woman.
- Did you recognize her? - No.
She had on a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball hat.
I didn't get a great look.
Any idea why she came after you? - She say anything? - Yeah.
She said, "You ruined our lives.
" - "Our lives"? - That's what she said.
I don't know what it means.
And she didn't say anything else? She might have, but then the gun came out.
I took off running.
And she shot me in the back.
Young, do you have anything to do with the situation going on in Bennington? - With what? - It's the town that's been affected by fertilizer - leaking into their water supply.
- No.
What the hell does that have to do with this? Well, nothing, maybe.
You're a social worker, is that right? Yeah.
20 years.
Trying to help people.
- I guess karma doesn't exist.
- We're gonna - need access to your case files.
- But I've worked with hundreds of kids over the years.
Eh, it's a place to start.
Unless you can think of anything else.
Actually, wait.
There is something.
Uh, the woman, she had on a necklace with a pendant.
The letter "V.
" Okay.
- Will do.
- Hey.
How'd things go at the hospital with Young? - He have anything to help us out? - Well, maybe.
He's not connected to the Bennington case, but get this.
He said the shooter's a woman.
Feel for the guy.
A public servant for 20 years.
Gets two bullets in the back as a thank-you.
Everything good? Yeah.
Yeah, I I got a call from my father's realtor.
It turns out he flaked on all his apartment showings that I set for him.
Total no-show.
Why do you think he's dragging his feet? I don't know.
Seemed like he was cool with moving out.
Least, he said he was.
I'm only asking because when Annie's dad died, her mom didn't know what to do.
She ended up moving in with Annie's brother for a while.
Maybe he's, uh, just afraid of being alone.
I guess I got to have another conversation with him.
Thank you for your time, Mrs.
I know it's a lot to ask right now, but it's always important to get a statement while things are fresh.
Thank you.
Oh, Bob.
Oh, man.
I'm so sorry.
I told him not to go in to work today.
He had a cold.
He was up all night with it.
But he just He wouldn't listen to me.
And now I'm so angry.
- It's okay.
It's okay to be angry.
- They said that you were there with him.
At least there was a friendly face.
I wish I could've done more.
I wish maybe I could have stopped it somehow, but I was too late.
But if you need help with anything or the girls need something, you let me know.
All right? I don't I don't know how to do this.
How did you get through it with Barb? I wish I could say there's an easy way, but there just isn't.
But what helped me the most was support from good friends like you and Martin.
And I'm here now for you, Maggie.
I'm here for anything that you need.
I just want you to find who did this.
Okay? Okay.
Man, I'm trying to connect the dots between Judge Walker and the second victim, Brian Young.
Walker used to work family court back in the day.
And Young is a social worker, so their paths must've crossed a bunch of times.
- You look for common cases? - Yeah, but most of them involve placing foster kids.
They're juvie records, so they're sealed.
Till Burrows comes up with a warrant, I'm just spinning my wheels.
You still running that partial plate on the Mustang? Yeah, but with only three out of seven digits, it's casting a wide net.
Takes time.
How'd it go with Terry? Not great.
Had to post his bail.
He's been charged with B and E.
A guy that big, you sure he didn't break something - by accident? - Yeah, might explain the breaking, doesn't explain the entering.
Says he was helping his girlfriend get her belongings from her ex.
Went into the guy's house.
Man, I don't know what he was thinking.
- What're you gonna do? - I don't know.
After talking with him, I feel like just letting him take the fall for once.
Yeah, but you're his brother, so you won't.
You know my mom put me through hell.
Made me regret every time I stepped in to help her.
But now that she's gone, I'm glad I tried all those times.
Family's complicated.
Maybe lower your expectations a little.
Otherwise, you're gonna end up disappointed every time.
Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you.
Think I just hit pay dirt.
I've been narrowing down Mustangs based on the partial plate.
Might have a winner.
All right, registered owner is Mac Griffith.
Couple misdemeanor batteries, resisting arrest.
I'm not seeing it.
What stands out about this guy? Mac's divorced, but up until a year ago, he was married - to a woman named Virginia Ashfield.
- Wait a second.
Brian Young said the woman who shot him was wearing a pendant with the letter "V.
" Exactly.
Could stand for Virginia.
All right.
Nice work.
Deac, grab Hondo and head over to Griffith's house.
See what he knows.
Got it.
Sounds like he's home.
Sounds like the whole band is home.
Mac Griffith, LAPD! We'd like to talk to you! Flyer than a plane, faster than a train ♪ You try to compare ♪ Mr.
Griffith, are you in there? It's the LAPD! Open the door! Hondo, he's heading out the three side.
- Why are you in such a hurry, Mac? - I didn't do anything.
Maybe you didn't, but what about your ex, Virginia? - Virginia? - Yeah.
Where is she? We need to talk to her.
Virginia's dead, man.
Rest of the house is clear.
Listen, I only ran 'cause I thought y'all were after me for the knockoff Cartiers.
Well, that's not why we're here.
We came to talk about Virginia.
How'd she die? She, uh took her own life.
A month ago.
Where were you at the time? Visiting my brother in Salt Lake.
- Hadn't talked to her in a while.
- Had she been - suicidal before? - Virginia always dealt with depression.
She had a really rough childhood.
Raised in foster care.
She didn't talk about it much, but, uh, I could tell - that it haunted her.
- And you got divorced - about, what, a year ago? - They tell you not to get involved with someone while you're in the program.
Especially another addict.
But, uh, we were in love, and dumb.
And I wanted to help her.
Fix her.
But, uh, I guess Virginia was the type of broke that you can't fix.
You own a rust-colored Mustang, right? That was Virginia's.
She loved that ride.
- Why? - We think it might be involved in an ongoing investigation.
Where's the car now? Her older sister, Naomi, asked for it when she passed.
Felt like I couldn't say no.
Virginia's wearing a necklace with an "N" in this photo.
Yeah, for Naomi.
Uh, they wore each other's initials since they were kids.
Do you know where we can find Naomi? No.
Hospital just showed Naomi Ashfield's photo to Brian Young.
He ID'd her as the shooter.
So, what do we know about this woman? 30 years old, has about a dozen misdemeanor charges.
Bar fights and swinging at cops.
Typical rap sheet for someone who likes to drink and wants to lash out.
- What about an address? - Nothing.
Their former employer said that she picked up her checks in person, thought maybe she was living out of her car.
Warrant came through for Naomi and Virginia's family court records.
Their father went to prison for beating their mother.
Judge Walker presided over the custody hearing, awarded them to the state.
- What about their mother? - The mother was institutionalized, had a history of drug use.
Well, that explains why Naomi targeted Walker.
In her eyes, he tore them away from their mother, and put them in the system.
Want to guess who the case worker was when they entered - foster care? - Brian Young.
Well, according to her ex, Virginia's foster care experience was a nightmare.
You got to figure it was the same - for Naomi.
- So, Virginia's suicide was the final straw.
Now Naomi's on a revenge mission, going after the people she blames for their suffering.
If that's the case, their former foster parents - could be targets.
- Beth and Gregory Price.
Looks like they're no longer foster parenting.
Current address puts them in Bakersfield.
Better alert Bakersfield PD to check on them ASAP.
And let's get Naomi's photo out to all patrol units.
- Thanks for coming in, April.
- Yeah.
Your brother talks a lot about you.
But I-I did already give my statement to the detective.
Yeah, about that.
I got I got it right here.
Um Okay, you wrote that you had no prior knowledge of the burglary at Mr.
McCauley's residence.
I mean, those are your words, right? And that's your signature right there? Yeah.
So? Well, according to my brother's statement, he entered your ex-boyfriend's house at your request.
No, I-I would never ask Terry to do that.
No, no, he-he did that on his own free will.
I-I really like your brother, but he's a little unstable.
Thing is is he gave me a list earlier.
Said that you wrote it for him.
With all the stuff you wanted him to get from the house.
- I-I don't - It sure looks like the same handwriting to me, especially those Gs.
- I don't recall at all.
- And that figurine - he took - Oh, yeah, yeah.
It's silly, but it had a lot of sentimental value.
My grandmother gave it to me right before she died.
I see.
You know, look, I'm not a big online shopper, but a quick search of eBay, and I was impressed.
- I mean, those little things go for upward of 2OK.
- Wow.
Yeah, no, that-that's not why I wanted it.
- It was sentimental.
- Right.
The dead grandmother.
- Yeah.
- Thing is I looked her up, and it must be a miracle, 'cause she's alive and well and living in Fort Lauderdale.
And she didn't know anything about any figurine.
Listen, I'm sure your ex McCauley deserved it.
But my brother, Terry? He's just a fool in love.
And if he's going down for this, you're going down, too.
Remember what I said.
Yo! - What? - Terry, chill out, man.
We're just having a little conversation.
You kidding me? April, would you mind waiting outside while I talk to my little big brother? - Course.
- Thanks.
- What are you doing? - Look, I'm trying to get you out of a bad situation.
Oh, well, thank you for coming to the rescue, - Officer Luca.
- That woman is bad news.
If you don't see it, you're either an idiot - or you're pretending to be one.
- All right, stop it! I'm tired of you trying to fix my life so that you can feel better about your own, - bro.
- Terry, I'm not trying Shut up! Just shut up.
Leave me alone, man.
Commander, Naomi Ashfield has over a dozen unpaid parking citations.
- For the Mustang? - No.
They're all for an RV.
Overnight parking violations in the same abandoned lot in Castaic.
It could be where she's been living.
All right, tell Hondo 20-Squad needs to roll.
I'll make sure you have a warrant by the time you get there.
Make and model look like a match for Naomi's RV.
No sign of the Mustang, but she might've ditched it by now.
Doesn't mean she's not in there.
Naomi Ashfield.
It's the LAPD.
We have a warrant.
We need you to come out with your hands in the air.
LAPD! Clear.
RV's clear, Luca.
- Hold your position.
- All right, copy.
Find anything, Deacon? Maybe.
This box must have belonged to Virginia.
Mail's got her name on it.
It's Virginia's journal.
I can't imagine living out here like this.
It's so isolated.
Hard childhood like hers, I don't blame her for wanting to escape.
Makes you think, though.
I mean, so many people so alone.
If you're lucky enough to find someone to be with maybe someone you're meant to be with, it could be foolish to push that away.
Just saying.
That's the Mustang.
- It's got to be Naomi.
- Hondo, Mustang's here.
Go get her.
Don't lose her, Tan.
I wasn't planning on it.
We lost her.
I can't believe she did that.
She's got nothing left to lose.
Just got off the phone with Bakersfield PD.
Virginia and Naomi's former foster parents? Just found dead, murdered, at least 18 hours ago.
They must have been Naomi's first victims.
By the time she got to Judge Walker, she was already on a rampage.
The question is, who's she going after next? We've already gone through Virginia's journal, ID'd other potential targets.
A high school boyfriend who cheated on her, an employer who fired her.
We're putting patrol units on anyone who might be in Naomi's crosshairs.
But I don't think that's it.
Naomi knows she's running out of time.
My guess is she's gonna skip the retribution and jump right to her final plan.
And you think you know what that is? This is Naomi's laptop.
For the last month, she's bombarded adoption agencies with inquiries, trying to find a child.
According to her journal, Virginia got pregnant as a teenager and gave the baby up for adoption.
- She say who the father was? - Her foster dad Gregory Price.
Ah, geez, the sick son of a bitch.
Well, that explains why he and his wife were Naomi's first targets.
And now she's out trying to find the niece.
Just got a tip from a private investigator.
He recognized Naomi's face from the news.
Says she hired him to track down the family who adopted a young girl.
Couple are Richard and Julia Miller.
They live in Valencia.
The girl's name is Jamie.
She's 12.
And if Naomi already knows where the girl is? She's got a big head start on us.
I'll get the exact address from the investigator, I'll text it to you on the way.
Go, go.
We'll be faster taking the Chargers.
Richard Miller.
Yeah, that's me.
What can I do for you? I'm looking for Jamie.
I'm sorry, do I know you? Why are you looking for my daughter? Because she's my niece.
Okay, you know what? You need to leave.
I don't know what you're after or why you're here, but you have to go.
Not without Jamie.
Command to 20-David.
Neighbor just reported hearing gunshots from the Miller home.
I'm sending backup, and an R/A now.
Roger that.
We're almost there.
Keep them on standby, a block away, until we're on scene.
It's Naomi's Mustang.
She beat us here.
Deacon, Street, take the three side.
Everyone else with me.
Luca, Tan, clear the house.
Got it.
We're here to help.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Help him.
He's alive, but losing blood.
Rest of the house is clear.
24-David to Command.
Release the R/A.
We need paramedics fast.
- What happened here? - Uh, she shot him.
And then she took our daughter.
How long ago did they leave? Just a few minutes ago.
She kept saying something about Oregon.
Her car's still outside.
She probably took your husband's.
- What does he drive? - Um A Camry.
One male victim with multiple GSWs.
Listen to me, these people are gonna take good care of both of you, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
Let's move.
20-David to Command.
Naomi's kidnapped the Millers' daughter.
They're in a silver Toyota Camry, probably headed north.
Copy that, Hondo.
We'll get you air support ASAP and notify Burrows to put out an Amber Alert.
Girl's mother said she thinks Naomi's taking Jamie north.
Best we can do is split the routes and keep driving.
Hope air support spots them.
Okay, then, let's move.
D-Don't worry, it's all gonna be okay.
You look just like her.
It's crazy.
You look just like your mom.
Just Just let me go.
Command to 20-David.
Air units have the suspect's car spotted north of your position.
Deac, Luca, reroute to the northbound 5.
Do you, do you like horses? I have an aunt in Oregon, with a farm.
You're gonna like it there.
I know you will.
We can ride every day.
And I can tell you all about your mother.
Okay, hold on.
We're gonna make a little detour.
Right there, Hondo! She turned right there.
20-David to Command, suspect just turned right on Canyon Road, headed east.
Copy that.
I'll have LAPD station a barricade on the other side of the canyon.
Keep her headed that way.
Unis have her blocked.
Let's hope.
She's not slowing.
Naomi! Cover! Naomi, you and Jamie got to get out of that car before it falls! Please, get out now! Stay back! I'll shoot anyone who comes near.
Somebody help me! - Please! - Naomi! I'm warning you.
Stay away! All right! All right, we won't come any closer.
But you both have to get out of the car now.
That guardrail won't hold.
My sister was only 15 when that disgusting pig raped her and got her pregnant.
And-and he made her feel like it was her fault.
She lived her life ashamed of it.
That must've been horrible, but you already made him pay.
You took care of that.
Now give up the gun, and let us get you and Jamie out of the car.
Jamie's all I have left of Virginia.
She needs to stay with me.
Somebody, please! Naomi, listen to me.
I didn't know Virginia, but I'm sure she wouldn't want her child to die, so don't let that happen.
Think about what Virginia would want right now.
Okay, fine.
Get Jamie out.
Move in.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's go.
- I'm stuck.
- All right, let's go.
- You got her? Go, come on.
I got Jamie! Okay.
Now you, Naomi.
Come on.
Climb to the passenger side.
Come on, Naomi.
You got to get out.
It was my fault, Virginia's death.
I-I should've done more.
We're running out of time.
This is gonna go.
Luca, you got to get her out, man.
We were sisters.
There has to have been more I could've done.
Come on, Naomi, you can't carry that weight on your shoulders.
She was your sister, yeah, but what she did, you couldn't control that.
I know you loved her, and you wanted the best for her, but sometimes, that's all we can do.
Now give me your hand, Naomi.
Come on.
You can't keep torturing yourself.
Come on.
You can't.
It's time.
Come on.
Grab on.
Nice work.
I guess, right? I mean, that was close.
I know that came from the heart, man.
You did good.
Richard Miller made it through surgery, so looks like Jamie's gonna have a happy home to go back to.
I'm glad to hear that.
You got to wonder, though, if Virginia and Naomi had had the same, none of this happens.
Probably not.
We weren't able to help Virginia and Naomi, but we were able to help Jamie, so we'll just have to take that as a win.
Again, I'm very sorry about your friend.
Well Thanks.
Maggie? Claire let me in.
Uh, I hope that's all right.
I understand if you want to be alone.
No, no.
I just, um thought you'd want to know.
We found the person who killed Martin.
She was emotionally sick.
There's nothing you or Marty could've done differently.
How are you doing? I don't know.
I I just feel numb.
You know, when Barb passed, uh weeks went by, I I didn't cry.
It just, uh It was strange.
Then, one night, I was in the grocery store, you know, getting a frozen pizza, 'cause I couldn't handle eating another neighbor's soggy casserole.
Is that what I have to look forward to? I hope not.
When, uh, all of a sudden, that Hall & Oates song, "Rich Girl," came on over the speakers.
It just took me back to this bar in Playa del Rey where Barb and I had our second date.
I remember.
It wasn't the classiest joint, but, you know To take a date to, but that's that's me.
Well, you know, that kind of thing didn't matter to Barb.
We had her first kiss there.
That night at the bar.
"Rich Girl" playing in the background.
So now, there I am, almost gosh, 30 years later, standing in the freezer aisle at a grocery store, just looking at frozen pizzas.
I must have looked like I was out of my mind, 'cause this employee came up to me and he asked me very nicely, just, you know "Is everything all right?" And that was it.
I mean, I just started bawling like a baby.
I ran out of there as fast as I could.
It just, it just hit me out of nowhere.
So if you need anyone to talk to or to cry to or to stand in the freezer aisle with, I'm here.
I'm the guy.
Okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, Maggie.
I can't believe he's gone.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
Hey, Pop, I'm home.
You didn't forget those egg rolls, did you? Of course not.
You know you'd send me back if I did.
Hey, listen.
I want to talk to you for a second.
I spoke to Barbara earlier.
The realtor.
She says you haven't shown up to see any of the apartments.
Now, look, before you say anything, I want to tell you something.
Spending the last few years together has meant a whole lot to me.
Probably more than I can express.
But the last thing I want is you feeling like I'm kicking you out because I don't care, 'cause that ain't it.
And just because you ain't living here doesn't mean you can't walk through that door anytime.
Especially when you might have a grandkid to come visit.
Let me stop you right there.
I'm not afraid to move out.
I'm happy to give you your space.
And the reason I bailed on the realtor is because I kind of already got a place in mind.
What are you talking about? Where? Your mama's house.
I didn't want to talk to you until I talked to her about it first.
And we've agreed, we're gonna give it a try.
I just didn't know how you were gonna feel about it.
You planning on hurting my mom? Never.
And I know that.
So we ain't got no problems.
- Let's eat.
- Good.
All right.
Now, give me the fried rice.
- Fried rice, bang.
- Ah, yes.
I better get one of these egg rolls, now.
- You be hogging.
- Over my dead body.
Okay, watch this.
What you doing? What you doing? - H-Hold on.
- Mm-hmm.
- See, that's the problem.
- Mm-hmm.
Always want to hog the egg rolls.
Hold up.
Oh, hey.
Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, yeah.
So, I got a call from my lawyer.
They dropped the charges down to misdemeanor trespassing.
All I got to do is pay a fine.
Glad to hear it, man.
You called the D.
? I guess a thank-you's in order.
It's all good, man.
Just didn't want to see you in an orange jumpsuit.
I don't think it's really your color.
Terry I'm sorry for talking to April behind your back.
Thanks for saying that.
You know, it's it's funny.
I've always admired, like, how clear you've been, like, who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for.
You've been that way ever since you were a kid.
But that's the part that hurts the most, just knowing that someone that you idolize just doesn't respect you back.
Terry, I-I respect you.
I respect you.
I mean, you are one of the most interesting, creative people that I know.
And what you said before is true.
Who am I to judge? It's not like I have my life totally together.
I mean, come on, man, I'm a middle-aged man living with a roommate and a pinball machine.
Uh, yeah, well, you know, that's what they call living the dream, man.
But I'm proud to be your brother.
Same here.
Same here.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
A-All right.
All right, get off me, man.
You want to go to O'Brians? Play some darts? Yeah.
Well, no, I-I got to April and I, we're taking off for the weekend, so Dude, she is bad news.
In the best possible way.
All right, then.
I'll see you on the flip side, brother.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.

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